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Russia Is Preparing for Nuclear War With the US and its Allies (Videos)

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(N.Morgan) David K. Lifschultz, President of Genoil, Inc., has come forward with a startling and frightening scenario of how WWIII will begin- by Russia going after the US and its allies.


By means of stealth operations, meant to catch the enemy off guard. 


The countries that are targeted will never see what is coming.



This warning certainly deserves deep consideration. We may be facing a horror that we never imagined.


The subject of the email: ”No War: No Peace” Commissar Leon Trotsky:





It is probably more accurate to describe the today’s war of Germany against Russia as a The Hundreds Years’ War starting in 1914, as Russia and Germany were allies in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871.


These wars were interspersed as it has been by truces. The German plans at the 1914 commencement of The Hundreds Years’ War were reflected during their Brest-Litovsk negotiations to annex Russian Poland, and the Ukraine was to be detached from Russia as an independent state under German protection.


The Baltic States were to be annexed by Germany. The goals are exactly the same today in nature if not form.


It is most important to note that the form of Empire or Imperialism changed in its form but not its nature after World War II.


In WWII Roosevelt’s war aims were to dismantle and take over five empires: that of Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Japan.




In essence, the United States inherited control of the seas from Britain and their entire Empire as well as the others.


This shows our actions are no different  in French Indochina and our actions in British Iraq were no different than our predecessors.


The use of the Cross against the Hammer and Sickle was just a ruse.


The Korean and Vietnam Wars were part of the struggle against the Soviets where Stalin had large number of Russian aircraft and flyers directly participate in combat with the Americans in the Korean War.


Empire was no longer called Empire but the incorporation into the free market system of the United States. Discipline is created by sanctions as in the case of Iran or war as in the case of Libya, Iraq, Syria, etc.


The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics completely replicated the geostrategic policies of the Tsars substituting Bolshevism for Christianity as their New Jerusalem and Stalin admired greatly Ivan The Terrible who is shown in Stalin’s 1944 movie on Ivan IV of Russia always crushing Boyar rebellions as Tsar Stalin crushed continuous opposition from the Bolshevik Boyars.



The Korean and Vietnam conflicts were all apart of a lrger struggle against the Soviets- in which Stalin had large number of Russian aircraft and flyers directly participate in combat with the Americans in the Korean War.


The Empire was no longer referred to as such, but the incorporation into the free market system of the United States.


Discipline is created by sanctions as in the case of Iran or war as in the case of Libya, Iraq, Syria, etc.


The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics completely replicated the geostrategic policies of the Tsars substituting Bolshevism for Christianity as their New Jerusalem and Stalin admired greatly Ivan The Terrible who is shown in Stalin’s 1944 movie on Ivan IV of Russia always crushing Boyar rebellions as Tsar Stalin crushed continuous opposition from the Bolshevik Boyars.


The Germans meanwhile, saw a golden opportunity in the collapse of Russia, which collapsed under the drunken Yeltsin by creating looting operations and destroying the Russian economy, and moved into the Balkans staging massacres, ethnic unrest and rebellion in Croatia, Slovenia, and latter Kosovo until the old Yugoslavia was totally destroyed as a force and ally of Russia.


The purposeful destruction of an economy can kill a country. 



As we in America are facing now.


The scheme was to was to lay Russia lower and lower to paraphrase Ludendorff explaining his funding of the Bolshevik Revolution. Germany pulled the plug on Russia in the 1998 Russian financial crisis, and then fomented the bombing of Belgrade for 78 days starting on March 24, 1999 as a replication of the German bombing of Belgrade in April, 1941 under their Operation Retribution.


They did this through staged massacres in Kosovo that were reported as fake in the Manchester Guardian and later proven so by an extensive investigation.


There was no blood or cartridges by the bodies which indicated that the corpses were shot up after they were dead, and these incidents were conducted under the German BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) in accordance with their historical Sudetenland style provocations.


Only, they delegated the work to the Albanians who were incompetent.


Commissar Trotsky had stormed out of the initial Brest-Litovsk peace negotiations stating “No War: No Peace” and would not sign the peace treaty.


