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Craigslist was Hacked and Aired an Unusual Video to Its Victims- The Encrypted Message it Held Will Ignite Every Emotion in Your Body! It Literally Could Spark a Revolution! You Really Don’t Want To Miss This!

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Last week an unusual hack attack happened when viewers visited the Craigslist internet website. Instead of the normal classified ads that they had hoped for they were greeted with a powerful message from a music video on YouTube.


If you were one of the “lucky” ones who just so happened to visit Craigslist Sunday night, then you are well aware of what was shown. If not, you’re in for a real surprise! Viewers were redirected to and from there directed to YouTube where viewers witnessed a very strange animated rap video that filled their ears with lyrics about privacy, freedom, FEMA camps, and net neutrality. Something I believe many here in America need to wake up to.


The video not only exposes what our future could look like here in America—if we so maintain the path that we are on— but also exposes the New World Order, a police state, and the microchip agenda. But don’t take my word for it, watch it for yourself:  



Here’s the thing, I believe this video was broadcast to open the eyes of the sleeping public. Considering the consistent mention of “online privacy and neutrality” it also tells me we could see a major slash in our internet freedoms and soon. The reason I say this is because this week the mainstream media broadcast about how our soldiers personal internet information was being hacked by terrorist and that they were using it to target them at their homes. While the threat is real they are hyping it for one reason and that is to incite fear in the American public so we will welcome internet control with open arms….which is exactly what the video above is warning us about and which is a real threat to our future.  


While no one is 100% certain who hacked the site, all fingers are pointing to YTCracker, the hacker-turned-rapper. He is the obvious choice because he is the man behind Furthermore 15 years ago he broke into NASA’s Goddard Flight Center leaving this bold message for its viewers:


“To the US government and military—I have warned you about these security flaws. Please secure our military systems to protect us from cyber attack.”


Pretty bold I might add and he was only 17 years old when he did it. That aside, YTCracker denies the involvement in the latest hack on Craigslist saying it could have been an employee. The truth is we may never know who hacked the Craigslist sight, but nonetheless it’s a bold move to wake up the sleeping masses….



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    • truthlovingsoul

      thanks for sharing.

      • Equalizer

        Well done Lisa, good find.

    • BStallard

      Ive got to say good article :) !

    • Bill Lyle

      H..hol….hold on. Where’s the God angle? Lisa must have a ghost writer (or is that a demon writer? Booga Booga).

    • PurplePeopleEater2014

      A video worth watching.

    • StraightDopes

      he didn’t really hack craigslist. this looks more like DNS cache poisoning.

      nonetheless, interesting. the production value of the video is pretty high, and it seems to be reminiscent of a Flobots video in style. the “net neutrality” issue is a very interesting one in and of itself, and seems to have been co-opted by TPTB for a nefarious end – though, in fairness, he seems to hint at this in the video.

      draw your own conclusions as to the real motivation behind this.

    • Decode the World

      Great find, Lisa! I hope a lot of people get to see this.

      • Lisa Haven

        Thanks Chris!

        • 0 Sum

          Quote: “Thanks Chris!”

          Yes thanks! NOM NOM! Always look forward to your deep posts Chris!

          Many more below for anyone looking for pearls of wisdom!


        • 0 Sum

          It’s well worth the jump to the linked article in my post above if you want to figure out what’s REALLY going on here at this website.


          ( Apologies in advance for knocking this article off the top viewed list Lisa )

        • The Real Deal

          She doesn’t reply to one single commenter on any of her articles, but the second the site owner shows up to comment, “Thanks, Chris!”.

          What, are the rest of us not good enough for you to reply to?

        • Three69ingSquirrels

          She did call me a nut once, when I mentioned that her name is an anagram of Anal Hives.

          Yeah me! *self high five* :cool:

    • Sun Rabbit

      That’s a great video.

    • ichabodcrane

      If anonymus was going to really do something regarding the military they would go after them for all of the rapes and sexual assaults! Military men go on Craigslist to threaten victims and post there information and also find victims when they are away from their bases!
      This guy is one of them!

      • max jones

        The world’s militaries, are brainwashed stooges programmed to do the worst things with no conscience’ The PTSD epidemic is a product of the science of mind control. Making humans think inhumanly….It is a GREAT sin…..and another sign of the times. :cool:

    • haha

      This isn’t gonna help. NOTHIN is gonna help. Peopole are too afraid to do anything. They don”t want to go to prison or jail or get killed. Even if they out right told us they were gonna kill us over the television on the news people wouldn’t do a thing about it.

      There will be a few fighters here and there but it WON’T make much of a difference out of 300 million people. You’ve got too many SCARED women and SCARED men that won’t do a darn thing about it!

      All this “wake up” people isn’t doing any good if you look at the statistics of the situation. Your forgetting that you’ve got citizens for the government and that’s about 100 million, then you’ve got 100 million that don’t care, then you’ve got 100 million that do care. These people are far and inbetween amongst each other. Now listen this people are under mind control and the people that care would have to make some type of 100 million man woman team to go against THEM but they are far and inbetween and without a strong presence of resistance within the minds of people that care (which has never occurred only in the million man march) people won’t band together and do something about it.

      I’m telling you guys they are gonna screw us over however they like because there are TOO MANY types of people. United we stand and divided we fall.

