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Recent Prophecies Direct From Source CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN (1992) "From this day on, calamities upon calamities will you have..."

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CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN “Now, hear My final warning,******or world,******or earth and your inhabitants.  As in the days of old, so shall now all life be brought to an account to ME, WHO AM!  I will destroy the land and its people, but shall save the REMNANT on whose behalf I AM WHO AM acting.  From this day on, calamities upon calamities will you have…”


6/8/92  #2    HATONN


I ask that, as we continue in discussions regarding days of darkness and days of “Light”, and then thousands of years of Light–that you refrain from predisposition to “outguess” me or to “outrun” me and jump to conclusions that have been erroneous from onset.  What we are speaking about is the evolvement of a planet and those which inhabit same.  Stop your wigging and wagging and let us look at what lies ahead.


Many writers, always of “religious” origins, tell you horrid tales and, “Well, after all–it is good for us.”  But the terminology and prospects speak for themselves as does “It’s for your own good!”  It smacks of the old lie which says, “…it hurts me more than you,” then whack, whack, whack.

If your trust and actions are Godly, then your assurance is that HE will send ones (US) to make sure HIS people are safe.  The portion is UP TO YOU IF YOU ARE TO BE INCLUDED IN SUCH “LIFT OFF”.  So in that context, then we must look into those changes which come simply from the changes necessary as Earth orbits through its great cycles and encounters those regularly occurring impacts of a cosmic cycling.  Then the third scenario to consider is that which will come but can be impacted either by Creator or Earth beings through actions–or inactions.

Certainly, in presenting this information, our intent is not to scare the living daylights out of anyone so that you can’t come out of terror long enough to LEARN, or to remain in your ignorance from sheer panic and fear.  Knowing gives ability to respond and not simply react.  If you get into total respect and reverence for God (fear the Lord–respect God), the attention turns unto that which, when accepted, brings a right will, a good life, and total confidence in God and true peace of mind and heart–regardless of circumstances.  We must balance the prospect of coming fearsome, even apocalyptic-like events, with the reassurances from God Himself, from your own traditional scriptures and otherwise prophetical projections, of His care and protection for those of His children who remain faithful to Him.  Under the shadow of His wings you can rejoice and not only feel but be absolutely secure.  In this security we can proceed about our own missions without total distraction.

Worry or anxiety and restless striving to figure out or anticipate future events, especially their exact “timing” must be outgrown.  As you have been told and the “Lord” said to Julka:  ”None of My creatures will fathom My thoughts and plans!…  None of the people on Earth will know the day and the hour of the punishment or the cleansing.  It will come suddenly!”  What is spoken of herein?  He is speaking of the final great circumstance cycle which is recognized as the “Chastisement”.  I personally deplore the word for it assumes meaning which is not exactly “on-target”.  It simply means that the evil of the world shall be cleansed and the creations will be sorted and shifted.  It certainly is, however, THE time to get with the program and get that pathway straightened out and get on the journey up the right roadway for it is in this presentation of final knowledge have we been sent.  We are come to collect Creator’s beings–to bring in the flock, if you will, which belongs to the Lighted Source.  Those of Earthians who choose other direction are absolutely welcome to do so and will have no coercion from our Hosts.  It seems a very good time indeed to renew or reinforce that “friendship” bond with Creator.   Does worry and turmoil help?  Not that I note–as you will note this has been “imminent” to the point that many of the worst “worriers” are already departed from your place so their fears and worries were needless and changed nothing.  There is a writing, “Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof!”  When tomorrow comes, God will give His graces then, but not for tomorrow–today.  If you are awake and KNOWING of the sequence of journey–then there is nothing to concern about–the journey continues and much for the better if you are in KNOWING of progression and have functioned in the physical plane as if–in goodness instead of evil practice.



“A day will come when the enemies of Christ will boast of having conquered the whole world.”

“The human race will have to go through a great storm that will sharpen divisions among men and reduce their plans to ashes.”

