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Russian Commander: Bodies Dead For Days Before Flight Took Off

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Plane loaded with dead bodies and shot down, confirmed by Washington Times



MH17 all but completely proven to be flight 370

The bodies were dead for days before the flight and smelling of rot according to top military commander at the scene, which would be expected if they were actually from flight 370. They would have been loaded on the plane dead to make sure none could speak about what went on.



From the Washington Times: People dead LONG BEFORE plane took off

“MOSCOW — A top pro-Russia rebel commander in eastern Ukraine has given a bizarre version of events surrounding the Malaysian jetliner crash — suggesting many of the victims may have died days before the plane took off. The pro-rebel website Russkaya Vesna on Friday quoted Igor Girkin as saying he was told by people at the crash site that “a significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh,” adding that he was told they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.”


My comment: This strongly supports MH370 as being the real shoot down plane, with all passengers dead long before and probably being taken off of ice and loaded into the plane for final disposal. If a body is already dead before a crash, crash damage will not show up the same way it will with live bodies. This is probably why so many of the bodies in the wreckage do not show serious burns or blood. A good example of this effect is to take a piece of chicken and throw it in a hot pan for a few seconds. If you remove it from the hot pan within a short time, it will look totally uncooked. Yet if you put your hand on that hot pan for even half a second, it will be badly burned, and show it. Live flesh shows injury easily because of the way living cells respond to injury. If the bodies were dead for days and possibly loaded onto the plane well chilled it would explain a lot about their relatively undamaged appearance in the wreckage.

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    • ntfc1234

      It is quite apparent in this video that these bodies don’t look like they just died from the plane crash. Some look like they have been dead for way more than a day.

      • Anonymous

        this is a very intriguing article…

      • Terminator

        quote which is the defining site for flight history says MH17 was canceled and never departed, with no departure time listed. Good cover for flight 370? Not enough substance to make a call on that one, but this is something to make note of at least. The site is down now, possibly overwhelming…

        Flight “MH17″ was being escorted by two fighter jets up until shoot down, which would be PERFECT if it was in fact a zombie flight 370 under remote control to its final death. This is covered more farther down the page.

        Malaysia airlines MH17 777 flight 370 clone from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpoor shot down at border between Ukraine and Russia….

        • Patshmere

          All I can say is none of us had ever heard of Malaysia airlines months ago and now there just happens to be two big stories in the last months? Something doesn’t add up right.

      • Redlist Renegade

        Yeah but they were flyin’ high like the Greatfull Dead that they were on vacation for their “Weekend at Bernie’s” !!!

    • CrowPie

      Your hypothesis on the flash burns from an explosion is incorrect.

      I was unfortunate enough to have a household/gas stove blow up in my face……it threw me across the room along with moving the stove away from the wall by two feet.

      After I came to consciousness…….my only sign of having been affected was burned eye brows and lashes. (And a serious case of shell-shock.)

    • Kona

      Not saying that I believe this idea but….. Some of the body’s don’t show enough blood. Even if they died from the shock of what was to come, there should be more blood from those wounds I would think.

      Just thinking out loud….

      • Theron

        I concur. They seem to be a lot more intact than other plane crash victims I have seen photos of.

      • CrowPie

        The heart attacks they had from falling over 32,000 ft. would have been massive. Suicides that jump from our highest bridges are usually dead of massive heart attack before they hit the water.

        The heart would not be pumping and the internal organs all likely ruptured. (This includes intestines causing the horrible smell.) Not to mention if any lived during just half the fall….most would likely lose control of bodily functions. (Urinate and defecate upon themselves.)

        This facts would explain most of what these people are reporting………Not some frozen body conspiracy.

        It takes DAYS for a frozen body of an animal to thaw and then hours after that to decompose.

        • OzzieEd

          Must be cold where you live? I live in Australia and I used to have to pick up frozen animals to burn. If I was more than a couple of hours late it was a very unpleasant job.

        • CrowPie

          Actually I live in the state of Alabama. But since we hunt and dress our own meat…….often full deer carcass’ are left to hang outside over night for the blood to drain from them.

