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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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John Lennon, Gangstalked. Killer, Mind-Controlled

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As the world community increasingly understands that “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives,” as legendary human rights defender, singer/songwriter John Lennon once said, one can still see many people who find ‘Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed,’ as he also asserted. The life of John Lennon clearly showed signs Targeted Indivudals experience, from his being one of the most compassionate persons working for the betterment of humanity, to being secretly targeted, gangstalked and assassinated.


Lennon’s works toward a more just world were reflected in his rebellious nature against the violent status quo, as demonstrated through his political and peace activism. He moved to Manhattan in 1971, where his criticism of the Vietnam War resulted in Richard Nixon’s lengthy attempt to deport him as the anti-war movements were adopting some of his songs as their anthems. Lennon’s charisma and influence were sweeping the globe.


[Watch video of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the TV interview below.]


As of 2012, Lennon’s solo album sales in the U.S. alone exceeded 14 million. As writer, co-writer or performer, he had 25 number-one singles on the US Hot 100 chart. In 2002, a BBC poll on the 100 Greatest Britons voted him eighth. In 2008, Rolling Stone ranked him the fifth-greatest singer of all time.


In March 1969, Lennon and Ono used their honeymoon for a “Bed-In for Peace” at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel, attracting worldwide media ridicule. At a second Bed-In three months later at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Lennon wrote and recorded Give Peace a Chance, quickly used as an anti-war anthem sung by a quarter of a million demonstrators against the Vietnam War in Wa. DC, on Nov. 15, the second Vietnam Moratorium Day. That Dec., they paid for billboards in 10 cities around the world that declared, in national language, “War Is Over! If You Want It.”


Later that year, Lennon and Ono supported efforts by the family of James Hanratty, hanged for murder in 1962, to prove his innocence. Those who condemned Hanratty were, according to Lennon, “the same people who are running guns to South Africa and killing blacks in the streets. … The same bastards are in control, the same people are running everything, it’s the whole bullshit bourgeois scene.” In London, Lennon and Ono staged a “Britain Murdered Hanratty” march and a “Silent Protest For James Hanratty,” and produced a 40-minute documentary on the case. At an appeal hearing years later, Hanratty’s conviction was upheld after DNA evidence matched. His family continued to appeal in 2010.


In 1971, Lennon and Ono showed solidarity with Clydeside UCS workers’ work-in by sending a bouquet of red roses and a £5,000 check.  After moving to NY City in August that year, they befriended two of the Chicago Seven, Yippie peace activists Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman.[197] Political activist, John Sinclair, poet and co-founder of the White Panther Party, was serving ten years in prison for selling two marijuana joints after previous convictions for drug possession. In Dec. 1971, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 15,000 people attended the John Sinclair Freedom Rally protest and benefit concert with contributions from Lennon and others including some that, according to Congressional documents show ere on the FBI Cointelpro targeted individual list, such as Jerry Rubin and the Black Panther Party. Lennon and Ono, backed by David Peel and Rubin, performed songs including “John Sinclair”, whose lyrics called for his release. The day before that rally, the Michigan Senate passed a bill significantly reducing penalties for possession of marijuana. Four days later Sinclair was released on an appeal bond.


After the Bloody Sunday incident in Northern Ireland in 1972, in which 14 unarmed civil rights protesters were shot dead by the British Army, Lennon said that given the choice between the army and the IRA (who were not involved in the incident) he’d side with the latter. Lennon and Ono wrote two songs protesting British presence and actions in Ireland: Luck of the Irish” and Sunday Bloody Sunday. In 2000, David Shayler, a former British domestic security service MI5 agent suggested Lennon had given money to the IRA, swiftly denied by Ono.  Lennon and Ono then became financial producers of the film The Irish Tapes, a political documentary.


According to FBI surveillance reports (confirmed by Tariq Ali in 2006) Lennon was sympathetic to the International Marxist Group, a Trotskyist group formed in Britain in 1968.In 1973, Lennon contributed a limerick, Why Make It Sad To Be Gay? to Len Richmond’s The Gay Liberation Book.


