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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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BREAKING: Secretly Forced Chips In Targeted Individual Removed, Identified (PHOTOS)

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This article has been deleted from the internet at the request of Richard Cain due to legal reasons. The author expresses deep regret for any inconvenience and for the sake of Mr. Cain and all targeted individuals, wishes him the best in his legal procedings.



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    • Deborah Dupre

      I cannot commend Richard Cain highly enough for his bravery, professionalism and altruism. He deserves a medal. Best courage to him, his children and to all the innocent TIs, far too many to name and praise for what they are enduring.

      • PaulTarsuss

        Let us NOT forget that these hideous actions were foretold long ago, and for good reason. There is no defense against these actions on the day of Judgment as we ALL stand before our Maker, Who warned us that a consortium of demonized fools and their minions would perpetrate these actions. We are, all of us, Servants. We serve either our own desires or the needs and wants of others. Putting first God’s want for us to find balance in Him and His just laws is paramount. Putting our fellow man’s needs ahead of our own results in balance.

        The one’s doing these heinous things to their fellow man will be made to understand what awaits them. God’s prison is no country club. It is a place where one will account for every drop of their fellow man’s blood they’ve spilled. The anguish they cause, to be visited back upon them.

        For those in doubt about God, His Ways, the IFs and Whys of it all, take heart. It is often darkest before the dawn. And New Heavens and a New Earth are not far away now.



        Good Journies

    • nomorelabels

      Thank you for this info Deborah, and for making the effort to help Richard. This must have been horrible, knowing something was implanted in him and his children, and then feeling the effects. My god, what is the ‘medical industrial complex’ doing to people? Who orders this type of control over others? I hope his case gets the attention it deserves.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you for reading this and for your gracious comment nomroelabels. I can tell you this is extremely common these days. What’s uncommon is for a man to have the determination, courage and professionalism for removal surgery and a court case I do think he has a chance winning – despite orrupt courts.

        Yes, imagine your children writhing in pain as they are remotely controlled. This is an outrage. And yes, I hope it gets the attention it deserves, too. Hopefully, many will share it by copying only the first 2 paragraphs linked to the original story here. Parents have no idea what they’re doing by taking their children to hopistals or even to doctor clinics these days. Nanotech makes it simple for doctors to implant children.

    • Anonymous

      The article does not say how the implants are being installed in the first place. I have had several clients all reporting arm and shoulder pain for months after getting a flu shot. They all say it is fine one day and then wakes them up at night with severe pain.

      • Deborah Dupre

        More to follow in this unfolding story impacting thousands of people. You are to be commended for taking your patient’s account and case seriously.

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      Aliens are said to implant devices during abductions, just saying…

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you,Doggoneitt – but the alien psyop was used long ago – before evidence proved the US military and medical contractors are involved, spear-heading these inhumane assaults.

    • Conundrum

      If you grew up close to a DUMB, there is a very good chance you are carrying some kind of chip as well.

      • Deborah Dupre

        How do you know, Conundrum? Please email me if you wish: [email protected] Thank you.

    • The Watcher

      You’d be surprised at how many would NEVER allow to be chipped that have ALREADY been chipped!

    • Anonymous

      Some Doctors have been forced for years by the government to put RFID type devices in people surruptitiously during routine surgeries.

    • Anonymous

      It sounds fishy to me. What is this man saying? That he and his sons were kidnapped, taken to a hospital, and implanted? For what purpose? There are too many loose ends here, for me to accept this story at face value.

      • Deborah Dupre

        I’ve been communicating with Mr. Cain for two years. I’ve had communications with some of the experts on this case, as I did with James Walbert who succeeded in getting his case to court. They are both respectable individuals being honest in their accounts.

        Those you should be questioning right this minute are the hundreds of medical experts, the other professionals who dismiss TI accounts without bothering to investigate. THEY are acting without integrity. They are no upholding the Hippocratic Oath they each took. They part of this crime against humanity.

