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Important News from Chris Kitze - Founder &

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The interview with Chris Kitze begins at the 1:27 minute mark :

EPISODE #400 – Interview With Chris Kitze – Founder

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Saturday April 20, 2013

Special Guest: Cris Kitze: Owner and CEO of

We have domain experts in things like finance, medicine, alternative health. We give people what they want, our site is a mirror, a reflection of what people want.

 Imagine the power and influence, transferred to the people.

 Internet has empowered the individual.


The Bunker News-Break with Patrick Henningsen  

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Patrick Henningsen is a Geo-Political Analyst, Investigative Journalist, and Human Rights Activist Patrick Henningsen, brings hardcore international headlines and commentary to The Pete Santilli Show. Un-compromised reporting, every single day.


Show Chronology Courtesy Of

Episode 400


>11:00am – 11:30am   Saturday, April 20, 2013 

11:02 Roll up a big fat doob, marijuana, cannabis man song. 

11:03 The first 4-20 I haven’t gone to a smoke out. Today you will have a buzz. 

11:04 Episode Number 400, congratulations to you. In the beginning we doubled our listenership.

11:05 Episode 16 or 17 Susannah came in.  Want to celebrate to the best of our ability with you.

11:06 Finally got some solid sleep. 

11:07 Big stuff happening.

11:08 Love Rocket like my brother, I don’t want to hurt his feelings.  Got to be careful, picking on Rocket today.

11:09 Everybody knows where to go, Rocket doesn’t want to tell listeners where to go,

tell you if you want to listen to his live show,  8 pm PST

11:13 Nemo – Scumbag of the Day, you are, called into the rocket show, kept un/muting, made Rocket’s blood pressure go up.

11:14 Refrain from screwing everybody’s show up. What do you think? Accept it.

11:15 Boston Bombers brothers, drug dealer killing people. Can’t kill innocent bystanders if they are not involved. White people, doing bombings, looks like psy/op and mk ultra.

11:17 Rocket I apologize for yesterday. Senator Lindsay Graham. 

11:18 Glenn Beck reminds me of a pedophile, exploits his listenership.  Shift gears, about to play, Glenn Beck knows something, he’s about to blow this thing right open.  Stop saying shill, shut up an listen very closely.

11:22 The truth matters, I have had enough of what you have done to our country..

11:24 Is he sensationalizing, no you need to come forward and do the right thing.  He said you have until Monday to open it up. 

11:25 We have a group listening that are awake or partially awake, very small portion that are awake.

11:26 People actually celebrated and sang God Bless America after martial law was implemented.

11:27 One of the sickening things that happened, when the military and officers, the mass people standing around applauding them.

11:28 Implemented Martial Law in 5 counties for One Person 9000 troops, had nothing to do with that one man, it was about the display they put on for everyone.

11:29 Create an event to test their equipment. Marching down the middle of the street like Nazis. I don’t like this.  I am about to really step up my enticement, to rise up and do something about this..


> 11:30am-12:00am 

11:35 Want everyone to hear this, you need to get prepared, listen to 60 second prepper.

add pot seeds to your list, prepare now, survive later.

11:36 Miztir E absolutely fantastic job.  His show will be a smoke out 2 hours prior to Chaos Show at 5pm PST

11:37 Dorner transcripts:

11:39 Thirty page transcript that describes the scene, knew details about the floor plan, near the end of stand off, saw green smoke.  

11:41 Just received a video, shifting back to Boston Bomber, did I mention anything to you about getting his hair cut? No

Steve Perk, sent picture, EMS attending to the bomber, the bomber was asked to strip down

11:42 Watched a video that person, being escorted, had a haircut, and did not look like the bomber dude.  

11:43 This just came to us right now, scramble to download right now.  I need to grab them.

11:44 Let naked person go, official statement.  Everything that we’ve read is that it wasn’t the bomber.  

11:45 Need to download it, get it off the internet, before exposing their story. Ability to tap into the internet to delete stuff.

11:46 Listening to police scanners, they said they arrested the first naked bomber.  Be very careful, they go back and manipulate things.  Sounded to us that the first bomber was arrested.

11:47 Did radio it in, ended up dead.  Also said on  the scene, saying that his brother backed over him with an SUV

11:48 He was on his face for a long time, dead.  Grab this stuff as it comes to us. 

11:49 We had no idea that they are were going to pull that name. Our role is to observe and report. You are a citizen journalist, we are exposing the biggest conspiracy of our nation.

11:50 How they respond is how they manipulate the narrative.  Okay let’s delete these.

