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The End Of The Internet - Millions Of Domains Seized

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ICANN is compromised, Allows Microsoft to blow millions of American sites off the web


Cold hard proof that ICANN, which regulates web domains, is compromised happened exactly six days after Iran’s internet was seized, when Microsoft seized a large number of U.S. domains as well via a lawsuit that was totally un announced to the people affected. Their web sites just went POOF, Microsoft suddenly owned them with no prior warning. This could only happen if ICANN is operating above the law now, and the six day gap between the judgement against Iran, and Microsoft unlawfully seizing domains on this side of the globe, strongly implies that this is all entirely Jewish and something huge is on the horizon.  (especially considering Gates is a Jew, and the lawyer who got the judgement against Iran is a Jew)

To understand all of this you need to know who ICANN is, and how the web functions. When the web was first set up, it used IP addresses, which were numbers that were assigned to identify each web server on the internet. That is what an IP address is. But numbers are hard to remember and use, so right around 1990 or so, the idea of domain names was launched, where you type a name and go to a web site with a name. This can only be accomplished if all web queries first hit an intermediate server called the DNS server, which has a list of all domain names and the IP addresses assigned to them. When you type, the DNS server then translates that to the IP number for GOOGLE, spits out the number assigned to the name and the web handles it from there. So the people who run the DNS servers and assign the names to the numbers are the real gatekeepers of the web, and they have been compromised. They are no longer doing their jobs according to the law.



Yesterday, July 1 may have been the beginning of the end of the internet

Over the last six days:


1. Microsoft seized millions of domains without notice, and it did not make it into the ziopress.

2. A Jewish lawyer successfully seized ALL OF IRAN’S DOMAINS and it did not make it into the ziopress.

3. Belize was blown offline by a web attack for 2 full days (so far) and it did not make it into the ziopress.

Conclusion?  They are testing the waters to see what people will tolerate, and NOT reporting it.  This would be done before a total takedown leading up to a huge war.

NoIP (the company that had millions of its users domains and sub domains seized on July 1,  stated the following:


Unfortunately, Microsoft never contacted us or asked us to block any subdomains, even though we have an open line of communication with Microsoft corporate executives.

We have been in contact with Microsoft today. They claim that their intent is to only filter out the known bad hostnames in each seized domain, while continuing to allow the good hostnames to resolve. However, this is not happening. Apparently, the Microsoft infrastructure is not able to handle the billions of queries from our customers. Millions of innocent users are experiencing outages to their services because of Microsoft’s attempt to remediate hostnames associated with a few bad actors.

Had Microsoft contacted us, we could and would have taken immediate action. Microsoft now claims that it just wants to get us to clean up our act, but its draconian actions have affected millions of innocent Internet users.

Vitalwerks and No­-IP have a very strict abuse policy. Our abuse team is constantly working to keep the No-­IP system domains free of spam and malicious activity. We use sophisticated filters and we scan our network daily for signs of malicious activity. Even with such precautions, our free dynamic DNS service does occasionally fall prey to cyber scammers, spammers, and malware distributors. But this heavy-handed action by Microsoft benefits no one. Except, instead, it appears that Microsoft went to court (secretly, without telling Vitalwerks/No-IP) and convinced the judge that the company itself was violating the law. And the court bought it:

There is good cause to believe that, unless the Defendant Vitalwerks is restrained and enjoined by Order of this Court, immediate and irreparable harm will result from its ongoing violations the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (15 U.S.C. § 1125) and the common law of negligence. The evidence set forth in Microsoft’s TRO Motion, and the accompanying declarations and exhibits, demonstrate that Microsoft is likely to prevail on its claim that this Defendant has engaged in violations of the foregoing laws through one or more of the following: a. Leasing to Malware Defendants No-IP sub-domains containing Microsoft’s protected marks; and b. Negligently enabling Malware Defendants to participate in illegal acts, and failing to take sufficiently corrective action to stop and prevent the abuse of its services, all of which harms Microsoft, Microsoft’s customers, and the general public.

Given the nature of the ex-parte (without Vitalwerks being able to present its side of the story) proceedings, Microsoft was able to paint the fact that a platform provider (which has a full anti-abuse program), was somehow liable for actions of its users. This flies in the face of a variety of laws and caselaw on secondary liability, which protect the service provider from being held liable for abusive behavior by its users. Yet here, not only did the court ignore all of that, it simply flat out handed over to Microsoft a whole bunch of No-IP’s domains (which, clearly, Microsoft was unable to handle), bringing down a big chunk of the web that relied on No-IP’s dynamic DNS services.