        • toddgiffen

          To be fair, James Walbert’s case was a joke. It was not a true legal case, it was only a restraining order, and it was practically non-enforceable and no action was seen on that case. When you’re talking about a person being seriously assaulted, the case just doesn’t end in a restraining order, but money damages being awarded, which James Walbert didn’t receive.

          This means that James Walbert won nothing but a simple order that said, ‘if you continue to harass James Walbert, the police will arrest you for violating this restraining order.’

          That’s all James Walbert got, was a simple court order to prevent his alleged “victimizers” from being around him.

          There are no articles about any of his alleged victimized being arrested afterwards. Nothing. Nada. And nothing about case filed for damages, for allegedly being tortured and abused as he said.

          The standard for such a case was probably too high in which he would require actual proof (which you don’t need in a restraining order, you need minimal amounts of proof even just an association will work in my many cases to get a restraining order, ie your neighbor has called you names a few times type thing), which is why nothing else came of it.

      • penner

        Anon, I have heard of quite a few people that (after surgery) find they ‘set off’ the metal detector at stores, some affect various electronics. None of us know what doctors can be told to do in the name of “national security” or research or any other program a gov dept currently sponsoring.

        On another level, there are already food companies using metallic nanoparticles in food that we buy and eat now. Think about it. If you are full of metal speckles and are submitted to various frequencies (from everyday surroundings, cell phones, wifi, routers, electro-magnetics of cars, hair dryers, etc.) what do you think this does to the electrical functionings of your cell membranes that control your bloodveins to your brain, your eyes, your nerves, your kidneys…you name it.

        Just because nobody beat a path to your door to tell you about it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The unspoken rule of thumb is that the gov is always 50 yrs ahead of the public tech-wise, how do you think they can do this? Gov has a factual history of using the public for experimentation. Just because this isn’t Russia don’t assume our gov is innocent. Like any peoples, we are expendable.

        • Deborah Dupre

          Penner – Thank you for sharing what you’ve heard regarding people after surgery setting off detectors. I know MANY TIs who’ve experienced this when they go through detectors. And you also make the wise comment about people not knowing what doctors are being ordered to do in the name of national security – “just following orders” and threatened if they do not. That excuse, however, did not hold up during the Nuremberg Trials.

          And yes – the rule of thumb is that the government is always 50 yrs ahead of the public tech-wise. Time for people to grasp that, too.

          Non-consensual human experimentation, including torture, is rampant in the US, worse in the Bush/Obama regime than ever.

    • ThouShallNotKill

      The Jewish Forced Marched To The Microchip

      Its been known for awhile the Jewish Power Elite want to bring the microchip into the population. And that such a chip will have everything from GPS tracking to the ability to manipulate emotions and memories by electric pulse waves. And even a literal kill switch if you rebel. This gives them total control forever.

      The Jews work by problem, reaction, solution basically. They are using the threat of terrorism they have created in society [911 was done by them] and the fear machine of their media and their control of the Justice and general legal system to create a situation in people are scared, which crime is rising, society is breaking down [the Jewish created drug culture and trade is responsible for this along with their media] and people are getting terrorized on a daily basis. Identity theft is a huge problem as well. Which is another excuse to march towards this. People have already been volunteer chipped and now pets. The only question now is when will the Jews make there next big play to force this and other control measures onto the populace directly.

      They are also pushing this as general life improvement and safety measure.

      And guess Jew is behind the company that has developed micro chipping for humans:

      • Zabwe

        What if a human is evolved enough to compromise and reverse this technology thus taking over computer systems and global defence capabilities….Now there’s a thought for the Jews and who is subconsciously pushing them to develop this technology…. The Fool on the Hill..;-)

    • bigtoe1111

      where do you start if you feel you are a TI? what if the lawyer you speak with is involved
      or is coerced into becoming involved? where did mr.cain start? basically, who do you trust?

