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Live TV Nuke Attack Planned For 4th of July

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BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: On July 2, 2013, it was confirmed that China will be holding their “largest-ever naval drills” beginning on July 5 through July 12, 2013. Although it has yet to be confirmed, it appears that the sudden inclusion of Russia in the drills is an intelligence PSYOP meant to muddy the waters in respect to the now exposed plot by China to attack the United States around the 4th of July. The article was clear to point out that China and Russia will also participate in another drill on July 27 through August 15, 2013, providing even more cover for the now foiled Chinese attack plot.

David Chase Taylor
June 30, 2013

SWITZERLAND, Zürich As nuclear terror whistleblower David Chase Taylor’s case against the Obama administrationfor premeditated nuclear terrorism works its way up the court system of Switzerland, a new nuclear terror plot to hijack TV stations worldwide a detonate a nuclear bomb on “Live TV” has been identified.

Due in part to the escalating exposure of Taylor’s case as well as the unprecedented awakening of humanity worldwide, the rabid Zionist establishment, who was caught red-handed attempting to conduct a nuclear holocaust at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas, on February 6th, 2011, are apparently pulling out all the stops and going for broke in a desperate move to distract the world from their wicked acts of terrorismand usury.

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Based on breaking news and events depicted herein, it now appears that the Zionists have authorized the Chinese government to execute a controlled “surprise” attack against the United States and Japan starting in July of 2013. This unprovoked attack will likely kick-off with a series of escalating Chinese terror attacks against western U.S. cities (i.e., Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco, California) followed by a full-scale invasion of key U.S. military bases in the Pacific theater (i.e., Okinawa, Japan, Iwo Jima, Japan, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii).

Once America and the world are collectively glued to their respective television sets, TV channels worldwide will be simultaneously held hostage in an unprecedented act of cyber-hijacking as the Chinese attack culminates with “Live TV” nuclear detonation in an American city with a recognizable skyline (i.e., Seattle—Space Needle, San Francisco—Golden Gate Bridgeor St. Louis, MissouriGateway Arch).

Depending on how the world reacts to the first ever “Live” nuclear attack, a second nuclear detonation will likely target another city in the United States or Europe, quite possibly Paris, France. In order for a nuclear attack to be the most psychologically terrorizing, a well-known landmark (e.g., the Twin Towers on 9/11) must be destroyed in the attack to serve as a life-long reminder of that horrific day.

The Chinese surprise-attack depicted herein is slated to be eerily reminiscent of the December 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and will undoubtedly spark a nuclear war between the United States and China which recent reports such as, “Chinese “Kamikaze” Done Attack On Pearl Harbor Hawaii Imminent” and “Red Dawn Scenario: Chinese Attack On America Imminent” have attempted to thwart.

Make no mistake about it—China is fully under Zionist control and do ONLY do as they are told. Remember, American factories and military technology did not just “accidentally” make its way to China; the transfer of power from the U.S. to China has been a long standing program headed by the likes of Henry Kissinger. By starting World War III, the U.S. government can reinstated the military draft, open FEMA concentration campsnationwide, invoke martial lawand initiate the global bio-terror pandemic planned for 2013. Ultimately, it’s a win, win, win, for the Zionists for they get to kill off their political opposition (U.S. military, patriots, gun owners, conservatives, etc.), get rich off war contracts, and their crimes against humanity will once again be hidden in the wake of terrifying nuclear attacks.

July 4th Attack
Although a Chinese attack on America could come at any time, a “Live TV” cyber-hijack and nuclear detonation will most likely occur on July 4th, 2013, America’s 237th birthday. Prior to a high-profile nuclear detonation on the 4th of July, the American public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. On March 22nd, 2013, a propaganda film entitled “Olympus Has Fallen” (2013) was released (see trailer) in which Washington D.C., America’s capital, was brutally attacked by an ex-North Korean terrorist on the day after the 4th of July. The movie was clear to depict classic Independence Daysymbology such as red, white and blue banners, balloons and ribbons. Coincidentally, on May 2nd, 2013, it was reported that the alleged Boston Bombers had initially planned a July 4th attack, giving further credence to the notion that this date has been chosen for terror by the intelligence community. A couple months later on June 28th, 2013, ABC News ran a headline which stated “Feds Worry About July 4 Fireworks Bombs”, the key words being “July 4” and “Bombs”.  According to the report, the FBI has vocalized paramount concern for July 4th, 2013, because masses of revelers are expected to pack city centers and other locations which could be an “an opportunity to perpetuate a mass casualty attack”. Coincidentally, Zionist operative Adam Kokesh, who allegedly works for Obama’s “Revolution Czar”, will be holding an armed protest in Washington D.C. on July 4th, 2013. Should a nuke be detonated on “Live TV”, a bloody riot in America’s capital will likely ensue and spread like a pandemic throughout the United States. 

Hollywood Foreshadowing
As witnessed prior to the 9/11 Attacks, 2011 Super Bowl Nuke Plot (4:12 in video) and the recent Boston Bombings, Hollywood foreshadowing aka predictive programming has become standard operating procedure; the “Live TV” cyber-hijack and nuclear attack is no different. On November 25th, 2012, the hit terror series entitled “Homeland”, aired an episode entitled “Two Hats” (S2E21), which just happened to feature a storyline in which terrorist leader “Abu Nazir” was plotting a terror attack on the U.S.  and planned to film the terror attack on “Live TV” and broadcast it globally. Roughly 7 months later on June 27th, 2013, the hit television show starring Charlie Sheen entitled “Anger Management“, aired an episode entitled “Charlie And The Hot Nerd” (S2E36), in which Charlie’s TV is hijacked by his girlfriend’s x-boyfriend who was an alleged “hacker for the CIA. In short, the x-boyfriend hacks Charlie’s computer, appliances and television and is shown talking to Charlie from inside Charlie’s own TV, eerily similar to the photo depicted above. Watch Anger Management episode here.

Asian/Pacific Surprise “Attack” Propaganda
Prior to a high-profile Asian based Pacific coast attack on the United States, the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. “Red Dawn”(2012) is a film (see trailer) in which the United States is the victim of a red-dawn surprise attack by military aircraft from North Korea. “Battleship”(2012) is another film (see trailer) in which the U.S. Navy and the State of Hawaii are the victims of a surprise attack, by transformer-like machines. “Olympus Has Fallen” (2013) is a film (see trailer) in which Washington D.C., America’s capital, is ambushed in a surprise attack by an ex-North Korean terrorist with military aircraft, suicide bombers and cyber-warfare. On July 12th, 2013, the film “Pacific Rim” (2013) (see trailer) will be released which features a story line in which the U.S. is attacked by monster-like machines from deep under the Pacific Ocean. According to trailer, their first three attacks target San Francisco, California, Manila, Philippines, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If and when this Hollywood terror programming will manifest in reality is unknown, but it is definitely in the cards.

“Live TV” Nuclear Detonation
Due to the 30-60 second nature of a nuclear explosion, venues such as the NFL Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, NBA Finals, MLB World Seriesand the Olympic Gamesare optimal targets for nuclear terror mainly due to the potentially hundreds of millions watching on “Live TV”. However, since the nuclear attack on Super Bowl XLV was ultimately foiled, a new plot to terrorize humanity with “Live TV” nuclear attack had to be orchestrated. For those who think a Chinese nuclear attack on the U.S. is laughable, consider this: On September 30th, 2012, it was reported that the White House was attacked by hackers allegedly linked to China’s government. The unprecedented cyber-terror attack targeted the U.S. government’s most sensitive computer networks, ultimately breaching a system used by the White House Military Office for nuclear commands. Interestingly, only 9 months later on June 27th, 2013, the U.S. and Japan held war games off the coast of California imitating a Chinese Invasion.

Cyber-Related Nuclear Terror
Prior to a high-profile “Live TV” cyber-hijack and subsequent nuclear detonation, the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Zionist media and Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen.Based purely on research conducted to date, the marriage between cyber-terror and nuclear terror was first made on February 19th, 2013, when a CNN headline entitled “Former CIA Official: Cyber War ‘More Sinister Than Nuclear Age’” first paired the terms “cyber” and “nuclear” together in the same sentence. Roughly a month later on March 22nd, 2013, the propaganda film entitled “Olympus Has Fallen” (2013) was released (see trailer) in which Washington D.C., America’s capital is attacked by an ex-North Korean terrorist who wants to hack the White House computer network and detonate American nuclear warheads while in their respective missile silos. Exactly a month later on April 22nd, 2013, the Wall Street Journal ran a headline entitled “China: Cyberattacks Are Like Nuclear Bombs”, ultimately linking the words “China”, Cyberattacks” and “Nuclear Bombs” in the same sentence. Roughly two months later on June 28th, 2013, another propaganda film entitled  “White House Down” (2013), was released (see trailer) in which Washington D.C., America’s capital, was attacked by hackers attempting to breach the U.S. Department of Defense’s computers to access the “Nuclear Football”, the briefcase used by the President of the United States to initiate nuclear war.

Emergency “Nuclear Terror” Meetings
Just 6 days prior to the planned nuclear attack at Super Bowl XLV, then U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called an historic first of its kind ambassadors meeting in Washington D.C., which lasted from January 31, 2011, until February 4, 2011. The meeting was so important to matters of state that ambassadors from all 260 U.S. embassies and consulates in more than 180 countries were ordered present. Fast forward roughly 27 months to May 24th, 2013, when 85 nations and four official observers met for the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) in Mexico City, Mexico, to discuss “nuclear terrorism”. Exactly a month later on June 24th, 2013, it was reported that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting on July 1st through July 5th, 2013, in Vienna, Austria, with members from 112 countries and 20 organizations to again discuss “nuclear terrorism”. Aside from giving government officials plausible deniability in the aftermath of a nuclear attack, these nuclear “prep” meetings are used by the Zionist establishment to instruct their minions on the policies and procedures they will need to adhere to as the world officially enters the terrifying age of nuclear terrorism.

President “O-Bomb-a”
Despite the growing evidence that nuclear bombs are not exactly what they are cracked up to be, U.S. President Barack “O-bomb-a”, real name Barry Soetoro, is the anointed nuclear president. Therefore, until Obama is ousted from public office, the world will be under the threat of state-sponsored nuclear terrorism. As with any legal matter, a full, independent and open investigation must be conducted prior to filing any legal charges. However, after reviewing the documented evidence in respect to the following nuclear terror cases, it is abundantly clear that the Obama administration is in fact guilty of premeditated nuclear terrorism.

Foiled Obama Nuclear Terror Plots:

1. February 6, 2011: Super Bowl XLV Nuclear Terror Plot(Dallas, Texas)
2. December 31, 2011:
New Year’s Eve Times Square Dirty Bomb Plot(New York City, New York)
3. April 18, 2013:
U.N. Dirty Bomb And U.S. Nuclear Reactor Attack Plot(New York City & Pennsylvania)
4. July ? 2013: “Live TV” Cyber-Hijack And Nuke Attack Plot (Unknown)

Nuclear Scapegoats
A “Live TV”cyber-hijack may be the moment when the world finds out that the government funded cyber-hacking terror group known as “Anonymous” is in fact the cover for a Chinese military hacking operation. After all, Guy Fawkes maskswhich are worn by members of Anonymous do appear to have unmistakably Asian features. Other potential nuclear terror scapegoats include Al Qaeda, Pakistan, Chechen terroristsor rough Chinese terroristswho allegedly plotted to bomb the 2008 Beijing Olympics. However, based on the evidence depicted herein, it is most likely a “Live TV” cyber-hijack and subsequent nuclear detonation will be blamed directly on the Chinese government so that World War III between the United States and China can commence.