“There will be a great prodigy which will fill the world with awe.”

“I saw one of my successors taking a flight over the bodies of his brethren.  He will take refuge in disguise somewhere; and after a short retirement he will die a cruel death.  The present wickedness of the world is only the beginning of the sorrows which must take place before the end of the world.”  (St. Pius X)

“God will send two punishments; one will be in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils; it shall originate on earth.  The other will be sent from Heaven.  There will come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights.”  (Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, 19th cent.)

Why do I utilize “religious” terms and speakers?  Because each began in purity and prophecies are valid if valid–regardless of who speaks them.  The “religions” of CHRIST and GOD began in purity and represented the opposite of EVIL.  It is MAN who has aligned himself with the corrupted concepts and allowed that which is Evil to take the very language of God and cause its destruction in worthiness of definition.

I wish to pass on by the obvious signs of spiritual “religious” signs such as bleeding and weeping statuary or the recognition of Wars as being valid confirmation.  Let us look at that which is happening and other seers in connection with projections of changing cycles are eras.

There are signs predominating which show a leading up, through even a climactic period of increasing trials and tribulations and disasters of all types, to the peak finale of the Three Days’ Darkness.  These signs are both natural and human–if you choose to put it that way–but also are spiritual and supernatural in observation according to your level of knowledge.

Among such “human” signs are the expanding categories of evil rampant in your world: great apostasies from Faith in God and billions of people propagandizing against God under the control of governments infected with atheistic Communism as a gross example–even nations calling themselves “Godly” are actually submerged in what is “called” Communism (but is not).  Gross “sins” of all kinds, especially those grouped against the sixth and ninth commandments, from lust connected with contraception, through fornication, adultery, sexual abuse of all categories, including the enslavement of women and children, active homosexuality and lesbianism, pornography, etc., to abortion; the murder of millions and millions of infants cut to pieces in the womb, sucked apart by vacuum instruments or scalded to death by salt injections.  Do I not believe in humans’ right of “choice”? Do I not have belief in “woman’s rights to choose”?  Indeed–BEFORE THE ACT WHICH PRODUCES THE PREGNANCY–I DO NOT SANCTION MURDER OF THE INNOCENT FOR THE SINS OF THE ACTORS.

Therefore, do I say I do not condone abortion?  Absolutely!  I do not condone abortion in any way, shape or form.  If irresponsibility precipitated the error then more irresponsibility will not cure it.  By the way–I care not what you think of my opinion about it–arguments will only reassure me that you are more ignorant than I could have even imagined!  I am here to tell you the facts of how it IS–not argue over opinions of how you think it ought to be!  I can only observe that your thinking has gotten you into the total downfall and overpopulation and pure miserable existence of a planet full of humans and hapless creatures paying the price for your total lack of responsibility as a species and civilization.  When this happens–cleansing is always ahead for you!!  EVERY TIME!!



The pyramiding millions of abortions in the world today, including the annual million and a half plus slain in the United States alone cry out for the arm of God’s justice to fall if nothing else were amiss.

Besides all the hatred, revolutions, wars, religious divisions among mankind, violence, terrorism, we could list countless acts of rebellion against authority from those against paternal authority in the home, rebellion against civil governments and in the schools, to those directed against the head of the Churches, the Magisterium and against God Himself.  Many of these evils represent a towering Babel of pride and they simply echo Lucifer’s (Satan) shout: “Nonserviam!”–”I will not serve!”  The result is a literal hell on earth for both sinners and for the good they influence in the negative passage away from Godliness in behavior.  This is the total falling into the trap of the senses of the physical plane while defying and breaking all of the rules of God as to produce harmony and balance.

The “Churches”, as you recognize the clubs, cry out in righteousness that it is a day of cleansing as with Noah and in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Can you not see that at this “crossing” you have populated and inhabited the entire planet and not just an area around the Holy Lands?  That was the only known place at the time of cleansing but was indeed a perfect advance warning of what would come–TODAY. 

