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Why Evil Corp Hopes You Don't Read This!

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The new show “Mr. Robot” is pretty entertaining and tells quite a bit of truth.  The big villain in the program is “Evil Corp” who has taken over all banking and put everybody on the planet into debt.  Evil Corp controls everything!  Evil Corp to me is all the new world order companies such as Google and Facebook who censor the truth and try to control everything!  So when I say “Evil Corp” think new world order scumbag company!  


I have 100% proof that Google and Facebook are so afraid of what I’m going to tell you they are pulling out all the stops with their censorship systems!  I’ve been banned on Google (Youtube) and prevented from even posting about them on Facebook as you’ll see in the video below!   I’m counting on all of you to share and repost this article to blast through the censorship grid of Evil Corp!  Nobody can stop the information if you all share it to all social networks and your email.  If you do, you’ll begin to change everything!


Proof Facebook is Censoring this Information with Brief Instruction on the Two Systems they don’t want you to know about!  These systems are making people money 24 hours a day outside of the control grid! 

Why Evil Corp Hopes You Don’t Read This!

Google took down one of my Youtube channels companies for even mentioning the name of one of these two fast growing companies you will learn about in this article.  Facebook blocks one of these  companies from even being mentioned on your wall or in a message to your friends!  Facebook does not want you learning about the companies making regular people money every day!  Why?  Because Facebook doesn’t pay you anything!   They don’t want you making money, they want you using their dumb system to waste your time so they make money on you!  When Evil Corp tries to hide something it’s time to investigate WHY!


My name is Glenn Canady and I’ve been spreading the truth about everything through my website at Project Nsearch since 2010.  I love the website BeforeItsNews and post many of my articles there because they’ve never censored any of my stories unlike Evil Corp!  Of course, you won’t find any of my stories on the television or radio news because our media is completely controlled by Evil Corp!  


It’s Time to Stop Doing the Same Things and Expecting Different Results!

In the last few months I’ve entirely changed my focus.   I was getting really tired of being a broke “Truther” so I figured it was time to start using my brain more and learn how to make a lot more money so I could spread more truth!   I also wanted to help others once I learned how to help myself!   Over the last year, I’ve learned many secrets to generating extra money using internet advertising profit sharing systems.  These systems only take 10 minutes of my time each day and make me money every hour!  Every day my reach to other patriots around the world increases and my profits increase too.  I’m throwing sand in the gears of Evil Corp and I want you to grab a shovel too!  It’s really fun!


Pour Sand in the Gears of Evil Corp by Making Money Outside Their Control!

Most people reading this article have never heard of profit sharing when it comes to internet advertising.  I know I haven’t until about 7 months ago.  In January I began digging into this fairly new topic and learning all I could about the top companies with the best technology who were solid and paying huge profit sharing to their users.  I found out it was very easy to do this even for a complete newbie on the computer.  I also quickly learned why Facebook and Google were so scared about these profit sharing systems they banned and blocked me!  These profit sharing systems really worked and made me money 24 hours a day!  They also let me reach a lot more patriots around the world with the truth!

Why Facebook and Google are SCARED!

One of the companies you’ll learn about just reached the position of top 900 websites on the planet in record time!  You won’t hear about them from anybody but me though because Evil Corp wants you broke and in debt!  Evil Corp loves “broke patriots” because they aren’t a threat!  George H.W. Bush actually had a name for these broke people he considered his slaves.  He called them “BUDsters”   He said if you gave the “BUDsters” just enough money to afford the gas so they could go to work at one of HIS companies or their government job then they wouldn’t be a threat!  George H.W. Bush said BUDsters stood for the BROKE, UNEMPLOYED and DEPRESSED people!    So if you don’t have much extra money right now then H.W. Bush calls you a BUDster!   Do you want to remain a BUDster?  I hope not because I have proven ways to get you out of BUDster land and all you need is a computer and a mouse!  


By the way I need a brief rant here so you “Republicans” don’t get mad at me!  The people at the top of both political parties are totally corrupt so it’s not just Bush!  It’s Clinton, Obama and every President we’ve had since John F. Kennedy was killed for trying to free us from the Federal Reserve slavery system!  Donald Trump is doing so well right now because people are tired of Politicians that lie, steal from us and sell us down the river!  Donald Trump might not be perfect but people are sick of the establishment robots given to us by Evil Corp and are desperate for anybody that has the guts to at least tell the truth!  I personally despise all traitors in Congress who sell us out, equally regardless of party.  It’s time to end my political rant and get back to the business of making extra money using profit sharing!

Revenue Sharing Is Driving Evil Corp Nuts!  

The systems I’m using are called advertising Profit Share systems.  How it works is pretty simple.  You purchase Shares or Ad Packs and click (10) ads to be part of the Profit Sharing system for the day.  Once you purchase these Shares (advertising units) and click on just (10) Ads then every hour those Shares begin paying you back.  At the end of the cycle you get back everything you put in plus more.  You also get advertisements that can make you more money!  By law, these companies can’t promise anything because this depends on how much advertising is sold on a given day.  I can tell you from my own experience these profit sharing companies are paying me very well each day and growing fast!   It’s making companies like Google and Facebook VERY nervous!  

