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By Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)
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Earthly Passengers On A Ride To The Centre Of The Multiverse Via The Third Grand Experiment

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Earthly Passengers On A Ride To The Centre Of The Multiverse Via The Third Grand Experiment

Dear world,

There is a reason the earthstory is so challenging to figure out… it goes something like this:


One moment before time, and before any of us were born at the human level, we were all living somewhere in spiritform… a clarion call went to all spirits to participate in the ‘Third Grand Experiment’ involving a small blue planet far away from the action.  This blue planet… it was to be revealed, is THE planet, involved in a cosmic prophecy that one day a planet would change from density to light in the blink of an eye… ie. a planet would change into a blue star, that would become the crown jewel of the universe.

So we were chosen, all of us here on earth right now and those who have already left, and those yet to come… all of us are chosen to play a role… 

We agreed to be born into various roles, on a prison planet that has been in darkness for “a long long time”… it wasn’t because we were ‘bad’ although we certainly are ‘learning our lessons’, due to the wide range of frequency experiences found on this planet.  We chose numerous details before we were born, that would be conducive to the lessons that our souls desired to experience, that involved LIMITATION… we essentially agreed to STEP DOWN IN CONSCIOUSNESS, in some LIMITED way, to play the earthgame… THE THIRD GRAND EXPERIMENT.


In part 1 of the third grand experiment, we ‘fell asleep’ in consciousness… we began to be very ‘limited’… by ‘limited’… it means that we no longer were guided by our inner light, rather we agreed that other limited beings outside ourselves would be our authority… we would essentially fall for the bullshit, and believe it to be real…. this is what we have now on earth, with many beings still in part 1, of the Third Grand Experiment.

During this time of living life half awake or not awake at all, is that you continually ‘run into problems’… you get sick… you bump into things… you break bones… this happens because you are half-conscious, and you are often attracting experiences with other people who are ‘sleepy’… truth be told, no one is really present at this level… it is somewhat of a zombielike existence… at this point and at the collective leve, the planet is basically on the verge of continually being blown up due to misappropriated collective energies, and also there is some individual energies who hold great potential influence in outcomes.


During part 2 of the experiment, the ego begins to hear the call of the soul… the human becomes more receptive to the spiritual causes of the physical effect… keep in heart, that during part 1, the human focus mostly on the physical effect of the experiences, and rarely if ever, the cause.

As humans continue to focus more on the cause and less on the effect, then we come to know the nature of our experiences.  Humans start to recycle, and basically care about lifeforms, they previously gave no thought to… humans begin to see that we are all involved because we are all One.

This process is happening, as planet Gaia, is also releasing stored kinetic energy in the form of erratic weather, storms, volcanic and earthquake activity… also landmasses rise and fall.


At this stage of the third grand experiement, there is a sense that the experiment in limitation cannot go further, because life itself must be attended to… at the individual level, there is a great realization to detox from the 3D world… detox from the 1. illusions, 2, Food, 3 Water, 4 Mind Control, 5 Separation consciousness 6 Ego-focused living.  At this stage we are removing LIMITATIONS OF THOUGHT AND BEING. 


At this stage in the game, we are essentially reprogramming ourselves for unity Christ consciousness… for Onenes consciousness…. at the individual level, this involves an activation of the threefold flame of the heart, to directly connect and live guided by Higher Self. A whole new set of illusionary values, attitudes and beliefs have been discarded for truth-based values, attitudes and beliefs.


