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Connecticut Gun Grab In Full Effect. Media Gag Ordered, Communications are being tampered with. RED ALERT

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Update 3/28/14

To clarify this story, I wrote this the day after I talked to my friend in Connecticut. As far as I know I have not heard it happening to anyone else. But it happened to him, and he is currently resettling his family somewhere else. For the rest of you staring in disbelief, what makes you think that your immune to whats going on in the Government, what makes you think it won’t happen to you? Just remember that half the popuation is Average intelligence or lower, and it is seen in your comments. Also I never heard of Sipsy Street Illregulars being at the forefront of anything, glorify yourself on your own time and instead of asking if this is disinfomation, get your rear ends in gear and do something.


Dear Fellow Readers,

It is finally happening. The State of Connecticut is going to the homes of registered firearms owners and confiscating guns. I watch and read various news services daily and this was news to me. In fact I spent the last two days trying to find a source to collaborate what I am saying now. I found none.

The story as follows… Several days ago I got into contact with a friend who lives in Connecticut and been on the edge of his seat waiting to see what happens. We talk maybe once or twice a week, so it was not odd to call and not hear back immediately. Well the reason why I had trouble contacting him was because he was arrested by the ATF who came to his house to confiscate his firearms. Not only did they take the banned items but the legal firearms as well. During the search he was arrested for his anger at having jack booted thugs deprive him of his American rights to bear arms. After spending two days in jail, he was immediately gag ordered not to talk about it.

The media also has been gag ordered, and this is bigger then just this. People are having emails and instant messages deleted before they arrive to their destination. People just like you.

This happened to my source, which spooked him quite a bit. He is former military, and had a grandfathered permit for automatic firearms. Needless to say, when what’s happened becomes public knowledge this will be an outrage.

Already friends I know are completing their bug out plans, some others are intiating them.

For those of you who are trying to follow what’s going on, this is the turning point you been waiting for.

They are coming for your guns too soon, and from the looks of it the government will get it’s way.

Time to prepare, Good luck to you all.

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    • ElOregonian

      I’m looking for info to see if there is an uptick in citizen’s being shot by police or visa-versa in the last few days. You guys in Conn. better buck up or forever lose your ability to defend yourselves. This fascist, out-of-control gov’t has to be put back it it’s box, or according to our Founding documents, must be removed and reinstituted according to the people’s will.

      Since so many of your constitutional Rights in Connecticut have already been violated, if this story is true, you’d better get off the snide and take back your God-given Rights.

      • Prime

        As I understand, most citizens although expecting the visits are still being taken by surprise.
        For anyone who is waiting for this so called visit, I would buy thick millimeter trash bags and oil to bury your guns now before they are taken… But in the same respect if they come and don’t find them, they will likely be back. Leave one for them to get.


          If you lose the ability to defend yourself against government, make sure you can feed and water yourself without the aid of government.

        • Mark Brander

          Obama is not just coming for the guns! Several prophets have been given near identical warnings about what is coming. Wake up people….

        • StormyB4

          “most citizens although expecting the visits are still being taken by surprise.”

          I can only assume from this statement that you have information about other confiscations? Would you care to elaborate?

        • Diogenes

          PVC pipe capped on both ends is also quite protective. Just leave enough room on the end to saw off the caps without damaging contents.

        • Neanderthal

          How about this for a thought instead of thick millimeter trash bags and oil to bury your guns, try keeping your rights and dig a hole and place those in it that infringe up your rights. Now throw that trash bag over the trash you just buried. Now you do not have to worry about them coming back, because they never left :)

          Only you can allow yourself to be controlled.

        • icetrout

          leave them sh*t… Swordfish their TRAITOR ASSES…

        • westgate

          - When you think it’s time to bury your guns, that’s the time to dig them up.

      • LavenderRose


      • LavenderRose
    • NeoIsolationist

      This is highly alarming, but if it were true, it stand to reason this url would have been blocked.