You must remember all of the story, though, as you consider what happened.  The angels went to SAVE Lot, his wife and daughters and anyone else who would LISTEN–for the sake of Abraham, who claimed God as friend.  So, too, shall it be for the goodly people in your days.  At least your eternal salvation and continued experience is guaranteed.  The spiritual-minded will note these signs and developments and will prepare for the more trying times to come, which times many of them believe are very close, dear ones.  They prepare for what has been forecast as a “minor judgment”, a great “Day of the Lord” and a magnificent warning sign, if you will.  It is said that the Lord spoke to ones in Heede, Germany and called the days of coming cycle by that label.  Then at about the same time from Madrid, in 1955, another message was given:  “This generation deserves to be annihilated, but I desire to show Myself as merciful.  Great and terrible things are being prepared.  That which is about to happen will be terrible, like nothing ever seen since the beginning of the world.”  What makes you think that the “preparations” are of God?  Natural cycles are of Nature and God–intent to annihilate and blow up a world are destructive things and are of full EVIL intent–not GODLY creation.



What do the people who will pass through this tribulation do?  Well, first of all they listen and become prepared for whatever will come.  They, many of them, will simply turn into that which they consider the “truth” of the doctrines of Churches.  This will suffice if the doctrines are truly in projections of God’s Laws.  But it requires more than that–it requires physical response and action in protection and readiness.

I find it difficult to consider the various possibilities herein and project the probabilities in differing scenarios to those “possibilities”.

The warnings are so prevalent and current–even to such things as a statue of Mary shedding blood near Baguio City Airport in the Philippines.  Warnings will always be presented from higher truth unto you in those manners which you can be capable of seeing and hearing.  The point is to return to God so that you will be ready at the passage and/or “pick-up”–I care not what you call it.

What happens is that evil simply becomes more evil and, in so-doing, the very perpetrators of horror deceive you and keep the security devices from you which would save the myriads of lives in the physical–through their own greedy control of circumstances.  They will then call it an act of God and the remaining few will believe it.  Why can you not see in advance and turn this from you?

No, it becomes more and more certain, despite the efforts of the goodly and the repentance of the many, that, because of this impenitence of the greater number, there will be increasing tribulations which will first culminate in what is prophesied as the Three Days of Darkness.  This will be more a thing of “coincidence” than a precipitated event whenever it happens.

The “divine” interventions in the form of “signs” such as apparitions, prophecies, wonders and prodigies, etc., are simply dramatic indications of the greater danger of the present times for souls and “souls” is what it’s all about!  These are intended to get your attention and to help guide you, and to urge you to turn to higher possibilities and communicate with us who are sent to assist. But this also requires a turning from evil into lighted passage.  There will actually be a time of great increase of healings and cures, of miracles of various kinds–by God and not just the insipid spurious deceit of the few self-proclaimed priests of some denomination of club or another.  There will be new rising of true “religious movements” or a reaffirmation of the truth of the (c)atholic body–which means universal body, by the truly Holy “Spirit” or Great Spirit, and whether or not you like it–by unusual prodigies from the outer reaches.


You assume it means that of going through a great chastisement after return to Israel (Palestine) and return into the temple, etc., etc., etc.  No, it means that the ones who have been betrayed by the adversary will come into recognition of that which has happened and those who simply call themselves “Jews”–because they know no better–will see and know what has happened and will return unto God in Truth instead of the lie which has become the only tradition they have been allowed to have through these last generations.  Let me assure you that, as we move through the happenings on the planet, a whole big bunch of so-called “Jews” who have denied these very JOURNALS will be calling George the minute the phones work again–asking “….so what can I do?  I’ve certainly changed my mind!”


