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WHAT! UN Convicts Vatican of Cont. Child Sex Abuse and You Won't Believe the Churches Response ....

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Kevin Annett’s International Tribunal into Crimes of the Church and State (ITCCS) are not the only ones accusing the Vatican.  Now the UN Committee Against Torture (UNCAT) have  jumped on the bandwagon and are investigating the Vatican on charges of torture.


The UNCAT defines torture as:


Any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person, information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.”


The UNCAT Report, which can be viewed here in its entirety, believes there is ongoing torture in the Vatican church among clergy and priests. As a result the Vatican issued this statement….


“The Holy See notes that in times past, cruel practices were commonly used by legitimate governments to maintain law and order, often without protest from the pastors of the church, who themselves adopted in their own tribunals the prescriptions of Roman law concerning torture. Regrettable as these facts are, the church always taught the duty of clemency and mercy.”


The Holy See was informed earlier this year by the UN, to immediately remove all clergy and priests who were known child molesters, torturers, and abusers. Sadly, they had not been removed from office prior to the proclamation even though they were likely aware of the heinous sexual acts committed against thousands of children.  


UN experts from the Rights of the Child (RTC) could not understand how these clergy, who went decades without punishing their clerical for child abuse, allowed such gruesome acts to continue right under their noses. Furthermore the clergymen refused to admit the extent of their problem and took no measures to prevent it. Because of these acts the RTC took action and interviewed the Holy See.


Upon their investigation the RTC discovered that tens of thousands of children worldwide were victimized by the Church. The report further indicated that these “well-known child sex abusers” were for years “being transferred from parish to parish in an attempt to cover up such crimes”. As a result of moving rather than reporting pedophiles, “…in many countries… dozens of child sex offenders are reported to still be in contact with children.”


This is outright hypocrisy from the Vatican.


In 2013, a UN document sent to the Holy See demanded that the Catholic clergy provide evidence of how they have prevented past sex offences, how the children who have been perpetrated have been given assistance, and any investigations they themselves have made against their own clergymen.


The report reads:


“In light of the recognition by the Holy See of sexual violence against children committed by members of the clergy, brothers and nuns in numerous countries around the world, and given the scale of the abuses, please provide detailed information on all cases of child sexual abuse committed by members of the clergy, brothers and nuns brought to the attention of the Holy See over the reporting period.”


BUSTED! Vatican Hiding Evidence Convicting Pope Frances of Killing and Trafficking Children! Evidence PILES against Him- Court April 7th – Must Read Update!


For More Information See:|+Susanne+Posel+Daily+Headlines+and+Research&utm_medium=FB#sthash.SaqLj53p.dpuf


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    • Who dat

      I bet the UN funds nothing, or a couple of no bodies will be the whipping boys. The UN is the worst organisation to investigate this, they are the most untrustworthy people on the planet, well except the 1%, the UN is their enabler.

      • Anonymous

        Yes I think you are right, Who Dat because the UN is its creation… serves the Master who is against us and against all our children and against our Creators

        • Who dat

          Well it seems out of all these people, it’s only me and you that think the UN is a sack of crap. They are at the bottom of everything, they are the police of the world and who controls them? Agenda 21, the UN is the new world order.


        It doesn’t surprise me that America has the most gay men in the world per population. You Americans are sick in your head.

        • Anonymous


          Oh my word, ROFLHO thank you, that is good man,

          about your other point,

          well, it is because of a lot of child abuse that a lot of our men are like that here now. Our system is very sadistic and it indoctrinates and conditions boys to be un-brave, to fear, to cower, to play to the sytem’s demands, and the system demands that they act like girls (sorry girls, but… cannot think of another word acually right now, you know what I mean though) and behave in a sycophantic (spineless, rote-repetitive induced state of non-boyhood) way that makes it easy for the management (control) of the male population, formerly known as ‘men’…

          sorry, this is breaking my heart as I type but it is true.. and tragic
          Our leaders (who are Satanic) did this to us, but yes, we were stupid enough to let them do it to us

          So in that way, it is not fair, but in that way, our leaders believe that we deserved it.

          We didn’t deserve, but we were just busy being superficial and artificial and making a living looking the other way, just like they set it up (this sytem) to be… a total unnatural way of living/’life’ (survival) … if you think this is deserving this criminal stuff done to us and our young, well, that is a little bit harsh…
          it was Black Magick and the hexes done on us have worked. Was that fair? It wouldn’t have worked if we had been diligent and sober, and not allowed ourselves collectively and individually to be distracted with things… like survival..
          but we allowed them to do that to us, too (^^^slavery in the modern world)
          but the young are the ones suffering the most, and to me, that is not fair. They don’t deserve this rotten way of ‘living’… we were the ones to allow the system to become this bad…they just trusted US. Now the children are the ones to pay the greatest price, probably with their lives.

      • Busta Myth

        Looking at their kooky evil idea of UN Agenda 21 the EU just looks like Green Nazis in expensive Suits

        or UNITED NAZIS :evil:

        “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” – Maurice Strong Opening speech, Rio Earth Summit :evil:

        It sounds like premeditated mass Murder to me !

        Child Sex Abuse is what needs to be Exterminated !

      • Anonymous

        Who dat, Yes, when you said,
        Well it seems out of all these people, it’s only me and you that think the UN is a sack of crap. They are at the bottom of everything, they are the police of the world and who controls them? Agenda 21, the UN is the new world order.

        MAY 5, 2014, 4:45 PM

        i say to you why are there so many people who think we have not the power of change? Was it because of Obama’s lie to us about ‘Hope and Change’ ? (lol)

        We can indeed change… but it will involve a lot of blood I guess
        and it will be ours. But at this level of hopeless downspiralling, we really are looking death straight in the face as it is, right now; so what choice is there?

        The UN needs to go down, the whole system needs to be not overhauled, but taken right down, and another good one, simple and true, set up.

        But first a lot of people who would prevent a benign, fair system being set up need to go.

    • Emery

      The catholic religion, and the Vatican in particular, are Satanic religions. The Vatican is populated by members of the Ninth Circle, a Satanic cult requiring it’s members to have sex with and to kill and drink the blood of new born babies. In Canada, they are digging up the remains of countless baby victims of the Vatican and of the Anglican Church of England. Both religions have many Residential Schools in Canada for Native Canadian Indians. All of the victims are Natives. The current Pope has been found guilty of the deaths of 50,000 children in Argentina in the 1970′s

      • Anonymous

        That is beyond horrifying, I don’t know what to say, I already knew this went on, but the level and the depth, the ingrained systemic use of this religion to destroy, is beyond my ability to comprehend…

        how did we all fall for this? We are all hexed…we have all been hexed. Black magic is against us or we would have seen and done something before now

    • MileHiLife

      Deniers, please please inform yourselves with the truth of these horrendous crimes of the Roman Catholic Church. These are not crimes of the long forgotten past, but very recently, and included Pope Francis, Benedict XVI, and John Paul II and every pope since the late 1700′s.

      Now you know why Benedict had such an unexpected early exit, which is unheard of. They knew these charges were coming. Oh, and they replaced him with the first non European white (Francis). Sound familiar?

      The ONLY way to stop these disgusting acts of child rape, torture, sacrifice, and trafficking is by informing the naive and willingly ignorant. DO NOT rely on the UN or World Court. The Vatican is one of, if not THE, wealthiest entities on earth.

      It’s shocking and hard to believe that the RCC, of ALL places, worship Lucifer. But, after the shock wears off and you see the evidence and hear the testimonies, you WILL start to see the light.

      Isn’t Satan the all time greatest deceiver of mankind? Well, there’s the proof.

      It will take us, the people of the world, to end these acts forever. The governments won’t to it as they are too corrupted, many by this very church. WE owe it to the children, to ourselves, and for some, God.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, you write the truth.
        and even before the 1700′s…
        this goes back to the cradle of ‘civilisation’ when the apostasy began
        it was the beginning of Satan’s worship thru the priesthood of Cain his son
        who began the system we see now, ‘Rome/Vatican/Christianity” in earnest in Sumer, Ur, and Babylon, Nineveh – at least that is as far back as the Bible takes it, for us, however, there are places long before the Babyonian Kingdom like 12,000 years ago which could have been a part of this religion, since Satan’s son was living then… surely he would have been teaching about his father being the ‘real, right’ God to worship by the people of the world even then.

        Surely he would have used the mark of his father, ‘The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’ (portrayed as the tree of life, however deceitfully)
        this sign has been around since the dawn of history, the Dawn of History …
        getting people blinded by the light of the lies of the Liar and Murderer.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Lisa Haven, again.

      People need to wake up to the facts.. and they are HORRIFIC…

      but I bet no one does anything, at least, the Catholics will not. Because this was already well-known to them, and to us.

      But that it is official abuse all over Canada, as well as Vatican, and USA, and the world… using our offspring for their fodder,
      to literally murder them for blood to the Gods and to drink the life-force of these pure beings who trusted us,
      is beyond any scale

      no wonder IAUE will send His Strong Right Arm (Son, Yahushua) to DESTROY THESE DESTROYERS

      Baal, The Lord, Satan, is served, continually, and tonight begins Beltane (Bel = Baal, = Belus)
      who is the Catholic God, the Christian’s (unwitting, mostly) God, the Jews’ God, the HIndus’ God, the Buddhists’ God, the Druids’ God, the Satanists’ God, etc. etc.
      which is just another of his feasts of blood of innocents historically

      It continues, and we all just ignore it as though it did not exist as though children do not mean anything to us, or kindness, or truth, or righteousness; we act as though we are in a world of unreal ‘virtual’ impressions, where nothing matters, really… and we act as though we are alive…

      That is a hex, by definition

    • Anonymous

      The biggest, most powerful federation/monopoly/system on earth: Do you all recognise the sign, the mark, of this God, on the Pope?

      Yes, that is correct. The sign of Tammuz, The Cross, forbidden (to you) (according to the manuscripts we have come to know as The Bible).

      Come Out of Her, My People saith IAUE of Hosts

      Plagues are coming soon, destruction, fire and blood, it will all come.

    • becomingme

      These are not the only crimes of the Vatican:

      Go to, and scroll down about a third of the page to read “The Jesuit Oath”.

      Then go to

    • Anonymous

      Please re: your children’s safety also, /politics/2014/05/scaryif-you-have-kids-in-public-school-you-need-to-hear-this-2618954.html

      see the earthquake protocol by scrolling down to wretched’s info

    • The Marian Catechist

      The Church Scandals


      The Holy Catholic Church has taken a lot of hits from its enemies this past decade. As Nixon once said about the press – “I gave ‘em a sword. And they stuck it in, and they twisted it with relish.” The sins of the priests with young altar boys over a 50 year period (1952 – 2002) amounted to only 4% of priests being accused of this crime, but if you listened to the news media, you would think that 96% of Catholic priests were guilty of this, instead of being totally innocent.