The Soviets refused to accept the dismemberment of their nation and the destruction of their national security.


You might say this is where Germany likes to think of itself today sitting with its hand on Russia’s throat but there is going to be a role reversal in the near future.


Peace negotiations later resumed after Germany seized control of most of the Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic countries.


As the Lenin government was about to collapse, the Germans demanded the cession of Dunaburg, Livonia, and Estonia to Germany, cession of western Armenia to Turkey, and recognition of an independent Ukraine.


All Russian troops had to leave the Ukraine and Finland and the Russian Army had to be completely demobilized.


The treaty cut out of Russia a quarter of its population and industry and nine-tenths of its coal. Essentially Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and the Ukraine were ceded to Germany.


When Field Marshall von Hindenberg was asked why Germany needed the Baltic States, he said “to secure my left flank when the next war happens”, which took place on June 22, 1941.


We are now in a continuation of that war.


Europe has not returned to the 1930s as they never left the 1930s.


The great powers are maneuvering in Europe in a declared war against each other (President Franklin Delano Roosevelt when asked in 1940 why he did not embargo oil to Japan explained that this would have been a declaration of war. He launched the embargo on July 25, 1941.


So any suggestion that the EU and the United States are not in a state of war with Russia is false.)


The tiny powers in the Baltic and Poland, and some others, are screaming hysterically against Russia as they did against Germany in 1939, and they do not realize that they are pawns to the great powers who will do with them as they will.


They have short memories about Germany.


Nobody really cares about the populations of Poland or the Ukraine, or the others, as Poland learned after the British murdered General Wladyslaw Sikorski over the dismemberment of Poland demanded by Stalin and the Katyn massacres.


The ideal peace treaty would have been to return to Poland of the western Ukraine that was theirs before World War Two, the return of East Prussia to Germany that Stalin took from them, and the return of the Eastern Provinces of the Ukraine to Russia whose population had always been part of Russia, and the withdrawal of Poland from NATO.




Such a proposal if it reached the populations of Russia, Poland and Germany would be hugely popular though the leadership of Germany will settle for no less than the complete dismemberment of Russia as in 1914.


In addition, the eastern European members of NATO should become neutral and all western missile systems withdrawn.


They are not necessary anyway as we have submarine missile systems offshore Russia. Whether the S-500 can stop them as the Russians think or not is immaterial as that base is just as well covered by sea as by land.


That is what the Trident nuclear submarine fleet accomplished as far back as during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.


The difference being now Russia has an immense military force and power in the world today and that is why you do not see them making threats as Germany and the United States as they hold all the cards.


See our “Playing Russian Roulette With The Russians”.


There is a lot of disinformation circulating about star wars laser defense capacity in outer space that can shoot down ICBMs and cruise missile of the west but this is pure science fiction.


Their exists considerable resistance in outer space to laser beams, and though not as much as on the earth, it cannot begin to reach down to ICBMs as well as surface missiles.


Russia can use financial default as a potential financial weapon of mass destruction for their 600 billion plus mostly private debt in dollar terms to western nations and banks, and also can implode the entire world by cutting off their natural gas and oil to the west crashing a quadrillion of derivatives.


They have not issued one major threat against Germany and the United States despite being provoked daily with barrage after barrage of lunatic propaganda comparing Putin with Hitler as Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and others.


They are preparing their offensive and defensive missiles for war and massively accelerating their rollout.


Patience in the Russians is not weakness but strength.


The military situation of the west is deteriorating daily and Russia will soon be ready.


Now we will review Russia’s military capabilities according to David K. Lifschultz who states: The Russian Topol M ICBM is the world’s fastest missile at 21 Mach (16,000 miles an hour) and there is no defense.


If launched from Moscow, it can hit Washington or New York City in 18 minutes. It can hit Chicago in 18.6 minutes. and 22.8 minutes to Los Angeles.




The Russian submarines and the Chinese submarines can launch offshore the United States striking coastal targets within a minute.


The Chinese submarines have surfaced next to United States aircraft carriers undetected.


If the aircraft carrier could not detect the submarines, it can be deduced that United States land defenses can also not detect the submarines offshore the United States in time.