      • Prime

        I know lots of people just like you are trying to make sense of this, so maybe I can shed some light on how this works. I live over a thousand miles away from Connecticut, whereas my source actually does live there. He is having a problem getting a message out that contains certain words through text, email and whatnot. How he actually communicated this was through a public system that everyone can access, but is encrypted by a Corporation for other reasons other then information exchange. Anytime you use a browser your information is open to be collected and tampered with.
        This was done through a corporation’s network, through their software.
        It’s not so much as my problem as it is his. But they sooner or later will connect what I am saying if you don’t. They are not watching me, they are watching him. In all seriousness I didn’t think I would be able to post this, but to my surprise.

        • genesis

          How can they gag him?

          They can’t take away his speech..

          I would be calling the alternative media and getting the word out from morning until night…

        • trashman

          For those in Connetticut their is things they cant stop like shortwave radio. freedom on the airwaves is the most important. Use CB radios in truck stops and actually record them doing it. then smuggle that info out and put it into local papers with pictures, while also explaining it on local stations like *(Swap Shop ). The only way too BEAT the tight control on the gov. is too UNITE!!! they cant stop 300 million of people!! It starts 1 person at a time. when i said local papers of course i meant papers out of Connecticut. Im sure they got connecticut locked down tighter than hell.

        • SoulSeekerUSA

          They cannot stop people from communicating. They are violating every right that we have, we are supposed to be free, this is not freedom.

      • Decode the World

        Actually, they now have the capability to turn off anyone’s email and web site visiting features. Email just won’t arrive. That’s why we built, go get a free account there for secure chatting.

        • Neanderthal

          And why would I do that Chris?

      • Jimstonefreelance

        This URL would not be blocked, because –

        My web site gets censored everywhere but here. This site is out of control opposition so the FED and other scammers post as much garbage here as possible to discredit it.

        If you notice a huge difference in the quality of what is here from post to post, that is exactly why, legitimate people use this site as a venue and the media control freaks respond with plenty of well poison.

        This has me very worried about this report, it appears to be one of the gold nuggets and if so, it’s VERY BAD.

    • Mike Vanderboegh

      You should change the title to “Before It’s Disinformation.” My sources in CT — and they are many — says its BS.

      • COCONUT

        Didn’t one college in CT accept that students carry concealed weapons recently??

      • Stēkō

        Thanks for being a stand up guy.

        This article smacks of LIES.
        Nothing verifiable, no news from Cn. residents to this effect, nothing but BS.

        This article seems to be an agent provacature type article, trying to kick a hornets nest, like that’s called for in this generous situation anyway.

        I’ll keep my ears and eyes open, I don’t trust government and I’d assume at some point they might do this, but playing ” Chicken Little ” isn’t journalism, it’s stupidity.

        Again, thanks for speaking out, to hell with those who can’t handle it.


    • Ideas Time

      Sovereign people do not need to take orders from corporate employees. We are kings, not them. They are one ones bringing fraud upon the court and there orders are unlawful and unconstitutional. Time to band together and explain it to them. One thing you can count on is that they will tell you one thing and do just the apposite. Lying and deceit is all they know.

      • truthzilla

        Friend, just because you say you’re sovereign does not mean you are; LEGALLY. You have no standing under the constitution… You are not a party to that compact.
        14 Ga. 438, 1854 WL 1492 (Ga., Jan Term 1854) (NO. 64)

        “No private person has a right to complain by suit in court on the ground of a breach of the United States constitution; for, though the constitution is a compact, he is not a party to it.”

        You are ( LEGALLY) a slave and do so willingly by acquiescence..

        By law, your acquiescence and agreement to stand under the constitution binds you to whatever the corporation deems actionable. You have no rights ( legally) what Rights you deem to have are “Liberty” which is almost the opposite of “Freedom”…DO YOU HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE?=NO RIGHTS…Birth cert?…=same thing…Every document you have binds you to the corporation…You can file back for those rights or at least give a notice that you want to…

        Frank Koller

        You can do this at any time but you will have to pay for a new license. Or just wait until your renewal. (I would not wait, but that’s up to you)

        #1. Go to your DMV.

