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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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DHS At Internal Checkpoint Breaks Driver's Window, Seizes All His Stuff & Doesn't Charge Him With Anything

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An incredibly odd video is making the rounds on youtube which reveals a violent act by CA Homeland Security Agents, who angrily bashed in a driver’s car window and put him in cuffs after he invoked his 5th Amendment right. The video description states the incident took place in Pine Valley, California on May 31, 2013. In response to viewers questions, videographer Robert Trudell states he was cuffed for six hours, had no access to a toilet for nine hours, and had all of his property confiscated. They finally let him go with only his ID and credit cards, and he had to wait 21 days to get his video and camera equipment back.

All this and not even charged with any crime.

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    • Live Free or Die

      Every day, I pray, that ALL EVIL is eliminated from the face of the Earth…. KARMA is coming to those who deserve its wrath, and they are plentiful in this Orwellian World who deserve it and will SOON reap what they have sown… :mad:

      • Anonymous

        be good to get rid of stupidity like yours too..

        remember karma next time you delete a post and block an account because it simply shows you to be a stupid retard..

    • fuzzy696

      Land of the free…….what a joke this is….. the gestopo is taking over.

      • yahuashua


        A million seconds of time is 11 1/2 days. A trillion seconds of time is 32 thousands years. All you need is a calculator and half a brain to realize how much a trillion is. Obama gets elected in 2008 the “debt” was 10 trillion…Now it is 17 trillion and Obama-care will push it up another 6 trillion. The PRIVATE Federal Reserve bank prints money and charges us interest. The IRS collects it under “Income” tax and every penny of your IRS dollars goes to the PRIVATE stockholders (mostly foreign) of the Private Federal Reserve Bank. Wake up people…it is time to take our country back. Lincoln died on April 15. The titanic sunk on April 15th. Do not forget JP Morgan owned the White Star Lines that built the Titanic. WAKE UP NEO…….FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT.(Matrix 1999).

      • Rufus Juice

        Ideology – mission of DHS
        In contrast military tradition, the nature of DHS is based on an ideology where commitment, effectiveness, and political reliability—not class or education—would determine how far they succeeded in the organization. DHS also stresses total loyalty and obedience to orders unto death. DHS is a powerful tool used by Obama and the socialists for political ends. The DHS ideology and values of the organization were one of the main reasons why DHS was entrusted with the execution of many tyrannical laws and executive orders.
        As the democrats/socialists monopolized political power, key government functions such as law enforcement were absorbed by the military, while many obama organizations became de facto government agencies – pushing aside or working around the checks and balances tat kept the country whole and great. To maintain the political power and security of Obama (and later the nation),DHS runs FEMA, and took over the administration Nsa , (criminal investigative police), and the national guard (regular uniformed police). Moreover, legal jurisdiction over DHS and its members was taken away from the civilian courts and given to courts run by itself and holde. These actions effectively put the DHS above the law.

        …..Except that thie was the Schutzstaffel – the SS, Adolf.
        Think it cant happen here, or wont again? WW2 Wasn’t 2,000 years ago. Wasn’t before the US was founded. It was less than 100 years ago. And there are people still living who know it can happen again, all too well

    • Anonymous

      I would agree that it was staged. Practical experience with DHS and their tactics leaves me with only that conclusion.

      • Immortal

        This video was produced to instil fear into the hearts of the public to make them more docile when martial law does come into effect. It may work on some, but it only stirs the anger in a whole lot more!

    • Immortal

      Department of Homeland Terrorism! What a bunch of clones….or should I say clowns! And not very funny clowns at that!

    • Ideas Time

      These guys don’t like being filmed because everyone now knows who they are and were they work.

    • greenghost

      Welcome to Amerika home of the facsist police state.

    • WarriorClass

      The Government’s War Against the People has gone Hot, and you don’t even know it.

    • greenghost

      I think it was staged by the guy in the video for publicity and notoriety. Why would you show up at a border crossing with safety glasses and multiple camera angles? It did not show what happened before the video started. He probably edited out the part where he provoked the cops. I did not hear him evoke his 5th amendment or say he did not consent to a search. How else are they supposed to check for illegals if they can’t do a routine search at a border crossing?

      • Egyptian Princess

        Ha check for illegals…r u serious or being sarcastic?

    • Anonymous

      The appearance of other LEO vehicles suggests to me that this is real. The Safety Glasses may or may not be relevant–if it’s your job to smash windows, maybe it’s a good choice. A fascinating book written in the 1990′s–a novel–has some great, well-thought out
      ideas for dealing with Gestapo tactics. It’s called “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. New copies now sell for up to $900.00. For a brief time, you can download it free at

      I recommend everyone here do so, and STUDY it. It should be noted that ads in “The Shotgun News” about this book claimed that ATF was appearing at bookstores and “recommending” they not carry the book. Check this out.

    • Geneww1938

      I would love to see a good Samaritan lawyer take this case and provide justice for this crime.

