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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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Mind Control Victim's Techno Hell

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By Deborah Dupré

BIN Exclusive

Nicholas West’s shocking new article, Wireless Microchip Implant Set For Human Trials reveals only the tip of today’s mind control iceberg, according to one of the Targeted Individuals, who contacted Deborah Dupré this week, and an Australian surveillance expert, both featured in exclusive Before It’s News  interviews this past week. Reporters exposing microchips miss the most disturbing finding of all: that millions of people have covertly been covertly microchipped without consent and worse, according to surveillance issues expert Paul Baird, these millions are subjects of a U.S. mind control program that reporters repeatedly refer to as a future horror, rather than hell on Earth today, as reported daily to Dupré by targeted individuals.

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“Over a year ago, I moved from my hometown in Michigan to California for better job opportunities and weather. I traveled through Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego,” self-identified targeted individual Sean Alexander Alizada emailed Dupré.

Most TIs become aware of their being targeted only after months, sometimes years of being multiple-stalked. Alizada, however, says he noticed as soon as he arrived in Los Angeles that a group of individuals were deliberately making themselves known to him, “exposing their existence.”

“I was not quite certain until I was able to match their license plates, models of their cars, and facial features,” he explained about a record he kept of the local spies when they seemed threatening. 

Then, Alizada was covertly drugged, a typical tactic. Date rape drug is commonly used, according to TI reports.

“I was drugged by the LAPD near West Hollywood,” he said. It was done without his ”consideration.”

He said that he began hallucinating, left his car in the middle of the street with a door open and key in the ignition, and ran for help. The hallucinating became unmanageable. Pedestrians ignored his pleas for them to call 911 for him. It was “like being an alien” speaking a different language that nobody understood, Alizada recounted. For fifteen minutes, his phone repeatdely failed when tried calling 911, another typical abuse targeted individuals experience — phone hacking — that ensures isolation and inability to gain aid.

“An LAPD came, but without an ambulance, which I had specifically requested when I described my condition and it’s severity,”  Alizada said.

A second LAPD who he’d encountered earlier but ignored him, reappeared. Without reading his rights, the officer asked a series of ”absolute obfuscated questions,” as he urgently needed medical attention.

“As I was getting transferred from the ambulance (into the hospital) three hours later, all the doctors, nurses, and receptionists were identical to the individuals that had followed me all around LA that day,”  Alizada said. “Immediately, I was transferred to a room, which seemed just as unreal as the hospital itself. I was only the second patient in the whole emergency room.

“I got to my hotel room around 3:00 a.m. feeling absolutely fearful, with a changed intellect, anxiety and a panic attack, nothing like what he’d ever experienced before the incident.” 

Approximately one month later in San Diego, after returning home from visiting a friend for three days, Alizada went out to the patio to visit neighbors, as he’d typically done. This time, however, his neighbors were different. He said they treated him as though he’d done something he was unaware of.doing. Part of the program is for the ops to contact their target’s family members and friends, lie to them so they fear the target, and coerce them into a confidentiality agreement.

“The following day, my MacBook indicated it was shared with other users through protocols, my Internet router, and iCloud server,”  Alizada wrote. “Meanwhile, I am hearing recognizable voices of my neighbors. The same voices were coming out of my ears and from my neighbors sitting 100 feet from my living room slated windows, visible from inside.”

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The voices repeated Alizada’s thoughts within seconds, he explained. His neighbors glanced at their smart phones and discussed his ideas, identical to odd accounts Dupré receives from other targets.

“Many instant modifications (occurred),” he said. ”Some people I knew followed me. It was chaotic to witness such incidents without any reasonable cause.”

He saw people talking about him, repeating his thoughts, and one questioned him as though he was guilty of some “hidden agenda or was a threat to the society,” he explained, leading him to finally confront each of them. Everyone, however, denied his allegations. 

Alizada’s iPhone, iPad, and MacBook reset or locked just as he attempted to gather evidence by recording the voices. He noticed pages being controlled by Verizon Certification registered under his neighbor’s name, Joseph Michelle.

“All the allegations with the voices, images, and thoughts implanted in my brain created a deviant personality without my knowledge,” he said. “It seemed everyone was required to construct me into believing otherwise.”

Alizada’s methodic research and evidence showed him that he was not mentally ill. He was, however, suffering from a mental injury, a big difference in that injuries typically heal after abuse ends. 

He thinks the Department of Homeland Security Surveillance, or other government officials are involved in monitoring him. He was born in Afghanistan and raised Muslim. The ACLU and two individuals in San Diego validated his reasoning of DHS surveillance. Six months of torment later, DHS Surveillance Agents disclosed their identities to him, explaining he needed to agree to “live under their guidelines,” he said. 

How does modern mind control work?

