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Who Are The People + Beings Involved In 'the Event'

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Alexandra {Galactic
Connection} asked Cobra if he agreed with some of the Internet ‘news’ coming
out that there are different ET factions per continent on the planet? His reply
was as follows; “In the Cabal yes. You have the Rothschild’s faction which is
the Orion. I would say the Orion forces. You have the Rockefeller faction, which
is more the Draconians. Then there is the Jesuit faction, which is a mixture of
Andromedans and Reptilians. Alexandra wondered if they were basically
‘headquartered’ in various parts of the world. “Oh yes!” replied Cobra, “the
Rothschild’s mostly control Europe. The Rockefellers mostly control the USA.
Then you have the Jesuits who control the rest of the world.

Written by  
Zumi Sumner                  


Light Resistance Movement

The Resistance Movement
here on Earth is connected to a much larger confederation of Galactic beings.
One could say that the Resistance Movement along with the Pleiadians is a
faction within a confederation known under the name The Guardian Alliance.
Cobra describes this group as a loose confederation of positive races inside of
this galaxy that have different names. He points out that the important thing
here is NOT the name, but the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of
positive ET races that have reached a certain point in their evolution and
these races have at this point – no more need for negativity. They have created
a loose confederation.

At this point in
this information piece I Therese Zumi would like to point out that all of the
information here comes either, from my meeting with Cobra in LA in November of
2012, or from various interviews with him especially his interview with
Alexandra Meadors last July 2012 – see info at the end of this piece. Also to
save a thousand italics here and there whenever the text reads “I or we” it is
Cobra speaking unless otherwise explained.

So the whole
purpose now for the Resistance Movements work around our planet is to help to
liberate humanity so that humanity can reach the same stage as mentioned above.
Cobra has explained {sadly I TZ might add} that this planet is like a cancer
cell in a healthy body. The last cancer cell of the galaxy has to be healed.
That is why positive ET races have been and are coming here. These are beings
in their physical bodies that look like you and me. They look like everyone
else on the surface of the planet – but they have origins from elsewhere.

The rest of the
universe has been liberated. It is not a coincidence that we are here on this
planet says Cobra. This last planet has not been liberated because it was the
last stronghold for the Dark Forces.

The most skilled
Galactic warriors have incarnated on this planet in the last couple of hundreds
of thousands of years. The reason for this is because it was known that this
planet was the toughest one – the hardest one to liberate. I would say that the
most advanced souls with the highest possible skills have been incarnated here
exactly for this purpose.

Cobra explained
that there was a certain testing that was done to determine if we were fit to
incarnate here or not. He explained that there were actually not many planets
in this galaxy with such strong control of the Dark Forces. Earth has been one
of the toughest – an enormous challenge due both to the difficulty of liberating
the planet along with the difficulty of the vibrational frequency which exists


The Resistance Movement
was quite weakened by the constant attack of the Cabal in the time period from
1996 to 1999. The reinforcements came from planet X and now they are very very
strong. When things were at their worst here the Resistance Movement were as
many as 70 million people. Today they are around 20 million as in the last ten
years or so, many returned to their homes as things got so much better here.

In the timeframe in
between 1996 – 1999 there was a very strong war taking place underground, in
underground tunnels. The Cabal was much stronger then. They had many beings
infiltrated from other star systems. They had about 10 – 20 million of their
representatives in their underground bases. Some reptilians are trapped in
human bodies. There are some of these in the Royal Family. George W Bush Junior
is one and another was the earlier finance minister of Great Britain Ted Heath.
A Lady whose husband was a politician informed David Icke that she had seen him
shape-shift to and from his reptilian form at a dinner in London, and what was
even stranger was that “nobody blinked an eye”. It had been a great relief to
her to meet David Icke and understand that this was not an isolated incidence,
and she had not been hallucinating.