      • Deborah Dupre

        bigtoe – I am truly sorry you ask this as your intuition is telling you that you probably are. That said, it’s always an honor to meet a TI because, as PI William Taylor told me years ago, ONLY the best people of all are being targeted.

        Your question about who to trust is most important. Many TIs have trusted the wrong people, people who will and do dismiss them as mentally ill, this causing more pain and suffering. We know now there are several medical experts who’ve consistently demonstrated they are acting in best interest of the patient according to the Hippocratic Oath, two of who are mentioned in this article: Dr. Hildegard Staninger and Melissa Kidder. I can provide contact details for them if you wish. They helped James Walbert win his court case years ago. (See: plus the other 3 parts of this story on Examiner.)

        Mr. Cain is a blessing to TIs. You see, he has two law degrees. Not only that, he’s battling for his children he’s watched suffer from involuntary body movements since they were implanted – PLUS for all TIs as he realizes the pain and suffering… and that almost NO attorney will touch this crime by defending victims.

        You are not alone. Best courage – D.

        • Zabwe

          He died for there sins – Strange was having conversation with a psychiatrist (UK) who asked me if i thought i was being targeted with frequency – they were even more worried when i rejected their prescribed chemical pharmaceutical lobotomy – but what a question to ask out of the blue – was is suggestive programming or do they know something of government agenda….first became aware of a matrix collective conscious on rise 2007 – is this what there agenda is trying to prevent…… Have seen claims of retinal implants – also these microchips can be manoeuvred to strategic parts of to control moods – movements and actions……Thou shall not commit adultery….

      • WIDOWMAKER 92

        Who do you trust? Nobody. If you are a true TI you will find out that even your own family will stab you in the back and nobody will help. Oh they will make it appear as if they care and understand once you can prove your a TI and your no longer hyper paranoid, research, and speak rationally. They hate it once you can’t be made twitchy. That’s when your health will start to go. Those who are close to you will act as though they care and keep you in a state of limbo where you make no steps forward and they appear to actually care. You know, family used against you suddenly buying your child expensive Christmas and birthday gifts to alleviate their guilty conscience. They are all :evil: . For the “Christians” out there, Deut. 27:24. Now, “gmail”? Really Deb? At least make it look good. Hushmail possibly? You can contact me @ “[email protected]”. :lol: Who allowed these devices to be found? They are always two steps ahead of you and won’t let this kind of stuff get out if you are a true TI. Nobody puts their neck on the line like that. Ooops, I forgot. Some of us would place our necks on the line and have, but don’t expect that out of the general population. Never expect anything out of ignorant cowards, they live by the “better you than me” motto. On an up note I got my truck pimped out. I’m receiving a late Christmas gift this year. Vinyl lettering for my truck that says, “”. No that’s not my site but articulates the program well. Your best off just educating the mindless masses around you and you will find that if you talk about your problems on sites like this you will have shills galore come out and assassinate your character even more so. Once you’ve been in the program long enough you will find out how you can play games with these people and make them nervous as hell. As far as lawyers go study the law and represent yourself. Even then your chances are slim but much better than with an “officer of the court”. If you do that I suggest you study very hard and study law going a long way back.

        • Deborah Dupre

          Your comment is much appreciated, but there is one point I beg to differ. There ARE people putting their necks on the line, Richard Cain for one – plus each expert he’s employed. Cain happens to have a law education background, making him a most unusual TI. He’s a man of character. He’s a father who’s been watching his children being tortured. He deserves respect and support – if it takes going all the way to the top courts, which it probably will.

          By the way, I use gmail because as far as I know, there is no email service that provides true privacy. Ask any TI. I don;t need to make it look good with hushmail…

          Your first hand knowledge of being gangstalked is obvious. I’m sorry – but your writing about here so other readers can see is bound to be helpful to many others. Thank you.

    • Pink Slime

      Now why would somebody do that?


      Well maybe it’s time Americans suffer as much of all those innocent woman and children killed brutally by American wars all over the world.

