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The Global Currency Reset Is Now 100% Confirmed, Activated and Performing.

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The global currency reset is now 100% confirmed, activated and performing. 
Bank of China monies have been received into master paymaster accounts globally, yet still are unreleased to private groups or the public as of Monday evening EST.
The United States Treasury was sequestered to solve government shut down threat this coming Thursday. But remaining cabal leadership, led by David Cohen of UST, is still fighting public disclosure of TRN tooth and nail. However, his delay attempts are futile as theBelieve it or notcabal has been rendered incapable of starting yet another war/mass destruction event (a la 9/11 or 3/11).
Obama administration wants to make it look like Republicans are blocking 2015 government funding, so the Democrats can step in and create a gold backed currency solution.
This, he hopes, will ensure his presidential legacy before he is either impeached or removed from office by other measures.
Barak Obama is a common citizen again, no longer President of the United States. The Asian Elders are mercifully allowing him to play out his hand and perform his last and final tasks. 
The 1871 USA Corporation he was running has been declared insolvent by an international world court that quietly governs the affairs of sovereign nations.  Meaning, all debts and assets of the USA Corporation have fallen back to its initial collateral issuer, which are ancient Asian Royal Families. They were the ones who financed the British Rebellion and put gold up to start the USA back in 1776–and as a tribute, we shoot off fireworks every July 4th.  True story.
Wall Street also wants a quick public solution to their very public derivatives problems, which will becovered by the new gold back currency announcement.  They want to start making big money again under the new banking system.
Meanwhile, 7 global trustees—all with different sign off tiers–have a release agreement in place with Sovereign Families, Governments, Banks, BRICS for the GCR/RV to monetarily begin. It’s final execution date is unknown, but monies are flowing out to holding entities and paymasters right now.
When all 7 trustees have signed off, the public announcement of the RV will occur.  We have confirmationthat 3 trustees have signed off and will be receiving funds. 
England’s Prince William is one such trustee, and was in NYC/DC to sign off this week.
Chinese Trustees Madame Wu and General Li have signed off and are to receive funds.
New Republic President Carter Ham is another trustee.  This means that the General 64 Group & The Admiral’s Group should get their start after President Ham has signed off, expected this week, as groups have been cleared to receive and disburse payouts.
Historical Bonds began paying outlast Friday worldwide.  Sovereigns families will be hydrated first, followed by governments, tier 1 – 3 banks, private groups, and lastly the general public.
TRN currency and the scheduled public announcement are to be live no later than 12/15, whereby anyone can ask for new currency … and actually get it. 
Currently, all on-screen digital accounts, in all banks worldwide, are now gold backed.  That switch was made back in early November without public announcement.  Thus, the public TRN announcement has more to do with the fulfillment of international law rather than being a procedural administrative necessity.
The US Republic government announcement can only come as soon as old corporate government has publicly been denounced; however, the announcement of TRN by former President Barak Obama satisfies this international requirement and is expected at any moment. 
No one knows how New Republic information will be made available moving forward, as it is sure to upset the general population that its USA has been bankrupted by its own elected leadership and is now in receivership of foreign Asian Elders.
But at least the TRN announcement is the cabal’s official public acknowledgment of surrender, as it ends theirworldwide financially reign via the UD Federal Reserve Bank & Global Central Banking System.
Know the objective of these Asian Elders is to re-establish USA sovereignty, not occupy its boarders and control it’s population.  But to do this, they have to root out all the entrenched toxic power structures and replace it with new leadership. Hence the reality of a General Carter Ham–a loyal American General, working for the Asian Elders,yet serving US interests as a true patriot.
Forex rates for all revaluing currencies will adjust at a moments notice and without advanced warning. That event will occur with no public announcement.  Trading at the new RV rates has been occurring for several months now.
Banks have been training employees to handle redeeming RV currency clients very discreetly, and without extra attention.  Even setting up off site redemption centers to handle heavy volume and high volume clients.
Private, NDA confidential RV redemptions have been on going for over a year now, and because Wells Fargo is the new clearing house bank for the new UST Republic government, it has now surpassed all other banks in the USA, and now accounts for 25% of all mortgage loans.
Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank and Bank of America are all now owned in majority by the Chinese Elders. Expect some large banking acquisitions and name changes in the near future. With Wells Fargo originally founded by Chinese Royal Families for Chinese American gold prospectors.
IRS, Homeland Security and FEMA Agencies will be eliminated in the new 2015 USA Republic budget.  All 3agencies were illegal formed under the original USA Constitution, which will also be restored and amended by President Ham.  YES ! THANK GOD
Americans will still pay taxes,just not to the IRS and not as much.  Corporations and banks will have their loopholes closed as well.
All these massive changes, either in banking or basic structure of USA Republic government, has been or will be gradual, as not to upset the general population’s day-to-day routine. 
The Asian Royal Elders prefer an anonymous and harmonious transition, as a healthy and financially sustainable USA provides long term growth opportunities for China and the world.

