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Envision A World That Survives Nibiru! Here Is What Is Coming! Here Is What We Can Do! Who Can We Trust!

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Envision A World That Survives Nibiru!  Here Is What Is Coming! Here Is What We Can Do! Who Can We Trust!

1.   Nibiru is a system of celestial bodies, that has entered our solar system in 2003, and has been causing havoc on our planet, in terms of increasing earthquakes, fireballs, bending magnetosphere.  

Scientific Data 2003-2015 Strongly Suggests Nibiru part 1Scientific Data 2003-2015 Strongly Suggests Nibiru part 2

2.   Please note that since 2003, we have had unusual weather, which has been becoming MORE UNUSUAL, up until this present moment. 

3.   The highest recommended sources at this point are and

4.   At this point, we can see humans are collectively unprepared for what is happening to us right now, and what is to come. 

5.   Humans may soon have to deal the collapse of societal systems at the same time, as the following happens from Nibiru. 

LISTEN TO KOLBRIN PASSAGES IN AUDIO FORMAT: The Hour Of The Destroyer Is At Hand – Indian in the machine


Kolbrin is called a parallel Bible.
As with the Book of Enoch (dead sea scrolls), omitted from the Bible.
Kolbrin was protected by the Culdians, saved before the burning of Glastonbury Monastery in Scotland, thense to New Zealand.
Both the Book of Enoch and the Kolbrin includes more specifics on past and future pole shifts.
Were these books omitted from the Bible because the Church wanted mankind unaware? 
Certainly the Third Secret of the Fatima was not revealed, the Church still holding this close.

Kolbrin speaks of the passing planet causing the pole shift as The Destroyer, where the ancient Summerians called it Nibiru, and today we call it Planet X. 
Red Star Oahspe, Marduk by the Babylonians, Sichin called it the 12th Planet.

The Kolbrin is now available from YOWUSA, as low as $4.95 for an ebook. 
Formerly, only available for $120 with weeks of delay from New Zealand. 
Having recently come into possession of an ebook copy of the Kolbrin.
Kolbin matches closely with what the Zetas have stated within ZetaTalk in describing the PS. 

I was particularly interested in the timing, trying to establish a timeline.
What seems to have emerged is that the major Earth changes, the 3 days of darkness for the northern hemisphere with sunrise West for a few days, comes just ahead of rotation stoppage and the pole shift. 
All within weeks.

Compare the sequence of events described in the Kolbrin to what is occurring today. 

Here’s what is said in the Kolbrin, page 128, about the Flood. 
First, that red dust would be seen in the skies, the Moon’s orbit not right. 
And Noah is given a warning.
I quote the Kobrin: 

… They had knowledge of … signs and omens, the secrets of the seasons, of the moon and the coming of the waters. … there were wise men filled with the inner wisdom, who read The Book of Heaven with understanding and knew the signs. … Then the day came when The Lady of the Night changed her garment for one of a different hue, and her form swept more swiftly across the skies. Her tresses streamed out behind in gold and copper, and she rode in a chariot of fire. … the hour of trial draws nigh. The shadow of doom approaches this land … because you have not mingled with the wicked, you are set apart and shall not perish. Abandon your abode and possessions, for the hour of doom is at hand; neither gold nor treasure can buy a reprieve.

Second, Noah starts to build his arc, using the Moon’s orbit and red dust as his signal to begin. 
Noah’s tale carries some interesting suggestions for those concerned about self sufficiency. 
Again, I quote the Kolbrin:

… It has been told to me in a dream that the ship should be built against the mountains, and the sea will come up to me. … The lowermost was for the beasts and cattle and their provender, and it was laid over with sand from the river. The middle one was for birds and fowls, for plants of every kind that are good for man and beast, and the uppermost one was for the people. … cisterns for water and storehouses for food … the ship was without mast or oars. There were no poles and no openings, except for a hatch beneath the eaves above whereby all things entered. Into the great ship they carried the seed of all living things; grain was laid up in baskets and many cattle and sheep were slain for meat which was smoked by fire. They also took all kinds of beasts of the field and wild beasts, birds and fowls, all things that crawl. They said to the mockers, “Have your hour, for ours will surely come”.

Of all the people who entered with him, two understood the ways of the sun and moon and the ways of the year and seasons. One the quarrying of stones, one the making of bricks and one the making of axes and weapons. One the playing of musical instruments, one bread, one the making of pottery, one the care of gardens and one the carving of wood and stone. One the making of roofs, one the working of timbers, one the making of cheese and butter. One the growing of trees and plants, one the making of ploughs, one the weaving of cloth and making of dyes, and one the brewing of beer. One the felling and cutting of trees, one the making of chariots, one dancing, one the mysteries of the scribe, one the building of houses and the working of leather. There was one skilled in the working of cedar and willow wood, and he was a hunter; one who knew the cunning of games and circus, and he was a watchman. There was an inspector of water and walls, a magistrate and a captain of men.

ZetaTalk: How to Prepare, written July 15, 1995

Regarding how mankind can prepare themselves. Small cooperative groups, operating in Service-to- Others, where the concerns of all are the concerns of each, will have the best chances. Most important is a cooperative attitude among the group, with a willingness to undertake distasteful tasks, a desire to share among all what little there may be, and a positive attitude toward the future.

It is no small matter to have music, poetry, and art. This fills the heart of the musician, poet, or artist as much as the recipient. There will be much need for such distraction, as the days will be dim, and the nights dark and long.