          In very cold weather they can freeze solid over night, making the next few steps in the process very difficult.

          On another note……animals, large or small, that die out in our summer heat……just a couple of hours in the sun ……….very ripe.

        • katco

          you all miss the token adrenalin that comes into play

    • LifeIs

      “dead before the crash” does not equal “frozen”

      jet fuel does not explode, it burns

      anti aircraft missiles explode in proximity to the target, not inside it

      being exposed to the atmosphere at jet liner speeds will tear your clothes off

      • CrowPie

        quote from article, “My comment: This strongly supports MH370 as being the real shoot down plane, with all passengers dead long before and probably being taken off of ice and loaded into the plane for final disposal.”

        If you have forgotten, very large pieces of the plane still remain on the ground. This means that the plane was likely separated into at least two large sections upon the explosion, many may have hung on for dear life inside those pieces….or buckled in.

        This would also explain why their still clothed. (the explosive device merely needed to get NEAR the plane to dis-assemble it. Although why aren’t sky divers naked when they hit the ground after jumping from such heights and speeds? :lol:

        Also, if the plane separated….the fuel would have been lost to the atmosphere.

        But an engine can and does explode upon impact.quote from article, “My comment: This strongly supports MH370 as being the real shoot down plane, with all passengers dead long before and probably being taken off of ice and loaded into the plane for final disposal.”

        If you have forgotten, very large pieces of the plane still remain on the ground. This means that the plane was likely separated into at least two large sections upon the explosion, many may have hung on for dear life inside those pieces….or buckled in.

        This would also explain why their still clothed. (the explosive device merely needed to get NEAR the plane to dis-assemble it. Although why aren’t sky divers naked when they hit the ground after jumping from such heights and speeds? :lol:

        Also, if the plane separated….the fuel would have been lost to the atmosphere.

        But an engine can and does explode upon impact.

        • WeBeDoomed

          Speeds that a jet aircraft can achieve in a crash dive can far exceed that of a free-falling human body (600mph compared to 120mph). If the aircraft breaks up in the air, clothes (meant for indoor use) are literally ripped from the bodies. A sky-diver doesn’t reach those speeds (and the one-piece jump suits usually worn are designed not to come off).

          This is horrific :sad:

          If these people are from MH370 how are they going to explain when the relatives from the Netherlands identify the victims as their lost relatives? Or are these ‘relatives’ all going to be paid crisis actors :roll:

        • LifeIs

          Skydivers reach terminal velocity at around 150 mph. That is the speed at which wind resistance equals the acceleration of gravity. They don’t go any faster.

          Jet liners are going faster than that. Fast enough that peoples’ clothes get torn off.

          Copa Airlines Flight 201 gave us a good example of that. June, 1992. It broke up in flight. And, as we saw on television, people came down completely, totally naked.

          I don’t know why you think an engine will explode. The engines won’t be running after the break-up in flight.

          And it would have to be running, for the compressors to have pressure. Or for spinning turbines to scatter themselves about.

          It is kind of amusing to see you so proud of being wrong about something, that you repeat it and put little emotes by it.

        • CrowPie

          Actually….I don’t know how the “repeat” ended up in that post. It was purely erroneous. Certainly not pride. Also, I still don’t believe that an airliner, stopped in mid air by a bomb, would be ….’still’ …..traveling fast enough to rip clothes from the body. It was “stopped” mid air….then fell.

          Makes a difference. And I’ll just have to disagree with you about whether or not an engine can explode…….especially since I have seen tractor trailor rigs “blow up” on the side of the road during a crash. There was nothing left….NOTHING. The whole thing burned and turned to ash before my very eyes.

          A jet engine carrying massive amounts of jet fuel “WILL Explode” when hit with maximum fire power. You are mistaken…… evidenced by the crash site.

        • LifeIs

          The slowing down comes after the disintegration.

          Bombs and missiles don’t stop planes in mid-air.

          The slowing down phase is the ripping your clothes off phase.