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News




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    • PaulTarsuss

      Someone’s abused their quota of Foghorn Leghorn cartoons in the day room at Bellevue again….causing more Vhs dreams in an HD world.

      Buddya Buddya…

      that’s all folks.

      • Johnny Clams

        Fegetaboutit, this NESARA is A-RASEN who’s head has dried in the Sun too Long!

        • DistantCousin

          Do not insult Sun Tu Long.
          He will be heading up reformed I.R.S.
          He is specialist in Investigation,
          and Interrogation.
          Speak only with correct RESPECT

      • santiago


        • Bradley Dueringer

          Exactly, and why does the author keep talking about “Asian” families, when the federal reserve is owned by Jewish families. Total BS imho

    • UmanMike

      :lol: Oh,…., OOH~>>>-?-REALLY-???-!-<<< LOL :lol: :idea: :mrgreen: :idea: :arrow: :cool:

    • mfritz0

      NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News. Sorry, this has generated too many lies and honestly, don’t believe a word printed here.

      • Eagle

        The part about the firecrackers is true, but probably nothing much else.

    • simboliza

      So sorry 1.1 trillion will keep the gov running for a year or so. There is no reset YET.. you paranoid need to check in and get your meds forced on you.

      • Anonymous

        Not to sure what it will do for the economy but Republicans sure made certain the big banks where well taken care of…

        • moochie2

          Except it was barry, YOUR usurping IDIOT who’s been printing $88BILLION a MONTH for wall street for years LIAR,.

        • moochie2

          Plus, we are getting ready to SUFFER our THIRD financial meltdown as a result of billy Clinton’s and barry’s sucky HOUSING BUBBLE and global economic meltdown.

          2001, 2008, 2015/16 why don’t you BRAG about it clown?

        • moochie2

          How can you even say that dumbo Bush spent $4TRILLION in 8 years in office and YOUR USURPING CLOWN already spent $9TRILLION in 7 years and is burning through a blank check now.

    • Anonymous

      NesaraNews has published one lie after another for years. I have never seen an ounce of truth from these buttholes.

    • Cosmicshaman

      This all sounds great but now back to reality. Yes, its true there is light/dark side to this hidden war. Its also true that many people here are mocking this story because they know its not true and even when a global reset does become reality the cabal must first be removed from power, for any of this to be relevant since the light/liberating force is in on going battle with the cabal its unlikely they would reset the system while the criminals are still running things right now. We should also take note the effort purge this bad group of people known as the cabal is reaching a climax with each passing day and the key to this is raising awareness. Now most people know or have an idea who they are. To be honest no matter how many fake news stories they plant on and other alternative media sites in an attempt to confuse people its just not working anymore. This why they’ve been passing more tyrannical laws across the western world so openly because its a desperate attempt to use fear in one last attempt to rule them all. Remember dumbed down cowards are easy to control however men of integrity, honor, wisdom, knowledge strength, and those truly connected to the source cannot be subdued especially not without a fight.

      • Tom Isman

        “This all sounds great but now back to reality.” But what IS reality ? Can you tell ?
        Ain’t reality rather the least known thing, a kind of twilight zone ? All the more when it comes to politics ?

      • truthlovingsoul

        cosmic shaman,

        well said. they are in their death throes. i feel our collective consciousness regarding who we really are and what has been done to the natural progression of human evolution is aiding in their demise. hundredth monkey and all that jazz.

