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*****Undefeatable "World Peace/NESARA/Ashtar Command UFO" Is Touring The World*****, Earth's Militaries Are Impotent To Do Anything About It

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Undefeatable ”World Peace/NESARA/Ashtar Command UFO” Is Touring The World, Earth’s Militaries Are Impotent To Do Anything About It

The video above is from Korosten Ukraine… there are many videos and pictures of the cigar-shaped Ashtar Comand ufos traveling the world…. here is but a snippet below of this world tour… I suppose I could call it a ‘solar system’ tour, since this same craft is seen in Mars too….this  WILL continue until world peace is declared, which is also connected with NESARA economic reform (expanding to include the world), and the Malaysian Flight 370 which was ‘rescued’ by one of these cigar-shaped ufos, and held ‘hostage’…. please look at these videos and pictures, and then read the message that follows from Ashtar via Kathryn E May, at the end of this posting…. IT IS A VERY GOOD READ THAT YOU ARE SURE TO REMEMBER FOREVER! The technology of these Ashtar Command ships are described in detail and it’s sure to invoke awe in many humans.  Send your love to all military that they join in the peace moment…. in the meantime, watch these cigar shaped ships appear all over the world, and even the International Space Station!  Yup you heard that right. Resistance is futile.  World peace will come that much sooner, if the world shares this posting… c’mon join in the fun! THIS IS IT!

Indian in the machine

Two weeks ago over Afghanistan

CIGAR SHAPED UFO in AFGHANISTAN !!! US Marines firing at UFO ! July 2014

CIGAR SHAPED UFO in AFGHANISTAN !!! US Marines firing at UFO hovering over village in Badakhshan District ! July 2014 …
  1. ASTONISHING Cigar Shaped UFO 2013 stabilized and zoomed

    This is a tracked version from the footage over at Discl0sur3´s Youtube channel: …
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    Compilation of Cigar Shaped Ufos, including the declassified Russian Footage. Brief interview with Gary Mckinnon and what he …
    1. Crazy!2 UFO Enters into a Cigar Shaped Mothership in South Africa

      There is no clear information from video source only said video taken in 2012,South Africa if we get any new information about this …

Brazil 2011


  1. Huge Cigar Shaped UFO Entering Popocatepeti Volcano in Mexico – October 2012

    AWESOME Flying RC UFO LED Quadcopter to freak out your friends and town!

  2. CIGAR UFO, Foreign Object Penetrates In The Gale Crater Mars. The Same, Volcano Popocatepetl

    For More Exclusive Information on UFO Mars Rover Curiosity Photograph A SecondCigar Shaped UFO,May 04, 2014 …

  1. Cigar UFO caught by Mars Curiosity Rover April 2014

    Description link with original photos: UFO …
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      Ufo Cigar Shaped Ufo Over Utah Canyons, February 2014. Not far from Area 51 and close to Nevada there are many interesting …
      • HD

Still photos




Yucatan Mexico




New Zealand



Ashtar Command is undefeatable in our earthspace too!

Western Europe/Iceland

Allrighty… there are many many many many more images of the cigar shaped ufo… Ashtar Command has many of them and all human military have nothing to defeat them with…. they are impotent.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, March 11 2014, 12:00 AM, High Falls, New York

Hello, all Beloved Earth Dwellers, it is I, Ashtar. I have very good news to tell you about our successful Double Trouble display over the Ukraine. You will appreciate the irony embedded in the Truth which is now being revealed around the world. We are whooping and hollering on the ships, as you might say.

Many of you have seen the video of the “cigar shaped UFO” over the Crimea – the territory where Putin gathered his ships and ground troops to try to “keep peace” by applying military force. The video was seen all over Russia as well as the rest of the world, and was claimed by the Russian press to be a UFO. You may have noticed it was then that Putin pulled the Russian troops back “to barracks.” He decided that the sight of a 3,000 foot long UFO flying surveillance over the trouble spot was not something he wanted to challenge.

