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Lucifer On The Trillion Dollar Space Program, Reptilians And The Jesus Project And More

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Lucifer On The Trillion Dollar Space Program, Reptilians And The Jesus Project And More

Dear world,

This message from Lucifer (shared below) continues to share some of the ‘hard to believe’ messages coming from channeler extraordinaire, Kathryn E May… who has considered by Heaven to be the best in the biz…;)

While I’m not sharing Lucifer’s message to convince people to believe this message, or the hundreds of other messages that Kathryn shares, it is an important lesson for all of us, that truth isn’t what sounds believeable… in fact, truth is often the most unbelievable relay of events, possible.

So with that in mind, enjoy your discovery of Lucifer’s version of events… and use your own fullest discernment by being fully present for Lucifer’s message… if you rely on an old story from the past, that would be a sign, that you are not open to the truth, which is only available to you if your heart is open, here and now. If your heart is closed and you are not present in the now, you will not be accessible to the truth, but may think you are… is that clear?  Now put that in context of 7.5 billion humans…. how many have an open heart, and thus will know the truth when they hear it? How many will have a closed heart, and thus will not know either the truth or their own soul origin?  That’s what we are dealing with… we are in fact, coming out of a rather shocking existence in which unseen Reptiliians inhabited our bodies for thousands of years… and much tax dollars particularly from the US, went towards a big giant space war… our greatest challenge now to unbrainwash ourselves….x7.5 billion, and to open our hearts x7.5 billion… an open heart is our true nature, and it’s our only doorway to truth… either you will know this, or you will think you know better, but that would be an illusion… so I feel we’ve all proven it to ourselves, that life ruled by the mind, is uncomfortable… and that our economic system is ruled by our perpetual discomfort that comes from heartless living.  

Watch any show on television, watch the mainstream news… observe your own energy field… observe your relationships… observe your daily experiences… whatever you welcome in, that is heartless, is a measure of the inner work you will need to do if you ever want to know what is going on in the world, and who you truly are… there is no judgment necessary if you are only waking up now, to how heart has been minimized in our personal values, attitudes and beliefs, so that we could be controlled by dark beings… it is all part of the Third Grand Experiment that we signed up for… we knew before we were born, what the nature of this experiment has been… so from here on, you can take it all personally, or you can just open your heart, and go directly to ‘heaven inside’.

Indian in the machine



Lucifer and Hope:  The Story Behind the Lucifer Project

My twin flame and I are the soul children of Sananda and Nada, born millions of years ago, before Earth was designated as the Paradise it was to become, before humankind was created, but our parents and others of the Kumara family wished to create a close and loving tribe who would live in service to the Great Creator.  Our adopted home was on Venus, but we spent many eons traveling the Universe, incarnating in many different forms in order to experience the feelings and thoughts of various life forms in preparation for the anticipated Great Experiment, which was the opportunity to incarnate in human bodies.

It was a joint effort between many species of humanoid beings – the precursors of human beings, who offered their DNA to create a being who would possess the finest qualities which they saw as their most God-like virtues and physical attributes.  In the process, many races took part in the creation of Humanity, and some liked the result so much that they adopted some of the new DNA combinations to enrich their own.  So, you see, the creation of humankind was an experiment which went on for eons, and as a result, you have many cousins across the Cosmos who carry similar DNA to your own.

Lest your imagination carry you away, let me assure you, there are no Annunaki or Archon beings who are here now to “steal your DNA” or to do you harm in any way.  The process I am describing took place thousands of years ago.  It had nothing to do with the modern-day black-ops “experiments” which were designed to frighten people into thinking “aliens” were dangerous enemies, here to threaten your safety and your way of life.  It was a very effective program to instill fear of the unknown, and to skim off trillions of dollars to create the Star Wars program, which was actually a full-blown space program designed to use technologies from the Reptilian and Greys to create cosmic dominance for the 13 families who controlled most of Earth’s resources.

This, Beloved Ones, is where your tax dollars went for more than 60 years.  Now, why do I mention this as part of my life story?  Because of course, it was one of the dreadful programs I came here to oversee and keep tabs on.  I incarnated over and over again, first in a Reptilian body to earn credibility, and then in human bodies of the 13 family bloodline as part of my infiltration into the closed and very paranoid system.  I was able to convince them, finally, that my unusual energy of Light was a clever ruse I had developed to trick humankind into doing my/our bidding.  