    • truthlovingsoul


    • ljfa

      And we trust the benevolent Chinese to come restructure us with open hearts? This frankly sounds like another Barry Soetoro ruse coordinated with the ChiComms.

    • ljfa

      And we trust the benevolent Chinese to come restructure us with open hearts? This frankly sounds like another Barry Soetoro ruse coordinated with the ChiComms with a double twist.

      • Anonymous

        You must have a very small and limited vocabulary, you just keep repeating the same two sentences????

    • Dustdevil

      NESARA == Clive Barker horror-fiction.

      Seriously, I see the immediate need to bookmark this article just so I can come back in a month and heckle NESARA as to how NOTHING THEY SAID HAPPENED!

      Asian Cabals, Money changes, Global consortium??? NESARA, you can’t see the forest for the trees. None of these entities would tell the truth, even to each other, if it were more beneficial to them than the resulting lie they keep repeating! These guys are in a massive game of ‘cutthroat’ with each other, and the common man is so disregarded he doesn’t even exist. That said, the vague idea they could work together to accomplish a single thing is beyond comprehension.

      Yes, someone owns all the gold in the world (and it isn’t America). Yes, someone wants to rule the world (in a room playing musical chairs, with chairs departing at the speed of ‘too big to fail’). Yes, there is a grand plan to depopulate the world (from Kissinger, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan, Bush and a myriad of other old-money, old-world families).

      FYI, governments are only in this during the first phases of the fight, while ‘having a government puppet’ serves the old-family-overlords. Once all but a few nations are impoverished, broken, and slowly dying of old diseases and starvation, THEN, and ONLY-THEN, will the ‘government puppets’ be throat-slit like the rest of the sheep they shafted. They won’t be allowed to evacuate, they won’t be provided for, they won’t be supported and they won’t be paid. They will be abandoned like the rest of us. Only the ‘new, desirable children’ will be kept as playthings for the old evils of the ‘old blue-blood lines’. Those who can mindlessly serve will be valued, up to about, oh, 500,000,000 of them anyhow.

      This is a simple game of musical chairs – and most of the government trolls who are planning on your demise soon, actually estimate they will actually survive this at least long enough to die of old age first, if not find a ‘seat’ to a higher level, before they themselves lose position. Just like middle management in a downsizing corporation, they are most-expendable, and most have the greatest unrealistic view of how unimportant they really are to this whole thing.

      NESARA doesn’t have a clue, is most likely a disinformation troll for an alphabet soup government agency, and in reality, has no insight beyond what you read here. Big deal, move on. This is nothing new. They’ve been spewing this misinformation trash for ages, nothing has changed, nothing will.

      • TWR

        Couldn’t have said it better! Lies, manipulation & deception seems to define modern day “Ambition”. It’s the new black!


        • TWR

          I forgot theft, fraud, murder and consent through force, sorry :wink:

      • Sun Rabbit

        Quote: “Seriously, I see the immediate need to bookmark this article just so I can come back in a month and heckle NESARA as to how NOTHING THEY SAID HAPPENED!” :lol:

        Exactly, nothing they say ever happens. They must be in league with Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, and Nancy Lieder. Goes to show you that a little knowledge (plus a really big imagination) is a dangerous thing. Well, not exactly because nobody believes any of the above-mentioned people.

      • The Clucker

        Quote: “Seriously, I see the immediate need to bookmark this article just so I can come back in a month and heckle NESARA as to how NOTHING THEY SAID HAPPENED!”

        No need, DD. That’s pretty much why half of us are here anyways. Great comment, BTW.

