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Archangel Raphael Says The Lucifer Project Is Over And Reptilians Are Gone

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Archangel Raphael Says The Lucifer Project Is Over And Reptilians Are Gone

Dear world,

Our greatest challenge right now is to imagine a world where love rules… but many of us are still on old tapes… as a planet and species, we still think evil wins…. we still think the devil is exciting… we still think greed will bring more abundance than sharing… and so our challenge is to unbrainwash ourselves from the movies, from the commercials.. from the textbooks… from the mass produced stories of the entertainment industry etc… read the words of Archangel Raphael below, and see if they resonate.  

In another message I read from, said that our earth experiment came to an end, when our leaders began to develop a robot cloned army to take over the world… we do know clones exist don’t we?  We are that awake aren’t we??????

So it’s game over for anything evil… that’s how we now roll as a planet!  

Indian in the machine


More reading… this isn’t new news ya know… they told us last year…

AUG 28 2013 – PART 188 – REPTILLIANS WHO LIVED AMONG AND WITHIN USIt is very difficult for us to speak of the dissolution of the Reptilians who did not agree to come to the Light, to come back Home to us. They were our children, all, and we loved them with all our hearts. 

Archangel Raphael:  We Are Paradise Bound
Archangel Raphael:

It is a great pleasure for me to speak with you while we enjoy the gentle breezes and the rich aroma of good coffee floating on the air.  Of course, we do not drink coffee, but we do appreciate the warm and welcoming smells of coffee and homemade bread as it wafts from your kitchen.  It reminds us of our former lifetimes here on Earth, and the simple pleasures which are abundant, all around you.  I am here to encourage you to find the moments, and eventually the state of peace which will allow you to ascend to higher dimensions in your body, as we have planned.

Yes, Dear Ones, it is the state of peace, inside and out, which is required for you to raise your vibrations.  There can be no worry or fear, no doubt or resentment to cloud your sights, no feelings of self-doubt or unworthiness, inferiority or superiority.  No single group will be singled out for success, other than those who have learned to live at peace with themselves and with those around them.  Any impulse toward aggressiveness or revenge will mask your beacon of Light and hold you back.  We wish to help you now to learn what elevating your vibrations really means.

First, enlightenment does not mean you are blind to the troubles or ugliness around you.  It means you see it clearly and find no reason to be personally upset by it.  For many of you, this seems an impossibility, to see darkness and suffering and not suffer yourselves, or be “taken down” by it.  But Beloved Ones, who can you help others to raise themselves out of a hole in the ground if you jump in with them?  How will you teach patience, wisdom and harmony if you are impatient and frustrated?  No matter how logical or “reality based” your thinking might be, please reconsider.

This journey you embarked on, to wear the suit of a human body, is what you might call a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you are told you are made in the image of God, which you are, but we must now make it clear that there are facets to this phenomenon which you may not see completely.  

You, the soul that you are, are made in the image of God, and you go on eternally, experiencing various lifetimes, adventures, and exploits, together with your soul mates and fellow travelers of the Cosmos.  One of those adventures, a favorite among Masters who wish to evolve along their own soul path and who wish to help others do the same, is to incarnate on Earth in a human form.  The human form is especially treasured because it is an amalgam of the DNA of many races, and is the cooperative attempt to create a form – a relatively solid receptacle through which we can all experience life in lower dimensions.  

This special form which is humankind is truly the closest form which is capable of expressing our etheric soul qualities.  Now, this is not to say that anger and fear, for instance, is a reflection of how we feel in higher dimensions. Not at all.  As we work our way up the spiritual ladder above the 5th dimension, where we all came from before this life, to our destiny which is unity with Creator, we experience only the various shades of love.  However, as we move dimensionally higher, the color and depth of Light and Love becomes more and more intense.  

And so, we come to practice here in the lower dimensions in this 3-dimensional version of a human body for the most difficult challenges of all – the experience of duality.  Here we feel the struggle between Light and Dark, good and evil, you might call it, which is only possible in the lower dimensions where there is also the illusion of separation from God.  Our challenge here is to find our way back to Unity, to see that evil is only a construct we designed to create the house of  mirrors filled with ghouls and monsters which are here to push us to the limit.  We have been given the free will choice to give up, turn to the darkness, or return in Faith and Love to the God who has never abandoned us, but has stood by allowing us the opportunity to feel our own strength.     