So what does this mean for Iran and the web in general?

Now that this has happened, I am willing to bet ICANN will indeed blow Iran off the web on schedule. If ICANN can receive the order given after a secret court proceeding and hand domain names over without anyone they are affecting knowing, and then have someone else actually OWN the domain names because someone at ICANN worked behind the scenes and just handed them over, it is GAME OVER. ICANN needs to be ripped out and replaced. Perhaps handing that responsibility over to the E.U. might not be a bad idea after all, because having that responsibility handled via American law has now failed on two occasions, and destroyed millions of web sites.



I cannot over stress how important this is. This means that America has already slipped to third world status and can therefore not be trusted with a responsibility as big as managing the internet. America is now a nation where the rule of law is not followed, people are destroyed in secret courts without even being notified of what is happening and Jewish tyranny rules above all else. Interesting it is that in both these cases with Iran’s internet being seized by a law firm with no prior notice given, and millions of domains siezed by Microsoft with no prior notice given, the Jews DID IT ALL.



One additional caveat: This could be the beginning of the end of the web as we have known it, because there is no place now that is not controlled by Jews. Now that America has proven it cannot handle the responsibility, who else is there that can?

This goes flatly against the meme of “the elite being rounded up and jailed” and instead indicates that they now have so much control over everything that they can operate as unfettered tyrants.



The last six days have been horrible for the web, and the Jewish press is reporting NADA. This proves it is the Jews doing it, if it really was terrorists or CHINA or anyone else, they would shout it from the rooftops.

Valerie wrote: Hi James!


Just to let you know that we have had NO internet or server access here in Belize for 2 days! Belize gov says it is an external attack and blames it on China

It is hard to understand what is going on with Iran’s Internet. I am trying to communicate the information to the francophone community. Do you think you could resume what exactly happened?



My response: Read all about Iran HERE AND

1. Microsoft seized millions of domains without notice, and it did not make it into the ziopress.


2. A Jewish lawyer successfully seized ALL OF IRAN’S DOMAINS and it did not make it into the ziopress.

3. Belize was blown offline by a web attack for 2 full days (so far) and it did not make it into the ziopress.

1+1+1 = Something huge on the web is underway, the Jews are totally mum about it, which means the Jews are doing it. In two cases we have proof. WHY would all of this be kept silent? Perhaps they are testing the waters. Seeing if people will protest the abuse of ICANN or even figure out it is ICANN doing it all. If people remain stupid about this, POOF will go the ENTIRE WEB, and world war 3 will begin, with no dissent, ONLY CNN, FOX, ABC and all the other totally jewish controlled lie fronts saying anything. Total information control.

All we have to do is sit here and shut up about what is going on out there, and they might just be bold enough to pull the plug on everyone. Iran and China will take the blame. By way of deception? YES YES INDEED.


UPDATE: Iran’s internet seized

An analysis of the theft of Iran’s internet


I laid awake last night going through all permutations of what this means. This is a very important report.



1. Iran is being set up for a silent death

No doubt about it, when the war with a completely innocent Iran starts, the ziopress wants no voice of the people getting out. I need to stress what a fraud this is and how both illegal and unlawful this ruling was. It is definitely the type of thing that happens before a nation gets attacked, this was a definite setup for war.



2. This judgement was not against Iran but serves the same purpose regardless

Iran was never told this court case was proceeding. This was a secret proceeding and even afterwards Iran was never notified that this happened. This ruling was only against ICANN, the DNS server management team, which assigns routing for domain names. What the goal of this really was is to have Iran suddenly vanish from the web without explanation.



3. The purpose for this can be circumvented if people take action now

I believe Israel wanted Iran to suddenly vanish from the web so they could be destroyed in secret. But this can be stopped with ease. This ruling, as bad as it is will NOT take Iran off the web. This will only make Iran difficult to find. You see – This is a domain level attack only, which will affect only the DNS servers which are not needed for a web site to be available. The DNS servers make surfing the web easy because they take the IP address of a web site and match it to a name, such as But if the IP address is provided, direct access will still be possible.

The IP address for is and this will always work even if PressTV is kicked off the web by ICANN. So people need to get busy to stop world war 3 NOW. Get this IP address posted around the web AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

I will be looking up other important Iranian IP addresses, including Universities, the Bushehr nuclear facility and other government web sites. The universities will have blogs and forums that the students can talk to the world with. THAT is the type of addresses we need to stop Israel from proceeding with whatever atrocities they have planned.