      • Sun Rabbit

        I totally agree with you. The problems you face are even worse that what you think you know. I think you do have 100 million out of 300 million Americans who know about all that [expletive deleted]. Only problem is that they can’t act upon it because the US is pretty much a totalitarian state. Like I said before, when I left the US the first time it was pretty much just a bookkeeping entry because I’ve never identified with any state in the first place. The second time, in 2004 it was like escaping from a prison. Between 1997 and 2004, every single day that I’d walk out of my house the cops were all over me. I’d get my whole person and my car searched. Every single [expletive deleted] day I went out. So you think that someone like me is gonna stand for that? Sold my house, my businesses and my cars. Moved to Europe and I’m not coming back, ever. I gave your government one chance already, and you blew it. By you I don’t means Americans, I mean their government. You blew it. I could’ve paid the taxes on 38,000 other Americans, but you forced me out, so those people are gonna have to pay double their taxes.
        You may ask what I am doing to rectify the situation, and the answer is nothing. I’m just helping my family members and good friends get the hell out of there, that’s all. Right before I left for the last time I had a really intense conversation with my friend Rich, who’s an auto mechanic. He told me he’s buying a gun and he’s gonna fight it out. He broke down crying while he was telling me this and so did I, because there are no easy solutions to the problem known as America. None.
        All I can do is go “un omene de pater et fili, et espiritu sanctum” and make the sign of the cross in the direction of America. I am a multi millionaire but I can’t solve your problems over there, especially given the problems that we have here in Europe with ISIS. ISIS is threatening Europe yet nobody seems to notice. 4 days ago the Czech Minister of the Interior got sent a package of micronised cyanide, and do you even know about this? He almost died of that! Then they sent various threatening letters to the Office of the President of the Czech Republic extorting billions of dollars otherwise they’ll release the ebola virus in Praha. Nice people.
        It gets even more depressing the more you know. I know heads of state, MEPs, ONI agents, a CIA agent as well as a US senator’s daughter, who lives in one of my houses.
        All I can say is that the human race is pretty much screwed.

    • haha

      oh yeah oh yeah… and without a strong sense of comradary and “get together” the people that care won’t do anything about it either. They will either mind control everyone in this country so you won’t do it or you will succumb to your own “vague brain”.

      • Norry

        @Haha,Nothing against you Haha, you think clearly, just a personal thing. People don’t seem to be able to use spellcheck.
        Camraderie. spelt CAMRADERIE. Pronounced Cam Rard Erry. In order to appear intelligent on the interwebs we must first learn the spelling of English.

        As a collective we don’t seem to be able to spell or pronounce the word let alone embrace it !

    • Kent

      Mossad and CIA will do Statue of Liberty and blame it on Iran. America will be last country to switch to Euro (antichrist’s currency). Go hide with Orthodox Christians before it’s too late. Mandatory mark of the beast will begin when any of these four happens depending on where you live: 1)Cash will be taken out, 2) Prisoners will be released, 3)Electricity, gas, and water will be turned off. 4)Under-aged will not be able to buy food.
      Please, go hide. Don’t take any electronics with you because
      antichrist’s minions can make contact then. So, please, no electronics.
      Pack one bag in case they take you to a concentration camp, mostly old warm clothes so that nobody will steal them when you’re taking a shower in the concentration camp. Also, get dried bread to last you ten days per person during famine.
      First dinosaur will come out of Volga River in Russia. According to Russian Orthodox Christian Vyatcheslav Krasheninnikov: Humans were created about 7525 years ago. Birds participate in time creation. It’s a sin to kill birds. Dinosaurs live under our level. They will get out through sinkholes and lakes. To kill them, go for their nerves. So, save the birds, but kill the dinosaurs. Antichrist is pale with red eyes and flies because he’s possessed by Satan. Antichrist is surrounded by demons but people will see angels of light. 666 is given by isotope rays on wrist or forehead when people stretch hands to receive small plastic grey card (world passport).
      Police will microchip and isotope ray people on highways. Food stores will isotope ray people too. Antichrist will also release prisoners to mark people. Reject 666 at all cost. Go hide with Orthodox Christians to escape 666.
      Don’t go into a UFO to be healed by demons. Those who reject 666 will go to heaven. Also, their direct ancestors will be saved from hell.
      Give to charity in the name of Archangel Michael.

    • James Edwards

      Wow! As we move to unveil a new national newsletter that we hope will begin to unite Americans against big government, and the ‘enemies within’ our nation, this is an excellent example of not only the viewpoint of what our future might look like – but, the ABILITY of ANYONE with the knowledge and DETERMINATION to ‘hack’ into a very large organization (Craig’s List), which, you would assume must have LOTS and LOTS of firewall and virus protection.

      THIS was a harmless presentation – and, a damned good one – BUT, it could have been a ‘call to action’. We all saw what a few looters and arsonists could do to a city in ONE NIGHT in Ferguson – what about a ‘CALL TO REVOLUTION’?

      Scary. SURELY, there is a way to prevent ‘hacking’. But then, maybe NOT. :roll:

    • srsly1

      Finally, an article worth reading. Grats!

    • HotFish

      Thatll show craig to be so illuminati

    • snagz

      First good article i’ve seen from Lisa Haven, just about ever.

    • Jeffro1

      The Encrypted Message it Held Will Ignite Every Emotion in Your Body! It Literally Could Spark a Revolution! You Really Don’t Want To Miss This!

      THIS DID NOT ” Ignite Every Emotion in MY Body! It DID NOT Literally Spark a Revolution! NO, I Really Don’t Want To READ This!

      All she does is post worthless crap that is either 90 year old news or crap that no one cares about and then she tries so hard to sensationalize it while claiming to be a journalist, what a joke!

      Do something more productive to society, maybe you could become a stripper or something!

    • jimbow

      funny i go to crags list almost one times a day, that didn’t happen to me

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