Each soul came here with this difficult project in mind.  It is the bottom line.  Will you choose to see the darkness for what it is – the holographic illusion we came here to play out?  Or will you curse the darkness, blame God, or Fate, or someone else for the losing game you feel trapped within?  It is a tricky balancing act, to see the illusion for what it is, and still do your best to stay in the game while you help others to awaken all around you.  This is the challenge a Master takes on, courageously daring to plunge into the deep and murky waters without a life raft, firm in the faith that all is well, even when the sensations and physical evidence seem the opposite.

You are here first and foremost to learn, to teach and to grow.  By meeting the challenges you encounter with humor, goodwill and faith in your fellow humans and the Guides and angels who are with you, you rise above the illusion, shake off the fear and anxiety, and restore yourself to the seat of honor which is your due.  God is there, your loving supporter, your cheering section and your greatest fan.  

So you see, this is the gradual awakening you are taking part in now.  First, you began to read and listen to the messages from us which helped you to feel connected while you were still behind the thick Veil.  Then gradually you began to learn that you manifest what you think about – the Universal Law of Attraction, and then you began to feel the hint of understanding that this entire project, which we have called the Lucifer project, for he was the one who volunteered to lead in the creation of the world of duality and illusion you are now experiencing. 

Along with the departure of the Reptilian race, the Lucifer Project ended, and Lucifer was welcomed home to the arms of God.  It was decided in the Council of Heaven that the project we had designed was too risky, too weighted in favor of the dark, because of the invading species who came to take over the planet and eventually to destroy her.  It was necessary for us to step in, in a limited way, to prevent the Armageddon which was a part of the dark timeline.  You see, the duality was an illusion, but Mother Earth herself, and you in your human bodies are real.  We did not wish to see all of you and your precious Mother destroyed.

Here we have opened another topic for you to ponder.  Many seers and spiritual leaders have told you “it is all an illusion.”  This is not true.  Only the internal rules of the game are the illusory creation.  By “game” I do not mean to imply it is a whimsical process.  Not at all.  The moves you make, the decisions you choose, and the lessons you learn as a result of playing the Game of Life on Planet Earth in the 3rd and 4th dimension are true.  Your growth and your struggle to come back to the Light are real.  This is a challenge you will remember for the rest of your soul eternity.

Please understand, Beloved Ones, it has been an honorable effort – this voyage into the unknown.  Like all intrepid explorers, you have traveled far from “home” and have just now begun to see the Light along your pathway back.  We hold the lantern for you, whisper in your ear, celebrate every obstacle surmounted and every hesitation overcome.  Each time you are challenged and you manage to keep your balance, hold on to your integrity and maintain your loving attitude it is a mark of your character and your growing strength.  We understand there may be missteps, confusion and strong feelings that sometimes “get you down.”  When you pick yourself up, brush yourself off and go on, that is a triumph.

You see, it is a game you cannot lose, because as long as you play out your part as one of the team who are here to learn, you are making a precious contribution to the completion of the project.  Even those who have come here as the Dark Hats – the ones whose job it is to create the dilemmas and sometimes tortuous challenges you have faced – even they are part of the learning/teaching team.  It is time now for them to awaken to understand that they were not given real power, and the right to control others.  

They too are actors in what I referred to as the internal illusion – the game within the game.  Some of them have become drunk with the feelings of power, and have been addicted to their positions of control over others, especially when it meant they could possibly succeed at owning all the resources and wealth on the planet.  Some have become addicted to their delusions of power and grandeur, as they see it, but you see, this is only a more extreme version of the position you all find yourselves in now.

They too will awaken to realize they have played a part in a greater learning experience for the benefit of all humankind, or as you might see it, for all the souls who came to wear the human uniform in this historic time.  When they do awaken, they will need your help to bring them through the shame and guilt they will feel initially, when they first discover how destructive and malevolent their actions have been.  They truly do not feel that when they are in the middle of it; they feel entitled to behave the way they do.  They even feel that what they are doing, by controlling others, is really for their own good.

Polish up your forgiveness tools, Dear Ones.  You will be needing them in the coming days and months, for this awakening will be difficult for those who were the “perpetrators” as it is for the “victims.”  Read, if you will, the original psychological studies by Phillip Zimbardo and Stanley Milgram where they found that some who were put in charge over “prisoners” or “test subjects” by those in authority did horrific things to their fellow humans when they were given license to do so.  These researchers intuitively recreated the illusion you are operating within now, and showed the extremes of which everyone is capable when given complete free will and encouragement to turn toward the dark.