11:51 Get that picture off the internet, get it cataloged.  Catalog the source as well.   Radio Scanners were telling of what was happening on the scene. 

11:52 This guy has these people running around like a bunch of chickens, was this multiple people or just one person.

11:53 They all had him “cornered”  Alazaar – like to congratulate you on the 400th episode.

11:54 Remind people of the 2nd Amendment. 

What do you think? They are the one’s to be restrained not the people, what does that mean for the country when they abolish the 2nd Amendment?  It means tyranny.  Goes from a Republic to a police state.


> 12:00-12:30pm  Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen

12:01 Alazaar thanks for being with us.  Going to Lexie Cole, freedom is sexy, she has been behind the scene along with her sister Susannah. First reported story handcuffed guy was naked,heard from the scanner.

12:02 Do you have a time marker, approx. 12:30 1:00 EST on early Friday morning.

12:03 We have that logged in our chronology, had a pretty fresh haircut.  On twitter page,the one that is alive, he said he went to get a haircut. have all his twitter messages

20 minutes later actual shoot out occurred.  Michael Mulugeto, shoot out, Mercedes SUV opened fired on police officers, approx 60 rounds, through a pressure cooker bomb at police.

On the scanner, can hear shots being fired.

12:04 We are performing the functions of investigative journalists, the one’s left scrambling for info.  They are lying to us every single second.  

12:06 Lexie has a couple more things about the naked guy.  He was sent to the hospital and died 45 min. later.

12:07 Approx. and hour after that came across the fire and emt all channel suspect 1 had perished at hospital.  

12:08 Don’t understand has brutal his injuries were, concerned that he was pronounced dead at  scene, two different people, not just one person.   They were  reporting 2 different suspects, they were reporting 4 different people. Total psy/op.

12:09 Guy was stripped down,appears to be a different person, have a picture of somebody flat on their back being administered first aid.

12:10 When we grabbed this info, did you have any idea how important this would be.  I grabbed all of this from my phone.  9000 officers being cheered for chasing one guy. Not one reason why people can find the truth.

12:11 Observe document and report. Strip video and get it off the internet.  They doctor video, it’s a fact.

12:13 Today I am honored to have Chris Kitze today.

12:14 Lindsay Graham, strip him immediately of his Constitutional Rights, we will do with him what we may.

12:16 Why does Boston celebrate Martial Law with chants of ëUSA, USAí?

9000 law enforcement, what have they actually done so far?

12:17 We know without a doubt this was a false flag event, because of how they demonize. 

Drudge provided link to uprising of internet sleuths..  People are finally coming to realization that MSM is theater.

12:19 Patrick Henningsen is joining us from Beruit Lebanon.  I stay up late last night. Only American News Channel I can get is MSNBC.

12:20 Speculating that he could be wearing suicide vest, I wrote about the scenes of everybody cheering.  

12:21 I was almost embarrassed they were cheering about the police.  What did you actually accomplish, they didn’t catch the guy.  

12:22 Boston Common is the most high profile place, that would be the last place a fugitive would go.  Looking at the chief of police, president, like an orgy.  

12:23 Almost like cannibalism, we are eating ourselves right into oblivion.  

12:24 They did not read him his Miranda Rights, he is just a suspect, does not fit the profile of a terrorist. No evidence, we don’t know anything. 

12:25 Media and politicians, governor running for office, cueing up and not looking a due process, where are they?

12:26 Here is how we celebrate False Flag Attacks.. Sound Clip, the Voices of the Sheeple.

How dare they sing that song, under the tyrannical state of martial law.  

How dare they wave my flag.  I find that flag is waving in front of those idiots in a FEMA Camp.

It’s beyond a level of emotions that I should be feeling. 

12:28 We have to shut our emotions down and not be a victim of their system.  Only has access to state run media

12:29 We have actually have been cut off as well, everyone has bought into it.  Sing national anthem under martial law.  Very sad day in the United States of America.


> 12:30- 1:00 pm  Chris Kitze

12:35 Real Hard Corp News presented by Patrick Henningsen.   On Saturday we have the Bunker News Break  from BeforeItsNews. com 

12:36 Chris Kitze, software developer, tremendous success.

12:37 Started a site called communicating securely, double encrypted without fear on NSA.  

12:38 Great to be here, like a fire hose right now, thanks to everyone paying attention. 

Actually questioning what is reported. Even Drudge Report demonizing us calling us Internet Sleuths, citizen journalist have to fend for ourselves.

12:39 Present the fact as we see them, we are a conduit to help, citizen journalists.