          Fuel tanks in cars and trucks will burst, when the fuel is vaporized by heat. As gas, the volume is greater. The pressure blows open the tank.

          A jet airplane engine is not a fuel tank. And when it is torn from the plane, 6 miles above the ground, the liquid and vapor remaining inside have plenty of time to escape.

        • CrowPie

          If a jet airplane “is not a fuel tank” then where does it house its fuel?

        • CrowPie

          A jet airplane is little more than a traveling fuel tank when it is loaded with enough jet fuel to travel 18 hours.

    • Guitarilla

      Very possibly remote controlled as well. This was a setup over Russian airspace to make Putin look bad. Guess what’s coming over our airspace in retaliation.

      • PilgrimFathers14

        I find your comments absolutely crass and vile. People have died in a horrific way and you come on here and suggest it was set-up to besmirch Putin.

    • paul

      I think there is some serious drugs about,you lot been sniffing chemtrails?,,,ok families from the victims from mh370 and families from the plane shot down over Ukraine are different people and by large different nationalities,how can people that boarded a plane on weds? be identified by relatives by the weekend and apparently been dead for days? and if as some are saying its the mh370 flight why are a total new set of people coming foreward to claim the bodys?

    • UberNuts

      I just don’t know what, or who to believe anymore – wait… isn’t that their plan? HELP!!!!

    • earlcity

      Hello, from The Netherlands, here: Can you explain me the “dead” Dutch people?
      They were not “dead”" before this event…
      What kind of creepy game is bejing played here?

      • Studebacher Hoch

        Hi and respects from Australia.
        There were 33 Australians killed in this tragedy also including at least one entire family of 5.
        Overall there were 80 children of various nationalities – this is a terrible evil tragedy.

    • Zema

      Hi Jeff,

      here I will present the full translation of what rebel commander told about the crash site. It might be truth that many medical specialists (AIDS) did fly onboard, thus a lot of blood serum, drugs, and even blood-less bodies was on the ground in crash site.

      Here is the text in russian language, saying that Ukrainian officials are deliberatelly delaying the inspection of airplane parts and also bodys laying around for almost 3 days, on high temperature. Looks like they are doing it in purpose so the bodys will decay and it will be imposible to say exctly when those people died:


      and here is the link, also in russian language where rebel commander Igor Strelkov is describing the area with the parts of airplane and people bodies as:

      “First of all, not all people on the plane were dead before the fall.

      Secondly, the plane was discovered with a large quantity of drugs, blood serum and other things, which is not typical for conventional liner. It seems that there was a medical special-load.

      Third, I do not no not insist on anything (yet). Literally just now talked to two people who personally collected the bodies immediately after the fall (both – from Shakhtersk city and arrived at the scene in less than half an hour after the accident). I’m saying all this from their words and write. They stressed that many corpses were “entirely bloodless” – as if the blood curled long before the disaster. Also noted the strongest and putrid smell, marked by many locals – this odor in any weather for half an hour could not be formed, and the weather was overcast yesterday, not too hot. (he refers to the body odor, decaying bodys).

      Fourth, I take with extreme suspicion all kinds of “conspiracy theory”, but after 18 of our soldiers were poisoned by some chemistry weapons in position in Semenovka city, shooting family members of militias and other “small pleasures Svidomo patriots(Ukrainian fascists)” have convinced me that the Ukrainian authorities are capable of any meanness.

      Pilots, of course, were quite alive – the whole cabin (and the front end is well preserved) was literally flooded with their blood. “

      • Kona

        Sorry to hear about what you guys are going through over there. Good luck and God bless.

      • janetspillows

        Thank you for your explanation. Finally I hear truth. I’m so sorry for all that has happened over there too. I’m praying for the families of the victims and all that are affected by this. God Bless you.

    • Deliza They Tell You

      “Two Australians on downed MH17 lost relatives on missing flight MH370
      Family who suffered loss in March tragedy ripped apart again after Malaysia Airlines jet carrying 298 people is shot down”

    • Cosmickat

      I have heard it all now. I can believe that someone would actually think that MH17 was flight MH370. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!