        #2. Tell the clerk you want to put a Reservation of Rights “Utility” on your driving record. (If they don’t know what you’re talking about, ask them to get their supervisor)

        #3. Depending on your State, they will give you a form to fill out. (The State of California has this “Utility” form at the DMV) *If your State does not have a “Utility” form, just sign ALL your paperwork and your license and/or State ID as shown in step #5.

        #4. On the “Utility” form you write…
        I claim my reservation of rights under
        “WITHOUT PREJUDICE” UCC 1-308″
        of the Uniform Commercial Code UCC 1-308

        There are no longer laws in the United States…It is all UCC or USC all courts, governments, utilities and law enforcement including the alphabet agencies are for profit corps…Not suggesting it’s bad…I love this country, It could be far worse.

        • Ideas Time

          I here what you are saying. Here is some more case law. “The People of a State are entitled to all rights which formerly belonged to the King by his prerogative.” Lansing v. Smith, 4 Wendell 9, 20 (1829).
          (Lansing v. Smith, 21 D. 89., 4 Wendel 9 (1829) ( New York ) “D.” = Decennial Digest Lansing v. Smith, 4 Wend. 9 (N.Y.) (1829), 21 Am.Dec. 89 10C Const. Law Sec. 298; 18 C Em.Dom. Sec. 3, 228; 37 C Nav.Wat. Sec. 219; Nuls Sec. 1`67; 48 C Wharves Sec. 3, 7. NOTE: Am.Dec.=American Decision, Wend. = Wendell (N.Y.))

          “…at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects…with none to govern but themselves; the citizens of America are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants in the sovereignty.” Chisholm V. Georgia (US) 2 Dall 419, 454, 1 L Ed 440, 455 @DALL 1793 pp 471-472.

          “The people or sovereign are not bound by general word in statutes, restrictive of prerogative right, title or interest, unless expressly named. Acts of limitation do not bind the King or the people. The people have been ceded all the rights of the King, the former sovereign,…..It is a maxim of the common law, that when an act is made for the common good and to prevent injury, the King shall be bound, though not named, but when a statute is general and prerogative right would be divested or taken from the King (or the people) he shall not be bound.” People v Herkimer, 4 Cowen (NY) 345, 348 (1825).
          “It will be admitted on all hands that with the exception of the powers granted to the states and the federal government, through the Constitutions, the people of the several states are unconditionally sovereign within their respective states.” Ohio L. Ins. & T. Co. v. Debolt, 16 How. 416, 14 L.Ed. 997.
          “Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law; … while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts.” Yick Wo v Hopkins, 118 US 356, at pg. 370;
          A prerogative is someone’s special right or privilege. As Bobby Brown once sang, “I don’t need permission / Make my own decisions / That’s my prerogative .”
          8. There are no Judicial courts in America and there has not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US 428, 1 Stat. 138-178)

          9. There have not been any Judges in America since 1789. There have just been Administrators. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US 428 1Stat. 138-178)

        • Anonymous

          We are putting out the sacred call people. NOW.

          Our mission is to restore the people to sovereignty through knowledge, and only then will they be armed with the virtue to take political and judicial power. The people have it in their power to disarm and defeat the enemy of Liberty both foreign and domestic if they only understood the principles of freedom and stand upon them.

          To take political power is to control our elected representatives, by bringing them into obedience through fear of the people, this is accomplished by understanding the office of & becoming an elected committeemen, and then execute the powers of the Common Law Grand Jury.

          To take judicial power is to control our courts by understanding jurisdiction and bringing into subjection all government officers and officials using common law courts by opening courts of record and executing “people” authority, it’s that simple!

          But, to successfully apply political and judicial power you must have a sense of justice and mercy which is synonymous with virtue. And to get virtue you need to have a relationship with your creator. If everyone exercised these principles America could shake off the chains of tyranny, reinstate our republic, and bring down the NWO “literally overnight”. This is the only way to save the nation, without power you are powerless!

          Join our endeavor and save our Republic, one people at a time! (NOT PERSON, SEE BELOW)

          We are Non Partisan – A partisan person is “one who is blindly or unreasonably devoted to party positions.” Therefore a partisan cannot possibly serve the constitution. George Washington warned us against political parties he said “they only succeed in pitting one group against another”.

