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By Philosophers Stone
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Container Ship Carrying Weapons for Syrian Rebels Splits in Half/Sinks

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‘A large fleet named “Mol Comfort” carrying Arms for FSA from the U.S. has crashed in the Indian Ocean as it made its way from Singapore to Jeddah, on board were 4,500 containers loaded with arms for the Syrian rebels’

‘MOL Comfort sank due to yet unclear reasons, sailing from Singapore to Jeddah and after that to North Europe, leaving behind hundreds of drifting containers and a huge aftershock hitting liner sector and all of the maritime industry.

Even the scale of the consequences is hard, impossible, to estimate, not to mention consequences themselves. This is the 1st case in liner sector, when modern ocean-going liner container vessel (built in Japan!) sank in the ocean after breaking in 2 parts, like a poorly built and managed bulk carrier or over aged coaster. Nothing like this ever occurred, and no one believed it was possible, even theoretically. It just could not happen, but still, here it is.’


Philosophers stone – selected views from the boat


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    • morris adams

      is this a good place to say, ”poetic justice”? i don’t know if i believe this but i damn sure want to!! how funny!

      • tk-3839

        That ship hit by torpedo to break like this. Russia or N Korea sub getting even for Isreal blowing the Russian weapons shipment up with air strike. War is started.

      • tk-3839

        That ship hit by torpedo to break like this. Russia or N Korea sub getting even for Isreal blowing the Russian weapons shipment up with air strike. War is started, New torpedos dont strike the ship they detonate under it in the water to create basically a huge bubble at proper point to cause ship to crack under its own weight.

    • Anonymous

      I hope this is not disinformation, but if it is true, thank God for His intervention.

    • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

      It must be noted, that the most modern torpedos that are used by the Russians don’t actually hit a ship, but explode underneath it, to break the keel and split the ship in half. I’d say there is a fairly good chance that Putin just sent a message to Obama.

      • NeoIsolationist

        Agreed. I was thinking some form or another of torpedo.

      • Neil Armstrong

        At this point I don’t think it will slow Obama down, it really appears that his main objective is to continue harassing Russia into initiating WW3.

        • ThenAgain

          Don’t pretend Obama is anything but a puppet for his zio/jew banker masters. The zio/jews call the shots, don’t pretend otherwise.

          The people everywhere know what’s going on. Of course the zios want to fake up a ww3 just as they’ve faked up every other ‘war’. In any event the sinking is a good day for all.

      • Anonymous

        If so ‘Bravo Putin’, great job. Hopefully the guys on board got rescued. Lesson of the day, the old way doesn’t work anymore!

      • RMS

        You’re very correct. Modern torpedoes used by both the Russians and the U.S., explode underneath a ship, lifting it up, and splitting it in two.
        If this story has merit, then thank God for Davy Jones and his locker!

      • Free Thinking

        I love when Putin gives the Filthy Zionists A Black Eye… bwaahahahahahaha

    • TombRaider

      It’s an Omen, a sign, and oh what a sweet one it is!

    • wizard

      Peace Love and Happiness
      all else is illusion :smile:

    • EricShun

      It can be confirmed only that the vessel was traveling from Singapore to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. At one point in its journey it was registered as being Inland close to Geneva 0_o

      Last Position Received
      Area: Inland, Europe
      Latitude / Longitude: 46.3408° / 6.8893° (Map)
      Speed/Course 0 knots / 202˚
      Last Known Port: SINGAPORE
      Info Received: 2d 1h 19min ago (AIS Source: 888)
      Not Currently in Range
      Itineraries History
      Voyage Related Info (Last Received)
      Draught: 13.6 m
      Destination: SA JED
      ETA: 2013-06-21 00:01
      Info Received: 2013-06-16 20:20 (6d, 1h 53min ago)

      • ThenAgain

        Interesting, thanks for that.

