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"We Are Moving Ahead With Disclosure" Cabal Surrender Update, UFO Sightings Exponentially Increasing, Ascension Update, Earth Affecting Entire Galaxy

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“We Are Moving Ahead With Disclosure” Cabal Surrender Update, UFO Sightings Exponentially Increasing, Ascension Update, Earth Affecting Entire Galaxy

IITM:  As a believer and a creator in the ascension of earth, I wholeheartedly agree, that you must put energy into your beliefs, which is creator consciousness, rather than to wait for something to happen before you believe, as this is a limited enslaved consciousness.  

According to Sananda, the cabal are definitely in surrender mode, so the world will definitely support that but may be challenged to believe it before they see it, but do we have to wait to see it before we beleive it… if so, that is fine, but do not whine and moan at those who actually hold the courage and power, to make it happen before it is seen… is not supporting your species a better response than acting like a superior anonymous victim who has all the answers to things they do not understand

Since our planet and species are the last ones to raise our frequencies, we have the attention of the galaxy upon us, and thus, we in return have great influence on the galaxy and the galactic ascension.

And now…. our update via Sananda, Lady Nada, Ashira, and OWS, via James McConnell and Dr Susan Sammarco…


“We Are Moving Ahead With Disclosure” – Sananda, Lady Nada, One Who Serves and Ashira

 10 November 2015 – 7:24am |  jmcconn

Lord Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell
Lady Master Nada and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: These messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ over Blog Talk Radio with Hollow Earth Network on November 1, 2015)

Anne: Doesn’t that just grow on you? We had a lot of compliments on the theme song, “Where nobody cries – Just butterflies.” I love it. (Speaking of the song ” Pocketfull of Sunshine)

Good morning! This is Anne DeHart in southern Arizona welcoming you to a very special event today direct from Glendale, Arizona as we join with the Ancient Awakenings group that has been underway today for their morning get together, their warm-up. They’re good to go. Again I want to complement those in the group. You do such a beautiful job – I know it’s hard to sit quiet and not rustle papers. You’ve got an extremely good telephone system there that incorporates the whole room and we’re all aware it’s difficult for you not to make any rustling sounds but you’ve been wonderful and we’re very grateful. And so with that let me get the timeline in here. It is the first day of November in 2015. This is Sunday morning.

This group, the Ancient Awakenings group, created by James McConnell in Glendale and now joined by Susan Sammarco is very special and has attracted some wonderful speakers through their expert channeling. We’ve had speakers such as Buddha, such as Lord Ashtar, and of course our beloved Sananda has been on the group. I believe Lady Nada was on once individually. But guess what?! Today we’re going to have Lord Sananda and Lady Nada together in this one very special show. It’s up to James and Susan how they will choreograph this whether we will hear individually or if they will open a two-way chat. I’ve seen that happen when there’s two channels it can happen. But I’m here to stand by and enjoy like the rest of you. We’re all ears. So with that I’m opening your line and turning it over to James and Susan. Good morning.

Susan: Good morning. This is Susan. I’m going to take the lead here while we allow James to come into his presence and have Lord Sananda speak through him and then I will have Lady Nada speak. Then we will move into One Who Serves and Ashira for questions and answers and Ashira will close today Anne.

Anne: Okay that sounds beautiful.

Susan: All right so like I said we’re going to have James is going to be joining us with Lord Sananda speaking through him today and we will let that be.

Anne: We’re all looking forward to it. I know it will be a very special message.

Susan: Thank you.

Lord Sananda
This is Sananda. Always wonderful to be here with you. To be able to share, to be able to give messages, timely messages. And that is the most important thing here that these messages that are coming through, through all the many different sources whether it is I myself or brother Ashtar or beloved Archangel Michael or whoever it might be coming through the many different sources that we use at this time, they are all important messages. And they are all timely and meaningful especially to those that they would reach, those that would respond or resonate to these words. Not everyone of course would resonate to our words. We are reaching a percentage of the population and we know that. And more and more have been what you would say coming aboard, becoming aware of these messages, becoming awakened. And that is the process that is going on now, this awakening. This awakening is happening in many different waves through many different processes.

But, now today I am here to share with all of you an announcement that has recently come out from myself, through a different source, but it is important and a very timely message as well. For what is happening now?