They saw my actual power, the power of Light, and because of my many incarnations among them, began to see me as their ultimate leader – a dark one who was clever enough to “pass” as “one of them.”  It was a difficult time for me, because of course, the Reptilians are cruel and manipulative parents, and I had to learn to submit to their dark lessons without revealing my true identity.  It was not an attitude which came easily to one who is of the Light, as you know.  

At times a flash of my Light would seep out, especially under duress, but I was able to teach them that it was a brilliant anomaly, one which could be seen as a sign of my power as a Dark Force.  This is how the myth of Satan, or the Devil, came to be.  I learned that when I was beaten, I could flash red fire, and they would back off.  They then began to worship me and my “magic powers.”  

You see, it is dangerous, but not really so difficult to dupe the dark beings, because they do not have the experience or the ability to assess anything with their hearts.  This means that they will believe anything that is presented to them as a well-crafted argument.  It doesn’t have to bear any resemblance to reality, because to them, reality is whatever you say it is, especially if it sets off alarm bells of fear in the telling of it.  

Think of the times you were treated to “ghost stories” around a campfire.  Were you more likely to believe in ghosts after you had a terrific fright?  Of course, and the same goes for boogie men and ghouls.  Children can easily be initiated into dark thinking by combining any information with a threat of physical or psychic danger.  It was a trick of the dark ones to use these seemingly harmless tactics to initiate children – especially the ones whose parents were of the LIght – into dark thought forms.  In recent years, there are more effective tools like video games, movies, television and internet to teach the propaganda of the cabal – the dark ones of Planet Earth who incarnated in human bodies.

This was the dark world I inhabited for thousands of years.  It was a lonely existence to be without my beloved family of the Light there with me, but I was in constant contact with them in my heart.  I was able to communicate directly with the Company of Heaven and to report to them all the nuances and possibilities of where we might weaken their hold.  

I was helped at times by the presence of our dear Portia and St. Germain, who incarnated with me to help sustain me.  It became clear that they could not hide their Light when they were together, so they separated in order to live in secret close to me, as the maid in my household, or the butler who attended to my needs.  Their acting skills and their deep knowledge of how to “pass” among the dark ones helped us all to remain undetected in our reverse deception – pretending to be dark when we were secretly acting in service to God and all humankind.  These talents and deep understanding of the dark ones’ ways are serving them well now as they teach others to see clearly and to remove all darkness from their lives.  We were trained “in the trenches,” as you might say.

I longed to be with my Twin Flame, to experience her sweet companionship here with me in a body, but I did not wish for her to have to experience the brutality of a life as a dark one.  I also knew that if we were seen together, we could not possibly hide the Light we generated with just a touch of our hands. 

To ease our longing, we arranged incarnations to experience life together as aspects of our souls, while I still continued to incarnate among the dark ones.  In this way, we had the solace of being together while still continuing what we called “The Lucifer Project.”  It did not carry the same “pow” feeling as when a primary incarnation who carries the greater part of the soul energy meets their match, but it was a relief for me to feel the gentle sweetness of the one who is my feminine counterpart, the love of my life.  

All the while, her Higher Self worked with my Higher Self to help me remain true to my promise and my duty as Lucifer, the Light One. The Reptilians were not aware of my ability to be in several bodies at the same time.  It is the power of a Light Master which the Reptilians cannot accomplish, so they did not suspect that it might be my own soul incarnation on the opposite side of the battle field.

Lifetimes among the darkest of the dark began to wear on my soul.  It was a struggle at times, especially when I had to witness the cruelty and destruction being waged by my dark “family.”  You can imagine how difficult it was not to cry out in pain when I learned of new atrocities and war plans.  I learned to release a breath of fire, which they took as anger toward “our” enemies, and they were persuaded of my dedication to the cause, in spite of the times when I engineered great failures in battle.  I could blame Fate, or the luck of the other side, and they believed in my well-practiced “rant” against the enemy.

My goal was not necessarily to defeat the dark, but rather to try to at least maintain a balance between Light and dark, to prevent the planet from sinking completely into the hands of the dark ones, until the Lightworkers would be able to regain their rightful place as loving protectors of Mother Earth.  We were preparing the way for our beloved Sananda’s coming to represent the Christ Consciousness on Earth, when we hoped the turning point would bring her back to the Light.