Planet X is a planet that orbits our sun in
our solar system. it takes 850 years for planet X to circuit the sun. It is in
orbit beyond Pluto in an inclined orbit. There were about 500 million people
living there in underground cities. The planet was in control of the Cabal. In
1999 the Resistance Movement managed to liberate this planet. It took three
weeks to do so. The people there were less programmed than us. In 1993 after
they were liberated, 7 million of the inhabitant’s teleported here to Earth and
began clearing reptilian bases. Between 1999 and 2003 the underground reptilian
and military bases were cleared out. They also cleared out ‘Area 51’. They
cleared out all of the black projects. There are no more reptilians
walking around in these or any underground bases, nor is there any remaining
exotic military technology.

There are 100 Billion
Galaxies. 10 – 15 Galaxies were cleared of dark forces we are the last.


The Cabal has also had
cloning factories which have also been cleared out. There was at one point a
lot of cloning going on. The Cabal had this technology but this is all gone
now. They have not been able to clone anyone now for over 5 years. There are no
clones of anybody present any longer.


25,000 years ago the vast
majority of the Light forces on our planet retreated underground. They
developed cities and they are known as Agarthans. They stayed here to maintain
balance on Gaia. They have been helping to stabilize the planet, but they did
not interfere with the surface population.

In 1975 there was an
intelligence agent working for the Light named Michael. At this point I TZ
would like to point out that when Cobra arrived on the scene in the spring of
2012 he told us that he was working for someone called Michael – {personally I
thought he meant Archangel Michael at the time, but I do believe now that it is
another Michael, yet and this is my personal point of view here, I do believe
Archangel Michael to be very much involved in all of this}. Michael went into
the underground subway system in New York with a group of like-minded. There
are secret entrances to the underground system that they know of. There they
created the main operation centre of the Light Resistance Movement hundreds and
hundreds of feet below the surface of New York City.

Michael came into contact
with the Agarthan network and also with the Andromedans, who gave them
technology. Already as far back as 1975 they made contact with people in the
military for the plans for mass arrests. The original plan was a military coup.
People changed this plan. In the years between 1975 and 1990 the resistance brought
in computers and the Internet. Cobra has personally seen the work being done
back in the 70s to develop the PCs that we use today. They have been provided
from interaction with ETs underground, to connect everyone in a global network.
Other technologies were introduced to connect to global communication. In 1996
there was a strong invasion of dark forces. The Cabal had many underground
reptilian bases. They were close to destroying the Resistance Movement. The
Ashtar Command has now taken their space fleet.

In LA Cobra thanked
Michael and the Resistance movement for their work and also for his own life.
They are waiting for the right time to be introduced to humanity. Cobra has
been informed that they will give physical proof of his intelligence information
after ‘The Event’.

Beam-up !


The Light forces below
ground exist in many cavern systems which are interconnected to each other.
They are connected also to the Agarthan** Society network whose cities of Light
are connected to each other by high speed trains. The LRM have had a huge role
to play in stabilising the situation on our planet and preventing WW3, as also
clearing the threat that bio-chemical weapons pose to us.

Regarding the threat of
nuclear war the Pleiadian spacecraft have blocked 90% of these weapons. Surface
agents within the LRM have done the rest, deactivating these weapons, so they
are not possible to activate using technology that is far beyond our
understanding of technology. There is 0% risk of nuclear war now.

** The Agarthan society
who went underground 25-26000 years ago has not interfered much over the
millennia with the surface population. Interfering in our world here on the
surface would have been extremely dangerous for them. Yet they have had a huge
role to play in stabilising the situation here by projecting loving thoughts up
to us. One major underground city is Telos which is under Mt Shasta. Many
Ascended Masters materialise in that area. Inner Earth is part of the 5th
Dimension. The 5th Dimension is aligned with higher purpose. As Gaia is now
anchored in the 5th Dimension we are on our merry way as a planet to being part
of this. Yet there are those not at all ready for the 5th Dimension and its
vibratory frequency and they will have a choice to exist on a peaceful 3D
planet. {See Tolec and the Biospheres on the Bigger Picture Page cont. :}


The Galactic
Confederation in conjunction with the Ashtar Command and the various races
helping us, are using high technology to hold the acupressure lines or ley
lines to allow a harmonious transition. This is a time on Earth when we would
have been subjected to geological upheavals. We have been spared these
catastrophes so that as many as possible gain light and transfigure to a higher


