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By Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)
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2nd Sun In Our Earth Sky... Suddenly A Dominant Factor In World Events?

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2nd Sun In Our Earth Sky… Suddenly A Dominant Factor In World Events, Unacknowledged?

First check out the footage…  

Nibiru Is Real After All!!! Second Sun Now RISING in Horizon (Mawson Station Antarctic) 

Let it sink in that Nibiru is here and check out the list if you feel it doesn’t affect us… it appears to be THE dominant factor in our lives…

Well… here’s what we got lately… it’s probably a short list:

-High earthquake activity

-High sinkhole activity 

-The oceans are suddenly melting at poles

-Strange sun activity

-Strange weather all over the world

-Unusual solar wind activity

-Major flooding all over the world

-Jet streams shifting

-Earth shape has changed

-Earth tilt shifted.

-Earth spin shifted

-Asteriod season is upon us

-Earth magnetics disturbed

-Human health affected

-High volcano activity

-Fireballs… fireballs… fireballs

As our earth magnetic field is affect by the pull of the giant Nibiru… we learn…

Headlines Are Suddenly Reporting Sudden Rise In Greenland And Antarctic Water Levels, And Unprecedented And Rapid Ice Melting 

Earth Is Rattling, Magnetics Are Disturbed: A Gallery Of Nibiru Related Crop Circles With Explanations By Zetas 

Sun Freaking Out Now… Cameras Malfunction At Same Time… Something That Isn’t Venus, Near The Sun 

Nibiru, Geomagnetic Storms And Our Health… Is There A Connection? 

If It Is Nibiru, It’s Breathtaking!… Green Mothership, Or 2nd Sun Sunrise At The Top Of A Volcano Mauna Kea, Hawaii? 

This Will Blow Yer Mind! Is This Nibiru? 2nd Sun Davis Station Antarctic 08/27/2014 Anannuki Say They Will Passby Earth 

Zetas (And Crop Circles) Say Earth And Nibiru Magnetic Fields, Now “Clashing And Touching” …Is “The Event” Now Here? 

Mystery Meteors! 2 Million Miles Per Hour Meteor?… 3 Extremely Fast Meteors Detected… “Most Important Video I’ve Ever Done” 

Nibiru-Related MegaLink September 2014 Earthquakes/Volcanoes/Supercharged Sun/Asteroids 

Summary: World Volcanoes Now Coming Alive Spewing Ash And Causing Earthquakes… Why Now??? 

Get Ready! Crop Circles Now Depicting Magnetic Disturbance Of Nibiru / Planet X 

Zetatalk Says 2004-2014 Crop Circles Demonstrate Magnetic Pull of Planet X/ Nibiru 




Nibiru is not bringing destruction, but it bringing change that will never go back to the old ways… ON ALL LEVELS!  

When something is causing the energy of the planet to bend and go wonky… you can imagine that this happens on a collective level as well… and individual…  can you see this is a lesson in ‘regaining balance’?

The magic trick here is that we have never been born into balanced situations… we don’t know balance in this lifetime… this is why we can see that we are heading into new ways of balance never before experienced in this lifetime.  

Now…. marriage that “balance’ in all aspects of your life, with your “will”… connect with your wisdom, power and love… and you will be comfortably able to walk freely without fear… you can worry and fret about your things and perceived status… but will it matter if you stubbornly ignore messages from spirit via your wisdom, power and love, and find yourself one day waking up with your bed in a flashflood?

I’m pretty sure everything that isn’t love is about to be swept away in spirit… as love itself inspires us to sweep away into spirit… no human has instructions for the rest of us to follow at this time… only heart and spirit can lead the way.

We learn to lose the reptilian passive aggressive attitude towards ourselves, each other, our families, our coworkers, people, animals, Extraterrestrials, Gods, and Creator.

We learn to have harmony over force ON ALL LEVELS OF RELATIONS.

We learn to have harmony over force ON ALL LEVELS OF RELATIONS.  

We learn to have harmony over force ON ALL LEVELS OF RELATIONS.  

We learn to have harmony over force ON ALL LEVELS OF RELATIONS.   