      Some protestants, in addition to the media, piled on as well. “SEE”, they say, THIS PROVES THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS EVIL.” Of course, they were saying this after David Koresh, PROTESTANT MINISTER, molested all of those young girls in Waco, after Jimmy Swaggart, PROTESTANT MINISTER, had been down to Bourbon Street on numerous occasions to see his girl friends, after Jim Bakker, PROTESTANT MINISTER, had had his fling with his girl friend, after Jim Jones, PROTESTANT MINISTER, had poisoned all of those kids and adults down in Jonestown, and after the Puritans, PROTESTANTS, had murdered all of those “witches” up there in Salem. And more recently, Tony Alamo, PROTESTANT MINISTER, was arrested in Arkansas for molesting young girls. And who can forget Warren Jeff’s MORMON compound in West Texas, where young girls were forced to marry “elders” in the MORMON Church?

      So how should we respond to these accusations that the Church is evil, a charge leveled by the media, some protestants, and Freemasons? To the media, I would say that lying and slandering conservative candidates for office is also a big sin. And they do that every day. And who can forget NBC news intentionally rigging a pickup truck to blow up, to prove how unsafe it was on impact? Who can forget ABC News employees putting tainted meat out at Food Lion Grocery stores, and then showing footage of that on the news, so as to prove that Food Lion cared more about profits than consumer safety? And who can forget CBS News lying about George W. Bush not serving in the Air National Guard in Houston, and providing forged documents to “prove it”? No, the media has no right to cast the first stone.

      As regards protestants who calumniate the Church, just mention Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Jones, David Koresh, the Salem witch trials, Tony Alamo, Jim Bakker, Jesse Jackson and his illegitamate baby, Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley, etc. No, the Protestants have as many sins as anyone, especially now that so many of them subscribe to the “Health and Wealth” gospel of Joel Osteen and Company. And then there is John Hagee, who makes up so much of the end of the world stuff and passes it all off as fact.

      The Freemasons? They are a bit trickier, because they are very secretive about who they are and what they do behind their windowless lodges, shrines, and temples with locked doors. But if you’ve ever had a childhood friend who was clueless about school and now is well off, and who kind of shuns you and puts down the Catholic Church in e-mails and in person, the odds are pretty good that he is a freemason. They have no right to throw rocks at us either, because they participate in secret religious rites before someone in a tux and top hat called their “Worshipful Master”. They have their own bible, and they are assured passage into the great celestial lodge in the sky if they are good masons and do a lot of great works on earth, and all without any mention of Jesus. Oh, and did I say they have an initiation rite with a resurrection of a dead Egyptian named Hiram Abif, which is clearly mocking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So when they attack the Church, make them declare that they are Freemasons, and then throw it all back at them, including the fact that they take a secret frivoulous oath on a bible to be disemboweled if they reveal the masonic secrets, which they don’t even know yet. This clearly violates James 5:12. And be sure and ask them when they pray in their lodge, if they pray to Jesus Christ, or rather to something called the “Great Architect of the Universe”, a term that is nowhere to be found in the Bible.

      In short, the sins of 4% of Catholic priests over a 50 year period (.08% a year !) do not negate Catholic teaching on ANYTHING, any more than the betrayal of Judas, an apostle of Jesus hand picked by Jesus himself who represents 1/12 = 8.33 % of the apostles, negates Christianity!

      • Anonymous

        Your apologising and defending the Catholic Church, the Evil Vatican System of Horrors, is sickening.

        You would make me laugh but the issue is so bloody, and so vile, I can not laugh at your vain attempts, (wicked attempts) to whitewash this horror, which is state-sponsored, world-sponsored, with the money of trillions of suffering people backing your institution up.

        and then, your lame attempt at throwing in a red herring ‘The Freemasons .. they are a bit trickier’… yes, you are tricky,

        you are all very tricky, you are all rotten, there are some good people in Catholic Church still, like there are good Freemasons still, but the evidence has piled up so high and stinks so much to heaven that these few good people who have perhaps been ignorant (?) have to COME OUT, TAKE A STAND FOR THE CHILDREN, and DENOUNCE/RENOUNCE these rotten people and their rotten corrupt, murderous, hideous system of demonic religion. That is what it is.
        Like the Muslims: they need to freaking get brave and good and come out of that barbarically evil system of subversive abuse; time is running out and soon the chance to decide for good will be UP. DONE, FINIS

        OVER. Catholics (The Universal Church, people, really!) Muslims, Freemasons, Christians, all people need to do this, now, because tomorrow may not come for you. Then, you will be eternally sorry.

        If you are still in Church, Catholic or Protestant, worshipping Baal, (forbidden, Molech, Astarte, Bacchus, Dionysus, Bel, Belus, Baalti, Krishna, Christ, Lord, God, the Solar Deity in his 3 forms) then, your time is short to make your stand. You will be forever sorry if you stay in ‘her’.
        Muslims, the same goes for you all.
        All Satanists who think (erroneously) that their God is the right one to be worshipped, the smart one, the strong one, the wise one, will find, to their dismay, that he screwed them, too, with his hateful lies of ‘wisdom’, ‘fairness’ etc. and all his rewards promised to them will be seen by all to be the lies that they always have been. And he will be captured and destroyed.
        Then they (the world’s people) will look upon him narrowly, saying, ‘Is this the man who deceived the whole world?’ in disbelief.

        Satan is not all-powerful or strong or wise, or fair. He is dirty to the core, and desires your death after your deep humiliation and degradaation and ruin.
        After he is worshipped by you, and the rest of the world.
        He will go to hell and hell’s a burnin’…

        • Hawbs

          hi Wretched Infidel, you gave alot of time and effort here to get your point across. Praise to Yahuah! i totally agree with you. couldn’t have said it better myself. i have quit the church. never going back to that demon house of worship that looks all nicey nice, but does not worship the Creator how He tells us to worship Him. i keep His commandments and believe in the saving power of His Son. i believe the whole of the scriptures are to be followed. no man made up worship. no men should be above other men. we are to be loving servants to friends and enemies alike. find me a religion that do these things!!!! the world is a mess and i know why. may Yahuah have mercy on us all.

      • Anonymous

        Just before I leave you and your canned, cowardly, wicked, brainwashed zombie replies, you in the service of Mary, (Astarte, Isis, Lady of Roses, the perpetual virgin, the Goddess of blood, war, etc.)

        I would just like to say beforehand to you,

        that you ought to know the facts before you worship anyone; and you should know without a shadow of any doubt, Marian devotee, whose mark is the cross, the crucifix, ‘her son’, the God your church knows by name as ‘Sol Invictus’, is the same entity as the Horned God, the Goat God, the Serpent, the Sun/fire God are all the same.

        The same Being is being honoured in all of these different ways. You do know that this is called abominations in the bible, yes?
        Quit your Evil Church, and just read the Bible. You may learn many things when the braintrauma wears off… but you must begin now, your time is running out

        try reading the Church’s banned book for over a century, by English Reverend Alexander Hislop: The Two Babylons.

        this will help you immenselely to see the lies which they have repeatedly shoved down your little throat.

        Were you ever sexually abused/molested/raped as a child? If so, we understand and sympathize, and know why you are in denial still. If not, then, you have no business being in denial because there are children being raped this minute by your churchmen.

        • Anonymous

          Hi there, Anonymous, Thank you, (this is in a belated reply as I only just saw that I got a reply after leaving the place, and reading out the copies I saw your reply to me, which is very kind of you, and I really appreciate your kind words and thoughtfulness as a human being who is not afraid of thinking on their own and swimming against the current.

          (this is in reply to your one above, but it doesn’t let a reply go under yours, for some reason there is no reply button on yours..?)
          to this, when you said :
          hi Wretched Infidel, you gave alot of time and effort here to get your point across. Praise to Yahuah! i totally agree with you. couldn’t have said it better myself. i have quit the church. never going back to that demon house of worship that looks all nicey nice, but does not worship the Creator how He tells us to worship Him. i keep His commandments and believe in the saving power of His Son. i believe the whole of the scriptures are to be followed. no man made up worship. no men should be above other men. we are to be loving servants to friends and enemies alike. find me a religion that do these things!!!! the world is a mess and i know why. may Yahuah have mercy on us all.

          MAY 5, 2014, 11:48 PM

          I couldn’t have said it better, anonymous. What you say. May Yahuah have mercy on us all

          And I know you are very much loved and being watched by Him and His Son, and His angelic host.

          Have you read about the stars that are being noticed by many people now, which are moving?
          I’ll try to find that post for you, I think you will think it is interesting, and thank you very much again, Anonymous.

          No one hardly ever answered me here.

      • sarah

        Uh … could we just agree they are all evil … wolves in sheep’s clothing if you will.

        There is a big difference in being a Christian, and being a religious person associated with religious organizations.

        A Christian is something a person is everyday, all day long. Not just one day of the week, and on special occasions.

        The Bible even refers to some places of worship, and I paraphrase, as whorehouses.

        Why associate with any such organized religious brothels? They are of the world having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.

        ‘Come out of the world my people’ is what God said in his Word the Bible.

        • timemark

          well said Sarah… it is nice to see reason.

      • Rose

        This is the 21st Protestant witch hunt all over again, they forget Free Masons pervs are mostly Protestant and hide behind many Institutions. Many of the comments/conspiracies on these boards are right out of the Salem Trials, full of imaginations run wild, like the devil himself. No doubt the Church has its monsters. But to attack the very Sacraments instructed by our Lord and guided by the Holy Spirit will be their own demise on judgment day.

        • Anonymous

          LOL Rose. You are so blinded by your Lady of perpetual virginal love… Lady of Roses for whom you were named; No, we will not be punished for ‘rejecting the sacraments instructed by YOUR LORD (Satan’s son, Cain, and Ashtarte’s son, known to most as Tammuz) because they will not be in charge of judgment day! Get a clue, girl, get a freaking grip! Come out of that church and all their lies, or you will die for lies, seriously, you will.

          The Holy Spirit = of course you know this, Rose, = The Goddess of bloodshed and murder, war

          The Horned God = Sol Invictus, your ‘Universal Church’s God, the ‘Unconquerable Sun God’

          The Lord is usually an epithet for the son of the Solar Deity but it is also another term or title for his father, who you know is the Sun God, or the Great Dragon, or ‘the Devil’, the Horned God is the Sun Deity, who is the Serpent who deceived Adam and Eve, whose seed is intertwined thu humanity now which everyone is fighting with. This is the situation. If you refuse to acknowledge the truth seen in history and corroborated by the Bible, (those parts your lying church fathers didn’t change or take out) then you with all of the priesthood and all your other beloved people and ancestors will have done to them what is prophesied… IAUE (Yah) does not wish you to remain in this Church, He is the One and Only Creator Father (along with his Word, Yahushua) who instruct all people to COME OUT OF SOLAR DEITY WORSHIP.

