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Galactics Can Clean Oceans In 15 Minutes... Not Too Shabby Eh?

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Galactics Can Clean Oceans In 15 Minutes… Not Too Shabby Eh?

Earthlings… what I feel is happening here, in this particular updated timeline, is that we humans CAN but DO NOT, work with our galactics, meanwhile they can clean up the oceans in 15 minutes flat… not too shabby for sure… (this according to the Ashira message reposted below  via “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
“Adama” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell.
So you may ask… well then get to it… get vaccuming up the oceans right now… and it does not work that way… why not… because humans expected to HELP OUT WITH THE MESS WE CREATED… there is no sense in other beings cleaning things up with out us, because we would just mess up this or another planet time and time again righto ?   
We can harmonize in unity with our multiverse multidimensional family… read the message below… and see if it resonates… if it does not, do not stop there… find someone in our lighted heavenly hosts that you do resonate with, and go from there… no one is stopping you from Oneness… no one ever has… 

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
“Adama” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on Jan 4, 2015)


So we are going to take you back into your imagination today. You do not necessarily need to be wiggling your toes or your ears at this moment but I invite you to come back into a visualization state with me. For we are going to prepare a table before you and give you an opportunity to share around the table with those of us who have come to share with you today.

And so it is my place initially to share this visualization with you. First move back into that state of childlike play and behavior. Imagine a long, rectangular table with benches and imagine that it is filled with foods that are familiar to you and things that are not. Build this image today.

Earlier the movie of Peter Pan and Robin Williams was discussed and we also make referral to this. For imagine the scene where the food was imagined on the table and yes, the great food fight ensued. We are not inviting you to do that today but to share and imagine yourself sitting around this table.

And this table actually is within Inner Earth. As you look around yourself see the trees. You see tall splendid Willows and leaved trees. As you hear and feel them you can feel them singing from their branches and their leaves. See the waters that are around you. Feel the vibration of the songs that they bring to you as well.

As you sit at the table see yourself beginning to take part of some of these foods that are in front of you. And at this table today you will meet others who have come to share words with you and thoughts with you. As you enjoy the scenery look at the sky. see the animals and the birds. See all the things that come to your imagination for there are those of us in this room that are sending you telepathic thoughts, visions and will continue providing that entertainment for you throughout your session today. For It has been planned and choreographed to bring you to a height of experience that you have not experienced before.

Moving into the fifth dimensional experiences means that you get to see new things, hear new things, feel new things, taste new things all with different senses because they are heightened senses from the fifth dimension. We fill you with the music of all of these kingdoms as well as our words that you might go forth this day into a wonderful new world that you see and feel in a totally different way.

For my friends, my brothers and sisters, this is the New Year that you have awaited. This is the New Year for the old has passed away. And as brother Yeshua, said such a long time ago you come to realize more and more the Kingdom is within. it is the Kingdom and the heart and that high heart and that connection that you experienced earlier. It is that resonance, that frequency, that vibration. The Kingdom is within because that is what creates the New World for you.

The old as passed away. The reason that we come forth today, all of us who are here, are encouraging you to hold the visions that you are creating for the New World for them to manifest. The space between that which has been and that which is to be is a wonderful opportunity to create exactly what you choose to create.

In all of humanity, even if you do not see it at the surface level, all of humanity is united at their heart levels. It is no longer time to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s because all are united. All are One. And you will see more and more as each day passes that the Plan is unfolding. Unity Spirit is moving across the planet on the surface in such magnificent ways that songs and dances break through and the light upon the planet is resonating from within.

The news this week about the changes of the Sun that you look into the sky even those science bases that have held the truth from you are proclaiming that the Sun is changing. It is no longer looking for that Sun that has always served this planet in the same way. It is the light from within that is breaking out to light the planet!

All of these experiences that you have enjoyed within this group places you in this right time and right place to be Masters. To step forth. To be the ones creating this world and putting that into the mass consciousness of the planet. It is yours to give. You are Gods and Goddesses, we have shared this before, you are Masters. And all who are upon the planet wait for you to step into your Master-hood free of fear and free doubt. It is time to bring forth this New World with a collective consciousness that is present in this world and present in all of those around the planet who are linking with you.

And for those of us who have been in service to you and now those of us who come to the surface to be standing beside each of you and others upon the planet. For those of us from Inner Earth, from Agartha, from Shambala, from all of the different locations we have been sending our telepathic thoughts and more recently we have been actually stepping upon the surface more often. We are here today in the fifth dimensional frequency filling this room with the light from the Creator that brings the newness, brings the opportunities, and brings all that you have hoped for, planned for and worked for.