The Chinese and Russian are focusing their naval effort on submarines as surface warships are obsolete as they cannot be defended against contemporary Russian and Chinese missiles and they are out producing us in submarines which is such a vital strategic area.


It is important to carefully reread this rewritten analysis demonstrating that the MAD defensive doctrine no longer exists.



This doctrine forestalled major wars for nearly seventy years as the United States and the Soviet Union had close enough parity to negate the use of nuclear weapons.


Russia also had a conventional defense with their buffer states reaching into East Germany which gave them a conventional cushion that is now gone.


The prerequisites for MAD are no longer the case as this study demonstrates. It also predicts that we face a very realistic possibility of a major war in Europe within six to twelve months after the Russians complete their defensive missile rollout of S-500 anti-missile missiles which will seal their country off from ICBMs and cruise missiles.


(The Russians will only admit as to the S-500 that it will be rolled out in 2016, but informed sources say it is being rolled out now.


Also, the fact that the very advanced S-400 is soon being delivered to China implies that they are holding back their operational S-500)


The Russians see Brzezinski’s effort to destroy Russia step by step from the Balkans, to the eastern expansion of NATO into eastern Europe to the Ukraine.


The Russians know that Brzezinski will not be satisfied until all of Russia is dismantled and destroyed as a nation, and therefore they realize they face an existential threat to their very existence.


You do not do this to a country unless you plan war and that is exactly what Kerry and Nuland are doing.


The loss of Christian Russia to China is the greatest strategic blunder of the west since the 1949 loss of China to Russia but worse as both are more powerful than then.


It is natural for Russia not to talk as they are stalling for time until the S-500+ defenses saturate Russia.


So the preparations we are seeing now by our own military could be a clue as to what is really going on here. 


Our govt is more than likely aware of Putin’s stance at this time and are taking the proper courses of actions to be prepared for war.


Mr. Lifschultz goes on to explain: This is a considerably updated version where I added the deep concern in our military over the Chinese development of missiles to hit our military satellites.


The Germans similarly underestimated the Russian military capability as I pointed out regarding the T-34 tank.


Hagel came out recently saying that we were now behind. I also added the jamming capacity of the Russian missiles against the Aegis Combat System. All of this is open source.


The data on the jamming came from the information on the strike of the Russian missile on the Israeli INS Hanit offshore Lebanon as released by DEBKA. (DEBKA disputed the Israeli government statement that the jamming systems were turned off and they were not.


Also, the editor of DEBKA told me it was a Russian missile though Israel says it was Chinese.) What is not referred to below is non-open source which makes the situation even more grave.


The Russians are testing the NATO and United States response times by their aerial penetrations. While the United States spent a trillion dollars looking for ten people in Afghanistan, and another two trillion looking for non-existent WMDs in Iraq, the Russians and the Chinese have been spending massive amounts of money on investments in new technologies to jump one or two generations ahead of the United States.


And they have succeeded. Now, in the most colossal strategic blunder in the history of the United States, Victoria Nuland has succeeded in creating a geopolitical catastrophe greater than when Tito took over the Balkans and Chairman Mao China, and these two combined with the Soviet Union gave nearly the entire Eurasian land mass to Bolshevism.


She has joined the formerly sleeping Dragon that Napoleon warned never to wake up, a modernized China, with Russia almost as a parallel to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939 which shook the entire world.


What is so incredible about this is that Russia is now Christian and had opened their arms to the western Christendom, and we are now trying to kick down the door of their house as Germany tried on June 22, 1941.


This earthquake that is considerably over ten on the Richter scale has not been detected by any of the corporate media which control the news in the west in the manner of an old Pravda. And Victoria Nuland is still at her post!


The last time around when something like this happened we had the McCarthy era explosion charging George Marshall with treason for stopping the supplies to Chiang Kai-shek while the Soviets turned over to Chairman Mao all the Japanese equipment that was surrendered to the Soviets.


The new Russia-China alliance is worse than the Soviet-undeveloped Mao China alliance by many dimensions.