          Your church got all its tenets and principles of philosophy and rituals, rites, and practices from Chaldea, it went to Egypt and thru Babylonian teachings, we have the Roman Catholic Church (literally meaning ‘Universal’, how blatantly endlessly ambitious and cruel her ways are) which feeds on children like Lilith, your bloodthirsty Goddess whom you call another name does not change her nature, which all Satanists know is bloody and vicious, dressed in regal clothing and matronly guise notwithstanding, babe at her breast notwithstanding, your priests know the reality of this Goddess: She is one and the same as Artemis, Tanit, Aphrodite, Diana, Dis, Isis, Ast, and all the other names for her thru history, and they know she loves to dine on the blood of innocents, children, who you all proclaim so LOUDLY to love SO MUCH, whom you serve up to your fathers, priests, Popes, bishops, clergy of all kind, to torment, torture, and ruin.

          You are of your father, Satan, and your Mother, his consort the Goddess; if you do not wish to remain of your rotten heritage, then you can decide to come out. You don’t have to remain brainwashed fools and aiders and abettors of their criminal legacy which you support as of today. You , Rose, can change. You are expected to change and renounce this evil.
          We are all hoping and waiting for you to get real and do that. Be good, Rose, and come out.

          May Yah help you to learn the truth and become honest to do that whcih He made you to do.

    • Anonymous

      Children: The most coveted sacrifice.

      please see how this ties in with ‘the agenda’ Lisa Haven wrote about on this:

      please scroll down to more of the tie-ins about the upcoming earthquakes (destruction) on the USA for the intransigence and refusal to worship their Creator, IAUE, per the bible. This will come. Please save your children, no one in authority is interested in saving them, just the opposite. It is time to come out if you care about the children, speak out, tell the truth about this protocol which goal is to cause suffering and ruin, agony and terrified deaths of children.

      Just like this Catholic Sex Abuse and other Satanic people’s sex abuse of children right now.
      This God is evil, vile and bloodthirsty.

    • peter

      All roads lead to Rome/Vatican !

      • Anonymous

        yes, it does seem so…
        ‘Broad is the way, … which leads to destruction….’ reminds me of this … the Vatican is straight, pure Satanism, from ancient Egypt and Chaldea – BABYLON

        today it still reigns over the entire world, it seems. All but a relative few people are worshipping her God/Godhead. (Father, Mother, Son… who are really all one Being, the ‘Achad’ or the united, only one of Isaiah, I think , it is spoken of in this wording. Doing things called abominations, eating the broth of abominable things (including human flesh of sacrificed victims, babies/children), under every green tree, saying, ‘We art Holier Than Thou’…

        The Only One, the One God (the united one), the Godhead of Triune Personhood/personalities, the Trinity in other words, which all priests of this horific religion tell you, IS ONE ONLY. ha ha … it is a mystery, the mystery of INIQUITY, (DEEP DEEP EVIL)

        Whenever something is blatantly not making any logical or natural sense, and it confounds the reasoning capacity of man, and it is manmade, or done or practised by mankind without understanding it, it is a great tipoff that it is inspired or caused by someone or some force that is against humanity or life. In other words, if you are told to say or do things that you do not find logical, and you find against goodness, against nature, and to repeat after a person in authority to be ‘acceptable’ to them, (or, to this God of bloodshed) take it as a definite indication that it is not a friendly force or a benign being which is forcing you to do it/say it/believe it/repeat after someone, or just ‘do it’ or else… punishment will ensue. This is undiluted Satanism in practice, and is against the bible’s precepts.

        It is clear in the Bible that there are not three persons in one God. There are not three (not 3) but only two Beings, Beings Who created us. They share the same spirit – a spirit of truth, love, and life. Kindness, patience, and everything good. That is Their spirit. And people either share that spirit, or the spirit of another, the enemy, who is against Yahuah and Yahushua/Yahshua.

        The enemy spirit makes no sense. It is a killing, hating, vile, against-nature spirit, which desires only to destroy all that the Creators made and love. This is why these people who rape and ruin and torture children and others, and animals, and pollute everything good, ruin every lovely and pure thing, truth itself, do these criminal, revolting, cruel, barbaric, Satanic things to such goodness and innocence and youth. You cannot hurt anyone like you can hurt a young person, who doesn’t know enough to distrust and has no power to defend themselves, who are manipulated by the evil minds which are driven to destroy them, who IAUE (Yahuah) loves, and for whom Yahushua shed his blood and let his spirit go for the saving of;

        these people in these churches, and in these positions of power in the world are full of the spirit of their God, their Lord, spirits of vile cruelty and wickedness.

        Our hearts are breaking because of this… plus the article on Hollywood child rape that I just read in the last hour…we have to speak out, and not let the authorities let this be shunted aside – kick them out, bring them to trial, let these boys (and girls) know there is no shame in being raped, the shame is on the rapists and they need to be killed. Note that I didn’t say murdered, because they are not innocent. The law against putting an innocent person to death is termed ‘murder’. Not ‘killing’. These men need to be killed, in the manner of the families wishes, after a private trial in which the witnesses and all their family members and friends and supporters hold collectively the perpetrators (rapists and their protectors) to account and make them pay the price, which is death – after the torture they families choose.

    • PeterPan

      Go back to being on vacation.

    • MrFixit

      If you all think that those people who are in the catholic church are worshipping Satan then I pose this question to you what makes you so sure that Jesus you pray to is the right one? Since by your comments there seems to be more than one. Church is not a building it’s group of people who gather to worship in Gods name. From what bible do you take your instruction? I believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings and trust that God sent him to be the savior of this world. I am grateful for this gift now more than ever for this world we live in sorely needs a savior now more than it ever has. Satan is at work everywhere and in all things his corruption and stench of evil will manifest itself last days. To say that because a group of individuals are in league with Lucifer hiding behind the Catholic church that automatically damns rest is unjust and we are not judges only the Christ is. If you dare to think you know his mind think again. Worse than these things will come to pass before the day of the Lord. Let it not disturb you from the path of righteousness. :cry:

    • omatron

      Most probably just a load of window dressing repleat with smoke and mirrors. Any well informed intellectual knows the Vatikan is nothing but the occult bank disguised under a “holy” title. Then again the UN is a NWO shill trying to preserve some semblance of credibility. Usually such excercises lead to no affirmative reforms but are intended to stay the course while appeasing, albeit temporary, those demanding justice. When the blue helmets invade the seven hills in massive force or the mini nukes blast St. Peter’s Square, plausible reality will have been achieved. You can not serve two masters.

    • Captain Solar

      This would be a good start to their list of proof. The evil unhuman pieces of filth that they are.

      *I apologise, all of these are actual links but won’t paste to here, as you can see it would take a long time to copy each link.