4. This ruling was flatly illegal, and ICANN actually does not need to comply

Icann was given a spectacularly short 10 days to blow Iran off the web. That is against the law. This was done based on the argument that Iran has no rights. This was obviously a seriously corrupt judge who demonstrated clearly why dual citizens should not be allowed to work in any government office. And if ICANN actually does this, it means that there are people working at ICANN who operate counter to the good of the nation and will break the law.



5. MYTH: This was done “on behalf of all the terror victims of Iran”

This was in fact done by a Jewish “lawyer” and was NOT done for any “victims of terror” because with regard to Iran, there are only CIA and Mossad setups and any truthful proceeding would have revealed that. Anyone who is informed enough to hit a site like this one should know that. Iran actually could pay their way out of this with a billion dollar settlement to mis free ride’s LAW FIRM, (You heard that right, THE PAYMENT IS OWED TO A LAW FIRM, WHICH WILL THEN MAGICALLY LOCATE ALL THESE FICTITIOUS VICTIMS, (NO DOUBT ENTIRELY JEWISH VICTIMS) and “PAY OUT”. Yeah and I have some tortillas I dragged out of the garbage to sell you also. If you buy the line that this was really for any sort of “terror victims” I won’t cry if you get salmonella and die. That would be natural selection at work.


REALITY: This is the same thing as the holohoax, where Germany keeps repeatedly getting bilked for billions they never owed, Iran I guess is the next cash cow. That will work, when the recipient is a lone woman named Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, a massive criminal of the “law” who will beyond all doubt have a private jet as “terror reparations” after stealing that $500 million dollar skyscraper in New York from the Iranian people. All this payout will do is fuel more aggression from this kike, someone needs to do the world a favor and take her out . . . to lunch? Perhaps with a little Polonium. The world has no place for lone thieves of this magnitude, trust me, there will be NOT ONE GOY RECIPIENT of ANY reparations here. Perhaps she will make a BIG FAT DONATION to the ISRAELI MOSSAD, so they can go out and frame Iran a few more times to give her another lawsuit. Sort of a revolving door thing with a few of the scraps.



And according to the lawsuit Iran did 911. I gues Iran then said “Pull it” to building 7. And YEP, Iran had it all scripted so building 7 fell long after it was announced to have fallen. (actually Iran had a conspiracy going against all the British clocks). And IRAN HAS NUKES, I CAN PROVE IT, LOOK! SEE THESE HOLES UNDER THE WTC? How did THOSE get there? Wow! That looks a lot like an American nuclear test calledProject Gnome! And Iran also owned Urban Moving Systems, which had five employees that just loved to dance and has HUNDREDS of Israeli dual citizens out there to do their dirty work which is HOW Iran does it because Israelis always get magically released when caught. Poor Israel. And what about the Project for a New American Century? And how did the air force fail so bad? And what about this nose out video? And how about the FBI themselves saying the phone calls from the planes on 911 never happened? AndDOES IT LOOK LIKE A PLANE CRASHED HERE? Obviously not, someone got the backhoe and dug a hole. If a plane crashed here there would be suitcases and seats strewn everywhere. Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, I KNOW, AS A WOMAN OF LAW YOU ARE GOOD AT FINDING THE TRUTH, RIGHT? How about starting here. HOW DID YOU SCREW THIS UP SO BADLY?



And unlike Iran which has NO ties to 911, Larry Silverstein actually gave the command to take down at least 1 building there AND SAID IT ON PUBLIC TELEVISION. He DEFINITELY DID IT. Therefore that gives the rest of us the right to sue ISRAEL, which actually got nailed for 911 multiple times. Iran? ZERO.

To the people out there who can actually see through the bullshit and wish to avoid World War 3 as a result of this so-called “judgement,” here are a few Iranian IP’s so we can keep tabs on them if this actually has Nitsana’s desired effect – (additionally this site works with .com which might not be affected.) If crashes, try .com instead and it might work.    


FARS News: FARS is dot com only. It might not go down. But the problem with dot coms is that they are based in America which means the sites could be hijacked by the FED and used to post garbage while Iran gets destroyed. SO,

Here are some University web sites: This first one is hosted directly at the university, so the server is not subjected to hacks on American soil. If this works, Iran is probably alive: University of Tehran, (which runs 153 doctorate level programs, it is a big one and is considered number one in the Middle East) IP:

Sharif university is world class, and is also number one in that sector of the globe for what it covers. Its ip is:

AUT is the most prestigious university in that sector of the globe, and the number one technology institute in Iran. Its IP is:

Many people out there may wonder how Iran has the top universities in the region, with extremely high world rankings. The answer is clear in the pictures below.