      • Deborah Dupre

        American Slogan – This is not only happening in the US to Americans. It is happening in many of not all countries now. First, it was most obvious in NATO countries. Since then, reports come from many other countries.

        As far as revenge against Americans for their supporting massacre after massacre with their imperial mindsets, revenge is still never morally right. It would help if more Americans would act so they are again loved all over the world again like they once were instead of – well not loved because of their violence and supporting massacres in other countries. Who likes that kind of person, one who glorifies bloodlust, as seen at the American Sniper box office. Clint Eastwood is even worse than I’d ever thought.

        • Loki

          Deb, don’t bother with Pinnochio. We’ve all realized he’s a spiteful bastard and lost cause.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Just emailed to me: I never realized nor would have believed the extent to which the government conducts inhumane human subject testing until I started awarding government contracts for Defense Research Project Agency (DARPA). This country has such leading edge technology which should be used for the greater good, but evil ones always manage to find a way to use it for their own personal agenda’s at the expense of innocent lives. I used to believe one person could make a difference and that I was a part of something bigger than myself by joining the military. I know now that I am just an idealist and that most will not risk their own security for the better good. Thank you for being one of the few left with ethics, integrity, courage and honor.

        If we try to expose DARPA, we will both be killed. DARPA is a member of an international advanced research projects agency, so one can understand how TI’s are not safe anywhere in the world.

    • Anonymous

      If you ask me, I think the whole Orthopedic industry is a massive fraud that does more harm than good. Every single intervention leads to another costly intervention down the road. And how about these bogus fake knees they are installing in these victims? These Ortho frauds are taking a simple patella tracking problem and blaming it on meniscus so that they can sell the victim an expensive surgery.
      A cast is a thing of the past. Now every molehill is turned into a mountain by installing metal and each victim ends up with blood poisoning in the name of profits. Modern medicine is a harmful, criminal fraud.

    • VirusGuard

      If I felt that i was implanted then i would get myself to Russia and let there doctors take a look at it.

      These implants must be more than just a RFID chip that holds a digital cookie else they would not be so big

      The bankers want us all chipped and pinned and are doing all they can to remove money from our pockets

      • Deborah Dupre

        If anyone knows of any ethical doctor anywhere that will ethically remove biomedical devices implanted without knowledge or consent, be in Russia or elsewhere, I hope they will leave contact details here or email them to me with evidence of being trustworthy. Experts in the medical, psychology, psychiatry fields who do not dismiss TI complaints without properly investigating are extremely rare. TIs are literally begging and being denied ethical treatment. This is medical inhumanity.

        • VirusGuard

          Try writing an open letter to Mr Putin because this sort of story would give him a huge propaganda lift because its always best if the propaganda is based on truth.

          Russia Today would do the rest and scientists in Russia would love to see what Obama and his banker masters are doing these days.

          If people do find out that they have been chipped and pinned then I can see a lot of fires breaking out thats for sure.

    • Oliver Twisted

      Something tells me that if these devises were to be assayed, we would find them to be composed of aluminum, barium, and strontium. Chemtrail nanobots anyone? I cant imagine the need to implant five devices in someone. I think they build themselves inside your body. :idea:

    • HfjNUlYZ

      These crimes are sickening more so because of the violation towards CHILDREN!!! I started feeling the effects of these crimes right around when 9-11 happened—no coincidence there. Although I really started getting suspicious after my time in the military around 2007-2009. There is definitely something inside of me and probably like this Cain person more then one thing inside. No doubt they would hide these crimes under the guise of mental illness in order so silence people. We need people to stand up against these with legal experience and we need a lot of them and we need them NOW— people are getting tortured daily and with no voice they have nothing to help them but a few words. Let’s try not to make this about money but JUSTICE!