Third, and last, the passing planet became visible and caused a pole shift. 
In this case, the shifting crust and sloshing oceans included a large wave that carried Noah’s boat to a mountain top.

Then, with the dawning, men saw an awesome sight. There, riding on a great black rolling cloud came the Destroyer, newly released from the confines of the sky vaults, and she raged about the Heavens, for it was her day of judgement. The beast with her opened its mouth and belched froth fire and hot stones and a vile smoke. It covered the whole sky above and the meeting place of Earth and Heaven could no longer be seen. In the evening the places of the stars were changed, they rolled across the sky to new stations, then the floodwaters came. …

The floodgates of Heaven were opened and the foundations of Earth were broken apart. The surrounding waters poured over the land and broke upon the mountains. … storms and whirlwinds were loosed. … There was a time of great heat, then came a time of bitter cold. The waves over the waters did not rise and fall but seethed and swirled. … The stars in the Heavens were loosened from their places, so they dashed about in confusion. There was a revolt on high, a new ruler appeared there and swept across the sky in majesty. … The Destroyer passed away into the fastness of Heaven and the great flood remained seven days, diminishing day by day as the waters drained away to their places.

What have the Zetas said about the Flood?
They have described a displacement wave coming from the South Pole that funneled up into the Middle East, rising higher in a tidal bore as it was squeezed between India and Africa. 
I quote from ZetaTalk:

ZetaTalk: The Flood, written on Aug 15, 1995

The flood occurred in conjunction with the periodic visits of [Planet X], which swings through the Earth’s Solar System causing cataclysmic Earth changes such as pole shifts. The Flood occurred three pole shifts back, approximately eleven millennia ago. The shift prior to that had been slight, so that melting of the poles was slow and incomplete. Ordinarily each pole shift places the old poles in a position where they will quickly melt, facing the Sun. The pole shift ahead of the one causing the flood only moved the old poles slightly, so much of the ice was still remaining. Poles over land have constant runoff when they melt, and settle as the weight of ice presses down, but poles over oceans melt more from the bottom up, leaving caverns of ice honeycombed within as the water can support ice of odd shapes. Thus a vast body of thin ice stretched out over the southern ocean, over the location of the old pole. When the comet caused massive Earth movements this ice sheet fractured and fell into the water, causing a huge displacement and resulting massive wave. This wave was the flood, of legend worldwide.

Uneasy, and being a highly Service-to-Other man, [Noah] gave The Call and received visits from a Spirit Guide who responded. He did indeed construct a boat to save himself, his family, and household animals. The story of Noah has been romanticized to include all the animals of the Earth, which doesn’t take much logic to dispel. How big a boat was this? Where the wave was large, it did not cover the entire Earth. How could it?

ZetaTalk: Flood Tide, written on Jun 15, 2001

Tidal waves are often shown as rising high, a tower of water crashing down upon hapless humans standing in horror on a beach. It is rather a flood tide, as the oceans are climbing out of their beds, into higher ground, so the leading edge is the highest point of the wave. In Tsunamis, a single line of pressure moves through the ocean, transferring water pressure rapidly from the quake point to where it must stop, at land, thus finally crashing upon a beach. During a pole shift, there is no single line of pressure, the ocean as a whole is on the move because it stays behind while the crust moves, and thus rolls up on land onto the coastline being pulled under it.

This is a flood tide, with the lip of the water being its highest point, rising like a silent tide endlessly on the rise, the wave rolling inland without a crashing back and forth, just a steady progressive inundation. To those at the mercy of such a flood tide, their first thought is to climb above the tide. Soon they are standing on the highest point they can reach, and still the water, flowing inland steadily, rises. Afloat on a boat or flotsam, they will be dragged inland with the flow until a reverse slosh begins, the water flowing back into its bed but in the nature of water during a slosh, overshooting this other side so that both sides of the ocean experience this flood tide, alternately, for some days until the momentum diminishes. When the flood tide recedes, those afloat are in danger of being dragged far out to sea with the flow, as the water will rush to its bed unevenly, more rapidly where it can recede the fastest.

Here’s what is said in the Kolbrin, page 641, about the Exodus. 
First, omens in the skies, again.
A period of time passes, as women becoming barren is mentioned.
Then red dust turning the water blood red and social disruption. 
I quote the Kobrin: 

The dark days began with the last visitation of the Destroyer and they were foretold by strange omens in the skies. All men were silent and went about with pale faces. Fear walked the land and woman became barren with terror, they could not conceive, and those with child aborted. The days of stillness were followed by a time when the noise of trumpeting and shrilling was heard in the Heavens, and the people became as frightened beasts without a headsman. … The dead were no longer sacred and were thrown into the waters. He who grew no grain now owned a storehouse full. Cattle were left unattended to roam into strange pastures, and men ignored their marks and slew the beasts of their neighbours. No man owned anything. The public records were cast forth and destroyed, and no man knew who were slaves and who were masters. … Plague was throughout the land, the river was bloody and blood was everywhere. Those who did drink from the river vomited it up. The dust tore wounds in the skin of man and beast.

Second, the planet comes visible, from the direction of the Sun. 
A writhing red appearance, with a lashing tail, is described.
A darkness, perhaps the 3 days of darkness the Bible predicts, descended.
Again, I quote the Kolbrin:

The Doomshape, called the Destroyer, in Egypt, was seen in all the lands, thereabouts. In color, it was bright and fiery, in appearance changing and unstable. It twisted about itself like a coil … It was not a great comet or a loosened star, being more like a fiery body of flame. Its movements on high were slow, below it swirled in the manner of smoke and it remained close to the sun, whose face it hid. There was a bloody redness about it, which changed as it passed along its course. It caused death and destruction in its rising and setting. It swept the Earth with grey cinder rain and caused many plagues, hunger and other evils. It bit the skin of men and beast until they became mottled with sores. 