    • Kent

      Mossad and CIA will do Statue of Liberty and blame it on Iran. Explosion in the sea will flood New York. America will be last country to switch to Euro (antichrist’s currency). Go hide with Orthodox Christians in Ural Mountains before it’s too late. Mandatory mark of the beast will begin when any of these four happens depending on where you live: 1)Cash will be taken out, 2) Prisoners will be released, 3)Electricity, gas, and water will be turned off. 4)Under-aged will not be able to buy food.
      Please, go hide. Don’t take any electronics with you because
      antichrist’s minions can make contact then. So, please, no electronics.
      Pack one bag in case they take you to a concentration camp, mostly old warm clothes so that nobody will steal them when you’re taking a shower in the concentration camp. Also, get dried bread to last you ten days per person during famine.
      First dinosaur will come out of Volga River in Russia. According to Russian Orthodox Christian Vyatcheslav Krasheninnikov: Humans were created about 7525 years ago. Birds participate in time creation. It’s a sin to kill birds. Dinosaurs live under our level. They will get out through sinkholes and lakes. To kill them, go for their nerves. So, save the birds, but kill the dinosaurs. Antichrist has very pale face with red eyes and flies super fast because he’s possessed by Satan. He wears gloves to hide long nails. Antichrist is surrounded by demons but people will see angels of light. 666 is given by isotope rays on wrist or forehead when people stretch hands to receive small plastic grey card with no name on it (World Passport).
      Police will microchip and isotope ray people on highways. Food stores will isotope ray people too. Antichrist will also release prisoners to mark people. Reject 666 at all cost. Go hide with Orthodox Christians in Ural Mountains in order to escape 666.
      Don’t go into a UFO to be healed by demons. Those who reject 666 will go to heaven. Also, their direct ancestors will be saved from hell.
      Give to charity in the name of Archangel Michael.

      • TWR

        Are you another NESARA reporter/columnist?

      • ILL MAX

        Is there at least one usable electronic device… that will remove this post from my memory banks? smh

        • The Clucker

          Removing Kent’s ramblings from your memory banks will actually require at least 2 electronic devices. I would recommend the google glasses that never caught on and one of those worthless iphones.

          • DK

            The google glasses make you forget why you spent your money, what on and feed your brain with instantly addictive digital nicotine. Nobody who breaks a pair can report a reason why they bought the things in the first place.
            The iphone only works if you strip the headphones to bare wires, put them in your ears and play Metallica LOUD.

    • Anonymous

      yes and who can believe this “The 1871 USA Corporation he was running has been declared insolvent by an international world court that quietly governs the affairs of sovereign nations.’ without any evidence or worse yet this “ancient Asian Royal Families. They were the ones who financed the British Rebellion and put gold up to start the USA back in 1776–and as a tribute, we shoot off fireworks every July 4th. True story.”
      Wow ancient Asian families financed the US… the French maybe but Asian families…
      Give me a break.
      Also it’s gold-backed money not gold back money… :grin: :smile:

    • Arte Vespule

      They can’t make a new “gold backed currency”. The politicians and the fed have squandered all the gold. It is gone. That is why they will not allow an inventory of Fort Knox. That is also why they refused to return the German Governments gold from the treasury vault. THEY DON’T HAVE IT………

      • Down to

        and that is a fact Jack ! although one day it will all be exposed. bet your bippy the Russians and Chinese already know the jig is up on USD ! that part is already in motion but it must play out slow so the frogs do not jump out of the pot !

    • StavoV

      Say…I wonder if just maybe, there might be some sort of liquid refreshment containing alcohol, being consumed, while putting these supposed articles together?? :wink:

      • TWR

        Nah, likely just our friendly Zio World Bank Counselor Karen Hudes. She holds humanities best interests high on her priority list over there at the World Bank (sister to the IMF).

    • The Truth Wins

      Well, two years ago I would have dismissed this entire article as completely insane. After studying non-mainstream sources in that time, I am not so sure the author isn’t mostly correct. Here is why:

      1. For the past two years, the price of gold has been artificially suppressed by the London Fix (now closed), in combination with Fed Reserve (owned mostly by foreign banking interests, esp. Rothschilds) policies and naked short sale derivatives contracts. In the meantime, thousands of tons of gold have been moved from the COMEX vaults devoted to the five largest U.S. investment banks, melted down in Hong Kong or Switzerland, and re-configured into new gold bars with the Chinese Central Bank’s logo. Early this year, Michelle Obama visited China. Gold prices immediately tanked as the Chinese government began ramping up even more their importing of the precious metal.

      2. The author is correct in that during 1871 the District of Columbia, in a treaty with the British Royals and the Rothschild-owned Bank of England, became its own corporation and independent of the U.S. That is why the D.C. has its own laws, flag and operates as an autonomous city/state much like Vatican City and London’s Inner City district.