Cobra gave us information
on the Galactic Super Wave that one can find much disinformation about on the
Internet. He explained that every 25000 years the sun emits energy. This wave
of energy started in 1975 and will continue until 2025. This wave is bringing
transformation to our planet. The Cabal are well aware that they cannot control
the Galaxy.  There is nothing in the Universe that can stop the Galactic
superwave – it is entirely inevitable. It is very powerful energy but it is
soft energy. The more Goddess presence we have on the planet, the more peaceful
it can be. {See disinformation below.}


There is much
dis-information bouncing around the Internet. Here are some facts Cobra has

¤ Planet X is not coming
– it is orbiting the Sun.

¤ Nibiru is
disinformation. Nothing is going to come close to our orbit.

¤ The Galactic superwave
is bringing the Light. We are right now in the middle of this wave. Without the
Galactic ships protecting us as they do, by placing the ships strategically
around the Sun it could be destructive. The ships are stabilising the frequency
of the sun.

¤ There will not be a 3
day period of darkness at ‘The Event’. This information is a part of the
Armageddon timeline which has been erased.

¤ It is the galactic
pulse that triggers the magnetic polar shift. This is not dangerous. There is a
question of two different events here.

Imagine this
‘Grail’ in Crystal Moldavite with 144,000 facets.


1)    The
Positive military
from the USA, Russia and China who will be behind the
scenes providing technology, transport and logistics at ‘The Event’.

2)    Templars.
Solomon’s Temple. Hidden below Solomon’s temple is info re Jesus that could
threaten the church. In the past the Knights Templar were all arrested by the
Cabal on one single day Friday the 13th {now we know where that came from!}.
Only a few continued on, some Templars went to Scotland and started
Freemasonry. At that time negative Templars went to Italy and became the

3)    White
Dragon Society.
This is a group of old-ancient Chinese families. The Rothschild’s
cut off their power. They want China back. Here there are mixed feelings as
some of them want to have a totalitarian China. They are involved in the
financial sector fighting for a new financial system. This family also has
factories that are developing free energy now. The technology involved will fit
into the palm of your hand. Can you imagine what this means.

4)    Brotherhood of the Star.
These are advanced beings. They work by projecting to the minds of those who
are ready, to bring higher ideals of Light to the human population. There are
not many of them on Earth. See This
posting was made by Cobra on September 5 2012.

5)   The
Order of the Star.
 This is a task force of 144000 beings from the time
of Atlantis who volunteered to work for the purpose of transforming darkness
into light. They keep reincarnating again and again to assist. Each person has
a unique set of skills for planetary liberation. After ‘The Event’ there will
be great need of healing of humanity which they will take part in. The group is
like a complex Mandala with individual forms. The ‘Holy Grail’ a chalice made
of Moldavite is a reflection of this group and has 144,000 polished facets,
each which contains a code for souls to be awakened. It is in the safe keeping
of the Galactic Federation.

6)   A
group of 15000 Beings
incarnated at the time of Atlantis to help heal the
separation. They continue to incarnate again and again to this end. This group
includes the Buddha, Christ, Templars and Lightworkers. Some of us belong to
this group. When this planet is liberated we will enter into the 3rd Atlantis.
The final Paradise on Earth with cities of Light and advanced technology. This
is part of the plan. When St Germaine was incarnated as Francis Bacon he talked
about this time.

 The White Hats 
The person with the code name ’Michael’ that Cobra told us
went underground is a White Hat member. He was forced to ‘go underground’ when
the Cabal were in pursuit of him. He had a group of agent’s working with him,
they also went underground. There are members of the White Hats worldwide. One
of them who is well known on the surface is Benjamin Fulford. Benjamin has had
numerable attempts made on his life. He was editor in chief for ‘Forbes’
economic magazine for 20 years. Cobra has regular contact with members of this
group who work in top positions within financial and administrative positions
worldwide supporting the work of the Light Resistance Movement on earth.

