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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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Eight Louisiana Shooter Satanic Ritual Abuse Links

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By Deborah Dupré

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Lafayette, Louisiana’s Grand Theater movie theater shooter John Russel Houser killed two women, seriously injured another woman now in intensive care, and shot others before committing suicide, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said Friday. A look at America’s underbelly indicates more than a “random” killing that officials report.  Eight signs point to Houser possibly being subjected to programmed satanic ritual abuse (SRA) mind control influenced Thursday nights’ killings.

Although officials say Houser’s murders were random, with no motive known for the shooting, Houser did have a criminal history from 10 to 15 years ago: arson and selling alcohol to a minor, authorities said. He also had a violent nature, according to his estranged wife and others. Why? Will officials continue to overlook one motive many others prefer to cover up: that Houser was a satanic ritual abuse mind control subject?

Satanic ritual abuse (SRA), is sometimes known as ritual abuse, ritualistic abuse, organized abuse, sadistic abuse and other variants, according to SRA expert Dr. Ellen Lacter, a licensed psychologist. It results from mind control, used to over-ride the will and control the mind without conscious knowledge, she explains. The goal in SRA is to create cult-loyal alters with mind control systems to serve the cult and protect its secrets. The purpose of sacrifices, that Thursday night’s murders might have been, is “to gain power, transfer power, and strengthen and share in the power of Satan and demons,” according to Lacter.

Kathleen Sullivan, another expert in the field, defines ritual abuse as a “brutal form of abuse of children, adolescents, and adults, consisting of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, and involving the use of rituals.” Ritual does not necessarily mean satanic. Most survivors, however, say they were ritually abused as part of satanic worship to indoctrinate them into satanic beliefs and practices. Rarely consisting of a single episode, ritual abuse usually involves repeated abuse over an extended period.

“The physical abuse is severe, sometimes including torture and killing. The sexual abuse is usually painful, sadistic, and humiliating, intended as means of gaining dominance over the victim. The psychological abuse is devastating and involves the use of ritual/indoctrination, which includes mind control techniques and mind altering drugs, and ritual/intimidation which conveys to the victim a profound terror of the cult members and of the evil spirits they believe cult members can command. Both during and after the abuse, most victims are in a state of terror, mind control, and dissociation in which disclosure is exceedingly difficult.”

SRA is so well protected by the powers that be, even Wikipedia escalated its censorship of all information supporting existence of ritual abuse by blacklisting four important websites about ritual abuse on July 18, 2009, according to Lacter. Her website,, is censored. Lacter reported that on “July 18, 2009, at about 9:30pm Pacific time, Wikipedia blacklisted the following important websites on ritual abuse:;

Since Feb. 2008, Wikipedia staff has suppressed and deleted credible posts from credible sources on its Satanic Ritual Abuse web page, including those by Dr. Lachter, a licensed California psychologist. Lachter and other experts have documented substantial criminal and psychological evidence of ritual abuse. Wikipedia, however, has completely discounted the existence of ritual abuse. A look at the Lafayette shooting from the SRA perspective shows it, too, might be covered up unless public pressure prevents it.

Eight SRA Signs in Louisiana Shooting

In reading the eight links indicating Houser might have been subjected to SRA mind control, it is important to know that “behaviors can be triggered spontaneously by cues that by chance happen to remind the individual of past indoctrination or programming,” according to expert in the field, Kathleen Sullivan. “Cues may be implanted by the cult during indoctrination which can also be employed deliberately by cult members to elicit particular behaviors from a victim. An example Sullivan gives is a survivor ritually abused and indoctrinated in early childhood often called back into the cult years after the indoctrination occurred when approached by a cult member who knows what trigger words or signs to use to access that individual’s programming and gain the desired response.

1. Movies Trigger SRA Mind-controlled Subjects

Houser’s Thursday night’s shooting in a movie theatre in Lafayette, southwest of Baton Rouge, coincides with the three-year anniversary of James Holmes opening fire at a movie theatre at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight in Aurora, Colorado – July 20, 2012. Holmes, convicted of several counts of murder last week and now facing the death penalty, killed 12 people and injured 70 others.

2. Month of July: SRA Dates Dictate Subject’s Behaviors

Many SRA survivors experience a difference in their normal day to day life one to two weeks before any major ritual celebration. These are marked on SRA calendars. Those weeks before the sacrifices are the time to prepare for these major events. Between July 20-27, SRA-mind-controlled individuals prepare for sacrifice. SRA holidays require a blood sacrifice. Subconscious memories of such Holiday celebrations, triggering anxiety and possible violence in people wittingly or unwittingly involved with Satanic Ritual Abuse. While not every Satanic cult celebrates each holiday, most celebrate at least a few, each of which can trigger trauma, sometimes without the individual remembering why. 

