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Stew Webb Claims Gordon Duff's Veterans Today is CIA-Style Limited Hangout! (Video)

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Basically, there has been a split and Stew Webb is no longer working with Gordon Duff and Veterans Today. Stew has accused Gordon of being a bad guy, setting up VT to be a limited hangout. This is all nuts. Stew is pissed. 

Start at 48:50 –


I don’t know what I think. I appreciate thoughts from the commenters, as that is what makes this community great. Let’s keep it concise and progressive.

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    • iamamerican

      I’ve always been leery of Duff and thought that there is something not quite right going on with him. I figured if we give him enough rope he will eventually hang himself, and it seems his true colors are showing now.

      • Anonymous

        Duff was screeching BIG TIME that to attack Libya was a legit Humanitarian Intervention and justified.
        He wouldn’t quit. Then when commenters on his site disagreed? He banned them.
        Told me all I needed to know, and never went back to that CIA SITE. Pete Sanitlli is another CIA military intelligence covert ops. Duff is so obviously FAKE- he even said in an interview HIMSELF that 40% of what is on VT is FALSE
        Why was Webb allied with VT to begin with???
        These yokels sound like a couple of certified dingbats. If he thinks proof that Hillary killed Foster will stop her election? LOLOL Most didn’t care about that 20 YEARS AGO, and surely don’t give a$hit about it now.

    • magusincognito

      Duff is alarmingly one-sided, which is an obvious sign that he’s a fanatic. He’ll go on and on about Bush, but praise Obama. Yoo-hoo! It’s not one side or another. It’s a Hegelian dialectic! Even some of the other VT writers will mention this…but not Duff. By itself, this tells me that he is illegitimate; not someone to trust. Anyone who (still) believes that their political party is the answer to the world’s problems is part of the problem; keeps the system going. When I read about this “blowup” situation, it did not surprise me. Personally, I’ll read anyone’s articles on VT, except his. And as Webb pointed out, Duff is all talk; no action.


        bingo!…you just made it clear…mr.duff appears to be working on behalf of obama – cointelpro?

        constantly disses Israel
        constantly disses alex jones and others like him
        sympathetic to the palestinian occupation of the coastline of Israel, which, according to scripture, (numbers 33/34) belongs to Israel.

        I don’t trust Veteran’s today, one bit – I smell rats.

        L. :wink:

        • Please Wake Up

          Listen, that is called conjecture. Every well studied person knows that Israeli factions are part of the big bad picture. You are one of the people who think that they are standing against the bad guys when defending Israel; newsflash, if you don’t know that netanyahu is a criminal, you’re nuts.

    • MileHiLife

      His pro-Obama and Hillary stance was always perplexing. Denying chem-trails and the issues with Jade Helm doesn’t help, either. Now he just pushes his gun sales.
      Kinda breaks my heart….always found him beyond interesting. Perhaps “they” got to him…the mkultra mind kontrol spook fkrs? :shock: :twisted:

    • MileHiLife

      Hey Glenn, just want you to know I love your work but please open up comments on your VT postings. With the current goings on at VT perhaps we could somehow benefit the situation- or Stew … and don’t worry, we’ll weed out the trolls!

      • Scanner Darko

        Glenda Canadouche isn’t worth a trolls time or effort.

        He’s a fraud, along with VT.

        Scanner of Denver.

        • CAPTAIN CHAOS!!

          I thought you were Paullie of Bellville.

        • Scanner Darko

          Only when my alter ego is in control.

        • The Real Deal

          “Glenda Canadouche”

          Hahhaha! Love it. That’s the peanut heads new name!

    • Paul Rowlandson

      Duff is phony baloney. He supports vaccines. You can add him to the list of establishment shills, disinfo agents and controlled opposition. TPTB kill real opposition.
      Gerald Celente
      David Icke
      Alex Jones
      Jordan Maxwell
      David Wilcock
      Gordon Duff
      Jesse Ventura

      If they are in your face, they are paid by the creeps.

      • The Real Deal

        Good list. You nailed all of them. There’s a few more we could add to that list, but we get the gist.


        wrong, Paul…alex jones is not paid opposition, period.

