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Will Harry Reid will be taken down politically, and fast by the wealthy elite because of the #BundyRanch incident?

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This opinion was writen by a person who has a close connecton to those who have a lot of welth an his expressed views on the bundy Ranch.  Enjoy the read. :)  

Here are the organic patterns I am discerning with Bundy. And please note that none of this is confidential. It’s all stuff folks can figure out from reading stories in public social media. My opinions are just that – MINE -and do not reflect the opinions of any person or group. 

I rode out there for their 4/18 BBQ. I expected to see a lot of “yahoos” and “dumnasses.” There were some, but the vast majority of people I talked to, were simply not hateful or stupid people. As media has reported, it was Oathkeepers, just general Patriots, and some Three Percenters. Various races, religions, etc. Only a few struck me as extremely deluded, or angry, or whatever. Rather, the GENERAL vibe was almost melancholy. I saw a lot of people weeping and sobbing when the various speeches went on, just quietly weeping. I know, I was one of them. The energy there was almost like what you would see at an Irish wake, except for the booze part (Mormon ranch.) So it vacillated between sadness, and hopeful happiness. There was not discernible hate there. I felt safe and among people I could trust. People were leaving cars unlocked, etc. 

 The overall talk was not “let’s take down government.” Rather, the conversations I was having tended to steer towards social justice and economics. I am aware that I steer conversations that way – so it could have been me. BUT – the people I talked to, seemed to have a good grasp of EXACTLY the stuff. 

I am a person who is blessed to know a lot people. I have sat in meetings where the people collectively control billions, if not trillions of dollars. I myself have nothing, but I am blessed to know people who have “something.”

This is part speculation, and part me kind of knowing who is who – but I honestly think that the financial “one percent” is very concerned about the potential for civil unrest at Bundy. They are not connected to him. He is just a rancher, and ranchers are always right on edge of bankruptcy. Rather, what I am discerning is that certain people who have access to large amounts of capital, and political connections, sympathize with his plight.

The issue here is that “stupid government regulations” also affect many people who have large amounts of money. Things relating to land use, have always been a thorn in the sides of those who wish to develop land. In a strange irony, I would imagine that people who develop land, sympathize with someone who has basically been fighting government, over land.

What I have also noticed, is that there appears to be a kind of social movement happening, among the one percent. I have sat in meetings where it was pointed out that the Founders of America, were actually the one percent of their time, and they risked everything, to resist tyranny. What I think is happening, is that those at the very top, or at least the ones who are not too greedy, are realizing that they risk all of their capital either way.

In short, this country is headed into civil unrest, one way or another. It is just a matter of time. Smart people are perhaps looking at how to prevent that. And one way to prevent civil unrest, is to basically give the people what they want. Right now “what they want” is what I described above. 

I realize this is all highly theoretical, and people can choose to believe me or not. The fact that I am being so vague is perhaps evidence that I might know a thing or two. My sincere desire is for this event to cause positive change in America.

Currently koch brothers seems to be eyeing the liberty movement.  While this may sound strange there is good reason for this. Any sort of liberty movement will involve less top down control of people. that reduces the amount of capital that can be generated from a given group – think of people like crops. you plant them, grow them, then they consume. IF they are controlled – they consume predictably. if they are not controlled, they do what they want – and may not consume at all. they may make own economic structures that feed only them, metaphorically. key is always “how to fix” the problem.  what we NEED – I think, is less control – that will actually increase markets.  BUT – those at the very top – won’t get as rich. 1950 was the most prosperous time in history this was due to war bonds being cashed in. But, during the 1950′s there was not a lot of external control over people and markets. Simple concept – shoot for middle – middle class growth required.

That is, we need jobs via private commerce, less intrusive government, more government efficiency, less prisons/police-state-stuff, and much less “corruption at the top.” I would describe them generally as Constitutional Libertarians. That is not a big secret either. 

Some readily available background on Mormon Ranchers is that they tend to hold Christian Anarchist beliefs advocating non-violence. I think it’s cultural, and I do not even think they think about their belief system as being Christian Anarchist – but there is scholarship that says that it is. That is just a side fact I thought I would interject. It interests me because I am a Christian Anarchist at this point in my life. I see way too much pain, and I think the pain is systemic. I also see way too much violence, and I think the violence is inherent in the system. 

Like any gathering or event or whatever – there are “factions.” My intuition is that factions will always try and push and pull movements in different directions, based on their own “greed and/or fear” desires. That is just general knowledge and is not anything specific. Remember, it is not ethical for me to gossip or speculate. Rather, I am just pointing out obvious things that people can intuitively discern. I do not see Bundy himself as having either greed or fear, I might add. He is a Nevada Rancher. That is what he is. A Nevada Rancher. 

If I had to kind of be “Captain Obvious” here, I think the other thing that would avoid conflict would be for people to listen to “the people.” What that means in concrete terms is that corrupt government agencies and associated politicians should swiftly and publicly be brought to justice. I also think the same applies to corporations that use their financial power to take unfair advantage of tax money. I think what is happening is that smart people use the internet to dig into the backgrounds of well-known politicians, corporations, government agencies, etc – and can see with own eyes that such politicians / institutions are corrupt. This is partially what I think is causing people to become upset with our system. Literally “cognitive dissonance”between what they see to be true, and what media/etc. claims to be true.

7) I think this “bringing to public justice” should be swift, overwhelming, and might I add – “politically brutal.” People of weaker moral character get a sort of strident “blood lust” when fighting the system, and I think THEM seeing corrupt politicians and government agencie spublically shamed, helps take some of that lust and zeal away. I also think it makes people trust the system more. Back in the olden days, it was called “tarring and feathering.” I also think that such a resolution, would have some interesting effects: (a) it would cause the change that is needed in the first place, ( it would take away some of the moral weight of current opposition to overarching government/corporatism, (c) like I said, it would restore faith in our American system. I still think it’s the best system around. But I also think it needs fixing right now.

To summarize (1) I really have no dog in this fight other than wanting a better country, (2) I do know some stuff, (3) I think the easiest way to fix a problem, is to listen to what people are saying, (4) I think “the people” are right, and I think the easiest way to resolve,is just to give them what they want.

I think that is a good template for fixing many things right now. Literally – just listen to what the mass of people want, match it up with how our Founders viewed this country and our anti – majoritarian Constitutional government system and laws -and just literally do those things. I know it seems super simple.

I can tell you that greed and fear have prevented it from happening so far. But I think it needs to happen anyways. . .

That’s really all I have. I have thought about this thing for years, by the way. I knew “it” was coming a long time ago. Not anything specific, but I know “it” was coming. I think this is “it” – and I think we can collectively choose one of two forward paths. Me personally – I am very serious about my faith’s core belief that we win via peaceful agape love, and not via violent hate. I think hates turn back on itself, and it is a sword that cuts both ways. I really think that – and my “thinking” and “acting on what I think” are partially why I can do things like live where I do, and not have to look over shoulders every time I leave the house. I do not even have to lock my bike, for that matter.

The reason I keep mentioning anarchism – is that the concepts – are good, in my opinion. I do think that technology can give more voice to people. And I do think that the less “top” a country has, the more “middle” it has. I also think that clear paths up from the bottom to the middle, prevent the bottom from festering, like a boil. Like it is right now.

I realize this is a strange letter. Well, I am a strange person, and strange people write strange letters. It’s just what we do. . . 

It may help people, it may not. My sincere desire is that things resolve in a way that brings us back to being America again. I think the Bundy situation is a good way for our government to show some compassion, and to show some internal discipline, and to thus clean itself out, from the inside. 

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