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Ancient Greek Artwork Shows What Appears To Be A Laptop Computer with USB ports (Videos)

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Ancient Greek Artwork shows what appears to be a Laptop computer with USB ports 

Ancient Greek Artwork at the Getty Villa in Malibu shows what appears to be a Laptop computer with USB ports.

The piece is dated to c. 100 BC. It’s described as depicting the gravestone of a woman with her slave child-attendant.

The object looks exactly like the laptops in use today, and the person it is being held for seems to be using a touch screen or accessing buttons at the top of the screen.

Could this be evidence of time travel? Or could the Ancient Greeks have had access to alien technology that was similar to technology we use today?

The image is intriguing and makes one wonder about the possibilities.





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    • Gary

      The ports look fake, inconsistent with the rest of the artwork. Altered pic I believe.

      • CHESS: PUTIN 6-0 OBAMA

        Cool story man!

        This is what CHESS wrote:
        America, it’s people, it’s economy and it’s gay presidente as well as all the vets that were nialated by the Afghans during the war lost by America, has now been classified as “JUNK”, according to the South African National newspaper. This is hilarious to say the least.
        The obama administration wanted to setup a meeting with the South African honorable president and he was denied access to South Africa. They say that South Africa has only political ties with China, Russia, Brazil and India and requested that America and it’s president stay out of South Africa totally. Incidentally barrack Hussein gay Obama was denied access to Africa!
        Hilarious if you ask me. America is a looser in total and now the laughing stock of the world! There is NO respect for any American anywhere in the world at all, neither for the baby draw the red line president of America anymore!

        • Paul M

          What the hell does your gibbering rant have to do with this story?

        • MileHiLife

          “America is a looser in total”

          Only a loser would write that ; )

        • k3il

          Holy s! It’s one of the Russian hired trolls! Just read an article about these the other day, never thought I’d see one in the wild! What an incredibly stupid waste of time and money.

      • Sean

        “Ancient Greek Artwork Shows A Laptop Computer”

        The Mayan Calendar was much more then Your being really Marked the end of the “Age of Leo” and the Beginning of the “Age of Aquarius” of the Hebrew Calendar.

        We are in-between Ages, since the Age of Aquarius has not Started, not till the end of Revelations in the Bible and a Shift of 144 degrees total of the Earth, at 40 degress it will then shift the remaining 104 degrees within an hour or less.

        This time between the Ages and the a Time for Missing, Remembering and then to Forget.

        A rise to a 5th density conscienceness during this time and for years now that the Earth has been shifting and is now speeding up, thats why these things like false flags are harder to pull off or more UFO sightings, people are becoming more conscience of things ( till the 40 degress is reached ) and it will flip all at once..where few if any will survive

        Its an End and then a New Beginning, where all is started all over again and for the few survivors with no Memory of the Past and clean slate of Earth of course thats if they survive the Mini Ice Age the shift will cause for 2 years till the dust settles.

        • Paul M

          Firstly, it’s a clay tablet. Standard issue in Greek akademis!

          Secondly, you’re waaaaaaay off topic.

    • am123

      No doubt this is a little girl showing her mother a BIN article about them posted by a time-traveling nephilim/alien who was looking to up their click count to increase ad revenue. :lol:

      • NewIDTest

        Or having a laugh, showing her mother how a moronic, lying headline gets hardly any clicks. Musing how great it is to live in intelligent times.

    • shiner3lima

      Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a book?

      • Decode the World

        A book. Those holes are for metal rods to extend another piece of stone to the carving.

    • DK

      From the looks of it it is a servant girl with her mistresses Jewelry box(Pyxis), in this case possibly the Goddess Athena – notice the snake armbands. Such as: (, (

    • Theron

      Just as a casual observer from the poor quality photos I would guess that the original sculpture was a book or tablets. If you look you will see that the edge of the “laptop” and the hand of the person holding it, is rough and appears to be broken. The “usb ports” are nothing more than holes drilled into the sculpture to insert metal rods (now missing) to support the broken half of the tablet (now also missing, perhaps with the rods still in it) This is my best guess scenario, it is the remains of an ancient repair.

    • BJC

      Oh come on… It’s OBVIOUSLY a book.

      • truthzilla

        No way dude, if the internet says it’s a lap top, obviously Al Gore wouldn’t lie…

      • Paul M

        It’s actually a clay tablet. Seen these in museums. Learnt about them in school. (scroll to 200BC)

        Before Its News is a misnomer – none of these stories ever become news :)

    • DIgnified
    • Dustdevil

      Beyond hilarious. Yesterday, this same article ran and I heckled it, that it ‘must surely be a laptop, why look, you can see the usb ports!’, and low-and-behold, the author made it happen. Imagine that!