After the strong impact of Give Peace a Chance and Happy Xmas (War Is Over), both associated with the anti–Vietnam War movement, the Nixon administration tried to deport Lennon. It was rumored that Lennon was  involved in a planned concert in San Diego during the Republican National Convention. Nixon believed Lennon’s anti-war activities could cost his re-election. Republican Sen. Strom Thurmond suggested in a Feb. 1972 memo that “deportation would be a strategic counter-measure.”


In 1972, Bob Dylan wrote to the INS, defending Lennon. That letter reflects the nature of today’s Targeted Individuals. Dylan stated:


“John and Yoko add a great voice and drive to the country’s so-called art institution. They inspire and transcend and stimulate and by doing so, only help others to see pure light and in doing that, put an end to this dull taste of petty commercialism which is being passed off as Artist Art by the overpowering mass media. Hurray for John and Yoko. Let them stay and live here and breathe. The country’s got plenty of room and space. Let John and Yoko stay! (Emphasis added.)


The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) soon began deportation proceedings, using his 1968 misdemeanor conviction for cannabis possession in London as grounds. On 23 March 1973, the INS ordered Lennon to leave the US within 60 days.


Lennon’s last act of political activism was a statement supporting the striking minority sanitation workers in San Francisco on 5 Dec. 1980. He and Ono planned to join the workers’ protest on 14 Dec.


Around 10:50 pm on 8 Dec. 1980, as Lennon and Ono began to enter their New York apartment, Mark David Chapman shot Lennon in the back four times. At the nearby Roosevelt Hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival at 11:07 pm. Earlier that evening, Lennon had autographed a copy of Double Fantasy for Chapman.



David Chapman: Links to Manchurian candidate, CIA Project MKULTRA


Chapman remained at Lennon’s death scene reading J. D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye until police arrived and arrested him. He repeatedly said the novel was his statement.


The bench favored Chapman’s attorney Jonathon Marks’ motion to enlist three psychiatrists to provide opinions on Chapman’s mental competence to stand trial. The first was Dr. Milton Kline, a N.Y. prestigious clinical psychiatrist, hypnosis authority, esteemed consultant to the CIA on creating programmed killers while president of American Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, true believer in the “Manchurian Candidate” killing concept, who boasted of his capacity to create a hypnotically-driven patsy in three months, a mind-controlled assassin in six.


The second psychiatrist Marks chose to evaluate Chapman was Dr. Bernard Diamond from Univ. of California at Berkeley, “a busy hive of illicit mind control experimentation in past decades,” investigative reporter Alex Constantine writes. Dr. Diamond provided the same service to Sirhan Sirhan. After his trial, the accused killer of Robert Kennedy told another psychiatrist, Dr. Eduard Simson-Kallas, a clinical psychologist assigned to the case, that he distrusted Dr. Diamond: “Whatever strange behavior I showed in court was the result of my outrage over Dr. Diamond’s and other doctors’ testimony. They were saying things about me that were grossly untrue, nor did I give them permission to testify [on] my behalf in court.”


The third psychiatrist Marks entrusted to evaluate Chapman’s sanity was Dr. Daniel Schwartz, forensic psychiatry director at King’s County Medical Center in Brooklyn. Dr Schwartz had examined accused serial killer David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz, offering that the Berkowitz believed he’d been commanded by “demons” to kill.  Chapman had also been pushed by “demons” to shoot John Lennon, Dr. Schwartz opined in court. He testified that Chapman admitted, “I can feel their thoughts. I hear their thoughts. I can hear them talking — but not from the outside, from the inside.” Up to the moment Chapman killed Lennon, he’d continued operating under the belief or believes that forces outside of him, supernatural or otherwise, determined his behavior.” [4] The diagnosis was nearly identical to the one he gave Son of Sam.


Chapman’s legal team put forward an insanity defense based on expert testimony that he was in a delusional and possibly psychotic state at the time. Near the trial, Chapman told his lawyer he wanted to plead guilty to second-degree murder, based on what he had decided was God’s will.  After Chapman denied hearing voices, Judge Edwards, with no further psychiatric assessment, allowed his plea and sentenced him 20 years to life imprisonment, stipulating mental health treatment. As of 2014, he remains in prison after denied parole seven times.