The Russians and the Chinese can muster 120 million troops (100 million for China and 20 million for Russia) sporting the most advanced strategic nuclear missile and anti-missile equipment in the world.



Nor have we discussed the problem of the detonating of a nuclear bomb above the United States which could engender a dire saturation of the United States with electromagnetic pulse signals that would shut down every electronic device and computer in the country.


This country could be facing an all out war of our banking system, our computer systems, our electrical grid.


Russia is preparing to take all of these out and leave us helpless to being conquered. 


The CFR gave a not very worthy review of of Russian capabilities by the Council of Foreign Relations.


Their strategic nuclear capabilities are compared to the United States based on numbers but not by quality. For example, the Russian ICBM armed with MIRVs travels at about 21 Mach (16,000 miles an hour, flight distance between Moscow and Washington, D. C. is 4,874 miles, or 18 minutes away) which is far faster than that of the United States and basically cannot be defended against.


Their S-500 we understand is being rolled out so this is a dated study according to an informed source, and the fact the Russians are going to give the Chinese the S-400 implies that they must have something better in reserve.


The S-400 will make China invincible to United States air power and ICBM and cruise missiles.


Russia has been nortorious for hiding and concelaing their weapons stocks and military capabilities.


Stealth has been their main weapon in war.


Always leave the enemy guessing and wondering.


 Our sources estimate they far exceed the estimates in this study. When the Russian tank experts toured under the guidance of Panzer General Guderian the German tank production facilities they kept asking Guderian where were their larger tanks.


Guderian had a very uncomfortable feeling that the Russians had bigger ones that they were not showing. The German tank generals Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist and Heinz Guderian were shocked in 1941 to encounter the T-34 which was far larger than the largest German tank and these generals described it as “the deadliest tank in the world.”


It possessed the best firepower, mobility, protection, and ruggedness of any tank.


Its 76.2 3 inch high-velocity gun was the best tank gun in the world; its heavy sloped armor was impenetrable by standard anti-tank weapons, and furthermore it was very agile.


The Germans had to aim their anti-aircraft guns at the tank to stop it.


It is shocking to see such a Russian superiority when you look at the GDPs of France, Germany, England and the United States, but none had anything of the equivalent.


We find this now.


It is not GDP in the end that wins wars as the Spanish Armada found out off the shore of England.


In a sense, this is the S-500 which makes the Patriot anti-missile missile look like a dated V-2 of World War Two.


Nor is there a discussion of the Kornet anti-tank missile that knocked out the Merkava Tank of the IDF which was regarded then as the most formidable tank in the world, and it was a defenseless as a cavalry charge into machine gun fire.


The IDF commanders told me that it made tank warfare obsolete.


The Israeli INS Hanit was according to reliable sources hit by a Russian missile fired from Lebanon in July of 2006 16 kilometers offshore which passed through the most sophisticated United States jamming equipment sending shock waves through the Israeli Defense Forces and the United States Military.


The implications were dire.


The only way surface ships such as battleships and aircraft carriers can avoid being hit by fifty missiles launched at one time such as the Russian SS-N-27 Sizzler is by jamming their targeting mechanism for otherwise the Aegis Combat System of the Navy could be overwhelmed.


The Russian Iskander missile travels 7 times the speed of sound which has a range of 400 km, can carry a 700 kg warhead of several varieties, and has a circular error probability of around five meters.


This makes it deadly to airfields, logistics points and other stationary infrastructure along a broad front of conflict.


The Iskander can threaten targets deep in Europe.


The entire western way of war depends on the achievement of air supremacy.



Rommel says as much at Normandy that the aerial bombing smashed the best trained troops and at the battle of the Kerch Peninsula Field Marshall Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen’s air attacks inflicted casualties of up to 50% on the Soviet force, and though initially outnumbered, the then general Erich von Manstein’s Eleventh Army won a decisive victory that earned him the Field Marshall’s baton.


It would be a necessity for NATO to knock out these Iskanders but they would have to face the S-400 surface to air missile which the Russians can layer in defense zones in nearly every conceivable theater of conflict.


