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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Whistleblower Ex CIA Operative Child Trafficking Victim Of The Govt Freemasons (Shocking Video)

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(N.Morgan)  Laurel Aston says she was a victim of the govt run child trafficking tyranny, perpetrated by this govt/Freemasons and others around the world. An underground crime syndicate,the Freemason serve the pedophiles in high places. Mrs. Aston says she became a govt victim at the age of 4. Please take time to watch her incredible story and share it.




This is just another abuse by the psychopaths in power. The Freemasons are a diabolical group, known for their secrets and perversions.



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    • Richnjsouth

      This is what happens when you watch too many movies and read fantasy stories on line. Yeah there are lots of devious people and groups all over the place. The Masons are not involved in any slave trade…..the most ridiculous crap I’ve ever heard. On the other hand it’s not impossible that members of the Masons may perform a criminal act or actually do wrong. As any person who performs a crime, robbery, attack, scam may belong to a church, VFW, Moose, Baseball league, or social organization. This does not mean the ORGANIZATION is the cause of the crime or endorsed, established the crime. It is also possible more than one person who happen to belong to an organization may be in collusion to commit a crime. Such as police have collectively committed crimes of extortion or pay offs ………doesn’t mean the entire police department endorsed or created the illegal activity. This story is so poorly presented and evidenced that it sounds like a fantasy.

      • ipod45

        How do you know the Masons are not involved in any slave trade? Are you a member? Do you have any proof?

        • StarRyder

          I know theyare not involved in the slave trade, and I do have proof, and yes….ipod45… some of us are.

        • Fillipper


          You may be a Mason and are not a child pedophile but you have no clue what really goes on. Yes there are good Mason and bad Masons. You just happen to be a good one. It is the bad ones we are after. Take your head out the the sand and open your eyes. Most of the men involved in this scandal are Masons also.

      • Corruption Killer

        Richnjsouth, OK COMMON KNOWLEDGE MASTER MASONS OF ALL RITES, LODGES, SHRINES IN OVER 192 locations nationwide were busted in 2010 by the F.B.I. and convicted of the Mann Act. Headquartered in Indianapolis Indiana, the Shriners of Shriners hospitals were supplying these children nationwide and using up to 70% of donations for the childtens hospitals to finance these locations for underage sex EXPRESSLY FOR THE USE OF MASTER MASONS. So I have been involvedas a victim of the freemasons of Indiana. and have documented the last 13+ years the heavy involvement of drug trafficking by master masons in the Indiana government and their direct connection with drug cartels, human trafficking, organ harvesting and last but not least their mass kidnapping of children and young adults for medical research in their stem cell and nano tech research they so invest dearly. As a result of their personel to commit crimes in Mexico the entire I.N.M. Mexican Immigration Headquarters staff in Mexico City was fired in Feb. 2011. The corrupt INM were allowing ananymous (nameless, no identification) americans into Mexico to commit crimes, kidnap and commit every crime hand in hand with cartel help. We will leave out specific names for safety sake.
        Estimates of deaths on the southern border of Mexico because of INM corruption 30-40k in a variety of crimes.
        The Indiana Brotherhood in LaPorte County spurred by mass thefts of tens of millions of dollars from clients of master masons in the area began when they robbed a client in an estate. But before this happened he was aware of their drug distribution back into the 80′s by active state prosecutors and an ex-resigned judge in LaPorte County who was caught laundering 100k directly thru the court legal programs to associate. These associates whom were to look the other way as the judge drew up and processed fraudulant release documents ti release his top drug dustributir from prison 18 years early.
        He was caught by the Indiana Disciplinary Commission who after resignation took no criminal action, even though this crime mandates 6 years mandatory prison.
        Since this Indiana location of prosecutors head prosecutor has been found guilty of four felonies and allowed to keep his LaPorte County head prosecutor position. Other attorney in his offuce has been connected directly to the child trafficking group in Mexico and directly to the investigation of the INMand verified by a D.H.S. department in kidnapping with injury x2, extortion and multiple attempted murder. The Mexican Attorney Generals office has made arrests and extradited one caught hired hand of the LaPorte government. However F.B.I. in Houston refused to allow charges to be filed for the basis of the extradition. It is noted by U.S. govt sources this man was also a in arms trade in the past.
        So if you have any questions I can point you toward the sites with the case numbers, names.
        Point out that Scotland Yard has verified that Freemasons have used every gang in British europe to infiltrate every level of law enforcement and government.
        In 2012 east coast D.E.A. has stated the “Largest most violent drug cartel in the U.S. is the union of the masons and Mexican Zeta drug cartel.”
        I have been kidnapped twice and attempted third enroute to the embassy safe house. All because I hired an estate attorneystate prosecutor in Michigan City, Indiana. The above is what I learned because our U.S. govt, especially Indiana is so infiltrated by corrupt masons that as I am told by the office in South Bend, Indiana House Representative that When You Get So High In Corruption Nobody Can Help.