8)   Lightworkers.
People who invoke the Light and work with the Light. The backbone of the
resistance Movement. 


of Light

¤ Galactic

This group travel interdimensionally throughout the Galaxy. This group is the
overseer of evolution on planets. This is a loose union of all positive races
that have received LOVE as their natural state. They exist beyond war,
polarities and dualities. They only desire to spread Love. There are about
200,000 species in this galaxy. 70% are humanoid. You would not recognise them;
there might be some in this room! {LA Cobra conf. Nov. 2012} The main group are
not present on the surface of the planet. They are orbiting our planet -
cloaked so they can not be detected. Without their intervention we would have
been extinct at this point.

¤ Ashtar Command.  This is a group
within the Galactic Confederation. Their mission is to liberate planet Earth.
They have gathered many ships around the Earth literally millions of them.
Their ships are from 5 – 10 feet to thousands of feet in diameter. The fleet
squadron gather on strategic positions. They are here ready to take action when
the time is right. The Cabal organised a strong negative campaign against the
Ashtar Command in the 90s doing their utmost to create fear among people who
heard their name. Ashtar people were in-planted. Now the Light has returned and
the group is stronger.

¤ Pleiadians.  Cobra is a
Pleiadian incarnate. They contacted him as a child. Cobra wanted to
bring Pleiadian technology to Earth and interweave it with ours. Like Dr Fred
Bell and ‘our’ Robert Potter he too was in contact with Semjase. The Pleiadians
have the closest ties to humanity. They have contacted the surface population
many times. Dr Fred Bell was contacted on several occasions by Semjase, and Rob
Potter who organised the conference in Laguna Beach and Egypt for Cobra is a
contactee who has worked alongside Dr Fred Bell for many years. You can listen
to the interview with Robert and Cobra on Coast to Coast Radio in January of
this year here on this page. Many Pleiadians were spiritual teachers – or
prophets. The Pleiadians said to Cobra that he had to go back to this planet to
prevent nuclear war. Each day we are getting closer to ‘The Event’.

¤ Sirians. Some have incarnated here as
humans and some as Dolphins and Whales. They are the caretakers of water. They
are very aware of their purpose. Most of us involved in New Age interests -
most awake beings, are aware of the enormous role our dolphin brothers and
sisters have played – are playing on our planet to bring more joy and love and
healing, like the healing work worldwide with autistic children.

They hide in the oceans
but some get killed. See the beautiful video with Patricia Cori on my
Introduction page. This beautiful Lady is a Sirian incarnate and has a website
about the Sirians. They also work with balancing of the tectonic plates. They
are aware of their purpose.

I {TZ} must take the
opportunity at this point to speculate that the amazing author and Nobel
Literature Prize winner, Mrs Doris Lessing, may be of Sirian origin, as one of
her books is titled ‘The Sirian Experiments’. The first book in her amazing
series ‘Canopus In Argos: Archives’ is ‘Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta’.
{Shikasta is our own planet – seen during an agonising epoch of its existence,
through the eyes of Johor sent here by the powers that have control over this
part of the universe}. The second book in this series, read during my studies
at Uppsala University in 1983- 84, {see my recommend page cont.; re Doris
Lessing} was the one that brought me on a path to the point I am in all of this

Other races helping us
with our liberation in one way or another are the Andromedans {see the following
articles by two Andromedan Representatives, on my ‘The Bigger Picture’ page.}
Article 1) Tolec and the Biospheres. 2) Creative Communities. Another race are
the Arcturians and
there are many more. 

Extra Note of

There are certain
places on Earth where Ascended Masters materialise and pay visits to us. One of
these places is in the Mount Shasta area.

entire Universe is gathering to watch your birth at this moment, from a being
of separation and fear into a being of unity, oneness and unconditional love.


