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Israeli Investigative Journalist: Bibi Netanyahu a Suspect in Charlie Hebdo Massacre

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Israeli investigative journalist: Bibi a suspect in Charlie Hebdo massacre

Posted by Kevin Barrett on April 9, 2015

Netanyahu’s “guilty demeanor” too obvious to be denied


By Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor

A leading Israeli investigative journalist has gone public with his suspicions that the January shootings in Paris were a false flag – and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a key suspect.

Barry Chamish, author of the bestselling Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?, made the remarks in a radio interview with this author, transcribed for the new book We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11 (now availableon Amazon). Chamish also recently did a second interview in which the same suspicions were expressed.

In the first interview, Chamish said:

Well, I read your stuff, and by the way, I’ve got the same suspicions (that the Charlie Hebdo affair was a false flag). I’m not sure if it’s the same conclusions. But I certainly share the suspicions. The perpetrator, Said Kouachi, left his wallet in the getaway car. What does that say to you? There’s plenty fishy about this…Netanyahu showed up with a magic message at the funeral. Actually it was at the synagogue, where he invited all French Jews to emigrate to Israel…It bothered me a whole lot. It didn’t look good. It really didn’t . . . You have to understand, Israel’s losing population—an awful lot to the (United) States. You have a few attacks in France, Denmark— Denmark’s minor, 12,000 Jews. France has got 450,000. You can repopulate your country…if it works. Okay? I’m not saying—It’s looking like it’s not going to work terribly well.

Though a right-wing, pro-Zionist Israeli, Barry Chamish is known for his fearless exposés of corruption at the top of Israel’s power hierarchy. When someone like Chamish, who hates Netanayahu’s Labor Zionist opponents with a passion, nonetheless singles out Bibi as a suspect in the Charlie Hebdo psy-op, it would seem that January’s false flag in Paris has backfired.

Below is a transcript from yesterday’s Barry Chamish – Kevin Barrett interview. (Chamish’s words are in boldface.) Extracts from the first interview pointing the finger at Netanyahu have been published in We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11.

“We need to remember the threats of Benjamin Netanyahu, who announced in no uncertain terms that if France recognized the existence of Palestine we would have terrorist attacks in France. He declared to the French people on August 7th, 2014, in an interview with i-Télé: “This is not Israel’s battle. It is your battle, it is France’s battle. It they succeed here, if Israel is criticized instead of the terrorists, if we do not stand in solidarity, this plague of terrorism will come to your country.”
If we do not understand Netanyahu’s statement as a disguised threat, it is absurd, since there is obviously no reason why recognizing Palestine and standing in solidarity with Gaza would provoke Islamist attacks in France. But there is every reason why it would provoke reprisals from Israel. It is at the very least bizarre that this “prediction” or “threat” from Netanyahu—who is leading today’s march—should come true.” Alain Soral, from a talk delivered January 11th, 2015, transcribed and published in the book We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11

Interview with Barry Chamish, April 8th, 2015

There’s a new book out this week, a Charlie Hebdo book, that contains essays by respected public intellectuals. And they counter false flag operations. It’s an indication that people are waking up. Kevin, what’s the name of the book?

It’s called We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11 (now available on Amazon.)

What’s the book about? And, what was Charlie Hebdo? Let’s give a little bit of background, then dive into the book.

Yes, well, at the beginning of this year, in early January, we had a shooting in Paris, at a staff meeting at Charlie Hebdo magazine, which had been going bankrupt while attacking Muslims and to some extent Christians with blasphemous and pornographic images for the past couple of years – and the more it did that the more bankrupt it went, but somebody was keeping it afloat – anyway, that magazine got shot up. A bunch of people got killed, including the editor Charb. And then an orchestrated public relations campaign immediately blossomed. Millions of people marched in France holding identical placards, practically all with the same font, saying “We Are Charlie Hebdo.” It looked like a mind control thing, whether or not it was a false flag. The media kept pumping out the same message. My first reaction was, “My God, Muslims doing stupid things, killing people, this is horrible.”  And then a couple of days later…

You forget, it wasn’t just Charlie Hebdo.

Yeah, then there was the kosher deli, a shooting in a kosher deli. And my first reaction was, yeah, that’s possible, it could be crazy extremist Muslims, that’s totally plausible that something like that could happen. But then all sorts of indicators came in that it was just another example of Operation Gladio style false flag, a public relations stunt. And I was angry about being taken in by it. I’m sick of these things, from 9/11 through 7/7, Madrid, Bali, all these horrible slaughters…

9/11, by the way, was so obvious.

It took me two years to figure out 9/11.

(laughs) Well, as I say, at 5:20 in the afternoon, when the third plane didn’t arrive to smash into the building, what do you know? Larry Silverstein and the New York Fire Department decide to knock down the building. The explosives were already inside! What did they do, send a couple bomb makers up a 47 story building to knock it down that day?! I mean, look: That was obvious. Why people did buy into it, God only knows. 

Well, the media blacked it out, Barry! They blacked out Building 7! They were not allowed to show Building 7 coming down for six years after the event.