Positioning the S-400 at Kaliningrad could endanger NATO air operations deep in Europe. It would be nearly impossible for the NATO fighters to penetrate this layered screen of S-400s, and based on the astronomical cost of the NATO fighters, the loss of a single aircraft very nearly would represent a national fiscal catastrophe.


We could go on and on from weapon to weapon, though the purpose of this review is not to exhaustively examine the subject but to drive the point home about the strategic weakness of the United States forces.


But this is not all.


This study does not tell us anything of NATO capabilities. But we have below that they are so limited that Russia admits that they are not effective at all.


President Kennedy was transfixed in fear of having to have only a threat of a nuclear attack to defend western Europe, and built up the conventional capacity so that he did not have to launch a nuclear war to defend Europe.


But that is not the situation now.


There even cannot be any question of a buildup of conventional capacity as the Russians have said below that they would use their tactical nuclear weapons and more to defend themselves against a conventional attack so that sending a hundreds of thousands of troops as at Normandy as is out of the question.


Based on the S-400 and S-500, it is questionable if any of our ICBM or cruise missiles can get through.

The Chinese who have just completed significant economic treaties with Russia on natural gas deliveries and the sale of S-400 defensive missiles, and combined with secret protocols, creates a new alliance combining a huge portion of the Eurasian land mass.


The Chinese have not been slack in their own weapons development bouncing lasers off satellites, developing missiles that can hit the satellites, silent submarines that surface beside our aircraft carriers without detection, and their own anti-missile missile that can hit a reentering satellite moving faster than any ICBM.


The ability to knock out satellites would temporarily demobilize the entire ICBM arsenal and force its conversion to land control of the missile’s guidance.


In the midst of a nuclear exchange, this could be disastrous.


The pace of the rollout of these submarines by China and Russia far exceeds that of the United States, and since we have demonstrated that the surface fleet is obsolete as it cannot be defended, then the U.S. is losing the arms race in the most vital part of their Navy.


The Chinese and Russian submarines can surround the west and east coasts of the United States, and their nuclear cruise missiles can turn the United States into a nuclear turkey shoot.


The mobilization capacity of the Chinese Army is 100 million men under arms.


If you combine that with the Russian superiority in weapons, and their ability to field probably 20 million men, the EU faces overwhelming potential forces to their east.


The Zbigniew Brzezinski bluff in the Ukraine has been called, and he has created the greatest strategic blunder since we lost China in 1949.


He has undid the work of Richard Nixon when he broke apart the China-Russian alliance which is why Kissinger has referred to this madness as “fatal”.


The recent treaties between China and Russia can be compared to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939.


And yet we see the Baltic states and Poland and other border states as before World War Two screaming bloody murder instead of trying to get along with Russia and expecting us to launch a nuclear war that we may very well lose to defend 1.3 million people in Estonia as Britain and France went to war over the city of Danzig.


And was it not Poland who at Munich participated in the retrieving their former territory from Czechoslovakia as Russia is trying to do in the Crimea and Eastern Provinces that were given to the Soviet Republic of the Ukraine by Lenin in 1919 (Eastern Provinces) and Khrushchev in 1954 (Crimea)?


Who can defend the treachery of the Versailles Treaty?


(It was not the Soviet or Russian intention to ever see these separated from Russia and was granted conditional on these areas being part of the Ukrainian Russia.


Certainly Eastern Prussia should be also returned to Germany and Eastern Poland to Poland to undo Stalin’s treachery after the war.)


Since when should we be responsible for Estonia as some sort of world policeman and lose potentially hundreds of millions of Americans over countries that 99% of the American people do not even know anything about and have no strategic significance.


And why should we be paying for the defense of Europe at all when their GDP is larger than ours.

Since present United States military doctrine does not preclude preemptive strikes of nuclear weapons, and the Russians have said that they will use tactical nuclear weapons to defend Russia against a conventional attack if not more, and they have 5,000 tactical nuclear weapons to hardly any for ourselves, it means that the so-called MAD doctrine that kept the nuclear peace between the Soviet Union and the United States no longer governs.


