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Retired US soldier claims he has spent 17 years battling ALIENS on Mars

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A FORMER US marine has sensationally claimed that he has spent nearly a decade battling ALIENS on Mars.



The ex marine, who goes by the name of Captain Kaye, says that there are five human colonies on the Red Planet and he has spent 17 years fighting to protect them.
Serving in a space fleet known as the Earth Defense Force – that recruited military personnel from countries like America, Russia and China – the one-time ex-naval infantryman was trainee to fly a variety of bombers and Star Wars-style space fighters.
He then spent his time protecting the colonies from martians, who presumably wanted to take over and make the planet their own.
Captain Kaye’s incredible testimony to ExoNews TV doesn’t end with Mars, either.
Spacecraft training apparently took place on the MOON, as well as on Saturn’s moon Titan and even in deep space.
His retirement ceremony after 20 years of service also took place on the moon, with guests including ex US Scretary of Defence Donald Rumsfield.
We know you’re all laughing now – but what if he’s telling the TRUTH?
Starship Troopers had to be based on something, after all…
Source: Daily Star

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    • James Smith

      How did they get through the Van Allen radiation belts and survive not only once, but also coming back through again? The answer is they didn’t because whole story is a probable bald face lie, period…. /alternative/2014/08/america-is-under-attack-and-the-american-people-know-it-too-3015792.html

      • Mark Brander

        They travel through portals… read up on it ar There is not much left of the ‘off world’ space program.

        • Equalizer

          You are 100% factual Mark…
          Space travel relinquished the use of fossil fuels back in the thirties with Von Braun (the current disassembled “pseudo” NASA program is a façade to sedate the publics elementary reality). Planets are navigated through Electro magnetic propulsion vehicles and the use of portals. Even the military’s stealth program uses “astronauts” because of the electromagnetic field built up around the vehicles which not just navigate space but also bend space time. Physics being taught to students today are lies.

        • Freedom

          Equalizer – yes they are taught to learn in a Elementary School Prison system where the lock and chain them in, then they have uniform police officers walking the halls to scare the bejesus and force students to learn and think as the gov want them.

          Shows you that they still teach in school the the planets revolve around the sun in a flat plane surface. How can it be flat when the sun is moving like thousands of miles a minute thru space? Yeah just like a bullet flys through space with all the particals and never ends… yeah, those particals keep at the same rate of speed equal to bullet speed forever… FOR those who don’t know, planets cork screw around the sun with the sun being the tip. So many brainwashed zombies

        • Z-Boy

          If what this tool had to say was true there would be no country on earth that could threaten the U.S. There are at least two -Russia & China- that could and would most assuredly mutually destruct the U.S. along with themselves if a total war broke out. A total b.s. interview.

        • Gil Carlson

          NASA won’t tell you about all the aliens they’ve seen, but I sure will! Secret page discovered: Get discounted alien and UFO books!

      • Network TV Movie

        Mark B – yeap. You’re right.

      • Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)

        As the third dimension dissolves, so do the barriers that keep earth a prison planet.

        • MG

          We are 5th dimensional entities, within a 6th dimensional point postulate. We can only see with 2 dimensions.

          3 dimensional entities would be without time.

        • soveriegnman1981

          I’m sorry but you are the most lost individual. Nothing you post or comment is relevant and honestly quite ridiculous. You give the Native Indians a bad name. You my friend need to watch what you say…. I’ve seen you on BIN for awhile and you my friend have contributed nothing but confusion and a bit of non sense. You probably have a lot to offer but at the moment you are not doing any justice for yourself.

      • sky

        Its all BS when he states the “Red Planet” Mars has the same Soil and Sky ( less Chemtrails ) as Earth, even NASA can’t keep their Lie Going and started posting Photos without the Disney Colorization on their website.

        Scientists Busted this Decades Ago, this Planet (Earth) has been fought over for Millions of years, due to it being the Center of This Universe of a Multi-Verse, just look at Nuremberg Germany April 1561 and think India and Humans Nuked 10-12 thousand years ago.

        • johndoey

          YOU ARE AN INSANE , UN-EDUCATED INDIVIDUAL! Not even sugar coating it. You people who talk about all this NONSENSE are the worst people for this WORLD!

          • bella

            Sky speaks the truth….pay attention so you’ll know what to do in the days to come.