THIS is the real Iran:

Many people have posted pictures of Iran to “dispel the myth” that Iran is a backwards country with people who need to be “liberated”. They then proceed to perpetuate that myth with pictures of goats and barns and other B.S.


I won’t do that here. The fact of the matter is that a majority of Iranians live at least as well as Americans. Iran is a first world country which aside from mandating women wear a head scarf (and men not walk around half naked), actually allows people to live their lives as they wish with far less interference than in America. That’s the real truth about Iran, and the following pictures PROVE IT.


This is Tehran

This is the city that Iran built the nuclear reactor for (not Bushehr)

Notice, more so than Americans, the people are INDIVIDUALS – it’s OBVIOUS!

This is another major Iranian city

Another Iranian city

Here are some BADLY BEATEN Iranian women (according to CNN)

Here is Tehran at night

Another shot of Tehran

Here are some Iranian goat herders

Here are the “tents” they live in.

I bet you did not know Iran has the world’s best snow (this is absolutely true, Iran is rated number 1, and they make use of it:

Here are some oppressed women at Shemshak Ski Resort in Iran and an Olympic contestant:


In a total breakdown of law, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, a Jewish attorney, has successfully triggered a judgement by the U.S. district court (which is totally overrun by corrupt Jewish judges) which will allow the seizure of Iran’s internet assets via theft of their national .ir web designation.


Here is what really happened to provide a precedent for this: The Israeli Mossad, in the name of Iran, staged a large number of rocket attacks against Israel from Gaza, which gave Israel the “right” to inflict hundreds of billions of dollars of damage against Palestine in the form of bulldozings and murder campaigns, and as a bonus, provided a front from which a lawsuit could be launched against Iran to steal their assets. Since ICANN, which regulates the web is in America, this theft can be enforced via this court order.


This signals an entirely new era of Jewish corruption, if they get away with this I cannot possibly see how the web around the world will survive. There will HAVE TO be a hot war over something like this.

You cannot have a stable world which is so web dependent being subjected to bogus judgements such as this. Into the mix as part of the settlement was the enforced factthat Iran did 911 and now has to pay reparations. Yet obviously no mention of Urban Moving systems was made, and the fact that Larry Silverstein himself had explosives planted in building 7 to bring it down, and himself gave the order to do so. The fact that Iran was judged responsible for 911 proves corruption at the highest levels of the American government, where Kikedom is living an orgy of deception and injustice. Now either the Jewish community or Israel can attack anyone they want, blame someone else, and then destroy whoever they blamed in the court system. It cannot get any worse than this.


This judgement against Iran is so unjust it amounts to an act of war or a mugging by a crack head, and it is STUNNING NEWS that is NOT BEING REPORTED IN THE MSM.

This cannot and will not be reported in the MSM despite it being earth shattering news simply because too many people out there know Iran is completely innocent. This means that this court proceeding has to proceed in secrecy the same way antidepressant damage and tainted vaccines are totally not allowed in the press, as is the real truth about Fukushima, nuclear blackmail, and the Japan earthquake. The only way the Jews can get away with a crime this big is to keep it buried entirely. You cannot even find this on Google unless you use specific quotes and names, which means it WILL be buried.

And I do not believe for a minute that Nitsana Darshan-Leitner believes her case is real, she simply knew she had a corrupt judge available and WENT FOR IT for Israel. And one thing I have learned about thieves is once they discover they can get away with stealing, the thefts increase until they wreak total destruction on the innocent. This could be the end of the web and the end of all pretend global stability, who is next?

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      When state issued propaganda is the only thing available to the masses…

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      What a beautiful country Iran is. Unfortunately the agenda is already in action and will continue not matter what. This is what happens when politics are involved. They get away with murder, literally. The citizens are the one’s that suffer. If the citizens ran the world their would be no violence and we could actually appreciate other countries and their culture of living.

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      JEW HATER much are we. Good grief, your pathetic. Now go crawl back under that rock you came out of its got to be a better place for then this site, writing this crap. We are suppose to believe any of this, where’s your proof, I’m calling you out. I read the contents, nothing remoltly suggest we lost the internet, I’m still reading it this morning, what’s up with that?

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