Still another sign is the great increase of Satanic activity: demonic sacrifice (blood) and this considers the “Jewish temples” also, black masses and other demonic rites, devil worship, cases of possession and obsession (Satanism is even taught, literally and also subtle in form, in schools), that even Church ministers and priests are being asked for exorcisms.  This “recognition” of demonic possibilities is one of the major signs of the “times”.  Why would this be a sign?  Because it simply is that “devils” know their time is short, hence their intensive activity before being crushed and returned to “hell”.  Evil knows the hand of God is descending upon them and yet with the goodness also comes the recognition of great loss of physical beings which means great torment and suffering as the lost souls cry out in their misadventures and, shall we say, regrets.

Perhaps it would help herein to look more closely now at the matter of Darkness, especially as related to your “Old Testament” prophecies because those are the ones most familiar in all forms–to the largest numbers of people since all “religions” sprang from them.  I do not herein include the Aboriginal beings because they have no “religion”; they have only spiritual traditions already based on One God “Creator” and “Creation”.

“I can give you only one piece of advice for today:  PRAY and get others to pray, for the world is at the threshold of its perdition.”  (Padre Pio, quoted by Francis Johnston in Fatima the Great Sign.)

Herein I think it appropriate to simply present some relative ancient prophecies to modern ones as already published and leave them for your consideration.  I have no intent of learning “for you” for it is your own lessons which are in point and you must consider what it is YOU feel about each item offered.


“In Your light we see the light!” (Ps. 36)

Lots of people think they can hide in the darkness–even as sinful Adam and Eve in the shadow of the trees as the myth is presented–and not to be found out.  But the inspired know:

“If I say: ‘Let the darkness hide me and the light around me be night’, even darkness is not dark for You and the night is as clear as the day.” (Ps. 138: 11-12).

So now let us apply the above Scripture quotations to the basic attitudes and actions of different people in today’s world; the approach of the sincere and good people who seek to walk in God’s light, and that of the evil and insincere people who hide in the darkness and seek to escape God’s wrath which threatens them because the cup of their inequity overflows before Him.  The hope of the good, as the darkness of the Chastisement increases about them (figuratively as well as literally), is biblically expressed by the words:  “O my God, You brighten the darkness about me.”  (2 Sam. 22:29)

As for the evil, however, there is the Scriptural certainty:  “His lamp will go out at the coming of the darkness.”  (Ps. 20:20)  In the same way, we hear from modern prophecies that, in the Three Days, a blessed candle will suffice for illumination in the homes of the good, but any blessed candle that the sinful in their presumption might attempt to light will sputter out.

Events, which to some people, will appear as being totally evil, will be recognized by discerning good people as being used by God for their ultimate good.  “In the shadow of Your wings I rejoice.”  (Ps. 63-9)  As all should know by now, the Lord draws good out of evil.  For repentant evil-doers, the doors of Mercy will always remain open.  “Whoever has left the darkness of sin, yearns for God.”  For both the good people and the repentant sinners we hear; “I will turn darkness into light before them.”  (Is. 42-16)


Scriptural Truths concerning the good and the bad, announced in one generation, apply to all generations.  However, in certain periods of history there occurs a titanic intensity in the struggle between the forces of good and evil, and in particular between Christ’s teachings and His demonic-grouped enemies.

Evil insinuates itself so cleverly and also rages so rampantly, as it did in the times of Noah, and of Sodom and Gomorrah, that a special judgment or so-called “Day of the Lord” will be necessary to wipe out the evil and offer the Earth a new start.  While at all times there are certain appeals that emanate from God’s patient Mercy and certain chosen souls who will cry out for His Mercy and offer atonement, nevertheless God’s Justice will finally demand the execution of the Day of Judgment for the unrepentant people and nations.