      03/06/02 Church will pay $57 million to settle child sex abuse cases. Just step right up to those collection plates, folks.
      02/23/02 Sexual abuse by priests scandal erupts in Philadelphia The blackest of hearts lurk under those white robes.
      02/23/02 Archbishop hit with molestation scandal Maybe it’s easier to keep count of the clergy who AREN’T deviants
      02/10/02 80 priests in Boston (one out of every ten) accused of molestation Okay, one more time; Just WHY are we supposed to think Islam is bad?
      02/12/02 I guess Boston got a little too hot for them
      03/10/02 Florida Bishop Resigns Over Molestation Has it sunk in yet that under those white robes beat black hearts?
      03/15/02 Catholics getting fed up with recent church scandals They should read up on the history of Pope Alexander the 6th.
      03/17/02 Church Sex Scandal Continues To Explode Across The Nation It’s going to take a LOT of collection plates to pay off this mess.
      03/17/02 New York Cardinal covered-up for molesting priests.
      03/17/02 Collection of stories about church sex scandal
      03/17/02 Sex scandal engulfing church is far from over
      03/17/02 Greek Orthodox Priests and monks caught calling phone sex chat lines Just so you don’t think I am only picking on the Catholics.
      03/17/02 Catholic Church wrestles with pedophilia I think “wrestling” is what got them into this mess in the first place.
      03/17/02 Scandal puts Law legacy, church credibility at risk
      03/18/02 Church newspaper questions whether celibacy should be required of priests They AREN’T Celibate. That’s the problem!
      03/20/02 And the Presbyterians….
      03/20/02 Yet another church sex scandal “Oh come all ye faithful?”
      03/22/02 Another priest suspended over sexual allegations If the self-appointed spokesmen for the deity can’t control their own lives, they certainly have no business telling anyone else how to run theirs.
      03/14/02 Church Sex Scandal Crisis Spreads Sort of puts a new slant on “Don we now our gay apparel”
      03/24/02 Church bribed witnesses and faked reports to protect molesting priests Has it sunk in yet that commercialized religion is a fraud?
      04/2/02 Church settles with woman made pregnant by priest
      03/30/02 Los Angeles Cardinal besieged by shady mortuary deal, cost overruns on new Cathedral, accusations of celebrity-chasing, and, oh yes, there’s that pedophilia thing.
      04/4/02 Okay, so we have this priest who spends the night with a male prostitute because he’s under stress, then files a false police report claiming his car was stolen when the prostitute gets arrested on a drug charge while driving the priest’s car. So, how is it that the “all knowing” God these guys insist is real allowed this clown (and as well all the child molesters) to get a job at his branch office in the first place?
      04/6/02 Los Angeles’ Cardinal Mahoney Accused of Sexual Abuse The good news: it’s a woman who is accusing him.
      04/12/02 Sexual Abuse Cases Hit Church Finances “C.mon, c.mon, pass those plates along, we gotta be in court in an hour!” 04/12/02 Cardinal Egan and two NY Bishops covered up for molesting priest 04/14/02 Wisconsin Archbishop Covered up for Molesting Priest “Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me….”
      04/18/02 450 new abuse victims surface in Boston
      04/26/02 Boston child-molesting priest taught children how to inject drugs! Religion is a thousand-year-old con-game, preying on fear and superstition to enslave people with beliefs. Under the whitest robes lurk blackest hearts! 04/29/02 Girl victims overlooked in horror stories of clergy sexual abuse.
      04/29/02 Child molestation scandal has affected 46 out of fifty states.
      Child molestation in the Mormon church.
      Victims of alleged abuse come forward after Baptist pastor’s arrest, ABP, 3/5/10 (Hezekiah Stallworth)
      More accusers come forward as pastor admits to sexual abuse, Tyler Morning Telegraph, 3/4/10 (Hezekiah Stallworth)
      Awaiting DNA results in sexual abuse case, Odessa American, 3/4/10 (Robert John Weber)
      Local pastor arrested, charged with indecency with a child, Palestine Herald-Press, 2/26/10 (Hezekiah Stallworth)
      Baseball coach sentenced for sex abuse, WAVY-TV, 2/23/10 (Dennis Ray Collins)
      Pell City man indicted for sexual abuse, sodomy, St. Clair News Aegis (Alabama), 2/18/10 (Gregory Lee Bowman)
      Former youth minister pleads guilty to abuse, ABP, 2/17/10 (Jack Duffer)
      Haiti judge frees 8 of 10 American missionaries, Associated Press (Austin American Statesman), 2/17/10
      Ex-youth pastor sentenced in child molestations, Gainesville Times, 2/16/10 (Phillip Glenn Terrell)(Afterwards, Southern Baptist church, Emmanuel Baptist, changes its name to Heritage Fellowship.)
      Pastor charged with sex crimes against children, WTSP-TV (West Florida), 2/16/10 (Arley Atchley)
      Counselor with Free Will Baptist Home for Children charged with sex crimes against children, WLTX-TV (South Carolina), 2/15/10 (Arley Atchley)
      Detained Americans seek distance from adviser, Associated Press (Miami Herald), 2/14/10 (Former legal adviser “may be wanted for human trafficking in El Salvador.”)
      Church adviser may face warrant, New York Times, 2/13/10 (“An order is listed in the United States national crime database for a man with that name and birthdate to be arrested on sight….”)
      Former youth pastor guilty of sex assaults, Daily Press (VA), 2/11/10 (Jack Duffer)
      Accused sexual predator a high ranking member of a Central Texas church, KVUE-TV (Austin, TX), 2/11/10 (Robert Riffle)(with video)
      Pastor charged with criminal sexual conduct, WXYZ-TV (Detroit), 2/9/10 (Russel Schaller)
      Haitian officer: U.S. Baptist team made earlier attempt to take children, Christian Post, 2/9/10
      Politics and the Haitian kidnapping case, Wall Street Journal, 2/9/10 (quotes by Frank Page and Richard Land, saying Obama will further alienate evangelicals)
      Missionaries’ Haiti trip no gift of charity, by Eugene Robinson, Dallas Morning News, 2/8/10
      Idahoans in Haiti: We fear for our lives, Idaho Statesman, 2/7/10 (“8 of the group say leader Laura Silsby is ‘lying’.”)
      Local Baptist camp being sued, Commonwealth Journal (Somerset, KY), 2/6/10 (Claude Steven Harmon)
      Southern Baptists ask Obama to help 10 missionaries in Haiti, Christian Post, 2/6/10
      Police: Church officials didn’t report sex abuse, New Hampshire Union Leader, 2/5/10 (Timothy Dillmuth, Richard Eland, Michael Wedge, & Robert Gagnon)
      Prosecuting missionaries good for Haiti, families, church, by Fritz Gutwein, ABP, 2/5/10
      Church seeks forgiveness for mission team detained in Haiti, ABP, 2/5/10
      Southern Baptist leaders ask Obama to intervene on behalf of missionaries, ABP, 2/5/10
      10 Americans charged in Haiti with kidnapping, AP, 2/4/10
      Lawyer seeks release of U.S. missionaries in Haiti, AP, 2/4/10 (All 10 are charged on child kidnapping and criminal association.)
      SBC official says he believes detained missionaries acted in good faith, ABP, 2/4/10
      Missionary case illuminates plight of Haiti’s orphans, Wall Street Journal, 2/3/10 (“…reports that the group was warned away from its plan.”)
      Parents tell of children they entrusted to detained Americans, New York Times, 2/2/10
      Case stokes Haiti’s fears for children, and itself, New York Times, 2/1/10
      U.S. church group knew it was doing wrong, CTV News Montreal, 2/01/10
      Haiti: U.S. Baptists knew they were wrong, CBS News, 2/01/10
      Baptist group arrested in Haiti denies trafficking charge, ABP, 2/01/10
      Protecting Haitian children from harm, inadvertent or deliberate, BaptistPlanet 2/1/10
      When a disorganized religion decides it is going to ‘care for’ your children, Bassenco’s Blog on the Lillypad, 2/1/10
      Pulpit Predators: It’s not just Father so and so…, NEWD magazine, January 2010
      Baptist camp hires interim to replace director charged with pedophilia, ABP, 1/29/10 (Steve Carter)
      Are we Southern Baptist leaders indirect accomplices to Matt Baker’s murder of his wife?, Grace and Truth to You blog, 1/27/10
      Long road to appeal for Matt Baker, KCEN-TV, 1/26/10 (Matt Baker)
      Former pastor plans to appeal murder conviction, ABP, 1/26/10 (Matt Baker)(Pastor Wade Burleson says that someone in SBC “needs to issue some kind of statement that takes responsibility for letting this pastor slip through the cracks when attempted rape and other sexual crimes were reported to religious authorities….”)
      Former associate pastor arrested on child sex charge, WLWT-TV (Ohio/Kentucky), 1/25/10 (John Wayne Diehl)
      Former minister pleads guilty to child molestation charges, Gainesville Times, 1/23/10 (Phillip Glenn Terrell)
      Mother says she forgives former pastor who killed her daughter, ABP, 1/22/10 (Matt Baker)
      Additional sex charge for former minister, The Leaf Chronicle (TN), 1/21/10 (Jonathan Tyler Giles)
      Ex-pastor who killed wife gets 65-year prison term, Associated Press (Sacramento Bee), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)(“During sentencing…four women testified that Baker had made unwanted sexual advances toward them including one who complained to police of an attempted sexual assault.”)
      Women say convicted Texas ex-pastor made advances, Associated Press (San Antonio Express-News), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)
      Former Baptist pastor sentenced in wife’s murder, ABP, 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)
      Matt Baker found guilty of murdering his wife, Waco Tribune-Herald, 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)
      Former Texas minister Matt Baker found guilty of killing wife and faking her suicide note, Associated Press (NY Daily News), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)
      Preacher Matt Baker guilty of killing wife, could get life in prison as jury hears new sex evidence, CBS News 48 Hours, 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)
      Former Texas pastor convicted of killing wife, Associated Press (FOX News), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)
      Ex-pastor faces life sentence after conviction, Associated Press (Times Online), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)(“… alleged sexual advances toward more than a dozen other women . . . . including some underage girls.. . . Jurors were instructed that to find Baker guilty, they had to agree on two things: that Baker drugged his wife and that he suffocated her with a pillow.”)
      Women say convicted Texas ex-pastor made advances, Associated Press (Charlotte Observer), 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)(Woman testifies that Baker was “forcible and aggressive.” She says, “I had to use all my strength to keep him off of me and from taking my clothes off.”)
      Sentencing phase for Matt Baker begins , KXXV-TV, 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)(with video)