          The cause of the grassroots movement is the awakening to our constitutional crisis, for it to be engaged in partisan politics would further serve the demise of our constitutional republic. The genius of the progressive movement is their exploitation of partisan politics, which they created, to subvert our constitution.

          Grassroots groups are natural and spontaneous whose primary objective is to reinstate the constitution, to be partisan would be counter productive.

          Traditional power structures are orchestrated and designed to harness grassroots movements “they must always be suspect” and will be proven corrupt if they are partisan – divisive – take control of choosing candidates.

          Grassroots are founded local, control is local and most events are local. To collaborate with distant groups are necessary for unity but if events become dictated by them you are no longer grassroots.

          TOTAL US Counties
          Counties Constituted


          New York 2-27-14 (62 counties)
          Florida 3-15-14 (67 counties)
          Connecticut 3-15-14 (8 counties)
          Rhode Island 3-15-14 (5 counties)

          More information and learning material is on our website.

          This is John, the founder on an interview, and he lays it all out for you.
          Please take some time to at least watch and know what we are trying to accomplish for our country and let others KNOW.

          Sample learning:

          If unsure still attend our weekly National Monday Night Call.

          Or dip your toe in the water at our meet-up group.

          Keep up with our progress State by State here:

          To become a Common Law Grand Jurist in Your County, Register Here.

          Thank you for listening BIN, we need all of you.

          Please spread the word to everyone you know, it’s time to stand together.


          In Faith,


      • LawMed

        Your “Sovereign Citizen” nonsense is just that….complete legal nonsense which has never succeeded in any court anywhere ever.

        “Plaintiff has referred to herself as “a natural woman on the land.”[21] The Court gleans from this statement that Plaintiff has come under the influence of some rather arcane and misguided teachings. These teachings — which include “Freeman” or “Freeman on the Land” or “Sovereign Citizen” variants — rely on rabbinical interpretations of legal texts. A common strategy is to demand ever more “authority” and “authentication.” Only the ultimate source of law bears true legitimacy and can command the natural person on the land — or, if the individual could only discover this ultimate source of law, the individual may believe she can opt out of it. These teachings have never worked in a court of law — not a single time.” Wirsche v Bank of America US District Court SD Texas, December 13, 2013

        • Mirabolin

          So the first part of what he posted was correct. It is the 2nd part solution that someone somewhere pulled out of their rectum AFTER convincing themselves the first part’s contradicting this didn’t really apply?

        • Anonymous

          You need to assert YOUR Jurisdiction, not surrender to theirs…but you knew that right?

    • M. Rapp

      ….none of this is true…Sipsey Street Irregulars, who are the heart of this matter can find no truth to this and similar stories…it begs the question as to why you at BIN are continuing to push these stories and all the other fear mongering like the Greg Evenson / Steve Quayle / Hawk lies and disinformation . If you continue to publish all of these ridicules lies by the likes of John Moore et al your legitimacy will be in question…….stop and think of the disservice you are doing when you distract from the real threats and problems that need our attention…..these people continue to quote their “deep background , ultra black ops ” sources ?????????? which are ? oh yea , just like mainstream media….just keep making it up and expect us believe it ..


        I was going to comment but then stopped, but I must. So I’ll say this. I was going to say that if it wasn’t this person’s problem it will be now, one does not break things like this if everyone involved is gagged unless you want to be “suicided”. If it’s true I’ll take that back but it looks like something thrown out there so people will get upset and do something stupid.

      • Prime

        Believe what you want to, maybe they haven’t come for you yet.
        I told you from what I know from one guy. They came for him, and they will come for everyone else there, when they get to it. And this is a real threat, so instead of whining about it, wasting energy…. put your energy to better use and prepare. And if you want, I am available to talk about this however you want to. This is gonna happen, it has been seen.

        • Nam Marine

          Pure Bull crap! We outnumber them about 10,000 to one !