      This is how dis-information and rumors start.

      This actually has to be the worst article posted yet.

      STOP IT.

    • Cosmickat

      If the bodies that you say were from MH370, why were the bodies shown on all the World news stations show bodies that were in perfect shape… In other words… NO decay !!!

      This entire report really takes the cake. I had a good friend from Great Britain on that flight. We were just chatting on 7/16. He’s dead now.

      UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!

      Pepole.. DO NOT LISTEN to such BS. :mad:

      • CrowPie

        I am sorry for your loss.

    • Cosmickat

      Listen people… Jim Stone is one of those UNTRUTHFUL Conspiracy theorists that make things up.

      Take a closer look.. the bodies do look like they just died. Tell me, have you actually seen bloated bodies? If the bodies were from MH370, they would nearly be decayed, not much left of them. If they were all in cold storage, they would be BLUE and shriveled.

      DO NOT LISTEN TO JIM STONE. Rumors, rumors, rumors.

      Besides, if some of this story comes from the Russians, it should be considered false. They do not want the deaths on them. :idea: :shock: :shock: :shock: :mad: :mad:

    • Purple Mike

      Now this story makes sense of Malaysian airlines I and II mystery series.

    • DK

      DNA from Fingers and Teeth the two most reliable means of identification for corpses in plane crashes, there are 10 UK ‘victims’ who will have to have an full inquest and I will be looking forward to an explanation on how they can be Chinese, the wrong gender etc. because Russia will have spared no expense in giving the Dontesk forces all the help they need to recover the bodies in a forensic fashion – since this is not military aid and to Russias immense benefit and they have all the time in the world to sift the area for evidence because Kiev made the mistake of shootling down the aircraft while it was leaving the country so it crashed into a Dontesk controlled area rather than on leaving one after flying in from Russia.

      Vicious, Greedy and Stupid all in one efficient package.

    • NoName

      They may be the bodies from the missing Malaysia jet a few months back. Hijack the plane, kill the people on board, freeze the bodies and use them for another so called “incident”. Sounds crazy, but that is what they want you to think (crazy talk).

    • ByteRider

      BS. You can see some of the dead bodies on or They all look pretty “just killed” fresh to this doctor. In fact, none are even bloated so that shows they’ve been dead for less than a day. Typical “beforeitsnews” BS.

    • cryptkeeper

      I’m sorry but I just rewatched the liveleak video and the bodies did have a strange pinkish color like that of frozen meat that has been seared and yes they did seem bloated and also the bloated body next to the large part of the fuselage had large bloodless lacerations on the legs.I have never seen a pane crash scene but this doesn’t seem right to me.

    • Ian Williams

      Even folk who would not normally question such things are now looking at them quizzically, as in WTF? I can’t help feeling that there is a deeper agenda at work here, as the ham-fisted way this has been handled leaves a lot of room for a blame shift, and with Russia outing details of 9/11, do not be surprised if out of left field, suddenly the Jews are in the frame, as they were in prewar Germany, and that a relatively small portion of them will set up their own to shoulder the blame for all the ills of the world. In every bigot, there is a Nazi just waiting for an excuse…Flight Radar shows the plane as not having taken off and it was 500kms off course…anyone know any ATC’s in Amsterdam?

      • turtle

        Would they be the same jews now conducting their ground offensive in Gaza.

        Noone is talking about them either.

    • Lord Humongous!

      Notice how we are not talking about the wave of illegal immigrants anymore..Very convenient!

    • ChickenPimp

      Maybe this is whats going on…

      • Terminator

        Good find!

        Besides the nearly 300 passengers aboard the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines, the plane’s cargo bay was loaded with dozens of infected corpses drained of their blood and countless packets of possibly virus-contaminated blood serum, according to the local eyewitnesses, first-arrivers at the crash site in the Donetsk region along Ukraine-Russia borderlands.