      Jury finds Baker guilty of murder; punishment phase begins Thursday, KWTX-TV, 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)(with video)
      Former Baptist preacher found guilty of murder, ABP, 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)
      Ex-mistress testifies in former Baptist pastor’s murder trial, ABP, 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)
      State rests after day that includes former Baker mistress on the stand, KXXV-TV, 1/19/10 (Matt Baker)(with videos)
      Erin Moriarty: Matt Baker lied to me, but did he kill his wife? CBS News 48 Hours, 1/19/10 (Matt Baker)
      Ex-mistress says Texas minister admitted killing wife, Associated Press (Sacramento Bee), 1/19/10 (Matt Baker)
      Church leaders struggle to protect kids from sex abuse, The Sacramento Bee, 1/19/10 (“Southern Baptists are not required to screen any church workers.”)
      Nickelsville pastor found guilty of sexual battery, Kingsport Times News, 1/13/10 (Grover Bernard Lewis)
      Trial underway for former Baptist preacher charged with murder, ABP, 1/12/10 (Matt Baker)
      Pastor’s trial on sex abuse allegations underway today, Daily Gleaner (Canada), 1/11/10 (Frederick Douglas Hanson)
      Church volunteer gets 15 years for sex abuse of boys, Murfreesboro Post (TN), 1/8/10 (Matthew Maurice Jernigan)
      Prosecutors allege Central Texas pastor killed wife, made multiple advances toward other women, Waco Tribune-Herald, 1/6/10 (Matt Baker)
      Youth pastor indicted, Odessa American, 1/5/10 (Robert John Weber)(Senior pastor states: “We have been aware of the situation from the beginning and have re-assigned Mr. Weber to another ministry position within our church.”)
      Youth pastor indicted on felony charges, KWES News West 9, 1/5/10 (Robert John Weber)
      Joubert faces felony charges, The Hour, 1/4/10 (Phillip Joubert)
      2009: The year in Baptist newsmakers, ABP, 1/1/2010 (“[C]lergy-sex-abuse scandals continued to rock corners of the Baptist world . . . . Christa Brown published a memoir and expose . . . .”)
      Norwalk police issue arrest warrant for accused minister, The Hour, 12/31/09 (Phillip Joubert)
      New charges for Norwalk minister, NBC Connecticut, 12/31/09 (Phillip Joubert)
      Murder trial of former Waco-area pastor Matt Baker could take 2 weeks, KWTX News, 12/30/09 (Matt Baker)
      Ohsweken pastor arrested at border facing multiple sex charges, Hamilton Spectator (Ontario, Canada), 12/26/09 (Ronald Burning)
      Pastor arrested, The Sarnia Observer (Ontario, Canada), 12/25/09 (Ronald Burning)
      OC church youth leader gets jail time for having sex with minor, Southern California Public Radio, 12/24/09 (Timothy Han)
      Church leader gets 90 days for sex with minor, The Orange County Register, 12/24/09 (Timothy Han)
      Charges dropped against Granby pastor, Neosho Daily News, 12/22/09 (George Otis Johnston)
      Sex abuse charges dropped against SW Missouri pastor, Associated Press / Belleville News Democrat, 12/22/09 (George Otis Johnston)
      Kaufman County church official indicted for child porn, The Herald Banner (Greenville, TX) , 12/18/09 (David Ray Gray)
      Child sex abuse charges against local radio station owner, personality, Local 15 TV (Mobile, AL), 12/16/09 (Walter Bowen)
      Former church worker arrested on child sex charges, Prattville Progress, 12/16/09 (Zachary Reed Emerson)
      CBF leader says ministry-excellence training can boost clergy’s image, ABP, 12/15/09 (“Christa Brown…said a little skepticism toward clergy may be a healthy thing. ‘Historically, the problem with clergy has been that people trust them too much.’”)
      Former high-profile preacher admits to fathering child, ABP, 12/14/09 (Darrell Gilyard)
      Former pastor admits to fathering child, Florida Times-Union, 12/11/09 (Darrell Gilyard)
      Embattled Jacksonville pastor did father child in woman’s case, Florida Times-Union, 12/11/09 (Darrell Gilyard)
      Clergy drop in poll rating honesty and ethics of professions, ABP, 12/11/09
      Prattville man charged with enticing child for immoral purposes, Montgomery Advertiser, 12/11/09 (Zachary Reed Emerson)
      Hearing set for Granby pastor, Neosho Daily News, 12/11/09 (George Otis Johnston)
      Judge sets $350K cash bond for pastor charged in rape, The Hour (Norwalk, CT), 12/9/09 (Phillip Joubert)
      Police blotter: Minister rape charge, The Villager, 12/9/09 (Jeremy Fulton)
      Man pleads guilty in sex abuse case, WXII-12 (NC), 12/8/09 (Guy Ellis Carr, Jr.)(“Most people just get over it,” he told the victim.)
      Ex-church youth worker pleads guilty, The Edmond Sun, 12/7/09 (Charles W. “Chuck” Bryan, Jr.)
      NY youth minister accused of sexually abusing girl, WCBS-TV (New York), 12/5/09 (Jeremy Fulton)
      Family and former co-worker say: Minister arrested for rape had two sides, The Hour (Norwalk, CT), 12/4/09 (Phillip Joubert)
      Baptist music minister arrested on child porn charges, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 12/3/09 (David Ray Gray)
      Abuse charge against worship leader rocks prominent Florida church, ABP, 12/1/09 (Russell Dion Lewis)(“Christa Brown…called it a ‘do-nothing’ approach that leaves Southern Baptist churches vulnerable to sexual predators.”)
      Pastor charged with sexual abuse posts bail, Orland Press Register, 11/27/09 (Carlton Hammonds)
      Teacher charged in sexual assault, Savannah Morning News, 11/24/09 (Mark Kit Lucas, youth minister at Woodlawn Baptist Church in Garden City, GA)
      Pastor’s arrest rocks Coral Springs church, Palm Beach Post, 11/23/09 (Russell Dion Lewis)
      Arrest stuns Coral Springs congregation, Miami Herald, 11/23/09 (Russell Dion Lewis)
      Willows pastor arrested for alleged sexual assault on minor, Chico Enterprise-Record, 11/23/09 (Carlton Farnsworth Hammond)
      Pastor charged with groping women at church food bank, Gaston Gazette, 11/14/09 (Harley Michael Keough)
      Pastor charged with sexual battery, The Charlotte Observer, 11/14/09 (Harley Michael Keough)
      Pastor accused of groping women at church food bank, The Star (Cleveland County, NC), 11/13/09 (Harley Michael Keough)
      Additional charges filed against Baptist camp director, ABP, 11/6/09 (Stephen Carter)
      Former camp director faces more charges, The Perquimans Weekly, 11/5/09 (Stephen Carter)
      Former area preacher faces new sex charges, Sand Mountain Reporter (AL), 11/5/09 (Billy Masters)
      Victim’s mother speaks out about son’s abuse, WAFF-48 News (AL), 11/3/09 (Billy Masters)
      Pastor going back to prison, The Times-Journal (DeKalb County, AL), 11/3/09 (Billy Masters)(see prior articles of 5/22/09 and 5/26/09)
      Former pastor in Texas, Illinois gets 50 years for sexual assault, ABP, 11/3/09 (William Frank Brown)
      Bellmead pastor sentenced to 50 years for sexually assaulting young church member, Waco Tribune-Herald, 11/3/09 (William Frank Brown)
      Former Waco-area pastor sentenced in child sexual abuse case, KWTX-TV (Waco, TX), 11/2/09 (William Frank Brown)
      50 years for pastor accused of molesting young girls, KXXV-TV (Waco, TX), 11/2/09 (William Frank Brown)
      DCF confirms investigation into local church leader, Action News Jax, 10/30/09 (Friendship Missionary Baptist Church)
      Former Alabama pastor charged with child abuse, porn possession, ABP, 10/29/09 (Ralph Lee Aaron)
      New details in minister sex abuse case, WSFA 12 News, 10/28/09 (Ralph Lee Aaron)
      Pastor faces 152 counts, Andalusia Star-News, 10/28/09 (Ralph Lee Aaron)
      Former pastor and Odessa native sentenced for sexual abuse of a child, KOSA / CBS 7, 10/27/09 (Joshua Spires)
      Former Okla. pastor sentenced to 10 years for molestation, ABP, 10/26/09 (Joshua Spires)
      Rape charges against church worker dropped, Dayton Daily News, 10/21/09 (Shawn P. Rickert)
      Whitehorse orphanage victims file lawsuit, CBC News (Canada), 10/19/09 (“It was run by individuals affiliated with the Baptist church.”)
      Ex-pastor Joshua Spires sentenced in abuse of Jay teen, The Oklahoman, 10/17/09 (Joshua Spires)
      Former minister charged in molestation case, Athens Banner-Herald, 10/15/09 (Norman Pugh)
      Youth minister charged with molestation, WSB Radio, 10/15/09 (Norman Pugh)
      Community reacts to former superintendent’s arrest, ArkLaTex / NBC 6, 10/7/09 (Franklin Wray)
      Misdemeanor charge dismissed against former youth minister, Richmond Register, 10/7/09 (Gordon Lunceford)
      Barrett pleas guilty to all four counts, Mountain Statesman, 10/7/09 (Baptist pastor Craig Johnson allegedly knew about Barrett’s molestation of a kid in 2005 and did nothing.)
      Former superintendent arrested in child molestation investigation, ArkLaTex / NBC 6, 10/6/09 (Franklin Wray)
      Former minister returns to court on abuse charges, Richmond Register, 10/6/09 (Gordon Lunceford)
      The fall of man, Arkansas Times, 10/1/09 (David Pierce)
      Sunday School teacher sentenced in sex case, Daily Bulletin (California), 9/30/09 (John Calvin Savage)
      New Jersey investigating Rev. John J. Harris and Galilee Baptist Church in Trenton for sexual harassment and retaliation, New Jersey News Room, 9/25/09 (John J. Harris)
      Trenton church pastor accused of sexually harassing ex-employee, New Jersey Star Ledger, 9/25/09 (John J. Harris)
      Oshawa church, youth pastor sued over sex allegations,, 9/25/09 (Brian Andrew Klein, King Street Pentecostal Church)
      Child porn consumes N.C. man’s life, Charlotte Observer, 9/21/09 (Southern Baptist pastor Ricky Mill of Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh urges leniency for man convicted on child porn.)
      Ex-church choir director pleads guilty to raping teen, Star-Tribune, 9/17/09 (Gregory B. Washington)
      Taylor County man pleads not guilty to sexual abuse charges, WDTV News (KY), 9/16/09 (Baptist pastor Craig Johnson indicted on failure to report)
      Minneapolis church director pleads to sex with teen, KSTP-TV, 9/15/09 (Gregory Washington)(video)
      Court document showing adjudication of guilt and probation with “sex offender conditions,” Court document of Bradford County, Florida, filed 9/15/09 (Jeffrey Lamar Carter)
      Taylor County grand jury indicts 38, WBOY-TV (WV), 9/14/09 (Baptist pastor Craig Johnson charged on failure to report child sex abuse)
      Sex offender to be ordained this weekend has held previous church leadership role, WHAS 11 (KY), 9/11/2009 (Mark Hourigan)(video)
      Baylor study focuses on clergy sexual misconduct, Baptist Standard, 9/11/09
      Many women targeted by faith leaders, survey says, The Washington Post, 9/10/09
      Clergy come-ons more common than you think, Chicago Tribune, 9/9/09
      Accused Baptist swindler Allen Stanford sued for gambling debt, ABP, 9/4/09 (Allen Stanford)
      Former Rwandan Baptist pastor on trial for genocide, ABP, 9/3/09 (Francois Bazaramba)
      Former Baptist pastor goes to trial charged with genocide in Rwanda, EthicsDaily, 9/1/09 (Francois Bazaramba)(“Why did global Baptists do nothing?”)