12:40 A lot of pieces of this puzzle, Tumblr, Work on security commission, male late teens, going to say he is using reloading powder.  I can’t do anything,  the event was planned. 

12:41 Point is an operation of this size or magnitude, living in a climate of fear.  

Dressed in “The Craft” wouldn’t they be in plain clothes?

12:42 People have direct access with high resolution photos. Just a matter of time.

12:43 Black backpack, keep an open mind right now, the story changed a number of times.

Bomb threat, plan A, B and C, they always have contingency plans.  

12:44 New Jersey Ban Black Powder  on BeforeItsNews, BlogDog


12:45 Creating public support for their next phase.

12:46 Too many people are paying attention, they can’t hide it like they used to, Colonel 6 died under mysterious circumstances. 

12:47 They created an incremental fear.. Colonel 6 reported seeing  Iraqi Republican Guards

12:48 What was the role of these two individuals, Axlerod made a suggestion worked for a the Communist Newspaper. /conspiracy-theories/2012/07/did-patriot-colonel-sixx-pass-away-2443382.html

12:49 This is how they convince people, the Craft, violence does solve problems. Creepy looking skull.  

12:50 Part of the bombing or part of the security apparatus.  Best job they can work is with the Craft.

12:51 These guys are getting paid a couple hundred thousand.  They pay them great, puts them in an uncomfortable position.   Government does this to relieve themselves of the liability.

12:52 The biggest story, what the heck were these people doing here? 

These guys are like XE, Black Water, Chris Kyle mysteriously dead at a gun range.

12:53 What’s going to happen now, conditioning people to accept this kind of security. 

The lockdown hurt things not help things, purely a conditioning operation.  Going door to door to peoples houses without a warrant.

12:54 If they were self reliant it would help the situation.

12:55 We can grab facts and share it amongst us on BeforeItsNews.


> 1:00pm-1:30pm   Chris Kitze founder of BeforeItsNews

1:02 Susannah Cole of all of our endorsements, right from day one sincerely an advocate for

1:03 I was never censored. Article titles were not changed.  

1:04 In the U.S. we are bigger that all but 12 or 13 newspaper site.  

1:05 Just a matter of time before NY Times goes bankrupt, we have a different attitude about the press.  It’s a matter of the reader determining the truth. 

People are brainwashed, don’t you vet every story.  No, don’t agree. Leave a comment.

1:06 Copyright, defamation we follow DMCA. Changes the dynamic of news.  People are part of the news. Gonzo journalism.

1:07 Domain expert, journalists couldn’t figure out anything else to do.

1:08 Economic incentives are all incorrect.  Domain experts in things like finance, medicine, alternative health. We give people what they want, our site is a mirror, a reflection of what people want.

1:09 Imagine the power and influence, transferred to the people, the whole thing is shifting.

1:10 Internet has empowered the individual.  

1:11  The gold price has been smacked down.  Gold backed, fake money, endless wars.

1:12  Something bigger coming out next week, doing an Andrew Breitbart.

Announcement on Monday.  There is going to be a tie from Boston Bombing and the President.

1:13 I have been critical Glenn Beck, let’s set all of that aside.  He said the government has an obligation to release information.  How we respond to this is going to determine our future.

1:14 Saudi National that has been deported,  bombshell

1:15 Foreign news media, people are native Arabic, this whole meeting with the foreign minister that was unplanned.   

1:16 Where there is good there is evil, revealing the truth is not allowed for everything.

1:17 It’s okay to look at everything, it’s your job to vet.  

1:18 Want to talk about secure communication, what prompted you interest in developing, website up in Beta.  Wife had her Yahoo email hacked.  She didn’t know what was in that account.

1:19 Any hacker can have man in the middle account.  If you have everything encrypted, it’s hidden in plain site.

1:20 Security available publicly, who can break it, the state actors.

1:21 It’s best not to leave anything out in the trail, best to develop a good habit.  Eliminate 99.9 percent of your problems. 

1:22 Making it available, we will have a premium level available.  First Amendment right to speak however you want to speak.

1:23 Text chat like Skype, soon we will have video.

1:24 There is no real true safe encryption codes. The shadow government has technology that is thirty year ahead of what you are using right now.

1:25 They are using quantum computers, they can break it in real time, don’t want a false sense of security.  

1:26 Everything is breakable, you shouldn’t think that anything is 100 percent bullet proof.

1:27  People have a fear of expressing themselves.  This day and age there is a lot fear.