The Ascended Masters are
beings who have liberated themselves. They have taken the cycle of Earth
incarnations but are in touch with their own I AM. Throughout the course of
human history there have been about 70 who have managed to Ascend.  Some
of them are:


is really two beings. Christ, who was Krishna and Jesus Christ. The Christ
became enlightened as Krishna. Krishna was Jesus Mentor when he walked the
Earth. Jesus Christ was in constant telepathic communication with Krishna and
they worked together. The purpose and goal of their ‘union’ was to bring the
concept of unconditional Love to Earth. While Jesus was living here he had
contact with the Sirians especially, a number of times during his life, 
as he came from there. Jesus say’s, “I am not following you and I am not
leading you, I am walking with you. There is room enough for both of us and for
many of us, for all of us on this path.”



This Ascended Masters purpose is to bring abundance and
freedom to humanity. One of His projects is to restore and renew the Mystery
Schools. Another is to reform Freemasonry. Another is to bring abundance to
humanity. When He lived here on Earth He put his gold and jewels in a bank and
it is now worth about ten trillion dollars. The purpose of it is to aid Light
Workers. There are two parts to this trust which He has protected, 1) The original
part, and 2) the money that has developed from that. That money is blocked by
the Cabal. We will receive money after the breakthrough sooner or later. Cobra
is working with people to do with this. One of St Germaine’s incarnations was
as Sir Francis Bacon.



as the son of Shiva and Parvati, Sanat Kumara is the brother of Ganesh. In the
Bible Sanat Kumara is known as the Ancient of Days. In the Mayan Tradition
Sanat Kumara is the great Quetzalcoatl. He is a Master who blesses and protects
those who ardently seek his grace. Sanat Kumara awakens our hearts to remember
our true self.

Kumara is the Planetary Logos for the Earth and is its primary overseer. He is
responsible for the Ascension of the Earth and Venus. He is from Venus and has
assisted humanity from the Light Realms perhaps longer than any other master.
See *’Breaking through to the other side’, with Sanat Kumara on the page
entitled ‘About Ascension’.



Ascended Masters mission is to bring healing to humanity, both to our physical
and to our energy bodies. He is the Master behind all the projects for the new
medicine a synthesis of western and natural medicine. His work is the healing
of the personality and the connection of the soul. 

say’s “now is the time to lovingly care for yourself, to be gentle with
yourself and your energies because you may not realise that you have just
completed a major cycle of transformation.” When you feel in need of
healing ask Kuthumi like this.

Master Kuthumi, My Beloved Guides, My Beloved Soul and Beloved Creator, I ask
that you observe and oversee my current process of awakening, supporting and
encouraging my healing at all times”.



works with leaders and decision makers. He has been working inside banking and
the mass media. He has a tough job.  He has been searching out those of
influence that can help while we are still in the Matrix, helping our
liberation through telepathic impressions to the masses through the media etc.


Buddha means ‘The Enlightened or Awakened One’. The Buddha incarnated in the
year 500 BC as Prince Gautama Siddhartha.

Buddha is a transmitter of Cosmic Energy between the Galactic Central Sun and
the Ascended Masters. Buddha say’s, “The entire Universe is gathering to
watch your birth at this moment. Your birth from a being of separation and fear
into a being of unity, oneness and unconditonal Love”.


Buddha means ‘The Enlightened or Awakened One’. The Buddha incarnated in the
year 500 BC as Prince Gautama Siddhartha.

Buddha is a transmitter of Cosmic Energy between the Galactic Central Sun and
the Ascended Masters. Buddha say’s, “The entire Universe is gathering to
watch your birth at this moment. Your birth from a being of separation and fear
into a being of unity, oneness and unconditonal Love”.


last incarnation was 25000 years ago. He escaped before the quarantine. {See
coming piece on our history} His main project is the Ascension of humanity.
Another of his projects is ‘First Contact’. A third is training in telepathic
communication. At ‘The Event’ Ashtar will take over the media. All the TV
programs will broadcast the message. He helped to develop, the PC and the
Internet. His work includes stabilising the Earth Grid – preventing 90-95% of
Earth changes. The Tectonic plates are very sensitive. His ships are
preventing a Polar shift
. The Ashtar Command rescue teams have been
involved in some Earthquake catastrophes preventing total disaster. The
prevention of nuclear war is his area too. The majority of nuclear weapons were
blocked by the Light in February of 2012. In June 2012 the last ones in the
hands of the Jesuits were taken over. Now there is 0% chance of nuclear war.
This has been a huge step forward. NB This fact is the main reason why Cobra
was allowed to come forward at this time. Because of disarmament he can now
speak, it was much too dangerous before that. 
Now their bombs cannot
detonate and they will never be able to figure out the reasons why their toys
don’t go off. 