Oh, I knew about it, way before six years. There were three buildings. And they went straight down, too. Had to have been explosives inside. What did (Silverstein) call it, to bring it down…to pull it down?

He said, “Maybe the best thing to do is pull it. So we made that decision to pull, and we watched the building collapse.”

Yes. Now the fact that nobody asked who put in the explosives…it’s a grade one question. But they got away with it! I don’t know how they got away with it.

The problem is that if you let them get away with something like that, then what won’t they get away with? That’s why each time this kind of thing happens, a lot of us pull our hair out, we say  “oh my God, when are they going to do another really big one again like 9/11 and totally shred what’s left of the Constitution and start World War III?” We really have to get more proactive. And this book We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo is a very strong and fast reaction. We got it out within three months of the event, which is a new record. Never before has there been a big false flag that got deconstructed (in a book) that fast.

I’m going to describe how you describe the book, alright? And somehow I fit in here. I don’t know how. But the book “includes Sunnis, Shi’as, Jews – that would be me – Protestants, Catholics, liberals, conservatives, quasi-Marxists, hardcore Marxists. People with different viewpoints have a thoughtful dialogue, throwing a monkey wrench into the New World Order’s divide-and-conquer plan.” Not a bad summation. But whatever I did, it’s because the Jews are getting screwed big time by this. And you’re ignoring that a little too much.

Well, that’s what you say in your essay, Barry. That’s why I invited you to contribute, so you could give us your thoughts.

I chose what I chose. If you don’t get some balance here, we’ll continue to be divided and conquered. But let’s talk: What monkey wrench, what NWO divide-and-conquer plan? What is this?

The New World Order is the catch phrase that we use – George H.W. Bush used it on September 11th 1991, ten years before 9/11. It describes a plan to expand the British-American-Anglo Empire to encompass the entire world. It’s both a world government plan, and a kind of secular socialist plan to base global society on something other than religion. I think it’s radical freemasonic types who are behind that ideology. Now, the way they’re doing this is by shredding our traditions: Traditional religion, national identity – that sort of thing gets in the way of their ability to rule us. So they set us at each others’ throats.

It goes back way before the current New World Order. Iraq was put together after World War I, with Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds all in one great soup. Jordan was created out of Saudi Arabia. Israel was created out of whatever was in Israel. I believe it was Transjordan. All of this was created before the current New World Order.

Yes, the New World Order goes way back. People may not have been using that exact term, though the Latin phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum has been around for ages – isn’t that on the dollar bill? So that’s a freemasonic thing going back to the late 18th century, when the Illuminati, the radical freemasons, may have fomented the French revolution.

Actually the New World Order was the late 17th century in Frankfurt, Germany. That’s when the Illuminati began. That’s Adam Weishaupt.

No, Adam Weishaupt was 18th century, the late 1700s. Maybe you’re thinking of Jacob Frank?

I know it was Weishaupt, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, and you’re right, the big one was Jacob Frank. I got mixed up.

You’re just once century off. But this trend has been going for a long time.

Sabbatai Zevi was 1666.

One example of how this (NWO divide-and-conquer plan) works was World War I, which was designed to take down the traditional empires, the Ottoman and Austr0-Hungarian empires. Both of those empires had included all kinds of different groups of people who more or less could rule themselves. Jews in particular had a much better time in the Ottoman Empire than in Western Europe, and that’s because the Ottomans had a canton or millet system  where they allowed each group to rule itself, and didn’t force people to convert.

You don’t know who Attaturk was. He had a very strong tie to Sabbatainism..

Now you’re getting ahead. By the 20th century, the plan to take down the Ottoman Empire had already gone pretty far along, because they had whipped up nationalism in Eastern Europe, Balkanized the Balkans, and these nationalists hated the Ottomans. It was designed to take down that empire and create a divided and conquered world, in which each little national group is at the throats of each other little national group. And they’ve been turning groups against groups ever since. And today, I think this New World Order elite finances both sides in wars, setting one side against another, and then out of the chaos they try to bring out their whole new society. So they’re totally opposed to tradition, traditional values, traditional religion. They want to basically just burn everything down and start again with themselves in charge.

What did I write for your book? Just to see where I fit in this. Can you remind me?

You wrote a wonderful piece, Barry, a very heartfelt piece, waxing eloquent and being very very upset about the horrific radiation experiments that were done to the Sephardic Jews who were brought to Israel. And you were tying that in, but not in too straightforward and obvious of a way, which I gave you a hard time about, to the Charlie Hebdo thing, which you think might have been a false flag by the New Word Order Labor Zionists to try to get French Jews to go to Israel. Just as they terrorized Iraqi Jews to make them go to Israel, terrorized other places, brought these poor Sephardic Jews to Israel, and zapped them with lethal, or nearly lethal, radiation.

Yeah. I’m glad you said Labor Zionists. There used to be something that was not Netanyahu called the Irgun that fought Labor Zionists. And Labor Zionists fought Jews. They executed them, they sent them to camps in Africa. If you don’t know that, you just don’t know our history…

Listen to my first Barry Chamish interview on Charlie Hebdo. (The second will be posted this weekend at my archive.) 





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