“Sean’s story is typical of many of the 12,000 plus appeals for help and advice I’ve received over the years.I have no doubt he is a genuine victim of what they call ‘gang stalking,’” surveillance expert Paul Baird told Dupré in an email. “He is also clearly targeted for remote neural monitoring (brain rape) and neurophone (voice to skull) commentary. These are usually conducted by teams of monitors using powerful computers linked to geosychronously orbitting satellites.”

Such high-tech teams are based at the CIA’s Langley Research Centre, NSA’s Fort Meade facility and other facilities, according to Baird.

“Targeted individuals’ bio-electronic resonance frequency isolates them,” explained Baird. “Their brain waves are scanned and the results fed to supercomputers with software that has a full brain wave vocabulary.

“The individuals’ thoughts echo back, and/or the monitors’ comments are fed back, and/or standard computer phrases are relayed to the target to oppress, disorientate, annoy and discredit them, especially when they report it to police or medical professionals, who are either corrupt or, more likely, ignorant that such crimes are committed against innocent members of the public, – so, they think ‘delusional.’”

Targets are typically whistleblowers, activists, writers, enemies of criminals, or members of a marginalised group, according to Baird. Anyone “with the right connections,” however, can add anyone’s name to the target list. The FBI’s list has been proven to be outdated and with names of people it never authorized.

“Certainly, an Afghan Muslim wandering around California (especially Hollywood, infested with agency personnel, crime syndicates and more) filts the bill,” asserted Baird.

Alizada said, “I believe many innocent civilians are being mentally tortured by these agencies and forced to believe it is a mental illness, such as Schizophrenia or other Psychosis. I am very fortunate to discover a system that abuses and destroys human brains, through technology without American people’s consent or awareness.

Again, “yesterday’s conspiracy theory is today’s news,” West writes. “However, signposts have been there all along.”

Microchip implants to track pets, livestock and the elderly are widely available and microchipping children ”not far off” says West, apparently unaware of the thousands of children already microchipped by their friendly dentist, without parental knwledge or consent. There’s been extensive animal testing on monkeys so they can control devices via brain-computer interface; an edible “smart pill” microchip embraced to monitor patient drug dosages and vital signs. The number of targeted individuals already slipped a “smart pill” is unknown, but suspected to be high — very high.

“In the name of health and security – always the dynamic duo for introducing the next level of science fiction into everyday reality – a new wirelessly powered implant a fraction the size of a penny… promises to offer a whole new ease of medical monitoring and drug delivery,” says West.

More: The Mark: Forced RFID Chips Soon, Scientists Say

Futurist and a director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil details the imminent Human Body 2.0, that will incorporate medical nanobots delivering drugs to specific cells and identifying certain genetic markers with fluorescent labeling. Once these nanobots enter the body, Kurzweil says they “could” connect our brains directly to Cloud computing systems.

It will be an incremental process, one already well under way. Although version 2.0 is a grand project, ultimately resulting in the radical upgrading of all our physical and mental systems, we will implement it one benign step at a time. Based on our current knowledge, we can already touch and feel the means for accomplishing each aspect of this vision. (emphasis added) [Kurzweil]

“Could” refers to a future possibility. Again, this secret human rights violation is here, now, today, ruining innocent people’s lives globally, including a low estimate of 1/10 of all American Targeted Individuals, according to private investigator William Taylor, who should know. He’s investigated dozens of targets’ cases, including high-profilers in Hollywood and elected officials, he’s told Dupré.

Wireless microchips are described as a ”benign” step. “Mid-field wireless transfer” technology that Stanford researchers recently reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences can provide a low-consumption power source to wirelessly recharge implantable chips. They cite benefits:

(The)work could lead to programmable microimplants like sensors that monitor vital functions, electrostimulators that alter neural signals in the brain, and drug delivery systems that apply medicine directly where needed. All without the bulk of batteries and recharging systems required today.

[...] So far, the wireless charging system has been tested in a pig and also used to power a pacemaker in a rabbit. The next step is human trials. Should those prove successful, it will likely take a few years before the system is authorized for commercial usage. (Emphasis added)

While media paints microchipping humans as beneficial, even life-saving, sci-tech always tends to “spread – especially in an age of ubiquitous surveillance amid “security threats” of every stripe,” says West, as if not the initial intention and not already applied to innocent targets appearing to be on Obama’s kill list, or at the very least, being abused as non-consensual human experimentees. Many of these test subjects, with lives ruined during Bush and Obama administrations, presented their cases to Obama’s Biomedical Committee to no avail. Obama has thus demonstrated not only refusal to help those victims, but also his continued targeted killing campaign using such tools as microchips and other technical assaults, more covert weapons than his weapon of choice, drones.