In the glow of the Destroyer the Earth was filled with redness. The face of the land was battered and devastated by a hail of stones which smashed down all that stood in the path of the torrent. They swept down in hot showers, and strange flowing fire ran along the ground in their wake. The fish of the river died; worms, insects and reptiles sprang up from the Earth. The gloom of a long night spread a dark mantle of blackness which extinguished every ray of light. None knew when it was day and when it was night, for the sun cast no shadow. The darkness was not the clean blackness of night, but a thick darkness in which the breath of men was stopped in their throats. Men gasped in a hot cloud of vapour which enveloped all the land and snuffed out all lamps and fires. … Ships were sucked away from their moorings and destroyed in great whirlpools. It was a time of undoing.

This lashing tail is no mere thing. It is an immense tail, capable of wrapping around the Earth, per the Zetas. 
The tail has left evidence is the very red clay found in spots around the world, NOT the normal soil color for Earth.

ZetaTalk: Red Dust, written Jan 11, 2003

There are portions of the Earth that exhibit a red clay soil, Australia and the Southeastern US, but this is not a native soil as much as an accumulation of deposits. 

Dust clouds, as anyone experiencing a sand storm will attest, have a life of their own. The cloud itself exists because there is some kind of glue holding it together. The dust clings to the debris which clings to the larger debris such as moons, and these cling to Planet X. There is more than gravity involved, as this is too simplistic an explanation, and more than magnetism though the iron ore is certainly more magnetically active than most dust clouds.

A tail swirl, moving like a slow moving tornado, approaches Earth which has magnetic as well as gravity attraction. Thus, it is not simply a head-on hit, tail to Earth, as it is also a sideways hit from swirling matter.
The tail can wrarp all around the Earth during such a lick. There are no parts of the globe that do not report red dust, frankly. It is perhaps more extreme on those sides of the globe that will be facing the approach, but elsewhere is not exempt.

The extreme dusting preceeds the pole shift by days, at most, and occurs at the same time the Earth rotation stops. 
This rotation stoppage is due to the magnetic attraction that the Atlantic Rift presents. 
As freshly hardened lava, iron rich, concentrated in a line running from Iceland to Antartica, is presents a gripping point that can be grabbed by Planet X, and held.

ZetaTalk: Long Day/Night, written Feb 15, 2002

The dynamics in place as Planet X approaches during the last few days before the coming pole shift are such that rotation stops with a predictable part of the Earth facing the approaching Planet X – the mid-Atlantic Ocean off the eastern seaboard of the United States. 

This part of the globe is centered between land masses that are fairly neutral in magnetic polarization, but lines up over former lava flows from the renting apart of the continents, the mid-Atlantic rift. 

The Pacific trench does not carry the same appeal, as it lies deeper under the water and its characteristics differ in composition from the newer magma that has arisen during continental drift. 

Magma bubbling up in the Pacific is more diffuse than the magma bubbling up in the Atlantic, centered in the rift. Thus, the Atlantic lava beds are gripped, facing the Sun, facing the approaching Planet X coming up from the South along the rift, and causing both Europe, the Americas, and Africa to be on the long day side of the Earth. 

Rotation stops with the Atlantic Rift facing the approaching planet, which is coming nearly from under the Sun, but not directly under, so Africa and Europe are turned a bit more toward the Sun than the North American continent. 

Therefore, the Long Day described by Joshua and the long night described by the West Coast indians.


As is typical of magnets being pressed toward each other, the larger magnet forced the smaller to move, so they can share a combined field. 
This is the pole shift, the movement of the crust by at least a quarter turn, described by the Zetas. 

ZetaTalk: Pole Shift, written July 15, 1995

The pole shift is therefore sudden, taking place in what seems to be minutes to humans involved in the drama, but which actually takes place during the better part of an hour. There are stages, between which the human spectators, in shock, are numb. At first there is a vibration of sorts, a jiggling, as the crust separates in various places from the core. Then there is a Slide, where the crust is dragged, over minutes, to a new location, along with the core. During the slide, tidal waves move over the Earth along the coast lines, as the water is not attached and can move independently. The water tends to stay where it is, the crust moving under it, essentially. When the core finds itself aligned, it churns about somewhat, settling, but the crust, more solid and in motion, proceeds on. This is in fact where mountain building and massive earthquakes occur, just as car crashes do their damage on the point of impact, when motion must stop.

Weak spots among the Earth’s crustal plates give way. The Pacific Ocean will shorten, and the Atlantic 
widen. Subducting plates will subduct greatly. Mountain building will occur suddenly, primarily increasing in areas already undergoing mountain building. All told, the better part of an hour, but at certain stages, only minutes. Plants survive as they are rooted and their seeds are everywhere, and animals including man survive because they travel with the moving plates of the Earth and experience no more severe a shock when the plates stop moving than they would during a Richter 9 earthquake. Where mountain building occurs when the plates stop moving, the stoppage is not simply a sudden jolt, like a car hitting a brick wall. All is in motion, and the stoppage is more like a car hitting a barrier of sand filled plastic barrels – a series of small jolts, occurring in quick succession.