        • Corruption Killer

          Oh I would like to add the freemasons are in control of Child Services in Indiana and refuse to discuss the above problems that have been reported numerous times to their office. More Secrets. NOT CONSPIRACY FACTS OF THE COURT IN MULTIPLE COUNTRIES!

        • Corruption Killer

          Their still exists people with empathy in our government or I would not be here today. But let me tell you the master masons are from childhood catagorizing those with sociopathic tendencies to raise into their ranks and commit crimes against humanity, use the common citizens as tools to further the agenda of the Brotherhood that only recognizes their comforts and rights as ELITE humans. Death of a common citizen means nothing to them, they believe we are THEIR SERVANTS. That simple.

        • Corruption Killer

          Its been like this, the irish have infiltrated law enforcement, started unions and now recruit their criminals from all walks of life when they appear in front of the judge in the court room. The easiest and most productive way to enlist criminals.
          We have also discovered from the Indiana organized cartel masons that they do communications between high level prison inmates and personally transport high level transactions and drugs. They also mail cocaine directly thru courriers under the attorney privacy laws thru the mail.
          The master masons with the help of drug cartels have immobilized the U.S. Govt just like the Zetas in Mexico, in fact most of those families now live in the U.S.
          Law enforcement, judges attorneys now in the U.S. commit all the same crimes as cartels in Mexico, with the help of the cartels now living here. This is why no one enforces immigration or any bankers go to prison for laundering 3-5 trillion a year thru U.S. banks.
          They are and have been buying up all the properties becuase they the master masons are why are dollar is worthless. ALL FACT NO CONSPIRACY?

    • styxs

      March on Washington May 16 th join the Patriots for America in your state an take back our Nation.

      GOD Bless America!!!!

    • startrekker

      This is just another pitiful attempt to attack and discredit the Masonic Order. It’s been happening for hundreds of years. They will never succeed, as long as men of the caliber of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin–practically all of the Founding Fathers–become members, as they did. They accept only men of the proven best character are accepted.

      • dark_HAVOK

        Or maybe your so quick to discredit her in order to….hide the truth she is trying to expose. Liars are always quick to do just that. Either way I believe her.

        • StarRyder

          Why is it that you dark_HAVOK have no problem believeing her, yet you will call some of the most notable, hounerable, and decent men of all time liars? These men who DID good and HAVE the credentials to back it up, history has noted them, you call liars….and she who you never met, and don’t know, you trust? WHY?

      • Anonymous

        It is a historical FACT that Benjamin Franklin was a Satan worshipping Luciferian. He helped to start a satanic ‘club’ called the Hellfire Club which practiced animal and human sacrifice. Just within the last few years, it was reported in the news that skeletal remains were found buried in the basement floor of his Boston home. Look it up and educate yourself before you run your mouth!

        • Zionist infiltration

          William Bentley was a friend to Benjamin Franklin as well as the other members of the Continental Congress and attempted to turn him around to Christ as Christ had done for his neighbors. Benjamin was a child victim himself as most perpetrators are. Victims often victimise others. The towers that be are well aware of this.

          The State dept. are full of victims whom call themselves zionists of whom the leadership is of eastern European Ashkenazi descent of whom were financed and relocated to the state of Israel by Rothschild after world war 2 in order to have a satellite nation in the petroleum rich middle east for establishment/control of a petro currency. Syria and Iran are two of the few nations that have resisted a Rothchild run central bank fiat currency. The goal Was to set up central banks including the private federal reserve around the world, then convert currencies via monetary easing/SDR for the purpose of a fiat one world digital currency for ultimate control of all nations worldwide.

          Satan/An-Sat, despises those that follow him the most. How many times has one witnessed a rising star have their pedestal kicked out from beneath them time and again? How many child role models have experienced the same in Hollywood? Too many to mention ‘here. One is suppose to nurture and foster a creation, not poison and destroy. This should be common sense. :arrow: :idea:

    • velma7

      To make money evil people in power will do anything. I was attacked and assaulted by someone right down the line, and was going to be used in sex trade (not trafficking) as an adult, luckily I had the courage, wits and help from God to escape. But for children – no chance – this woman’s account is feasible to me, I’ve been in the situation and she was used in another way. The more people like to cover it up – pretend no such thing exists the more people like her will fight against it. And as for no such industry – look at Bancok – this is a place no one can deny this exists in a big way. Those supporting masons etc, I am wary of.

    • Art O.