At this point of the third grand experiment, there is a reunion at the individual and collective levels with previously unacknowledged lifeforms… previously humans would have mistakenly thought that “we were all alone”, as there seemed to be no evidence of higher intelligence.  At the reunion phase we can in fact see there is life all around us: elemental world, spiritworld, ufos beyond human technology, buildings on moon and mars, solar system teeming with life and so on…

The collective reunion is slowly gathering momentum with our star family… because keep in mind that not only is this an experiment, but it is also the crowning of a jewel… earth… so at this time, our star family are now beginning to gather around earth, for the great coronation… of a multiverse ascension… you see, the great dramas that play out in the microcosm of earth, are bringing great resolution to all of Creation, that also deal with many of our themes… and many have…


Creation has now gathered to bear witness to what has never been tried before in any universe… except by a renegade band of souls now incarnated on earth… right now as we are resolving all personal issues, and going through parts 1-5… we eventually come to a fuller dedication to the resolve of the need for further LIMITED CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCES… and instead resolve ourselves to FULLY PRESENCE AND CONSCIOUS STATE OF BEING.  This is our natural state of being… so to achieve this, while monumental considering the challenges LIMITED CONSCIOUS earthlife.  

As earth the planet, goes through purification into resolution… the solar system itself, continually being agitated at the molecular level… there is an ‘ascension’ into a new state of being, just as water ‘ascends’ from liquid to vapour.  Homo Sapien is going intinct… some Homo Sapiens, willing to fully engage in the physical transmutation of turning their own bodies from density to Light, will become Homo Christos in the blink of an eye.  


Somewhere along the way, it was decided that as the entire multiverse watches earth, that watching earth struggle, was so helpful and resonated deeply with all of Creation who has also struggled with the same issues, that earth would be driven to the centre of the galaxy… in which the galaxy  would be driven to the centre of the universe, in which this universe, would be driven to the centre of the multiverse.  

At this stage of the game, all who choose to remain on earth, must shed all illusions… you don’t expect to carry competitive energies, and to be the centre of the multiverse??? Nah… that isn’t logical by any standards, no matter how egoic… so we realize that at the heart of each other, is UNLIMITATION… imagine how remarkable each of us is, for being chosen to be the seed species, that would take a planet on the brink of destruction… and to instead do a complete reversal into unity consciousness… and like cowboys and angels, we get to park this planet into position at the centre… all of our lives have great meaning in this context… 


We realize as earth takes it’s position in the centre of the multiverse, that the greatest party ever assembled will commence… what will THAT look like?  I don’t know but I do know one thing…. and that is that we will be hosting a portion of that celebration from here on earth. We can probably expect galactic foods and stories to be shared…. gifts abound… amazing offers to visit other star systems… dancing with greys?  Reptilians doing the salsa?  Rides on spaceships?

There will be a standing ovation guaranteed for every human… because the rest of the multiverse sent the best, to bring Light back to earth, a planet that had been the centre of a horrible but foiled galactic takeover.  No other souls have ever taken  a planet from darkness to star status in the blink of an eye… so that is why our lives seem to be inherently full of struggle… earth humans are consistently celebrated throughout Creation for playing our role in the Third Grand Experiment.

Earth by this stage, is restored… the entire Multiverse has taken a step into the unknown… together… until this moment, earth has been the holdout planet, hence why so much attention and guidance had been bestowed upon earthlings and their plight.


At this stage some souls may choose:

To remain with earth.

To travel the stars.

To remain in body.

To leave the body and return to spirit.

To go home.

To continue on as earth ambassadors.


To be continued…



At this stage in the experiment, many humans are completely absorbed by the physical world, and so part of the plan includes ‘an event’… that is probably NIBIRU related since our magnetic field is not clashing and touching Nibiru’s magnetic field.  The gift of Nibiru is that it is to help bring down the 3D world of illusions, which will become compost for 5D consciousness…. yes roads may go out, but new forms of transporation are coming down the pipes… yes bridges will fall, but what will rise is free energy… that sorta thing…. so no fear eh?  But make sure you are prepared for the unexpected, since weather patterns are re-establishing a new equlibrium, as are all earth systems.

As the gamma radiation continues to intensify, and the earth magnetosphere continues to drop in intensity… space and time are taking on new meaning… many humans are going to short circuit their bodies if they continue to eat lower frequency foods… watch for those who detox their bodies to thrive and adapt to the higher frequencies, … watch for those who eat illuminati foods, to struggle in all aspects of life.