Dr. Dorothy Lewis, a Yale School of Medicine psychiatric researcher and consultant to Marks reported Chapman might have acted in response to a “command hallucination.” British barrister Fenton Bresler, in Who Killed John Lennon?, asks, “Could any term be more appropriate for a disturbed man operating under hypnotic programming?”


The CIA’s obsession with mind control since the Cold War led Constantine to write, “Agency psychiatrists were eminently capable of transforming a hyper-religious nobody on the board of the Decatur, Georgia YMCA  into a programmed killer, and the allegation has been made repeatedly since Lennon’s murder.”


Constantine cites Chapman’s World Vission-CIA links: “Mind control researchers have long pointed to Chapman’s relationship with World Visions, an evangelical charity that boasted John Hinckley Sr., CEO of Vanderbilt Energy Corp., an oil exploration company, on its board. Hinckley was a close friend of George Bush, one path to the CIA.”


As in Chapman’s case, CIA psychiatrists were summoned to evaluate Hinckley after he assaulted Ronald Reagan. The prosecution’s psychiatric expert was Dr. Sally Johnson, now chief of psychiatric services at the Butner Federal Correctional Institute in North Carolina, one of America’s foremost CIA mind control facilities in the country for decades. Dr. Johnson made news in Jan. 1998 after examining accused Unabomber Theodore Kacynzski — “a subject of Agency-sponsored mind control experimentation while a student at Harvard — for the court,” Constantine reports. “Her appearance raises the distinct possibility that the Unabomber was programmed. Dr. Johnson was called after Kacynzski tried to fire his attorneys and represent himself in court.”


World Visions has collaborated with the CIA in black operations, according to Constantine:


  • In Honduras, World Vision used a camp to front a contra-recruiting drive for the Nicaraguan rebellion.
  • In Cuba, World Vision camps concealed agitations of Alpha 66, the anti-Castro brigands of Bay of Pigs fame.
  • In Phalange, fascists butchered Palestinians at the World Vision camp in Lebanon.
  • In Guyana, after the Jonestown massacre, the World Vision evangelicals turned up to plan a re-population of the area with Laotian mercenaries still reeking of raw opium, refined by the CIA into heroin for distribution to American GIs stationed in Vietnam and to the States via Air America and other criminalized Agency tentacles.


Chapman’s world travels suggest CIA support. In 1975 at age 19, Chapman joined YMCA’s International Camp Counselor Program (ICCP) and asked to be sent to the Soviet Union, odd since Chapman was a self-professed strident anti-Communist. Instead, he was sent to Beirut, where, it is postulated, he received his first lethal arts training at a CIA training camp, or, depending on one’s point of view, a school of terror (as did renegade Agency arms dealers Frank Terpil and George Korkola, and William Peter Blatty of Exorcist fame ran an experimental mind control unit for the Army in Lebanon. (Fenton Bresler, Who Killed John Lennon?, New York: St. Martin’s, 1989, pp 104-105)


Chapman received firearms training at Atlanta Area Technical School after dropping out of Covenant College in Tennessee and taking a job as a security guard. He passed pistol-training course, a marked departure from his missionary ambition, suggested by new friends and accompanied by drastic change in personality.


He moved to Hawaii, sank into deep depression, attempted suicide, was admitted to Castle Memorial Hospital in 1977 and diagnosed severe depressive neurosis – but not considered pathological, so released two weeks later. He’d  proven so popular with doctors at the clinic, he was hired in Aug. 1977 – Nov. 1979 as a maintenance worker and promoted to customer relations office. He impulsively, however, quit with a modest loan from the hospital credit union and embarked on a world tour.