is the Twin Flame of Ashtar. She was known as Inanna by the Sumerians, as
Astarte by the Greeks, Isis by the Egyptians, Ishtar by the Semites and also as
Aphrodite and Venus, all the same being. Her purpose is to bring the Goddess
energy back to the planet. The picture is of course merely symbolic as it’s not
easy to choose a ‘correct’ one.


Mary was the Mother of Jesus when He incarnated here. Mother Mary tells us “You
and the entire Universe of the Creator are being asked to place your trust in
the Creator more than ever before. We realise that it is difficult to trust
when things seem uncertain and you are unsure, as to what will occur within
your Being and reality. With your passing through this ‘Initiation’ you will
reap a greater trust in yourself and a stronger bond of connection in the
Creator, which will serve you in the next stages of Ascension. Allow yourself
to cultivate with tremendous love your trust in yourself and the Creator”.

‘I call upon my soul to activate and express the purest vibration of love into
my entire being and reality on the Earth. I am my soul, I accept the love of my
soul, I am ready to emanate and enact the love of my soul on the Earth’.


The Following words are
the words of Archangel Michael the first time he spoke to us here on Earth via
radio, via the channel called Linda Dillon. Linda works with Steve Beckow on
Golden Age of Gaia {earlier 2012 Scenario}. It might seem strange to you to that
AAM would want to talk to us like this, yet the entire Council Of Love
including many of the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Gaia and not in least
Divine Mother herself have such a great desire to communicate with us, now as
we come closer to becoming One with our Galactic and Spiritual Families in a
way we have not been able to for as long as we can remember. This channel Linda
Dillon has been chosen for this work with In-Light radio, a long time ago when
an agreement was made. I personally find these ‘sessions’ both enlightening and
comforting. On many occasions I am moved to tears during the shows which are
once a week, and called An Hour with an Angel. I wanted to say a few words to
introduce you to AAM and ended up following the very first radio show with him
on the 13th December 2011. His words then are just as important still as we get
closer and closer to the Changes. The following lines are excerpts and if you
would like to read or hear the entire Hour from that date just go the following
link, at the bottom of the text.

AAM: Yes I Am Michael, Archangel of Peace,
warrior of love, bringer of truth. And I
welcome all of my beloved friends this night, this time of unfoldment upon the
planet of Earth, Of Terra Gaia, and Nova Earth. Let us begin this way.

This unfoldment that you
have been in has been in process for some time. I have given you this. We have travelled together
through dark times and through brilliant times, which you often refer to as
darkness and light. And so I want you to know this. Everything is in Divine
order. We did not simply pick a year in Earth time for this unfoldment, for
this plan.

If there is one thing I would ask you to do with me, with
the Company of Heaven, with the Council of Love, with your own guides and
friends, with your own human circle, it would be to point yourself, steer
yourself, aim yourself towards the light. As we start listen with your heart,
listen with your flame, and prepare yourself to step forward in peace, in
truth, and in the wholeness of who you are.

For each of you are
unique and part of this mosaic. Each of you are necessary. That is why you are
reading or listening to this. When you are in a new relationship, whether it is
with a child or a loved one, a partner or friend, there’s the beginning, and there’s
the excitement and the electricity – and a little craziness. And that is what
many of you felt on 11/11/11. Now with 12/12/11, feel the relationship
maturing, deepening into a sense of trust and knowing that you are genuinely in
a partnership.

