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By N. Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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More Sandy Hook Lies: CT State Police Officers Gave False Affidavits (Video)

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(N.Morgan) In yet another twist in the Sandy Hook hoax, it has come to light that the CT State Police gave False affidavits about the events of that day. More lies to add to the pile. In this stunning discovery, one key piece of evidence was that Adam Lanza had been  reported to have shot his way into the school which resulted in this hole in a window near the front entrance.


Now, this may seem irrelevant, but what makes this stand out is that at least, ten police officers either entered through this window or claim they might have entered through this window, but don’t remember, on that fateful day of December 14, 2012.





Last summer, Wolfgang Halbig published ten partial officer affidavits and, more specifically, the testimony about how they entered Sandy Hook Elementary that day. Here is Wolfgang’s commentary which we published at DC Clothesline back in July:



No trained law enforcement officer would have entered that window without first breaking it out using his baton. When you have so many sworn law enforcement willfully and knowingly lying in sworn affidavits regarding the Sandy Hook School “shooting”, it would appear incumbent upon the Governor of Connecticut and the Connecticut State Attorney to open an investigation of the conduct of the investigating authorities.



Moreover, while they may not realize this, but even a dead Adam Lanza deserves his day in court to prove his innocence in light of all the intentional lies by police and their supervisors in their witness statements.


[Editor’s note: And in relation to the kind of evidence that has been presented in a series of articles published here at Veterans Today.]





This photograph (like the one immediately above) was taken by the Connecticut StatePolice Crime Lab on 14 December 2012 as an official crime scene photograph. Ask yourself about the truthfulness of the ten following affidavits, which I have taken from the Sandy Hook script to illustrate why their statements are not credible and appear to be false, which means that those who signed them may have committed perjury. Here is the content of their affidavits with my comments:




CFS Report#: 1200704559 – 00017426


INCIDENT DATE TIME 12/14/2012 09:41

00012 Dickinson Dr Dr/ Newtown 06482




On 12/14/12 at approximately 0930 hours, I was parked at Troop A writing a report in my vehicle. Dispatcher Brennan put out a radio transmission that there was an active shooter at a school in Newtown. I put my vehicle in gear and headed westbound on 1-84. I asked dispatch which exit to use to get to the school.

As I approached the front entrance of the school, I observed the broken glass on the ground near the doors. I observed several troopers and policeofficers inside the lobby of the school. I entered the school through the broken glass window on the right side of the main doors.


WHY? How is that possible when they the police officers inside could have opened the doors and not disturb the crime scene? Here is another unbelievable sworn police officer’s statement:



CFS Report#: 1200704559 – 00019631



Action Taken: On 12/14/2012 at approximately 0930 hours, I was at the Woodbury Resident Trooper’s Office completing paperwork, when I heard Troop L broadcast that Newtown was responding to an active shooter incident. Upon hearing this,I left my office and responded towards Newtown in my assigned cruiser.

I arrived at the scene.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I parked my vehicle away from the main entrance and behind several rows of cars that could be used for cover.

I exited my vehicle and retrieved my shotgun from the trunk and observed TFC Blumenthal #690, do the same. We then proceeded towards the main entrance of the building.

As I approached, I observed a large hole in the glass window to the right of the main doors, which were closed. TFC Blumenthal and I entered the building through the hole in the glass window.


WHY? How is that even possible when that window has shattered glass everywhere and could seriously injure someone by all the broken hanging glass? It is alleged to be a crime scene.



CFS Report#: 1200704559 – 00026724



On December 14, 2012, I was the day shift supervisor at Troop A. At 0937 I was in my assigned cruiser in the Kmart Plaza,South Main Street, Southbury, when I heard the first transmission from Dispatcher Betsy Brennan of an active shooter at the Sandy Hook School, Newtown. I made my way to 1-84 west via the #15 on ramp as I instructed all my western patrols toward the school, with the eastern patrols to start heading in that direction (CSP radio time: 09:37:38). I also told my deskman, TFC Chris Kick #811, to get an address for us so that we did not have to look for it.

While en route, Regional Dispatch De~kman TFC Loomis broadcasted more than once that the shooter was in the main office area.

As our cars were coming to a stop, Lt. Hofbauer radioed that he and Msgt. Davis had arrived (CSP radio time: 09:46:30). I did not sign off at the scene. We immediately exited our cars and ran toward the school’s entrance with our handguns drawn. Lt Hofbauer ran along the driveway, in front of parked cars.

Msgt. Davis and I ran behind this row of parked cars and then turned left, between parked cars, to run toward the front door. We all re-grouped as we got closer to the entrance. I could not clearly see through the glass, but I could see a very large hole shattered in the glass to the right of the main doors.