Nibiru catalyzed the birthing of this planet as it’s system collided with the planet Tiamat in a big collision, that made the asteroid belt and earth.   

This time Nibiru will pass by and it will bringing a clashing with earthlife…

“Mountain Size” Asteroid Season!!! Sept. 17 – Dec. 7 12!!!! 

… and it will help create the crystalline new human… out of destruction, will come a true celebration of eternal life.  What we are giving up is a lifeless unconscious society… bring it on?

Indian in the machine

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    • Central Scrutinizer

      I so want, with every fiber of my being, for the Easter Bunny to be real……

      But wishing it so does not change the fact the the Easter Bunny is NOT real.

      Now apply that little ditty to your Nibiru fantasy. Wishing it so ain’t ever gonna make it real.

      IT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!! :cool:

      • Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)

        Here is the list folks… don’t get tripped up now.

        -High earthquake activity
        -High sinkhole activity
        -The oceans are suddenly melting at poles
        -Strange sun activity
        -Strange weather all over the world
        -Unusual solar wind activity
        -Major flooding all over the world
        -Jet streams shifting
        -Earth shape has changed
        -Earth tilt shifted.
        -Earth spin shifted
        -Asteriod season is upon us
        -Earth magnetics disturbed
        -Human health affected
        -High volcano activity
        -Fireballs… fireballs… fireballs

        Passing of Planet Nibiru & Earth Changes – Cosmic Awareness
        In potentially “mega” news… this update from Cosmic Awareness. I’ll add briefly here that Steve Rother has also come out with a download that says not only are we about to have a big event – it will put us into a mini ice age. It is said to be happening to cool the heating trend of the planet and set the stage for ascension/New Earth. Numerous channels have been seeing rough times coming in… we shall see how the near future plays out! The Rother/”Group” messages are up on youtube if you wish to search for them there. Heed your inner truth… ox W

        Immanent Passing of Planet Nibiru & Earth Changes
        Cosmic Awarenes through Wil Berlinghoff

        It is seen that the month of July will bring certain “Events” into full action, events of a political/economic nature, and also events of a natural nature/physical nature. These Events will truly propel Humanity into a state of extreme crisis for many – especially those not able to sense and feel a connection with Mother Earth, not knowing of the intimacy that truly exists between the Divine Mother and all of her Creatures – this may well create a much more difficult transition for them through times which may well also be a crisis period for many others.

        This Awareness does not predict, does not say it must and will be so. It however reads the energies that are coming forward. It sees the manipulations of certain Ones who are the Hidden Dark Powers, the Ones who have long controlled and manipulated, and sees there are many paths now that have led to this point of crisis, this acute phase in the journey of Mother Earth and of Humanity. If it is so that you may experience from the midpoint of the month of July onwards, events of great consequence, that you may remember the deeper bond that you have with the Planet and of course with Spirit itself.

        This Awareness will now say that the Planet Nibiru does itself play a major part in what is seen ahead, part of the upheaval, part of the chaos, part of the energies of conflict and challenge.

        This Awareness is not prepared to predict that it will destroy Planet Earth, or that it will totally destroy its civilization, that it will destroy all that is now known, for it is not seen by this Awareness that it need be as extreme as this.

        That many have prophesied doom and gloom with the approach of that Planet known asNibiru, also known as Planet X, and also known as Wormwood, but this Awareness will say that there have been mitigating circumstances around the arrival of Nibiru. It has been entrapped up to now in a force field, in a “gravitaional pocket” of the Sun for many, many months and has been held back from proceeding along a designed, designated route that it is following.

        The Galactic Federation Forces have been key in this and have held back the approach of Nibiru, but it was always understood, because it has always been part of the Divine Design and Plan, that Nibiru would one day be released so that it can continue on its designated route, that it can pass Earth, not to the same degree, not in the same proximity as an earlier path would have led it. This was prevented and altered, a different “Timeline” presented that many have experienced, indeed this Awareness would say all who are reading these words at this point, have experienced. They did not experience the full dramatic effect of a closer passage of Nibiru to Planet Earth that would have been much more destructive on a planetary level.