According to Constantine, in Aug. 1980, Chapman surfaced in NY and mailed a letter to an Italian addressee with Lennon’s address as the return address. The “breezy” note referenced his “mission” in NY. Years later, when the letter finally made it to Yoko Ono, after it had been held in the PO, she glanced at it, dropped it into her DERANGED file and forgot about it. In June 1983, however, Dan Mahoney, head of security at the Ono household, was sorting through the file and found it dated 1980, evidence of premeditated murder and possible conspiracy. Mahoney intended to give the letter to Ono and ultimately the police – but it vanished, only to reappear again on Yoko’s kitchen table, slightly altered – with a 1981 post date and no mention of Chapman’s “mission” in NY. (In conversation with Rev. Charles McGowan at Rikers Island a few days after the murder, the gunman also spoke of a “mission that I could not avoid.”


An infiltrator in Yoko’s household or unforced entry op had apparently altered the letter to protect the “lone” gunman’s accomplices — part of a black operation that the conspirators called “Project Walrus,” a full-blown surveillance, assassination and psychological operations program.


In March 1983, listening devices planted at Ono’s Dakota home were found. Another sweep a few days later detected more bugs – quietly replaced when no one was looking, quite probably by someone on Ono’s staff. [18] numerous attempts on Ono’s life have been made:


  • On Dec. 9, 1980, one day after Lennon’s shooting, a man in LA phoned her to announce he was flying to NY to “finish the job that Chapman started.” He was arrested at LAX where he swore to “get” Yoko and punched a police officer.
  • In Nov. 1981, two strangers stopped and questioned by bodyguards at the Dakota cut and ran. One escaped. The other was tackled and taken into custody by police, shouting he’d come to “get” Yoko and Sean Lennon.
  • In Feb. 1983, Ono received a death threat letter: “I am going to kill you. You were not supposed to have survived.” One of two brothers responsible for the threat arrived outside the Dakota a few days later, was arrested, and admitted he meant to “get” Yoko. He was released.
  • In March 1983, Ono received an anonymous call informing her one of her bodyguards intended to kill her.
  • In Sept. 1983, on her way to San Francisco, she received a call at her hotel room from police telling her they’d arrested a sniper firing from his window a mile away. Police confiscated 700 rounds of ammunition and a collection of books about John Lennon and Yoko Ono. [19]


After Lennon’s death, historian Jon Wiener‘s Freedom of Information Act request for FBI files documenting the Bureau’s role in the deportation attempt resulted in the FBI admitting it had 281 pages of files on Lennon, but refused to release most on the grounds that they contained national security information.


In 1983, Wiener sued the FBI with help of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. Fourteen years of litigation forced the FBI to release the withheld pages. In 1991, the ACLU representing Wiener won a favorable decision in their suit against the FBI in the Ninth Circuit. In 1992, the Justice Department appealed the decision to the Supreme Court, that declined to review the case. In 1997, respecting Pres. Bill Clinton’s newly instigated rule that documents be withheld only if releasing them would involve “foreseeable harm,” the Justice Department settled most of the outstanding issues outside court by releasing all but 10 of the contested documents.


Wiener published his 14-year campaign results in Jan. 2000 in, Gimme Some Truth: The John Lennon FBI Files, containing faxes of the documents, including “lengthy reports by confidential informants detailing the daily lives of anti-war activists, memos to the White House, transcripts of TV shows on which Lennon appeared, and a proposal for local police to arrest Lennon on drug charges, as told in the documentary The U.S. vs. John Lennon. The FBI’s final 10 documents, reporting Lennon’s ties with London anti-war activists in 1971, that had been withheld due to “national security information provided by a foreign government under an explicit promise of confidentiality,” were released Dec. 2006. They contained no indication that British government regarded Lennon a serious threat.


John Lennon, like every Targeted Individual this author knows, was good, compassionate, loving. As in the life of every Targeted Individual, he was spied on/stalked, along with lies/rumors spread to persecute him, He was one of the world’s least violent human beings, the reason his life was cut short, the same reason today’s Targeted Individudals are persecuted and justifiable fear the same fate.


Sources: Alex Constantine, Who Killed John Lennon?, Wikipedia, Gimme Some Truth: The John Lennon FBI Files

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