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By Mort Amsel (Reporter)
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WW3 Alert: Russians Begin Massing Troops On Ukraine Border, Russian Marines On 'War Footing' In Crimea, Arrive In Sevastopol (Video)

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According to AGTI Intelligence, a private security firm, Russian troops are massing 25 miles from the Ukrainian border.  

According to their website:

It is also thought that now outlaw President Yanukvych has taken refuge at the Russian naval base in Sevastopol which also happens to be where the Ukrainian fleet is.  There are rumours that Russian marines have begun some sort of operation in the Crimea at Sevastopol but as of now it is unconfirmed.  There are also rumours that Russia has airlifted personnel of the 45th Airborne Special Forces Division from Kubinka and Pskov to Anapa as well as six MI-8 aircraft.  (east of Ukraine border).

UPDATE: This has been confirmed by the Russian Navy itself: (Translated)

What is known is that as Interfax Ukraine reported, “At the entrance to Sevastopol near restaurant “Puck” at the Yalta highway appeared antitank hedgehogs - crew patrol says it measure against frequent carjackings in Sebastopol, said “Sevastopol newspaper.”Source

  • 810th Separate Naval Infantry Brigade — Kazachye Bukhta, Sevastopol (a Separate Naval Infantry Regiment until 1 December 2008)

    • 880 Separate Naval Infantry Battalion
    • 881 Separate Assault Battalion
    • 888 Separate Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 1613 Separate Artillery Battery
    • 1619 Separate Air-Defense Artillery Battery
  • 382 Separate Naval Infantry Battalion

A Naval Infantry Brigade, equipped with the PT-76 or T-80 and BRDM-2, consists of 2 Tank Battalions, and 4 to 5 Naval Infantry Battalions, one motorised with BTR-60-series amphibious vehicles. A tank battalion originally had 36 MBTs.  At least one infantry battalion is airborne trained, while all of the remaining infantry battalions are trained to be able to carry out air assault missions. Source

Perhaps the most troubling thing about rumours of Russian military movement is the ‘proof’ provided below in the video.  It is unconfirmed so take the video as is but the Olympics are over and Russia sees the government in Kiev as no more than mutinous criminals and completely illegitimate.  

That picture says it all.  I fully expect Russia to send in troops to, at the very the least, the Crimean Peninsula. But, if it is true and they are massing in Belgorod than I expect nothing less than an invasion of the Eastern Ukraine.  

According to one source:

Again, if true, and there is no reason for it not to be, we are talking about the Ukraine here, than this could very well spell the beginning of a much bigger and disasterous war, World War 3 even..  Russia has every reason to fight this, politically and militarily.   Stay tuned.  -Mort 

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    • slamdance13

      Why is it always “WW3″. You’re becoming as bad as the other charlatans. Shame, Mort.

      • Neanderthal

        That is because America is in the troop reduction cycle.

      • Neanderthal

        Well world war 4 can not come after world war 2.

    • Beforeitscrap

      A large portion of the Ukraine is of Russian decedents and people are protesting because their leaders swindled money to build gold hotel rooms and starve the people of basic needs. Your also talking 15+ billion in scum money from Russia to the Ukraine to stay away from the EU. By attacking them it would only make the situation worse on all ends… WW3 wont be from something so simple, because you have to take in effect that the US and most of the EU wanted to condemn and sanction the Ukraine and now their president is now in hiding for his life. Plus any real war will be coming from China and its push to take the Japanese islands. Now that is something to worry about.

      • Freeamerican

        username to pretend being negative about psy ops ‘bncrap’, so you do your own crap psy ops as if america china russia are enemies when they’re all part of the scheme and all run by the jew tribe. troll.

    • Engineer

      The question you must all asked, Is Russia justified in taking this action? :idea:
      Well consider this, most of Russia’s icbm arsenal is located in the Ukraine. Yep! With all hell breaking loose on the worlds economic front, this might be the straw that breaks the camals back. Keep in mind, when world wars break out, worldwide DEBTS become null and void and are not paid by the waring countries. Hmm :!:

      • Freeamerican

        distraction and trying to build cred for your troll crap below pushing the putin hero psy ops crap. troll.

