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“It’s time for all to see through Netanyahu’s paranoid delusions and false accusations on behalf of the Likudist nutcases.”

Highlights of Preston’s article:

– Israel’s and the ‘Khazarian Mafia’s' Fate rests in the hands of the Obama
– Obama Releases the evidence that Israel is a nuclear state

– Obama Knows 5 man Mossad hit team was sent to kill him
Nutanyahu and others have been blackmailing the U.S. with the 25 micro-nukes 
The Bravest Jew on Earth

Shout it from the Rooftops – Israel has Nukes and is a Criminal Terror State!

Posted by Preston James, Ph.D on March 31, 2015

We now know for sure that Israel has a large stockpile of nuclear weapons and will not admit it. It is time for President Obama to publicly declare this fact.

by  Preston James

It’s time to end the ongoing and seemingly endless Israeli charade about Iranians supposedly being in the process of developing nukes.

Bibi Netanyahu has been constantly harping that Iran is developing nukes and soon will have a deployable nuclear bomb unless stopped.What Netanyahu and Israeli Likudists really want is for the United States of America to attack and invade Iran on their behalf.

Despite all this an Agreement seems to be imminent either now or before summer of 2015.

It’s time for all to see through Netanyahu’s paranoid delusions and false accusations on behalf of the Likudist nutcases.

Yes, it is time to expose the hard cold facts that Israel itself is a complete liar and hypocrite because it has its own large stockpile of nuclear weapons and has been threatening most of the World with it. And as we know, Israel never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement, nor will it admit that it has nukes.

What this means in practical terms is that if the USG ever publicly admits that Israel has nukes, the USG must immediately suspend all foreign and military aid to Israel, and all private aid even from Dual Citizens must end immediately.

But wait, the DOD just released a classified report which acknowledges Israel’s nuclear program.

This document did everything but name the devices. This is a hard shot across the Israeli bow by President Obama who has been listening to some new advisers and following their America-first advice. Can you guess who these fine American folks are?

If you were told their names you would probably not be surprised but would be very grateful for their America-first work to protect America’s interests before Israel or any other nation.

Yes, don’t forget about Israel’s Samson option which it has already used many times as single Gladio-style False-flag events.

And we know for certain that Israel has a long history of already using its Samson Option. It set off a mini-nuke in the Cobert Towers which caused President Reagan to bring the troops home.

The Israeli set off a mini-nuke in the Bali Bombing, at the Murrah Bombing in Oklahoma City, and on 9-11-01 when it used its Mossad run Urban Moving Systems to place mini-nukes in the World Trade Center Towers.

And we now know that Israel planted twenty-five devices in various large American cities, large European cities, and other cities around the World as well and use these devices as nuclear blackmail against America and European nations and other nations as well.

What evidence do we have that the Israelis have a large stockpile of operational nukes and detonators which can be used to detonate them?

We have a long history of valid firsthand Intel reports which have traced the Israeli theft and acquisition of all the nuclear material they have and how they stole the detonators and technology from America. Nothing was ever done because there was no political will by our Members of Congress and our Administrations who were owned and controlled by AIPAC and the Israeli lobby.

But there is more hard evidence, so much more. All US satellite data based on variable aperture and hyper-spectral ground penetrating radar and sophisticated Helium 3 neutron sensors and gamma ray detectors provide 100% documentation that Iran has been developing nuclear power for peaceful purposes only.

All fissionable nuclear material gives off actual fingerprints which can be used to identify where the nuclear product was refined and what exactly it is comprised of.

Satellite provided data from sophisticated US Satellites and other nations show unequivocally that Iran has no fissionable material which could be used for a nuclear weapon.

But these same incredibly advanced satellite sensors show that Israel has a large nuclear stockpile on devices based on the re-refining of 350 W-54 Davy Crockett Nuclear Pits stolen out the backdoor at Pantex in Amarillo, Texas.

And this satellite provided data also shows some of Israel’s nukes to be hydrogen bomb city busters based on S-19 and S-20 MIRV hydrogen bomb warheads acquired from Ukrainians with the help of several US Congressmen at the end of the Cold War.

Israel is a Nuclear Beast that has been setting off nukes and threatening to set off nukes to blackmail the whole World.

And now it is time to slay this Nuclear beast and put the criminal Likudist regime in Israel out of business and take down the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia with it. And it will not be as hard to do as some think.

Israel’s confabulated accusations against Iran can now be stopped cold by the official release of all related American Intel and Israel can be shown for what it actually is, a criminal nuclear state that has been using and setting off nukes to blackmail the whole World. But there is more that can be done and the second part is where the rubber really will meet the road.

American Intel shows Israel to be a Criminal Nuclear Terror State.

American Intel can now easily prove that Israel is a Criminal Nuclear Terror State that engages in nuclear false-flags and nuclear blackmail, and musty be considered a Terrorist nation because of it. This declaration of what Israel actually is based on what it has done to the World and to America will provide grounds for the US Administration to officially declare Israel a nuclear Terrorist State and bring official USG sanctions against it.

European Nations are close to this already and will jump on board immediately and set some very tough sanction against Israel for its nuclear false-0flag terrorism, nuclear blackmail and Apartheid against Palestinians including genocide of Palestinians and massive land theft.

And on top of this, so too say the frosting on the cake, the US Administration needs to publicize the genome research showing that 97.5% of Judaics living in Israel have absolutely no ancient Hebrew Blood and no right to any Palestinian land at all, while 80% of Palestinians have ancient Hebrew blood and have an ancestral right to all of Palestine.

These actions, all based on truth backed up by excellent, verifiable satellite and ground Intel will isolate the Khazarian Mafia and the Likudists immediately and will bring Israel to its knees very rapidly.

Israel leaders deserve the level of mercy they have shown American Soldiers, Islamics and Palestinians. None. It’s a fact that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Chieftains and Kingpins working out of the City of London set up the Nazi Labor Camps for Judaics during WWII to provide free labor for vast profits of the large corporations supplying the Nazi war machine and to create their false trigger words “holocaust” and “anti-Semitism” as firewalls or mind-kontrol triggers to prevent any criticism of Judaics.

The Khazarian Mafia’s ability to mind-kontrol suggestive Judaics all around the World is legendary. In fact it is so strong that some believe it is actually the placing of a spell of Baal, that is a Babylonian Black-Magick spell on these individuals, or as some view a spiritual invasion that infects their soul with a parasitical mental disorder that breeds a paranoid racial delusion and malignant tribal persecution complex.

If you doubt the strength of this paranoid group racial delusion also known as malignant tribalism, watch this short video and watch the mind-kontrol victims cry like babies who had their bottle taken away.

When you create all the money, you’ve got instant far-reaching power.

The Khazarian Mafia Banksters have been printing, issuing and passing out their Federal Reserve System counterfeit dollars to selected Judaic Cutouts who will buy into the malignant Judaic Tribalism and do their dirty work taking down the whole World.

And we now know for certain that these same Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters anointed top Judaic leaders with the blessings of their massive private Fiat Bankster financial power and political power to elevate them to high positions in the USG, corporations and American society to serve as Cutouts who will support Israel and be loyal to it first before their own country America. This is best described as induced Treason.

Bibi made a huge tactical error disrespecting President Obama and ordering a five-man Mossad hit team to assassinate him.

President Obama now has complete knowledge of this plot and how the five-man Mossad team is to be sheep-dipped as Palestinians and then sacrificed to provide cover.

Have you noticed a change in President Obama’s actions lately and some serious rationality in regard to making peace will Iran so that a good trade relationship can be established? The reason? President Obama is getting some excellent advice from new American Intel consultants and is taking it.


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