Google and Facebook serve the new world order and they are constantly censoring, increasing their control and taking more and more money from their advertisers through click fraud.  They certainly don’t pay their users profit sharing!  Has Facebook every sent you a check for all that content you gave them?  Does Google pay you to use their search engine?  Evil Corp never pays their users!  Evil Corp doesn’t believe in sharing their money with anybody!

The new world order (aka Evil Corp) is planning on taking all your money through stock market collapses, looting your pensions, paying you nothing for your savings and jacking your cost of living to the moon!  Most people depending on the government or even their own shaky jobs are going to be destroyed if they haven’t protected themselves and diversified.  Diversifying and creating more streams of income is very important right now!


We all know if you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, you’re going to get destroyed because the system is rigged to beat most of us down into poverty!  Do you want to be like the guy on Mr. Robot and start hacking the system to take away their power over you?  Do you want to put some of your money into something you can watch grow daily and begin building multiple streams of income independent of the stock market or your own job?  If you are ready to invest in yourself then this is for you! 

The Two Systems Making Members Money every hour of every day!

Here are the two systems making me extra money every hour of every day!    When I’m sleeping I’m still making money!   You can do this today too!    I’m using the profits to actually spread more truth and reach more people!  You can learn much more details about all these systems when you join my Gorilla Marketing Newsletter too!  You’ll get special tips and video instructions when you sign up on that list.  


#1)   TrafficMonsoon


Watch this video on the basics then join my team!


Join my team here:


This is the website that just broke into the 1,000 top websites on the planet according to Alexa!  I highly recommend this system because there are no limits and I’m seeing massive growth!  Join for free and then go buy some AdPacks, Click your 10 ads and you’re making money every hour!  My company is using the profits from this team to spread the word of God through our “God’s Word Speaks” series as we are doing on the Videos at the top of the page at Project Nsearch.  If you can only join one of these systems and you have the extra money, we hope you will join our team here!

#2)  MyPayingAds

Join my team here directly


Watch this video that shows you how easy it is to get started.  Just fund your account with Paypal, buy some $1 packs and click your ads – you’re making money!



This system is really growing quickly and is great for those with a more limited budget!  The Profit Sharing packs only start at $1 instead of $50 for TrafficMonsoon.  Join for free, buy some Sharing positions under the “Finance” menu option and then click your 10 ads by clicking the “View Ads” menu option.  You get some great Ads with each purchase to help you make additional money and since the minimum investment is only $5, everybody can afford to get into this one!


Which System is for you?

If you have extra money, I think you should get into both of these systems!   Traffic Monsoon does very well if you can start with at least $500 to $1000 and are able to put more in regularly or to market to others which I teach.  If you don’t have $500 but still want to get started then get into MyPayingAds.  You can put in $50 to $100 in MyPayingAds (MPA) and you’re able to buy new packs every day with your earnings coming back because they are only $1 as opposed to $50 in TrafficMonsoon.  Even a $20 investment into MyPayingAds will be enough to get you started and you’ll be able to buy a new Share every few days.  My general rule is if $500 to $1000 initial investment is out of your range then get into MyPayingAds but if you have at least $500 to $1000 or more to invest in your future, get into TrafficMonsoon and MyPayingAds!  I love both of these companies.  


The goal on these systems is to get yourself in position to buy at least one advertising pack (share) every day as quickly as possible with the money coming back into your balance each day.  Then when you hit that goal, your next goal is to get to the point where you can buy (2) advertising packs (shares) every day and so on.  Every one of these Advertising packs makes you money every hour and gives you free advertising you can use to make even more money.


The Power of Compounding!

While the companies cannot promise anything because it depends on the profits made each day, I’ve seen some very large percentages made on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.  You’re dealing with compounding interest here when you reinvest your profits back into more advertising packs (shares) because when you continually add more shares, you continually make more money!  You can make even more money through the advertising also as I teach people on my Gorilla Marketing Newsletter.  


I Want To Work With All Of You!


I’m helping people around the world make money and I’d like to work with you too!  You can call me at (352) 478-8059 or email me at [email protected]    I give free training and advice for anybody that asks me.   Join one or all of these systems today and you’ll be making money every hour 24 hours per day!  You’ll also be building a real business in advertising that will make you money.  I have many things you can advertise right now with both of these systems on my Bonuses Page of Project Nsearch.  Every member that is logged in can get this information anytime.   


Don’t wait around on this.  The time to prepare is now!   Your money is at risk in the stock market, pensions, and even bank accounts.  It’s best to spread it around and not keep it all in one place anyway.  I want to create thousands of patriots with more money so they’ll spread more truth!  I recommend everybody try out one or all of these systems so you see how they work.  You will be making money within an hour on all of them!   Grab your shovels and start putting sand in the gears of Evil Corp today!   Put some of your money into a system THEY don’t fully control.  Evil Corp wants to keep you a BUDster forever but you now have some ways out of the trap!  I want all of you making money today so you can buy me a beer someday because you escaped BUDster land!  Of course, the beer will be a Heineken or something that doesn’t have the GMO garbage in it! 


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