    • Rumplestilskin

      Yep Davo, I have to agree with you, this appears to be a little too staged. He is also a little to passive, and even though I can’t stand those bastards, they don’t just bust out windows for no reason. I have been through that very check point multiple times, and just waved through.
      Then there is a camera inside the station ? But why would anyone stage an event like that, unless the driver knew before hand that he was going to provoke those jerks….

    • Anonymous

      F the gestapo. Bastards, all of them.

    • Anonymous

      I wear safety glasses as sun glasses because of my work and they are cheaper.

    • desertspeaks

      how much more will we tolerate from our EMPLOYEES!?!?!

    • DARKSIDE099


      • AxisOfEvil

        Good idea! That will eliminate around half of Americans. Then eliminate the other half just for fun!

        No more ‘Muricans! That would make the world such a better place….sigh…

        • DARKSIDE099

          AT LEAST IT’S A EASY WAY! :lol:

      • King of Shambhala

        Don’t use guns.

        Use the truth.

        Obama’s got ID problems.

        • DARKSIDE099

          When they use violence on you and are deaf?

          That no work man! :sad:

      • cjay

        Not just Obama-99% of the elected, 99% of the International Bankers, 99% of the upper eschalon NSA, CIA, FBI, ETC., 99% of the upper eschalon Industrialists, Specific officers of all US military, many specific high eschalon members of specific NGO’s, etc., etc., etc. Of course after given a fair trial. Also, Certain targeted Federal prosecutors and judges, and the US Supreme court. Not to leave out approximately 85% of rank and file law enforcement.

      • ElOregonian

        Retard. Enjoy your visit with the Secret Service. I am sure they’ll let you use a Obamaphone to make your one-call once you are booked. Have a great summer in the boneyard when you reach General Population for your daily stretch.

    • cjay

      If these pukes did this to me, over a period of time , I would encounter these officers, their children, their parents, their grandparents, their property, covertly, and open a big can of Medieval. Then I would let a certain amount of time pass, and I would start the process all over again. Then I would let a certain period of time elapse, and I would repeat the process.

      • DARKSIDE099

        Why bother? Just gas them when they least expect it! :evil:

    • iamamerican

      FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, if you’ll notice this guy is wearing safety glasses as if he is ready for the breaking glass, and he showed no emotion whatsoever, he looks like a cop/NWO thug! This was video was posted online as an intimidation tactic!

    • Anonymous

      If nothing frightens americans, THIS SHOULD!.

    • Vaevictis!!!

      Criminals with a badge.

    • jsw23

      I saw the following somewhere and when I 1st saw it thought no way but with so many recent reports of cops thinking they are above the law I am not so sure. I do not believe the torture of families will happen but taking out cops with snipers I can believe.


      straws are being added to the camels back at an alarming rate. How long before the one that breaks its back? I saw not long.
      When it happens citizens will turn on police and jackbooted thugs.
      The hunters will become the hunted.
      Police along with their family members and holster sniffers will all have huge targets on their backs. It may start small with a few cops in large towns executed then it will snowball from there small rural areas will be the last safe place for cops and their families but they will be hunted down and executed soon enough. The cops themselves will be confined and forced to watch as their family ranging from small children to parents and grandparents are tortured to a point they beg for death. Only after all that will the cops get the same treatment.
      all the body armor in the world will not stop a sniper shot to the face with a AP round.
      When its over the people will police themselves because no one will be brave enough to put on a badge.
      Honest hard working Americans with guns are more that capable of watching out for themselves and those who are unable to protect themselves.
      There will be no court and lawyers letting people off on legal loopholes.
      Is someone is caught doing something they should not. They will face judge, jury, and executioner all at the same time. Caught stealing = hands cut off caught raping=offending appendage cut off= kill someone = you die etc…

    • Anonymous

      This Border Patrol check point has been there at Pine Valley for at least 20 years. The guy was obviously told to pull to the side for some unknown reason to the viewer. You can see regular traffic rolling through. Most people get waved through. The cap on the headrest next to him was provocative. Did he refuse to roll down his window?

      The BPO appears to have ordered him to roll down his window before he busts it out. Seems like a dork trying to make a point in looking for a little trouble. Went further than he ever expected.

      Personally, I want the BP to succeed in East County San Diego. The Campo Indian Rez borders on Mexico and plenty of illegals make it in with Indian help. This check point is not too far from there on the I-8.

      • Anonymous

        imagine what a better place it would be today if the indians had better border patrol

    • Rufus Juice

      you can tell this guy is an instigator ~ no one is running three cameras and has an “African cap” on the passenger seat headrest to obviously work the “us against them” angle

    • Corruption Killer

      Yes many of these people deal drugs and like State Prosecutor Barry McDonnell in LaPorte County Indiana. His boss the head state prosecutor is a 4 time felon admitted. But who in this county is going to prosecute their boss. The one who you cannot find a photo for is a Zeta coke distributor and in all distributing for over 35 years. the FBI could care less because they in silk.

    • God-walked-among-us

      Caan’t these people be sued for huge amounts of money?

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