Numerous teachers have no positioned themselves to be of service to assist humanity during this very challenging time… many beings will come and go during this time… and all is transpiring in ever rising frequencies… leading towards the ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ transmutation into a whole new reality, which happens twice every 26000 year cycle.

Our ET family have already been seeding humans with new thoughtforms to create the new technologies, truth be told, cars were obsolete a long time ago… our power lines are obsolete… oil is obsolete… and so on… so get outta the way when all that comes down… and it will… do not be surprised… prepare for all challenges to gear earthlings towards unified love, as a solution to all our pressing challenges.

Thanks for tuning in you brave and adventurous souls! By the way I am open to receiving tips if you find my writings helpful and/or uplifting.

Indian in the machine  

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    • Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)

      Oversoul Teachings: You’re Purifying the Collective Consciousness
      4 November 2014 – 1:41pm | L9qw

      Wes Annac

      Channeling, like many other things, is a form of art, and those of you who enjoy channeling the energies and impressions of various higher-dimensional souls are encouraged to embrace this practice and the greater spiritual energy that comes with it.

      In practicing channeling, you’ll practice sustaining a very real and pure link to the higher realms and, specifically, your higher self or whichever guide you feel comfortable channeling.

      We’ll always encourage anyone who wants to channel to first connect with their higher selves and allow themselves to connect with other guides at a later time, because your higher selves have far more to offer you than any given guide.

      Your higher selves have a very direct link to your earthly experience – a link that many other higher-dimensional souls don’t have – and they watch you experience the pains and stresses of the earth in a more direct way than the rest of your guides can do.

      The higher self has a wealth of advice and guidance to offer you that’s related to your ongoing ascension process and the best and most helpful choices you can make along your quest for spiritual enlightenment, and we highly recommend any seeker who’s receptive to the influence of spirit attune to their higher selves and receive the banquet of energy and advice that results.

      Struggling and Shining

      When you can put yourselves in a pure frame of mind and open up to the flow of energy you’re receiving from the higher realms, which is constant, you’ll be easily able to do anything that requires or involves your creativity or your connection to a greater spiritual/inspirational source.

      We in the higher realms seek to do everything we can to fill your minds and hearts with inspiration and enthusiasm to begin contributing to your ongoing conscious revolution in the purest ways you possibly can, and we continue to watch you struggle through the darkness at times and shine brilliantly in the light at others.

      We watch you experience all of the pains and stresses you’ve come to the earth to transcend, and even though some days tend to feel considerably more difficult than others for many of you, we encourage you to keep going, for you’re doing far more good than you yet realize.

      Your very presence on the earth is helping change things in monumental and extraordinary ways, and even though we understand that it doesn’t seem this way on some days when the pain and stress seem turned up, we want you to know that you’re making a very potent and noted difference.

      You’re purifying the collective consciousness with each attempt you make to open up to spirit and allow the divine, creative flow that results to express itself through you, and when your minds are open and your hearts are filling them with the pure love that sharpens and enhances your creativity, your spirituality or anything else that utilizes your greater perception, you’ll find that you’re basically infinite.

      You’re as infinite as you allow yourselves to be, and if you’re willing to believe in yourselves and your divinely ordained abilities to be conduits for spirit in the realest and purest sense, your abilities will be naturally strengthened and your enthusiasm to contribute to your conscious revolution will be turned up.

      As long as you have love in your hearts and willingness in your minds, you won’t have any difficulty doing all of the divinely inspired things you’ve come to the earth to do. You’ll do them with the grace and ease of one who’s mastered their life plan, and you’ll skyrocket toward enlightenment more quickly than ever.

      One of the best things we feel we can encourage each of you at this stage of the game is to do things that fill you with passionate inspiration.

      Even if this means staying home and embracing the creative works you enjoy bringing to humanity, we absolutely encourage it. If, for some of you, it means taking a temporary leave from you creative work and getting out to nature or another place that fills you with passion and spirituality, we’d have no reason not to encourage you to embrace it.