And so, here you are, at the close of this Lucifer Project – the drama which ran for thousands of years in all the theaters, all the households and offices and halls of government.  Now, it is done.  You are being invited to clear the decks, restore the peace, and begin anew to create the Heaven on Earth you now have the empathy, compassion and wisdom to build together.

Raise your flag of peace; write your hymn to the glory of God, and take the hand of the one at your side.  Walk together, Beloved Children of God, into the real, live sunset which marks the end of an era and the beginning of a brand new life on Planet Earth.
It will be up to you to bring about the peace and reconciliation process which will be necessary now.  Prepare yourselves with Love, and remember always that you are encircled by our loving embrace.

We love you without end, for there is no end.  There is only now, and the rising energies of the great Central Sun, sent to awaken and strengthen you in your new version of the human body.  You are being prepared now to adapt and elevate yourselves using the higher energies.  Open your hearts and your minds to welcome and align with the higher vibrations, for they are the richer, lighter atmosphere of your new Paradise on Earth, and it is up to you how high and how far you wish to go.

I am your messenger, your mentor and friend, the one you know as Archangel Raphael.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 20, 2014, 12 PM, Lac Chevreuil, Quebec.


Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,
JULY 20 2014 ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL: WE ARE PARADISE BOUND… Archangel Raphael: It is a great pleasure for me to speak with you while we enjoy the gentle breezes and the rich aroma of good coffee floating on the air. Of course, we do not drink coffee, but we do appreciate the warm and welcoming smells of coffee and homemade bread as it wafts from your kitchen. It reminds us of our former lifetimes here on Earth, and the simple pleasures which are abundant, all around you. I am here to encourage you to find the moments, and eventually the state of peace which will allow you to ascend to higher dimensions in your body, as we have planned.
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JULY 10 2014 ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: REWIRING YOUR BRAIN TO RECEIVE JOY… AA Michael: We have asked our channel to send you a message every day until the Revaluation of Currencies takes place. There is much for us to talk with you about, and it is a time of high energies and high emotions. This also makes it a very good time for learning new ways of thinking and being.
JULY 9 2014 SAINT GERMAIN: OUR TWIN FLAME PROJECT – CONVERTING LUCRONEXIA (MATERIALISM) TO FREEDOM AND LIGHT… Saint Germain: I bring greetings of Love in abundance and Light. This will be a week in which we offer you complexities, puzzles and challenges to tickle your minds and jump-start your heart. The reason we are opening all the windows and doors and helping you to air out your psyches is that we are embarking on the first wave of the abundance packages. With this massive change will come startling shifts in the way you will need to deal with your lives.
JULY 9 2014 SUBJECT: A REPLY FROM ST. GERMAIN TO ……………….. RE: SANANDA: A CALL TO HELP OUR KATHRYN… This Scribe, Alesha posed the following question
Dear Company of Heaven: Can you please first identify yourself and then tell me, and the world, what the truth is about Dr. Kathryn May – the one who has been channeling several of you for quite some time now? Thank you.
“It is I, St. Germain, who wishes to come forth to defend my beloved Lady Portia. It grieves me immensely to see her name dragged through the mud like some agent of the cabal, when all she has ever done is to work in service, often without compensation of her time and talent, and often without extrinsic reward for all the work she has done to become a clear channel for our messages we have long wished to offer your planet on a larger scale.
channelled by James Evans
July, 8 2014
Greetings Beloveds, it is I Sanat Kumara. Today, it has been decided by the Council of One that I will speak through this channel on behalf of my beloved student and former colleague Dr. Kathryn E. May. I was in embodiment as Amos, a fellow psychotherapist and researcher in ways to assist people to permanently heal themselves. We have spent decades together and who besides her immediate family would know her better than I?
JULY 8 2014 SANANDA: A CALL TO HELP OUR KATHRYN… Sananda: Beloved Ones, I wish to talk with you about something that is dear to my heart. During the time while I have been in higher dimensions preparing for this dramatic time which is to be the great ending of our time in darkness and the beginning of the glorious Golden Age, I have treasured the times when I was able to speak through a partner who was there in a body, carrying my message to the world.
JULY 7 2014 FATHER GOD: ON RISING TO THE OCCASION… Father God: We would like to encourage you to be patient as you await the blessings which have long been planned for you. You understand, this program which will bring prosperity to ALL, not just the few who control the complex and secret financial systems, must be carefully implemented to prevent the greedy financiers from raking it all into their coffers before anyone else gets a chance to trade in their currency.