      What they didn’t care to add, was my remaining comment from yesterday (which I’ll add now), and that is: SURELY this couldn’t be just a book, or a map or a JEWEL BOX being opened.

      Oh, yeah, and in yesterday’s photo, those black circles weren’t there.

      THANK GOD, IT’S A MIRACLE – FOR HE HATH GIVEN US PHOTOSHOP!!! (and let the heathen photo forgers be risen to his right hand, can we have an hallelujah, brother false prophet?)

    • eatmorevegetables

      OMG those look exactly like USB ports! I remember reading about this before, when a sculptor attempts to repair a broken sculpture they carve a new piece (or use the piece that broke off) and often re-attach it using USB ports for stability…

      • ewe merino

        USB ports are oblong in shape…not circular. Need a lend of my glasses? ffs

    • NewIDTest

      Having studied the picture, bells went off. It dawned on me it’s not laptop, rather a notebook of the day. It was called the Cleobook. I forget the link, but you can probably also find these specs on Beforeitsnews:

      Processor: Outel Slotheron 55 Hz
      RAM Memory: 1 KGlyphs
      Hard Drive: 32 KGlyphs
      Wireless (standard feature, no wire back then)
      Operating System: Microhard’s Bigbricks 8
      Screen: 1.5 hands
      Battery Life: 11 minutes
      Adapter: Copper Nail – Galvanized Nail – 2 Bags Jumbo Alexandraho Potatoes (with nail spacing template)
      Available Colors: Granite, Limestone, Straw Brick, Pyramid Block

      The two holes in the picture are where the power adapter was plugged in, where the nails of the potato electrical plant went. The Cleobook was quite popular, could add to more than 100 for those open air market trips, as well as store the hieroglyphics of many an emperor’s successful hunting trips remembered. Some eye makeup tips, effective poisons glossary. But it was eventually outsourced to Italy and replaced by the Augustusbook.

      • NewIDTest

        In case you’re wondering, the Greeks stopped making anything but gyros. Got to where they imported everything, shortly before their empire crashed.

    • am123

      So did the abacus come before or after the laptop???

    • carsonking

      Already being covered.

    • Болеслава

      Judging by the looks on both their faces and their body language its obviously a mirror.

      • Болеслава

        or……. a camera-on, laptop and she is cleaning the camera lens, right where it would be, with her thumb – not a good idea, before making a video of herself. Yes thats it!

        The computers were all destroyed by the invading barbarians who mistook them for magic boxes. :mrgreen: :wink:

        • Mirabolin

          Psyche / Psycho: Greek for ‘Selfie’

    • doucyet

      No doubt it was charged off the battery on her Jeep Wrangler……………………

      • am123

        Silly you…..they didn’t need cars back then, they had Star Trek-like transporters :wink:

    • Usefuleater

      Pandora’s Inbox?

    • Mirabolin

      Or someone has failed to work out what INSPIRED (an idea breathed into people by the Gods) people to use the words stylus and tablet for types of computer

    • truthzilla

      Probably works better than an Apple still…: )

    • kigginit

      It’s probably just a book, you know.

    • howayou

      Someone already posted this. An intelligent guess would be its a fold our mirror or a box of cigarettes haha but seriously I think mirror

    • Piyush Nagar

      Make-up kit with a mirror it is :-D :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Paul M

      It’s a box with a mirror in the lid. The holes are for hanging an actual mirror.

      Seen loads of examples of this.

      Laptop it is not!!!

    • SMK

      You guys! It’s a freakin’ mirror, a portable version with a set of Beauté accessories on the horizontal half!

    • Anonymous


    • Mr Fred Rogers

      I’m going to repost this story as “Ancient Greeks Watching Youtube Videos” :lol: :lol:

      • 69ingSquirrels

        People here would take it seriously. :shock:

    • TR st

      That is so totally a box of chocolates.

    • You People Are Nuts

      First thing that came to mind is that it is a little box that would hold scrolls. The “USB Ports” probably allowed a stick to go thru holding the scrolls in rolled up form. For reading, they could take out the scrolls or leave them in.

    • MSG Chicken

      I think you are right.

      Note the bas relief behind the woman. Those are cable routers. And because they did not understand about grounding in those day she is leaning on what looks like a modern-day insulator to prevent shock!

    • Ted

      The way they’re both looking I think they finally broke their connections with America On Line?

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