All might have died down, met as it was by the cold shoulder of the cabal-controlled media, if it weren’t for the following release from the Turner Radio Network. I quote it here in its entirety for comic relief.

[Read the faux radio press release from "TNR", below the rest of article]

Yes, indeed, Beloved Ones, there was a massive surveillance ship over the Ukraine, but it was not developed by the U.S. government in secret. It belongs to the Sirius Star System Fleet, under the Ashtar Command. I could not resist – I took the helm myself to carry out this mission, and what a pleasure it was!

Now, you may be wondering about the above [below article] press release.” I must admit to having come up with the rather catchy name, the “Sky Dreadnought.” Of course it is a bit of a play on words, since it is intended to sound terrifyingly dreadworthy, but the title can also be read as Dread Not. We are rather proud of the science fiction bit of (group) writing which describes very accurately, if a bit dramatically, the actual capabilities of the ship, which Kathryn has described as “totally awesomely awesome.”

We are especially pleased with the outcome of our efforts. There will now rage a debate across the world about the true origins of this craft (thanks to our Turner boots on the ground.) If it is truly “the most advanced military weapons system in the history of human existence,” and it belongs to the U.S., the rest of the world is completely under the control of the United States, as the article says. If it doesn’t belong to the U.S. (and no one else has claimed it) then what??? It has to be a UFO!

Does the military of every country in the world dare ignore the possibility that this is truly a game-changer? That every weapon known to man is now completely and utterly obsolete, and that any form of military resistance is now completely unthinkable? What if it does belong to the U.S.? What if it doesn’t?

Can you picture the shouting and chest-pounding in the board rooms and war rooms of the cabal-sponsored military elite? Can you imagine their red-faced frustration at learning they are completely impotent? There is nothing their money can buy that can forcefully re-establish their power this time.

(On the deck of the New Jerusalem you can hear the strains of the wonderful “March of the Tin Soldiers” from the Nutcracker.)

Their only recourse is to pretend that they are unaware or disbelieving about the presence of the great ship. Of course it will be as easy to ignore as the proverbial elephant in the living room. Given the stranglehold on the media, they might have succeeded eventually, because of the short memory of the public, but we have thought of that too.

You may also have heard about the airliner which vanished in Malaysia. Flight 370 was just off the eastern coast over shallow water when it wavered in the air then suddenly dropped from 35,000 feet to 0 and disappeared. At the same time, radar showed a “plane” which suddenly accelerated to 4 or 5 times the speed of any other craft, hovered in one place, then suddenly vanished from the radar screen, seconds before the airliner also disappeared.

I am very pleased to tell you all that the passengers and crew of the airliner are safe and happy in a secret location. There were several ships in the area, and the maneuver was carried out effortlessly. It is very serendipitous that the airplane carried a large number of Lightworkers from many countries who are delighted and very enthusiastic about the proposal we have made to them, that they be used as “hostages” to expedite the following demands:

Their release will be contingent upon an immediate global agreement that all countries now in possession of any weapons of mass destruction relinquish them to be evaporated forthwith.

1. NESARA law will be presented for signature to all the world’s leaders – representatives of every country on the U.N. charter – and will be immediately enacted. We anticipate that President Barack Obama will be first signatory on the document.

2. There will be declared a Global Celebration of Peace for every person on the planet, regardless of race, religion or nationality, to be marked by one month of singing, dancing and public performances in every village, town, and city on Earth. All expenses are to be underwritten with the funds which would have been allocated for military expenditures.

3. All military personnel will be paid full salary for three months after they turn in all weapons and uniforms and return to rebuild their own families and communities. After that, no expenditure by any individual or nation will be permitted for any military activity or equipment whatsoever. This will free governing bodies to use their resources for infrastructure, water and sanitary systems, sustainable agriculture, and educational and social programs to elevate the conditions for all their citizens.