I remember considering that the front doors might be locked, and I did not want to stop moving until I was somewhere with cover. I know that I considered going through the window. As we approached the door I remember seeing Lt. Hofbauer’s hand grab the door handle, and that I was off to his right. I do not remember how I entered the school, but it may have been through the window.


HOW CAN YOU NOT REMEMBER?  The lie comes in a later report. How can a sworn trained police officer not remember how he and the other officers entered the school on Dec 14, 2012?



CFS Report#: ~-200704559 – ·00251204:

Action Taken:


. ’0842; ”

On 12/14/12 at approximately 0935 hours, I was in my assigned cruiser off duty in the Town of Southbury when I heard a radio broadcast for an ”active shooter” at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickinson Street, Newtown, Connecticut.I immediately responded to the school,

following the directions that were being broadcast over the radio. I arrived a short time later, at the same time as Trooper Cipriano. When I arrived at the school, I observed several civilians behind the parking lot on Dickinson Street.

I then recognized Detective Mudry running toward the main entrance of the school. Detective Mudry called out to me and Detective Mudry and I entered the main entrance of the school either through the front door or the broken window.


How is it again that sworn trained Ct State Police officer cannot remember how they entered the school on one of the most tragic school shootings in Elementary School history?



CFS Report#: 1200704559 – 00019631

Sgt Roden



Action Taken: On 12/14/2012 at approximately 0930 hours, I was at the Woodbury Resident Trooper’s Office completing paperwork, when I heard Troop L broadcast that Newtown was responding to an active shooter incident.

I exited my vehicle and retrieved my shotgun from the trunk and observed TFC Blumenthal #690, do the same. We then proceeded towards the main entrance of the building. As I approached, I observed a large hole in the glass window to the right of the main doors, which were closed. TFC Blumenthal and I entered the building through the hole in the glass window.

I observed Sgt. Cario #149 carrying a child, which appeared to be lifeless, out of the building. I observed two Newtown officers, and between 4-5 troopers in the lobby area.


Trained Connecticut State Police Officers broke every cardinal rule of law enforcement, especially when they are observing other officers already inside the school.



CFS Report#: 1200704559 • 00041707


Page 1 of 3



On 12/14/12, I was working as the Troop A desk trooper. I was at the front desk at Troop A when the “bat phone” rang at approximately 0936 hours.

I answered the phone and was greeted by Disp. Betsy Brennan. Brennan informed me that there was a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Upon arrival to the school, I entered the school parking lot from Dickinson Dr. and traveled to the right side of the parking lot.

I drove to the far end of the parking lot and positioned my vehicle on the front right corner of the school, near the front doors.

I exited my vehicle and ran across the front of my vehicle to the front doors of the school. Upon approaching the front doors, I observed that the windows to the right of the doors were broken and glass was on the ground outside of the school.

I am not sure if I checked the doors to see if they were locked but I eventually entered the school through the broken glass windows. As I climbed through the windows, I observed a Newtown officer to my right.


WHY THROUGH THE GLASS WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE POLICE OFFICERS INSIDE? Trained Connecticut State Police Officers again having to enter the front of the school through the broken shot-out glass window makes no sense. Why do that? Police are already inside.



CFS Report #: 1200704559 – 00027950


On 12/14/12 at approximately 0935 hours, I was in Southbury, CT when Troop A dispatch put out a broadcast that there was an active shooter situation in Newtown, CT. I traveled westbound on I-84 and exited at exit 10.

When I arrived, I went to the front left corner of the building and met with TFC Benecchi. Benecchi and I proceeded across the front of the building to the front door. As approaching the front door, I noticed a hole in the glass window on the right side of the front doors.

Benecchi and I met Lt. Hofbauer and MSgt Davis at the front door. We all entered the building through the broken window and entered into the lobby of the school.


WHY? This is a Lt and and a MSGT who should know better. These four CT State Troopers would have disturbed the furniture inside the school, since the hole in the glass was not very large.



They should have moved the furniture for others to enter if that was really their intent or again just more lies. Not one of them removed the remaining glass in order to prevent them from being seriously cut by the broken glass.  Why is the furniture still in place after all of those Connecticut State Troopers entered via that broken glass window?



Page 1 of 3

CFS Report#: ·1:200704559·- ’00007591





On 12/14/12, I learned of an ”active shooter” at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickinson St. Newtown, CT from Lt. DeNecchia.

I then recognized Det. Zullo crouched behind a dumpster on the side of the school with his long gun in a down range position. I called out to Det. Zullo to make entry into the school.

We entered the main entrance through either the front door or broken window.


So this guy can’t remember whether he entered through the front door or the broken window? If you had been there, is that something that you would have been unable to recall?



CFS Report#: 1200704559 • 00011235



Page 1 of3



On 12/14/12, at approximately 0930 hours, I was on Route 8 Northbound near Exit #32, in Waterbury. Troop A Dispatchers broadcasted the report
of an ”Active Shooter”, in Newtown.