      • srsly1

        Why do comments like M.Rapp’s get so many down votes? All we want is some proof or verification. I too do not believe this story in its entirety. The amount of disinformation thrown out by this site is ridiculous and only makes you look silly. Crying wolf never helps anyone

        • Steve

          I agree. People supposedly come to this site because they don’t believe the MSM and then they go and vote down anybody who questions a story like this. To the author of this story, why is the ATF enforcing a state law. That right there should tell you it’s BS.

        • StormyB4

          Steve, Federal law now allows it’s agents to enforce state laws

    • slwhite1970

      Theres an article midway down worth reading.

    • bozzchem

      “I watch and read various news services daily and this was news to me. In fact I spent the last two days trying to find a source to collaborate what I am saying now. I found none.”

      Let us know when this is confirmed. Hyperbole only lead into the hands of those who prescribe to Order out of Chaos.

    • LongOdds

      I’m curious to see any sort of corroboration on this story, other than another private Citizen. I’d settle for even a blurb from a newspaper police blotter.

    • spessartite

      This is pretty dang important. Follows on the heels of the raid on Ares Armor.

      That plus Israel closing all its embassies and consulates.

      Copy and paste this link to get the word out.

    • AmericanPatriot

      It is hard to tell what is factual and false on this site. But either way, this is what I have to say. If this is true…. IT IS YOUR FRIENDS FAULT!!! IT IS HIS FAULT FOR NOT FIGHTING BACK. TO COMPLY WITH AN UNFAIR / UNJUST LAW IS TO BE JUST AS GUILTY AS THOSE WHOM CREATED IT!! What a wimp. I would have just f#ing blasted their brains out. All you Connecticuts are wimps and an embarrassement to the term American because you are not standing up for the consitution.

    • AmericanPatriot

      It is hard to tell what is factual and false on this site. But either way, this is what I have to say. If this is true…. IT IS YOUR FRIENDS FAULT!!! IT IS HIS FAULT FOR NOT FIGHTING BACK. TO COMPLY WITH AN UNFAIR / UNJUST LAW IS TO BE JUST AS GUILTY AS THOSE WHOM CREATED IT!! What a wimp. I would have just blasted their brains out. All you Connecticut citizens are wimps and an embarrassement to the term American because you are not standing up for the Consitution. You are too much of a coward to make a stand and don’t even deserve the title of being an American.

    • AngelicSlayer23

      Well that’s interesting since if they are coming for guns they would have grabbed mine by now and they have not as I live in Connecticut. Mark my words, a few of us are not afraid to die so gag order or not, when crap does hit the fan, things will spread most likely via word of mouth and not on BIN. Once word spreads like wildfire and you see an upsurge of deaths here in the state then you should start to get worried but for now I DARE them to come take my weapons. Sure I will most likely lose my life but not before I take out a few of these bastards myself.

      • Saber

        I take it that Connecticut has a Democratic Governor. Thats the basis of ALL of the States problems. If this is true… its time to pack up your stuff and move to a gun friendly state. They are going to be the front lines of the upcoming revolution.

    • Sean

      Only 2- 3% fought the British, did anyone really think law abiding citizens would resist illegal laws by the State of whom they elected in the first place

      They have been doing this in NY state by illegal laws tied to prescription drugs

      The only bright spot in all this is the ones who elected them, will be the first to find out they made a VERY BIG MISTAKE !


    • TombRaider

      Whether you are a member, supporter, or opponent of the National Rifle Association, they are the best source of accurate and up-to-date information regarding gun issues in America today….Not Before It’s New’s

      NRA News Today –

    • greatdogs

      Prime, your post raises some questions. Who actually did the raid, the state cops or the ATF? What were the charges against him? Was he simply released after two days or did he post bond?

    • Anonymous

      There are to many loose ends in this story, while I hope this is not happening, it would be easier to form an opinion if the story didn’t have these holes.

    • Silverwyrn

      Given the fact that Connecticut agreed to Agenda 21 the Fine Print states that all firearms are to be removed etc. , each family is allowed one child etc. haven’t much more from my source on that… anyhow U.S. is entering 1920′s of Germany. remember your history and do the math :) I too live in New England with young children of my own, so yes it does concern me.