If we see now that the Russians have the superiority in strategic nuclear and defensive weapons, and they do, and they see the GDP of the United States and the EU being ten times theirs, the window of opportunity to defend themselves could disappear in ten years subjecting them to a preemptive attack.



We understand that a massive deployment of the S-400 and S-500 is taking place at the present time, and it has dramatically accelerated in the last six months according to informed sources.


Once many thousands of them are deployed sufficient to block a nuclear attack by the United States, the window of opportunity of a first strike for Russia will then exist.


If we interpret sanctions as an act of war as Japan did when we sanctioned all deliveries of oil to them on July 25, 1941, and it certainly was an act of war, then the Russian planners may consider themselves forced to launch a first strike to preserve the existence of their nation.


If they wait, the west may develop new weapons to defend themselves, and be in a position to launch the preemptive strike themselves against Russia.


The war hysteria we saw a few months ago in the United States must have set off alarm bells in Russia.


We should expect Russia to be as quiet as possible for the next six to twelve months while they deploy their missiles, and once they are in place, then we may well enter into the greatest existential crisis in the history of the west.


They will silently put all of their pieces in place and wait for the US to walk right into their trap.










More Stories Contributed By N. Morgan, Click Here! 


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    • charlie2dogs

      this is nothing but fear mongering, it is this kind of talk that actually creates a bigger mess than what already exist

    • OmegaPrime


    • ExposeTheTruth

      Ms. Morgan has provided factual based information to support the WW III claim.

      I mean seriously, how could anyone ignore a Commander in the Navy being placed under arrest, for what?

       Not saying YES to the nuclear codes. Give me a break people..

      War is a racket and there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. 

      The article above does a good job of scratching the surface.

      By the way, ex KGB and former KGB run and operate DHS.

      DHS = KGB

      • westgate

        Is this the ‘flexibility’ that POTUS was referring to???

        • ExposeTheTruth

          10-4 Westgate.

          This is change you can believe in.

      • NM156

        You mean like that video you provided earlier stating a Chinese base in mexico?? You always agree with whoever is writing an article, troll.

      • Eggzactly

        Actually it was 2 Germans that set up Homeland Security under Bush and we all know Germans call Germany,
        “The Homeland” :roll: :wink:

    • Ray Joseph Cormier

      This is my introduction to sharing this article on my FB News Feed: Between all the lines, this writer is saying it is the US provoking the situation, causing the Russians to react to US actions.

      • ExposeTheTruth

        Keep in mind we have an illegitimate government breaking the rule of law.

        The Rule of Law is Dead, and now we have psychopaths running our government.

        Every member of congress and Senate is guilty of treason for aiding and abetting an enemy.

        They all know Obama’s real name is Barry Davis and he was born in Kenya. BO is a Fraud…

        • Anonymous

          ~ ”MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY” ~

        • CrowPie

          “They all know Obama’s real name is Barry Davis and he was born in Kenya. BO is a Fraud…”

          WAIT A MINUTE! HOLD UP….. :lol:

          Obamas mother is an American……..and Ted Cruz just announced his run for the 2016 Presidential race…..His Father is Cuban and his mother is American and he was born in Canada.

          Now……if you aren’t raising a stink about Ted running on the same grounds as you are calling Obama a “FRAUD”….then you are a bona Fide Hypocrite. :grin:

        • ExposeTheTruth

          Yes Crowpie,

          You hit the nail on the head.

          You no longer have to be a Natural Born Citizen to become President of United States.

          It no longer matters what country your from. Africa, Cuba, Canada, Mexico, Russia, etc.

          Come one, come all and run for president of the US.

          The Rule of Law is Dead…

          Your father could be a communist Cuban, and mother from Canada who gave birth in a Canadian hospital and you still will be considered an American citizen.

          Ted Cruz, just like Barry Davis (Obama) are both FRAUDS..

          It’s obvious by now that both PARTIES are completely corrupt operating an illegal illegitimate government.

      • Norry

        Reading between the lines Ray ?

        I thought it was very obvious (nose on face obvious) as to what the author was saying and it wasn’t good about america Ray !

        No need to pussy foot around with your hard hitting expose’s on your FB News Ray. Say it how it is !