3. Early July Marks Female Sacrifice

Houser moved to Lafayette early July, officials say.  July 1 on the SRA calendar is designated as “Demon Revels Blood (Druids sexual association with demons. Any age. Female)”  The two people Housing murdered were each females. The individual in intensive care is also a female.  In SRA, males dominate.

4. Planned

The act of violence was planned, possibly unconsciously, according to where Houser sat and where he parked his car. Houser sat directly behind two women, both of whom he allegedly murdered.  For quick get-away, according to officials, Houser parked his vehicle close to the theatre exit. Upon exiting after the shootings, when Houser noticed the sirens from police converging on the Lafayette, Louisiana, theater. He then reportedly went back into the theatre and took his own life with a .40-caliber handgun. 

5.  Major Sacrifice Date for Houser

Another sign indicating possible Satanic Ritual Abuse is a second SRA calendar date tomorrow, July 25, St. James Day. Anniversaries, numbers and names are ritual abuse triggers. Houser’s murders occurred July 23, hours before St. James Day, the third anniversary of Holmes’ theater shootings in Colorado, and the day jurors decided unanimously that the Colorado theater attack was cruel enough to justify the death penalty for Holmes. Jurors in the Holmes trial were urged spare his life, despite horrors he caused. Prosecutors said Holmes wanted to murder as many as he could in the Theater audience of over 400 people, and killed 12 only because his assault rifle jammed. 

As investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reported, Holmes and his family have links to U.S. government-funded mind-control research. Holmes was one of six recipients of a National Institutes of Health Neuroscience Training Grant at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver; a graduate of University of Calif., Riverside with a in neuroscience. Like Houser, Holmes was a drop out. Holmes dropped out of the PhD neuroscience program at Anschutz. Police evacuated two buildings at the Anschutz center after the massacre at the Aurora movie theater. Holmes reportedly had given a recent presentation at Anschutz campus on Micro DNA Biomarkers in a class titled “Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders. The Anschutz Medical Campus is on the recently de-commissioned site of the U.S. Army’s Fitzsimons Army Medical Center and is named after Philip Anschutz, billionaire Christian fundamentalist oil and railroad tycoon, who also owns The Examiner newspaper chain and website and the neo-conservative Weekly Standard. Anschutz Medical Campus was built by a $91 million grant from the Anschutz Foundation.

In 2006, at age 18, Holmes was a research intern at Salk Institute at Univ. of Calif., San Diego in La Jolla. The previous two years, that research center partnered with the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Columbia Univ., Univ.y of Calif., San Francisco, Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, Wake Forest Univ., and Mars Company (manufacturers of Milky Way and Snickers) to prevent fatigue in combat troops through enhanced use of epicatechina, a blood flow-increasing and blood vessel-dilating anti-oxidant flavanol in cocoa and, particularly, in dark chocolate. That research was part of a larger DARPA program, Peak Soldier Performance Program, involving creating brain-machine interfaces for battlefield use, including human-robotic bionics for legs, arms, and eyes.

Holmes’s father, Dr. Robert Holmes, with a PhD in Statistics from UC Berkeley, from 200 – 2002, worked for San Diego-based HNC Software, Inc. – a “neural network” company, and DARPA, beginning in 1998. HNC has worked on developing “cortronic neural networks,” that would allow machines to interpret aural and visual stimuli to think like humans.

Links between the younger and elder Holmes and U.S. government research on creating super-soldiers, human brain-machine interfaces, and human-like robots beg the question: “Was James Holmes engaged in a real-life Jason Bourne TREADSTONE project that broke down and resulted in deadly consequences in Aurora, Colorado?” Read more on Holme’s military mind control links here.

6. Dysfunctional

Craft described Houser as being from Phenix City, Alabama, a “kind of a drifter,” who arrived in Lafayette early July and stayed at a local hotel. A drifter continually moves from place to place, with no fixed home nor job – in other words, dysfunctional. Authorities found various “disguises, basically” at the hotel room where he’d been staying.  Adult victims of SRA are often dysfunctional, as survivor explains in the YouTube clip below. what it feels like to be dysfunctional due to SRA mind-control programming.

7. Estranged from Family

Houser was reportedly estranged from his family due to violence. This is possibly linked being subjected at an early age to SRA. Most people under the influence of SRA were subjected to torturous mind control indoctrination as children. Houser once attended law school but dropped out. He pursued a bachelor of business administration at Columbus State University from 1985 until 1988 and a juris doctorate (law degree) at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Ala., according to his LinkedIn profile.

“He was dangerous,” A Columbus, Ga., woman, who requested her name be withheld, told Yahoo News that she had purchased a home that Houser once shared with his wife. The suspect eventually lived in the house alone for two years without making any payments, she said.

“You don’t know crazy. You don’t know what we went through with that house,” she said to Yahoo News over the phone. “He had lots and lots of problems.”