    • M. Rapp

      Well, here we are over 24 hrs after Prime wrote this story, many of us questioned it, BIN took my post down, everyone gives my other the thumbs down because I point out that this story is false…? makes one question whether BIN is really in the business of the news and truth or just promoting wild stories that john moore and steve quayle fabricate……why not address this ?, who runs this page anyway ? why spread disinformation and cause fear in the community when it is unfounded? pay attention people…something is very wrong here……. “nous defions”

    • slamdance13

      Unseen, Bla bla…why do you let the same ppl post so much garbage everyday?

    • Anonymous

      If you people would just read BIN as the total fiction that it is, for entertainment only, then you wouldn’t get your panties in a bunch. FEEEEEER POOOOOORN© is fun. It’s just not true.

    • DefaOmega

      Odd. I have several friends in Connecticut. None of them have had any guns taken from them, or know anyone that has. Must just be another joke story here.

      • Prime

        Surely you don’t expect to sweep the whole state of Connecticut for guns in one day right?
        The state of Connecticut did not rescind anything it said about taking Guns right? Uh no they didn’t. They are targeting specific people first and then others. This is just like World War two when everyone was saying it won’t happen to me. Guess what it is.

        • Odd Job

          You mentioned in your article that your source is ex military. Wouldn’t it make sense for the goons to disarm the vets first, as they are the ones that could organise an uprising. That is why many debunkers who have “friends in Connecticut” who have not yet had a visit.

          I’m not American, but can see from reading the comments on here just how dumbed down the average joe has become. Most have the intellectual capacity of a mentally retarded Amoeba.

          I can see what is happening over there, yet most Americans cannot even comprehend what is happening in their own back yard.

        • jabba53e

          Odd Job,
          Nice snarky comment. I too have problems with the article….hell, for all I know, it could be all made up B.S.
          But unlike you who most probably lives in a country who has already forfeited their firearms, I choose to make something constructive of the article and ask myself…..”Well, with and estimated hundreds of thousands of people in defiance of this law….if I were going to confiscate them….how would I do it with the least amount of bloodshed, uprising, and ATTENTION to keep people from uniting?” In that sense, the article and question has significant relevance.
          So see, not all Americans are stupid, when will the world learn to quit underestimating us…they always get surprised.

        • Odd Job

          If you re-read my comment you will see I was agreeing with the article. My sarky comments were aimed at the debunkers.

    • StormyB4

      Can you give us more info? Was it a no-knock warrant? Was there a SWAT team? If ATF was involved, is it a State warrant, and did a State court issue the gag order?

      We know that they would do something eventually, but these one at a time tactics don’t seem all that smart to me. If TPTB continue these tactics, sooner than later it’s going to become obvious what’s going on.

    • taptaptap

      thank god, atleast one state is standing up for the 80% of americans that want background checks and restrictions of asault rifles. i am sure this post will piss most of you off, guess what i dont give a rats arse how you feel. i have rights too, i have the right to walk down the street and not be intimidated by a moron carrying an assault rifle because it looks “cool”

    • kepano24


    • jabba53e

      I don’t doubt the sincerity or credibility…I’m a retired USMC Officer and am a 2nd Amendment supporter. My concern is the article’s remark that the individual was brought in to custody by the ATF. The law in Connecticut is just that….a STATE law…not a Federal law. If we want to be viewed as credible, we need to understand the particulars and subtleties of what we speak and write.
      In fairness…the article also mentioned an issue with an “automatic weapon”…that be DEFINITION is a MACHINE GUN…only the FEDS issue licenses for those and the ATF would be involved. The problem is the unknowing often interchange “semi-automatic” with “automatic.” If it truly was an automatic (aka..machine gun), then perhaps the individual wasn’t “grandfathered in” as he thought. While I believe the 2nd amendment is clear….”shall not be infringed” so if I want to own a freakin’ tank or machine gun…that’s my business. However, the ATF enforcing an “on the books” law (mind you illegal)…is nothing new. What we need to be on the alert for is Connecticut “upping the ante” and going for the semi autos and “regular” firearms….that puts a whole new twist on things and elevates the fight. I implore everyone…get knowledgeable and be accurate.