        I doubt that Jesse or Gerald are either…JOrdan, David and Gordon are all highly suspect.

        It’s funny, for the last few months, I have been praying that Gordon would be outed…that we would find out the truth about him…looks like we are getting it now…

        and yet, Stew Webb has also been targeted as being part of the rabble.

        Infighting amongst the rabble?…time will tell.

        L. :idea:


      • Scoob Adler

        Why is David Icke a shill?

    • Anonymous

      I agree with magusincognito, and basically I publish stuff from some of his other reporters who are credible. Roland is another disinfo, but Alexis is great and has put out great stuff, and so has Preston, and Dean. I think the rest are ok except for roland and duff.

      Those guys do have contacts inside and so far these other reporters have been right on. They exposed the ADL and SPLC and other khazar Zionists as the deep rooted conspiracy to bring us down, that they have proven they are. We will soon find out just how brave SPLC is when they are face to face with us. I just read that SPLC is bringing legislation to the United Nations to make ANTI-SEMITISM A CRIME.

      So the first thing I said was “Then they will have to arrest all of Israel’s leaders who are proven not to be semites, and who tried to genocide real semites in Palestine. Now what poetic justice that would be to see those that promoted that legislation, to sit in jail for life for violating it. I love irony.



    • Fun With Fascists

      I have never, never, and that means NEVER trusted Gordon Duff. Even from the first moment two years ago that I first became aware of him, something about the man was fundamentally troubling and this intuition said, “Do Not Believe Him.”

      This was long before I knew who he really was. He is now revealed to be part and parcel of the problem and a fully inducted member mouthpiece of the covert hierarchy whose goal is to keep this planet in chains and not free it.

      Moreover, now that I am fully aware of Duff’s eclectic mix of Marxist/Fascist politics (he fully supports the Tyrant In Chief Osama Bin Obama in all his despotic efforts to dismantle the Constitution and destroy our once great Republic) I can say unequivocally that if you believe what Gordon Duff says, you do so to your own detriment.

      Duff is a publicly admitted liar: he openly said that 40% of what he puts out is disinformation. Search it for yourself.

      That he has outed himself and irrationally blown up Stew Webb’s VT radio program is more proof that Gordo is not the freedom loving patriot he claims to be, quite the opposite.

      By the way, Gordo, you should update your picture on Veterans Today to show what you really look like today: a waddling, ambulatory accumulation of canine fecal matter. Let the public persona match the real man.

    • StormyB4

      Duff is saying JH15 is a neocon hoax. I don’t trust him.

    • RTR Truth Media - Resurrect the Republic / Dirty Uncle Sam

      All I have to say that this dishonors all of the men and women who have been beat up and kicked around by maniacs bent on supporting Zionism at any cost. It dishonors the crew of the U.S.S. Liberty, and all of the American Service members who have died and or be maimed in Israel’s proxy wars. I can only do what I do and continue on telling the truth. My Web Site will always be controlled by me and only me, and I will continue to say it how it is. So no-matter how many Zio-Agents there are out there mucking things up…….the TRUTH will always ultimately be the bleach to the plague that they are on this Earth. When they move on to the next world, what they will have to face is far worse than anything I could do to them……so until then, they can KISS MY ASS…and as for this Shill, he had better hang up his hat and go away, because if I ever see him I will likely end up in jail as I will break his teeth first, before S-F-ing him.

    • joe

      Being a Vet and a Ron Paul supporter for over 10 years, I thought I had found an overlooked treasure when I first came to VT. After awhile though I began to notice an obvious left slant to the place – and it just kept getting worse…. I suspected that at least 5 of the editors there were Marxists and I was positive of 2 even before Stew blew the whistle.

      • joe

        In my opinion, VT is a Soros funded Marxist website draped in an American flag. Nearly all the columnists are leftists, all the candidates they stump for are progressive liberals, and they constantly equate anything on the right as neo-nazi and are in full favor of flooding America with more Muslims. I know all about the neocons, they were our worst enemy during RP’s run for President….but to claim the left is “good” and the right is “bad” is idiocy. Duff claims George Soros is a “great guy” when everybody knows he has enough blood on his hands to fill a lake. VT is a sickening and disgusting group of traitors in my opinion.

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