Houser came from a “fine family in Columbus.” His mother was a schoolteacher, and his father was tax commissioner for Columbus. He used to attend church services years ago, she said, adding that Houser once attended law school but dropped out. He pursued a bachelor of business administration at Columbus State University from 1985 until 1988 and a juris doctorate (law degree) at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Ala., according to his LinkedIn profile. In 2008, Houser’s wife, Kellie Maddox Houser, and other family members requested a protective order from him.

8. Alabama Recent History of SRA

Housing is from Phenix, Alabama, the state of a major SRA court case in 2005. Diana Napolis, with a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, practiced as a licensed therapist in California. Between 1990-2000, she worked as a Court Intervention Child Abuse Investigator at Child Protective Services in San Diego County, California, and as a Supervisor of Court ordered visitations for Family Court. Her specialty was investigating ritual abuse allegations. Ms. Napolis has been collecting court documents to prove the reality of ritual abuse since 1991, after witnessing what she believes was a coverup of ritual abuse in San Diego County. She believes her documentation, including the Alabama case, proves without doubt that SRA occurs. Napolis presents the following Alabama SRA case, edited for brevity:March 18, 2005, TRACE ROYAL DUNCAN v. STATE OF ALABAMA, COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS OF ALABAMA, 925 So.2d 245, 2005 Ala. Crim. App. Lexis 78, Affirmed in Part, Remanded with Instructions; 827 So. 2d 838, 2005 Ala Crim App. LEXIS 116, Court of Appeal Reversed the Death Penalty

Four teenagers, Trace Royal Duncan, 17, Cary Dale Grayson, 19, Kenny Loggins, 17, and Louis Mangione, 16, kidnapped and murdered hitchhiker Vicki De Blieux, 37, traveling to her mother’s home in Tennessee. The defendants picked her up, promised to take her to her mother’s. but instead took her to a wooded area. After spurning their sexual advances, they kicked and stomped her and threw her over a cliff. Grayson told Mangione that he was going to “sacrifice the bitch.” Three defendants returned to the scene, mutilated, cannibalized part of her body, and removed all of her fingers, both to thwart identification and keep as souvenirs. The defendants were arrested after Mangione showed Ms. De Blieux’s fingers to friends. Loggins and Grayson were sentenced to death. Louis Mangione and Duncan got life imprisonment.

The medical examiner found every bone in the victim’s face fractured at least once, her skull broken open with most of the brain separated from it. Large lacerations were found on the back of her head along with extensive bruising on the head. Both left and right ribs were fractured. There were at least 180 stab wounds over her body, two incised wounds in her chest and abdomen, left lung removed by a knife, bleeding of the tongue, and all her fingers and thumbs had been removed. The medical examiner was uncertain which wounds were inflicted before and after death.

A satanic element of the crime was documented in Trace Royal Duncan’s appeal and news articles: Duncan’s trial counsel stated his co-defendants were Satanists and Mr. Duncan “kicked the victim a few times in the head,” and the other co-defendants “returned to the victim’s body to mutilate it, stabbing it over 180 times, removing organs and eating them and removing fingers to thwart identification and to keep as souvenirs…” Counsel interjected his theory that two co-defendants were Satanists who instigated the murder, committed most of the violence against the victim, and threatened to kill the appellant if he told what happened. He attempted to portray co-defendant Grayson as the older instigator and leader, a Satanist wanting to sacrifice the victim to Satan. In closing arguments the defense stated that the co-defendants could have committed the murder as a satanic ritual.

Grayson told newspaper reporters that Duncan stabbed the woman, hacked open her chest and pulled out an organ from her body. Police were told that Grayson was a Satanist who drank blood of his victim. [See: Murder Suspect Claims he’s no Satanist, Birmingham News, April 29, 1994; Grayson Says Friends Carved Woman’s Body,” Birmingham News, May 5, 1994; “Trial Will Begin for Man Accused in Woman’s Sport Killing, Birmingham News, October 29, 1995.]

Lt. Larry Jones, a former Boise Police officer, was instrumental in a Department of Justice report on cult rituals. The report admits these crimes are hard to prove, but that it’s imperative the cases be solved. “In most documented cases of ritual abuse, the FBI says it is often a close friend or family who commits the crime,” reported Fox News 9.


Dr. Lacter reports, “It has been my unfortunate experience to have been forced to conclude that sophisticated abuser groups within the United States of America are using torture to install complex mind control programming in our children in order to further their own political or religious agendas (See Hersha, L; Hersha, C., Griffis, D., & Schwarz, T. (2001) Secret weapons: Two sister’s terrifying true story of sex, spies, and sabotage. Far Hills, New Jersey: New Horizon Press, and Ross, C.A. (2000) Bluebird: Deliberate creation of multiple personality by psychiatrists. Richardson Texas: Manitou Communications).

According to Dr. Lacter, victims of SRA are tortured for mind control programming. Investigations in the Lafayette shooting might reveal Houser has been tortured to perform SRA sacrifice rituals. Lacter concludes, “It is the responsibility of all clinicians working with highly dissociative and ritually abused people to research this topic and proceed with extreme caution.”

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