Michael Snyder, in a BBC article entitled “Why I Want a Microchip Implant” exposed:

Ultimately, implanted microchips offer a way to make your physical body machine-readable. Currently, there is no single standard of communicating with the machines that underpin society – from building access panels to ATMs – but an endless diversity of identification systems: magnetic strips, passwords, PIN numbers, security questions, and dongles. All of these are attempts to bridge the divide between your digital and physical identity, and if you forget or lose them, you are suddenly cut off from your bank account, your gym, your ride home, your proof of ID, and more. An implanted chip, by contrast, could act as our universal identity token for navigating the machine-regulated world. (emphasis added)

Beyond obvious privacy and health implications of literally opening your body to security breaches - as all computerized systems are known to have gaping holes – there’s a radiation question. The Stanford researchers insist this “breakthrough discovery in wireless power requires roughly as much energy as a cell phone and exposes subjects to radiation levels well below the threshold for human safety,” but increasingly, studies show cell phones and wireless technology are a grave threats to human health and rights, such as those reported in:

Birds lose their internal compass in environments polluted with various electromagnetic fields and bees, dolphins and other animals are highly sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. 

“[W]e can never discount the role of the military anywhere within science, as most of what we see trickle into the consumer realm comes from military-funded labs like those at DARPA,” West writes. “And what we see there is not very comforting.”

The U.S. military’s researching ways to create super soldiers resistant to diseases and bio-attacks through microchipping. DARPA’s researching Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for remote mind control through a tiny wireless brain implant.

Who are human test subjects of their research? Targeted Individuals’ mounting evidence shows they are, as non-consenting experimentees, comparable to Mengela’s test subjects: the perseucted on a kill-list used in most barbaric medical tests, some researched to death.

“The programs are many and wide-reaching but they always include people who’ll look bad if they react, Baird explained this week. “The DHS apparently as much as admitted they had an eye on Sean.”

As for drugging and other police setups, a Targeted Individual can experience false complaints about him or her, bogus files created, and neighborhood rumours, Baird said, adding, “Muslim fear mongering or any number of other things set up by agency people and their connections in law enforcement, politics, the mainstream media or more.”

Hypervigilance: TIs Catch 22: Helps them survive while destroying them

“Often, the confusion a victim experiences causes them to look odd or react, like any victim, with a sort of “cry for help” approach to everyone,” Baird said. “This can make them look paranoid. Also, once bitten twice shy, so it’s natural that someone hit or drugged or followed is looking out for that all the time.”

Confronting those responsible or those that the deceitful monitors make you think are responsible, is always a bad move and can lead to institutionalisation, exactly what the harassers want. Why?

Baird said it’s because from then on, anything the TI reveals about they know or believe or any complaint the TI makes about the persecution and oppression will be disbelieved and they can continue doing whatever they like with the TI.

“It’s also important for victims to know that the brain is a receiver and transmitter in all of this and that neurophone input can: be audible or subliminal, in any language, mimic any individual’s voice and be “thrown” as a 3D audio system; like a ventriloquist can do,” Baird said. “So, monitors can make wait until neighbours are nearby, use their voice, throw it and make you think they’re to blame. They can take one person’s thought or comment and plant it another’s head, so the target reacts or repeats it, unwittingly, and looks more involved then they really are until confronted, and then the operatives report you are involved.

“The number one lesson any agent gets is how to deceive others. How to hurt you is lesson #2.”

Over 5,000 technologies are hidden by the Inventions Secrecy Act and other “National Security” legislation, according to Baird. Campaigners against this hidden oppression, a silent holocaust, number in the hundreds, while victims they represent number in the millions, he says.

“This widespread problem needs to be exposed as an adjunct to Edward Snowden’s revelations. What happens to Sean happens to real targets of covert mass surveillance once located,” Baird asserted.

“Ray Kurzweil’s Human Body 2.0 is being worked on as we speak,” writes West. “The only thing left to wonder is who will be in control of it?”

Millions of mind control targeted victims know not only that, but also that the buck stops with the U.S. government. Like thousands of other targeted individuals, Alizada contacted several government agencies, including DHS, NSA, FBI, and the White House Secret Service Headquarters. 

“I am not sure what other options I have in this case and what steps are necessary to bring justice and my voice to be heard,” he said in his initial email to Dupré, signing it, Thank you for your time. God Bless America.”

Sources: Personal Interviews with Paul Baird and Sean Alexander Alizada, Activist Post, Before It’s News

Photo Credit: Veteran’s Today

Copyright Deborah Dupré 2014, [email protected]

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    • Deborah Dupre

      While some things in this article defy common beliefs and even traditional science, something is happening to too many targets to be dismissed – and their are too many government secrets for too many people to live comfortably without their rights trampled to death.

      • John

        **there are too many**

    • Deborah Dupre

      Far too many people are presenting with these same symptoms, allegations and evidence for this to be coincidence or benign. Thank you for considering this:

    • Daniel

      If anyone believes they are being targeted by psychotronics by (5) N42 magnets and tape them to your body, not on bones like a spine and this will eliminate the effects and the controller will believe his machine is bad.

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