      @Deb. Sorry if I’m a bit disgruntled but it wears on you. The site I wrote about was in haste and I didn’t proofread, it should have been “”. I do appreciate support but when your own family sits back and watches year, after year, after year and does nothing it’s a little hard to be anything but a little jaded. I expect the average moron on the other side of the street or anyone in public who hasn’t been educated yet but your own family is a hard pill to swallow. Seven years Deb I’ve had knowledge of this. They hit me like a sledge hammer, I guess I’m what would be referred to as a “hard target”. They started with the workplace harassment, you know, the people quoting your conversations you had with your wife the night before. The rest you know. I do like screwing with their heads once in a while. Might as well make them waste the Amerikan taxpayer dollar since they are responsible for my torture. It can be done very easy without even verbalizing anything. Use the program and their tech against them. They will try and make you confused as to who is responsible but you have to be calm, think rational, and go back far earlier than when they hit you if you want to figure out who is actually responsible. I’ve only come up with three possibilities. The first is something even I don’t want to accept. The second would be my time in the military and what I had knowledge of. The third and possibly the most plausible would be when I placed a shotgun against the head of a Mason, threatened to kill him, then testified against him in a court of law so the grandparents could gain custody of his infant daughter. You see I was the only one who witnessed him beating that little girl who couldn’t even walk yet and saw the bruise he laid on his girlfriend. She had a black eye and a bruise that stretched across the side of her head and over her ear. I couldn’t help it. In hind sight I should have pulled the trigger. I don’t mind talking about it. I admitted it in court when the defense attorney asked. Go ahead, throw a man in jail for defending a little girl and her mother. Now I’m the anti-christ and he’s still doing God knows what too who knows who. Maybe KOS should write an article about me. :lol: Sorry KOS, couldn’t help it. Again very sorry but I’m just tired. Not, “I’m gonna do something stupid”, tired. Just tired. BTW, the incident with the Mason happened 13 years before they hit me. They waited until I was married and thirteen months after our son was born. All those years the strange “coincidences” that happened I thought were nothing more than exactly that. So anyway you go on with your bad self, I just wish I could make a living again. You won’t be allowed once your hardened and they can’t get you riled up in the workplace anymore.

      • WIDOWMAKER 92

        Again a typo. They were not “Coincidences”.

    • VirusGuard

      “This article has been deleted from the internet at the request of Richard Cain due to legal reasons. The author expresses deep regret for any inconvenience and for the sake of Mr. Cain and all targeted individuals, wishes him the best in his legal procedings.”

      This says to me that Deb realy is on to something and those involved need to make sure they don’t die from murder-suicide like Princess Di and JFK

      Fly to Russia and ask Putin to help is my advise

    • Jake Maverick

      such a shame this article has now been deleted/ cemsored- it was providing some welcome ‘respite’ for the rest of us. now this evidence has been removed it can’t actually be used by the rest of it, which is presumably the point of doing so….it’s a shame Mr Cain and Deborah have succumbed to these threats, implied or otherwise.

      These aren’t biomedical devices, they’re torture devices. Same with hammers. They’re a device for banging nails into wood. Unless you use said hammer to murder someone with, then it becomes a murder weapon. These are more like guns though, they only have one possible purpose.

      I’m also based UK and have been left with no other realistic alternative but to commit suicide now. Haven’t managed to summon the courage these past few years but with recent moves it seems the worse is about to happen again….I just hoping beyond hope that I amnot taken alive again.

    • toddgiffen

      way to lack of integrity people. articles like this don’t get removed unless you guys are fearful that others will read it.

      this guy Richard Cain sounds like a scammer to want this piece of news taken down.

      what was missing from it was the original pieces of evidence from independent analysis. this case is interesting, but only if the case can be vetted by non-TI doctors.

      unfortunately he claims he went to UCLA, that hospital is a scam, unless they back you up fully. typically, UCLA works in what is called the military industrial complex, they take money from the military, they run experiments on the public, they’ve done it for decades. when you go there, you cannot expect to get help normally from any of their doctors. the only way this article is not a joke, is if, the records with UCLA’s own doctors on it, say it’s not a joke, backing this up that there was a surgery, and that there was in fact objects of man made origin removed.

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