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By Mort Amsel (Reporter)
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Huge WW3 Alert: Russia Supplying Mexico With Arms To Retake Southwest U.S.; Saudi Arabia Starts Bombing Yemen

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So tonight World War 3 just got ever so closer with a couple of developments that are big news.   The first is that Saudi Arabia has now entered the Yemen Civil War on the side of the Government/ISIS bombing Houthi rebel positions.  Which is big in and of itself except that this operation includes 10 other countries!!!   Gulf States.  

From WSJ

The attacks, which began at 2 a.m. local time on Thursday in Yemen, hit military aircraft at San’a’s international airport. The thud of explosions and the crack of heavy gunfire echoed across the city, residents said.

Adel Al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Washington, told reporters that the six Gulf countries and four other nations were participating in the military operation. The U.S. military wasn’t involved, he said.

The implications are enormous.  Who are the other 4 countries?  All I know right now is that Egypt is one of them.  Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait are others. When World War 3 occurs in the Europe and Pacific, I guarentee the Middle East will also be a major front with Iran (Eurasian) and Saudi Arabia (Allies) being the primary leaders of the fight.   

Now if thats not enough doom for you then have a look at this:

“Supply of arms to Ukraine will be perceived by us as a signal to the appropriate actions – we will begin delivery of new weapons to Mexico to resume debate on the legal status of the territories annexed by the United States, which are now the US states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.”

“We reserve the right to perform in Russia, Mexico, America conferences with questions raised about the separation of the above-mentioned state of the United States and delivery of weapons to partisans there.”

This comes from the Chechen Parliament!!!    I mean this is nuts.  Things are getting really serious and its maddening to see how wide the fighting is now.  Is our southern neighbor now a threat to us?  Can you imagine the kind of chaos Mexican agents could accomplish in the U.S.??  Unbelievable!!!   Stay tuned guys..   Things are happening…

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    • ljfa

      What a coincidence that JADE HELM “training” will be happening late this summer along the southern boarders that Barry Soetoro threw open for the last many years.

      • ExposeTheTruth

        Once again, TX the I-35 Highwsy will be the main supply route for invading forces coming up from Mexico.

        Mexico is joining forces with China and Russia to invade southwest border….

        • NM156

          No they’re not, and how would you know anyways? What, another link???You mean like the one you left the other day about an alleged base in mexico where the author stated he doesn’t know what it is? That kind of “Know”?? Spare us boy and quit being a troll who only agrees with every single writer here. :razz:

        • ExposeTheTruth

          You mean the photos of the Chinese military base in Monterrey Mexico. Maybe this link will work better for you miss.

          Maybe an eyewitness to the fact he saw at least 10,000 armored vehicles on the base.

        • NM156

          Nothing to see here at all. Once again no proof, just a spoof talking and pictures of the chinese army with opinion in the background echoing the same tired fear crap……… no proof whatsoever. Proof these days amounts to tabloid sensationalism, nothing more. Especially at BIN. Do you remember what happened at the Alamo or San Jacinto???? It’ll be far worse today. Stick around long enough to find out.

        • AntiZionist

          Not that i see any truth in this, but if so, it would be a nice way to say F*** you dumb americans, now you get what you deserve for being the psycopaths you are. Stand up to the tyrrany of your leaders, then maybe you have a chance of saving something….

        • ExposeTheTruth

          If you really have no ability whatsoever to see with your own eyes, the fact that this is a MILITARY BASE thats your choice, lots of people like you will pay for their stupidity.

          Have you seen the YouTube video below in regards to the CHiNESE Military base in Monterrey Mexico? 

          Keep in mind ma’am, the photos above we’re taken by an eyewitnesses delivery goods to the location

    • NM156

      I new the minute they started coming over here we’d be fighting them one day. Does anyone remember the Alamo? San Jacinto perhaps? Tell us all, Mort, how that worked out for them. :twisted:

      • VirusGuard

        No but i remeber all the western movies when commiting mass murder orn native americans was all the rage and when not killing people using small pox or machine guns against bows and arrows they were killing people in Mexico who was pissed of because the USA took half their land at the point of a gun.

        Unless China wants to bomb its investment in the USA by lending you all money to buy cheap tat because you don’t have any money after paying all the taxes then I don’t think it will go down that way.

        Anyway how long is the list of people that hate what the USA stands for under zionist control because I think you can soon add to the list half of Europe now that the USA is over here in our back garden and picking a fight with Russia.

        I love the small of nalpalm in the morning don’t you !

    • Ideas Time

      Are we being played? Are you mad? Do you trust them?

    • Anonymous

      The US paid $15 million for California fair and square. Will France soon renig on the Louisiana Purchase? Will Russia renig on Alaska? Hey. The logic. The logic ….


      A leader of MECHA (their so-called “social group” in our public schools for Mexicans) came out with an article in 2011 saying “they” Mexico/Chicano radicals) were going to make a War on the U.S. within the next 5 years! Do the math. He told their ethnic group to start arming themselves and said they now have enough people to “Wage this War on the U.S.”! They have been teaching the kids in our public schools this for many years and are in all 50 states. They started in Tucson, AZ 40 yrs. ago by an “Aztlan” infiltrated into our legislature as so many have. “Aztlan” is the name of their radical movement to take over the U.S. starting with the 7 SW U.S. states: CA, AZ, NV, CO, UT, NM & TX. There has been mentions of Wyoming but usually they refer to the states I have mentioned here. They plan to not only “kill the gr-ngo” but kill anyone who is not of Mex. descent who refuses to leave! Google the late Rep. Charles Norwood’s Report “The Truth About La Raza” where you will see their plans!