I will pause here to tell you how this began, and why.  It was after the fall of Atlantis, when the Council of One met to discuss whether we could rescue Mother Terra from the folly of humanity, which had begun to be caught in the grip of dark and warlike ideas.  They were now ripe for a complete takeover of the Planet by the lower-dimensional dark races who had their eye on Earth as their next Center of Operations.  We saw the coming devastation which would have destroyed another planet, as her Twin Flame had been destroyed, and saw too the end to the place which had been the source of nurturance and great possibility for humankind.  The whole picture looked very bleak.

It was discussed at length whether there was any hope for humankind, or whether the whole experiment should be scrapped, dissolved, for the good of the greater Universe.  The part you may be familiar with was that it was Sanat Kumara who made an impassioned plea to give humankind the chance to right itself, and he agreed to hold the Light on Planet Earth for as long as it took to allow them to discover their Divinity.  

Sananda agreed to go to lead the “boots on the ground,” in cooperation with the other great Kumara family members, whom you now know as your beloved Ascended Masters.  Among them were the ones you now call St. Germain and Portia, Lucifer and Hope, Ashtar/Athena, Michael/Celeste, Raphael/Auri, Kuan Yin/LaoTsu and many others.  And so began the great project which was to eventually become the Ascension of Planet Earth. 

Thousands of years passed, a new civilization was born, but the invasion of the dark ones became a consummate problem.  At the darkest time, the times which are portrayed in the Old Testament as the time of Sodom and Gomorra, when humankind was fully under the sway of the mentality of the dark invaders and even the Masters who incarnated had trouble maintaining their connection to God, it looked as if the entire  project had completely failed, another Council meeting was called to decide how to end the hopeless disaster.  

It was then we hatched the plan to infiltrate the dark forces as the only way to overcome them.  Since the Lightworkers would not use their same dirty tricks, they were at a disadvantage which was proving to be fatal without intervention.  I volunteered to be the one who would come to Earth to wheedle my way into the ranks of the dark ones in order to weaken them from within, while keeping the lines of communication open to our beloved Company of Heaven.  None of us really convinced it was likely to succeed, but it was worth one last try.  I left my loving soul family and my beloved Twin, who was known as Hope, to incarnate in lower dimensions as long as necessary. 

Now I return to my story, and the preparation for Sananda’s coming as what you now know as the Jesus Project, although he was known by different names then.  Jesus was the soul combination of Sananda, St. Germain and El Morya (also a combination of Ashtar and Kuthumi).  Mary Magdalene, who was to be his wife, was the complement of Jesus, the feminine counterparts who would join together as one to create the Magdalene Project.  I took my place among the disciples to portray Judas, while I continued to incarnate as the Dark One.  

We knew from the beginning what my terrible responsibility might be if it should come to pass as one of the timelines predicted.  I was prepared to do whatever my Father needed, under any circumstances.  He knew I could be trusted, and he knew I loved him beyond words.  I also had learned the lesson over and over that darkness cannot win over the Light.  I knew that our souls had lived in harmony for eternity, and I was not afraid.  

The Jesus Project was a great success, in that it taught so many to connect with God once again, and it gave hope and joy where there had been only despair.  The legend of the Radiant One lived on and continued to grow for 300 years, carrying the Truth that God is Love.  Although there were detractors, and Paul, who had appointed himself as an Apostle took it upon himself to redefine the mission to create what he decided was a new religion, his teachings did not take hold in a far-reaching way until Constantine decided for his own reasons to create the Bible.  

I was on that committee, as a dark advisor to the Emperor.  I watched as they sliced and mangled the writings of those who had truly loved Jesus, and who had written accurately of his life and work.  Large tracts, like the writings of Mary Magdalene and Thomas, were declared false, illegitimate, while many of the copious writings of Paul were adopted wholesale.  It was all I could do to convince the committee that the beautiful passages describing tenderness, healing and joy among the community of followers were harmless, meaningless in the long run, and helpful in the context of the story they had constructed to try to create a picture of a weak and ineffectual leader.