JULY 2 2014 ST. GERMAIN: LOVE, JUSTICE AND OUR NEW WORLD… St. Germain: I want to talk to the world about Truth and Justice. There have been some very cruel attacks on good people around the world, and I feel pained to see the ones I love dearly being defiled in the media and on the internet. Here in Higher Dimensions, we do not keep minute tabs on every tiny faux-pas and every minor slip of the foot walking to a microphone. We love all of you; we support all of you, and we consider it a triumph of major proportions when a human being is able to live a life in which they not only survive, but are also able to accomplish something which uplifts a number of people along the way.
JUNE 27 2014 OBAMA’S CHALLENGE AND OURS… Sananda: We have a few things to talk about with you today. I want to first reiterate what I have said on my internet radio show with Kathryn earlier this week. Lady Portia told the story of soul aspects and soul projects, and the many different ways a soul can experience life in a body, either as a “solo” inhabitant, who lives in one body from birth until death, as it was often done in the past, or the more fluid possibility of sharing a body with another soul. There are many different ways to arrange that as well, and it has been a more common phenomenon in this period of time, since everyone wants to be here now, and there are not enough bodies to go around!
JUNE 17 2014 THE NEW FEMININE MANIFESTO… Portia: It is a pleasure for me to begin a new relationship with you, dear Readers. I will have some things to tell you that you will find astonishing, perhaps, thought-provoking, certainly, and refreshing, I hope.
JUNE 12 2014 FATHER GOD: ON THE NEW ASCENSION PATH… Father God: It has been an intense week for many of our Lightworkers on the ground. Energies continue to flow in great waves from the Great Central Sun, our Source. These powerful energies are specifically designed to help those on Planet Earth and elsewhere to raise their vibrations as part of the Universal ascension program. It is especially helpful at this time for humankind, as all DNA is being influenced in the conversion from carbon to crystalline-based functioning.
JUNE 3 2014 TIME FOR CHANGE… Sananda: I want to give the world a written message which will expand upon my talk from yesterday on BlogTalkRadio: It was an unusual message for me, in that I included many philosophical and moral points which are the basis for what you might call our spiritual way of life. It is the foundation for what Mother/Father God have called The True Way.
MAY 26 2014 SANANDA: THE ENERGY GRID THAT SUPPORTED DARKNESS IS GONE, TODAY… Sananda: Something fantastic is happening right now. Everything you thought was real is shifting, evolving, changing. We are protecting you in new ways. The first step has been to send higher dimensional beings to Earth as walk-ins to lift the vibration of all Cabal members. You are going to see the Dark Hats suddenly changing their tune, and they will be as surprised by it as you will be.
MAY 21 2014 SANANDA JOIN US TO CREATE PROSPERITY AND FREEDOM…the long climb out of Darkness reached a turning point. As portals were being cleared, Earth’s crystals were reactivated and ley lines reestablished…  a tipping point was suddenly reached. It became possible for your Creator beings to complete clearings which would have been impossible to accomplish even the day before.
MAY 16 2014 ASHTAR – HELP PREPARE FOR IMMINENT LANDINGSIt is a wonderful party we’re planning on the ships. The Twin Flames are here, on the New Jerusalem and many other ships. We are an enormous fleet, housing billions of souls who have come to land with us as soon as we can safely put down…
MAY 14 2014 SANANDA – Life is ONE (also Spanish)As you ponder these thoughts and feelings, be aware that what you are feeling is Truth. You need no philosophy, no arduous work with formulas and figures. You only need to go to the small, quiet place in your heart where you can connect directly with your SoulMind in the center of your brain, and from there to All That Is.
MAY 2 2014 ST GERMAIN: JUMPING TIMELINES, FALSE FLAGS, AND CREATING PARADISEThe questions have inspired a second look at other “catastrophes” like the Oklahoma City bombing, the storming of the compound in Waco, Texas, the plane crash of JFK, Jr., the assassination of JFK, RFK and MLK, and the recent “suicides” of dozens of banking officials, to name a few. All these suspicious events…  
APR 25 2014 MOTHER EARTH SPEAKS TO PORTIAA personal message from Kathryn: I have just come from a grounding session with Mother Earth, and the result has been profound and disturbing. I feel compelled to call on all of you for your special help because you are the people who can reach deeply to find what is needed to help Gaia right now. I believe it is crucial to our ascension.
APR 20 2014 A MESSAGE OF LOVE FROM ST GERMAIN, SANANDA/JESUS, AND PRIME CREATORI can only applaud the eloquent words of my beloved Messengers, Sananda and St. Germain, and I thank our dear channel, Kathryn, for her tireless dedication in bringing you our messages, clearly, without question or doubt. ~ Prime Creator
APR 17 2014 ST GERMAIN’S UPDATE ON PORTAL CONSTRUCTION AND ASCENSIONThis will be a short message to all who were disappointed at not being able to ascend through the April 15 portal. For some of you it was not for lack of sincerity or preparedness.
APR 15 2014 METATRON’S ASCENSION MESSAGENow beloved ones, I would like to give you a little more information about the adventure that is about to begin for all of you who are listening to this call, listening to this message. It is a historic moment in the history of the universe.