NASA’s Nuclear Photos
In order to get the most “bang for their buck”, no pun intended, a nuclear detonation must be photographed and videotaped from all different angles in order to be more vividly terrorizing. As seen just prior to the foiled Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot on February 6th, 2011, NASA’s “Discovery” shuttle took off on its last mission on February 3rd, 2011, to “document the event”. Just like in 2011, this upcoming “Live TV” cyber-hijack and subsequent nuclear detonation will also be photographed and videotaped from space as NASA just launched a satellite entitled “Interface Imaging Spectrograph” (IRIS) on June 27th, 2013,to study how material heats up and gathers energy as it travels through space. IRIS will also study this energy’s impact on our planet’s climate. In other words, in the after-math of a nuclear attack, the energy released from the nuclear weapons will be used as justification for “Global Warming” legislation and the new taxes that it will bring, irregardless of the cloud-seeding, chemtrails, geo-engineeringwhich is openly admitted and executed on a daily basis.

Singapore Smog Beta-Test?
The horrific smog currently engulfing Singaporeand Indonesia is apparently a beta-test for the upcoming nuclear detonation and its subsequent fallout. A major beta-test is needed to see how people respond to a massive change in their environment. Although unprecedented smog is being blamed on “fires”, there doesn’t appear to be any ash falling. Therefore, the deadly smog is most likely the result of heavy-duty chemtrailsdelivered by aerial drones. After a nuclear detonation in Seattle, for example, expect to see Singapore-type smog all over the Pacific west coast due to “nuclear fallout”.

Texas Revolution?
As witnessed just prior to the Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror ploton February 6th, 2011, both alleged STRATFOR intelligence operative Alex Jonesand Texas Governor Rick Perrywere caught acting quite suspicious in preparation for the “big event” and the bloody revolution that was slated to follow. Jones  was routinely beta-testing his listeners and “oiling his guns”in the days prior, Perry actually left Texasfor California despite it hosting its first ever Super Bowl. As the world embarks on a new nuclear 9/11, both Jones and Perry are again preparing for the “big event” in their own way. On the June 28th, 2013, episode of the Alex Jones Show, Jones was overshadowed on the air by group of men talking in the background which was clearly heard on-air. Jones quipped,  “We are just doing some “training” in there”. What exactly Jones is training for is unknown, but Perry, who is also located in Austin, Texas, is holding a “Special Session” of the Texas Legislaturewhich will begin at 2 p.m. Monday, July 1st, 2013. Perry stated that, “I am calling the Legislature back into session because too much important work remains undone for the people of Texas.”

UPDATE:In the wake of this terror warning, the opening day of the “hotly anticipated” special legislative session lasted only 30 minutes as the Texas Senate inexplicably voted to recess until July 9th, 2013. Curiously, Alex Jones was also a no-show on his radio program of July 1st, 2013

Recent Nuclear Terror  Headlines:

1. November 29, 2012: Nuclear Christmas, False Flag In America To Blame On Iran(Press TV)
2. January 22, 2013:
Indian Police Warn Kashmir Residents Of Possible Nuclear Attack(Fox News)
3. February 19, 2013:
Fmr. CIA Official: Cyber War ‘More Sinister Than Nuclear Age’(CNN)
4. February 25, 2013:
Radiation Panic Grips Mumbai(WSJ)
5. March 15, 2013:
Dirty Bomb Material Secured In Philadelphia(Fox News)
6. March 15, 2013:
Feds Swarm Metro Train After Detecting Nuclear Risk(CBS News)
7. April 9, 2013:
Russia Conducts Topol Nuclear ICBM Drills(RIAN)
8. April 13, 2013:
DOE Finalizing Plans To Dump Uranium Out West(Fox News
9. April 16, 2013:Era Of Atomic Bombs Over: President Ahmadinejad(Press TV)
10. April 17, 2013:
Zionists Warm Up To Wage Nuclear Wars Across Mideast(Press TV)
11. April 18, 2013:
After Petition, Atomic Bomb Re-Enactment Dropped From Ohio Air Show(Fox News)
12. April 18, 2013:
‘Like A Nuclear Bomb’: Deadly Fertilizer Plant Blast Devastates Texas Town(CNN)
13. April 22, 2013:
China: Cyberattacks Are Like Nuclear Bombs(WSJ)
14. June 3, 2013:
China, India, Pakistan Boost Nuclear Arsenals(France 24)
15. June 24, 2013.
World Worried About Nuclear Terrorism, But Little Action At Talks(Reuters)
16. June 25, 2013:
From Benghazi To Nuclear Terrorism(WND)
17. June 29, 2013:
Survivors Of World War II Atomic Bombings To Be Tested(Fox News)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines]


1.1: Media Hacks Trending
Prior to a major “Live TV” cyber-hijack and subsequent nuke detonation, the public must be psychologically programed that this is in fact possible. Starting in February of 2013, there have been at least 3 major instances whereby media and government affiliated network computers were hacked and their security breached. Taken collectively, these events show an unmistakable trend which indicates that a major media cyber-hijack “event” is imminent. 

Media Hack Timeline:

1. February 12, 2013: Zombie Apocalypse Alert Hits Montana’s Emergency Warning System(Montana)
2. April 14, 2013:
‘Belarusian MTV’ Possibly Hijacked, Ran Porn Videos In Daytime(Minsk, Belarus)
3. June 14, 2013:
CBS News Anchorwoman Sharyl Attkisson’s Computer Hacked(New York, New York)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of events]

1.2: TV Cut-Offs Trending
Prior to a numerous TV channels going offline or blank due to an alleged cyber-hijack, the public must be psychologically programed that this is in fact possible. Starting in May of 2013, there have been at least 3 major instances whereby TV stations and providers have cut certain TV broadcasts and channels or the TV station was shut down altogether. Taken collectively, these events show an unmistakable trend which indicates that a future TV shutdown/blackout due to a cyber-hijack “event” is imminent. 

TV Cut Off Timeline:

1. May 19, 2013. Vietnam Cable TV Drops CNN, BBC Over Translation Decree(Hanoi, Vietnam)
2. May 27, 2013: Iran Pro-Reform Candidate Says State TV Cuts Off His Broadcast(Tehran, Iran)
3. June 14, 2013:
EU Broadcast Chief: Turn Greek State TV Channel Back On(Geneva, Switzerland)
4. June 18, 2013:
Greek TV Screens Still Blank As Political Dispute Continue(Athens, Greece)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of events]

1.3: Media Terror Trending
Prior to a major terror related attack on a media complex, television studio or TV channel, the public must first be psychologically programed that this is in fact possible. Starting in January of 2012, there has been an unprecedented wave of media related terror attacks, hoaxes and threats which have occurred at in and around various media related entities worldwide. Taken collectively, these events show an unmistakable trend which indicates that a major media related terror “event” is imminent. 

Media Terror Timeline:

1. March 25, 1997:Radio Station Gets Bomb Threat(Miami, Florida)
2. July 12, 2004:
Bomb Threat on TBC Radio station(London, England)
3. September 28, 2004:
Man Makes Radio Station Bomb Threat(Dallas, Texas)
4. December 8, 2007:
Radio Station Gets Bomb Threat(North Cotabato, Philippines)
5. May 30, 2011:
Man Threatens To Bomb TV Station(New York, New York)
6. January 26, 2012:
Radio Station Receives Bomb Threat(Jakarta, Indonesia)
7. September 22, 2012:
Riot Outside MTV Event In Madrid(Madrid, Spain)
8. September 25, 2012:
Radio Stations Evacuated Over Beeping Package(Los Angeles, California)
9. September 30, 2012:
Shots Fired In Parking Lot Of BET Awards(Atlanta, Georgia)
10. October 8, 2012:
FBI Investigating Suspicious Package At CBS TV Studio(Los Angeles, California)
11. October 17, 2012:
NatGeo Bombarded With Terror Threats(Washington D.C.)
12. November 2, 2012:
Chemical Bomb Threat At CNN Center(Atlanta, Georgia)
13. November 30, 2012:
CBS Radio Building Hit By Gunfire(Dallas, Texas)
14. February 12, 2013:
Radio Station Bomb Threat Reported(Melbourne, Australia)
15. March 29, 2013:
Man Arrested For Threat To Blow Up TV Station(Niigata, Japan)
16. March 30, 2013:
Eiffel Tower Radio Tower Receives Bomb Threat(Paris, France)
17. April 14, 2013: ‘Belarusian MTV’ Possibly Hijacked, Ran Porn Videos In Daytime(Minsk, Belarus)
18. May 4, 2013:
CNN Anchor Robbed On Piedmont Avenue(Atlanta, Georgia)
19. May 19, 2013:Man Threatens To Blow Up Studio With Grenade In Live TV Interview(Canes, France)
20. May 27, 2013: Ten NASCAR Fans Injured By Fallen TV Cable(Charlotte, North Carolina)
21. May 27, 2013:
TV Correspondent Killed On TV While Covering War Near Lebanon(Dabaa, Syria)
22. June 5, 2013: TV Crew Attacked While Reporting On Shooting Story(Providence, Rhode Island)
23. June 11, 2013:Employees Seize Greek State TV And Radio HQ(Athens, Greece)
24. June 14, 2013:CBS News Anchor Sharyl Attkisson’s Computer Hacked(New York, New York)
25. June 14, 2013: Grenade Hurled At Libyan TV Station In Benghazi(Benghazi., Libya)
26. June 17, 2013:
Government Terror Exercise Broadcast Live On TV(Bangalore, India)
27. June 25, 2013:
Honduran TV Journalist Kidnapped By Armed Men(San Pedro SulaHonduras)
28. June 29, 2013:
Heli TV News Helicopter Crashes, 4 Killed(Bellinzona, Switzerland)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of events]

1.4: Live TV Beta-Tests
In order to properly gage and predict public response in the wake of an unprecedented action such as a “Live TV” hijack and subsequent nuclear detonation, various beta-tests must be conducted prior to the “event” occurring in reality. These beta-tests set the precedent for a copy-cat attack as well as allow the real terrorists to work out any unforeseen problems that may arise. To date, at least three “live TV” beta-tests have been identified:

I. Live TV & EAS Hijack
In what appears to be the first beta-test for a “Live TV” cyber-hijack to gage public reaction to the activation of the EAS, on February 12th, 2013, it was reported that a Montana TV network and the Emergency Alert System (EAS) had been hacked. The fake EAS warning was transmitted on KRTV during the Steve Wilkos Show in several Montana counties. According to the report, the TV station quickly pulled the alert off air and apologized both on air and online, but not before the following statement was read on-air: The bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living…Do not attempt to approach or apprehend these bodies as they are considered extremely dangerous…Follow the messages on screen that will be updated as information becomes available.”

II. TV Channel Hijack
In what appears to be the second beta-test for a “Live TV” cyber-hijack to gage social media reaction, on April 14th, 2013, it was reported that a Belarusian music TV channel had been hijacked and pornography had been broadcast.According to the report, on Saturday, April 13th, 2013, at about 3:45pm local time, “BelMuzTV”, which is reportedly seen in public places like shopping malls and restaurants, began airing explicit pornographic images featuring full nudity and sexual intercoursewhich lasted for approximately 10 to 20 minutes. Reportedly thousands of people throughout the Belarusian capital of Minsk watched the broadcast and began to share their experience on various social networking sites. A rumor then was circulated that a “subversive operation” was executedby the channel’s studio engineer, who entered the control room, loaded the inappropriate content into rotation and then disappeared. In the aftermath of a global “Live TV” cyber-hijack, social networking sites worldwide will be buzzing about having no TV. Eventually, the TV will come back on and billions of people worldwide will collectively witness the nuke attack on “Live TV”. 

III. Live TV Terror Drill
In what appears to be the third beta-test for a “Live TV” cyber-hijack to gage public reaction to “Live” terrorism, on June 17th, 2013, it was reported that an state-sponsored terror drill was broadcast “Live TV” without the police, TV station or its viewers ever being informed that it was fake. According to the report, the televised terror drill caused “scaremongering across the city” when four “terrorists” began hovering around their target, the Taj Vivanta Hotel. The terrorists sparked off a major alert which then tipped off TV reporters and by 11.25pm, multiple TV channels had begun flashing images of four terrorists on the loose in the city.