      • Hason El Gringo

        My first thought, of course, was “why is a container ship full of “US arms” heading out of Singapore?” My second thought: “That’s a heckuvalot of US arms to fill all those containers.”

      • YellowRoseTx51

        That is what most are missing. They think that these are separate groups, and ‘antagonists’. It is all in fighting within One large group of blood relations. Francis was involved in the Missile crisis against Thatcher.

        The Vatican is under fire from Brussels Tribunal (I.T.C.C.S.) and they are all involved in this ‘skit’ to start a war. The reason is Financial, and also it is their tradition to pass the reigns of global control.

        “Brahma”(‘Ptah’), “Yahweh”(Amun), “Ra”(Marduke) – “Horus” (‘Jesus’) and “Lilith”
        (Elizabeth 1 ‘Isis’) the ‘whores’. The Coven Law is that they must have a Title name, a Common name, and a Name for Each Coven – in ‘every language and every land’. When promoted they altered the name to reflect the promotion. When they receive a ‘godhead’ promotion, they were given Coven God Names. “Isis” was the Egyptian Coven, “Selene” is one of her(QE1) god names. So is “Venus” & “Athena”.

        What is removed, of course, is the saxon names I was taught and the fact that E1 was the fraternal twin of (Mad King) George who was ‘Caesar’ at that time. It is Elizabeth (“Arsinoe” Babylonian Slave Queen “Selene”) and George we fought the war with, these were the “Incestuous Twins”. Now that the paintings are bleeding through (E1 with the asp/Isis pose), I don’t have to fight about lie that so much anymore…that is the way it was written in commerce history and Latin laws.

        The alterations in our books is recent, and they have removed all the “Coven Age” as well as altered dates of rule and used their ‘names in other languages’ as their own offspring. There is a difference in “1650″ and “1950″ between the Hebrew & Georgian calendars. We start the school year in September because it is the ‘beginning of the year’ of the Hebrew calendar. This is what the covens have done, as a group acting in co-ordination. The “Covens of Azazel”(hebrew coven name of Alexander Helios) are the INCORPORATED “PAPAL, ROYAL, & FEDERAL” (COVENS of SELENE) China’s Family is the Li. Short for “Leviathan” which is “SET, the Leviathan class serpent of the Abyss” who the sumerians called An and the Hebrew called “Solomon the wise….” Serpent. Suleiman controlled demons, because he OWNED them. SET’s function was to create the Highest Service to Self, (which is a Sociopath) into the level of a Demon – This was in books, until around ’58. He was listed as the ‘father of the reptile branch’ which invaded, and as the ‘left hand path which is why his pharaohs statues led with the left foot’; to denote the Left Path.

        The PAPAL issues the Latin claims of ‘Divine Rights and Powers’ to the members of the families based on the degree & line of their bloodline (Canon 108) D.H.S. is a for profit corporation, issued divine powers, and owned by the China clan. The new Chinese coins, have Elizabeth on one side, and SET the serpent on the other. They are passing the Babylon ‘company store’ to China. You will find the mossad was involved in 911 & in Boston. You will also find that their counterparts, like “IIF” corporation are tied to Virgina’s CIA and they were involved in these false flags. You will find that they are tied to Deutche Bank and Bush. And behind them all you can find Elizabeth, Ratzinger and now Francis, Rothschild & Rockefeller and Kissenger with the Bilderberg’ers. It is all corporations, and they are all owned by this one large Family group. The Muslim counterparts are now in the CIA, as well as the WH. Jarrett is Kissengers (Bilderberg-”bohemian coven of Lilith”) replacement. I find it humorous, that Jarrett is called a “Nergali”. A Nergal demon sent from “Abraham” was Hell’s Secret police.

        This group, has found that the best way to create Human Sacrifice to SET, is to have massive wars…all are coordinated. Read some of the treaties, and you find they have to pay each other at the conclusion of each war. Winner takes all.