There are many people across the planet that are coming into an awakening stages and there are many who are still asleep. But there are those that would be considered the Cabal the ones that you call the dark ones, or many call the dark ones. We do not like that terminology necessarily so we will just use ‘the Cabal’ here. And they have been having their way for a very long time. And as you know their way is coming to an end and they know that as well. And they have been doing everything that they can to postpone and prolong their particular lifestyle that they have created here.

But that lifestyle now for them is coming to an end. It is time now that they relinquish their power. Now you might be saying, “How can this be possible? They have been in power for a very long time.” And yes that is true they have been in power for a long time but there are many forces at work to end that power, to bring as many of them as possible into the Light. And that is happening now.

Many are coming into the light now. Many are turning. There are still quite a few though that are not. And we have waited patiently to allow them the process of bringing forth what you would call the … hold one moment … we’re having somewhat of a disconnect here. We need to reestablish.
There is a process going on and this process is a continuing movement of consciousness. And these particular cabal are coming to the point where they are beginning and knowing they have to relinquish their hold on humanity. And that is happening more and more.

But you see it is time now for all of this to begin to be revealed. It is time for disclosure. We have waited for them to provide the disclosure themselves and that has not occurred. So we are now taking what you might call ‘the bull by the horns’ and we are moving ahead with disclosure. We are moving ahead with showing ourselves. No, not my ship the New Jerusalem not yet, certainly, although it is being shown in the skies. You can see it if you know what you are looking for. But the many ships that are out there will begin to reveal themselves for it has been decreed that it is time now.

We can no longer wait for those who would announce, your leaders your world leaders to make this announcement. For they have shown that they are
not wanting to do that, they are not ready to do that. But as we make ourselves known throughout the planet in more and more and more sightings — and we have already been doing this but it is going to increase exponentially now. There will be so many sightings that those in power will no longer be able to say ‘those are balloons’ or that is an ‘anomaly’ of some type or it ‘is a cloud structure’ that you are seeing, or whatever it might be that they come up with … swamp gas we’ve heard also!

It will no longer be possible when not only hundreds but thousands and even into the millions will begin to witness these events happening in the skies. So truly ‘keep your eyes on the skies’ it has been said many times before is now more true than ever. Look up at the skies and you may be amazed at what will show itself. For the veil as you know it has been dropping and dropping and will continue to disappear. And when it is gone entirely there will be nothing then holding you back from seeing the truth, from knowing the truth. And certainly as was said a long time ago and has been repeated many times, the truth shall set you free! And the truth is coming my friends, my brothers and sisters. It is all around us now. It cannot be held back much longer and will not be held back much longer.

We know that many of you are becoming disillusioned and frustrated and wondering when is all this going to change. And we have said many times the changes are already happening. They’re happening within you. And you are bringing about the changes that are going to happen outside of you. First it must be within: So within, So without. That is what is happening. You are all changing. You are all going through a shift of consciousness of movement into higher vibrations. And as you move into those higher vibrations you become aware of so much more, so much more that is beyond the Earth, beyond the happenings here in the three-dimensional illusion. You become aware of many new vistas. And yes there will be new colors and new sounds and new things revealing themselves to you.

The Earth is awakening! And the Earth is awakening because of your awakening. You are the ones that have been creating this. Yes, you are the ones that have created everything here. And you are the ones that you have been waiting for. Not us here in the skies in our ships. Not those that are in the Inner Earth. Yes, we are all here to help, we are all here to guide, but we can only do so with your assistance, with your saying ‘it is time now.’

And many have you, many of you have been saying ‘please come be with us. Help us out of the quagmire that has been created here.’ And we have heard that call and we are answering that call now. The more and more that you can begin to believe, you will see. Put away the old ways of thinking, the old paradigm of ‘seeing is believing.’

We want this to go out to the world: Believing Is Seeing. And the more that you do that, the more that everyone begins to do that, you will create the very world that you have been dreaming about.

Now is the time, my brothers and sisters. Now is the time to reach out to your brothers and sisters and help them understand all that is happening or will begin to happen. We will be showing ourselves more and more. You can count on that.
The process is coming to an end. The experiment here on the Earth is coming to an end and you are ready now for a New Beginning. It is a beginning after the dawn.

I Am Sananda. My Peace and Love be with all of you.

Lady Nada
I am a Lady Nada. I have been with this group many times over the past two years and it’s great to have the opportunity to have more of a reach out into the world.