    • Drew Bourdain

      Putin is not a WWIII enthusiast, in fact he presented himself in the fore over the American/Syrian crisis not so long ago and reached out to the western populous to deter their governments from hostile action in order to prevent it. Whats happening in Ukraine is the americans trying to create more tensions towards the Russians by facilitating meetings over there. If anyone is after war its the American Leadership.

      Also, people talk of the Russians like they’re all aliens, the fact is, they’re humans with a deep and global culture. Respect them. They’re awesome.

      • Engineer

        Well said Andrew! You know what’s sad. I have more respect for Putin than I do for our
        (p)Resident in the white house! And I’m an american. Go figure. The man prevented a possible WW III back in Oct. 2013. But how long can he Putin, prevent the inevitable. :idea: Who is the most powerful and respected man in the world right now?Without a doubt
        ☑ Putin.

        • Freeamerican

          crap psy ops. crap troll posts. americans pay for propaganda. bourdain fake doing the putin hero act to cover for the tribe then responding to his own post with more crap. the jew tribe took over russia when they killed the romanoff family, killed millions in gulage
 (though ignore ‘khazar’ part, page a few years old, khazar crap was psy ops by a jew. it’s jew tribe) holohoax, no gas chambers/ovens, also if link followed back to site there are some psy ops sites listed that should be ignored. jews took over ukraine with holodomor starvation like they plan in america. ukraine got some independence they taken over again by jew. Putin is jew working with jews to put down ukrainians or pretend to appease them. . when people get angry like the ukrainians jew fake ‘activist’ groups try to ‘lead the opposition’. ukrainians protesting is good but they don’t know the rest of government is run by jews just like russia america china. doesn’t matter whether they borrow from eu or jew putin, eu is also run by jews. every scum in government the last hundred years has worked for the jew, ukrainian media controlled by jews same as american. ukrainians need the facts same as americans so they make the right moves. though at least the ukrainians are bothering to do something. can’t say the same about americans. who runs america also here’s a keeper, summary on jews, a bit on the christian angle when the fake churches are all in on the scheme for the jew, immigration/welfare ‘world compassion’ crap to swarm americans in immigants leeches for collapse, also wrong on putin who is in fact jew, russia run by jew bolsheviks since the gulags. those aside it’s good can’t count on media or fake alternative media. educate people about the jew, holohoax. pass along links or disks. don’t join fake groups like constitution or libertarian crap, all run by jews. educate people. We don’t need jew/judeo masonic constitution crap that limited our rights. Don’t need any of their lies or schemes. No more leaders.

          “We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America.” – The Jew, December 1925, Zinobit

          “I will tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, We, the jewish people, control America, and Americans know it.” – Ariel Sharon, 2001
          -we the jewish people.

    • Pateriot

      Good thing we are shrinking the size of our military to pre-WWII levels!!! I’m sure that this won’t embolden our enemies to act around the World with complete impunity. Perhaps we could threaten China or Russia with a sit-in or a march. Perhaps we could even get or President to organize them. He DOES have experience in those areas!

      • Болеслава

        what enemies? your own government is your enemy
        and they have taken over your brain, so sad- ‘ the enemy of my enemy is my friend’

    • REST IN PEACE AMERICA - (1776 - 2014)

      Watch out, Russia may soon take over America. I can imagine Putin in the White House on a white horse.

    • souccr


    • Sean

      The other Israeli-owned security firm referenced in Rolling Stone is 3i-MIND, which is profiled in the below article. 3i-MIND’s founder and CEO is Israeli-born billionaire Mati Kochavi, who also owns AGT International, a security firm managed by a team of retired Israeli generals and Mossad agents, according to an article in Le Figaro.

      Though AGT has only been in business since 2007, it has already secured $8B in contracts and has become a leading supplier of surveillance technologies to the governments of India, the Netherlands, Brazil, China, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and others.

      In 2010, AGT entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft as an initial foray into the U.S. security market. According to a press release, the two companies plan to “provide government homeland security and corporate customers with complete solutions” in a shared “belief that the benefits of globalization for the world economy need to be accompanied by in-built sophisticated security technology.”