The majority of thinkers, writers and preachers on your modern scene believe that you are in such a crisis today and that the peak period of a so-called chastisement is due, indeed is at hand, for the world.  The aboriginal people know you are in the time of purification.  This conviction is borne out by longtime Bible prophecies and reinforced by modern and very recent ones.  A popular phrase today is:  “Get it together!”  From old and new prophecies, God has put it all together, one can be sure!  However, you had best look carefully at the various options given to you and most specifically at the ONE called “lay it on Jesus’ blood”.  Simply “believing” that there was a Jesus and who might have died (or even “did die”) FOR your sins (instead of you paying your own price for ill-behavior) is incorrect assumption.  If you assume Jesus and Christ to be the same and you attune to the “Christ” and not the “man”, then in either event your life will turn about and you will turn into the pathway toward God–ACCORDING TO HIS LAWS.  JUST SAYING YOU BELIEVE ON JESUS AND HE WILL TAKE YOUR BURDENS AND BEAR YOUR PUNISHMENT, ETC., WILL NOT CUT IT!

“We possess the prophetic message as something altogether reliable.  Keep your attention closely fixed on it, as you would on a lamp shining in a dark place until the first streaks of dawn appear and the morning star rises in your hearts.”  (2 Pt. 1:19)

Various authors and scholars concerned with prophecy believe that the following Old Testament prophecies apply, at least on a broad scale, to the outcome of certain developments in your times.

“For behold, the Lord will come in fire, and His chariots are like a whirlwind, to render his wrath in indignation, and His rebuke with flames of fire, and His sword unto all flesh, and the slain of the Lord shall be many.”  (Is. 66:15-16)

Some prophecies, old and new, indicate that two-thirds or three fourths of mankind will be destroyed.  Here you have to allow for interpretations regarding geography of the world and world populations as also for the moral conditions of various nations.  But, I remind you that the Elite One World Government–INTENDS TO DEPOPULATE TO NO MORE THAN 550 MILLION PEOPLE–WORLD-WIDE.  I SUGGEST YOU STOP BLAMING GOD!



I care not to become entangled in a web of argument regarding whether or not there was “actually” a Noah, ark or real circumstance.  The story serves well enough.  Noah’s world was judged by the waters of a flood.  The next great judgment will be by fire according to prophecy.  That does not exclude many other contributing disastrous forces, as of some tidal wave or torrential rain.  Nor does it mean the actual end of the world and the last or General Judgment.  Many other Old Testament prophecies, especially when illuminated by coordination with modern ones, indicate that the End of the Ends is not yet.

“That day is a day of wrath, a day of tribulation and distress, a day of calamity and misery, a day of darkness and obscurity…  And I shall distress men, and they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord: and their blood shall be poured out as earth, and their bodies as dung.”  (Zephaniah 1:15, 17)

“In all the land, says the Lord, two-thirds of them will be cut off and perish, and one-third shall be left.  I will bring the one third through fire, and I will refine them as silver is refined, and I will test them as gold is tested.  They shall call upon My Name and I will hear them.  I will say, ‘They are My people’, and they shall say, ‘The Lord is my God!”  (Zechariah 13: 8-9)

In the above prophecies it seems you can note a day or so of wrath, darkness and confusion, a time of great destruction and purification by what you might well assume to be fire (a fire perhaps somewhat symbolic in part but very real also).  You also might note that the forecast is that a remnant of the people will be brought safely through all trials by God Himself.  Do you not think you ones are being sorely tried?  Tested?  There is an overall tragic division of the good and the evil, to the latter’s eternal destruction.  As in the old, so often in later prophetic revelations, you hear of the “remnant” who will survive the Chastisement and the Three Days’ Darkness.  Hm-m-m-n.

You also learn of the triumphant aftermath for the people of God and the Word to spread.

“I will send of them that shall be saved, to the Gentiles…to the island afar off, to them that have not heard Me…and all flesh shall come to adore before My Face, saith the Lord.” (Is. 66:19, 23)


Let us, therefore, look at some connections between a few very recent prophecies and some older ones, for an example, from the American layman who is a scientist and exile from Communist Europe, and whom we shall refer to in subsequent passages as “L.G.A.” for his protection.