        The “Merchants” run the money systems Selene set up, and this allows them to transfer massive amounts of currency, and allows ‘arms deals’ to each other as well as drug running… and coordinated, well organized, syndicated, pedophilia. Which is this particular covens sacrifice – children to ‘Lilith’. All of this is under the cover of ‘different corporations’ which appear, but are not, to be ‘unrelated’. “Unrelated” corporate governments, and corporate intelligence agencies, and corporate ‘support services’, such as Banks.

        If everyone on the planet, knew for a fact, that this was all a prearranged deal to reduce the slave population and transfer money and land….we’d all have pitchforks…..again.

    • carsonking

      Photoshopped so they can say it never arrived.

      • EricShun

        Its real bro, Half of it is still managing to stay afloat.

      • EricShun

        Bit more information for this story, sources are &

        - The Vessel was en route from Far East to Northern Europe. Vessel was engaged on North Europe Express 1 Service, Far East – Northern Europe.

        - MOL COMFORT was on its way from Singapore westwards, taking route to Yemen coast and the Gulf of Aden. Apparently the incident took place on 2013-06-17 06:00 UTC

        - Next port of call was Jeddah, where the vessel was to arrive within the next 3 or 4 days

    • libsarescum

      We know which side God is with.

    • dwin99

      kind of reminiscent of “not even GOD can sink this ship…” and not only did it sink, it was busted into 2 pieces! This modern shipping vessel being used by the BEAST to wage war against Israel has met a power that is baffling and unknown to the out of control Obama admin – totally out of control – soon this beast will be declaring war on the LAMB! It’s EVIL! YOU GLOBALISTS will not get your NWO!!

    • Anonymous

      Anything can be information or DISinformation. Anything can be for real or for deception. That is the way intelligence operations work.

      Believe everything, believe nothing and take it from there.

    • Ted

      We need to stay out of that mess, no matter who wins; is our enemy. If they’re busy killing each other, they won’t have time to worry about US!

    • Room With a View

      Take that!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, this moves us closer to the vaporisation of Damascus and the escalation of WW3 already underway.

    • Shipton

      I hate to say it (no, I really don’t) but how providential is this? At one time I would have said OUR country, the USA, was on the “right” side and keeping the world safe from despotism but no more. Since the federal government has been hijacked and taken over by globalists, whatever negative that happens to them is good for us and for the world!

      If it’s the Russians, Chinese, or God who sunk the ship, who cares…. good for them and may each shipment receive the same treatment!

      FU globalists!

      • Ted

        Well said brother. “F” ‘em, “F” ‘em ALL!

      • Anonymous

        Ya know?! Amen to what you said – from a Christian Zionist!!! ALL the worlds woes ARE NOT being driven by the Jews (Whether real/Fake), or the Palestinians, or the Muslims, or the Christians/Zionists whatever!!! ALL the Worlds Woes are clearly being driven by the F,n “WO Globalist” — period!!! All the Middle-Eastern issues could be settled in a moment by building a neighborhood for the Palestinians in Jordan (Where 90% of their ancesters are). But the Globalist under their leader “Luci” will never allow that to happen. The Jews (Righteous ones), Pali’s (Good Ones), Zionist/Christian’s et al are all being USED and played against one another – not for the Zionist or Muslim agenda!!! But for the GLOBALIST/NWO agenda – and the sooner the WORLD (of sane and rational folks the world over) come to terms with this fact – the sooner they can quit HATEING ON and ACCUSING one another and point their fingers in the right direction!!!

    • Hason El Gringo

      It might jus be me, but the first picture looks like a really bad photoshop job. Just sayin’. :idea:

    • jsav

      oh that is sweet justice, why do these leaders of the world think they can outsmart Almighty God.
      These rebels are not interested in peace, all they want is bloodshed of innocent syrian people.