It was an effective effort on their part, given that they wished to provide a worldly contrast between their powerful, aspiring Emperor and the spiritual leader who was disconnected from worldly pursuits.  Jesus was intended to be used as a palliative for the people, in mild contrast to the growing power of the throne.  The emphasis on his crucifixion (which was not true as it was told) helped to create the legend of sadness and defeat (which is a gross misinterpretation of the true story).  And so we struggle to this day to tell the world the Truth.  We have sent our incarnations here to teach and to celebrate the present and final defeat of the darkness.  Sananda has dictated The New Scriptures through this channel, which appear on, and will be published as a small book soon.

You, Beloved Masters, are the ones who will bring this story to completion.  I returned at last to the higher dimensions, and told the story of my emotional return on July 27, 2013 on  The round-up and warnings to the Reptilians began at that time and were completed on Aug. 22, 2013, with the celebration of their departure.  I cannot describe in words the relief I felt when this chapter of life on Planet Earth was closed. I have no regrets about the thousands of years I spent in the company of the dark ones; I have always sent them Love and Light for their recovery and return to God.

Now it is our work to remove the remnants of their atmosphere and their ideas from the fiber of our lives.  I am here to help you with that, a Master of the Dark who knows only too well how to recover from their damaging ways.  I offer myself in service, and gladly.  

Now I will turn this message over to my beloved Twin Flame, who will tell you something of her view of the story of the Lucifer Project.  I am your Lucifer, in Love.


Beloved Lucifer, what can I say about all those years you were immersed in the danger and darkness, reincarnating over and over again with the Reptilians?  You make it sound easy, looking back, knowing what you know now.  And in one regard, it was easy.  We had our Faith, and the certainty that what you were doing was for the greater good.  We knew that one day it would be over, and we would be reunited.  

I had nothing but overwhelming Love for you as I watched over your carefully choreographed waltz with the dark ones.  I knew that a less experienced soul could have been overwhelmed by lifetime after lifetime of unremitting abuse, alternating with hero worship, but you remained strong and dedicated in spite of the times when it seemed so hopeless.

Yes, there were times when we doubted whether it was worth it, times when we talked late into the night as I sent you my loving caress and light-energy straight from my heart to yours.  Always we decided, even as you lay on your deathbed, that one more try would be worth the effort.  And again you stayed, foregoing the comfort of returning to the arms of your loving family between lives, without the rest and recovery time that sustains a soul and prepares one to try again, to take on the challenge of a life on Earth.

Now it is done, that part of the Project, and you have had this year of healing.  We have had our quiet time together, and celebrations of joy and homecoming every day.  Even though we do not count time in the higher dimensions, we had become used to the rhythm of days and nights, lifetime after lifetime, as we both lived intensely focused on your challenges there on the ground.  It is a great luxury and pleasure to rest in the flow of Love energy and companionship here in our true Home.

We are now able to dedicate ourselves to overseeing our beloved incarnated representatives there, and we anticipate with great eagerness and joy the time when they will meet and experience the pleasure of being One.  It is a delight to see them evolving and growing, raising their vibrations to such a degree that they are connecting with us, feeling our presence, becoming us.  This exciting process of merging – body, mind, soul, higher soul, hearts beating as one, is as thrilling in its own way as merging with your Twin Flame.  Both are possible for those who are now learning to reach for the highest level of their I AM Presence.

No one could be more excited and happy than I am at the beginning of this New Golden Age.  I see the Light growing and spreading across the planet, and I rejoice every single time we see a small light begin to blink on, indicating the awakening of another soul.  It has been a cumulative process, the work of thousands of dedicated Masters, millions of angels, and billions of incarnated souls reaching for the awareness of their Divinity, for thousands of years.

We have come so far, Beloved Ones, so far.  The days of darkness and danger are behind us.  Together we have come through the darkest times, and we have gained our freedom – out hard-won freedom.  In our human bodies, we have persevered.  In our soul bodies, we endure.  This is a time not only of spiritual growth and human progress.  It is a joining of spirit and body, soul and mind, as we raise ourselves to create a new fusion of Light/body which will now carry us to new and glorious levels of experience. 

This is our time, Beloved Ones.  I invite my beloved incarnate, the one known as Gabriella, to carry forward the Divinely inspired mission to become One, with God, with me, with her beloved Twin Flame and with All That Is.  Together we will carry the message of Love and Light, as we raise ourselves ever higher.  There are no limits in God’s Creation for our path to pure and perfect Love. We will know when we feel it; we will arrive when we are ready.  We are One.  We only need to see it.