      As our scribe has learned, those of you who enjoy retreating out to nature can still be creative in the expanded setting it provides, and all it takes is the willingness to find a way to be creative in this setting.

      Our scribe resonates with the idea of taking a notebook out to nature and writing or channeling, and we couldn’t recommend this more for anyone who enjoys getting out but still feels a responsibility to be creative every day.

      From our perspective, being creative every day and in every moment is among the best things you can do for yourselves and those around you who enjoy and benefit from your creativity. When many of you are creative, we note that it fills you with a sense of wholeness; a sense that you’re doing exactly what you came to earth to do.

      You absolutely are, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we’ll always encourage you to be creative every day of your lives. Never let your creative well run dry, and know that the only way it can run dry is if you don’t routinely refill it by being creative every day, or at the very least, every other day.

      Those of you who aren’t in a position where you can practice your creativity every day are still encouraged to practice it as often as you can, even if this means choosing it over other things that you enjoy.

      You’re Constant Creators

      Creativity is very important, because it’ll lead you back into the higher realms and help you see that your reality is spiritual. Creativity is innately spiritual, and even before you came to earth, you were (and still are) constant creators who manifested entire realities out of sheer thought and the desire to create.

      Even while you exist on the earth, other aspects of your consciousness that are still rooted in the higher realms are creating realm after realm; landscape after landscape to explore, run around in and learn lessons in.

      The earth is one of many realms that were created by the willing minds and hearts of higher-dimensional, etheric creators who continue to create to their heart’s content.

      You can constantly manifest creations if you allow yourselves, and those of you who feel inspired to create in the realms of spirit can meditate and visualize yourselves creating entire realities to, again, explore and learn lessons in.

      Those of you who enjoy creating things in your physical reality that benefit your fellow humans can embrace the idea of writing articles, channeling messages from the higher realms, writing music, writing books or doing anything else that fills you with inspiration and helps enlighten those around you who could use enlightenment.

      Many of your family members subconsciously crave the spiritual perception so many of you have started to gain, and even though they resist spirit at the surface, a subconscious aspect of their personality that’s very aware of spirit, your ascension and everything else you’ve come to advocate and empower strongly hungers for their surface perception to catch up.

      We’d say you can assist them in this endeavor, but we’d never encourage attempting to pour your beliefs into those who aren’t yet receptive or ready to hear them.

      You don’t gain anything by overwhelming those around you with your beliefs, and neither do they. From our perspective, the best thing you can to is to drop little, subtle hints about your beliefs – hints that aren’t too bold or brazen and that could start to awaken others to the truths and revelations that exist beyond your conscious perception.

      Another thing we’d recommend is that you only present your beliefs as your beliefs, instead of as reality. Even though your reality’s far more spiritual than most of your planet understands, your truth is your truth and doesn’t necessarily have to be another’s.

      Spirit’s a very pervasive aspect of your reality to say the least, but the things you believe and empower make up your reality, whereas the things others believe and empower make up theirs.

      If one puts their faith and energy into conventional religion, for example, then they’re creating their reality based on their beliefs. Attempting to squash those beliefs with your own would be akin to attempting to tell someone the reality they’ve created for themselves is incorrect or insufficient.

      The reality you each create for yourselves can never be ‘incorrect’, because even if some choose to empower ideas that are technically illusory, they’re still primarily responsible for creating their reality and when they empower these ideas, the ideas become fixed in their sphere of perception and, for them, go on to become reality in a sense.

      Thus, advocating your beliefs as if they’re the only correct ones diminishes others’ sense of reality, and you certainly wouldn’t want anyone to do this to you with their beliefs.

      If one empowers atheism, then they’re creating their reality based on the idea that spirit doesn’t exist and physical death is the complete end of consciousness. Even though this might seem like a very restrictive and confining belief for many of you, it’s their belief nonetheless and there’s no reason not to honor it.

      Again, we encourage you to say little things that are intended to express how you feel about your reality to those who aren’t yet ready to hear what you have to say.