So again imagine that you are all around this great table feasting today, sharing stories, sharing thoughts, sharing experiences. And going back into the past, present and future lives in your multidimensional selves recognizing more and more every day that that is who you truly are. And as those understandings flow in more and more every day you have direction and clarity.
These are exciting times. At this time I will turn this opportunity to share with you to the one who is yet to come through James. I will share in the question and answer time with “One Who Serves” today.

Blessings to you. Congratulations on making it into 2015, the year where it all happens!

This is “Adama”, and I come to you from our beloved Telos. I, the High Priest of Telos, have been watching and waiting for this opportunity for a very long time as have many of my brethren. And we have been working diligently in bringing about those changes which are about to fall upon mankind. Together with our brothers and sisters from above, from all those that hail from the celestial heavens, we have been working to help to bring about the many changes that are to befall this Earth, to become a part of the Earth, to become a part of mankind once again.

For so long ago those of us and those of you, in Lemuria, in the Motherland of Mu, had experienced those higher vibrations, that experience of living in a unity consciousness where there was nothing that could assail the personality at that time. But as you know through many different ways and means the Dark Ages befell. And you are now just emerging from those Dark Ages and together with us we are going to emerge together.

That is what the message is about this very day that I am delivering to you. It is a message of hope. It is a message that is looking forward to the great times ahead. It is the message of emergence. Emergence for us to come once again to the surface. For too long now we have been secreted away from those prying eyes here on the surface. From those ones who would want to do everything they could to intercede in our existence and to bring their darkness into our lives. But of course that was never to be so we had to keep ourselves away from the surface people.

Those of you now that wish to join us, to be with us that time is coming when you will be able to be in our environments but not in your three-dimensional state. That could not be. For your vibrational state within the illusion could not withstand the higher energies. Yes, you can raise your vibration and it has been done many times before to have one come and visit. Many times they visit and they stay. Other times it is too much and they drift back to the surface once again.

But I am here now to tell you that it is not so much that you are coming to be with us but we are going to be with you. We are coming to the surface. First in small groups but as the momentum gathers we will be more and more with you. Just as those from above, those that you call the Galactics, will be here with you as well. And it has been said before through this one within this group that there will be those opportunities where those brothers and sisters from above will join you. As well those of us, your brothers and sisters from below, will also join you. And we will be looking literally to be on your doorstep. You can take that figuratively and literally. We will be on your doorstep. And the many groups on the planet that are gathering to continue to raise the vibrations, to continue to spread the light, will be those that will be attracting us to them as well.

The times are very near. Those celebrations that have been spoken of, we have been preparing these celebrations. And it is not much longer now, for those of us, all of us, to be with you, not only in spirit but in physical understanding.
But work now. Work each one of you toward raising your own vibration. Go within and find that center with yourself and as you find that center be aware of your vibrations and how you are able to raise them at a conscious level. And as you raise your vibration and begin more and more to utilize those tools which you are being given, your high heart center, your Third Eye center all of these working with crystals, working with energy.

Begin more and more now as you raise your vibration, to work on maintaining it. Whenever you feel that sense of depression, that sense of being down come into your center, become aware of that and raise it up immediately. You cannot let yourself wallow longer in the lower dimensions, the lower vibrations. It is time now to raise above all those around you that tend to hold you back. It is as you move within the various ones that still operate at those lower vibrations, still operate within the illusion and what does that do but pull you into the illusion more and more. Find yourself around those that are working to keep those higher vibrations, find yourself more and more to be around those types of people, those Lightworkers. And as you do so you will find yourself commingling more and more with those of like kind, those of like vibration. This will lead in the future toward more communal living.

This is my message at this time. Know that we are coming! We are going to be with you. You are going to be with us. And just as of old we will be together joining hands once again, wrapping our arms around each other. But this time instead of saying goodbye, farewell, adieu, we will be saying it is wonderful to be with you, my brother and sister once again. It is wonderful to be in your presence again for it has been much too long that we have been separated.

All of my peace and love be with each of you as you continue on working for all that you have been planning for, all that you have come here to do. That time is now. Now is the time to awaken to your true selves. Allow it to be created into being.
I am Adama.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings. I am “One Who Serves” and I am here with “Ashira” whenever she wishes to jump in. (Ashira’s response “Yes, indeed. So we can share the questions today after your message”!

(OWS) Yes. We do have message here. That is to say, what is your saying? “Keep on keeping on!” And go with the flow as is always being given here. But don’t go with the flow, as someone said earlier in this group, don’t go with the flow and forget about doing what is in the now moment. Don’t forget about following through with some type of action. For it is one thing to go with the flow and sit there and do nothing and nothing will happen! So, going with the flow means to allow the process to take its way, to take you with the direction it would do, however Spirit guides you. But as Spirit guides you there is almost always some type of action that comes along as guidance.