      3. In December of 2012, the FDIC and Bank of England struck an agreement whereby the bank assets of all U.S. citizens became unsecured debt against that person’s individual bank loans. Keep in mind the FDIC only holds $10 billion or so in its make believe emergency ‘fund’. If there was another derivatives collapse like 2008, our money would be confiscated to pay the shorts on derivatives contracts. Don’t believe me? Check out what happened with the Cypress ‘bail in’ two years ago. The Dodd Frank Bill, which is supposed to protect us from more reckless derivatives trading by the big banks, does the opposite and protects them first.

      Now let’s turn to the $1.1 Trillion spending bill being mostly pushed by Republicans in Congress this week. It also contains verbage protecting the big banks and placing the burden of a derivatives crash upon the individual U.S. citizens and would lead to a confiscation of their banks accounts. I saw several alternative news stories this week regarding the federal government purchasing riot gear for bank employees in anticipation of some event. As much as I hate to admit it, Elizabeth Warren was correct in stating that the spending bill protects Wall Street bankers.

      4. We owe the Chinese one to two trillion in outstanding loans they have given us when they purchase our Treasury bonds (U.S. debt sold on the open market). If you were owed that much money by a debtor, wouldn’t you want something as collateral if we couldn’t pay it back?

      5. The major drop in oil prices is being done for a much deeper, sinister reason. Nothing like that, which takes profits away from the multi-national oil companies, and the mega banks that are in bed with them, would transpire unless they want it to. The supply and demand equation has not changed 50% (a barrel of oil has gone down in price that much) within a few months time. This rapid change in oil prices is going to put a squeeze very soon on banks holding derivative positions, and they will have trouble covering their losses.

      Keep in mind, the worldwide perceived value of all derivatives contracts is over $1 QUADrillion. Most of those contracts, which are sold and re-sold all over the globe, originated with the big five U.S. banks.

      So, I am not totally in on the Asian old money connection, but something drastic is definitely coming to the U.S. financial markets soon. Get your money out of the bank now. It isn’t earning any interest anyway. :twisted:

      • RainMan

        One quadrillion doesn’t sound too bad until you see it written in numerals;

        1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 …no cents :shock:

        (one million million million million for all long scale countries)

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, but the Republicans will be in control by January and they’ll save us????

        • mfritz0

          one thousand = 1,000
          one million = 1,000,000
          one billion = 1,000,000,000
          one trillion = 1,000,000,000,000
          one quadrillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000

          • mfritz0

            one septillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

            • mfritz0

              1 Septillion is a Billion Quadrillion. But If you think it’s not you can pay me one of your quadrillion and I’ll pay you back one of mine!

      • Sun Rabbit

        You’re 100% right on all 5 points, making it pointless for me to write anything myself because I would’ve said exactly the same thing. I think there’s a very real chance of there being a “bail-in” ala Cyprus in the USA. The US is the most indebted nation that has ever existed and there’s no way that China would constantly loan the US money without those loans being somehow collateralised. BUT, should such a thing happen, the USD goes to wallpaper and the Chinese get pennies on the Dollar back. Then again, they could give China some US Federal land as collateral. The Federal and state governments own a big chunk of the USA.

    • Diaceth

      ill believe this when my poo turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert.

    • TWR

      @AmericanSlogan – Corruption Confusion Deception

      BINGO! Agreed. Lies, deception, manipulation, murder, & consent through the barrel of a gun seems to define modern day “Ambition”. It’s the new black!


      • JKnTX

        “All power grows out of the barrel of a gun”

        Chairman Mao

        • truthlovingsoul

          chairam mao was a doosh with a need for an extension, by way of gun. power grows out of numbers.

    • The Real Deal

      This all sounds good, but i’ll believe it when i see it.

    • JKnTX

      And I am Tsar of all the Russians also…

    • hubristime

      I agree with you. It is obvious things are happening for those “listening” (China is largest buyer of gold in the world – NWO banksters continue to manipulate the price – BRICS banking system forms – “Worm Has Turned” article by Preston James reporting “new deals” have been made). The article mentioned also states that certain things will continue to be withheld from the public, and also indicates things “may be better”, but essentially equates to the same thing only with a different “master” in control. My thoughts since reading it were that when I see those chemtrails in the sky stop then I will believe it is all over.

