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Seismic Event: Video of Genocide, Rape, Torture, and Dislocation of Germans by Allies Airs for First Time on BBC!

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When the Second World War ended, the people of liberated Europe celebrated their freedom from Nazi tyranny. Their years of suffering had ended, but for millions of Germans, the end of the conflict opened a new and terrible chapter.
The Savage Peace reveals the appalling violence meted out to the defeated, especially to those ethnic Germans who had lived peacefully for centuries in neighbouring countries. Using rare and unseen archive film, the documentary tells a harrowing story of vengeance against German civilians, which mirrored some of the worst cruelty of the Nazi occupiers during the years of war. The Savage Peace includes the unique testimony of eyewitnesses and victims, who recall the horrors with searing clarity, theirmemories undimmed 70 years after the events took place. This a story that has, until now, been untold amidst the justified celebration of an end to an unspeakable tyranny. But as the writer George Orwell said, the treatment of the defeated Germans was a terrible crime that has gone unpunished.

UD Admin Note: This is a BBC program that aired in late May 2015.  It’s interesting that it aired right after independent author Tom Goodrich and independent film maker Kyle Hunt released Hellstorm – The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany on May 1st 2015 and a couple of years after Dennis Wise released Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told.  It appears that a mainstream media source has finally had the courage to cover both sides of World War Two.  Or perhaps these independent efforts have blown the lid off of the story and the establishment is seeking to allow some inquiry and discussion of the truth, but to keep the narrative under their guidance and control.


Credit to Underground Documentaries for finding this!

In case you missed it, Ursula Haverbeck appeared on German National TV show Panorama in March.  She was the first one in history to challenge the official Holocaust (TM) story in a national forum, and may go to jail.  Her is her bombshell interview with English subtitles:


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    • truthlovingsoul

      great post. thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Found info on all these atrocities here at this wiki – the Russian army was unbelievably brutal across Europe – wow

      • truthlovingsoul

        bolsheviks and communists were jewish parties. but i guess speaking those proven facts makes me anti-semitic.

        • caribbean critic

          Today’s Jews are not Semites they are Caucasian, so you don’t have a problem!

    • KG!#@!

      Thee are Nazi apologists who are trying to foment Antisemitism. :razz:

    • Truth Hertz

      Just like 911 was a lie, so too is the story we were told about WWII. The same filth that run the banking system, the media and Hollywood used all their power to ignite WWII, and cause millions of deaths.

      To read REAL HISTORY, get The Bad War: The Truth NEVER Taught About World War II , by Mike King. You’ll find out that the Zionist filth are the ones that created WWII. And they’re still lying about it at every chance, ever since.

      In fact, they feared this man, who was revered by his people as well as admired by leaders around the world, for what he did for the German people and his country. They NEVER want someone so selfless and courageous, to rise to power again.

      The Bad War: The Truth NEVER Taught About World War II

    • Miss Inga Brain

      the German people knew what their government was doing…they were ALL well aware of the genocide Hitler was causing and now you want to be nice to them?…feel sorry for them?….did they rise up against their government and say “hey what you are doing is wrong…don’t invade Poland and kill all those children”…and now you write that we should be sympathetic to the people that caused the death of 26 million people…I think not as the german mentality has still not gone….I have been there and know german people here and the mentality is still hitler orientated and you want sympathy for them?…F$@# that. And being American does not make you an expert on the war….you Ar5eholes waited till the 11th hours before entering the war and claiming a hollow victory. It was the English that beat the germans and won the war…If you are not in the fight from the start then you aint in the fight

      • Post America American

        If anyone “beat” the Germans, it was the Soviets.
        But then again, the only people who “won” WWII were the Zionists. Everyone else paid a very high price in blood and treasure. The British lost their empire, the Russians lost millions, and Germany lay in ruins.

        • Bossmanrocks

          The Soviets didn’t beat the Germans. Sure they were fighting for their life but they wouldn’t be in that position if they didn’t start WWII to begin with. I guess you never heard of Stalin’s non-aggression Pact with Hitler to carve up Poland? That started the ball rolling and caused England and France to declare war against Germany, in effect starting WWII. You also don’t seem to know that the Soviet Union was broke with the majority of it’s people starving (planned btw) from famine. If it wasn’t for the US and England giving billions of dollars in aid and arms the Soviets would have had to fight with sickles and clubs. How long would they have lasted with that? The West’s big mistake was to arm and aid the Soviets. We should have let the Germans take over the Soviet Union. At the end of the takeover they would have been so depleted (economically and militarily) it would have been a piece of cake to drive a stake through their heart. Instead we wasted lives and treasure for what? The Soviets to turn and stab us in the back and annex Eastern Europe.

      • Anonymous

        Miss Inga Brain, We here in the USA are telling our government we don’t want all these atrocious wars. We are telling them constantly to stop interfering in other countries politics. Stop attacking and murdering the innocent, stop plundering, stop the spying and torture, stop, stop, stop!!! They don’t even bother to pretend they care about any thing their people want. People, from what I can see, seem to be afraid to stop paying their taxes or combine their numbers in demonstration. Fear is everywhere. For me, it is easy to see what happened in Nazi Germany. When I was young, I used to wonder why the German people didn’t stop their “leaders” from the atrocities. Now, I can see it clearly happening here. The propaganda, brainwashing and dark majick. But in the middle of all this chaos, I also see much greatness. Moving quietly, with strength and divine power. I see hope, and if you look for it you will see it too. Watch for it. When the time of your truth comes, be it.