1.5: Newsrooms Vulnerable to Cyber-Hijack
In an ominous warning sign that news related organizations may be hacked by cyber-terrorists in the near future, on April 23rd, 2013, it was reported thatnews organizations may have to revisit policies on retweeting breaking news and shore up the securityof their social-media accounts due to the fallout from the hacking of the Associated Press’ Twitter account which stated that there had been an explosion at the White House. Stephen Ward, director of the Center for Journalism Ethics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, stated that, “In light of this, news organizations have to certainly increase security procedures so that they can’t be hacked so easily…(If it was phishing that led to this)…then that is not proper security. They’ve got to review security procedures.” According to Dominic Lasorsa, a journalism professor at the University of Texas, “This is the kind of stuff the media has to deal with today,” he says. “It’s difficult to stay ahead of the hacking community. But our reputation is all we’ve got going for us. News media organizations need to be more savvy about the [security] problem.”

1.6: CBS News Hacked
In a case meant to set the precedent for cyber-hacks against TV stations, on June 14th, 2013, it was reported that CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson’s computer, including her CBS News work computer, was hackedby “an unauthorized, external, unknown party on multiple occasions”, prompting CBS News to hire a firm to look into the hacking. According to the report, CBS News spokeswoman Sonya McNair said that a cyber-security firm hired by CBS News “has determined through forensic analysis” that “evidence suggests this party performed all access remotely using Attkisson’s accounts. While no malicious code was found, forensic analysis revealed an intruder had executed commands that appeared to involve search and exfiltration of data.

1.7: New Israeli 24-Hour TV Channel
Just as the international TV airwaves are about to suffer an unprecedented cyber-hijack, a June 21st, 2013, report states that a new Israel-based 24-hour TV news channel broadcasting in English, French and Arabic will go “Live” on airstarting on July 1st, 2013. According to the report, a new TV station based in Tel Aviv named “i24 News” has 150 journalists will be broadcasting Zionist propaganda around the clock in English and French as well as five hours a day in Arabic. With the likes of BBC, CNN, and Fox News likely down due to the TV cyber-hijack, the new Israeli channel will likely be the only television station on the air, due of course to their ability to circumvent the cyber-hijack because of their new state-of-the-art security features. This scenario will allow “i24 News” to have an unabated worldwide audience as well as a timely opportunity to spin the nuclear attacks and the wars which will surly follow to their liking. Naturally, their timing couldn’t be more impeccable.

1.8: New Anchorman Movie Trailer
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” (2004) is a film (see trailer) which was released in 2004 about an eccentric news anchor from San Diego, California. Roughly nine years later, the film is suddenly getting a long overdue sequel entitled, “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”. Curiously, the movie trailerwas officially releasedon June 18th, 2013, despite the fact that the film will not be released until December 19th, 2013. Exactly why a movie trailer for a low-budget SNL comedy is being released 6 months too early in the middle of summer is rather suspicious and begs the question: why now? Although it’s impossible to know for certain, it does appear that the Anchorman 2 trailer was released with the sole purpose of bringing as much as attention to television anchors as possible just prior to an unprecedented “Live TV” cyber-hijack.  


2.1: United States v. China  
Inflammatory war propaganda, rising diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Chinaalong with unprecedented U.S. propaganda against Chinaindicates that World War III scenario between the United States and China is on the horizon. On June 4th, 2012, it was reported that the Australian government’s Defense White Paper published in 2009 contained a “secret chapter” that assessed “Australia’s ability to fight an air-sea battle alongside the United States against China”. A few weeks later on June 27th, 2012, Chinese Maj. Gen. Peng Guangqian stated that a future conflict with the United States is comingas a result of U.S. “containment” policy. Guangqian was then quoted as saying, “The United States has been exhausting all its resources to establish a strategic containment system specifically targeting China” and that “The contradictions between China and the United States are structural, not to be changed by any individual, whether it is G.H.W. Bush, G.W. Bush or Barack Obama, it will not make a difference to these contradictions”.

2.2: Cyber Doomsday
Since June of 2012,
numerous propaganda articleshave stated that a cyber-terror doomsday is imminentand that when it happens, all hell will break loose in America. Headlines such as “‘End Of The World As We Know It’: Kaspersky Warns Of Cyber-Terror Apocalypse”, “Former FBI Cyber Cop Worries About A Digital 9/11”, “Retiring Rep. Norm Dicks Warns Of ‘Cyber 9/11′”, “Panetta: Cyber Threat Is Pre 9/11 Moment”, “Defense Secretary Warns Of ‘Cyber-Pearl Harbor’”, “Threat Of ‘Spectacular’ Cyberattack Looms” and “U.S. Homeland Chief: Cyber 9/11 Could Happen “Imminently“, all indicate that an unprecedented act of state-sponsored cyber-terror upon the United States is imminent. Exactly how a cyber-Doomsday will manifest itself is unknown, but a “Live-TV” cyber-hijack and subsequent nuke detonation appears to be the working plan at this given time.

2.3: China & Cyber Terror
As previously, reported, the nation of China has been systematically accused of hacking and has been linked to numerous acts of cyber-terrorism. Based on recent news and events, China, more than any other nation, is sure to be scapegoated in the aftermath of a cataclysmic cyber-terror attack against the United States. On October 5, 2011, U.S. lawmakers publically accused China of cyber-terrorand demanded that China stop its “pervasive” cyber-espionage campaign against America. A few weeks later on October 28, 2011, it was reported that Chinese hackers may have interfered with two U.S. satelliteson four separate occasions. A week later, a U.S. government report stated that it can expect more aggressive efforts from Chinato collect information through cyber espionage in areas such as pharmaceuticals, defense and manufacturing. In March of 2012, a U.S. congressional report stated that China’s strengthening cyber capabilities will complicate U.S. efforts to defend itself against industrial espionage. Despite the alleged cyber-terror threat from China, Chinese joint ventures with U.S. manufacturers in hardware, software and telecommunications have created a “potential vector” for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to exploit and compromise American security. In what appears to be cyber-war political posturing, Chinese police arrested over 10,000 suspects and 600 criminal gangs during its latest crackdown on cybercrimewhile U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently stated that after several years of escalating diplomacy and warnings, the U.S. is making little headway in its efforts to clamp down on aggressive Chinese cyber-attacksagainst American companies and the U.S. government.  On October 8, 2012, a report from the House Intelligence Committee warned that American companies should avoid doing business with China’s telecom companies because they poses a national security threat to the U.S.and that “China has the means, opportunity, and motive to use telecommunications companies for malicious purposes”.

2.4: Obama Cyber Attacks
A Chinese attack highlighted by a massive cyber-attack will allegedly be in response to U.S. hacking and cyber-espionage by the Obama administration. As evidenced, these attacks will be used as the “motive” or justification for an unprovoked attack by China against the United States. According to June 1st, 2013, report by the New York Times, Obama secretly ordered increasingly sophisticated attacks on the computer systemsthat run Iran’s main nuclear enrichment facilities, significantly expanding America’s first sustained use of cyberweapons. Six days later on June 7, 2013, it was reported that Obama has ordered his senior national security and intelligence officials to draw up a list of potential overseas targets for US cyber-attacks, a list which China is surly on. The 18-page Presidential Policy Directive 20, issued in October of 2012 states that Offensive Cyber Effects Operations (OCEO) “can offer unique and unconventional capabilities to advance US national objectives around the world with little or no warning to the adversary or targetand with potential effects ranging from subtle to severely damaging”. Three days later, a Foreign Policy report from the Council on Foreign Relations stated that “Deep within the National Security Agency, an elite, rarely discussedteam of hackers and spies is targeting America’s enemies abroad”, again highlighting Obama’s offensive cyber-warfare just prior to a retaliatory attack from China.

2.5: Cyber Terror Blinking Red
Cyber-terror related attacks, which are occurring at an unprecedented rate with over 40 high-profile
cyber-attacks in 2013 alone
, are getting more and more diverse with each passing day. As evidenced, the notion that one can attack a jet, bank, stock market, water system, medical device or car via a computer has been floated by the media and brought to the attention of the public over the last few months.

Cyber-Hacking Headlines:

1. April 11, 2013: Crashing Passenger Jet With Android Phone?(RT)
2. April 23, 2013: 
Stocks Gyrate Wildly After Fake Terror Tweet(USA Today)
3. May 9, 2013:
In Hours, Thieves Took $45 Million In A.T.M. Scheme(NYT)
4. May 9, 2013:
Cyber-Attacks Behind Possibly Record-Breaking Bank Heist(CBS)
5. May 11, 2013:
World Grapples With Rise In Cyber Crime(Fox News)
6. May 25, 2013:
Hackers Tried To Access Haifa’s Water System In Failed Cyberattack(Fox News)
7. June 13, 2013:
US Warns Of Cyber Attacks On Medical Devices(France 24)
8. June 25, 2013:
Bush Advisor: Hastings Crash ‘Consistent With A Car Cyberattack’(RT)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines]


3.1: U.S. Military Vulnerable to Attack
Prior to an unabated attack by China against U.S. military bases in the Pacific (i.e., Okinawa, Japan, Iwo Jima, Japan, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii), the public must first be led to believe through propaganda and alleged whistleblowers that U.S. military equipment and weapons systems are vulnerable to Chinese cyber-related espionage. That way, in the aftermath of a Chinese invasion whereby U.S. defense systems such as missiles, planes and radars are suddenly rendered useless, the narrative of a Chinese cyber-attack can be floated to the American public and military as the reason for the deadly attack which will surely take America to war. If the following reports are to be believed, Chinese hackers have gained access to U.S. weapons secrets, stole blueprints from Australia’s intelligence agency, stole the latest U.S. weapons, hacked the NSA chairman’s accounts, targeted U.S. missile systems, hacked the Obama campaign, and hacked the head of the Nuclear Security Agency.

Chinese Cyber Espionage Headlines:

1. March 29, 2013: Report: China Gained U.S. Weapons Secrets Using Cyberespionage(CNN)
2. May 27, 2013:
Chinese Hackers Steal Australian Security Intelligence Blueprints(
3. May 28, 2013:
Pentagon: The Chinese Stole Our Newest Weapons(RT)
4. May 28, 2013:
Chinese Infiltrated Top U.S. Weapons Systems, Confidential Report Claims(Fox News)
5. May 28, 2013:
Obama Intelligence Agency Chairman Hacked By “Guccifer”(Smoking Gun)
6. May 28, 2013:
Report Lists U.S. Weapons Compromised By Chinese Cyberspies(Washington Post)
7. May 29, 2013:
Pentagon Aircraft, Missile Defense Programs Target Of China Cyber Threat(Fox News)
8. May 29, 2013:
China To Hold Digital War Games(Guardian)
9. May 31, 2013:
Hagel Says Chinese Cyberthreats Pose ‘Stealthy’ Danger To US(Fox News)
10. June 5, 2013:
China Claims ‘Mountains Of Data’ On Cyber Attacks By US(FT)
11. June 6, 2013:
Chinese Hacked Obama, McCain Campaigns, Took Internal Documents(NBC)
12. June 12, 2013:
Head Of U.S. Nuclear Security Agency Is Hacked By “Guccifer”(Smoking Gun)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines]

3.2: U.S. Weapons Compromised by Chinese Hackers
Based on the multiple reports, Chinese hackers have compromised numerous U.S. military weapons system ultimately making U.S. military personal and equipment vulnerable to Chinese attack. According to a May 28th, 2013, report by the Washington Post, the following is an “expanded partial list” of compromised DOD system designs and technologies: 

I. U.S. System Designs
Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, Patriot Advanced Capability-3, Extended Area Protection and Survivability System (EAPS), F-35, V-22, C-17, Hawklink, Advanced Harpoon Weapon Control System, Tanker Conversions, Long-term Mine Reconnaissance System, Global Hawk, Navy antenna mechanisms, Global Freight Management System, Micro Air Vehicle, Brigade Combat Team Modernization, Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System, USMC Tracked Combat Vehicles, Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T), T700 Family of Engines, Full Authority Digital Engine Controller (FADEC), UH-60 Black Hawk, AMRAAM (AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile), Affordable Weapons System, Littoral Combat Ship, Navy Standard Missile (SM-2,3,6), P-8A/Multi-Mission Aircraft, F/A and EA-18, RC-135 Detect./Collect, and the Mk54 Light Weight Torpedo.