The people of Planet Earth can also look forward to the sharing of the technology behind the propulsion system for the marvelous space craft they will soon observe over all the major cities of the world. We wish for them to become familiar and comfortable with our presence, which they will soon associate with freedom, good times, free energy, and global prosperity.

We promised you Disclosure, Dear Ones. Well, here it is. It may take a few days for the inevitability of this massive change to sink into the consciousness of all the citizens of the planet, but I assure you, it has already begun. We will continue to display our presence to the world, now that the U.S. has been declared the supreme power over all. It will cause increased confusion in the ranks of the elite, but we are certain the citizenry will adapt very quickly to the fact of permanent and lasting peace on Earth.

Here on the New Jerusalem, we rejoice with a gentler kind of drum beat. We enjoy adding our own lyrics as we sing the child’s song that ends like this:

“I played my drum for Him, pa rum pum pum pum
I played my best for Him, pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum,
Then He smiled at me, pa rum pum pum pum
Me and my drum.”

Yes, we will all be marching to a different Drummer – the pulse of the Universe, the breath of our beloved Prime Creator, with our Star Brothers and Sisters at our side. We will rejoice together in the sparkling Light of the New Golden Age.

I am your brother, in Love, Joy and Laughter, Ashtar.


Faux Press Release from TNR

March 8, 2014 — (TRN) — The United States has deployed a spectacular new military asset in the skies over the Ukraine. The craft made its presence known on March 6, in broad daylight, and it so baffled media and local residents, they called it a “UFO.” Since the craft has now been publicly seen, TRN is pleased to be able to report the development and deployment of the new “Sky Dreadnought.” Video of the craft over Ukraine and further details, below.

The Sky Dreadnought is the most advanced military weapons system in the history of human existence. Nothing on the face of the earth can even come close to comparing. The ship, a long, cigar-shaped craft, is almost 3,000 feet long, about the length of three aircraft carriers.

It flies by virtue of a gravity-manipulation system, allowing it to operate at any altitude – even into space – and return, without need of jet engines, propellers, massive fuel tanks or rocket engines. All this is achieved by the manipulation of earth’s gravity, which, for all intents and purposes, affords unlimited motion possibilities.

Since the craft manipulates gravity, there are ZERO gravitational effects upon the crew or systems inside the craft. Instead of the craft moving despite gravity, gravity itself moves *with* the craft. This means the craft can maneuver at previously impossible angles and speeds without the crew suffering any “G-forces.”

While it’s maximum speed is classified, TRN can report the Sky Dreadnought can easily travel in excess of ten thousand miles per hour inside earth’s atmosphere, or stop and hover — all of it totally silently. Not only can it achieve these amazing speeds, it can do so almost instantaneously, making the craft totally untouchable by any weapons system on earth.

The exterior of the craft is coated with trillions of nanites, so technologically advanced, it cannot be tracked by radar, cannot be locked-onto by fire control radar of any type, cannot be tracked by infra-red or other heat-seeking weapons. These nanites are not only part of the anti-radar features of the craft, they are also part of the defensive “light-bending” visual stealth, communications and weapons systems.

For defensive purposes, the nanites can be used to view and transfer images seen on one side of the craft, to the other side, meaning the craft can seem to “disappear” to the naked eye.

For communications, other nanites direct all electromagnetic emissions to the sky, making it impossible for ground or air-based radio-tracking or communication interception.

As to weaponry, the Sky Dreadnought does not use any conventional weapons. All of its weapons are a type of pulse-plasma beams which, when seen by the naked eye, appear to be blueish-white, focused bolts of lighting. The weapons were first used on an experimental basis in the second Iraq war, where prototypes were tank-mounted, and were seen melting cars, trucks and buses to the shock and horror of the Iraqi troops who witnessed their use. The weapons operate 360 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally without any blind spots. Nothing can escape the crafts’ weapons and no man-made object on earth can withstand being hit by the beams. Metals turn molten and melt in seconds; concrete is reduced to powder instantly. Human bodies shrivel to burnt/melted hulks the size of infants, in less than one second.