      Former music minister sentenced for sexual abuse, ABP, 8/31/09 (David Pierce)
      Sex offenders refuse plea bargains, Morning News, 8/29/09
      Choir leader admits child-sex abuse, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 8/28/09 (David Pierce)(Former Arkansas Baptist Convention president Greg Kirksey wrote to judge, asking for leniency.)
      Pierce victim speaks out, Benton Courier, 8/28/09 (David Pierce)
      Ex-music minister pleads guilty to sex charges, KTHV-TV (Little Rock), 8/27/09 (David Pierce)(with video)
      Pierce convicted, gets 10 years, Benton Courier, 8/27/09 (David Pierce)
      Pierce expected to enter plea, Benton Courier, 8/26/09 (David Pierce)
      Former Jay minister confesses to illegal relationship with 15-year-old, Tulsa World, 8/26/09 (Joshua Spires)
      Delaware County pastor assaulted girl, 15, on his church desk, affidavit says, The Oklahoman, 8/26/09 (Joshua Spires)
      Former Delaware County youth minister charged with lewd molestation, Tulsa World, 8/25/09 (Joshua Spires)
      Virginia youth minister faces additional charges, ABP, 8/25/09 (Jeremy “Jack” Ryan Duffer)
      More indecent liberties charges filed, Daily Press (Newport News, VA), 8/25/09 (Jack Ryan Duffer)
      Former youth pastor arrested again, WAVY-TV 10 (Virginia), 8/24/09 (Jeremy “Jack” Ryan Duffer)
      2 Baptist ministers convicted in sex case, The Daily Advertiser (LA), 8/22/09 (Jason “J.D.” Cooper & Victor Mitchell)
      Youth leader jailed on sex abuse charges, WFIE-14 (Owensboro, KY), 8/20/09 (Jacob Conder)
      Youth group leader accused of having sex with teen, Los Angeles Times, 8/20/09 (Timothy Han)
      Former minister found guilty of molesting girl, Arizona Daily Star, 8/20/09 (Christopher Decaire)
      Youth minister found guilty of molestation, ABP, 8/20/09 (Christopher Decaire)(“The current SBC position that each church can effectively address clergy sex abuse on its own is like thinking each municipality across the country can effectively address terrorism.”)
      Youth minister found guilty, KVOA News 4, 8/19/09 (Christopher Decaire)
      Youth minister convicted, KGUN-9, 8/19/09 (Christopher Decaire)(video)
      Pastor denied parole in child sex abuse case, SNAP press release, 8/19/09 (George Lowe)
      Jailed former pastor cited ‘passion’ for working with youth, ABP, 8/18/09 (Jeremy ‘Jack’ Ryan Duffer)
      Missionary child abuse, Christianity Today, 8/18/09
      S.C. court upholds sex abuse rulings, The State, 8/18/09 (John Hubner)
      Supreme Court upholds conviction of ex-deacon, The State, 8/17/09 (John Hubner)
      Church background checks find many with felonies, Birmingham News, 8/16/09
      Judge sets bond for Seaford Baptist youth pastor, Williamsburg Yorktown Daily, 8/14/09 (Jeremy ‘Jack’ Ryan Duffer)
      York Co. youth pastor faces sex crimes charges, WVEC News 13 (VA), 8/13/09 (Jack Ryan Duffer)
      LifeWay: 1 in 7 church background checks uncover criminal history, Christian Post, 8/13/09
      Girl, 15, tells jury of alleged molestation by ex-youth minister, Arizona Daily Star, 8/13/09 (Christopher Decaire)
      Teenager claims youth minister molested her, KVOA News 4 (Tucson, AZ), 8/12/09 (Christopher Decaire)
      Texas pastor charged with cyber-stalking former attendee, ABP, 8/12/09 (Matthew Darren Wood)(active in CBF and also pastored SBC churches)
      Ex-pastor accused of cyber-stalking Shreveport woman, Shreveport Times, 8/12/09 (Matthew Darren Wood)
      David Pierce trial rescheduled, Benton Courier, 8/9/09 (David Pierce)
      LifeWay says 1 in 8 background checks finds record, ABP, 8/7/09
      Former Southern Baptist pastor sentenced for fraud, tax evasion, ABP, 8/5/09 (Otis Ray Hope)
      Rodgerson pleads not guilty, Kirksville Daily Express (MO), 8/3/09 (Aaron Rodgerson on charge of failure to report abuse or neglect of child)
      Man pleads guilty after alleged sex with girl, WYMT-TV (Kentucky), 7/28/09 (Richard Frank Shaw)
      Pastor accused of lewd act, The Post and Courier (SC), 7/28/09 (Marion Leon Kosier, Jr.)
      Pastor faces child pornography charges, WANE-TV (Fort Wayne, IN), 7/23/09 (Bernard Squires)
      Church volunteer accused of molestation, WTHI-TV (Indiana), 7/23/09 (Robert Posey)
      Former youth pastor sentenced on child corruption charges, Times Leader (PA), 7/20/09 (Brian Neiswender)
      Baptist camp director on leave after arrest, ABP, 7/16/09 (Stephen Carter)
      Christian camp director indicted on child sex offenses, WITN-TV, 7/14/09 (Stephen Carter)
      Baptist camp director indicted on child sex charges, The Daily Advance, 7/13/09 (Stephen Carter)
      Douglasville child molester tracked to Tennessee, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7/8/09 (Larry William Whitley)
      Ex-pastor sentenced in sexual abuse case, The Roanoke Times, 7/8/09 (Daniel Silverman)
      Former church pastor sentenced on sex abuse charge, WDBJ-7, 7/7/09 (Daniel Silverman)
      Former pastor pleads guilty to sex charges, WSET-TV, 7/7/09 (Daniel Silverman)
      Ex-minister asks for lower bond in sex abuse case, The Leaf-Chronicle, 7/6/09 (Jonathan Tyler Giles)
      Christa Brown’s saga resonates more for me now that I’m a mother, Austin American-Statesman, 7/4/09
      Former minister charged with rape, abuse, The Richmond Register, 7/3/09 (Gordon Lunceford)
      Former youth minister indicted on sex-related charges, The State Journal, 7/2/09 (Gordon Lunceford)
      Former youth minister arrested for sex abuse, WKYT, 7/2/09 (Gordon Lunceford)(with video)
      Former youth minister accused of underage sex crimes, WLEX-TV (Lexington, KY) , 7/2/09 (Gordon Lunceford)
      Richmond man indicted on sex-related charges, Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/2/09 (Gordon Lunceford)
      Youth volunteer at Knox County church charged with child rape, The Tennessean, 7/1/09 (Randall Thomas Hollifield, “youth pastor” at New Beverly Baptist Church)
      Church worker accused of sex acts with pre-teen boy; photos found, Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/30/09 (Randall Thomas Hollifield)
      Youth pastor faces sex charges, The Tennessean, 6/26/09 (Jonathan Tyler Giles)
      SBC messengers sever ties with Texas church over gay members, ABP, 6/23/09
      Baptist church director resigns after he’s linked to child porn, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 6/22/09 (First Baptist of St. Charles, MO)
      Children’s director at St. Charles church resigns amidst child porn investigation, KSDK, 6/22/09 (First Baptist of St. Charles, MO)(with video)
      Grand jury indicted Rodgerson, Kirksville Daily Express (MO), 6/22/09 (Aaron Rodgerson on a failure to report charge. Child’s father was associate pastor at same church.)
      Missionary kids abused sexually, Washington Times, 6/21/09 (“Nearly 7 percent of former missionary children said they were sexually abused during their elementary-school years.”)
      Rodgerson indicted on two counts, KTVO (Missouri), 6/20/09 (Aaron Rodgerson – failure to report)
      Baptist ministers facing sex charges appear in court, ABP, 6/19/09 (Robert M. Black / William Frank Brown / David Pierce)
      Trial date set for pastor accused, St. Joseph News-Press, 6/19/09 (Robert M. Black)
      Former Waco-area pastor indicted on child sex charges, KWTX, 6/17/09 (William Frank Brown)
      Former Bellmead pastor indicted in repeated sexual assault of child, Waco Tribune, 6/17/09 (William Frank Brown)
      Former Kingston pastor pleads no contest in teen molestation case, Citizens Voice (Ohio), 6/16/09 (Brian Nieswender)
      Jacksonville pastor begins prison sentence, Florida Times-Union, 6/11/09 (Darrell Gilyard)
      Ex-pastor sentenced on sex charges, News4Jax, 6/11/09 (Darrell Gilyard)
      Former Pastor Gilyard gets three years in prison, FirstCoastNews, 6/11/09 (Darrell Gilyard)(with video)
      Appeals court upholds convictions of Baptist Foundation of Arizona officials, ABP, 6/11/09
      Book says SBC lacks system of preventing sexual abuse, ABP, 6/9/09
      Youth minister faces sex charges, WSMV-Nashville, 6/9/09 (Timothy Felts)
      The Preacher’s Wife (Update), CBS 48 Hours, 6/9/09 (Matt Baker)
      Pierce due in court again, Benton Courier, 6/8/09 (David Pierce)
      Westminster youth worker accused of assault, Denver Post, 6/4/09 (Gordon McLees)
      Man involved with Boy Scouts accused of sexual assault, 9News/KUSA-TV, 6/4/09 (James Gordon McLees)
      Officials: Waco area sees recent rash of sex crimes against children, Waco Tribune-Herald, 6/3/09 (“Recent statistics show just 10 percent of the sexual abuse against children is actually reported.”)
      Finland charges Rwandan suspect, BBC News, 6/1/09 (Francois Bazaramba)
      Lawsuit claims church workers were fired for being women, Austin American-Statesman, 5/30/09
      Preacher did 5 years on charges of sodomy, Sand Mountain Reporter, 5/26/09 (Billy Masters)
      DeKalb County preacher arrested on sex abuse charges, WHNT News 19, 5/22/09 (Billy Masters)
      Former rising star preacher pleads guilty to molestation, Associated Baptist Press, 5/21/09 (Darrell Gilyard)
      Former Shiloh pastor pleads guilty to molesting teen, FirstCoastNews, 5/21/09 (Darrell Gilyard)
      Ex-pastor pleads guilty to sex charges, News4Jax, 5/21/09 (Darrell Gilyard)(with video)
      Former Jacksonville pastor pleads guilty, will get 3 years, Florida Times-Union, 5/21/09 (Darrell Gilyard)
      Documentary featuring Minerva HS teacher to be shown May 26, Tni-News (Ohio), 5/20/09
      Prosecutors subpoena Matt Baker’s school records, preparing for murder trial, Waco Tribune-Herald, 5/20/09 (Matt Baker) (with links to many more Matt Baker articles)
      Victims of missionary school seek healing through new film, Akron Beacon Journal, 5/16/09 (“We are survivors and we just want the church to be the church. We have been hurt and the job of the church is to love us, to care for us and to show compassion.”)
      Former Huffman High band director pleads guilty in student sex case, Birmingham News, 5/14/09 (Patrick Jerome Whitehead)
      Huffman High band director pleads guilty, FOX 6 (Alabama), 5/14/09 (Patrick Whitehead / 16th Street Baptist, Birmingham)
      Baptist church sticking by pastor facing sex charges, ABP, 5/7/09 (Robert Black / David Pierce / Steven Haney)(One week brings news of child sex charges on 3 Southern Baptist ministers.)
      Charges filed against ex-music minister, Baptist Press, 5/7/09 (David Pierce)
      Man who served as music minister at Benton church faces dozens of child sex charges, Associated Press (KFSM News 5), 5/7/09 (David Pierce)
      Pierce’s charges growing, Benton Courier, 5/6/09 (David Pierce)
      Most charges dropped in Missouri ritual sex abuse cases, AP (Kansas City Star), 5/4/09
      Cornerstone church controversy continues, KRDO News Channel 13 (Colorado Springs), 5/3/09
      Former church volunteer pleads guilty to molestation, Yakima Herald-Republic, 5/1/09 (Jerry Ray Ketzenburg)