1:29 Critical juncture, on the precipice of change, Monday, Glenn Beck opens up

Holocaust survivor, everyone has a choice.  They didn’t have to arrest the family.

1:30 The person who drove the train didn’t have to drive the train, they had a choice, not to do it.  There is somebody on the inside, that news will stop the whole thing.  

1:31 Glenn Beck said it best; the number two most important story.


> 1:30pm – 2:00pm 

1:36 Going out on limb, going to go with Glenn Beck being sincere..

allow me to play this, is he over sensationalism, the government needs to come forward.

1:37 Play this Glenn Beck clip again.

1:38 Because of what I know, what we do,  in the aftermath will make this number 1.

We know he is a very bad bad bad man.  It makes sense to somebody in Washington, the truth matters.

1:40 Is Glenn Beck a patriot, yes, he’s a chameleon of media.   Takes his blue haired people with him who are victimized by his pedophile methodology.  

1:41 Daniel in Quebec – many people belong to secret societies and have information.

We need to say that’s enough.  I hope people like him come forward with critical information.

1:42 We all have a choice, we have an obligation to be selfless and bring forward information.

1:43 Energy – Happy 400 Pete.  I certainly hope he does.  Reason he’s waiting, I think he’s contacting as many people as he can.  Just a matter time before rats leave the ship.

1:44 Potter: Parading around in uniforms are pussies.  Congressmen and president, they sold us out, been paid off or simply cowards.

1:46 Mike from Lexington: I hope he’s got something real real good, not a big fan because he didn’t go far enough, he can blow the lid off of anything.  More people that listen to him than Alex Jones.

1:48 Susannah Cole, Patrick, I appreciate your perspective, I liked what he said, the insiders need to start coming forward.

1:49 The potential of it is huge.  If Glenn Beck actually delivers something meaningful, I will volunteer to work for Glenn Beck. The door will be open and all we have to do is push.

1:50 Suspended disbelief, they can’t face the reality they are being lied to.  If you can break that illusion..  That is the gravity of it.  I have become such a cynic, I tend not to trust them.

Corporate Sponsor Bias, part of a system that is so broken and corrupt.

1:51 If the insiders in our government do what they are supposed to do I am going to pipe down, that he is the type of American that we need in high profile position.

1:52 They are going after Alex Jones right now.  They threw so much crap up against the wall.

I don’t think Glenn Back or Alex Jones, a cease fire, we have an obligation to present the truth

1:53 Set all of that aside, what happened last week is potentially life changing.  I hope that our listeners, I  am coming forward if you have something truthful, even if you got it wrong I won’t demonize you. 

1:55 Not giving Alex Jones a pass, stand beside him, even if he made a mistake.  

That is something they are using against us.   Happy 4-20, Happy 400!


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      Stop chatting- get your guns out – get together – march on the administration and make that more important than the radio show.

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    • Cap-Z-ro

      ” Important News from Chris Kitze – Founder & ”

      I guess inviting the owner of on his show for an interview ensures that Scumtilli can continue falsely accusing BIN members of being pedophiles…without getting banned…temporary or otherwise.

      Am unable to justify wasting my time listening to the Scumbag’s show, but I noticed Scumtilli made 2 pedophile references to Glenn Beck.

      That term seems to be on his mind constantly…in a Freudian sense.

      • King of Shambhala

        Cap-Z-ro, it’s funny to hear you talking about anything Freudian.

        As if you were learned.

        You’re stupid and ugly and what you’re saying about Chris and Santilli is about you; you’re the scumbag excellentissime-in-chief, you freakoe.

    • King of Shambhala

      We need people to come over the the Topix forum in Topeka KS to help find the real father of Obama. Chris knows about this case. Everybody’s help is needed, required and mandatory in the Apocalypse. Cowards you must abstain.


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      BIN: theater of the psycotic paranoid. :razz:

      • King of Shambhala

        Wonk, BIN will reveal Obama the Antichrist.
        That’s pretty good.
        Try to match that with anywhere else on internet, you can’t find that.

        • whiteflea

          Liveleak – above top secret?

    • Joe Lumpen

      sorry but i tried to listen to the epi 400 .. it just gets annoying when i am looking for information and all i get is fluff – excessive talking with no real point, i can not listen to the guy from prison planet because he goes off on tangents with and says nothing – how anyone can sit there and listen to that i just do not get it – give me the information – stop the hooplah the building up of nothing and spill the info …

    • one voice

      Chris, I loved your interview. How great to read that comment on air first thing! Excellent! I really enjoyed listening. You covered so much, great job, great site! Thank you!

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