Third, the passing planet caused a pole shift. 
Horrific earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, during days of rotation stoppage preceeding the shift. 
Again, I quote the Kolbrin:

The East was troubled and shook, the hills and mountains moved and rocked. … The Doomshape thundered sharply in the Heavens and shot out bright lightings. Then a voice like ten thousand trumpets was heard … The whole of the land moved and mountains melted. The sky itself roared like ten thousand lions in agony, and bright arrows of blood sped back and forth across its face. It is thus described in the old records, few of which remain. It is said that when it appears in the Heavens above, Earth splits open from the heat, like a nut roasted before the fire. Then flames shoot up through the surface and leap about. … The Doomshape .. covers about a fifth part of the sky and sends writhing, snakelike finger down to Earth. Midday is no brighter than night. .. Come, the day surely will, and in accordance with his nature man will be unprepared.

The Earth turned over, as clay spun upon a potter’s wheel. … The craftsman left his task undone, the potter abandoned his wheel and the carpenter his tools. … Men lost their senses and became mad. On the great night of the Destroyer’s wrath, when its terror was at its height, there was a hail of rocks. … The habitations of men collapsed upon those inside. .. the temples and palaces of the nobles were thrown down from their foundations. Even the great one, the first born of Pharaoh, died with the highborn in the midst of the terror and falling stones. There were nine days of darkness and upheaval, while a tempest raged such as never had been known before.

Fourth, and last, the social disruption that follows a pole shift is described. 
Again, I quote the Kolbrin:

When it passed .. men rose up against those in authority and fled from the cities to swell in tents in the outlands. Egypt lacked great men to deal with the times. The slaves left. Their multitude moved in the gloom of a half dawn, under a mantle of fine swirling grey ash. The night was a night of fear and dread, for there was a high moaning above and fire spang up from the ground.

A strange people came up against Egypt and none stood to fight, for strength and courage were gone. The invaders, … came up .. because of the wrath of Heaven which had laid their land waste. … They enslaved all who were left, the old, young men and boys. They oppressed the people and their delight was in mutilation and torture. Pharaoh abandoned his hopes and fled into the wilderness … He lived a goodly life among the sand wanderers and wrote books. Good times came again, even under the invaders, and ships sailed upstream. The air was purified, .. and the land became filled again with growing things.

But these bunkers will not fare as expected, per the Zetas:

ZetaTalk: Ultimate Lot, written Feb 8, 2003

They will find they cannot escape to their enclaves, as expected, but will be trapped with the populace by mechanical or other problems. They will find that their secrets, their locations, the whereabouts of their supplies, are divulged due to careless and distracted employees, or angry employees. They will find that the mercenaries they have hired, and presume they will control, will turn a surly eye upon them well before the shift, and may take their transportation to their safe enclaves away from them well before the shift, such will be the comeuppance they will receive from the thugs they have employed. They will find nothing they have planned working as expected. This will be their lot, and a perfect Karma it is!

What have the Zetas said about the Exodus?
Recorded both in the Book of Exodus and in Egyptian papyrus, this time, estimated to be 1628 BC by best guess, involved exploding volcanoes and great earthquakes and the heaving of the Red Sea floor.
I quote from ZetaTalk:

ZetaTalk: Jewish Exodus, written on Nov 15, 1996

The last passage of the 12th Planet is best remembered as the time of the Jewish exodus from Egypt, but what is not well known is the reason for the exodus. Slaves do not just walk away from their masters, and in particular a large group of slaves, old women and children among them, do not get miles away from their masters in a desert area where lookouts can see for miles. The institution of slavery is maintained by cruelty and punishment, and slaves attempting to escape are punished in a manner that will serve as a lesson to others contemplating such an escape attempt. Hands and feet are chopped off when the slave wanders or reaches where they are not to go, eyes poked out when the slave looks when they were supposed to drop their eyes, and tongues cut out when the speech of the slave is considered too bold.

Thus, the Jewish exodus did not occur because this large group just decided to take a stroll one day, anticipating nothing worse than a whipping as the comeuppance should they be discovered. The exodus occurred because their masters were devastated and distracted by problems so severe as to take their minds entirely off their slaves. Would this have been a flooded Nile or a plague of locusts or even celebration where all got drunk? Nothing in the normal course of Egyptian society would have created a situation where the Jews could have left, en mass, or even a situation where they all would have had the courage to leave. They left because the passage of the 12th Planet imposed first a long night and then horrendous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in nearby volcanoes.

Chaos reigned, the very type of chaos that governments throughout the world fear lies in their near future. Guards left their posts, and household servants stole from their masters and crept away in the seemingly never-ending night. The rulers held their heads in worry and discussed among themselves how they might placate the gods. The military elite, used to utter control and tolerating no challenges to their orders, react to chaos by trying to re-establish order. Hysterical troops, unable to comprehend what was happening to them, were in no mood to placate their superiors, and thus the military was engaged with internal battles for some time. It was not until the rotation of the Earth was re-established that the Egyptian rulers and their military leaders were able to regain control of the troops. By that time, as history well tells, the Jewish exodus was a success!