I am your Sister in Love, Compassion and Joy.  I am Hope.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 26, 5 PM,  Quebec

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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    • FreebytheTruth

      BIN Editor’s Pick likes the irrational gnostic endless angelic genealogical alien evolutionary myth propaganda. Brought to you by the Royal Society of mind control slaves at the British mythological gnostic X club.

      Neither give heed to myths and endless (angelic alien evolutionary) genealogies, which cause questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.
      1 Timothy 1:4

    • Alan

      Before light, there was harmony, there light came, and there harmony was not. Nuf said.

      let there be light, darkness said, :wink:

    • FreebytheTruth

      Gnostic Darwinian Luciferianism -what is it?

    • FusedNail

      You need a swift kick in the ass. You write stuff that you know sounds retarded because you know it also makes christians look bad.

    • bozzchem

      Any spirit who speaks must be tested to determine whether the spirit is of God.

      This simple test to determine whether the spirit is from God is given in 1 John 4: 1- 3.

      1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
      2 By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God,
      3 and every spirit that does not confess that[a] Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.

      The spirit speaking in this message is most certainly NOT of God.

    • L-Train

      Either you get a kick out of posting worthless garbage so people can own you on the comments section, or your suffering from some sort of mental illness. Your stories are completely idiotic and I bet you still live in your mom’s basement. And another thing please post a different picture on your profile cause you have a mug only a mother could love. Why don’t you post a picture of a dildo or something, I think that describes you perfectly. Lay off the Peyote tool.

      • bozzchem

        Once the drivel presented by this individual is held up against the Word of God as I posted above, S/He fades away.

        Jesus Christ came in the flesh to save all of mankind!!! Those who deny it are false prophets and will be cast into the lake of fire that awaits them. I was once one who embraced this pathetic life and invoked demons to help me. I hated Jesus and envisioned doing what I could to thwart His reign. I was WRONG. He is the KING of KINGS!!

        There is no denying the truth I presented here. The person presenting this charade knows so. I look forward to his rebuttal of what I have presented. He and those of his kind will burn eternally.

      • Indian in the machine

        Folks… get to rediscover the spiritworld… and the oneness of everything, so that you don’t try to compensate for your ignorance, by anonymous attacks. :) ciao!

    • UberNuts

      Only one word can truly express the content of this current article by IITM.

      • Anonymous

        ~ ”I concur, WTF are they smoking” ~

    • HOT OR COLD?

      The war is coming. I personally think Russia is going to blast the 7 US warships and 2 subs into dust of which is hiding in the Black Sea. At the same time, concurrently they are going to destroy the Ukraine 23 high level military bases while also at the same time destroy the 15,000 NATO troops on the border of Russia and Ukraine. This will all happen at once and take both America and the Ukraine by surprise while NATO won’t have time to think.
      At the same time, watch for possible missile attacks from Russia towards other close proximity US warships and Air Flight equipment.
      It will all be over within about 4 hours and the world will be shocked.
      It’s going to happen – only weeks if not days away!

      Don’t bother to search who I am.

      • CrowPie

        Just waiting on delivery of those war ships from France. Now Russia just has to get around Western sanctions to pay for them and gain delivery.

    • Geeper

      Hard not to read all the ellipsis as the writer taking a deep drag on something.

    • Emanuel

      you’re beeing fooled by the greatest deciever… remember, be humble…

    • Anonymous

      These characters and ideas are from the writings of Clare Prophet and she is an illuminati shill used for the purposes of keeping as many as possible, passive and sedate and no threat to the evil ones.

      From the sounds of this above, I would say she has fulfilled her mission with some, and from the comments, not as many as her handlers would have liked. LOL What tripe. I can’t believe anyone buys this stuff.

      Is there a greater power in the universe than we are? Of course there is. Are there aliens, I don’t know, I have not met one yet, when I do I will say so.

      Is there a God, well, each person has to decide that for himself. There is for me, since I have experienced numerous miracles with no other explanation. If an explanation comes along that is legitimate, then I will relook at the issue and see if I change my mind.

      • Indian in the machine

        That is not correct… get up to date folks! ;)

    • Synickel

      Lucifer is now satan. Lucifer is no more. Reptilians are a silly distraction he created. Get grounded.

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