II. U.S. Technologies
Directed Energy, UAV video system, Specific Emitter identification, Nanotechnology, Dual Use Avionics, Fuze/Munitions safety and development, Electronic Intelligence Processing, Tactical Data Links, Satellite Communications, Electronic Warfare, Advanced Signal Processing Technologies for Radars Nanostructured Metal Matrix Composite for Light Weight Ballistic Armor, Vision-aided Urban Navigation & Collision Avoidance for Class I Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV), Space Surveillance Telescope, Materials/processing technologies, IR Search and Track systems, Electronic Warfare systems, Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch, Rail Gun, Side Scan sonar, Mode 5 IFF, Export Control, ITAR, Distribution Statement B,C,D Technical Information, CAD drawings, 3D models, schematics, Software code, Critical technology,Vendor/supply chain data, Technical manuals, PII (email addresses, SSN, credit card numbers, passwords, etc.), andattendee lists for program reviews and meetings.

3.3: Whistleblower Edward Snowden
The case offormer National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden is fascinating for many reasons but mainly because of his role in an upcoming Chinese cyber-related attack. In the aftermath of a Chinese attack, Snowden will be scapegoated as a traitor for giving information to the Chinese which ultimately enables them to circumvent U.S. military programs and weapons systems. This particular narrative first began to form on June 10th, 2013, when CIA officer Bob Baer stated on CNN that Obama officials are speculating that Snowden’s whistleblowing could be considered “potential Chinese espionage”. Four days later on June 14th, 2013, it was reported that a popular Communist Party-backed newspaper was urging China’s leadership to get more information from Snowdenrather than send him back to the U.S., because his revelations about secret U.S. surveillance programs were in China’s national interest. Another June 14th, 2013, report stated that Snowden could offer intelligence that would help China update its understanding of cyberspaceand improve its position in negotiations with Washington D.C. A week later, on June 21st, 2013, the Obama Administration reportedly charged NSA Whistleblower Snowden with espionage, theft and conversion of government property. These charges were leveled at Snowden in order to give the Obama administration the much needed plausible deniabilityin the aftermath of a Chinese attack on the U.S. Six day later on June 26th, 2013, it was reported that intelligence agencies in China and Russia had gained access to highly classified U.S. intelligence and military informationcontained on electronic media held by Snowden. According to the report, the exact compromise of the secret data held on Snowden’s laptop computers remains unknown but the biggest fear is that China gained access to new U.S. nuclear war plans.

3.4: Whistleblower James “Hoss” Cartwright
In the wake of the Edward Snowden case, the Obama administration has presented yet another intelligence patsy who can be scapegoated in the aftermath of a Chinese attack based on U.S. cyber-intelligence failures. On June 28th, 2013, it was reported that retired Marine Gen. James ‘Hoss’ Cartwright, a four-star general, is under a DOJ investigationover leaking details of a classified cyber-terror operation to the press. According to the report, Cartwright, who was deputy chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff between 2007 and 2011, was responsible for the ‘Olympic Games’, a massive attack on Iranian uranium enrichment facilities. He allegedly broke detailsof the top secret operation to the media, including collaboration with Israeli hackers in development of the Stuxnet computer worm. If indicted, Cartwright would join Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and six others charged under the 1917 Espionage Actby the Obama administration.


4.1: Attack on Japan
The Japanese people are some of the most independent people on earth and therefore have been the focus of numerous wars, nuclear attacks (i.e., Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Fukushima) tsunamis and earthquakes. The Zionist backed Chinese would love nothing more than to invade and destroy their culture and way of life as much as possible.Unfortunately,as it currently stands, the country of Japan is America’s closest ally in the Pacific and therefore an attack on Japan by China would instantly be seen as an attack on America. The U.S. has numerous military bases in Japan including two very strategic locations in Okinawa, Japan, and Iwo Jima, Japan. In World War II, the Battle of Iwo Jimawas made famous by a photo of U.S. soldiers hoisting an American flag atop the island, and therefore, the capture of this island by “Communist” China would undoubtedly serve as an American war cry for revenge. If China were to successfully capture these two islands along with Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, they would have almost conquered most of the Asian-Pacific region.

U.S.-Japan War Headlines:

1. June 21, 2013: US, Japan Begin Naval Drills Near China(FT)
2. February 7, 2013:
US, Japan, Australia Conduct Military Drills Over Pacific(Fox News)
3. April 5, 2013:
Japan Will Join US Military Drill In California In June(Press TV)
4. June 9, 2013:
Japan Sending Soldiers To US For First Time Amid Tensions With China(Fox News)
5. June 27, 2013:
US-Japan War Games Off The California Coast Imitate Chinese Invasion(RT)
6. June 8, 2013:
‘US Army Chief In Japan Suspended’(Press TV)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines]

4.2: Head of U.S. Military in Japan Suspended
In a move which clears the way for an unabated Chinese attack on U.S. troops stationed Japan, it was reported on June 7th, 2013, that U.S. Army Major General Michael Harrison, the man directly responsible for responding to an attack on Japan, was suspendedfor allegedly failing to properly report or investigate a sexual assault complaint. Harrison, who was stationed in Camp Zama, was in charge of U.S. Army-Japan and was suspended four days prior to his completion of his 32-month assignment. It’s no secret that sexual assault and the military are synonymous and therefor the timing of the suspension is highly suspicious to say the least. Harrison’s scheduled replacement is Major General James Boozer, the former deputy commanding general of the US Army in Europe. With Boozer at the helm, plausible deniabilitydue to his greenness on the job and his name “Boozer”, meaning drinker or drunk, will be cited as the reasons he failed to properly respond to a Chinese sneak attack.

4.3: U.S. F-15 Squadron Grounded
Prior to a Chinese invasion in which U.S. military aircraft fail to work properly, there must be an incident whereby U.S. planes can be “updated” with a virus or mechanical tweak so they are rendered useless. On May 28th, 2013, it was reported that U.S. pilot flying an F-15 over the Pacific Ocean identified  an unspecified problemwhich forced him to eject in mid-flight. A day later on May 29th, 2013, it was reported that the U.S. Air Force had grounded its F-15 fighters on the southern Japan island of Okinawafor a safety review following a crash that forced the aforementioned pilot to eject over the Pacific Ocean. All F-15s attached to the 18th Wing on Okinawa’s Kadena Air Base were scheduled to undergo “inspections” during the reported stand down to ensure that they are “safe” to fly. Although it is not clear whether these planes are still grounded, the so called “inspections” may have allowed for the entire fleet of American planes to be sabotaged.


5.1: Nuclear Attack on Seattle
It’s no secret that Seattle, Washington, is one of the most liberal and progressive cities in the United States and therefore could  be a target of Zionist terrorism. From marijuana legalization, animal rights, gay rights and recycling, Seattle is not just a city but rather a large community. Curiously, Seattle has experienced an unprecedented wave of terror and deathwhich has been prepping the city for its impending nuclear destruction. Coincidentally, “Red Dawn”(2012) is a film (see trailer) in which the Washington state is the victim of a red-dawn surprise attack by military aircraft from Asia. At exactly 0:33 seconds into the trailer, a massive, explosion is heard at the same time a snow globewith Seattle’s Space Needle is shown, potentially foreshadowing an upcoming attack on the city.

Seattle Terror Headlines:

1. March 20, 2013: Seattle Airport Disrupted By Security Breach(Seattle, Washington)
2. March 25, 2013:
Man Gets 18 Years In Seattle Terror Plot(Seattle, Washington)
3. April 1, 2013:
3 Killed After Seattle-Area Tavern Brawl Turns Into Gun Fight(Seattle, Washington)
4. April 8, 2013:
Man In Seattle Terror Case Gets 17-Years For Terror Plot(Seattle, Washington)
5. April 12, 2013:
Authorities Probe Death Of Man On Seattle Escalator(Seattle, Washington)
6. April 14, 2013:
One Dead After Avalanches East Of Seattle(Snoqualmie Pass, Washington)
7. April 22, 2013:
Domestic Dispute Starts Shootout That Kills 5 Near Seattle(Seattle, Washington)
8. June 25, 2013:
FBI’s “Faces Of Global Terror” Ads Pulled Off Buses In Seattle(Seattle, Washington)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines]


6.1: San Francisco Bay Bridge
The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge (known locally as the Bay Bridge) is a pair of bridges spanning San Francisco Bay of California, in the United States. Aside from being partially demolished in the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, the Bay Bridge recently underwent an emergency “repair”. On January 7th, 2013, it was reported that an oil tanker had struck a tower in the middle of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. According to the report, the 752-foot tanker rammed the bridge tower as it headed out to sea damaging a 30 to 40 foot fender of steel on base of the bridge. Whether or not the suspicious ship accident and subsequent “repair” job will ultimately undermine the structural integrity of the bridge is not known, but the timely construction project could have theoretically provided cover for the installation of demolition explosives in and around the Bay Bridge. These explosives could then be detonated via remote control at a future date in a calculated attempt to give the appearance of a “natural disaster” event or a coordinated nuclear terrorist attack.

6.2: The Golden Gate Bridge
In order for a nuclear attack to be even more psychologically terrorizing, a well-known landmark such as the Golden Gate Bridgemust be destroyed in the attack to serve as life-long reminder of that horrific day. The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the opening of the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean. On February 23rd, 2012, it was reported that the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, would undergo a renovation project that will “take years to complete”. According to the report, the project involves repainting the two main suspension cables which are responsible for holding the bridge in place. Whether or not the suspicious “renovation” project will ultimately undermine the structural integrity of the bridge is not known, but the timely construction could have theoretically provided cover for the installation of demolition explosives in and around the Golden Gate Bridge. These explosives could then be detonated via remote control at a future date in a calculated attempt to give the appearance of a “natural disaster” event or a coordinated nuclear terrorist attack. Prior to a high-profile terror attack or “natural disaster” resulting in the demolition of the Golden Gate Bridge, the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda and government propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. On June 2nd, 2009, the Onion ran a story which openly joked about a “horrific attack on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, which “left thousands missing and assumed dead”. Three years later, Hollywood released “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (2012), a film (see trailer) in which a monkey literally destroys the Golden Gate Bridge.


7.1: Attack on Paris, France
Paris, France, is one of the most anti-government places in the world. They have absolutely no respect for authority or the political process, and are not shy to voice their anti-government sentiment. Therefore, should the U.S. be hit with a Chinese nuclear attack, depending on how Europe reacts, it’s possible that Paris could be subsequently targeted. In order for a nuclear attack to be even more psychologically terrorizing, a well-known landmark such as the Eiffel Towermust be destroyed in the attack to serve as life-long reminder of that horrific day. Coincidentally, some very suspicious events have occurred at the Eiffel Tower over the last few months. Whether or not any of these events provided cover for the installation of a nuclear weapon in or around the tower is not known, but the opportunity to do so was available.

Latest Eiffel Tower Headlines:

1. March 30, 2013:Eiffel Tower Evacuated Due To Bomb Threat(Paris, France)
2. June 18, 2013:
Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Suicide Threat(Paris, France)
3. June 25, 2013:
Armed Soldiers Guard Eiffel Tower After 6 Terrorists Arrested In Paris(Paris, France)
4. June 27, 2013:
Eiffel Tower Reopens To Tourists After Rare 2-Day Strike
5. June 28, 2013:Eiffel Tower Fiasco A Lift For Thieves(Paris, France)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines]


8.1: Wall Street Terror
A cyber-attack by China against Wall Street would be seen as an act of war and would be a convenient way to both publically bankrupt America and take her to war at the same time. Wall Street is the financial district of New York City and the heart of America’s economy. 93 years ago, the Wall Street bombing occurred at 12:01 pm on September 16th, 1920, in the Financial District of New York City. The terrorist attack killed 38 and seriously injured 14. With the rise of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the ever increasing hatred of banks and their practice of  usury, it is highly likely that Wall Street will once again be targeted for terror. On November 18th, 2008, it was reported that terror suspect Aafia Siddiqui was taken into custody following her capture in Afghanistan on charges of attempted murder following revelations of a “Mass Casualty Attack” that listed various landmarks in New York, including Wall Street. Prior to a high-profile terror attack against Wall Street, the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012) is a film (see trailer) which depicts a major terror attack and cyber-terror attack against Wall Street in which criminals bilk the NYSE for billions of dollars.