        Get stuck in Ray ! Become that journo you have always wanted to be !

    • Norry

      Some good stuff there.

    • Knave Dave


      Apparently it is sufficient for WWIII that we just take Morgan’s word that the President of Genoil said this.

      Of course, I don’t know why we’d think the president of Genoil knows anything about it. He’s just a CEO, and CEOs are notoriously stupid. That’s why so many banks crashed and needed us peons to bail them out with tax money. To become the CEO of the largest corporations on earth, you have to be dumb enough to be able to bankrupt something that big within the few years you hold the position. That takes a lot of dumb!

      –Knave Dave

      • Saber

        I’ve been hearing all of this same reporting from other credible sources for over a year. Morgan is the first one to actually have written a concise and factual report everyone should be listening to. And it’s actually worse than she is reporting.
        Good Job Morgan… keep it up. You are waking some.

    • Norry

      The headlines though are fear mongering. Sad, otherwise a good article.

      Russia is not “preparing” for war, they are prepared and have been for a long time.

    • Bottousai

      The new queen of fear porn.

    • NM156

      And now the comments are out of order…..AGAIN. But hey, at least my comment made the light of day THIS TIME……

    • Light_Prevails

      How about a little balance?

      Russia has no intention of attacking the US. NATO is on the borders of RUSSIA with tanks, missiles, exercises despite Ukraine not even being a NATO country. The US has spent over $5 billion dollars as admitted by Victoria Nuland who works for the State Department in the take over of Ukraine. The CIA is over there very heavily and the head of the CIA, the great John Brennan flew over there twice after the violent revolution to pay a huge ransom for the release of the CIA captured prisoners. I am sure he is doing a good job for the agency but who is controlling the policy? Has our great and wonderful CIA been hijacked by the RAIDERS?

      Chabad which is more luxurious and has more influential people than the Rockefeller center has moved to Ukraine. The facilities are incredible!! Ukraine is now being exploited by the puppet government and many RAIDERS have been rewarded. Monsanto just received access so some of the richest soil in the world to grow GMO crops and surely they will spray heavy chemicals since the crops are resistant to the chemicals. The RAIDERS most likely received all the GOLD of the Ukraine central bank during the first week of the violent take over. ALL THE GOLD OF THE UKRAINE CENTRAL BANK is gone!!

      Russia wants peace!! Russia has all the land that it wants and has more natural resources than it can possibly exploit. They only have 145 million people…Russia wants PEACE and PROSPERITY. They want good trading partners.

      We could have a world of PEACE if everybody wanted it and discarded the FEAR and WAR information campaign brought on by those who benefit from FEAR and WAR.

      • Danishsaxonblood

        Hey you fool russia just invaded a country and we are not going ti stand for that

        • Vladimir

          Russia invaded? What is your evidence!

          America, after the Second World War, bombed 26 countries.
          Dropped atomic bombs on two Japanese cities.
          US military bases in 120 countries.

          To understand the plan read Alain Dales, written immediately after the war.

          The main thing: do not throw the Russian tanks in Mexico and the United States were transferred to the Baltic 400 Abrams, why?

    • The Seer

      the war is coming and its getting near for everyone :shock:

    • Manichee

      Good article N Morgan, Britain is To Boost Falkland Islands Defences amid claims there is a heightened risk of invasion. Due to Russia making deals with Argentina, At the moment Around 1,200 troops are based on the islands along with a small fleet of Sea King helicopters and RAF Typhoon jets and HMS Clyde.

    • The Watcher

      Putin is THE ANTICHRIST!

    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#3 (prelim),

      Charlie here. We have been at war with them since the 1950′s. But thank you for letting us know. Very sweet of you.


      Charlie (going down the doughnut hole)

    • Anonymous

      Fear porn
      Non issue

    • imauser

      New Documentary: Now with English Sub-titles… Fabulous watch!!

      Crimea. – Way Back Home.

      Andrey Kondrashov’s film, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed that the idea of Crimea’s return came about after Ukrainian nationalists, backed by the West, illegally overthrew the democratically-elected president in Kiev in February, 2014.