APR 11 2014 ST GERMAIN TELLS THE STORY OF (CHIHUAHUA) CHE’S KIDNAPPING AND HAPPY RETURNThese are some of the events of April 10, the result of the kidnapping and rescue of little Che, Kathryn’s beloved chihuahua, who escaped to join his friends at the beach… the drama unfolded over a period of almost 10 hours, with intense negotiations with the kidnappers,
MAR 29 14 PRIME CREATOR TELLS THE BIGGER STORY OF FLIGHT 370…You have raised yourselves to a new level of consciousness. You are awakening to Oneness, the sense of belonging and absolute Love which sustains the soul. It is your time, Dear Ones. Join with us to bring a brand new and brilliantly original experience of life into existence.
MAR 24 14 Part 200 – FATHER GOD TELLS OF EARTH, GALAXY AND BEYONDIt is time now to close this chapter of the story of the descent and final ascension of Planet Earth. Humankind has triumphed over the darkness which has kept them in the grip of unhappiness, suffering, illness and poverty…
MAR 22 2014 OPERATION TRUTH-OUT ST GERMAINYou are by now all too familiar with the mystery of missing Flight 370. I wish to assure you once again, in concert with Ashtar, our Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation fleet, that the passengers and crew are alive, well…
MAR 21 2014 SIRIUS UFO BRINGS WORLD PEACE – WORD DOC Many of you have seen the video of the “cigar shaped UFO” over the Crimea – the territory where Putin gathered his ships and ground troops to try to “keep peace” by applying military force.
MAR 20 2014 ASHTAR TRANSCRIPT MAR 12 2014 (black/white)Use this version to copy and paste into your own computer to print copies.  This version does not include the live links.  This is for printing only.
MAR 20 2014 ASHTAR TRANSCRIPT MAR 12 2014 – (word doc)This copy includes a live link to download the Word doc into your own computer for printing.
MAR 20 20114 PRESS RELEASE / (black/white)This version enables you to copy/paste the black/white version into your own computer and print.
MAR 20 2014 PRESS RELEASE / (word doc)This version includes a live link to download the black/white Word doc into your own computer.
MAR 19 2014 SANANDA’S REQUEST TO THE GROUND CREWI ask you now to take the press release which Kathryn has written and send it to every media outlet you can find, whether it be your local newspaper, television station or Internet source.  I have asked her to attach it to this message so that you can print it out, hand it out everywhere you go, and…
MAR 17 2014 SANANDA URGENT MESSAGE – KESHEI want to send a brief message to the world about the current wave of change which is coming.  It will bring unbelievable prosperity and comfort for all God’s people, beyond anything that has ever been known on this planet.
MAR 16 2014 SANANDA TRAINING FOR ASCENSION – LADY PORTIA RETREATI will tell you a little background about our Training for Ascension call on Sunday, March 16, at 2 PM.  We will go to the etheric retreat of Lady Portia – which will be fitting, don’t you think?  Here we will talk a little about Ghana and why Lady Portia chose that location for her retreat.
MAR 15 2014 SANANDA’S LESSON IN 5D THINKINGNow many of you are still very stuck in the way of thinking that you have been trained to – which is all about either this or that – yes or no – measuring things against other things and chosing between them. This is what we call ‘reductionist thinking’ – you have to chose, you have to prove something wrong in order to prove something else right.
MAR 10 2014 ASHTAR – SIRIUS “UFO” BRINGS WORLD PEACE!.We promised you Disclosure, Dear Ones.  Well, here it is.  It may take a few days for the inevitability of this massive change to sink into the consciousness of all the citizens of the planet, but I assure you, it has already begun… we are certain the citizenry will adapt very quickly to the fact of permanent and lasting peace on Earth.
FEB 26 2014 CURRENCY EXCHANGE AND CELEBRATION TODAY!Today, at last, my Beloved Ones, you will be able to exchange some of the currency which will begin the great march toward World Prosperity.
FEB 24 2014 ST GERMAIN – LIFE – POST RVOnce the revaluation of currency trading is underway, which we expect immediately, we will be on to even better and more dramatic changes.  The arrests of the criminals who have enslaved the planet for their own profit will be coming forth in great numbers – so many you will not believe your eyes when you see dozens who were honored…
FEB 15 2014 Part 198 MOTHER/FATHER GODThe Dark Ones had to be neutralized before your material blessings could be dispersed to you.  It would have simply increased the conflicts had they not been identified, maneuvered into position and entrapped by the sting operation which was a prime part of the revaluation of currency.  It has been a masterful plan…
JAN 29 2014 Part 197 FATHER GOD ADDRESSES OUR FINAL CHOICESAll Earth’s inhabitants will  be given the opportunity to explore and experience other planets for a brief time…  All existing cities, roads, skyscrapers, wooden structures, the residue of mining and fossil fuel exploration, all automobiles and other transportation devices and so on, will disappear deep into the crust to be dissolved.
JAN 25 2014 PART 196 THE GALACTIC COUNCIL SPEAKSDo not fear, Beloved Humankind, we are with you in complete solidarity, and we are coordinating the efforts of the entire Galaxy in your behalf.  Soon a group of you will cross over the line to higher dimensions, and another phase of the great adventure of Planet Earth will begin.  Keep your vibrations high…