Sgt Roden and I approached and joined an entry team. Utilizing the blown out window, we joined other officers and entered/secured the lobby area.


Why would so many CT State Troopers enter the broken glass window when other officers are already inside? Why go through the broken glass window exposing you to serious injury?



I have to stop because, as a former Florida State Trooper, having to read these police officers’ witness statements as to their actions on 14 December 2012 is an insult to every police officer who puts his or her life on the line of duty everyday.



I’d like to hear from some police officers on this. Is it odd that some of the officers say that they do not remember but may have entered through that window? Is it odd that the furniture and crime scene seem in such a pristine state after Lanza and at least 7-10 officers entered through that window? As Halbig suggests… Would it have truly been standard procedure to finish breaking the window with a baton to avoid the risk of injury?


In the heat of the moment it would certainly be understood if not everything was done by the book by every officer.  But I tend to agree with Wolfgang Halbig. These officers were putting their own safety at risk. They were disturbing a crime scene and contaminating potentially important evidence. And the fact that some of these officers seemed to be taking the advice of an attorney who may have told them “not to remember” how they entered the building is at least somewhat curious.This is just another Sandy Hook inconsistency that needs explanation. If they did not enter through that small hole in the glass, then how did they enter and why are they lying?



Why do the authorities keep lying if this is such an Open and Shut Case?


Why do they continue to lie to the American Public about the events of that day and those involved?






DC Clothesline



Wolfgang’s commentary



Veterans Today







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    • Anonymous

      That isn’t a small hole in that window. If the front door of the school was locked, it would be natural to walk through it. I don’t believe they did but it would have been easy. I’m a retired cop and I’ve walked through smaller broken windows. Before you troll me, I don’t believe this is what happened, however. No one who was NOT there in person has a clue, though, including Morgan and the author of this article.

      • Theron

        Excuse me Mr trained lier but isn’t the PICTURE a clue? That picture IS a clue doofus. Not a single visible foot print? There are LOTS of clues in this one photo alone. LOOK.
        I call BS on the not there in person. I saw Anderson Cooper green screen “live” footage, I saw that, F**k You if you say I didn’t. Here is another Clue for the retired disgusting lying immoral road pirate to contemplate. Why did the school get so swiftly destroyed under high security? We still use Columbine.
        Disgusting Lying Immoral Road Pirate. That is your legacy get used to it.

        • jabba53e

          Theron buddy….you need to lay off the caffeine or get back on your prozac. Your point on the school being destroyed is spot on. Also, why were all the workers demolishing the building forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of their employment? Wolfgang is also asking some good and pointed questions regarding getting “work requisitions” under FOIA in the months prior to December in order to establish that the school was not “active” but instead was in a caretaker status. As has been proven by no internet activity from the school’s IP address in the months prior to the “event.” So as you can see….I’m in agreement with you, as I believe Mitch was….but to point out inconsistencies with our argument on our side of the debate only makes us more believable and credible, this is, unless you don’t want our side to appear credible…..think about it, that’s how trolls really operate, so, are you one?? If not, then you need to “lighten up Francis”…you sound like a raving lunatic. Oh, by the way, you misspelled “lier”…the proper spelling is LIAR…if you’re going to call someone a name, better know how to use it, and spell it properly.

      • jabba53e

        I don’t know what Theron’s issue is, but I’m in agreement with you. I’ve listened to Wolfgang on several occasions on John Wells’ program, Caravan to Midnight. I’ve also watched Sofia Smallstorm’s video on youtube…I believe Sandy Hook was a fraud perpetuated on the American public.
        Having said that, I was under the distinct impression that hole was A LOT smaller. I’m a retired Marine and I can assure you that in MOUT ops (military ops in urban terrain), we avoided doors at all costs, we made our own doors to go through walls. Doors are likely avenues of approach, and thus are normally covered with “fire.” Would a kid think of covering a door with fire, probably not…but that doesn’t mean that a cop is going to “forget” his training.
        I just listened to Eric Wells on Caravan to midnight, and he mentioned that many of the documents Eric Snowden is releasing specifies how the NSA employs “trolls” and outlines their TTPs (tactics techniques and procedures). One of their favorite techniques when they can’t argue with logic or rationale is to go off on a rant and name call and attempt to ostracize an “opponent.” I read Theron’s “rant” below, and frankly, he fits the classic model of a Troll….and is most probably being utilized to discredit those who don’t believe Sandy Hook happened by appearing to “smear” anyone opposed, thus making all “opponents” appear mentally unstable. I actually find those who don’t believe Sandy Hook happened to be some of the most rationale and observant people I’ve ever come across…they stand in stark contrast to the lunatics who scream “conspiracy theorist”….like Theron below. Anyway, we’ve got to keep the integrity in our argument because it keeps us credible….good job! Theron, buddy, you need to get back on your meds.

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