Here’s what is said in the Kolbrin, page 637, about the coming times. 
First, omens in the skies, again, the constellations not where they should be.
Until the last days, the approach is stealthy, as a thief in the night. 
Red light, red dust turning the water blood red. 
Days of darkness, tail debris falling to Earth. 
Then the pole shift, with volcanic gloom and dust afterwards, the gray dew of death.
I quote the Kobrin: 

Men forget the days of the Destroyer. Only the wise know where it went and that it will return in its appointed hour. It raged across the Heavens in the days of wrath, and this was it’s likeness: It was as a billowing cloud of smoke enwrapped in a ruddy glow, not distinguishable in joint or limb. Its mouth was an abyss from which came flame, smoke and hot cinders. When ages pass, certain laws operate upon the stars in the Heavens. Their ways change, there is movement and restlessness, they are no longer constant and a great light appears redly in the skies. When blood drops upon the Earth, the Destroyer will appear and mountains will open up and belch forth fire and ashes. Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed. Waters will be swallowed up by the land and seas will boil. The Heavens will burn brightly and redly, there will be a copper hue over the face of the land, followed by a day of darkness. A new moon will appear and break up and fall.

The people will scatter in madness. They will hear the trumpet and battlecry of the Destroyer and will seek refuge within dens in the Earth. Terror will eat away their hearts and their courage will flow from them like water from a broken pitcher. They will be eater up in the flames of wrath and consumed by the breath of the Destroyer. Thus it was in the Days of Heavenly Wrath, which have gone, and thus it will be in the Days of Doom when it comes again. The times of its coming and going are known unto the wise. These are the signs and times which shall precede the Destroyer’s return: … Then will the Heavens tremble and the Earth move, men will quake in fear and while terror walks with them the Heralds of Doom will appear. They will come softly, as thieves to the tombs, men will not know them for what they are, men will be deceived, the hour of the Destroyer is at hand. … The dauntless ones will survive, the stouthearted will not go down to destruction.

There will be a great body of fire, the glowing head with many mouths and eyes ever changing. Terrible teeth will be seen in formless mouths and a fearful dark belly will glow redly from fires inside. Even the stouthearted man will tremble and his bowels will be loosened, for this is not a thing understandable to men. It will be a vast sky-spanning form enwrapping Earth, burning with many hues within wide open mouths. These will descent to sweep across the face of the land, engulfing all in the yawning jaws. … The fangs will fall out, and lo, they are terror-inspiring things of cold hardened water. Great boulders will be hurled down upon men, crushing them into red powder. As the great salt waters rise up in its train and roaring torrents pour towards the land, even the heroes among mortal men will be overcome with madness. … The flames going before will devour all the works of men, the waters following will sweep away whatever remains. The dew of death will fall softly, as a grey carpet over the cleared land. Men will cry out in their madness, … save us from the gray dew of death.

ZetaTalk: Safety Measures, written on Aug 15, 1995

The cataclysms present those who would survive with several challenges. Hailstones, firestorms with brief period of oxygen depletion, earthquakes of a magnitude mankind has never experienced, rapid mountain building, spewing volcanoes, winds of hurricane force, and tidal waves high enough to sweep over tall buildings. What to do?

Tidal Waves
Practically speaking, to take no chances, one should calculate to a height of 200 feet and be at least 100 miles away from any shore. 

Volcanoes, new and old, will present those living nearby with sudden activity during the cataclysms, with little warning. For man, being in the center of large land plates is a safety factor. For man, staying away from the edges of plates where very molten lava can seep and explode, during pressure of plate movement, is a significant safety factor. 

Mountain Building
Remove yourselves from areas where mountain building is likely to occur. Flat plains or plateaus are safest. 

The earthquakes will essentially level all cities, and of course railways, landing strips, and highways and bridges will be unusable. Don’t figure on any power or water systems to be functional, and the telephones will surely be permanently dead. Batteries may be handy, but won’t last long and will not be replaceable. Your mechanical and electrical structures will suffer damage from violent earthquakes more than your flesh and bones. You may bruise and break, but you heal. Your electrical device will stay broken. When the earthquakes are expected, lie flat. In this way you will skid and slide a few feet. Standing, or positioned at a height, you will be dashed. And by all means, do not be under a structure that will fall upon and crush you.

Hailstone and Firestorms
Metal roofs will deflect the firestorms and hailstones also, if sufficiently thick. The thickness of a protective metal plate is not as important as simply being metal, not bursting into flame. Thin metal can bend and crumble under pressure, where thick metal might shear or snap, having less flexibility. Where the metal is deemed to be protection from falling ash and rocks from exploding volcanoes, the thicker the better. For large meteors, which are few, there is no safety measure to be taken.

So where are we today, in omens in the skies and red dust? 
Since December 2003 we have the constellations not where they should be, offset by serveral degrees and too high in the dome, for instance, with a documented Earth wobble ongoing during this time.
We have the Moon’s orbit tracking to the extreme South after the Full Moon, and to the extreme North after the New Moon.
We have a slight red dusting noted by many around the world, and red skies and a blood red moon outside of what would be expected.
Certainly the signs that set Noah to building his Arc are here. 
Just when the Destroyer will be visible as a writhing fire ball and the rivers turn blood red, no one knows.

6. We can expect the unexpected including potentially: 

-Fireballs raining down from the sky.

-Everything on the surface of earth burning.

-Coastal tidal waves.

-Methane being released from underground as…

-Tectonic plates loosened…. along with…

-Earthquakes going off and….

-Volcanic activity…. and…

-Did anyone ever tell you that big winds several hundred miles per hour, could easily be possible.