      Woman settles lawsuit against Jacksonville pastor, church, Florida Times-Union, 4/30/09 (Darrell Gilyard / Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church)
      Former Southern Baptist pastor pleads guilty to sexual abuse, ABP, 4/30/09 (Steven C. Haney / David Pierce)(“Brown asked Southern Baptist leaders to create a national database of clergy convicted, admitted or credibly accused of sexual abuse and create an independent review board to receive and investigate allegations of sexual misconduct…. [T]he SBC Executive Committee opted against the proposal, saying the convention lacked authority to investigate local churches. Time magazine ranked that denial one of the top 10 ‘under-reported’ stories of the year.”)
      Native woman wins unprecedented case, Argus Leader, 4/30/09 (new theory of recovery on sexual assault for Native Americans)
      Former Cordova pastor pleads guilty to sex charges involving boys, Memphis Commercial Appeal, 4/29/09 (Steven C. Haney)
      “Outed” blogger sues sheriff, prosecutor’s office, ABP, 4/29/09 (FBC-Jacksonville)
      Interviews continue in Pierce case, Benton Courier, 4/29/09 (David Pierce)
      Man pleads guilty to sexual assault in Franklin County, WDBJ-7 (Roanoke, VA), 4/29/09 (Dean Harold Stone)(see also Vinton church members accused of child abuse, WSLS-10, 11/13/08)
      Former church leaders plead in sex crimes, Roanoke Times, 4/29/09 (Dan Silverman & Dean Stone)
      Judge to Pierce: No contacts, Benton Courier, 4/28/09 (David Pierce)
      Former Vinton Asst. Pastor pleads no contest in child sexual abuse case, WSLS-10 (VA), 4/28/09 (Dan Silverman)(see also Vinton church members accused of child abuse, 11/13/08)
      Group protests against former pastor, News4Jax, 4/28/09 (Darrell Gilyard)(“We see time and time again victims or witnesses or whistleblowers who have information that could help prosecutors but tend to stay silent.”)
      Group protests against former pastor, WJXT-TV ((MSNBC), 4/28/09 (Darrell Gilyard)
      3 more claim abuse by former minister, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 4/28/09 (David Pierce)
      Prominent Ark. music minister arrested for sexual indecency with a minor, ABP, 4/27/09 (David Pierce)
      Sexual charge filed against Ark. minister, Baptist Press, 4/27/09 (David Pierce)
      Pierce set for bond hearing, Benton Courier, 4/27/09 (David Pierce)
      Blogger sues after Jacksonville cops out him to First Baptist, Florida Times-Union, 4/27/09 (FBC-Jacksonville)
      South Miami-Dade pastor pleads guilty to stalking teen, Miami Herald, 4/26/09 (Chester Mulligan)
      Benton choir minister arrested for sexual indecency with a child, KTHV-TV, 4/25/09 (David Pierce)
      A Benton music minister arrested, accused of sexual abuse, KATV – Little Rock, 4/24/09 (David Pierce)
      Former EC pastor enters guilty plea to stalking, Post-Tribune, 4/23/09 (Chester Mulligan)
      Former E.C. pastor sentenced for stalking, sex charges dropped, The Times (Northwest Indiana), 4/22/09 (Chester Mulligan)
      Historic African-American church focus of sex-abuse scandal, ABP, 4/20/09 (Patrick Jerome Whitehead – 16th Street Baptist Church)
      Huffman high school band director arrested for sexual abuse, ABC 33/40 News, 4/19/09 (Patrick Jerome Whitehead – 16th Street Baptist Church)
      Huffman band director arrested on sexual abuse charges, The Birmingham News, 4/18/09 (Patrick Jerome Whitehead – 16th Street Baptist Church)
      Pastor charged in beating of woman, Kansas City Star, 4/17/09 (Alfred F. White)
      Authorities expose blogger who has been hounding FBC-Jacksonville, ABP, 4/15/09
      Cantu suspect cries in court as charges read, CBS-13 (CA), 4/14/09 (Melissa Huckaby)
      Teacher arrested after body of girl pupil, 8, is found in suitcase, The Times, 4/13/09 (Melissa Huckaby)
      Suspect in Tracy slaying is church-going mom, San Francisco Chronicle, 4/12/09 (Melissa Huckaby)
      Parents shocked as accused minister coached girls’ basketball, Fox-4-KC (MO), 4/11/09 (Robert Black)
      Experts: Pastor online sex case should raise red flags for parents, WDAF-TV (Kansas City, MO), 4/10/09 (Robert Black) (135 kids became “friends” with online 40-yr-old stranger. “It’s anybody” … “This being a pastor shows us that…. you can’t pick them out, it’s not written on their heads.”)
      Former pastor convicted of child molestation, ABC-30 (CA), 4/10/2009 (John Bonine)
      Local youth minister charged with sexual assault, Monticello Live (Arkansas), 4/10/09 (Jason Beck)
      Missouri minister accused of using Facebook account to entice girl for sex, Kansas City Star, 4/9/09 (Robert M. Black)
      Unmasked blogger blames First Baptist, Sheriff’s Office, The Florida Times-Union, 4/9/09 (FBC-Jacksonville)
      Pastor hopes church can heal after sex allegations, The Tennessean, 4/8/09 (Matthew M. Jernigan)
      Principal charged in sex abuse of 11-year-old girl, CBS-2 Chicago, 4/8/09 (Daniel R. Pirozzi)(Bibilical Baptist Church Academy)
      Former Texas pastor Matt Baker indicted in wife’s 2006 death, ABC 20/20, 4/6/09 (Matt Baker)
      Pastor faces sex misconduct charges, 4/3/09 (Daniel J. Moore)
      Former Baptist pastor indicted on murder charge, Associated Baptist Press, 4/3/09 (Matt Baker)
      Bellmead Baptist minister arrested in sexual assault case involving two children, 4/2/09 (William Frank Brown)
      Youth pastor accused of having sex with 16-year-old, 4/1/09 (Scott Dewayne Wright)
      Former pastor arrested for sexual abuse of a child, 3/31/09 (William Frank Brown)(with video)
      New probe into Rwandan genocide suspect case, YLE Television News (Finland), 3/30/09
      Making the best of a pastor scandal, Indianapolis Star, 3/30/09 (Jerry Hillenburg)(comparison to handling of similar pastor scandals in Indiana Episcopal and Assembly of God churches)
      Hope Baptist pastor Rev. Jerry Hillenburg accused of sexual harassment, Indianapolis Star, 3/29/09 (Jerry Hillenburg)
      Local man indicted in death of wife, Kerrville Daily Times, 3/27/09 (Matt Baker)
      Former Waco-area pastor indicted on murder charge in wife’s death, Waco Tribune, 3/26/09 (Matt Baker)
      Matt Baker surrenders to authorities, 3/26/09 (Matt Baker)
      Minister from The Village accused in teen sex, The Oklahoman, 3/26/09 (Doug Davis)
      Village Baptist Church youth pastor arrested on rape complaints, The Oklahoman, 3/25/09 (Doug Davis)
      Grand jury hears testimony in case of pastor accused of killing wife, 3/25/09 (Matt Baker)
      Ex-pastor indicted for wife’s murder surrenders, KXXV-TV News Channel 25, 3/25/09 (Matt Baker)(with video)
      Pastor accused of rape in court this week, WAAY-TV (Alabama), 3/23/09 (Robin Beets of Valley Baptist in Giles County, TN)
      ‘All God’s Children,’ EthicsDaily, 3/19/09
      Elgin pastor: Judge finds him guilty of spanking girl during weekly counseling sessions, Chicago Tribune, 3/19/09 (Daryl Bujak)
      Spankings of member’s child earn Baptist pastor battery conviction, ABP, 3/19/09 (Daryl Bujak)
      Ex-Elgin pastor convicted of battery for spanking girl, Daily Herald (Chicago), 3/18/09 (Daryl Bujak)
      Minister in spanking case: Alleged victim testifies about beatings, Chicago Tribune, 3/18/09 (Daryl Bujak)
      Probation continued for former minister, The Telegraph (Illinois), 3/18/09 (Jeffrey D. Heberlein)
      Minister indicted for child indecency, KXAN-Austin, 3/17/09 (Jay Lynn Robertson)
      Elgin preacher accused of spanking sessions with 12-year-old girl, Daily Herald (Chicago), 3/17/09 (Daryl Bujak)
      Teen: Pastor spanked her for ‘lying’ about abuse, Chicago Tribune, 3/17/09 (Daryl Bujak)
      Jacksonville church was aware of pastor’s sexual misconduct, insurer claims, Florida Times-Union, 3/13/09 (Darrell Gilyard)
      Judge delays sentencing of ex-church worker on sex charges, The Ledger, 3/12/09 (Marshal Seymour)
      Former Baptist deacon charged with attempted robbery of South Carolina bank, ABP, 2/27/09 (Bruce Lee Windsor)
      No criminal check on Minneapolis choir director accused of sexual assault, Star Tribune (Minneapolis), 2/26/09 (Gregory B. Washington)(Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church & Zion Baptist Church)
      Man sentenced to prison for sex with student, 2/24/09 (Shane Flournoy)
      TSD employee pleads guilty, FOX 7 News Austin, 2/23/09 (Shane Flournoy)(video)
      Much interest shown in site: Church for sale , London Free Press (Ontario), 2/23/09 (Royden Wood and Ambassador Baptist Church)
      Paulk lawsuit appeal, Fox 5 Atlanta, 2/16/09 (Earl Paulk)(with links to many more Paulk-related articles)
      Lawsuit reveals ministerial ethics breach at prominent Baptist church, EthicsDaily, 2/12/09 (First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach, FL)
      Hyde Park Baptist found liabile for damages in abuse on 1-yr-old child, 1/31/09 (Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin, TX)
      Former Bloomington substitute teacher gets 20 years for child porn, Bloomington Pantagraph, 1/30/09 (James C. Love)(see also 5/19/07)
      Former Owasso church staff member arrested on sex abuse charge, 1/29/09 (Sean David Whisenhunt)
      Former pastor sentenced for sexually abusing teen girls, Galesburg Register-Mail, 1/28/09 (Jonathon C. Powell)
      Former youth minister pleads guilty to sending explicit emails to teen, ABP, 1/27/09 (David Esarey)
      Youth worker admits sending explicit e-mails, Connecticut Post, 1/27/09 (David Esarey)
      Former pastor pleads guilty in sex abuse cases, WREX (Rockford, IL), 1/26/09 (Jonathon C. Powell)
      Pastor Ted Haggard faces more accusations, AP (FoxNews), 1/24/09
      Former youth worker pleads guilty to molestation charge, ABP, 1/22/09 (Marshal Seymour)
      Seymour pleads guilty to molestation, avoids trial, 1/21/09 (Marshal Seymour)
      Jurors chosen for molestation trial, The Ledger, 1/20/09 (Marshal Seymour)
      Minister accused of sex abuse, Pine Bluff Commercial (Arkansas), 1/17/09 (Leroy Spears Jr.)
      Ex-minister accused of violating probation again, The Telegraph (Illinois), 1/16/09 (Jeffrey D. Heberlein)
      Former Greene pastor charged with probation violation, Journal Courier (Jacksonville, IL), 1/16/09 (Jeffrey D. Heberlein)
      Victim recounts clergy abuse in Southington, The Herald (New Britain, CT), 1/15/09 (James J. McCoy)
      Accused minister worked at Union and Owasso schools, KTUL – News Channel 8 (Oklahoma), 1/15/09 (Sean David Whisenhunt – see 1/29/2009 article)
      Waleetka pastor charged with abusing kids, KOKO-5 (Oklahoma City), 1/14/09 (Marvin Lowe)
      Former minister to serve 11 years in prison, The Roanoke Times, 1/10/09 (Hawthorne Reed, Jr.)
      Wildwood pastor charged with sexual battery, Central Florida News 13, 1/10/09 (Michael Kennedy)
      Sex offender may stay on probation for life, The Gazette (Colorado), 1/5/09 (Jon Moore)
      One-time Sunday school teacher sentenced for sexual assault, KKTV (Colorado), 1/5/09 (Jon Moore) (see also Ex-pastor to spend holidays in jail