8.2: Wall Street Preparing for Major Cyber Attack
Prior to a major cyber-terror attack by China on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), one would expect there to be some stock-market related terror drills to prepare Wall Street insiders for the attack. Case in point: On June 13th, 2013, it was reported that Wall Street executed “Quantum Dawn 2”, a cyber-terror war-game apparently meant to give insiders an opportunity to make financial moves before the market crashes, for good. According to the report, Cyber Strategies oversaw a terror exercise which included Citigroup, Bank of America, the Department of Homeland Security, the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as 40 other firms. The drill, which featured a hacker, possibly from China, operating from a fake trading platform, prompted a response in which the participants facilitated a conference call to “figure out what was going on”. In other words, the drill simulated a real-life scenario in which insider firms received the “heads up” about an impending cyber-attack and shared this information accordingly so that their bank accounts and those of their clients would not be affected. The same sort of thing occurred just prior to 9/11 when “put options” or bets were taken out on United Airlines and American Airlines, the two airline companies involved in the attacks. According to the “9/11 Commission Report”, “some unusual trading did in fact occur”, however, it claimed that, “each such trade proved to have an innocuous explanation”.

It’s imperative to remember that starting fights between different races, classes and religions is taken word for word from the 3rd Protocol of the Protocols of Zion. The main goal of the Zionist establishment is to get America to destroy herself the same way that Russia was destroyed under Stalin. This is done by dividing and then collapse society upon itself by baiting the gun-owning American public into a violent revolution against their own police and military while the real terrorists sit off-shore and pull the strings.

About the Author
David Chase Taylor, the editor-in-chief of, is an American journalist living in Zürich, Switzerland where he has applied for political asylum since the release of The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with subverting a false-flag/state-sponsored nuclear terror attack upon America in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011. Taylor has since released The Bio-Terror Bible, a website exposing the coming global bio-terror pandemic likely planned for 2013. Taylor has also exposed numerous terror plots including the 2012 DNC Terror Plot, the “Twilight” Premier Terror Plot, as well as Alex Jones’ links to STRATFOR. Legal Disclaimer’s stated purpose is to prevent terror attacks by drawing unwanted global attention to these terror plots prior to their fruition. Terror related assertions, forecasts and predictions made by DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality but rather that there is a distinct possibility they could theoretically happen based on the cumulative terror related data. Historically, once a major false-flag terror plot is exposed (e.g., the Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot), the terror plot is immediately canceled or postponed. State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, as well as mislead the public from the true perpetrators of terror. By first identifying and then connecting the dots of the terror related paper trail, has successfully blown the whistle on numerous terror related plots. Please spread the word in helping make terrorism a thing of the past. Namaste.

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    • Eliyahu

      It really is stupid to see how you people in your hatred of Israel and truth, that you call Zionism, are consistently wrong. You people better wake up. God is a Zionist and is with Israel. So if you are against Zionism, you are against God. You don’t want to be against God as He is soon going to pour out His wrath on sin that will make a nuclear nightmare seem like child’s play. You haven’t a clue in your heart of right and wrong from your words.

    • BSdetector!

    • am123

      Even if this were true, the average American would just sit in front of his high-definition TV gushing about how great a fireworks display that was.

    • Room With a View

      Thank you for this information. At least some people will not be fooled when they carry this out.

    • Болеслава


      • Wretched Infidel

        I know what you mean, it may be that it is not tomorrow, the mass casualties planned. But it is a fitting time, anyway as the character of the God, and the character of the holiday are the same. (War, blood, ‘Independence’, military supremacy, dominion over the people, complete DOMination thru power and lies, manipulations of the populace). Okay so whether nothing tomorrow of that sort happens on a large scale tomorrow, it is not significant to the agenda, as July 4 will be an additional offering to the God of Destruction – for the same ends.

        Energy drawn tomorrow directly from the population participating in this lie, in this ritual annual rite accorded to the God of War will be used against us in the future.

        If you don’t want anything drawn from you, you must not participate in this rite of honour to the God of Destruction.

      • Wretched Infidel

        IIn short, it is like an energy battery, these emotion-filled rituals done en masse by all the people of a country or in the world, are the Satanists’ generator they are charging up.

    • Gabe

      You need your head examined.
      Tell me when your intel has ever been accurate?
      You and Pam rae……..losers, fear porn!

    • Open-minded

      Logic dictates that when a major invasion or terrorist attack that leaves behind tangible traces such as a burning harbor occurs, people will NEVER need prior movies of similar events to believe it. “Predictive programming” is redundant and would only help expose a secret society. “Predictive Programming” is by far the most illogical argument to support the existence of the Illuminatii ever conceived.

      Join the debunkers: conspiracies.skepticproject.

    • Open-minded

      The PDf the site alleges “Proves” a plan for a false flag nuke attack costs money. How convenient! &the truther site this article links to? Full of words such as “Maybe” and “could”! Jus tl ike how people say Bin laden died in December 2001 merely because someone said he “Might” have died then! Conspiracy theorists are not always the brightest of people.

    • Endthisnow!

      More than likely July 4th will come and go without any major incident. Fools and criminals will of course conduct their usual business, but a Nuke attack? I highly doubt it. I think we all (American’s) see and sense something is not right, but so many predictions have come and gone and nothing really ever happens. It’s like someone cries wolf every single day. I think it’s best to be aware, be prepared in some way and read everything with discernment. And if one of these days, someone is right, well chances are we’ll all be blown to bits and won’t be able to come on the internet to congratulate them….

    • bulldog

      yawn,, yea yea,,,nucular attack of any kind is very improbable never mind on live tv,,dont worry world you,lll still see the sun come up on the 5th july,even the yanks will be nusring a hangover from the night before so they may think a nucular event has happened :grin:

    • Open-minded

      From what I’ve read about the book discussed in this article it’s about “connecting dots” instead of real proof. With all the failed predictions made by sites like this it’s clear July 5th will arrive and this article will be yet another laughing stock and example of crying wolf.

    • RipsNordic

      If our govt was going to nuke they would have done it already.

    • griffineagle7

      Don’t wanna sound morbid but if i was to pick any country that would be attacked in a dirty bomb -it would be the un-united states of north America ,espeacially the fact being the first atomic bomb was detonated on a country from the politics of the ZIONIST OCCUPIED STARES OF AMERICA , Iam English and i still love the states because i belive in the people and would never give up my belief in the people of that great country and i know once you break free from the shackles of the tyranny ZIONIST order the name of the country would once more sound like NECTAR TO THE EAR OF FREE LIVING PEOPLE :-)

    • RipsNordic

      I wonder if that armed march on D.C is still going to happen on the fourth. I will place my money on that is not going to happen.

    • AntiqueWhite

      dude, I take offence to using the word Zionist , you anti-Semites will stop at nothing to slander Zionist jews who seek a homeland!

      your talking about the NWO who are following Albert-pike Mazzini letter for WW3!!

      please stop mixing issues, ya satan seeks to nuke earth Duh………… its his plan, but I know a God who has his plan pal and I am putting my faith in it!

      Satan get ye behind, for it is written you will serve God and he only shall you serve and obey.

      now stop your cheap internet propaganda get a job in wed design loser like your father Herr Satan!!! :cool:

    • Anonymous

      Such a croock of sheet from a fear-monger mentally challenged drone that cannot differentiate between a TV show and his own illusions.

    • morris adams

      i don’t know about all this zion jew crap, i do know i like jews better than muslims and blacks. i read the first page of this THESIS then i had to go to bed. bottom line, end of story: you could save a lot of time and money if you just nuked the sinkhole in louisiana. that would open up New Madrid and the rest would take care of itself, game over.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, I do not think Jews can order the Chinese to do anything…. The true enemy is the enemy within , examine your inner me and then you will be safe from all external Chaotic bs ordered against you as a human being,..

    • hostile177

      I lost interest at “Zionists have authorized the Chinese government”.

    • iamdlogan

      You have one MAJOR problem there doodoo…No one is WATCHING TV on the 4th of July…most of US is enjoying a break from reality…I find that this site has a problem with believeablity. and some of its writer are rejects from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

    • Anonymous

      THE LORD said “make a memorial for america on july 4th” its ending……………………

    • Anonymous

      There is a big difference in a Zionist and a political Zionist. I think alot of you numb nuts dont understand.

      God stands with israel. Deal with it.

    • rich3800

      Fear porn.

    • Anonymous

      WTF? I am still waiting patiently for North Korea to nuke LA. Another fear porn article such as this one said it was going to happen a few months ago…..still waiting…..waiting….I am a professional sports bettor based in Nevada, and will give anyone 100 to 1 odds this won’t happen on the 4th.

    • Quantum Kev

      And let me guess – when it doesn’t happen, as so many of the things “predicted” don’t – you’ll claim it’s because this article ran, right?

    • Don't be hating!

      Burp…Ya all crazy..This is what Rligion does..You all are prime example of it..

      Meditate and look within, clear your soul of all of the distraction>connet to SOURCE!

      You will then see through the MAtrix!

    • alan479

      Ridiculous lies and disinformation. China would never agree to such a stupid act of terrorism and what would it gain ?? World WAR III ?? What the NWO order and various cabals have been left with is, blowing up fertilizer plants, bridges and pressure cookers. Creating riots in other countries and desperately trying to patch up all their numerous intelligence leaks. It seems that most of the news on this website is just insane fear mongering and lies mixed in with a few half truths every now and then. The headlines are fantastic and the stories are fairytale nightmares. The comments are almost as ridiculous as the headlines.

    • Anonymous

      It was interesting till I got to the part of “Zionist control”. I didn’t read the rest of the story.

      People that say it is “Zionist”, ARE THE DAMN ZIONIST!!!!

      And I don’t know what Zionist are even doing anything. It is the MUSLIM IMPERIALIST that is causing the world’s trouble right now, stupid!

      They got you all twisted, tricked, and you fall over each other for it.

      Just like racist calling others racist. As soon as you do that YOU ARE THE RACIST! Idiots!

    • Intelharvest

      Wasn’t this the theme in the Clancy based movie “Sum of all fears”? Except they changed it to a Nazi instead of a muslim terrorist as originally written.

    • Anonymous

      The usual braindead Muslim Nazi hatred of the Jews.

    • Anonymous

      The only Nuke that will go off is the one position between your dirty cheeks.. pardner… where do you clowns come up with this bs….?

    • JJNYC

      This is total B.S. This is the same person – even he who states in the article – who PREDICTED the Super Bowl attack WHICH NEVER HAPPENED. This guy is so full of it AND A FEAR MONGORER. Shame that the link is on a reputable website.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry, if these attacks don’t come off, there will be predictions of more to come, give it a week or two. Then all you crazy bastards can tear each other up some more in these forums. What do you all do in your spare time, watch professional wrestling?

    • alan479

      Ridiculous article that doesn’t make any sense. This website is getting worse and worse with more idiotic news stories that never happen. If you want some informative news go to full spectrum survival on Youtube with its really good “news in 2 minutes.” Their news is more factual and believable, not like this ridiculous fear mongering trash. Also how many times do we also have to go through the Nibiru Apocalypse nonsense from this website. It ain’t going to happen no matter how much some people want it to happen.

    • Anonymous

      To all of you Jew lovers you will get what you deserve Fema Camps and a Holonuke.
      Think that God is on your Side?
      Think again and read the Bible and not your Talmud where you blaspheme the only Son of God Jesus.
      Do you think God will let you get away with all of your hidden atrocities and Agendas and Lies?
      Revelation 2:9
      “I know about your suffering and your poverty—but you are rich! I know the blasphemy of those opposing you. They say they are Jews, but they are not, because their synagogue belongs to Satan.

    • John A. Iaria

      i will now proceed to give everyone my prophecy…. for every day this week…… tomorrow and every day the sun will rise…. there may be clouds…. something will happen……

    • LightandLife

      Oh come on… you people keep these lies going by posting this crap. Wake up… the real Truth is about to open your eyes and it isn’t a false flag.