-Basically, everything manmade would burn up…

-Survivors on the surface will be basically few…

It is true that we can lesson the changes with LOVE… ST. GERMAIN AND SANANDA ON NIBIRU/PLANET X’S PEACE MISSION


7.  Now that I have your attention… can you consider that all prophecies including native, zeta, are converging with modern science… and all are coming to the same conclusion? Even the galactics? Are you aware that all beings that are aware have all come to the same conclusion? You are aware that governments of the world are also aware of the information I am sharing?  Are you aware that you may be one of the last groups of people to know, and those around are less educated on these matters than you?

8.  Are you aware that choices are very very important right now…

It is this time that the light skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. If they choose the right road, then the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth and final Fire, an eternal fire of peace, love brotherhood and sisterhood. If the light skinned race makes the wrong choice of the 

9.  Are you aware that one of the past times Nibiru came by, people built arks, but this time it is suggested that people build





10.  Are you aware that if you envision a world that survives Nibiru, it is not about protecting yourself… it is about living to the value of LOVE AND ONLY LOVE… because all that is not love, is being washed away?


11.  Are you aware that humanity is coming out of thousands of years of brainwashing to be slaves to money, and to someone else?  Are you aware that humanity had been under a planetary take over by dark forces, that have already lost their takeover attempt?


12.  Are you aware that to survive the coming times, does not involve much more than what I have suggested, and that it can be even an enjoyable time… after all, are not the majority unhappy with their enslaved situation…. are the majority of humans searching for something that they cannot put their finger on? 


14.  THE MASTER TEACHER SANANDA, WILL NEVER LIE TO YOU. Read his words and see and feel the difference…

15.  Envision a world where Sananda is welcomed… and the millions of HIS ships stationed around our solar system.

16.   Never trust anyone who would lie to you in chaos… for they seek to benefit by creating hell on earth… trust those who would speak the truth in chaos, they are our friends.

Humanity is searching for spiritual meaning… but if Jesus (aka Sananda) weirds you out, then you have problems, because Sananda happens to know all the answers that YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR.  

Know that their is a spiritual cause for every physical consequence. You must learn this lesson, to avoid repeating the same lessons over and over again.

Know that without a spiritual foundation, you will be lost in someone elses creations… that are probably designed to enslave you. 

Know that Sananda has the intention to free humanity.

17. We realize that we must learn to love and unite, to survive, it is not about surviving by withholding love.

18.  We realize there may be millions of humans who may be evacuated from coastlines, and who may seek refuge in new lands.

19.  We realize all this cleansing shall open up all humans remaining on earth, to love, and that these ones, shall be led by the women and children as a general rule… and no one shall ever allow themselves to be ruled by babbling fools who only seek to serve themselves. 

20.  We realize that we will now need to rise our frequencies to keep up with mother earths base frequencies… no exceptions… Breaking News! Earthlings Of Entire World Must Atune Themselves To NEW Base Earth Frequencies; Important Info. To Comprehend The Situation

21.  Some may scoff at these words, but those ones, do not know why our planet is wobbling… these ones do not know where the fireballs are coming from… these ones do not know why our magnetosphere is bending… these ones do not know why their leaders will abandon them.

Indian in the machine

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    • judas iscariot

      Envision a world where nibiru is a bunch of crap scaring people into killing their own kids to protect them from the horror.

      • Indian in the machine

        Do not be scared men.

        • The Real Deal

          Come out of the machine man, the timer went off a long time ago.

          • eXChroma

            VapeNation lol

      • Ted


        These nibiru folks are crazier than a cuckoo clock full of bat 5h1t! :lol:

        • Red Mann

          MAD JED ATTACK
          MAD JED ATTACK!
          For mad jed attacks anything that is NOT the FABLE of the judeo-christo-CREEPS!
          Like the rabid dog jed is, he must GANG UP on all that differ from his warped, very
          Christi-homo-anity is that the religion Mayhem and Walter practice?
          I can visualize a CrowPie sandwich because she is a he, also.
          Hail, Hail, the BIN christo-MALE Gang’s all here!
          What movie was that from you brilliant mayhem, knower of all that is insignificant.
          Boy, Walter, mayhem, CrowPie, am123, they sure all can cut & paste plus quote male judeo-christo-SCUMDUMBS, eh?
          Are they smart, and very normal, eh?
          Truly weirdo’s, if they were separate people, but, alas, there is only One male doing all that on this page.
          And, he thinks he is actually smart in doing it.
          He is mad, and he is jed.

          • aware55

            Oh ???I Doh Know??

    • Pink Slime

      Why not read the real thing? The Bible. Get it straight from the source is what I say.

      • Indian in the machine

        Many sources from Source, are telling us a similar story.

      • xxJTxx

        you mean the book that says our earth is less than 5000 years old? the one that denies the existence of dinosaurs and other things we have physical proof of today? no thanks. if that is your primary source of information on historical events you’re worse off than you think. I don’t even need to get into the fact that there is over 50 different version of Jesus christ and his story predating the very christian religion itself. you’d probably say the devil went back in time and told those stories to people who existed before your religion. makes tons of sense let me tell ya ;-)

        • 136/576

          I disagree, Jake-from-Texas, there is not one pseudo-biblical narrative that predates Scripture. I’m happy to examine anything you might offer as evidence but, until then, excuse me being entirely dismissive of your opinion.

        • Mayhem

          That 136/576 is me. I logged onto that profile by mistake. It was set up when the Admin’s were copying ID’s but i never needed it. Nothing deceitful about it just click on the profile and it’s clear i’m not trying to hide.