So allow for the action to come in. It is always ask and you shall receive. But the next thing is you seek and you shall find. So you must actually seek it out. You must actually do the research for whatever it might be. And then it is knock and it shall be opened. Knocking says that there is action there. You see? So you must always follow up with some type of action.

So you speak about all of these things that you have spoken of in your discussion here in terms of those things that you can do, not only for yourself but to help those around you and even the world at large. It is necessary to have some sort of action that comes along with it. Think about it, feel about it then do something about it. Make something happen, whatever it might be. If it is starting a group, such as the James and Susan have and will continue, this is one thing and this is wonderful. This is a way to bring a message to many not only in this group but these messages are reaching thousands now. And thousands will become millions and the millions will become billions. You see how it works?
Allow for the process to happen but make it happen. This is our message here.

Do you have questions now for “One Who Serves” or for “Ashira” or for anyone else who wishes to jump in?

Question: “In the daytime when I sit outside in the backyard I see what looks like particles on the air that looks like light with tails swimming around. Is this energy flowing across and what can I do with it?”

Okay to pass this on to Ashira?
(Ashira) Dear friend, you are seeing the radiant light of the universe, the radiant substance of the universe from which all things are created. In your mind’s eye you are seeing the movement and so you associate the tails such as little, wiggly sperms let us say, which is the creative impulse from the Father. And so this then, is your opportunity in this new level of frequency and sight that you have to be able to see that of which all is comprised in terms of that radiant energy. Does that make sense to you, sir?

What we would suggest to you is that this is a recognition of the energy that is present everywhere and in that recognition you are able then to focus in your heart and in your mind’s eye how you want to see that creative energy manifest in your life. And so you would hold those images of what you wish to accomplish and know with full faith and understanding that this creative energy that you see is real and that is manifesting for you exactly as you call it to do. That is part of your Master hood. You’re very welcome. Blessings.

(OWS)Are there further questions here?

Question: I have a question about something Adama said. He said to seek out more people that are like us?

(OWS) Yes. In terms of vibrations. In terms of attraction process. There can be the tendency to fall back sometimes into the lower vibrations, into what has been the comfort level in past. That is going back to the old friends, the family all of these things that had been the attraction in the past. Such as the one who spoke to you earlier of being away from the group for some time and finding herself being drawn back to the old ways, into the old vibration. You understand this?

Comment following question: I believe we have to be with people we are not comfortable with because that is where we serve. I would prefer to be expanding.

(OWS) Yes. And we are not saying do not be with them, but allow yourselves to recharge. To be with those of like vibration that helps to keep you charged. And as you get into a recharged state as a battery has been charged back again at full level now, you can then go back to those ones who are exhibiting the lower vibrations and help to assist them. But when the battery becomes lowered again due to the charge factor, the energy vibration within it, then go back and find those of like mind again to recharge once again. You see?

(Ashira) I would have input on this as well. Think about expanding beyond these circumstances you find yourself in at this moment. There are many, many groups in this area in which you live that are on very similar paths but you are disparate because you’re not connected. As the year continues to move forward and the unity movement moves forward think perhaps in ways that you could connect with the other groups. Perhaps there could be a social evening one time inviting many of the other Meet Up groups. Perhaps you could rent a location and throw a great party!

We are planning parties all over the world right now so we are in a very social mode, a mode that breaks down barriers, erases barriers, forgets barriers and looks at unity and harmony. So, we invite you to consider that. You are a great planner. Perhaps you could consider within this group putting something like that together. Think about joining the spiritual fair center around the area taking the message of this group into a larger group and inviting others within like-minded areas to come and join you. It would be part of what Susan would call a marketing strategy. There are many ways that you could move beyond the limits of the space that is comfortable and warm and feeds and nurtures you to be able to connect with others in the world.

This is one place to think globally and act locally. Is that not correct nowadays?
So there are opportunities! Think beyond the limits that you have at this time. Blessings.

Question: I understand that there are extraterrestrials on our planet now that are public figures and celebrities. What will it take for them to disclose their identity?

(OWS) Yes, that is correct. There are those that are as you say extraterrestrial or Galactics that are here and have infiltrated on both sides in terms of both into the Light Forces and into the Dark Forces. Many that have infiltrated into the Dark Forces are there as part of the Light Forces, you see?