I wish to declare that today, Monday, January 20, 2014 of the current Gregorian Earth Calendar will henceforth be known as the First Day of The New Golden Age.   It will usher in the beginning of new prosperity, peace, mutual cooperation and joy throughout all the Kingdoms of the Earth and beyond.
JAN 12 2014 – Part 191 – NEW DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE FOR PLANET EARTHSoon, the changes across the planet will come, faster and more abruptly than you could have imagined.  We have declared that WE ARE FINISHED waiting for Earth’s squabbling governments and ruling families to come to terms with the fact that IT IS DONE.  
JAN 05 2014 ST GERMAIN – CURRENCY INSTRUCTIONSEnjoy your ability to give gifts to all you meet who are in need!  Share your love along with those gifts, for the truly uplifting encounter with Destiny which you have arranged for yourselves.  A New Day begins, and with it, the birth of the New Golden Age.

It did not happen because the banks refused to release the numbers. They went on strike, banding together to create what they thought was an invincible force. They presumed they could extort even more enormous profits… they believed they were indispensable to the process. Of course they are wrong.
DEC 24 13 – SANAT KUMARA – CHRISTMAS EVEThis Holiday Season, the winter solstice, is a time of celebration as never before. You are on the threshold of abundance as it has not been experienced on Planet Earth since  the beginning of the Lemurian civilization. It is your time.  You will not regret having been here, no matter how difficult it may have been. 
NOV 29 2013 – PART 190 – MOTHER/FATHER GODDear Ones, we are aware of the hardship being felt by some of you as the expected revaluation is delayed.  Many of you invested in dinar currency with the last few dollars you had by putting some on layaway, with faith that it would happen soon enough for you to be able to pay off your investment.
NOV 08 2013 LANTO SPEAKS – ABOUT OUR PLANETI come to you with news about the planet which I know you will be of interest to you and those who read your postings. It is a time of tremendous change, as you know.  I will give you an update on some of the happenings you could not have access to in your media.
OCT 16 2013 PRIME CREATOR’S PREDICTIONS FOR 2014This is a great Lesson in soul expansion.  A Lesson in becoming More … allowing our Selves to rise above the suffering we see, knowing it is temporary and was expected by the Soul when coming into physical. This is an Ascension Lesson to be learned.
OCT 14 2013 SANANDA’S PREDICTIONS FOR 2014You have succeeded, Beloved Ones.  You have made it possible for us, your loving friends, to return to walk among you, to join you in celebrating the New Beginning which will come gloriously and unmistakably into fruition in 2014.  We are on the ships awaiting our reunion.  Our beloved Twin Flames are among you… 
OCT 14 2013 – PART 189 – MOTHER/FATHER GOD’S PREDICTIONS FOR 2014We foresee a dramatic and revolutionary shift for Planet Earth in 2014, the likes of which have never been seen before on the planet.  Humankind will rise to new heights because of the new freedom from poverty and want which the Prosperity Funds will make possible. 
OCT 6 2013 ST GERMAIN ON GLOBAL ECONOMICSThe news today is about the revaluation of currencies. It will be happening this week from what we can see.  The holdouts have found they have no choice but to go along. There is a gradual changing of the guard as some of the old bastions of power are overtaken by new, enlightened leadership. 
AUG 28 2013 – PART 188 – REPTILLIANS WHO LIVED AMONG AND WITHIN USIt is very difficult for us to speak of the dissolution of the Reptilians who did not agree to come to the Light, to come back Home to us. They were our children, all, and we loved them with all our hearts. 