    • Anonymous

      You can file this article under Riiiiiiight.

    • Big Craig

      I hope it isnt the Chinese guy who accidently broadcasted porn onto a large screen, no wait I hope it is him in charge of the tv hijacking

    • W. Willow

      This article has so much information in it, makes me wonder why anyone would take the time to string such a thing together … unless there was something to gain by it. Qui bono? The first commenter got some self-righteous mileage out of it….

      This smacks of psyops — a demoralizing taunt through the backdoor via artificial turf.

    • ThenAgain

      Contrary to ‘gabe’ and others, look, DT isn’t always right. He has however working his a-s off and he has been right in a big way previously. And his situation in Switzerland deserves some attention. Though the swiss are likely part of the larger picture, to the degree he is able to state his case for the record is a good thing. Look at the snowden bs. Yes people are more aware now because of it, however it is a total ops to DIVERT from the treason of the amnesty bill, the TPP trade agmt, chemtrails.
      If anyone deserved real assylum between the two it’s Taylor. So whether this happens or not, see the other work he’s done also, and pay attention to the big picture.

      Thanks for stepping out DT, both on the jones expose and the superbowl ops.

    • ichabodcrane

      Im more worried about who is supposed to be protecting us!

    • Anonymous

      If you people are so blind and ignorant that the world elite have purposely turned you against gods people. There is no hope with saving this world. Judge not.

    • Wretched Infidel

      Well, it makes sense totally to stage an event to further usher in the Luciferian Golden Age in the New Atlantis and if Americans knew the whole basis for July 4, and that date annually being a mass-empowered commemoration of the signing of the Declaration of ‘Independence’ (acknowledging the astronomical significance of the Sun and Sirus the Dog Star/Jackal of Death, the Egyptian Grim Reaper or escorter to the Underworld) on that day, which was and still is the 66th day perfectly from Walpurgisnacht. (Or April 30, the eve of Beltane).

      July 4 is always 66 days, of course, from April 30, every year, which is highly symbolic, even if the exact alignment of the zodiac is not always what it was then when they signed it.
      Sirius is Set, Sothis, which is one of the names of the Devil in Egypt, which is the God of the Illuminati and of course Masonry/Freemasonry, and of course, Catholicism and Christianity as taught in the churches today. The churches are no help for the people in recognising this because they are so infiltrated by the same Masonic priests and adepts, that they may as well all be Masonic temples. Satan is the force behind the good god Lucifer, Horus, and you will, if you study this in the Bible and in their own words and in the history of Babylon, Egypt, Rome, etc. know the facts are very different from what you are being told in church. Protestant or Catholic, all worship the Great Architect of the Universe who is always a Solar Deity. This of course is not the religion of the Bible, or the manuscripts which have been hidden in the vatican, by the vatican. why are they afraid of truth? Because then, they would all be exposed as the liars, murderers and thieves and robbers, ruiners and destroyers of the human race and the whole creation; then, they would lose their hold over the world’s people and the truth would be sought instead of their fables, deceits, counterfeits and sorceries.
      July 4 is just one more of those many commemorations of an entirely different thing than you think which if you participate in, in any way, you are empowering the forces of Set, Lucifer, the Horned God/dess, which you should know by now are AGAINST you and against all life.
      Why do they have people celebrating with stars, 13 stripes, firecrackers made in china, loud, harmful sounds which result in waste, fear, mindless disruption of animals, deaths of many wild and domestic animals, heat stroke (it is not called the dog days of summer for nothin) and the strokes and heart attacks which result from consuming hot dogs and swines’ flesh, oysters and ham sandwiches, burgers of animals which died a miserable, painful death – harming you, the people, who do not care, as long as you are idiotically ‘having a good time”.
      Remember you are being used, people, and your participation in this event of so-called ‘Indepence” from tyranny is empowering the dark forces you know as Satanism against YOU.

      p.S.: i AM NOT A BUZZ-KILL, and love parties for other, good reasons; you need to get with the program of truth, and totally educate yourselves on the lies you have been taught as doctrine, for they are winning, and you are losing, when you ACCEPT lies as truth.
      Why don’t you stay inside in the shade/cool, and just read about what you don’t want to believe here. Your comfort zone, or your favorite delusions of security and love/respect on the part of your leaders for many many decades, will not help you, and in the end, you will know that you should have learned yourselves better.
      Study, learn. Listen, but not to your leaders or preachers. Just the facts, Maam. Just the facts, and they are not nice.

      Star, emblem of many things, a favored sign used by law enforcement agencies, 5 pointed: Ishtar, Inanna, Dawn, Dusk, the Goddess. Aphrodite. God/dess of War, Military endeavors, Destruction. Other aspects, Fertility, agriculture, sex, partying.
      Red Fire, Blood (always needed at some point in the religion of the God/Godess of Love/War.
      White Purity, Light (appears as a light-bringer, as an angel of light. Lucifer, and the Great Architect of the Universe)
      Blue: the eternal heavenly realm

      July 4 is the celebration and acknowledgment of the God of War, Fertility, Agriculture, Sex, Blood sacrifice, eternal light (Illumination of Man) through destruction and the de-naturing of the human spirit. The Horned One is not good, and deep down, everyone should know or feel that truth. The Horned God whose child/offspring is always born at the Solstice and conceived at Ishtar (Easter) fertility rites is your ENEMY.
      Please do not only take this and forget about it, but prove it for the truth it is.

      • judas iscariot

        Wow! Good info there. Lets not forget enki, Prometheus, and ares. Different names for the same guy you’re talking about there. Lucifer. Interesting isn’t it? How he keeps some blaming the zionists, some blaming the Muslims, some blaming the neo nazis, some blaming the Freemasons, some blaming the Christians… All the while HE is the driving force behind all of these establishments.

    • Wretched Infidel

      ‘they know that there is only one, and that one is male…’ (in their religion, the solar deity is male in actuality, I am speaking of their God, not the Biblical Creator Father and a separate Being, called Word/Son.

      IN SOLAR DEITY RELIGION Sol Invictus is One, it is Monotheistic, and there is no real Goddess.
      They say three because the One who is the antagonist uses the female in his assault on humanity, in order to obtain the masses adulation – (the feminine, the mother, is primally alluring to every person) and the use of the counterfeit babe is also another lure hard to resist.

      But in the case of the Scriptures, there are not three, not even just one, but Two Separate Beings who are united in purpose, in complete agreement, to create the creation and plan for it’s escape from the worship of the antagonist who uses lies to obtain the world’s people’s worship.
      Two Beings who are separate – not a mysterious trinity, and not one in the body of another.
      That is what is not being taught, so the people will be utterly destroyed by this God of Triune personhood/aspect, who lies and does miracles which get the people roped in by the exploitation of their emotions and lack of knowledge of basic tenets and facts.

      Bible: Two Beings. Father, and another, in complete agreement, the firstborn of creation, the Word, who became flesh as the Messiah from IAUE. ‘I come in My Father’s Name…and ye reject me…” I speak ‘My Father’s words, not my own words, do my Father’s will…not my own”

      Solar Deity religions from Babylon to now: A Sun God Father-figure
      A Mother, called the Goddess, or Queen of Heaven
      Mother of God, Abode of God, etc.

      A baby they create from their union, in whose body lives the Father Sun Deity, to the extent that the son baby IS THE FATHER INCARNATE.

      COMES from the Bible, in that Satan (Tree of Knolwedge of Good and Evil, forbidden to Even and Adam to commune with) inseminated Eve (a forbidden act, highly rebellious and destructive, in that he was a spirit, not meant to recreate with anyone, but he wanted to have a showdown with IAUE, the Creator of them all, who gave them all free will, with instructions on what to do and not to do. So he infiltrated the pure human DNA of Eve at least with his own spirit, (we wrestle not with flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places) and the result was Cain, the first human-devil hybrid, and you know only misery results when that happens because the man Cain had a mighty fight going on in his DNA and in his mind and spirit which was not supposed to be; you cannot mix two different creations such as demon and human, or corn and pig, or bacteria with vegetable, or virus with human DNA without suffering.
      Such is the nature of our fight.

      ‘The Holy Trinity’ is the worship of the Tree of the KNowledge of Good and Evil, or Satan, Lucifer his ‘good’ aspect, in his saviour form, and the human mother who disobeyed IAUE’s warning not to get into believing him. This global religion has universally-recognised signs, you should know what they are by now.

      • judas iscariot

        ^ this guy does his homework ^

    • Nam Marine

      And, as usual……..NOTHING will be done to stop this !

    • ThenAgain

      Well something has oddly bunked up the thread. Good luck figuring out who replied what to whom.

    • Paul Gilbert

      the USA will be nuked but its not going to be 4th of July also subways will be danger :shock:

    • Steve Deak

      No nukes. Period.

      Stories like this are just more fear mongering brought to us by the same con artists who once claimed they were descendent from Isis. Replace “religion” with “nuclear science” and it’s all the same result for the little people, namely we have no chance of overthrowing such power, so we’d best just resign ourselves to our fates. Fear works; it is what has been effectively used for thousands of years to keep us from ripping our leaders limb from limb.

    • judas iscariot

      So what happened to the nuke attack on April 28? Or may 5? Or may 19? Guess they’re too busy counting our money they took to push the button? Oh wait- they can’t do it cuz this guy in Switzerland with a wifi connection keeps catching them…

    • lol-fest

      its july 4th… nothing has happened… surprise surprise

    • snakeyes37

      It’s July 4th, where’s the live nuke event?…Yeah that’s what I thought.

    • Open-minded

      Just 6 more minutes till on the U.S. West coast the 4th of July ends & I laugh my head off at this website.

    • Open-minded

      It’s 5 minutes after the 4th ended & Cnn based in New York is still broadcasting, & no websites are reporting nuke attacks. HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    • Open-minded

      It’s 5 minutes after the 4th ended & Cnn based in New York is still broadcasting, & no websites are reporting nuke attacks. HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!!

    • Anonymous

      The Bible says that Satan is ‘God’ of this world. ‘She’ certainly is with Israel, and the US, but Yahweh certainly is not.

    • Anonymous

      Furthermore, the entire West Coast and St. Louis, amongst others, are already scheduled to be sacrificed so it would only be a preamble. Japan is a write off already and when it slides into the Pacific the Real Estate won’t be worth much to anyone, certainly not anytime soon.

    • OzzieEd

      WOW! A Zionist! So God is telling you to behave worse than Hitler? You fool. We come from the creator of all that is, not some insecure, vengeful, destroyer of life. How moronic do you have to be? You should be treating others well, not bombing them because you think your special. Your Zionist friends are only special in that they are especially misguided and deluded. You are in for a rude awakening.

    • ThenAgain

      You zio/jews are just freaking out that after all these years people are finally waking up. Too bad for you. We may have to pay a big price for being ignorant of your scummy scams for so long, but we’re onto it now. For those not informed – here are some very good links –
      and and and see also Copy and save these links to share w/others, they are getting harder to find since zio/jews and their controlled ops control the net and run most of the alternative sites also. They’re starting to push communist/socialist bs pretty hard now. jews are behind communism, so they can rip people off.

      D. Taylor has done good work. See his site. As for the 4th and tv, this goes to show we need to stop paying for their liar tv, stop going to their movie bs, stop buying from their corporations. That’s the only way to slow this down. Share the info -
      Good looking out DT.

    • larry4765

      Eliyahu, AMEN! I am so tired of this rising Anti-Semitism. Always blaming Zionism, Israel or the Jews.

    • 3dME

      your talking about the sinogog OF satan ,at-least that’s what YAHUWSHWA CALLS THESE FAKE ZIONIST WHO COUNTERFEIT TRUE ZION (THE KINGDOM OF YAHUWAH) true Zion will come from heaven and righteousness will go forth from there,, PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR THE COUNTERFEIT,, THE MONEY CHANGER ZIONIST,, SEEK TRUTH EVEN IF IT HURTS, HUMILITY IS YOUR FRIEND.,, :idea:

    • Joshua Friday

      I totally agree. People are blaming the Jews for their own problems. There is a verse that says “who curses you I will curse, whoever blesses you I will bless.” (Israel)
      I feel like this nazi propaganda.