So, they are still there at this point in a rather secretive manner that cannot be brought out yet because the moment, the frequency vibration is not quite there yet. But that is coming certainly. It is coming that there will be the revealing. Much will be revealed. The truth shall be known. This is coming and it is going to be a part of your everyday expression in the times ahead. When you wake in the morning and there is another news flash of some type, but it is not going to be the type of news flash you have been used to in the past when the Cabal and the Dark Forces have been in control. It is going to be the news flashes that are going to bring about the cheer and positiveness and bring you higher and higher in vibrations. You see?

Question: In the coming year how can we utilize all of the healing tools available to help people wake up?

(OWS) Yes, it certainly is important as you are continuing on in your 2015, in this New Year, to utilize all of the expressions that you are being given and have been given and all of the tools that are coming more and more into your awakening and your understanding. And these tools will involve the use of color and sound and energy and vibration and all of these types of things. And more in those higher vibrations. You see? And helping those around you to be those higher vibration as well.

Is there something you wish to add, Ashira? No, you did a great job.

It is funny that we are doing this for the first time here. We are at the one point those here, the James and the Susan, need to hear the questions and all of these things but at the same time we are telepathically communicating with each other to “bandy” back and forth here.

Are there other questions here?

Question: In the book I just read about Agartha, at one point it was thought that it would be necessary to get the surface population moved to Inner Earth and/or to ships while the cleansing of the Earth took place. Can you clarify this for me?

(Ashira) I will take this. It has been discussed in this group over the last year and a half or so that there were many different timelines and those timelines were converging into one. All of the past doomsday books and the predictions that had taken place were parts of other timelines. That which you read shared in that understanding.

However, with the timeline that came into oneness all of that passed. And yes, there are changes that need to take place upon the surface of Mother Gaia but she knows that she is working with the Galactic’s and from those in Agartha and other parts of Inner Earth. And this partnership is one that will take place very quickly for there are those that have a technology upon the ships that can go to the oceans and have them cleansed and pristine in 15 minutes of your time. There are so many projects that will be taking place and they will take place very quickly upon the surface.

It will be necessary at times for the projects to actually be done by those of you on the surface for it will help you to understand how you have the power within your own beings and within your own hands utilizing the technology that is given to you. So, it will be given to you as training process for all of humankind but you will see through the wonders of the technology that is far beyond that upon this planet that the return to a wonderful beautiful surface upon this world with clean air, clean snow, clean precipitation and even harmonious temperate climate all of these things will happen in very rapid time in terms of your understanding.

You know that you are going to be taking trips within the Inner Worlds and you will be experiencing these technologies. You will be able to share those with other people as well. But much of this technology that I speak of is not for you directly but will be for people in this group and those around the world who want to be involved with these teams and work with this process and learn it. Does that make sense to you? You are welcome. Blessings.

Question: I have a question about the climate. I wonder about the temperate climate for the future.

(Ashira) The idea for the Mother is to return to a time where the existence upon this planet is not worried about extremes that have been caused by consciousness as well as other types of influences upon the weather. What you will see is rain and water supply throughout the planet. You will see very minimal change around seasons which is what temperate means. You will have a small window of the climate temperatures upon the surface that will be pleasant for all. This will help provide for production of food initially until you move into the period when you can manifest food from your own imagination.

(OWS) Yes. And as you move higher in vibrations those calamities, those catastrophes types of climate changes in terms of your hurricanes and tornadoes and cyclones and tsunamis and all of these types of things that brought fear to many across the planet will disappear. As you move in the higher vibrations your consciousness will be creating this temperate climate that Ashira is speaking of and all of those things will be no longer. There will be nothing in terms of the weather that will create fear in mankind.

Question: I did not understand what she said. I am worried about the animals that have evolved to exist in a specific habitat.

(Ashira) You do not need to worry about these for they are all in the process of Ascension as well and as they ascend their needs change. You will find many when you enter Hollow Earth, when you enter and see the creatures from the surface. Within the world there you will see dragons and unicorns and things you may not even believe are real. Do not worry about those types of things as things progress here. You will no longer need to worry about those because this is all part of the Ascension of the Mother and she cares and loves for all of her creatures.

(OWS) What is the saying? Hakuna matata. No worries, mate! (laughter)
Any other questions here?

Question: Is there anything I can do to speed up my process or make sure I am ready to go to Inner Earth?

(OWS) So, all of this in due time. All of this in the higher vibrations will come to you.
Anything you wish to add Ashira?

(Ashira) No…that is what I was going to say as well. We are on the same page once again!

(OWS) Anything further here? We know that there is one question that is not yet been asked. Would this one like to ask this question?
Question asked and answered off tape.

(OWS) Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

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