    • Captain Solar

      OK so I posted a list of victims of Catholic sex crimes in these comments, totalling hundreds, where’s the list I posted Lisa?? I believe the list is not well distributed, and seemingly now won’t be….. as yet again it has been removed from public eyes, why is that ???

      People ask for some kind of proof but don’t want the actual evidence or proof, that indeed, there is a list of victims, ….. I’ll send it to the Vatican then.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, we’d like to have that list, please. Lisa, did you take it down, or, as I suspect, have others above you removed it?

        do you know anything about how this censorship is working on this site?

        the people I have spoken to act like see none, hear none, and don’t know nutin… (>?^)

        We deserve to see what we post, especially if it is nuttin but facts.
        these factoids are not popular with the ‘Universal’ Church aka Mother Harlot.

      • Anonymous

        Speaking about censorship… this may be of interest to you in some way, Captain Solar,


        censored, prohibited from posting, contributor page dismantled too after sending this in…

        they are cowardly, slimey people

        • Louis

          Vulgar, ignorant, possessed.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous above, Yes, you are right, they are vulgar, and possessed. The priests are not ignorant but most the laity are…but how ignorant can one be?

      I do believe you are right, they are def possessed.

      Wish we have all been taught how to spot this early in age, in childhood. It is quite easy when you reach over 50, but this is often too late, for they did the damage already by that time, you know? Kids need to be taught how to discern these types of enemies to the human race.

      They are talking bout closing now starting the harrassing time… LOL (public place here)… sorrry that I didn’t get here earlier to see more of the replies, but later, hopefully tomorrow or weekend,

      Shalom, Thank you and Goodnight, everyone keep up the pure thoughts, and strong fight against evil, We Will Win because Truth Is Forever

      Love from Virginia, to the Worldwide Apostate Alliance of Infidels

    • Anonymous

      To reply to the Anonymous who answered me so kindly and is so brave,

      thank you again, I cam in for a while to give this to you, and ask if you have read these books, which you may have, but maybe not all?

      I’ll get the links for you separately, because here it doesn’t let you post more than one link at a time, or I don’t know how to, they always go black when I tried before… sigh

      to this person,
      hi Wretched Infidel, you gave alot of time and effort here to get your point across. Praise to Yahuah! i totally agree with you. couldn’t have said it better myself. i have quit the church. never going back to that demon house of worship that looks all nicey nice, but does not worship the Creator how He tells us to worship Him. i keep His commandments and believe in the saving power of His Son. i believe the whole of the scriptures are to be followed. no man made up worship. no men should be above other men. we are to be loving servants to friends and enemies alike. find me a religion that do these things!!!! the world is a mess and i know why. may Yahuah have mercy on us all.

      You are brave, anonymous to do what you have done, and to put aside cowardice and petty superficial matters of ‘comfort’ here on earth… if everyone would just do as you have done, and go with the truth, as you see, hear, researched and proved these things to be, no matter what others think of you… this is the whole duty of man, at least, it says so in the Bible. May Yahuah bless you richly, and He is, forever
      Thanks again, getting those links for you for thises books?
      The Two Babylons by Alexander Hisop
      Come Out Of Her, My People, by C. J. Koster
      The Sacred Name Yahweh, by R. Clover
      they are all free to download on the web, too! :D at least, they are at the moment, but who knows how long the internet will be up and running smoothly?

      MAY 5, 2014, 11:48 PM

    • Anonymous

      Book #1 for historical proofs of the fact that all Christians are worshipping Saturn, the Hidden God, The Solar Deity, (Satan) incognito to them, but known by all the priesthood of Saturn who deceptively keep hidden (in their language of Latin, ‘to hide, or to cover’) from the laypeople (their trusting flocks) these truths which – tragically- will end up being the deaths of the sheep they lead to the pit, (we are warned of not being these sheep in the Bible, Christians, and we are told not to trust in any man, especially in matters of life and death import, such as religion – they are called wolves in sheep’s clothing, ravening inwardly, to do the will of THEIR MASTER, THEIR LORD, which they laugh at you all for obeying also…Their Lord is not the Creator/s of the Scriptural account, but the Adversary: The Serpent, the Dragon, his son incarnate, the Goat God, the Horned God, the Fire God: The Devil, the Dragon who gives his power to his Christ, the Goat God’s Saviour-figure, always styled as God incarnate.

      this is not Biblical. This is Satanism. Pure and Classic, unscriptural religion IAUE terms abominations. We have got to realize this, and come out. This takes bravery beyond any you all have imagined… but anonymous has already done this, to his/her credit, and to his/her eternal joy and the joy of all of heaven, all the spirits which are with (not against) IAUE , and Yahushua, (Yahuah and Yahshua, the Father Creator and his Word, and Co-Creator, who became his son born of a woman on the earth … our Messiah, Yahushua).

      Anonymous has had a hard and long road because of this. but this is his whole duty, it says to all who read the bible and believe it. if anyone puts the value of man’s acceptance and traditions of men, or pleasing of ones’s friends, neighbors and family, society, above the hunt for the whole truth, the unadulterated-by-man-or-demon TRUTH, unmixed and pure truth, then, they will be cast into outer darkness with the hypocrites who weep and gnash their teeth on that dire day when they face King Yahushua.. and cannot believe how they are rejected by HIM –

      Today is now, and now is the time you have been given to make your choice, Yahuah said: I put before you this day life and death, life – or – death; therefore, (please) choose Life.

      Your Creators never wanted to force anyone to choose right, if they wish to choose bad, and do bad/evil/harmful/wicked/untrue/unfaithful things, They will not prevent you. But they reason with us, have plead with, told us parables, stories, something every single one of us can identify with, truth, in each one’s limited mind’s capacity to understand. They love us. Without measure. Yet they respect their creation – their most like themselves creation, man – intrinsically, and no one may ever say that they forced anyone to do the right thing.

      Because of the respect and the love they have, they value us each too much to be coercive. the proof of love is choice, freedom to choose, and respect for them and their truth, their deeds, thoughts and ways, their love, their goodness and total benignity, the fact that they made life, and gave us all the power of choice even when it pains them, and our choices hurt others, they do not force us to worship them.
      They wish we would see, understand them and what they do, for us, for them, and choose them, choose Life. that’s all.

    • Anonymous

      sorry, forgot to put the link for that book, here it is downloadable free book

      The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop with PICTURES! USE THIS ONE ONLY!

      Because those woodcuts thruout the book are needed to see it clearly

      It is horrific, the deception we have been subjected to

      Now I’ll go to get the others you and many other people will actually love I think

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous, the other books which explain what Alexander Hislop did not yet realize, or maybe realize the important significance of, the Name, which has been deliberately hidden, as you know, (but others here do not know yet)

      is easier to read than the Two Babylons, because it is modern, from South Africa, and also free on the web. here is one link, for it, but i will be getting you another link, which is the earlier version, called The Great Reformation, which is in sections, and may be easier to print out than the link here. it is shorter, yet comprehensive, deep, factual researched information that you will find no place else other than the aforementioned The Two Babylons, by Alexander Hislop; except more, new discoveries, and previously overlooked facts (Hislop wrote his over a century ago, we must remember, he was far ahead of his time) and C. J. Koster has provided additional detailed, proven, striking and completely corroborative information from many of the same classical sources Hislop searched, as well as the original manuscripts from which our Bibles were translated. provide on-line for you here:

      If I had to choose my favorite, I could not. They are both awesome, yet simply different. Like children, all are needed, uniquie, and necessary to us and sent to us by our Creators, thru man.

    • Anonymous

      Well, Rose, what have you thought about it so far, have you been searching your spirit for evidences of past lies you have been subjected to by your wicked priesthood? Or family, some of whom no doubt know this system they subjected you do as a child – is evil?

      It is your Yah-given duty, Rose.

    • Anonymous

      Rose, maybe I need to unconfuse your mind in this simple way; you and all have a choice. It is found to be the same universal choice as stated by the prophet Ezekiel.

      Please read this book. Ezekiel, preferably in a King James version, not revised, but Old Kind James, authorized version. Yes, it has mistakes too, as men make many mistakes. That is also our duty to ferret out, to weed out the mistakes we find, and to revert to the unadulterated truth.

      Rose, your Church has lied to you. The fact that is is the biggest church on earth does not negate this truth. That only shows that lies in a religious environment with rituals and intimidation, power and great authority are very successful in subversion of the common sense and freedom of thought you were born with. They subvert that, to achieve their own goal, which is not yours, Rose, nor your Creators’. The real Creators of the Scriptures they pervert and subsume with their doctrines of lies have different wishes than your priesthood have: Rose, you are lied to for power, coercive obstruction of the Creators’ truths which could save you, if you were allowed to learn their truths.

      In short, your Church’s God is a Godhead of three, who are Father-figure, Mother-figure and Son Solar Saviour figure.

      This is antithetical to the Biblical Creators. It is against them. There are only Two Beings who create in the biblical account, and they are NOT pleased with Solar Deity Worship, planetary or astral or creation-worship. They created those things and they are not represented physically in any of their creations such as sun, moon, planet, fish, bird, bull, goat, stag, cow, triangle, circle, eye, egg, obelisk, mother, father, boy, corn, phallus, vagina, womb, square, cross, crucifix, letter Tau, or anything else. if you take that all away from your Church men’s temples to the Sun, his consort and their babe, (false saviour figure) then, what would you have? If you take away the worship of the images, the cross, the pictures, the statues of Mary, Tammuz, the man on the cross dead and dying, the round wafers, the water sprinklings, the robes of black and scarlet, the fish hats, the sun and moon symbols, the monstrance the Pope holds, the steeples gone, the circle and cross nonexistent in any of your high places, would you still pray to The Invincible Sun God? Sol Invictus? or to Mary, or St. Francis or Jesus, implored thru his wife-mother, Mary? Probably. But your rites would lack lustre, without the physical images, and without the sign of the cross always performed no matter what the occassion, would you still be as blinded by this light of Lucifer, the ostensible truth-and-light-bearer? Hm. You would be more as Protestants, and still pray in Jesus’ name I guess. I guess you would still keep Christmas, and Easter, right? If you threw out the tree, which is forbidden, and the eggs and the sunrise services, what would you call yourselves? Who would you pray to? Still, the same God? Probably. And you would miss the acoutrements because, well, they gave you a feeling of importance, and of power, and they actually made you feel that you were in the presence of the supernatural realm, of the esoteric, inexplicable power of the one you worship, right? You are right, Rose, your rituals and rites and acoutrements like rosary and Mary statues, sun, moon and cross/crucifix, do have a real power; but it is not good. That is why it is used on you.
      The cross does contain power. Images of the ‘virgin’ with her saviour-sun-god baby boy have a hold over your mind, spirit, and body, because you let them have that power, you invited them – but it is not your fault, because when you were very small, they did it to you. You had no choice, but you do now.
      Images and rituals, rites of the Church have just as much power as any used in any Satanic rite or sacrifice. Your church is a church of death, destruction, and bloodshed, just as any Satanic worship is.
      Now, Rose, please, you must get true with yourself and your Creators, Yah and Yahushua – not God and not Jesus the Solar Saviour, – read a bible like you are supposed to be doing – and take a long sabbatical from the insistence by the people who derive pleasure from enslavement of your spirit, who make merchandise of your soul, Rose, and study.

      You will find that this is all true, horrifyingly so, and that I am not the one lying to you.

      If you have any questions Rose, please jot them down as you think of them and send them to me, I have given my email here on different posts, and if you wish to be more private, I encourage you to ask any questions you think of, either here or by email. This is your serious and sobering duty of all time, Rose, your whole family, your eternal life depends on this.

      Your Creators IAUE and Yahushua want you to be free of the lies you have grown up in, and want you to turn to THEM.

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