      The Youtube video “Schools in Southwest U.S. on Human Sacrificial Ley Lines ” shows ties between Freemasonry and satanism. The Church of Satan is a point used for their ley lines. Columbine High School is on one of their lines and witnesses identified known satanists as the shooters. What Laurel Aston says about police being involved in sexual abuse is backed up by the two Columbine patsies. They were raped by officers that caught them when they broke into a van. The officer’s Sheriff, Patrick Sullivan, was convicted for trading methamphetamine for sex with boys in his basement after his retirement.

    • LD

      Masons are traceable to the Jesuits in connection with Crypto Judaism. Formation was approximately 1500 with secession of the church of England from the Vatican in 1530. Masons are a breeding application taking out the Eve Novus in pairs, sacrificing one curbside and breeding the other to the elite black mass. This breeds down intelligence in the mainstream. They split the European Masonic pyramid in 1888 commemorated on Whitechapel. Thomas and john Chapman, BOTH masons, were the Ripper. Mary Ann Nichols was a Black Mass rendition, her fetus handed off to a midwife and ultimately Sarah Junner-Lawrence and raised TE Lawrence. The Masons originally split into two groups the better of the these giving us US govt principled with a constitution which opposed the European Masons. US Masons corrupted w/the Scottish and York Rites what mission was to attract US Masons back to their Jesuit Roots. Colonial status conscious Jews populated these organizations giving rise to progressive Judaism in the US and what nightmare organization engineered WWII and the creation of the state of Israel, AIPAC and a US senate now populated with these Crypto Jew monsters. Bicameral politics is Crypto Jew phenomenon which is why all the confusion between reps and dems. These are the same party albeit they use different fiscal budgets which makes them appear different. They bait American confidence with debauchery, and Americans unwilling to think posture moronic for the treats they receive for doing so. It’s definitely a problem solving process, but people ARE stupid to a fault, so nothing meaningful gets done to correct this. Americans are HA HA HA PEE. Try to wake them up, and they agitate. That’s victim psychopathy, folks. THAT’S America!

      • Busta Myth

        From what I have read the Jesuits and Knight of Malta run the Freemasons, although I haven’t seen anybody prove that the Jesuits are Crypto Jews and that sounds a bit far fetched

        Most the leaders of the World from Hitler to Putin, NetanYahoo, Thatcher, Blair, Cameron, Nixon, Carter, Bush1,Bush2, Biden, Kerry, Clinton, Obama, Kristine Kirshner, Hollande, Merkel, Sarkozy, King of Spain, King of Saudi Arabia, Chavez, Mugabe, Castro and many many others all visit the Pope

        You don’t see them all visiting NetanYahoo do you?

        the following guy says the Jesuits were the Knight Templar, although I’m not so sure about that either

        but, check out all the Jesuits, Knights of Malta and Freemasons on the guys website, very interesting photos too toward the second half of the page

        Kissinger, Breszinski, Rothchild, Rockerfeller, Ford and many many others are Knight of Malta

        The Jesuit Vatican New World Order

    • BeachN

      ARE YOU SERIOUS…????
      I worked with abused children and their families…..and am pretty good at discerning…
      I am current on what is going on and an activist…..This reeks of BS… I was once told not to waste my time here but curiosity brings me back.. But this “interview” is totally ridiculous..I am aware of the elite and how they rule the world…I am also aware of the child industry… This is extremely a lame report…

    • BeachN

      This girl states all these weird medical issues but never goes to a doctor? I am hearing too many things that are just not normal responses from this lady. They are not logical . She is either very paranoid or a habitual liar. She very expeditiously mentions KEY phrases or words such as 666 and David Rockefeller….Triggers that she knows will ring a bell with everyone involved with uncovering the truth.. As someone who researched Pedophiles and worked in the field of Child Sexual abuse, I have experienced a few phony cases myself. I have heard these far out claims several times in my life time and looked in to them.. This lady is all over the place with nonsense. As I stated earlier, I am very aware of the sex trade industry on this planet as well as the many children who come up missing.. but this story has all the triggers of something that was completely fabricated or comes from someone who is not all there.

    • snowl

      This is VERY real! I’ve listened to a couple of radio shows talking about this issue.

      It’s really sick! I’m really glad you posted an article about this and I’m looking forward to hearing more people that know about this blow the whistle!

      Not only is this young women, but children, and BABIES!!!!

    • BeachN

      Care to check out the Massage business yourself? I googled the address she gave and have a photo of the business and [email protected]
      Will continue checking other parts of this story . Just because one aspect checks out certainly doesn’t mean other aspects will.. Is there a way to post photos here?

    • BeachN

      CORRECTION: There is no Lennox Physical Therapy at 214 82nd street New York. I googled the address she gave and have a photo of the business and their [email protected]
      The name of the business at the address she gave is “Magic Hands Massage”

      • Fillipper

        Names and business locations change at all the time.