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    • UberNuts

      Is this your ‘job’, promoting the misguided ramblings of the deluded and insane, in order to mislead the deluded and insane who fully immerse themselves in the golden New-Age (a.k.a. New World Order) clap-trap?
      I hope I live to see the day when both you and your fellow nut-jobs go running up the ramps of those holographic spaceships of Sananda’s – only to be transformed into cat food! Peace be with you ‘brother’!

    • Mariano

      Could Archangel Raphael get his own youtube channel?

      Or perhaps add me in whatsapp?

      I mean, he chooses such obscure and ineffective paths for his information.

      Ps: Indian in the machine, I recall a promise by you of stop giving us all this new age dumbed down BS if something (don´t remember exactly what, probably ascension or Ashtar coming down to get toilet paper) wouldn´t happen somewhere in May or April? Come on, don´t lose your… uh, well ok, lets call it a ¨Word¨

    • Blessed

      You are so deluded, brother. This is not from the angel of God and certainly not in line with Scripture at all! This is garbage. Please go back to the Scriptures, my friend or at least do not present this as something connected to the Christian God.

    • Anonymous

      What a big bunch of BS, same old Reptilians trying to keep us diverted, preparing us to look forward
      for their mothership ride to HELL, cat food is right.
      Let me show you who & what they really are:

      Reptilians Butcher&Eat Humans Underground Worldwide

      . The Reptilians are The Pleiadians

    • Engineer

      Hey Indian, Leave some of that peace pipe smoke for me my brother. Don’t hog it up! :lol:
      Seriously speaking my brother, be careful of the spirits you follow, have faith in the one GOD who controls all these sprits, whether they are bad or good. May Father Yahweh give you the wisdom from above to tell who is truthful in these endtimes. Peace be with you.

    • k17chela

      Here again we have the well intentioned being used to deceive those who seek real answers .
      The Lucifer Project ? Do you really believe God would allow ages of suffering and evil as an experiment. You are being used and your light is being stolen by the ones you allow to speak this
      mountain of lies through you . The Archangels speak through the agency of the Holy Spirit and would never allow their communication to be called channeling. Channeling comes from the false hierarchy who are stuck in the astral plane and mimic the hierarchy of the Heaven to deceive and vampirize the light of those who allow themselves to be fooled. They need your light , because they are cut off from Alpha and Omega .They are the bands of arch deceivers who’s every plot , plan and conspiracy against the Light is to use those who lack discernment to bind the children of God to a dragnet of darkness cloaked in flowery language and appeals to the ego. I bet you feel really exhausted after taking down a message. When a being of God speaks there is a massive outpouring of light and there is exhilaration and light that pour like Niagara Falls. Not exhaustion and a need for a long nap to recover from the chakra rape you just volunteered for. Wake up !

    • Donovan

      Are you another disinformation agent planted here on BIN? Your message is misleading and detrimental to those that are lost. There is only ONE Saviour Jesus Christ and He will return very, very soon. He will judge those that mislead and deviate from His Word.

      • Mariano

        Whatever is gonna happen, better come out of you. Stop wishing and waiting for salvation from an outside force, that´s part of the new age and religion deception, to make us avoid action.

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