        Yet it is also seen that the energies of Nibiru are necessary to bring certain things to completion, certain powers down from their mighty thrones, changes both on economic levels, social levels, geo-political levels, geological/physical levels. The energies of Nibiru are being allowed now to proceed, so these changes can occur.

        This Awareness will state that those who are coming now from a point of their present reality have made adjustments, have made choices, both consciously and most importantly unconsciously, that places them in a situation where their experience of the events ahead will not be as dramatic and catastrophic as other choices, other timelines from earlier on.

        Yet at the same time there is a need for the energies of Nibiru to intercede, to intersect with the Planet herself, with the Divine Destiny of Mother Earth and those who reside upon her surface and even those who reside under her surface. This is part of a Divine Plan, a Divine stipulation that the energies of the Source have put out, is putting out for the advancement on many levels for the Planet herself, for Humanity itself, for all the creatures on the Planet as well, and those Beings and creatures under the surface as well.

        Therefore Nibiru is seen to play a part in the acceleration of the energies of change that are moving forward, that is seen by this Awareness as that which will truly commence around the middle of July. Many will experience these energies of upheaval and chaos and will be thrown by the unfolding events.

        That is why this Awareness at this time is recommending that individuals remember that this too is part of the ebb and flow, part of the Cycles of Spiritual Evolution of both the Planet and the collective consciousness of Humanity, and of Spirit Itself.

        Nibiru is important in this equation, in this formula. It is not simply a negative factor, it is not simply a destructor of that which is now the reality imposed upon the many chosen by all to be the experience of their lives. They have also chosen, all have chosen, to experience upheaval and change, chaos, destruction and rebirth, rebuilding of that which may be swept away with that which will be better, be superior and be in alignment with Source, with Divine Spirit, with the Planet herself.

        Therefore the approach of Nibiru is not seen by this Awareness as the dreaded event of catastrophe that many have prophesied and many hold that will come with its approach. It is an instrument of the Divine, a tool of change that has long been anticipated, long been prophesied, long been felt within the depths of the Human Soul itself. It is time for Nibiru to come forth, it is time for the deeper and more profound changes to commence.

        • Central Scrutinizer

          That’s an impressive list (albeit a copy and paste from another BIN post, but I digress). So, if you are so confident in the impending arrival of said sun/planet/harbinger of death and destruction, all I ask is 1 simple request.

          Give me a date that I can reasonably expect its arrival.

          I will even go so far as to allow you a range of time, so you don’t have to nail down the date.

          Put your money where your mouth is, and if you are right, then “poof”, we are all dead anyways. But if you are wrong (which EVERY single other “date” of impending doom has been pitifully wrong), then YOU commit to stop posting these nonsensical stories and admit that I, the bringer of biting wit, was ultimately right all along.

          Hows that for a deal?

        • Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)

          Ask me nicely with heart… try again. :)

        • LifeIs

          The melting part is not true.

          There has never been this much Antarctic sea ice, since satellite measurement began.

          Antarctic sea ice extent has been above average for years.

          Arctic ice has been growing for 2 years.

        • Central Scrutinizer

          Lifels.. Don’t cloud the issue with facts. Facts have no place here on BIN.

        • hardline

          duh..great speech :smile:

      • friends2you

        not again /sigh, you do not know it does not exist, your guessing and refusing a multitude of evidence from a time period of many centuries. You have to stop thinking your one of the Star Trek crew, you haven’t traveled anywhere in space.

    • Tamohara dasa

      you keep removing comments…

    • Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)

      During this time… we really need to come together… may we all be supported in our search for truth without force from others.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        Couldn’t do it, eh? Take the bet. I’ll sweeten the pot. Instead of a date, or a range of dates, hows about I give you a year – or, why not a decade!!!! You name the decade that this fantasy Nibiru passes by the earth and you win. Easy enough.

        Was that nice enough for you, I typed it with heart. :mad:

    • Anonymous

      I just went out on my back deck, and there were FOUR suns in the sky. That’s why it was 110° today where I live I guess.