      • StraightDopes

        Hey, James Smith:

        it’s interesting to watch your comments get consistently downvoted, because i largely agree with you and think you’re usually spot-on (with the exception – i think – of your views on Christianity, though in fairness i’m not sure you’re speaking about “Christendom” in its organized religion form, or simple and honest Faith in Jesus. that’s a discussion i think i’d enjoy having with you.)

        soldier on – you know what they say about getting flak when you’re over the target. :wink:

    • jknbt

      this is a planted story full of half truths and whole lies. It is in the same class as the Bob Lazar stories about area 51. The purpose here is to wreck any credibility concerning these matters. Stanton Friedman debunked Bob Lazar. Read it on Friedman’s website.

      Something is going on, but the people who planted this story want you to discount the whole business as a load of hooey.

      • Network TV Movie

        jknbt – Wrong! You are a SHILL we all know it!

        Why then did Bob L state the name of the unknown element back in late 80s, and then 20 years later, is was proven and called it? Why then did Bob L start a business years ago with zero gravity levitation that was lighter then air; before anyone else?

        Explain that then? Why then would the gov call that element the same number and title with the same properties he just made up 20 years prior? Don’t you think the gov would have created all new names and particals?

        • jknbt

          the definition of a shill is someone who encourages people to ante up and buy into the deceptions of a swindler….

          I am not a shill….I am an anti-shill. I don’t want anyone to buy into this crap.

        • jknbt

          bob lazar said he was a scientist. he lied. he was a technician at the most. he was inside & knew things.

          the whole bob lazar business was intended to destroy credibility, not to confirm it. that is what is going on here.

          yes, there is something going on at area 51 involving aliens & ufos. yes, there is something going on on mars.

          you can’t trust a story like this for the truth about mars bases any more than you can trust lazar for an accurate report on area 51 things.

      • Freedom

        OK – tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

      • Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)

        Stanton debunks nothing. Bob rocks. ;0

    • The Truth Wins

      I know this is faked because on the Earth Defense Force emblem are three crosses. Anything like this related to our government and including communist countries would not display those. Instead, they would have witchcraft, occult symbols devoted to the ancient gods of Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, etc. So, I know it is a hoax. :oops:

      • Network TV Movie

        Sometimes posters just put up photos that are close because searching and finding them take more time then anything… So you expect say photos have to allways have to exactly match up to whatever the subject? Then alone tells you never ever posted a story and a shill. Hope your parents are proud of you.

        You are so wrong because if you follow this, their are dozens of decorated veterans who is part of this group and confirm he was there.

      • Cam Hammer

        Actually, the cross is about as pagan as it gets..The cross stands for the mark of Cain, what they sacrificed/killed Jesus Christ on..Ppl think wearing the cross is a good thing, do some research and you will actually find that it is paganism and is negative symbolism ..I mean think about it…Jesus died on a cross, why wear what he was crucified on around your neck?! “Oh, because it shows that i believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, of course!”..well he did, so why would you wear what evil men killed our savior on…THEY picked out the cross…it is not a symbol of God, nor is the little fishy all has deep occult meaning, the cross having probably the worst occult meaning..just ponder on it and pray about it. A majority of Hollywood actors and rappers yada yada wear the cross, you know who there god is. Case closed…Soooo sorry brother/sister, you really don’t know it is a hoax. God bless.

        With love, Cam.

    • ichabodcrane

      The US marines are the worst people this country has! I’m shocked they kept him that long!
      Too bad they don’t take this guy!

      • Network TV Movie

        But they gave the right to speak whatever you want… Feel free to move to North Korea

      • Bill Lyle

        Hey, man. If you don’t want to get behind them, feel free to stand in front of em….

      • fly soup

        You were looking for love in the wrong place;. twice.

    • Andoron

      This guy obviously hung out with Dr. Ganja for too long.

    • Norry

      “Defending Human colonies from Martians.” Seems a rerun of colonialism. And the Air Defence badge appears at first glance to have a penis and testicles as an avatar !

    • NWO for Dummies.

      I think he’s confusing Afghanistan with Mars. Similar terrain. The Afghan poppies can do that.

      • Network TV Movie

        Shill that has no knowledge. You only are using your brainwashed school mind.