    • defineaproblem

      The one grain of truth to this is that the overseas Chinese controlled very powerful banks. Most people were not aware of the power of the overseas Chinese. They have played a key role in the rebuilding of mainland China.
      You can now see them behind the scenes as Asia rises.

      • TWR

        Are you serious. China’s economy is smoke & mirrors created through fraud, theft, massive asset re-hypothecation (x 1,000), deception, their infamous “window company’s” and a lot of off-shoring help from the US. A large part of their population (slave labor) lives in cages and under ground tunnel system worse than animals (four story’s deep) so they can build your f—king i-devices and Wall-mart goodies. Look it up, man! They are a bunch of spiritual predators. They are the poster children for materialistic evil.

    • FromDeath 2Life

      The stage is getting set for the One World Currecy.

    • jimbow

      all BS a demacrapic president putting us back on the gold standard (if i read that wright) never would happen

    • Wildfire

      People are steadily being removed pay attention…


      A few pleasing facts:
      1. Americans are hated with a passion anywhere in the world. No American can travel anywhere without risking being jailed, mugged, killed or simply mocked.
      2. America create wars to increase their GDP and both republicans and democrats are in on this.
      3. 94% of all wars currently on the go anywhere in the world, has been instigated or created by Americans.
      4. Russia can destroy the entire American military in 13 minutes and am ready to do it at any minute. Russian subs, a total of approximately 18 nuclear subs, patrol or lie stationary close or within the borders of the American continent. They have a total of 248 nuclear nukes. To destroy the entire America you only need 12 to be shot at the same time. Russia only plan to use 3 though but strategically. I won’t tell you where they plan it though.
      5. America created ISIS and am funding them. Osama Bin Laden was a CIA agent until they tried to kill him the first time in 2001. He had nothing to do with 911. 911 was an inside job conducted by Americans themselves. George Bush was aware of this.
      6. The real unemployment rate in America is 22.74%. There are 3.5 time more people on food stamps exponentially taken with population growth, since the Great Depression of 1930′s. If we had the Great Depression today with the same amount of people in 1930, the soup kitchen line would be 3.5 time longer.
      7. Americans lie and deceive their own people regarding the future value of silver and gold while it’s not the case. The American government is secretly buying physical gold by the hoards. George Soros has setup 35 different shell companies in different entities and collectively these shell companies have now bought a total of $235 million in physical gold only during 2014!
      8. Americans are not only the fattest people in earth, a new poll now shows them to also be the sleeziest and most deceitful nation on earth ever!
      9. In America if you steal a car you get up to 3 years jail time but politicians steal $millions and get no jail time. It’s also impossible to sue any politician because they rig the systems internally.
      10. The entire American stock market is rigged with the federal reserve buying stocks like crazy to prop up the economy and to make it look like America is doing great. Approximately $30billion a month is spent by the Federal reserve but they cannot be audited or investigated?
      For all the above I have the evidence!
      Soon America, very soon, collectively, we the people, the mask men, will release these files!
      And for those Australian Intelligence service members who constantly search my server, my phones and laptop, go to hell and target the deceitful America government.

      Another note for the Australian government:
      1. Russia did not down MH17. Ukraine did and America is their counterpart.
      2. Don’t buy the American fighter jets. They are lame and old dogs. You’re making a huge mistake!
      3. You should build relationships with China and Russia, not America!
      Join the BRICS nation – do all three, this will save your currency and country.

      • TWR


        Yep, seems you’ve DE-railed suddenly. Perhaps on a bottle or two of Russian Kool-aid (Vodka)?

        First of all, it seems you’ve been drinking some heavy US Corporate Propaganda by way of your Russian Military Industrial Complex. Secondly, American’s by and large in no way represent the fascist USA Corporation owned by the global Zionist banking cartels ie, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Windsors & company (aka “ZIO” Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) that have usurped our once “somewhat” free country. Do a little research Top-Gun before you go around generalizing your “official” state-indoctrinated & state approved enemies before announcing your declarations of war. Seriously?

      • TWR


        Actually, I agree with you on most of your points outside of what seems like you wanting to generalize all Americans as being one with their crony politicians & US Corp. Oligarchy and possibly wanting to kill all of us generally? That part seems a little off.