        • Indian in the machine

          Then you probably need some inner guidance to sort through it all, like I do. :wink:

        • The Clucker

          Lol ok my bad Mayhem. I thought it was him because the identifier for it started with 415 but now come to think of it I think his all start with 419 maybe? That’s weird that they would hijack peoples’ logins to begin with. Doesn’t that violate their own terms of service or something?

        • THOTH


          For whatever reason I couldn’t post this comment regarding the flood on Lyn’s thread where it belongs. It kept glitching every time I would start typing…

          The dates for the examples I have given are what is accepted by scholars. I don’t have the letters after my name that society requires to take me seriously, or else I would go about authenticating those dates myself. Nevertheless, I have given you three examples of catastrophic flood stories that pre date Noah, given that the dates provided by scholars are accurate and as of now I have seen no proof of the contrary.

          I am also open to any evidence that you might provide that proves Noah’s flood predates the examples I have suggested.

        • Pink Slime

          On the contrary it actually REINFORCES the idea. The earth already existed if you read it carefully. You do read carefully don’t you? The 6000 year age is the creation of man, not the earth.

          And as far as 50 different versions show how much people love copying the truth. Just ask KFC.

        • am123

          P.S. said:

          “The 6000 year age is the creation of man, not the earth.”

          No, it comes directly from the Word.

          If you do the math of the genealogies from Adam to the present, you get 6,000+ years.

          BTW, chapter 40 of Job contains a description of a dinosaur and chapter 41 has a description of a dragon.

        • Mayhem

          The imitator ought to be humiliated, by that sort of carry on, but they probably lack a sense of shame. Here’s what i’ve noticed, Clucker…

          1) Direct attack
          2) Sock-Puppet voting
          3) Multi ID comments and voting
          4) Sock-Puppets talking among themselves

          … what’s next, draconian censorship and IP blocking?

          @THOTH. I seem to have no problem posting in the thread you refer to.

        • Mayhem

          @Pink Slime. The gap theory doesn’t hold water when you get down to the nuts and bolts. You must have missed those debates.

        • am123

          “The earth already existed if you read it carefully.”

          In the second verse of the Bible (DAY 1 of creation) the earth was unformed and void, nothing inhabited the earth at that point. It wasn’t until DAY 6 of creation that the earth had inhabitants.

          So given that man was created on DAY 6 of creation, the difference between the age of mankind and the age of the earth is pretty much a moot point because they are the same if you begin counting the age of the earth from the time that it was ready to be inhabited.

          Or if you want to get technical for the age of the earth and go back to DAY 1, still we are only talking 5 days older.

        • am123

          “The gap theory doesn’t hold water”

          The water of the Word that is! :wink: :lol:

        • Pink Slime

          Of course, you guys are all correct because you said so. LOL!

        • CrowPie


          We realize you don’t understand most of what is spoken around you. Heck,….you didn’t even realize that in a formal wedding the father figure walks the bride down the aisle, and the groom waits for her at the end with the person officiating.

          This tells us that you don’t have the I.Q. of room temp.

          Don’t feel bad… can’t change your unfortunate circumstances. I’m sorry, to many fancy words…..

          It’s O.K. Not U. R. Bad.

        • Mayhem

          Let me see if i’m feeling you, Chris-Avatar. You spend most of your waking hours railing against something you don’t believe in. You use multiple accounts to manipulate the voting and to make it look like you have friends. You cut-n-paste the same old rants over and over again in the tone of a pre-schooler with an over developed sense of entitlement. And claim to be the smart one? Mate; you’re not quite right in the head are you?

        • HaloMan

          I has noticed that just like the white-skinned mangod religion jed pushes like a Heroin Dealer, is Plagiarized, he also copies the technique and practices of his TRUE MASTER!!!!!
          Red Mann!
          An OUTSIDER who is a NON-believer in the HORRIBLE white-skinned mangod FABLE!!
          NOT chris katze!
          BUT Red Mann OWNS YOU jed boy!!
          And, he knows where you live.
          For real!
          Jedboy is also very jealous that someone could hack this site better than the Owner EVER COULD!
          Or, that BIN management could ever stop on their meager Russian budget!
          Poor jed, YOU LOOSE AGAIN!!

        • Mayhem

          You’d have to go a long way to find someone who doesn’t think i’m a little odd, Chrisjan-Cute.

          You were doing well up till your final sentence but you couldn’t help but show everybody how deep the hatred, in you, runs. Could you, Chris-Turd?

        • Mayhem

          You “hacked” The Bin? Laughable; anybody can have as many profiles as they want you didn’t hack nothing. Don’t flatter yourself, Chris-Fatale, lest you end up feeling all hollow and empty in side. Just so you know that i know; you’re the angry injun of old.

        • Mayhem

          Yea, MadManjed, BUT, I know where you Live!!!!
          Oh, and MaySCUM, it was easy as pie to…….. Hack you!
          See what I mean???

        • Mayhem

          You’ve been boasting for the last three years about having that address… and nothing… so i’ll assume you’re just full of hot air. Miaow.

        • JanCute

          OH MY god!!
          This sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unbelievable!
          :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

          Will someone teach me how to HACK-A-VILE-Annoying-christo-CREEP at my will?

        • Red Mann

          Is this really where the BUG, the insect lives, with his real name???
          Unbelievable he would post that here on BIN, but IT MUST BE TRUE!
          Because jesus told me so!

        • Gus Fung

          Poor Kitze.

          It’s not his fault.