        For example, if you think you are a Free Citizen, says it all you don’t know what your talking about. If you have a US birth Certificate, you are a Corporation; not a citizen. Oh thats right, your confusing you thinking your a free citizen when BY US LAW, you are a free corporation; as your entire family. Got the balls to read the truth? When its the Gov, they always give the public lies, yet you say you don’t believe what the gov says, yet you can’t decide a issue because your waiting for the gov to announce stuff. So you wait for the gov to say something to confirm it,yet you don’t trust what the gov says.? See how brainwashed people think? They chase their own tails round and round and never stop. So then, when do you stop for the truth?


        • NWO for Dummies.

          Are you saying My government does not have my best interests at heart…TRAITOR !!!

          btw wha does this have to do wid my post?

      • Freedom

        You must be elementary school… You are clueless and clearly never been in the Gov. and brainwashed into thinking they are your best friend. Yes shill is what they call you.

    • truthlovingsoul

      this is the number one story? wake up , people.

      • Z-Boy

        “Earth Defense Force”! hooah!! lol. :grin: :lol:

    • Network TV Movie

      :arrow: :arrow: 100% POSSIBLE! If anyone thinks this could never happen, here is 100% proof that the US gov took everyones Citizenships away, and made them all Corporations? So you say your a Citizen right, well you are only basing that on heresay and fairy tales. By your very US Legal Laws, your birth certificate makes you a CORPORATION ,by the letter of the LAW; not a Citizen! Now do you understand why you or nobody has any Constitutional Rights anymore? You can’t have them as a corporation; you have corporation law; which we all see in court and police today. Got the balls to take 1 minute of time to read? I promise you, your life will never ever be the same!


    • Mayhem

      First it was 17 yrs then it was nearly a decade all the while protecting human colonialists from Martians, on Mars :lol:

      Your Mom, probably, thinks she’s doing you a favour allowing you to live in her basement. Little does she know it’d be better for the both of you if she kicked your dumb arse to the curb, forcing you to stand on your own two feet.

      Get a job while you still know everything :razz:

      • fedupwithcowards

        Agreed Mayhem Complete bullsheit

    • TheFreedomVoice

      If these events are true, you would think you could have some intriguing evidence. Where is it? This would be a huge article if it were true. Is this possibly put on here for views and to advertise your page and YouRube channel?

    • Pink Slime

      How come he gets to battle aliens and I get to battle Negroes at Ferguson?

      • 0 Sum

        My guess… cuz you are a lonely… lonely man MSG Chicken.

        • Pink Slime

          Zeroscum why don’t you admit you are MSG Chicken negro man? Just because I am a copycat does not mean you are Pink Slime.

      • Z-Boy

        ^ Because you didn’t listen. That’s why. :razz:

    • Commander X

      The guy makes a lot of sense! IF, you know “where the negative color app is in an iPhone/smartphone camera and have one”, you can see a place where some one like Cap’n K ‘nuked’ the hell out of a Reptoid den. :eek: :eek:

      It’s from a place on (Mars) Google earth. This guy has everything you want to see about the planet Mars, “in color inversion”. He told me that if he showed them normally, he would probably be gone by now. The planet Mars is all yours here;

      I can’t understand why any one would want to colonize an actively inhabited planet ‘full of bi-pedal Reptoid & Insectoid races’, that are known to eat humans, when the planet Venus, has 3rd D HUMANS living there instead :!:

    • Terminator

      It looks like it is:

      Cat People are now known to be Leonines (lion/human hybrids). They have reportedly shattered an attack on Mars led by Earth Psychopathic Leaders. The Earth Psychopathic Leaders allegedly used about 350 incubus-infested CIA Black Ops NWO (New World Order) personnel (already stationed on Mars via teleportation jump gate from here) and a huge military contingent (also incubus-infested, around 250,000) arriving by UFO from a host of dark worlds. Think the Empire in “Star Wars™.” The survivors became tasty snacks for the victors, but not in quite the way you’d imagine.

    • The Real Deal

      Our Earth is surrounded by the Van Allen radiation belt. Going through it is equivalent to getting cooked in a microwave. Now i don’t know much about portals. But i can tell you, if you’re going through the radiation belt, the aircraft & the space suits better be made out of lead.

    • CrowPie

      *clears throat* You’ve seen a chicken dick?