    • Sunshine

      You fell off the wagon it sounds like…..hmmmm. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


      Black Rabbit
      You may be correct.
      I did not mean to generalize Americans under the same red blood umbrella.
      Some Americans will without a doubt fight for the truth as well. Those are the once we need in power. I’m just concerned that if good Americans get political top potions and they earn good money, they then lose the path again and choose wrong. You cannot blame me for not trusting any American? Or can you? In any case, let’s say we destroy America and take it away completely, pulse their people, move them to Mars – I will guarantee you we then will have peace in earth! Proof me wrong? :eek:

    • ChosenOne

      The time has come

    • lottopol

      Most investors now believe three things about the Federal Reserve, money and interest rates. They think that the Federal Reserve is artificially depressing rates below what would be a “normal” level. They believe that in the process of doing so the Federal Reserve has enormously increased the supply of money and they believe that the USA is on a fiat money system.
      All three of those beliefs are incorrect. One benchmark rate that the Federal Reserve has absolute control of is the rate paid on reserves deposited at the Federal Reserve. That rate is now 25 basis points, after being zero since the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913 until recently. If the Federal Reserve had left that rate at zero t-bill rates would now be even lower than they are now. The shortest t-bills rates would now be probably negative.
      Paying interest on reserves combined with the subsidy to the banks of providing free unlimited deposit insurance on non-interest bearing demand deposits is keeping t-bill rates positive. Absent those policies the rate on t-bills would be actually negative. The Chinese and others all over the world are willing to pay anything for the safety of depositing funds in the USA. Already, Bank of New York Mellon Corp. has imposed a 0.13% charge on large deposits.
      An investor who believes that interest rates are headed up may respond that the rate paid on reserves is a special case and that the vast increase in the money supply resulting from the quantitative easing must result in higher rates when the Federal Reserve reverses its course. The problem with that view is that the true effective money supply is still far below its 2007 level.
      Money is what can be used to buy things. Historically money has first been specie (gold and silver coins), then fiat money which is paper currency and checking accounts (M1) and more recently credit money. The credit money supply is what in aggregate can be bought on credit. Two hundred years ago your ability to take your friends out to dinner depended on whether or not you had enough coins (specie) in your pocket. One hundred years ago it depended on the quantity of currency in your pocket and possibly the balance in your checking account if the restaurant would take checks.
      Today it is mostly your credit card that allows you to spend. We no longer have a fiat money system. Today we have a credit money system. Just because there is still some fiat money does not negate the fact that we are on a credit money system. When we were on a basically fiat money system there was still a small amount of specie in circulation. Even today a five cent piece contains about 5 cents worth of metal, but no one would claim we are still on a specie money system.
      Fiat money is easy to measure; M1 was $1.376 trillion in 2007 and was $2.535 trillion in May 2013. The effective money supply is the sum of fiat money and credit money. Credit money cannot be precisely measured. However, when the person in California whose occupation was strawberry picker and who had made $14,000 in his best year was able to get a mortgage of $740,000 with no money down and private equity could buy a company like Clear Channel in a $20 billion leveraged buyout, also with essentially no money down, the credit money supply was clearly much higher than today. A reasonable ballpark estimate of the credit money supply is that it was $70 trillion in 2007 compared to $50 trillion today.
      The effective money supply is the sum of the traditional fiat money aggregates plus the credit money supply. Thus, despite the claims of Ron Paul and Rick Perry to the contrary, the effective or true money supply has fallen drastically over the last few years….”