      More recently, AGT’s Kochavi has ventured into the realm of journalism by launching a digital news website called Vocativ, which produces pro-Israel news content targeted at the young adult demographic. According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, Kochavi “has organized his newsroom along the lines of an intelligence agency in the belief that journalism needs to undergo the same transformation that’s already swept the field of spycraft.”

      Although Kochavi wants his staff and clients to enjoy full-spectrum intelligence gathering capabilities, he doesn’t believe the general public should be afforded the same. In 2011, Kochavi and former President Bill Clinton appeared together in a CNBC interview to push for the creation of a regulatory agency that would prevent “misinformation and rumors” from being spread over the Internet.

      “Why can’t we have a credibility bar near every resultive search,” Kochavi asked. “When we buy food we have ingredients on the food. When we go to see a movie we have ratings.”

      It’s certain that if Kochavi had his way, real news organizations like AMERICAN FREE PRESS would be given a “zero” credibility rating.

      Israeli security companies like AGT and NICE Systems can only survive if their sordid pasts are concealed from public scrutiny. And that’s precisely why AFP will continue to expose them at every opportunity.

    • SSpyderX68

      The majority of Crimea’s population is in fact Russian which would explain the sudden outburst of Russian nationalist pride there and flag waving. Plus all the turmoil and rampant political corruption (hence the ousting and arrest warrant for the president who is subsequently on the lam) has possibly gotten those citizens fed up. Cant say I blame them.
      Russia’s home to their navy’s Black Sea fleet is also based in Crimea and any sane leader wouldn’t want that arsenal falling into the wrong hands. Be glad Obama’s not the leader there! :wink: :razz:

    • GC-Project

      Open Letter to the Alternative Media and Patriots worldwide that want to WIN! /alternative/2014/02/open-letter-to-the-alternative-media-2895742.html










      • Freeamerican

        ‘hitler’ meme. troll. jew world order. JWO
        “Wars are the Jews’ harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet.” ~ Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn

        “Gentiles exist only to serve Jews as slaves. Goyim were only born to serve us. Without that they have no place in the world. Only to serve the people of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They are only here to work. They will work, they will plow. They will reap. We will sit like effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created,” Rabbi Yosef, Jerusalem Post, 2011

        • Engineer

          :lol: Freeamerican sounds like he needs a hug! :lol: Give it up FREEamerican you 卐. Go get laid! :lol: :lol: while you still have balls! IT’S TOO LATE for your rhetoric. :shock: Get with the program and accept the end is nigh! WELCOME TO THE REALITY! This guy is comical! :lol:

          Engineer out!

        • Freeamerican

          that’s all the proof you need people. look at that scum troll’s post. ‘give it up’, because this scum supremacist jew thinks his tribe have you dopes in the bag. ‘go get laid’, scum sex reference, ‘needs a hug’ as if some scum jew troll is in position of mental authority. anything to distract because I expose his scum troll crap for what it is.

          YOU PAY. trillions to jew schemers, media propaganda, banks, illegal leeches for jew communist collapse, holohoax jews, holohoax israel, scum trolls. get off your azz sheople, educate people about the jew or don’t complain when more shtf.

    • griffineagle7

      not one of the russians look like they knew any of the words to the songs being belted out on the speakers

    • willhart

      We have our oligarchy, Ukraine and Russia have theirs. There are divisions between the western and eastern regions of the country. The Russians are going to protect and defend the eastern side where most Russians live. They are not going to let the American-Euro backed faction destablize the whole country. Now that the Olympics are over, Putin is going to respond and with force if necessary.

    • shock an awe

      i doubt this will lead to anything , the ukraine will be suppressed and all will be well. The good people of Russia care for the ukranian citizens , and their missile bases.

    • StormyB4

      I wonder if the US and EU understand the consequences of what they are doing in Ukraine. The Russians are prepared to go all the way to keep Ukraine in their sphere of influence. What will the EU do when the Russians cut off the natural gas supply?

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