      • King Of Jambalamba

        Saw your micropenis CowPieEater

    • truther357

      ComeOn BIN… give us a break.. I’m embarrassed that I even shared post from BIN.
      In your email to me…you said you didn’t care what people think… and you will post as you please!
      You own BIN.. you can do as you please.. your only hurting yourself!
      Godlikeproductions get 1,000,000 online and you get 3,000 at the most…wonder why!
      I have to admit that the children that run GLP are just a bad… but at least they built up a cliental before they turned to ‘sh’it!

    • MG

      Hey I know that guy. But his skin changes color when the light hits it. Snell’s law right back at ya.

    • MG

      Vibrations. Good luck standing on a planet that isn’t vibrating at the same timeline as you are.
      Snell’s Law is used to Serve Man.

    • Bucky

      Ha! Battling aliens on Mars?!!?! WTF.

    • Bucky

      This is too easy to make fun of.

    • Burt Gummer

      Cool when is this movie coming out ?

    • Christine T

      :neutral: :sad: That picture of that alien is so friggin creepy,it really looks real!!!

    • MG

      It’s true. The people posting it’s not true work for the DOD. Is this guy still alive? If he is, it won’t be for long. If people knew the truth, they wouldn’t get away with it. It’s hide in plain sight, because man sees with their mouths not their eyes.

    • Get Your Mind Blown

      Wow so many people THINK they are called Aliens since you have been brain washed in thinking is! They are actually Fallen Angels that deceive the whole earth. This is a huge reason why you don’t understand they have blinded you! If you want to see some REAL so called Aliens who are actually Fallen Angels here is the link! /awakening-start-here/2014/11/exposed-fallen-angels-proof-852.html

    • The Seer

      first any ET that can travel fast as light and been coming to earth since we lived in caves (cave drawings show this )
      have the Tech to wipe out most if not all Live on Earth lets alone Mars
      so someone been smoking too much Weed

    • Doccus

      17 years? Pretty sure the video game is less than 10 years old…

    • Mark

      You can continue eliminating my postages, but that does not change the fact this guy have a screw loose in the head. This story would not give a good movie it is totally without rhyme or reason. Nothing to see here friends, … spend your precious time on more serious place… :sad:

    • sean michael blacab

      Yes this is what they do on this world,defend,protect,peace is
      there business.This is why you are about to be exterminated.
      It is because you are bringers of peace and love have a nice
      ride.You will know them by there fruit.!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • James Wohlever

      I as much as anyone want more investigations into the paranormal, but at what cost?

      Every time some fool from Mexico uploads a faked video or some idiot from China sends a manipulated picture of a drone or some hick from America tells the world he fought aliens on Mars, it only makes people who believe in the paranormal look like fools, liars, cheats and total idiots.

      If you fake something you are HURTING the truth.
      If you lie about something you witness, you are HURTING the truth. Stop thinking about yourself, stop trying to be “famous” by trying to trick people into thinking your evidence is real.

      100% of the time people will discover the real truth eventually and they will not only know you are a liar and cheat, but they will never, ever trust your “evidence” again, and it diminishes anyone else’s claims that have real proof because if you have 500 people telling you a lie, are you going to trust the 501st person who tells you something? No you are not.

      So, please people, PLEASE, if you truly believe in ET, Spirits, ghosts, Bigfoot, whatever it is, great, BUT, unless you have absolute, solid, non-refutable proof, stop spamming the net with bullcrap stories that 98% of the world is going to roll their eyes at and think “crack-pot”.
      If something unbelievable really, honestly happened to you, you had better have some darn good evidence to back it up before you go off spouting about it.

      I want E.T.’s to exist, I want the afterlife to be real, but I want to know that what I believe wasn’t some a-holes idea of tricking people. You can ruin a person’s entire life by having them believe something you faked was real. It’s not helping anyone and it is hurting a lot of people.

    • dali777

      you can learn a lot from e genuine alien contactee, Billy Meier, the only one on this planet who had 21 assasination attempts on his life, because he is a real genuine contactee … all the other ufo people, and mufon shills never had one attempt on their lives … if you are a genuine truth seeker, not just a shallow wannabee , see all the videos and 1000 of pages of Pleiadean info here:


    • dali777

      you can learn a lot from e genuine alien contactee, Billy Meier, the only one on this planet who had 21 assassination attempts on his life, because he is a real genuine contactee … all the other ufo people, and mufon shills never had one attempt on their lives … if you are a genuine truth seeker, not just a shallow wannabee , see all the videos and 1000 of pages of Pleiadean info here:


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