    • Pinkorchid


    • Everette

      I see a lot of people are finding this to hard to believe . But I thought for a second or two and things being to look like they are headed in that direction . First we where only billions in debt , then Obama borrows trillions to so call finance his gov . Agenda . Now why borrow trillions when we only needed billions ? Sounds like a sell out job to me . Then Nov . 2012 while we were eating turkey our white house turkey was showing the Chinese army officials our seven power grids and how they worked , incase of a terroir threat . What by them ? The he begins selling out companies like Smithfield to the Chinese people . Then land deals started happening . Houses and land in the 100 thousand range was going for only hundreds . Water rights was being discussed , we’re we would pay them money on our own rivers , lakes , streams and wells . Laws were passed to stop people from collecting water from rivers and stream and also the sky . This has not been put into effect yet , but will . We were forced to buy their food products with out inspection and labeled to put into our markets . Then our food was being shipped over seas to them . Our coal , metal , timber , and all manor of grade A material was theirs for the taking . Guillotines were ordered to take care of those resisting the new take over gov. ( check out FEMA guillotines also FEMA coffins . ) The soulless beast has done America in . America is a nation of Israel . Ephraim heads it up ( Genesis 48-49 ) . Then the rest of the tribes fill in the gaps . If you have (A) blood type then you are of the Israel – Hebrew people . This is why Satan has tried so hard to destroy us . But by bible prophecies Israel the people will be given a second call to go home to the land Israel . Judah was to be first (1948) then Ephraim , Manessah and the rest of the 10 lost tribes . That calling looks like it is soon to be given . But yes I think our money is no longer any good . We have lost our AAA credit with the world . We have no gold to back up our paper . We used it to pay on our bills that our turkey in the big house made for us . I am also told that there is no gold in Fort Knox anymore . Our money for metal was giving them our stronger metal in exchange for their 2 nd and 3 rd grade iron ore . The paper Americans were given for their metal was actually worthless at the time . They say we are already bankrupt and don’t know it . So this artical seem to be on target .

    • tardasaurus

      so the “currency reset” is all done and over with, that was painless I haven`t noticed any changes, I guess everyone was wrong about how bad I was going to be.
      Maybe a NWO with a world government won`t be as bad as people believe either.

    • wbrowning

      That was good for a laugh.

    • dennisR8

      I hope that these things will happen and will for a short time be subordinate to the Creator’s plans for America and the world. Death to dictators by public trial and execution, who pretend to be honest politicians. Death to banker gangsters along with their fractional reserve banking criminal act. Godfrey Bloom of the European Parliament my latest hero.

    • Nancy636

      Makes no sense to me. You think you will kick BO out? Gonna do it before we are in FEMA camps?

    • Farmer Jon Maine

      Problem is Americans need to make stuff again, use their ingenuity to compete with the big global corporations.

      If you have product that you can produce and source locally to make it, then we keep the money “in country” the economy would then improve overnight.

      The problem is the small businesses are squeezed out and middle class destroyed.

      We produce items right here in Maine and sell all over the country, support each other with a few dollars and watch things turn around….vote with your dollar!

      Get the Rosemary Kelp Mint Salve it work miracles with winter dry cracked skin.

    • LuckyUSMC

      This article is a year old.

    • Project Clarity


    • Karen Hudes

      This is CIA disinfo. My previous comment was erased. The Global Currency reset is ending fiat currencies. The Chinese have nothing to say. It is up to the Bretton Woods Board of Governors.

    • Karen Hudes
      China doesn’t figure into the Global Currency Reset — it is the Board of Governors of the Bretton Woods institutions.

      All of the world’s elites are trying to confuse the people with just this kind of disinfo in the mainstream media and 80% or more of the alternative media.
      If you want an accurate playbook, read this power transition model, which is 90-95% accurate, and shows that the Chinese (and Indian) economies are going to grow gradually, in a peaceful transition.

      In the meantime, the Federal Reserve Note is being replaced with US Treasury Dollars. The international monetary gold reserves in the Global Debt Facility are going to be minted to replace the paper currency in the United States and in other nations. This is going to be done gradually, and after the Board of Governors have come to full agreement in setting the respective exchange rates, which will be calculated based on accurate financial information that is fully agreed. There will be no currency war or WWIII. That was the whole point of the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement that was the reason for establishing the Bretton Woods institutions. The local currencies are also going to feature prominently in the Global Currency Reset, that has already been agreed.

    • Obama is Lying to America

      :idea: This is ALL FALSE INFO :idea:

    • webman

      See the publishing date : Friday, December 12, 2014 21:54
      BEFORE it’s news becomes more and more AFTER it’s news or REPEAT it’s news…………… :!:

    • The Skeptic

      Someone’s put too many magic mushrooms in their soup.

    • FredDurstes

      Non of this is really happening. There is no TRN currency. I wish it were true but it is not true. You should stop pretending it is true.

    • Johann Needlesmuggler

      I guess since you’ve been saying it is imminent for years eventually you will get lucky . Bow….John Wayne was a tranny

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