        • Red Mann

          Ahhhhhhh soooooooooooooooooooooo Egg FOOL Fung!
          You finally right about one thing.
          I NOT Chris!
          So, Chris is blameless, but you judeo-christo-CREEPS have, so to speak Crucified him!!!
          For NOTHING!
          Just what you believed!
          As wrong about poor Chris, as you are about what happens when your pathetic body dies!!!!!

        • Pink Slime


          you didn’t even realize that in a formal wedding the father figure walks the bride down the aisle, and the groom waits for her at the end with the person officiating.

          Oh, I see, you think I’m in love with you! LOL! Please……

        • CrowPie

          pinkie….thanks, for making my point, once again.


        • Pink Slime


          I came to your level didn’t I? :lol: Idiot

        • CrowPie


          He who knows not, knows not that he knows not. (That’s you.)

        • FadingShadow2

          xxJTxx – You are showing your ignorance when you write that the Bible says our earth is less than 5000 years old. Actually, no it doesn’t say that. Anywhere.

          You show your ignorance when you write [the Bible] denies the existence of dinosaurs. No, it doesn’t deny existence of dinosaurs either dude.

          And where do you get off claiming there are over 50 different versions of Jesus Christ without offering tangible factual documentation?

          All in all, you should actually read the Bible, read and understand Christian theology before you spew uneducated ignorance.

      • Pix

        Couldn’t agree more, reading all of the bible, and I mean reading and thinking about what it ‘actually’ says, rather than looking at and parrotting cherry picked scripts pointed out by a creep wearing a black frock earning a living off the back of your belief like a brainless zombie, is the fast track to becoming an Atheist.


    • siftingthroughthe****

      Oh dear, we are still peddling this farce. As years pass by and nibiru does not appear, do we receive an apology for the lies and disinformation ? Will you quit the fake crazy journalism ? Is there any decency left in journalism ?

      • xxJTxx

        yet out of the 1000′s of posts on here you chose to read this anyway and take the time to comment. Obviously you’re interested in the subject but don’t want to admit it to yourself. everyone here already knows you are based on the fact you read it all. open your mind more and your mouth less

        • srsly1

          says the gullible sheep that believes everything he reads on the internet. You must be Indian in the Closet’s gay lover.

        • The Clucker

          no srsly1, I think you must be thinking of KOS. :mrgreen:

        • Pix

          I didn’t bother reading past your first sentence before knowing for a fact you’re full of BS.

          It’s the comments that are fun. :razz: :lol:

    • OmegaPrime

      There is no proof of this so called nibiru yet xxJTxx your convinced that it’s real.

    • Paul Rowlandson

      Are you uninformed, working for the elite or just plain stupid? There is no Nibiru issue; yes, there might have been but Nibiru was moved out of the picture. It is a non issue so try and focus on the creeps who run this world and stop trying to distract us with fear porn.

    • iamamerican

      What happened to my comment I made earlier? It looks like somebody doesn’t like the truth.

    • The Real Deal

      Hey, Indian, do the robot voice. You know, the voice where you pretend like an alien is speaking through you! Come on, do it… It’s a crackup! lol


      Hey Indian long time no see. I got busy with something to make money whom takes 4 days and 12 hours a shot. HE IS MY INTERPRETATION OF THIS PASSAGE!

      her form swept more swiftly across the skies.


      Her tresses streamed out behind in gold and copper, and she rode in a chariot of fire. … the hour of trial draws nigh.


      The shadow of doom approaches this land … because you have not mingled with the wicked, you are set apart and shall not perish.


      Abandon your abode and possessions, for the hour of doom is at hand; neither gold nor treasure can buy a reprieve.


    • Remo

      We are living in very strange days, and very strange things are happening around us. To the uninformed, it is very dark and puzzling. Nothing seems to make sense, until we turn to The Word (Truth) of God, and see it explained as being part of a Perfect Scheme in the Great Master Plan, working out so meticulously all down through history, and particularly so in the days of our own troubled generation.

      • Pix

        Very strange people with even stranger beliefs… for sure.


    • Guntherian

      well, never trust new-agers…
      New Agers seek to accomplish a universal cosmic consciousness that will herald the beginning of a new human race, a new evolution of mankind in which this present age of worshipping God as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit must end and the beginning of a new age with “Lord Maitreya” the New Age Christ, must begin who will supplant the “false” teachings of Christianity.

      Its leaders point out that a great superhuman world teacher and leader is soon to come (Maitreya, Sananda or Germaine). He will, they have declared, establish a glorious kingdom of man on earth in which all men will live in peace, harmony, and unity. Possessing unparalleled wisdom and knowledge, and wielding marvelous psychic abilities, all the powers of the universe will be at his command.

      This leader will have realized his godhood supported by supernatural powers that Satan will give him to back up his claims. He will be the first person acclaimed to have achieved full potential of godhood and the world will follow him. Some prophetic scholars claim that the Antichrist will not claim to be God in the classical Biblical sense, but a man who has achieved godhood.

      New Agers don’t all refer to this coming Christ as Lord Maitreya, Sananda, or Germaine. Some go ahead and call him Lucifer. In fact, the most frightening aspect of the New Age is their adulation given to Lucifer who they describe as a “God of light and God of Good.” A teaching of Freemasonry to those who hold the 30th, 31st, and 32nd degree.

      For those who can’t quite stomach Lucifer as the “Christ” the New Age offers a being called Sanat Kumera. “Sanat” is obviously a thinly veiled reference to Satan. The change of spelling is to help shield those who are not yet ready to confess Satan as their Lord and Messiah yet accept the entire New Age agenda as one of their own.

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