If attacked, the systems on board the craft can engage a staggering number of threats simultaneously; literally thousands of attacking targets can be wiped out of existence before they even get close to the craft. While the range of its plasma weapons is classified, TRN can report the craft has the ability to attack any target from horizon to horizon, no matter the altitude of the craft! Given this ability, there isn’t a weapon on earth that can be be launched at or used against the Dreadnought without the attack being detected and destroyed.

Making the craft all the more amazing is that once its weapons are used, the area in which they were used is completely safe to enter. No long-term radiation or other health hazard exists. This being the case, the craft can go in, utterly flatten an entire country, and the area it conquers will be ready for re-population and re-development by the United States immediately after the confrontation.

Believe it or not, the craft is based at an undersea base in an ocean. The craft can operate underwater, but there are still some unresolved issues in using its weapons while it is submerged; the weapons work, but anything even close to the area they are used is also affected by the dispersion of the plasma, which has unintended consequences for innocent life forms in the area.

It took more than 25 years and literally trillions of dollars to develop this craft. Those claiming the Pentagon “cannot account for” trillions of dollars, can now figure out where that money went.


You’ve heard of the “United States of America?” Get ready for the United States of Earth. [Ashtar: Read, NESARA] There will be a “new world order” and it will be American.

The presently existing nations of the world have proved themselves uneducated, petty and barbaric; they have lost the right to be sovereign independent states. As will be displayed shortly in Crimea, once Russia misbehaves too much and is utterly humiliated when battle begins, the “one-world-government” that’s been in the works in the UN will suddenly turn out to be American; because the rest of the world will have no choice.

Five days ago, when this web site ran a story announcing the deployment of a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group toward the Black Sea over the Ukrainian situation, many were critical, claiming it to be a hoax. Yet days later, that carrier strike group appeared off the coast of Greece. The final paragraph in that story stated in-part: “. . . the U.S. is also deploying another weapons system, which has been successfully tested, which can knock the S-400 out of action. TRN is not revealing the nature of that system for obvious reasons.” The new “Sky Dreadnought” is that weapon system.

Below is video, taken March 6, 2014, showing the Sky Dreadnought over the skies of Ukraine. It is reported by Ukraine media as a UFO. It is not a UFO, it is an American warship; and from today, the world will never be the same. – TRN

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    • Big dog.../small fish...

      Can’t wait for them to make an appearance over the hill behind our building. I hope I’ll get to wave HELLO”!!!

      • Indian in the machine

        Ask and you shall receive!…. I asked a few days ago, if the ships were still around… I went outside later for under a minute, and a shooting ‘star’ flashed in the sky, of which I had extremely limited viewing. Remain open and ask with the heart, without making demands with the ego, that’s how we roll! :cool:

    • Osimandias

      I for one welcome our ant overlords.

    • Anonymous

      Who actually has time to sit down and write this silliness, apparently some one with out a job and most likely with out a life.

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        Hey plenty of those here!

    • duffer

      and yet then cannot make a reliable working F-35….go figure…what a pile of BS

    • Hannon

      I don’t know what has been talking to you or whoever, but Ashtar was killed about 13,000 years ago outside the walls(dimensional barriers) of Niflheim by Thor.

      • Indian in the machine

        LOL Yes Ashtar is a hoax, and he’s come to eat you… ooops, your leaders are already doing that.

    • Universal spiritulaity

      There is a simple fix.. read the Declaration of Human Sovereignty. Demand even mentally that all Aliens visiting our World Adhere Strictly to this Declaration. By the powers that be out in our sector of the Universe they will have to disclose all and leave.. Get Educated, Protect our World, Solar system and Race. They are here and are seducing humanity’s sovereignty of our home world right out from under us..

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        I would rather take my chances with species from space than with a bunch of gun-toting fanatic nuts like our southern neighbours (I’m Canadian).

    • justiceday

      There is nothing more dangerous and scary than the US military!

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