      “The events in Ukraine began to develop in a way that we had to start considering Crimea’s reunification with Russia. Because we could not abandon it [Crimea] and the people living on its territory, we could not throw the people under the wheels of this nationalist bulldozer,” Vladimir Putin stated.

      The official referendum on Crimea’s future was held on March 16, 2014, demonstrating unanimous support for reunification with Russia: 96 percent of voters in Crimea expressed their willingness to secede from Ukraine and re-unite with the Russian Federation in full compliance with the norms of international law.

      WATCH IN FULL here:


    • Klemens

      our special satanic friends will make war, that`s sure!

      What exactly will happen, I do not know. A nuclear war is possible.

    • skreamer

      Theres nothing to prepare! You shoot em, everyone dies!
      This is such garbage the media uses to control and influence our thinking!
      Since 9/11, the media no longer has to report the truth…”they can make it up now”
      Anyway they see fit………this would be a good example of that!

    • SyncroCity

      Yupp More Fear Mongering guys. There will be no nuclear war as they have been lying to all of the worlds people about what is and is not possible in a nuclear strike. It can’t happen and whats more here’s the proof! If they actually do launch ICBM’S (Inter continental ballistic missiles) the game will be over at that point as they won’t go off so they can NOT even launch multiple strikes as it will prove this information IS CORRECT. The only thing they have is the false threat… China and USA being Paper Tigers Anyone? Now your getting it ;-) … – End Of.

    • VirusGuard

      Russia would be as stupid as they were in WWII when Hitler invaded not to be building up more and better nukes because its the only thing that the rabbid dog of war known as the USA would understand as it pushed up aginst Russia in our back garden by using its NATO puppets who face being dispanded if they cannot pick a fight.

      Americans are not in control of their own country and the international bankers will get you all fryed if you don’t grow a pair and stop them en-mass.

      If Russia was taken out for just the cost of Washington and a nuke or two hitting Israel then the world could see a lasting peace, peace in our time without the USA starting another war every five years since the end of WWII.

      The USA under the control of Zionist bankers is the problem and not Russia/China or India.

    • Remo

      Most people have been led to believe that the 7 angels with the 7 trumpets in the Apocalypse (Revelation) are going to appear, in the distant future, at the end of time and blow their trumpets.


      The 7 angels are 7 time periods and the first 5 have already gone, with the 6th. (Rev. 9 v 12) IMMINENT and the 7th. being the LAST, for most of mankind.

      Are YOU ready? Don’t be so sure:-

    • Klemens

      Week in Review: US Guiding Airstrikes against Syrian Government and Clinton Foundation’s Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch

    • theawakezone

      I don’t think Russia would be the first aggressor. If it should break loose. Then it would be because US and their GREED LORDS have surrounded Russia with NATO countries.

    • tempestking

      sorry but no WAR coming as you will all see when we are all sat hear this time next year and still talking about the same sort of thing and then i will say the same again sorry no WAR coming ……

    • Jud

      So you are disillusioned with the US biased on what the pundits say.
      So many toilet bowl regurgitators based in the US and Russia are spreading misinformation or at least wrong perceptions of the truth about current events here in the US. An article published by the Moscow reveals the level of governmental support for anti-American propaganda directed at both the Russian citizens and readers in the US. See for a better understanding. They wish to block the truth coming from US sources, yet freely deposit stories via our web site toilets. Like I said, don’t take my word for it, go and search their news agencies. I really doubt we want to start a world war 3 with Russia nor do we want to occupy the former states of the USSR. What we do want is for those former states to retain their independence from a re assembling of the old USSR. The Russian people are some of the most kind and generous people on earth. They, like us are victims of political systems with agendas that don’t necessarily reflect the population as a whole. We need to keep a cool head about emerging events, wait out the truth before launching into a hysterical hussy fit that leads only to hardened feeling and grave reactions.

    • Vladimir

      list of countries which the US bombed in the 20th century

      United States – the world’s evil :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    • WhiteDawn

      This is the new trend of WARMONGERS on BIN!
      You destroyed this site, and about 10 other profiles probably the same people running them!





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