    • johnboyu1

      There is no vengeful god that is going to pour out any wrath as the Zionist (NWO) want you to believe. The GREAT CREATOR is ALL LOVING. Smell the coffee and WAKE UP NOW.

    • Neil Armstrong

      I agree, but at the head of every organization today including those of major religions are very evil men that are in no way followers of any religion, and they come from every race and religion on earth. The majority of these individuals seem to come from Christian or Jewish backgrounds and typically claim to be of either faith, even though nothing could be further from the truth, claiming adherence to a popular belief and going through the motions tends help a person to achieve higher office. So the blame is placed on Zionism, it’s meant to be this way, it’s just that Zionism is not the cause, it’s the scapegoat. People that don’t know God will likely never be able to see this.

    • Open-minded

      Room with a view, what if, just like the London 202 Olympics attack that never happened, and the Hoover Dam attack that was supposed to happen in December, but didn’t? If anyone’s being fooled, it’s you.

    • Open-minded

      And beforieitsnews & similar webpages would be partially to blame. Nuke at the Olympics in 2012? Never happened. Attack on the Hoover Dam in December 2012? Never happened. beforeitsnews etc. are the boy from “The Boy who cried wolf”.

    • Anonymous

      On the other hand, exposing evil before it strikes is the job of the righteous. There are more than a few prophecies yet to be fulfilled.
      I am keeping my eye on the weather, especially that surrounding the NMSZ now, and most especially in consideration of the ongoing EQ swarm there.

    • ThenAgain

      Agreed moriyah. It is good to be forewarned of the many types of assaults that are planned, whether they take place sooner or later, though I do believe that the NW and W coast is going to be haarp quaked. No time to lose, it’s most critical to inform people of Who is behind all of this. They may have the weapons but they don’t have everything yet, they need people to keep buying their corporate crap, their gmo food, their spy tech, their liar tv. We need to stop paying and let others know who is behind it all.

    • Anonymous

      On the other hand, for those paying attention, there have been so many disasters predicted by Holywood it is getting ridiculous.
      Conspiracies have ruled the planet for thousands of years, why should they stop now?

    • LifeIs

      It’s not about believing it…It’s about perceiving it a certain way, accepting the premises that you are intended to accept.

      When you see certain results, as with 9-11, it is logical to ask if these results were intended.

    • ThenAgain

      Lol, no, we are not interested in your bogus controlled ops site.

    • ThenAgain

      Also note, along with saving the links, also copy the webpages from the links to disk in case they are taken down at some point. Do not depend on others to preserve the info, do your part.

    • ThenAgain

      Actually, part of this is to forestall, if it is planned. Yes it can be mistaken, however DT does good work, no one is right all of the time, and the people at the dummies at the 2010 superbowl likely have him to thank for their lives. We do know that there are plans to harm us, whether they come sooner or later, you d-m well better being getting prepared and getting informed on Who is behind it all, and stop paying big corporations. Do your part and stop paying for liar tv and go plant some food.

    • ThenAgain

      No one is right all of the time, however unlike others DT does good work. Do your part to be informed on who is behind all of this. Who is behind the US govt, banks, media, the fake ‘wars’. See links above sp when things do happen, and they already have with their use of haarp in katrina, haiti, fukushmi, sandy, the droughts, you will know who is behind it. Stop paying them. Stop supporting them. That’s what you can do now regardless of what actually transpires on the 4th. Don’t just sit around yapping criticism. Then again you’re likely a bogus troll, using typical troll name ‘open minded’ then posting typical anti ‘conspiracy’ bs.

    • Live Free or Die

      Hey griffineagle7! Your comment struck a nerve with someone because they’ve marked it as spam asking that we delete it. However, your comment certainly doesn’t violate our terms of service and if you ask me, it makes a lot of sense. Hmmmmm, I wonder why someone would mark this comment as spam….whoever marked his comment as spam, please explain below….did it ‘hit home’?

    • rich3800

      On the 4th, the FBI will probably foil ” a major terrorist attack” “at the last second”. The FBI people have been watching too many cowboy movies. Heroes “riding into the sunset” doesn’t do it anymore. Or they’ve been watching too many FBI-related TV series.

    • rich3800

      On the 4th, do your share and stay away from crowded places.

    • ThenAgain

      ‘always blaming’ – You mean now that people are finally catching onto your scams you think you’re going to gin up that tired old whining nonsense to try to keep the scams going. Too late. People will review the excellent links I provided above and decide for themselves who is behind all the fake wars, the lies, thieving and mayhem, and swarming the US with immigrants to crush us. We are done being taken advantage of. Deal with it.

    • Praise Jebus

      where have you been numbnuts? Muslims are blamed foe everything now a days! Jews need to make sure we have a boogeyman to keep us sheep scared enough to give up our rights! 6 million dead my @$$.more jew lies!

    • ThenAgain

      Yep the holohoax is just as aptly named the HoloCa$h and other more truthful names. The lies are over. The muslims have done nothing. Don’t need them or any more immigrants in the US, but as for them being the bogeyman ‘terrurists’, nope. It’s all been the zio/jews who are also Now about to Kill the US with immigration using their congress/senate shills. Everyone who is a citizen needs to get out and protest that, Now.

    • Turntheflagupsidedown

      The Jews are parasites. No quarter!

    • ThenAgain

      joshua bs, another zio troll. What, did they put out a message that the truth is getting out? You are ‘our problem’, the zio/jew fed reserve/banks ripping us off, their fake wars, israel terrorists, your liar media. Hitler was a good person who tried to save his country from you. We know the holohoax and ‘ww2′ was a lie and FDR was a zio/jew and liar. We don’t have any ‘problems’ other than your lies. People are getting informed, too bad for you. Btw, that bible nonsense doesn’t hold water, we also know the jews re-wrote the bibles and qoran to suit your agendas. Anyone who supports zio/jews or israel is the problem.
      To everyone else, Stop buying from all big corporations, they own/control nearly all of them. See links above.

    • Intelharvest

      God never said that to Israel, He said that to Abraham. We see a similar message when Jesus sends out His disciples.

    • Praise Jebus

      Israel will bless you with starvation or nukes,enjoy you liberal idiot!

    • Turntheflagupsidedown

      So let me get this straight…If Israel drops a nuke, that’s a blessing?

      So then you’re okay with murdering innocents in the name if Israel?

      I wouldn’t expect anything less from a jew. (no capitalization for these mongrels).

      Give these parasites no quarter!

    • Turntheflagupsidedown

      Sorry Jebus, just saw the post, not the name. I know you were being sarcastic.

    • Anonymous


      There is a big difference in Zionism and political Zionism. You are sadly mislead. I am neither a Zionist a jew or an Israelite. So spare me the zio troll nonsense. You cannot even comprehend you are being dooped by the elites who have done a very good job deceiving you. WAKE UP.

    • ThenAgain

      ‘anon’, it’s obvious you zio/jew trolls got some kind of msg that the truth is coming out here see how you all rush in trying to work your bs and keep the lies going. No sale. I am not ‘mislead’, I like many others are educated on the facts, rather than your jew lies that you’ve brainwashed into Americans for decades. Your controlled ops jones ‘elite’ bs is just that, same with ‘iloominati’ ‘nwo’ and other diversion names. Your bogus ‘elites’ are zio/jews or sold out shills for them. People will view the many links I’ve provided and get informed for themselves.

    • ThenAgain

      You do NOT speak for god. Israel is a false construct of the zio/jew fed reserve bankers via the Balfour declaration so they could create another terrorist war state. People are getting informed on your bs and nothing will stop that. You are done ripping us off. Deal with it.

    • Praise Jebus

      God stands with Muslims,see I can say nonsense also! Idiot

    • ThenAgain

      More whining bs from another zio/jew. The lies are over. Jews can be a religion, race, or both. To come out against a religion is NOT ‘anti semitic’, you trash have been hiding behind that bs for years. zio/jews are behind All the hundreds of millions murdered the last many centuries, your thieving goes all the way back to the ‘money changers’ in biblical times. As for pike, the ‘nwo’ and ‘illloominati’ bs, that and the masons are also one and the same with the zio/jew agenda which existed well before ‘pike’. You can stop the bs, we’re done with the lies and whining and we’re done being ripped off by you.

    • Praise Jebus

      ZIONIST!!! Offended? Maybe you need to be offended!

    • Turntheflagupsidedown

      The word Semite means “Arabic”. Jews are not Arabic, so the term does not apply. They are Neanderthals.

    • ThenAgain

      Whether it happens now or later, you know nothing if you believe these countries are not all in on it. They all are, including Russia, the only possible exceptions now are Iran, Syria and Ecuador, though even they are likely part of it. Ecuador now has facial recognition. While your mention of fearmongering has merit, it’s still a good idea to understand that the major countries are acting together despite the fronts. It’s also practical advice to be informed on WHO is behind all of this, stop paying all big corporations, stop buying liar tv, buy organic, plant some food and inform others so they do the same. see links above and be informed.

    • ThenAgain

      Either you have no education in world banking or zio/jew history, or you like the other trolls that jumped on this morning are trying to protect the jews who have been behind all the mayhem for centuries. Get informed.

    • ThenAgain

      If you don’t ‘know about all this jew crap’ then get informed before you comment. You have been badly brainwashed by generations of zio/jew propaganda through their liar news and their takeover of the education systems decades ago. Dismiss the lies you’ve been fed and learn our actual history.

    • Praise Jebus

      Liberal white guilty moron is what you are traitor!

    • Turntheflagupsidedown

      Really Morris? So you like being a slave to the jew?

      I didn’t know that blacks and Muslims run and control the banks, media, law society, music industry, food industry, telecommunications industry, the U.S. government (filled to the brim with dual Israeli citizens), the military industrial complex, …I could go on and on.

      So was it a black or muslim that told Larry Silverstein to “pull” building 7?

      Wake up, fool.

    • ThenAgain

      Furthermore, you better understand it was zio/jews and US neo cons that did 911, blaming muslims in order to brainwash you against ‘muslims’ so they could invade six more countries to take over for themselves, while You owe the Debt. Get informed.

    • Anonymous

      Spoken like a true Nazi.

    • ThenAgain

      You can use yap like ‘nazi’ all you like, people are waking up to the zio/jew Lies, the holohoax and all your many ripoffs of Americans all of these decades. You can whine all you like, people are getting informed and there is no amount of your phony whining that’s going to stop it. Hitler was a good person, the jews declared war on Germany and millions of innocent Germans and Americans would up dead for your lies and the lies of the filthy zio/jew FDR. Now they’re killing the US with Debt, who is behind 911, jews and their US neo con shills, who is behind all the anti-white and pro-immigration bs to destroy the country, jews, who is behind the fake wars, jews, who owns the fed reserve and banks and media, jews. People will see the links near the top for themselves and do their own analysis. Too bad for you.

    • ThenAgain

      That’s actually good advice generally. Whether it’s sooner or late they will target places where people gather. Know your neighbors, buy organic, grow some food, share info.

    • Anonymous

      The god of this world is Satan and Satan stands with Islam against Israel. God told Abraham,

      (Gen 12:3 NIV) I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

      The Muslim world has some of highest poverty rates in the world and Muslims live in hellholes. Israel is a prosperous country that God himself will defend against all aggression.

    • My Sources Tell Me No


      Dont forget to mention in the game of who is prosperous and who is not….

      That outside nations have been destabilizing and backing militants and dictators in the ME for decades.

      And at the same time the US has been giving the state of Israel 4 billion a yr in “foreign aid”….

      So is Israel prosperous… or is it a false prosperity provided on American backs.

      Besides NO ONE who kills, perpetuates organized warfare, and treats the innocents with the same iron fist as the enemy. Is blessed by god… at least not any god that deserves such a title.

    • @sshole

      no such thing as god satan yaweh or any other name attributable to any immortal superpowers that control our destiny..

      your all freaking wrong and all freaking retarded

    • Anonymous

      No “attacks” are ever predicted. They have always happened by surprise. So anytime someone says that an attack or a collapse or whatever will occur on July 4th or 5th or 6th, etc……it won’t happen. Nothing will happen. Nothing.