      • StormyB4

        If you have an automatic weapon, you either have the federal tax stamp or you don’t. CT law requires that it be registered annually.

        My understanding is that the Feds have been allowed to enforce state laws for a few years now.

        • jabba53e

          I appreciate your comment, perhaps what you observe or remark is more an issue that the initial contact with the FEDS was over an issue of Federal Law…(e.g. they went after an individual over violating a liquor tax (e.g. moonshining) and in the conduct of the arrest, they discovered that the perp was in violation of various state laws…so they charged them with that, but remember, its the State DA that would have cognizance over that.
          Having said all this, you do raise a good issue that most FED agencies support gun control laws…so perhaps this is new and they just want to “lend a helping hand” to the “overworked” state law enforcement agencies…laughs.
          Hell, I just wish they’d enforce the damn immigration laws!

    • jabba53e

      …as an additional thought, I’ve read many articles on just how gun confiscation might go down. The best theory would be the “IRS Model.” We don’t fight an illegal income tax because we remain isolated by the system. Using “gag orders” and clamping down on media would be very doable.
      If you doubt this, just look up the story about Justine Pelletier. The 13yr old who was held by MA DCS and Boston Children’s Hospital. A judge issued a gag order on all participants (Parents , Lawyers, DCS, the hospital and THE PRESS). They did not want this story out. The result was a child sitting in the hospital by herself for over 1 year under DCS custody. The only reason the story got out was the father got so frustrated he violated the judge’s gag order. There my friends is one reasonable way gun confiscation could occur.

      • StormyB4

        That can only work for so long though. There are tens of thousands of people who have not complied. If that’s their plan, they giving away any advantage of surprise by these one at a time tactics. I don’t understand it…

        • jabba53e

          Actually, the concept works…..if you make the masses believe they’re isolated, then who wants to be the first to take the first step and bullet.
          I did 3 combat tours in Iraq…during Desert Storm we’d send hundred of Iraqi prisoners back to secure areas under guard….by 3-4 Marines. Clearly they could en masse overwhelm the prisoner escorts….but you rely upon the fact that “who wants to be the first one to eat the bullet.”
          As a military officer we were trained to analyze situations for likely courses of action (COAS)…while many seem absurd (we called them throw-aways) because we wanted to analyze all aspects of a situation to ensure we developed appropriate responses. This is what Connecticut citizens need to do….to ensure they’re not caught off guard. Remember, CT enforcement officers want to avoid confrontation….they’ll do this as quietly and surrepticiously (sp?) as possible.

        • StormyB4

          Jabba; Wether or not someone will actually man up is the $64k question. I feel that giving people time to really think about it is a mistake. It would give people a chance to organize.

          Maybe that’s the plan. Maybe they want to create resistance.

          Still not sure if I believe this story though.

    • Shawn

      Wow. Really? This story is a bit heavy on supposition and very light on proof. One thing strikes me as very odd here, and of course I can only compare it to something I would do.

      ” After spending two days in jail, he was immediately gag ordered not to talk about it.” I have to tell you folks if it were me that this happened to, I would walk barefoot for as many miles as it took to get the word out! Gag order, seriously? In what world would this take place? Certainly not the one I live in! Also, the bit about emails being erased… if you can’t figure out in about 30seconds how to get around that, you’re probably not qualified to talk of such topics as this.

      All in all, it just doesn’t fit. I’m not saying that CT, or one of the other Gestapo states, won’t be where this thing kicks off. It looks like that might be the case soon. I’m saying it ain’t happening NOW.

    • Jim

      I smite the who trespasses on the rights of the individual.





      IF Connecticut continues down this road it will be washed away with the flood waters.

    • TombRaider

      I have received information from my brother-in-laws best friends cousins mother-in-laws neighbor that the above information is absolutely true!!