“Tell your brothers and sisters, thus says the Lord:  I am speaking to you now for the third time in a row.  These words of Mine contain My plans which I announced a long time ago through My prophets.  My words stand as I pronounced them and they will come true exactly as I uttered them…”  (Feb. 6, 1984)

And now in referring to the prophet Joel, 2:28-32, from which I quote verses 30, 31:

“And I will show wonders in heaven: and in earth, blood and fire and vapour of smoke.  The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood; before the great and dreadful day of the Lord doth come.”

You hear the following prophetic words given by L.G.A. as recently as Feb. 22, 1986:

“Tell to your brothers and sisters, thus says the Lord:  The time is at hand for the words I AM WHO AM have spoken through My prophets to come to fulfillment.  Yes, I have had enough of the offenses of mankind, by men and women, yes, even by children, which are hurled endlessly against Our Divinity.  I AM WHO AM, your Triune God; I DO SPEAK AND ANNOUNCE MOST SOLEMNLY:  These words of Mine spoken by My prophet JOEL are to be fulfilled NOW!

“To My children of love I offer the consolation of Our Holy Spirit, GOD THE HOLY GHOST.

“To My erring children Iam sending you the days of chastisement, the days of My just anger.  Know that these terrible days are filled with My love and compassion, because I will receive presence of mind to call a truly repentant heart.”

One day later, Feb, 23, 1986, referring to the same passage of Joel, part of a message given then follows:


“I will plunge the earth into darkness for three days and nights, and deliver it up to its crucifixion, just as I was in the bowels of the earth for three days and nights after My crucifixion.  When the sun rises after those days and nights, the purified earth shall shine just as My resurrection did.  My remnant, you will experience it, for you will experience the protective arms of your God.

“As the darkened clouds congeal to shut out and extinguish all lights, turn inwards to your souls with the knowledge that My Peace is yours, and then you will hear My voice calling you in your inner silence.–KNOW THAT I AM WHO AM SPEAKING TO YOU!”

Of further interest, this author is aware of a reliable seeress in midwestern U.S.A. who recently had a vision of an amassing of dark clouds.  She is not alone; there have been many other such prophetic visions seen by people in various places around the U.S. and from all portions of the globe.  Certainly this is not the only place wherein comes Truth and projections.  This is the place, of THIS mission.  Further, much truth comes from all “prophecy” even though much may be false projection–YOU must discern from that which is given.



The above prophecies are very clear, it would seem.  There are similar messages given recently which would also appear to be related to the ancient prophecies of Micah, Joel, Ezekiel and second Peter.  For instance, consider this prophecy from Ezekiel 30: 2-3.  Remember he is the one with the “wheels” and “wheels of fire”.

“Son of man, speak this prophecy:  Thus says the Lord God: Cry, Oh the day! for near is the day, near is the day of the Lord; a day of clouds, doomsday for the nations shall it be.”

Now let’s compare that with a prophecy received by L.G.A. on March 17, 1986:

“A doomsday for the nations is a mild expression of My divine wrath which is about to be poured out upon the earth for its purification.”

“Now, hear My final warning,******or world,******or earth and your inhabitants.  As in the days of old, so shall now all life be brought to an account to ME, WHO AM!  I will destroy the land and its people, but shall save the REMNANT on whose behalf I AM WHO AM acting.  From this day on, calamities upon calamities will you have…”

There is not point in giving other references from other sources which originate in the Sacred Scriptures.  That the Chastisement and Darkness are part of the fulfillment of ancient Scriptural prophecies there is no doubt in the minds of many interpreters of Biblical passages.  Also, there is no doubt that these ancient passages are well buttressed–and continue to be–almost daily at the present time, by modern private revelations, prophecies and signs.

You must remember that, while certain revelations and prophecies are labeled “private” to distinguish them from Scriptural ones, many such private revelations are intended for full public and universal consumption.  As common sense dictates, they are intended for the whole of the world, but especially so for the members of God’s body.