And in that relationship
– with Us, with each other, with yourself – there’s a deeper anchoring of
balance and of inter-connectedness to all, to all forms, not just your human
collective, to all elementals, to your Star Brothers and Sisters. This is how
shift happens. It’s when trust and love are restored. Its when the heart opens
enough and is balanced enough to begin to move into living in trust and in
beingness. Now I use that term and it does not mean sit still.  Often
I have asked you find
your joy. Remember my friends you live in an infinite ever-expanding universe.
That means that the joy the love is also expanding.

So I ask of you, with My sister
Gabriel {Archangel Gabriel}, to sit in your heart, to feel My blue flame, and
Hers of gold, and allow the joy to penetrate you.

The information about the
presence of your Star Brothers and Sisters has been known for a long, long
time. But there has been this very strong wave of denial. But now there is an
eagerness in the air. The difficulty is the governments who would make such
announcements are wondering who is going to be the first. And it’s because of
some of the economic ramifications. And let me tell you about the fear with the
economy. It’s because when they come, when that announcement is made, or when they
simply appear and we say, oh my, we’ve visitors, they know the technology and
the science that was required to get here. They have known about these gifts
for a long time. When they come the global economy will shift because things
that are valued today will assume a different value. 

There will be new
technology, new uses for resources, new understandings about cleansing the
Earth, getting her ready for her journey homeward. Gaia is one of the most
diverse, abundant planets anywhere. Yes her purpose is love but she was created
so there would not be want or need. So those of you working as bank managers
and tellers and middle management, know you are there holding the light! It
will come from all kinds of sectors. Because there will be a fresh breeze that
blows across the globe.

Your Galactic Brothers
and Sisters will appear humanoid. Yes, they might be slightly taller, they may
have distinct features, but by and large, because they also have this capacity,
they will appear much like the humans that are listening. But let Me suggest to
you that should someone from Andromeda be on a mission to another Universe or
place, they also have the capability to shape-shift. As do you. You just
haven’t realised it.

At this point Steve
commented to AAM that he would like to shape-shift younger.
And AAM replied. That’s part of the
plan. You know, it’s a package deal. And the rejuvenation – that’s another way
you can also see who has gone through the portal and gateways, {Ascended}to the
fifth, to the seventh. And you can see that they look and begin to look younger
and younger. They are being rejuvenated.

{Regarding Barack
in his desire to be conciliatory, in some cases he has not lived up to his
potential and to his promise of change. He has been weighed down by the politics,
and, yes, seeking the truth and the balance. But he has also been guided, as
you all are – but let Us be very clear about this, it’s like a strategy that’s
in unfoldment. And yes, there’s much criticism. So We say some of its

But then I ask of you – because I spend much time walking those
halls – where’s your heart? Do you abandon those you love and cherish so
easily, or do you rally behind them and help them, if they’ve lost their way or
miss-stepped.? Do you encourage them, as we encourage you, to go forward, to
hold that line, to go forward with things that would be in some situations
unpopular – such as disclosure, which will happen very soon, by the way:

There are many cities of
light that are being activated all over the globe. And these will be places of
equality, of compassion – of qualities that have been forgotten. It will be
where all thrive and where all are welcome.

You will welcome beings
from other worlds. You will share. You will walk with Masters. You will have
the wisdom vision. You will see and you will hear and you will not have this
belief that has been so engrained as separation.

It was never intended
that you would be stuck here, on Earth, with the inability to hear us, or to
see us, or to be with us. That is the plan.

It’s a plan that we are
all awaiting, that’s well underway. We know sometimes you are tired, and you
feel as if you have been run over and defeated. When this happens turn to me.
Let us restore you. Let us lift you up and gently remind you who you are. Let
us wrap you in the Mothers cloak and cuddle
you until you are healed.
That is what we are here for, not only to show the way, but to assist and take
care of you.

When you look at the sky,
see how it shifts and changes. When the announcement comes, as it will, hold
the centre of peace. Do not engage in the drama. Be the voice of reason, be the
anchor. Go in peace.  

Excerpts chosen and
reposted by                
Therese Zumi Sumner    
              supported by Archangel Michael
My Boss.