    • Gazinbali

      Ok so if this object is so big and bright that it was filmed in the Antarctic.. how come its NOT visible to anyone else??

      I mean.. its ludicrous to suggest something this size can just pop in and out of view.. what is that ??

      Has to be something else..
      I personally believe it is the operation of Satan who is described as .. Turning himself into an Angel of Light.

      Light as in Luciferian Light… aka the god worshiped by the Illuminati ( Enlightened ones )

      But also physical (?) light.. seen or PERCEIVED to be seen as real.
      There are hundreds.. maybe thousands of cases of Photographs showing things like..

      Unknown people in the photo,
      People dressed in period costume appear in photos taken at old historic sites.. churches. graveyards.
      I have myself seen and held in my hand.. photos taken in Mejeworski ( Poland.. may be spelt wrong )
      of faces of Mary in a rose. VERY realistic.. Photos of Jesus face in the clouds, Pictures of a Cross in the clouds all very realistic.. and these were NOT digital, but regular Film pictures taken by someone who doesn’t even know what Photoshop is..
      Also do some research.. in the Philippines they regularly show pictures of Demon faces in the flames of a campfire or similar. referred to as Jins I think.
      UFO’s have been repeatedly been proven to be linked to Demonism, and there are those who can “Summon” a UFO at will.
      Why would Satan be interested in promoting UFO’s and all this other deceptive stuff..

      His job is to DECEIVE people.. that’s what he is all about.. LIES, Deception.

      While you.. and others get interested in this stuff.. it leads you down the path to the Occult..and well away from finding REAL truth about Mans origins, purpose, and future.
      He..Satan , wants people to think there is life in outer space.. beings have or are coming here.. we need to know who they are and what they want etc etc..

      Those answers are found in the Bible.. when you start looking at Mystic signs, however convincing they may seem.. just remember.. The “Alien” who is producing these was.. at one time.. probably the 3rd most powerful creature in heaven.. aside from God, Jesus there are millions of Angels.. of different classes and ability’s.

      To be given the assignment of Guardian of the Earth is no small thing.. whoever it was… and we don’t know his name in heaven.. he was obviously THE most trusted Angel .. Seraph.. for the job.. so he is definitely well above our level of comprehension, and has ability’s far beyond those of Mortal Man.. to quote Superman intro..

      He was able even to take Jesus to a high place and show him ( in a vision ) all the Kingdoms of the world..
      And he .. as world ruler was able to make that offer.. Jesus of course refused.

      If Satan.. can give visions to Jesus.. dont you think he can do the same for anybody??

      Lets face it.. Nibiru… the Annunaki ( Fallen Gods ).. is all about everything above.

      Its LIES.. perpetrated to lead you off into darkness..

      Much better you get REAL answers to life’s questions HERE..

      • Auriga5

        Dont be so sure that the Bible is whole and untainted by the Rulers that be. Man has been selecting which parts of God’s Law suits him and which doesn’t for eons. Universal Law of Creation applies to all life in the universe, and Man has free will to act in harmony with it or be led away from it by ego’s mind. Man has the choice to open his mind to ideas and knowledge beyond the minds perception, are you one of them?

        The fact that our ancient ancestors, with their ‘primitive’ cultures excelled and benchmarked modern astronomy with their accuracy shows that they knew more than today’s intellectuals. The more the ego demands to see Nibiru, the more FORCE it applies that acts against Divine Will.

        The only LUCIFER name to be aware of is the Vatican owned observatory in the US that has been tracking Nibiru’s path ever since it’s predicted return.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        Your first two sentences were so close to having you come across as sounding cogent, but then BAMMMM!!!!!! You fall off the wagon and wrap a few more layers of duct tape around your tin foil hat. Too bad……. :roll:

        • Auriga5

          So what made you go BAMMMM!!!??? Looks like what has been said has rattled the walnut in your enclosure. Spewing out tinfoil insults doesnt change the weight of the statement.