    • @sshole

      ” on board were 4,500 containers loaded with arms for the Syrian rebels’”


    • wvbowhunter

      The US taxpayers will just be on the hook for this and Obama will send another. It should not surprise us however . Ever since he has been in office he has been shoving things down our throats we don’t want. he only wants to arm Syrian rebels because somewhere hidden there, our enemies need our help. We are a sinking nation under this “savior”.

    • POC2014

      Like God divided the Rea Sea for Israel to cross and ripped the Holy of Holies after Jesus death He divided the cargo with millions of prayers!

    • Biblethump

      Ah God’s providence at work. Praise God.

    • Izabell adoorknocker

      This would rate as the most Wonderful news, of the month, if not year.
      Lets see more of it. lots more. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Anonymous

      Glory be to the Lord!

    • RMS

      If this is true, then thank God for Davy Jones’ locker!

    • Rumpelstiltskin

      Maybe it hit an iceberg.

    • SpinUnmasked

      Whats the latest, today 23 June?

    • jdo79

      Well I am happy those weapons will not be placed into the hands of cannibals. What the terrorist running this country are doing is beyond believable. What’s even more important is that “we the people” do not support our reckless criminal of a President and 99.9999999999% of us do not trust him or his policies. He is off his rocker and not fit to lead our country let alone provide weapons to terrorist rebels while trying to take them from”we the people.”

    • Vahlsing

      If you really want to curb gun violence, why don’t you try to promote my idea?
      My idea is to have all gun manufactures insert a GPS chip into all their new guns; and to place these GPS chips into that part of the gun by which if a person were to try to remove the GPS chip that gun would no longer be able to function.

      • @sshole

        people can print their own guns now.. ie; everyone can be a gun manufacturer..

        whatever safe guards are built in, there will always be a way for people to get around it..

        if you really want to curb gun violence, you should try my idea..

        shoot all the violent people.

      • morris adams

        that’s infringement. any gun control ”idea” is a bad one. to curb gun violence you simply sentence offenders accordingly and make em serve full time. it’s called a determent. if you got 30 years for robbing a liquor store, no one would do it. i mean of course someone would. but the problem with society today is there are only rewards, no repercussions. imagine if every liquor store owner had a gun and every potential robber, potentially, could go to prison for 30 years, i believe you’d have to give serious thought to how bad you needed the 237$ you ”might” get from the stick-up. even blacks can do that math!

    • Ahura Madza

      If only every jackass from the Democratic and Republican party were aboard to commemerate this first shipment.

    • Anonymous

      An unarmed ship carrying weapons, I do not think so. This ship is carrying alot of kitchen sinks, but not arms for Syrian rebels. Cmon do you really think the American miltary would be allowing a cargo ship to do this task ? Good try but FAIL

      • jdo79

        They were not weapons issued to or for our military. They keep a tight lid on those and everyone is accounted for at the end of each shift. They are weapons bought and paid with our tax dollars to support the Syrian cannibal-terrorist rebels.

    • Don_in_Odessa

      According to Maritime News

      The vessel has not sunk but is floating in two pieces and most of the cargo will be recoverable.

      • Big John

        Shh…stop looking for evidance and put your tin foil hat back on you rabble rouser!

    • johnboyu1

      Great news for the 99/% of the human race if true. Just can’t wait for the fall of these bastards. There days are numbered and time is running out for them and their New World Order.

      John Canada

    • Rufus Juice

      wow. divine intervention much?

    • Peter

      Actualy this isn’t the first time a container ship splits in half.
      In 1997 the MSC CARLA broke in two near the azores. The captain steered the stern to port the bow section sank after drifting 5 days.
      In 2008 the MSC Napoli starting breaking in two but they landend the ship on a sandbank before it totaly cracked up.

      Torpedo whatever the type just splits it nicely in half?
      4382 containers on board and all filled with arms for who ever? :roll:

      If the russians were tracking this ship i’ll bet they weren’t the only ones …

    • Blogengeezer

      Sarah Palin did it :>) She always drives the Lib Leftist media Bat Crap Crazy..