Link to complete text on
Golden Age of Gaia. Many thanks to Steve Beckow and Linda Dillon and all the
gang at In-Light Radio, for your Loving devotion.

An Ascended Master can
exit and enter a body at will. At a certain point you do not need to be born.
You can work with matter.

When we were gathered for
the conference in LA at the end of Nov. 2012, we were still as Cobra put it
‘occupied in the matrix of quarantine – the technology based reality created by
the Cabal’ which he said was about to crack at any moment. And now it has. The
doorway into Oneness is open now. See

all know that the sightings worldwide are not reported by the Rothschild
controlled mainstream media. At all the Cobra conferences worldwide and indeed
at other conferences of many of the sites mentioned on this website they have
also had ‘visitations’. In LA Cobra informed us that there was a space platform
above the building we were in about 9 miles up. He told us there were cloaked
ships in the canyon. Then several of the attendees gave us their sighting

The film ‘The Matrix’ was
given to Hollywood by the Resistance Movement.


Isis had just finished
her afternoon with us, in which Cobra took part. Now as I write these lines I
realise it was not Cobra but Isis who ended the conference with these words. {
we had all 70 or so persons danced a lot of the afternoon under Isis guidance


When I was a girl I was
always dancing. It felt very natural. Different Goddess’s entered my body and
gave me different energies. Swirling to the left is feminine – to the right
masculine. You turn into the spiral. When I first met Cobra he said “I will
take you home”.

We dance to accept
ourselves as we are, then our body starts to change. A healthy feminine aspect
is that we do not compete. You live to your highest potential and you cooperate
and support each other. Respect each other. We will all dance the dance of liberation
the dance of joy. The new society – the Goddess energy is to respect and
support each other.

When you look at another
person, look at them with adoration. Learn to adore. Adore Nature adore the
Ocean. It is the time for us to learn to adore. Adore another being. See the
spark of God and Goddess. Have compassion for another being. If you heal your
weakest points you become soft. Experience the tenderness or the extreme power
and passion. Learn again the passion and compassion that lives in you, as also
the joy of Light and celebration.

Goddess energy is
surrendering to the Light. You can dance the Goddess dance anywhere. The Ocean
is the emotion of Gaia. Hug a tree. Dance with the leaves of the air. She is
everywhere, embracing everywhere, dancing everywhere. Awaken your inner Tarzan
or Jane. When a man invites the Goddess energy in, he becomes more masculine.
He becomes a gentle, strong respectful man that respects life and women.

Be a strong woman. Stand
up to your suppression. It is so important to balance male and female energy.
Say your truth with love. Don’t bother with ego. Don’t fight. Stay in your
presence of who you are. Speak your truth. Feel it with love. Connect with the
eyes of another person. And surrender – you are great! Thank you very much for

Finally Cobra mentioned
that he was Told not to plan anything beyond the 21/12/2012. He said that the
focus of the next conferences worldwide would be ‘How to change the world’.
This would be after ‘The Event’.

struck the Basilica in Rome a few hours after the Pope resigned.

in the Sky

This information is
directly from a posting that Cobra made to-day the 20/02/2103. I have just
given the text and removed the links to more information on these various
signs. If you want to check out the links just go to Portal 2012 to see the
full post.

1)  The first sign
that appeared was the lightning that stroke the dome of St. Peter’s basilica in
Rome within hours after the Pope resigned:

2) The second sign was
the meteorite that fell near Chelyabinsk in Russia:This meteorite was a natural
body, it was not a UFO and there was no involvement of the Cabal in this event.

 3)  A few
hours later on the same day, another completely unrelated cosmic body made a
very close approach to Earth:

 4)  The next
sign in the sky is the comet Panstarrs, visible in March: and another comet
Lemmon, also visible in March: And towards the end of the year, another
spectacular comet will be visible:

All these events are
natural cosmic occurrences and are part of the plan for the planetary
liberation that is coming directly from the Source. The purpose of
all these signs in the sky is to lift the consciousness of the human population
beyond the third dimension in order to prepare it for ‘The Event’ and the
coming planetary changes.

Posted by Cobra on the





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