    • ThenAgain

      Another zio/jew troll. What, are you going to claim it’s ‘muzlims’ that own the federal reserve/world banks, lol, the US media, control our schools. No that would be the zio/jews as shown in the several excellent links near the top. Jews and their US congress/senate govt shills did 911 and blamed muslims so they could take over six more countries while Americans owed the debt and lost all our rights. They put obama is office just as every president since they killed kennedy so don’t try to just point at obama, the puppet. We’re done being ripped off by you.

    • Praise Jebus

      Jebus came to me in a dream and tried to touch me so I broke his neck. Where did the book of lies aka bible come from,some one made that bull up.

    • ThenAgain

      What is most amazing is how muslims and christians have more in common than with the talmud jews, yet the zio/jews have been able to do so much damage and turn christians and muslims against each other. That’s what they want for their phony ‘ww3′ to take down the planet. Then again too many dumb christians have been following the zio/jew lies for centuries, even to now. They better wake up pronto. The hour is late. They own every big corporation right down to monsatan, and how about those chemtrails. Wake up people. See links near top. Stop buying from all big corporations.

    • Turntheflagupsidedown

      Jews are jews, Period! There is no good jew. They are all of equal worthlessness. They are Neanderthals. Give them no quarter!

      Once you feel sorry for one of them then they snake their way in from that angle. These parasites have done this for centuries. Fooling the masses with their good cop, bad cop routine.

      No quarter means no quarter! Do not be fooled by the depths of their depravity. There is a reason why 89 countries since 490 A.D. have evicted these parasites.

    • ThenAgain

      Ding ding ding, and we have a winner. Though the bibles have been re-written by the jews to serve their purposes, turning people to stupid ‘sheep’ and ‘flock’ and ‘meek’, there was some good points left to it. Synagogue of Satan, never a more appropriate term. Good post. People better wake the h-l up Now.

    • Anonymous

      So you are saying the Satanist are ALLOWING the Muslims to be IMPERIALIST.

      Makes as much sense as saying Twinkies are good for you.

    • Turntheflagupsidedown

      Muslim imperialists? Hahahahaha. You need to lower the dosage on those scripts homeboy. The last time i checked it was jews that have the power, control, and wealth. But you keep believing that Muslims are somehow running things if that makes you feel better, lol.

    • ThenAgain

      Btw turntheflag and everyone else who’s a real reader, of course feel free to use the links I’ve share in your own comments, it’s good to share information. Good links can be hard to find thanks to the zio/jew control of the net where they bury all the good sites in their search results so all the controlled ops sites come up first.

    • hostile177

      Sounds like someone needs to step away from the mouse and get some fresh air. You do realize this is entertainment right? Like…nothing ever really happens that is told here first. When was the last time you saw daylight?

    • Turntheflagupsidedown

      Hey hostile…Maybe you need to quit jerking off to jew porn. Oh yeah…they control that industry too! Vivid Entertainment…Steven Hirsch. You think he might be a jew?

    • ThenAgain

      thanks turning flag, let’s do share a link on that –

    • evopilot

      Let’s throw religion in the bin where it belongs. All it has EVER done is cause chaos, bloodshed and misery to millions of people, all in the name of ‘control’. The Jews believe that they are a chosen race, I have no problem with that except they took it upon themselves to dissect the world into as many parts, in order to take control of ALL of it!? Religion poisons everything. Awareness of oneself, one’s beginnings, to understand that which mankind has strived for, for tens of thousands of years, to realize that we are all one big family. I guess there are those who wish to remain behind closed doors away from the rest of us? We know the resources on our planet are being stretched, all because big ol’ corp wants it all; but we are also fully aware that every man, woman and child could fit into Africa with acres to spare, so how ‘over populated’ are we, really? It is all about one thing ‘Zionist greed’ because they believe in the cookie monster in the sky and are more than happy to be the ‘chosen one’s’ and as a result, are not afraid because they know that their cookie monster will save them.

      Let’s hope that the 4th of July passes without any event/s; I’m sick of hearing the same old rhetoric from these greedy, psychotic, malevolent jews, only time will tell. Raising awareness is the key to living in harmony with our planet and ourselves, so let’s find and grab all those who have committed atrocities and either re-educate them or send them off into outer space ;)

    • Turntheflagupsidedown

      Do you meditate while guzzling your beer? …burp.

    • Turntheflagupsidedown

      Nazi comes from the word ‘AshkeNAZI’…A Jewish tribe. wake up, fool.

    • Turntheflagupsidedown

      Muslim Nazi? It’s not so bad that your staement is an oxymoron as much as it is that you’re a walking oxymoron lol.

    • ThenAgain

      Now that you’re finally being found out you trolls are running whining tactic. There is no ‘usual’ on exposing you, it has only been the few who have exposed your lies and thieving all these years, now it’s finally going around you want to pretend you’re the persecuted ones like you’ve done all these years with your holoca$h lies. It’s over. People are finally onto who is behind all of this. Deal with it and skip the innocent whining act.

    • Turntheflagupsidedown

      The jews have infested The United States government and every aspect of it. They care nothing for you or your family. Give these parasites a one way trip back to their stolen land and evict them from our government, infrastructure, country.

      No quarter!

      You are Goyim to them, always remember that. They look upon you as a cattle feces. They think they are above the rest and are god’s chosen…Hahahahaha!

    • ThenAgain

      And here we have yet another jew scam, first the whining, pretending they’re the persecuted ones, pretending they’re ‘always blamed’ when in fact it is only now that the truth is finally getting out, then, do they ‘let’s just all be nice’ act.
      No, we are not going to buy your lies or whining or thieving act any longer. As turntheflag says, ‘no quarter’.
      And we won’t be buying any of that jew communism you’re trying to sell now that you’ve destroyed our finances/debt with your lies. Of course stupid Americans have done their part on that debt and stupidly continue to use your fake loans to buy overpriced real estate and crap they don’t need and they better stop, but that’s a separate issue from jews are innocent and now (you’re finally being exposed) we just all ‘just get along’. No sale.

    • johnboyu1

      Very well put my brother. In time those asleep will awake to the real truth. That we are all ONE and LOVE is the answer. The Zionist NWO is coming to a close soon.

    • Anonymous

      So hopeless.

      Not every Zionist is like that
      Not every christian fits the Christian stereo type
      Not every muslin kills
      Not every atheist is evil at heart.

      “Judge not that ye be not judged for with whatever ye judge ye will be judged.”

    • ThenAgain

      ‘anon’, another zio/jew troll. Don’t be trying to hide behind christians and muslims. zio/jews Are ‘like that’, you snakes have run your holohoax game, your lies blaming muslims for 911 when it was the jews in control of the US who did it. Don’t pretend to be innocent, you were all fine to go along with all the lies and scams all these years with your supremacist bs, calling gentiles ‘goyim’ behind our backs etc, don’t pretend now you’re just another religion. People will see the links I’ve provided and know the facts for themselves. The jig is up.

    • ThenAgain

      Lol, more zio/jew troll whining. DT’s exposure of potential false flags is good, just as is exposing the zio/jews who are behind all the destruction. You can stuff your supremacist ‘god’s chosen people’ bs. You do not speak for god and you thieves are Not ‘god’s people’. The lies are over.

    • ThenAgain

      It’s too bad that’s happening. But it’s fair to ask why you/they signed up. The fake ‘wars’ to so the zio/jews can take over the world and the US is not viable military service. Do the marines support the people, the constitution? The only way to stop that is to Stop signing up to kill innocent people while US citizens owe the debt for their world takeover. Stop signing up.

    • Wretched Infidel

      I want to add that the 5-pointed star of Ishtar, like the 8-pointed star of Ishtar/Inanna/The Queen of Heaven/The Goddess of War/Love/Sex/Agriculture/Fertility is the same symbol or sign of the Queen’s ‘Consort’ or ‘Husband’, who like her, has horns, or is depicted with horns.

      The hexagram also another favorite emblem of military agencies/departments of war/law enforcement agencies of governments, is the male and the female together, which illustrates that same principle of the 5-pointed and 8-pointed (as well as 7 point, 16, 32, and in-between) being both representative of the male and the female ASPECTS of the God.

      So the ‘Star of Ishtar’ or “Inanna Star, Diana Star, Aphrodite Star’) is only called that by those who want to see that aspect of the God being served; in reality the fact is that the Goddess and the God are the same entity.
      So the priests lie to us, saying ‘Pray to Mary, Pray to Ishtar’. ‘Pray to Jesus, pray to Christ God’ or Pray to the Father, and invoke his son and his wife/mother for extra favour’ because they know that we like the feeling of a triad and of having a choice of favorite god. They know there is only one, and that is male, and that there is no female deity which is equal with the one and only God they serve. Sol Invictus the Solar Deity is one, and only one, in reality, which they will not tell you.
      Why do your priests lie continually?
      Sure they will SAY there is a mystery we cannot possibly understand, called the ‘mystery of the trinity’. Where one is all three, and all three are one. But they are lying through their slanty, glinty eyes to you, and would just as well kill you then and there as a sacrifice to Luciferr ifyou disagree or challenge them with myriad statements in the scriptures negating that idea. Try it. Watch how their demeanor changes; hear their words and you will never forget it.
      Listen to liars, you suffer and eventually die due to those lies.

    • ThenAgain

      You should add a post script to your comment. The ‘bibles’ and quoran etc were re-written by jews to fit their agendas over time, to take over the planet using the labor of others (while stupid christians have ignored it all, even now as they are about to take it all). Your final sentence appears to be some idea, it seems, but another couple of sentences that are more direct to your point might be a good idea, otherwise it serves as a distraction. Also it is of little practical use to talk about ‘satan’ when people need to know Who is behind it all. If you are using the idea of who they are as being ‘bad’ buy using the term ‘satan’ then fine, but let’s stay practical with reality terms people can use to, i.e. ‘stop buying from their satanic corportions’ etc.

    • ThenAgain

      An example of a usable applicable term might be the ‘symagogue of satan’ etc. which combines the zio/jews (who you may be referring to?) as the people actually behind the destruction over centuries and is yet to happen as the article reviews potential for.

    • ThenAgain

      True, and or just a chosen religion. But they like to whip out the simple ‘anti semitic’ nonsense to hide behind with their crimes.

    • ThenAgain

      You neil are another protectionist of the tribe. zio/jews and their stupid christian followers and ignorant people generally are responsible for what is happening. Do not pretend zio/jews and their lies, thieving, banking, media and corporations are not the core of this. They are and have been since before biblical times. It’s time for the lies and diversions to STOP. No one is going to buy the whining zio/jew innocent act any more.

    • ThenAgain

      ‘god of the illumanati’? The jews and masons are one and the same and came along long before fat greasy pike and his ‘illoominati’ diversion to cover for the jews. I understand you may be trying to refer to more distant history, however it has no practical use right now for most people who aren’t even in the zone when it comes to understanding that zio/jews (and to some degree their masonic underlings) are behind all of this. They need to get that straight FIRST, see WHO OWNS it all, zio/jews and their banks/ corporations/food supply, so people Stop stupidly buying from them, stop using their credit to buy crap they don’t need, stop pretending it will fix itself. Until people zero in on Who Owns it all and pulls the strings, the zio/jews and their scum shills in govt, media, education, nothing will change. see my links on the thread.

    • ThenAgain

      Did you bother to see my links? You can at least do your part by getting informed on WHO they are, and stop paying them. Stop buying from all their big corporations.

    • judas iscariot

      They do need people, but not just to buy crap. The divine spark that lucifer or whatever you want to call him breathed into Adam is what gives us humans the power to create reality with our thoughts. With out it he can’t create anymore. Instead he has to trick us into creating what he wants. As much as this article misses the point, it does a great job of relating how enough people need to be led to think about and expect such calamities before they can occur. That’s the whole point of prophesy. All prophesy is self fulfilling.

      To break out of the matrix take a hint from these little tricks. Write the ending of the story first then watch everything fall into place along the way.

    • Anonymous

      lol – idiot

      [email protected]


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