      My money’s on this douchbag was arrested on other charges and he possessed the gun illegally….along with the kilo of cocaine and 6 kilo’s of pot….

      As of this reply my NRA comment above is -4 yet it is the best source of any gun grabbing going on in CT.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Don’t buy into this. Scare tactics is all

    • whiteness

      This story is ridiculous. I have several friends and relatives in Connecticut. NONE of them have had their firearms taken, and none of them know of anyone else that has either. Furthermore, none of them have even HEARD of this.

      I suspect this story and others like it, are being fabricated by the very people we patriots despise; the people trying to get ‘gun nuts’ to react with force. It’s not going to work, guys. give it up.

      • TombRaider

        More Before It’s News before it happens! LMFAO!

      • Prime

        It happened to my friend and I wrote the article. Someone else took my article and said they were going door to door. I never said that. They took his illegal and legal firearms. Everything I wrote in my story is true and currently his family and mine at getting our families out of our respective states and resettling them somewhere else.
        That is the only reason I can’t respond to a million people with their heads in the sand.
        And so you know the Connecticut government never rescinded their order to take them.

    • patriotwolf

      Before long your lies turn into your own truth and that travel is such a dishonorable one by the way the mirror is cracked youve starred at it to long and got mad you are lost… :mrgreen:

    • patriotwolf

      Regurgitateed judale54 on you tube wonder why?????

    • Urban Redneck

      I live in this unconstitutional state of Connecticunt!
      No of what you have read is happening.
      We are on the war front and will Not let this happen.
      I am on the front lines of this as well as my fellow brother’s in arms and we are keeping good eyes on these tyrant’s
      They are in Check and Moves are being made. They will need to bring all there friends to the big game on game day…
      Keep watching, but don’t expect to see Us here in CT lay down and roll over. Not Gonna Happen?

    • freedomringsforall

      They need to organize and flash mob the insurgents.
      They need to citizen’s arrest them.
      They need to charge them with treason against the nation, the citizenry, and the constitution and incarcerate them.

      They need to do it over and over and over until the anti-constitutional insurgents finally give up or are all arrested.

      They need to develop a defense fund and organizer fund.

    • AJjj100

      Time for the people of Connecticut to get the people together and come to arms and put a stop to them once and for all. Only cowards will not fight for the U.S. Constitution and there freedom.

    • Urban Redneck

      NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      He had his firearm’s taken as he told a doc he was depressed and going through the rehab program for alcohol.

      NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Prime

        You know living in America I have met what I considered to be the dredges of society.
        Most Americans are so absolutely retarded it is a waste of time and breath to even say anything, but you sir take the cake. So with this new found opportunity I am going to say this.
        This isn’t so inbred, below average intelligence slum rat like you, he is decorated, has an amazing family and is THE pillar of his community. In no way shape or form has he ever had this type of problem and quite literally lives the American dream. He doesn’t drink except on rare social occasions, he has never been to any sort of rehab for anything. Your are an idiot in every sense of the word. It is people like you that should be wiped off the face of the planet without a second thought about it, and If I thought I could get away with it I would put a large caliber gun in your mouth and blow the the back of your head off and never think twice about it again. Fitting end I believe for a idiot that doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together to form a thought.

        Now you can go back to your Budweiser, fox news and raping goats.
        If you have something to say, my only request is that you next time provide your address with your thoughtless comment.

    • MediaGiant

      Maybe they’re grabbing them from the wrong citizens…

    • snoop4truth


      For the hoaxes of EDDIE CRAIG, Google “Eddie Craig And The Former Deputy Sheriff Hoax”, or click here.

      For the hoaxes of ROD CLASS, Google “Rod Class And His Many Hoaxes”, or click here.

      For the hoaxes of ANTHONY WILLIAMS, Google “The Anthony Williams Hoax”, or click here.

      For the hoaxes of CARL MILLER, Google “The Carl Miller Hoax”, or click here.

      For the hoaxes of DEBRA JONES, Google the “Debra Jones Hoax”, or click here.;

      For the hoaxes of DEBORAH TAVARES, Google “The Hoaxes OF Deborah Tavares”, or click here.

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