I shall leave this text with the following “prophecy” which comes from a Catholic nun in France dated about 1872-3:  “Before the war breaks out again, food will be scarce and expensive.  There will be little work for the workers, and fathers will hear their children crying for food.  There will be earthquakes and signs in the sun.  Towards the end, darkness will cover the earth.”

It can be noted, as we continue to speak of these prophecies in the next volume of the “Divine Plan”, that they all speak of the multitudes of the wicked who will perish at the time of the Darkness.  Does that mean as you pass into a Photon Belt and through a “null time”?  I would guess that all depends on YOU!

May the words of God rest easily on your heart for this is a time of service unto that God who will take of your burden if it seems too heavy in your efforts in fullness.  I suggest you think most carefully, however, about simply asking another to take your own load–for it shall not happen!


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, June 30, 1992, Volume 19, Number 11, Pages 10-14.

Transcribed into HTML format by . Montana.

Indian in the machine:

Well…. this message is very important, it comes from our Creator God, from the 1990′s… seem about right, still even in 2015 eh? Seems to line up with all the other prophecies… and humanity does continue to not focus on a loving relationship and each other, and still struggles to even be peaceful with each other…



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    • am123

      :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: DEMONIC DECEPTION ALERT!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

      You will find, hidden amidst the truths and half-truths in this article, a snake in the grass, tell-tale evidence, that this message is not from the one true God, the God of the Bible. That which always gives it away is a rejection of the Gospel message. And in this article from the Indian in the Devil’s propaganda machine is this “gem”:

      “However, you had best look carefully at the various options given to you and most specifically at the ONE called “lay it on Jesus’ blood”. Simply “believing” that there was a Jesus and who might have died (or even “did die”) FOR your sins (instead of you paying your own price for ill-behavior) is incorrect assumption.”

      The Devil will always lead you away from the Gospel message, for it is about a battle for souls. If he can keep you from Jesus, he can have your soul when you die.

      You can choose to believe on Jesus or not, the choice is up to you.

      God is a holy God and a consuming fire. In God’s holy presence, sin is consumed in the fire. And so on the Day of Judgment, God’s presence will burn up all that are unholy and unrighteous. And everyone, of their own accord, is unholy and unrighteous. None of us are perfect and righteous and holy. Our “good works” are nothing but filthy rags in the sight of a perfect and holy God (see Isaiah 64:6). Sin separates men from God. So men who rest on their own merits cannot exist in the presence of a holy God without being consumed in the fire of His holy presence on the Day of Judgment.

      But the GOOD NEWS is this: We have a mediator for us between us and God. His name is Jesus, the High Priest that meets our needs. For all those that accept Jesus, the Lamb of God, as the sacrifice for their sins and makes Him their Lord and Savior, they in effect “put on” the righteousness and holiness of Jesus Christ. So when God looks at them, He sees not their own righteous (or lack thereof) or holiness (or lack thereof), but He sees the perfect holiness and righteousness of Jesus Christ. And such a person will be able to stand in the presence of God on the Day of Judgment without be burned in the consuming fire. And he will dwell in the New Jerusalem and rule and reign with Christ forever and ever! Hallelujah!

      For information on how to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, see my profile.

    • VirusGuard

      You can always spot the religious nut jobs because they go on and on and on.

      Maybe they think that the more they write then the better it will be in heaven for them or something for all that hard work they are putting in and its such fun to see them argue with each other over a book that is 2000 years old and the same story was being told 5000 years ago.

      Yeah i know, the devil sent me and you must resist everything I say but tell me, who the hell sent the devil down to earth :razz: Yes i know, :lol: god works in misterious ways right.

      Me, well i am quite sure we are living inside some sort of virtual reality but it just an educated guess and I don’t think it will do me much good when i die by telling you that but who knows

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