        The gruesome finding points irrefutably to Malthusian skulduggery at the highest levels of the World Health Organization (WHO) in sponsoring a covert biological warfare program against the population of Asia. A systematic investigation is now required to uncover the deadliest plot against humanity in modern history. The more predictable outcome, unfortunately, is likely to be a cover-up on an unprecedented scale to protect the globalist elite from scrutiny, legal prosecution and justice.

        The blatant violation of international laws for transporting infectious agents indicates a criminal intent in their use at destination. IATA, the watchdog agency for air travel, strictly controls and registration rules in the conveyance of corpses and infectious substances due to the dangers of accidental spillage or deliberate biowarfare. The WHO also imposes tight reporting rules for physical transfer of materials between laboratories, and is therefore now caught in flagrante delicto violating its own rules.


    • turtle

      DNA tests would erase any doubts as to who the corpses are but how likely is that going happen or that we get an honest answer.

    • Болеслава

      Jim stone does not account for the missing people of Flight 17. What a f-wit. the real story is the le garde number 7 treatise given to a live audience of the IMF just days before this No 7 laden tragedy.

      The two events are inseparable and indicates that she is signalling that this event is a game changer for the implementation of the NWO.

      Jim Stone has really fallen down on this one for sure. Interesting that I found his site very dark in the last 2 weeks prior. Has he been got at like 2 other people I can think of?

    • FreebytheTruth

      This data proves the American People and the Russian People are not responsible for any of this. All this is proof that global Masonry illuminati are responsible both sides of this puppet mass media propaganda blaming back and forth controlled event. Just to war for the bankers.

      With all this Masonic Ordo ab Chao they will probably attempt WW3, Remember don’t go fight wars for the bankers and their corporations, Instead fight them in your local, and when they false flag again. Hold both sides of the controlled opposition even more accountable.

    • D16Dement

      I felt like the article stating that the Malaysian plane was shot down at 1544 and Putin’s aircraft flew over the same spot at 1621 therefor it was a botched assassination attempt rang true. Both stories cannot hold water. Which one to believe?

      • DK,7340,L-4051769,00.html

        In 1944 Zionists forced Winston Churchill to change his mind about allowing Jews into Palistine where they would revolt creating Israel. This was to be done by killing those close to him. This may not be true, given the type of man he was he would have wanted somewhere to be rid of them and to let the Jews and Arabs fight each other as an old school imperialist.

        However people will still try to get at Putin in the same manner and for the same reasons, forgetting this is someone who does not bat an eye when friendly Polish Presidents die in similar assasinations to put pressure on Russia. He is a man of ice is Putin and Just because his plane flew over Ukraine absolutely does not mean he was on it, this man is former KGB.

    • anonymous

      Can anyone explain why the passports are in perfect condition?

      • DK

        They were all not on passengers, were freshly printed and in some sort of mailbag to have survived the fall in intact and together. Passengers do not part with their passports for any reason, they are therefore not the genuine blood soaked fragments which are the mark of the real item found in aircrashes.

    • MSG Chicken

      BIG CLUE:

      If it was a FF operation they timed it just right to come over empty areas, huh? That also means both sides were in on it. America AND Russia.

    • VirusGuard

      Russia today report that a body landed in someones kitchen after smashing though the roof and celling.

      Well dust and plaster was all over the place but no blood splats as you would exspect if you fire a lump of fresh meat at 120mph into something.

      Another man reports of a body in the steet, legs missing and it was a man but the witness also note that he could see hardly any blood so unless the blood gets sucked out of the body at 90,000 feet then this story might just have some truth about it.

      Yeah sure we can make excuses about where the blood went but try throwing a stake at the wall and see in you can see any blood or not

    • wakeupsheeple

      It was in some dutch alternative news site that there were indeed dead bodies on board including a lot of blood samples with apparently infected blood. This was a total illegal affair but authorized by an Israeli agency at the airport of Amsterdam.
      Note that also the 100 AIDS scientists were on board. However, This was the only article until now I have found about it, use google translate with it.

    • wakeupsheeple

      English version about the dead bodies as cargo on board!

    • paul

      just think anybody that believes this needs help and is a twisted mo fo

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