      • sharptail

        HUH? WE ask why the Germans didn’t rise up after gun control and subjugation?? The same thing is happening RIGHT NOW with Bush-ObaMao yet no one is rising up because of the overwhelming force arrayed against us by DHS and the military

      • Chet

        Miss gina Brain

        Quote: “and now you write that we should be sympathetic to the people that caused the death of 26 million people…”

        What people are you talking about? Who caused the death of 26 million people?

        The Germans? Are you making up facts to keep yourself warm at night?

        • Bossmanrocks

          26 million? If you count all the people who died as a result of WWII that figure is closer to 50 million.

    • Anonymous

      That woman seems to really want to believe herself – but she is deluded

    • Trapper

      Re; Video of Genocide, Rape, Torture, and Dislocation of Germans by Allies Airs for First Time on BBC!

      It’s good that anyone, even the BBC, quit for even a moment Licking the Ass of Jews over WWII, and the real or the supposedly some 3 million Jews dead in the camps, this whimpered now for over more than 70 years, with the Millions and Millions of Whites dead in the same camps being Grossly Ignored for more than 70 years, because by being White, there are not IMPORTANT, (this runs the same as the fact more Whites are Killed in America than Blacks by Cop’s, but you would never know even one White was killed by Cop’s by watching the Jew Media Whimpering and Crying over Every Black Criminal Killed).
      The Jew and the WWII. US, Allies, Ignore that the US Allies actually Created WWI and WWII by their actions, every one Ignores the Fact that the Japaneses actually Liberated Indochina from the British and the French, who had with their Military before Thuged Indochina and turned there people into Slaves, (this is not to say the Jap’s were doing something good or were nicer to the people than the British and French, but it’s Sad that it’s Ignored that the Real Criminal Were The British and French, you may even be one of the Few Americans who Remember that the US. Vietnam War was a Result of French Crimes in Vietnam, you may even be one of the very few Americans who know that the first shots of the American Japanese War was not on Dec. 7th. At Perl Harbor Fired by the Jap’s but before that Fired by the US in Tokyo Harbor).
      The Whimpering and Crying over the Germans in WWII does really need to be Tempered by Facing the Factual Crimes Committed by America, the Allies and to very well include the Soviets, during and after WWII, until we do this the Disconnect between good and bad will keep Leaving the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT ABLE TO INVADE OTHER NATIONS, TORTURE AND MURRDER ACROSS THE WORLD PRETENDING THEY ARE SOME HOW NOT THE SAME AS THE GERMANS OF WWII.

      • Bossmanrocks

        You sound very uninformed.

    • Bossmanrocks

      It was the Communists who did all these unspeakable crimes. But the Germans asked for it. It was the Germans who went to the Soviet Union and adopted their system of concentration camps. What none of these videos shows or tells is how many concentration camps were in Germany alone. So many in fact, that there is not one German who could claim ignorance to the events going on there.

      Then it was the Germans who did unspeakable crimes against the Russian people when they invaded the Soviet Union. Did he Germans really believe the Russians would be merciful when the tables were turned?

      As an aside, I’m often astonished how much importance is placed upon the genocide perpetrated by the Germans in Western media while nary a word is spoken about the genocide perpetrated against citizens in every country Communism was established. To date, some 300 million have been murdered at the hands of Communists. Many scholars think the number is even higher. Even all the deaths attributed to WWII can be laid at the Communist’s door as it was Stalin’s Non-Aggression Pact with Hitler that set WWII in motion. Still, the liberal press won’t utter a peep about that, will they? A Great book to read that is out of print and hard to find but well worth the search is The Black Book of Communism. It documents all the murders committed by Communists by country. The most surprising thing about the book is it is written by Communists – former and present.

    • wiseoldlady

      We can thank the communists…FDR…CHURCHILL..STALIN…LENIN…EISENHOWER…France…England…rothschilds…rockefellars…and fake askaNAZI JEWS for atrocities done in WWII. Did you know HITLER asked over 20+ times NOT to have the war. His Germany was happy, healthy, finally working… There is evidence of his notes and letters. It was NOT hitler that was the most evil but STALIN and EISENHOWER. HITLER DELOUSED those GERMANS entering his camps because FDR boycotted Germany and there was no food. NO ONE WAS GASED. The Jews LIED and LIED some more and LIED more again….as usual….even showing news reels in movie theaters stating it was GERMANS killing JEWS…when in fact it was the Jews …English…French…Russian…JEWS killing GERMANS. Only a few thousand JEWS died in WWII. Eisenhowers death camps were an atrocity. He caged in and MURDERED OVER ONE MILLION GERMANS AFTER WWII WAS OVER in OPEN FIELD camps…NO BUILDINGS…NO LATRINES…400 calories per day…UNTIL THEY GOT SICK AND DIED. There are videos about this. I have researched this for years…was shocked at first when discovered the REAL truth. Two outstanding web sites
      These crooked JEWS are still asking reparations from Germany. Hitler escaped to South America with his girlfriend., Eva Braun. They had one daughter. BUT…BUT…Eva Brauns sister was artificially insemonated with Hitlers sperm and bore another daughter….her name is ANGELA MERKEL………. NO ONE climbs to the top without that special DNA.

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