      • NM156

        I’ve been saying this FOR YEARS NOW. They are not here just to WORK. Everybody get it through your thick skulls. I bet you’ll care when they live next to you. :evil:

    • dabu

      Awesome! Finally some excitement! It was just to boring up to now!

    • PlatosAllegoryoftheCave

      Please, please, please Mexico. PLEASE declare war against us, PLEASE! The day they declare war will be the day my house doubles in value. This time, hopefully, we won’t round people up to put in camps, just let us purge.

      • Red Mann

        When they come, the Mexicans, they do not need Russian armament, sine you judeo-christo-KILLERS of the jew-nited Fraudulent Fascist states of TORTURE and MILITARY TERROR have already armed ALL of their VERY BRUTAL Drug gangs, who will GLADLY lead the charge!
        THINK ABOUT IT! 95 MILLION of them coming for your border, all at the same time!!!

        House, double in value, FOOL ameriiiSCUM?

        NO, NO, NO, you house gets ransacked first, then BURNT TO THE GROUND, ameriiiSCUM!!!

        This time, it will work out very well for the Mexicans! For the Anglo Gringos have gotten FAT and OLD AND VERY, VERY SOFT!
        And their kids ARE FREAKS who are also, FAT AND WEAK (with all kinds of tattoos)!!!

        It will be like running over an animal on the road!
        Will NOT even give it a second thought!
        See you soon, white-skinned ameriiiSCUM!

        • srsly1

          I find it funny that you cannot make one comment without saying ameriiiiscum at least three times. So what race are you so I can make up some retarded insult for you? You must be a dirty chalupa, Mexcrement, Taco Jockey.

        • JanCute

          Why FREE-DUMB Lover srsly1 , he livers right next door to you!
          You, MORON, would think he was white!
          WORRY, ameriiiSCUMS!!!!!!
          WORRY, for the time of REVENGE against you has come!
          srSLIME Caucasian, YOU will be very confused during the final days because it is NOT going to be obvious who your friends are!!
          YOU are NOT going to Pass the Test of this next evolutionary Step!
          Caucasian will be………………………. Gone.

        • clockwork angel

          lol…godless avafart …go swallow something

        • The Clucker

          If you’re going to make it painfully obvious with your words that all of your avatars are the same person then why don’t you just save yourself the trouble and only use one login? Seems like something a complete dummy would do.

        • NM156

          I’ll show ya soft sheepboy. Remember my standing offer to bus you down here on my dime…….By the way it’s the mexicans who are fat and lazy now. Where you been? They don’t work for cheap but their work dam% sure is. Anything else chickenboy?????

        • The Clucker

          I was talking to Godless Avatar. When you say chickenboy are you referring to me or him?

        • NM156

          No Clucker, I wasn’t referring to you.

      • zidium

        During war times, housing prices usually fall in price (e.g., Iraq War -> 2008 Crash). I don’t see why your house would double in value unless you expect millions of refugees at your doorstep (who *will* be poor) AND the economy doesn’t crash. Property increasing isn’t likely in this scenario.

    • Manichee

      Goddess Avatar aka Mellow Dude ? :wink:

    • my2pesos

      The fifth column.

      They have marked their homes with purple curtains……The south-side.

      Getting the jump.

    • Anonymous

      the US will be liberated from the tyrannical DC despots

    • VirusGuard

      “Supply of arms to Ukraine will be perceived by us as a signal to the appropriate actions – we will begin delivery of new weapons to Mexico to resume debate on the legal status of the territories annexed by the United States, which are now the US states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.”

      Source please and not something from the moderators or troll that are running free on above top secret please ?

      I would not blame Russia for giving the USA a tasted of its own medicine who when they are not bombing ISIS are giving them money and guns but I think Russia is playing a much cooler game than the other team and simply would not do this yet alone come out and say it.

      LINK PLEASE, No Offence

    • Pink Slime

      Have you ever seen Mexicans fight? They go the other way.

      • NM156

        Yes they do slime. They routinely retreat from the cartels. Mexico invading Tx. is the dumbest thing I’ve heard on this website EVER.

    • Remo

      Most people have been led to believe that the 7 angels with the 7 trumpets in the Apocalypse (Revelation) are going to appear, in the distant future, at the end of time and blow their trumpets.


      The 7 angels are 7 time periods and the first 5 have already gone, with the 6th. (Rev. 9 v 12) IMMINENT and the 7th. being the LAST, for most of mankind.

      Are YOU ready? Don’t be so sure:-

    • worldordernews

      Russia is like “oh you wanna arm our neigbors against us? we will do the same”

    • TWF

      Anything about Russia supporting Texas is pure BS. I have tons of contacts in Russia. They have no plans to do any such thing.

      This website is rife with certain people doing anything they can to make Russia the boogie man.

      And on sites like this it is a constant psy ops. It is pure psy ops, or people that think Russia hates America because of the Magog/Gog passage in the Bible. An as a christian that is pure hog wash.

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