      TORPEDO from Russia and China, Putin just sent a message to Obama

    • desertspeaks

      interesting, there was an article the other day where the military was testing a torpedo that detonates under the ship and breaks them in half.. coincidence? no!

    • djladysmith

      And a camera just happened to be in sight….

    • Peggas

      God works in mysterious way. If this is true, THANK YOU LORD.

      • Anonymous

        Just different people dying that’s all. Now the other side is still stronger but rest of world safer as who knows where the arms would have landed up maybe your home town in the wrong hands.

    • ChrisRockGlover

      On 17 June 2013, while underway from Singapore to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with a cargo of 4,382 containers equivalent to 7,041 TEU, the vessel suffered a crack amidships in bad weather about 200 nautical miles (370 km; 230 mi) off the coast of Yemen and eventually broke into two. The crew of 26—11 Russians, one Ukrainian and 14 Filipinos—abandoned the ship and was rescued from two life rafts and a lifeboat by the German-flagged container ship Yantian Express, one of three vessels diverted to the site of incident by ICG Mumbai.[3][4][5]
      While some containers may have been lost, as of 23 June 2013 both sections of the vessel remain afloat with the majority of the cargo still onboard. A salvage company has been contracted and tugboats are en route to tow the two sections, which are drifting in East-Northeast direction, and the remaining cargo to safety. In addition, a patrol boat is expected to arrive at the scene on 24 June.[6] There have been no reports of an oil spill.
      The exact cause of the accident is yet not known, but it is likely that a combination of the still water hogging moment, the wave hogging moment and whipping exceeded the hull girder collapse strength. This risk has been raised by classification societies like DNV and BV after the MSC Napoli broke in two.

    • Chris

      Great! If this wasn’t a simple structural failure I send my thanks to who ever is responsible for it.

    • FourWinds

      It wasn’t their fault. It was the Super Moon! Not to be forgetting Nubiru!!! Maybe Gregory Peck came in underneath on the blasted Big White Whale at ramming speed. MOBY DICK! YEAH. THEY GOT MOBY DICKED.


    • randydutton

      Do you even check facts? The ship loaded in Saudi Arabia, not the US. It was headed to Singapore, not the Middle East.

    • amazonmama13

      :lol: perhaps a wee bit of divine intervention?

    • Poe56

      An obviously strong carrying vessel ….. Hmmm, ever hear of underwater objects … that go bang in stealth but are composed of …. non solid objects. well,kind of like micro wave right. A microwave can damage …without being seen or heard.

    • Johnboy

      they went ahead and did this against all global advice and we should be thankful this ship was taken out.This was no accident.Heads should roll,I’m so outta here Panama here I come.

    • killabeezly13

      top pics containers at the “break” look abruptly cut in half. Also they don’t seem to match positions to the other pics and if this is because they fell in the water’ well where are they? The lack of floating debris leads me to believe these photos may have been doctored. But who knows for sure. I isn’t Ain’t not no expert. I’m just sayin, while i still can.

    • winsyd

      This had to have been planned ….

    • Mayhem

      Reading some of the comments suggests you all are blaming the wrong crew: surely, if this wasn’t an accident it was most likely done by them that threatened to do this very thing.

      I know it’s all a big blur in the goldfish bowl but think back a couple of weeks. It was in all sorts of news sources.

      Maybe i best read some more comments. I might have missed someone covering a similar point.


      • Mayhem

        The parliament of Israel wasn’t it? Didn’t the foreign minister, or some such but not the big geezer hisself, didn’t they say if arms are sent we’ll stop them by any means?

    • ken snyder

      The zio half-bred monkey must be doing flips at the end of his chain as the organ grinder (nodamnyahoo) yells at him to do more to rid isra-hell of it’s perceived enemies.Please send more container ships as the korean or russian subs can use the target practice.

    • ken snyder


    • Demaclies


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