    • StavoV

      Well gee…’d think, with double the suns, even those cold places, full of snow, below 0 temps, should suddenly have their temperatures going north, what with double the suns. :roll:

      • Auriga5

        The electrical and magnetic dynamics of two suns in our system isn’t just about increase in temperatures. As these two energy sources interact and exchange energy, all bodies near their field will be subjective to magnetic disturbance, ie. CME, earthquakes, shifts in polarity.

        The interplay of such forces are still be understood on a large scale such as this, humanity have the opportune time to gather as much knowledge in a plethora of scientific fields with this occurance.

        IF we can all agree that our govts are not being entirely transparent in their directives of all science research and their findings along the way, we have a promising gateway to approach and demand the subjugated ‘officials’ to release their findings to the public. Does this now ring a bell as to why there isnt not even ONE mainstream media report of any amateur sightings? Let alone ufo activity which has not come into serious contention among the public.
        Is it correct to say that Man with his divine free will, chooses to be hypnotized by mindless distractions (X factor, US idols, celebs) rather than taking their sovereign right as free beings??? Are these issues addressed by our politicians, or do they babysit us while we are being lied to over and over, while Man continues to act from Mind-based programming?

        People who live against the grain of status quo, cultures, psycho-societal constructs, do it to lead the way for the rest of humanity to seek their TRUTH. the truth is that we are not what we are told we are. Once that occurs, we react in many violent ways to claim our sovereignty, and along the way we have the free will to express our divinity to serve SELF or to serve OTHERS. That is where we can draw the distinction between good (god) and evil. Do we choose to use information to control people or promote for further investigation of knowledge and wisdom. Kudos to IITM for standing tall..


      1)”COMMANDER” Hatonn was proven a fraud and a charlaton a long time ago, but no need to goback to those time- all naes which a of a military designaion derive from reptilian ”regency” orders – therefore this ”commander” is one of destruction (war) and not creation.
      2)Nibiru solar system is under control by those who dwell there. The most destruction we will feel is once it has actually passed and the planispheres meet, do not expect Yellowstone to lay idle – notr two of the other super volcanoes
      3) the ”sack cloth” of the bible is slated for ”April’s song” in 2015
      4) the buddhists suggest not going outside for the 30 hours it will take the shadow of the dwarf star to pass
      5) this ise 44 times larger than the Earth, just under a half the size of our own star/sun
      6) the stable craton of South Africa is slated to move

    • Mick

      We have no second shadow cast beside the regular one cast by the sun. Ergo, Nibaru does not exist. It’s an interesting concept, that’s all.

    • billR

      Nibiru did not create earth. GOD did. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”. very simple.
      44 letters
      17 vowels
      27 consonants
      10 words

    • CosmicKiwiPerth

      Indian, You are little late in reporting on Neumayer Stations oddball observations. Someone has beaten you to it some time ago & his take on what he reconed was happening was questionable too…

    • Some_dude

      How’d I know in was Indian in the nuthouse report ? Your Neumayer Lens flares do not impress.

    • 0773H

      The Terra Papers, by Robert Morning Sky. Is the story of our Galaxy. It has to Jupiter size (Death Stars) space crafts in battle. Which could indicate that Nibiru is drivable and one possible reason why it is stationary behind the sun. Fabulous read. It uses the same names as the Sumerian tablets- fifteen years before the tablets were translated. It gives a Star Wars scenario ,including the Sith Queen, twenty years before the movie. The Indians state the star visitors placed a crystal on a rock and projected a video in 1949. Scientist only discovered recently that crystals can be used in this manner. Not bad evidence.

    • mike

      Hey indian …if you want big numbers … run with this …Nemesis in clear sight on Google Sky …. just left of Orion at position 6-31-50 x 4-57-15 WHAT :eek: :roll: yes…and it will be in plain view in a sky near you in late 2015 as it crosses Orion’s belt and brings on TEOTWAWKI !!!

    • STRAW

      Central Scr. Oh but the Easter Bunny is real.. Is there such a thing as.. The Easter Bunny??? so the ones you see at the mall are the only real Easter Bunnies…right so they are real..the one in your head is the fake Easter Bunny just like the Nibiru in your head… the one (Nibiru) in the heavens is the real Nibiru, it all in the way you see things..

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