    • Laurie

      Everything I’m reading on this site is so frightening that I’m not going out my house. If you want to go to heaven, die soon because we are going to live in hell soon.

    • 07August

      Ben Franklin was a Satanist, member of the Hellfire Club in London, Grand Master of Rosicrucians in Paris. Masons protect each from being reported for crimes, including murder. I clicked the wrong button below. I did not mean to mark the comment as spam.

      Masons worship Lucifer/Satan. The checkerboard floors are to allow spirits to pass between dimensions. Only witches & masons say they are kind souls. They cover each others crimes. There are 100s of covern acrossed the United States. They are all u to no good. Barbara Bush & Ann Cappelletti are illegitimate witch daughters of Aleister Crowley conceived w sex magick in `1923 & 1924 to be the antichrist. Born witches, their sons are indeed totally evil and antichrist wannabes.

    • Fillipper

      Lest us not forget the FRANKLIN sex cover up out of Nebraska.

    • Equalizer

      The highest level of the masons is 180 degrees…not 33. The vast majority have no idea whom they serve. The good ole boys wearing the fez hat, think Lucifer is pure ! This makes them idiots to say the least. Totally lacking in comprehension. As of now, the arrest order is no longer valid, for those found guilty of child trafficking in the case of Canada’s native children.
      One attempt was made in Canada to make an arrest but failed, and now even the PM spends a lot more for personal security, as he knows an apology just doesn’t cut it, with the International Criminal Court of Common Law in the Hague. Kevin Annette is still worked against to stop him, because families feel the hurt believing these are false accusations he makes. The Anglican church is not a christian church anyway, any more than the pope is. Such as these are pushing for the great falling away as they gather all the corrupted religions under the Roman Catholic church. Even the catholics should know this Jesuit right hand of the adversary is Petrus Romanus. The structure under Lucifer is actually led by the head of the sixth house of the druidic council, the pindar, (penis of the dragon), as symbolized by all the oblisk phallis symbols in the 3 city states of the vatican, washington, and bankers city of London. They want the youngest children they can find, to be used for their demonic sex majic blood sacrifice rituals, and for the organ harvesting, and for the underground & off world and space platform black ops. This is to continue the increase of bringing about the return of “as in the days of Noah”, as there are many among us who are of the seed of satan, the mixed blood nephillim. One example are the blond Nordic type, who’s DNA are aligned mostly with the aborginee of Australia and the pigmy of Africa, since these are of the last age still most similar to the populations of the last age of 12,500 years ago.

      Today there are nordic types who by means of matter manipulation, pass through the walls (without a faraday cage to hold them) and they entice the victim into having sex with them. These blond females are very physically attractive, can bring a man to arousal for a very long time, and as mentioned, the DNA would most closely match those of the Khazarian’s of Asia minor and the natives. Today more & more of the mixed blood live among us unrecognized. Some offspring of abductees are known as star seed, star child, or indigo child. They always have advanced intuitive abilities, and other attributes, like female beauty of the blond persuasion. They lead the misled light workers who do channeling and into promoting the new age agenda.

    • lankyjones

      The devils that serve pedophiles would don any garb to do their business. If any, in fact, disguise themselves as freemasons must mean that they find it casual or something; more casual than pastoral christian works. Child trafficking is an heinous social problem. No one is entirely removed from it’s pervading corruption. Each person must exercise certain judgements on this topic; the world’s booming culture of sodomy and child abuse.

    • Corruption Killer

      As you see freemason “gaslighters”, those who try to demerit information by honest citizens using the conspiracy base with no evididence except derogatory statements.
      It is common throughout masonic history of n8n stop continuing involvement in child sex trade and pedophile acts. It is documented in Federal court F.B.I. investigations that child slavery, illegal medical research, drug trade, drug manufacturing and the infiltration of all government agencies are continous and ongoing through out their history and continuing with acceleration to this day. The more masons use the conspiracy word shows they have no defense and can only hope weakminded people whom they prey on believe them.

      Do we need to break out the case numbers? All the scared masons know the cases intimatly but at thus point law enforcement will illegally persue the vengence of the master masons up to murder. Conspiracy has no place where documented facts are present. Unless freemasonry is outlawed, banks closed, 18000 felony charity sex violators convicted then and only then can we believe these upstanding Elite are culling the sociopaths they breed before college into their ranks and begin to take them seriously….. but it is too late.
      In Michigan City Indiana one such Master Mason taught his son thru masonry to kill his best friend at the age of sixteen by hanging. His father was the prosecuting attorney in his sons murder case. His son is now an attorney in one of Chicagos biggest law firms. Reference: Bergerson

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