      Continue On

      We note that many of you are learning the best and most proper ways to present what you think and how you feel to those around you who haven’t yet opened up to spirit, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to continue on with your diligent missions, no matter what they entail.

      The missions of some of you entail using your creativity for as many spiritual and progressive purposes as you can, whereas others’, like we said in our previous communication, entail direct forms of activism and shedding light on important social issues that need addressed.

      Many celebrities are even stepping up to shine their light on aspects of your society that are less than lighted or fair, and you can support the souls who are doing this while keeping in mind that you’ve each come to earth to offer something valuable.

      Whether or not you’ve been put in the public spotlight, you have a lot to offer the awakening humanity and you have little reason not to offer yourselves to the restoration of consciousness in your increasingly evident new paradigm of widespread spiritual understanding.

      All of humanity will become aware of spirit in due time thanks to the diligent efforts of each of you, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with appreciation for how aware and receptive so much of humanity’s beginning to become.

      Yes, many souls on your planet are still unaware of spirit and have little desire to become aware, but those of you who’ve gained a glimmer of awareness are, for the most part, using it to do as many positive things as you can in your short time on earth.

      The things you’re doing are uplifting your collective consciousness and making it easier for others to find an open spiritual perception when they’re ready, so continue on your diligent missions with the understanding that the things you’re doing are very pure, potent, needed and helpful.

      You’re contributing far more to your ongoing conscious revolution than you yet realize, and when you feel depleted of the greater spiritual energy that helps you thrive, keep in mind that in most cases, you’re sharing this energy with the rest of humanity. When you feel depleted, another soul’s usually brimming with light.

      We recommend balance over anything else, of course, and in due time, every earthly soul will brim with the greater and more refined spiritual energy that’s helping you find your way back into the higher realms.

      Your ascension is only as far off as you allow it to be, and while there are phases to your ascension that many other channeled sources have started to outline, you create your reality and you can ultimately determine when you ascend.

      It helps to keep in mind that your ascension is a moment-by-moment process, and when you realize this, we can envision many of you taking your focus off of dates and timeframes and putting it onto what you can do in every moment to help yourselves and your little blue world (and everyone on it) ascend.

      Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

      Share this article freely, and check out The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

      The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

      While you’re surfing various spiritual websites, you can also check out Oversoul Teachings, which is a blog I created for the messages I channel from my higher self/spiritual guides.

      • srsly1

        This link shows the truth about the third grand experiment and Indian in the Closet

    • haha

      I’m not putting you down indian but when we didn’t pop like pop corn and turn into 5th dimentional beings after entering some polar shift or whatever it was a while ago you posted, I stopped listening to you.

      As many other people would say, I refuse to read anything that comes from you indian.

      Your probably a shill or your probably some confused man. When you say something that is out right out of this world (with a looney out come…like popping like pop corn) and say its gonna happen and it doesn’t, that really kills your credibility.

      Sorry indian, your washed up now.

      Nothing to see here…

      • Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)

        It is happening. There are many solar system changes that we can all witness if we are open to it… open to it.. not demanding of others to prove things to you… all planets and the sun have been going through shifts. By the way, perhaps I simply hold beliefs you do not comprehend… it doesn’t make me less credible… but it certainly suggests that you are not credible to yourself, so you go around trying to see other people as less credible… brother or sister, I have no idea who you are because you hide, you are anonymous to the world here… so who’s credibility is really in question???? Why are those questioning the credibility of others, more of than not, from anonymous sources? :)

        • Auriga5

          It is fear that lingers and plays on ones uncertainty that continues to demand proof of changes, where if we step outside our deluded POV of what we expect to see in our worlds, and sincerely embrace life with tranquility and less triviality, all will reveal when we are able to accept TRUTH that will shatter all what we knew to be reality.

          We look to scientists to prove our skepticism and only accept half truths that fit into our comfort zone of minuscule proportions, and not realising that we are far greater than we are led to believe. IITM is a wayshower, like many others, in your country, in your community, amongst your friends, in your family. How many times have you rejected their message of TRUTH?

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