All of you, all of you are here now as teachers. All of you who had the conversation in the room before this event started at this time have great topics to discuss of attachment, what is holding you .

What I want to share with you today is out of Love. There are many who are selling their talents, selling their books, selling their works to help people ascend. We laugh a little at this for this is a natural process. Those of you who have been listening to the words that have come through all of those that have spoken the last two years in Ancient Awakenings have heard this. Those of you who listen to Hollow Earth and hear brother Zorra know this. It is not necessary to go and to listen to other teachers.

We are not afraid of that but it is worth discernment. Discernment: do you resonate to their information? It is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to make sure that you ascend. This is a process.

The process we have discussed is a natural process. Even though those of you who have felt various symptoms of ascension rising, they have moved through your body. They come at various a, parts of your body that may be affected. It is a natural process. As this planet moves through parts of the universe everything upon her changes. Everything upon her the living beings are changing. Yes, we have shared that there are those who are ahead of the process in the Light Worker community. There are those who are in the middle of the process who may just be awakening and there are those who are lagging behind. But it is a natural process.

If your body requires more food – listen. If your body requires less food – listen. We have said for the times that we have spoken through this one, Susan, eat what your body asks for. Listen. Do not judge. Do not be attached. For those who are of Light Worker fiber you are being led you, are being guided. Listen.

This is the time unlike any before. There are so many here to support you and love you. There are so many here who are walking with you. You do, as my Complement Sananda said, have new dreams, have new expressions, see new colors and hear new sounds. All of this is a process. It is natural. And as this journey continues on you will find yourself enrolled as teachers. You will find yourself enrolled as support buddies. You will find yourself enrolled as assistants. Remember always that this is a process. It is natural and that everything upon this planet that is in the 3-D body existence is going through it.

There was conversation before the meeting upstairs about all of the images coming through YouTube of strange animal friends and protectors. The lion is laying down with the lamb. This is happening and is part of the process.
Take joy every day. Be in gratitude …

[Call drops]
Be in gratitude!
Each day the opportunity to serve for those who hold their space of the Light is evident. Each day you have opportunities. Take them. Take them to meditate and to feed your belief systems into the mass consciousness. Take your time each day to reach out to another along the day when you are out in the world, and be in gratitude. As much as possible be in gratitude about that which you seem to see on the world stage for it is not real. It is not what is happening.

Those of you who have spent time, I am not going to go through a biography at the moment but I have my hands in many pots and I will tell you, everything is exactly where it needs to be. Be in gratitude. As you bring forth this New World from believing, from feeding, from feeding others, you can be in gratitude.

This is my message today. Sananda and I are so thankful for the opportunity to serve all of you in ways that will only be noted fully when we are walking with each other hand-in-hand and sharing love in gratitude.
Have a wonderful day, and wonderful week, a wonderful New World. Blessings.

One Who Serves
Om mani padme hum om om. Greetings to you! This is One Who Serves here.
Difficult times here with your devices and things like that but this was purposeful on the part of those who would attempt to hold this back. They do not want these messages getting out. It is one thing when it goes out through a source onto the Internet and a few people are aware of it and that type of thing but it is another thing when it is going out across the radio waves. And this is something they wish to stop if they can and they attempted to do so but it has not completely been successful. Many other radio show hosts we have heard about have also had these difficulties at various times. They speak about their connection going off and these types of things but this is all part of the process here.

It is all part of the awakening process that is happening. And you, yourselves, who are here on the listening here are a part of this entire awakening process. Not only are you awakening and going through your awakening process but you are causing others around you to awaken just by being in your frequency.

We speak about frequencies all the time and your frequencies are raising across the entire planet. This is happening. It is a ‘now’ happening here and it cannot be stopped and no matter what they try to do it is not possible anymore. There are too many that have come to an awakening state and are have increased their frequencies and their vibrations into higher and higher levels and the more your frequency and vibration increases the less and less anything from the lower frequencies can have an effect on you.

This is all of your various devices. You hear of your cell phones and you hear of your microwaves and you hear of your electronic equipment and all of these things and that they are damaging you and all of this. And yes, that would be correct if you were staying in the lower vibrations which is where these devices operate at. But as you move into the higher vibrations your devices themselves will change. It is already in the process. Your new technologies are beginning to come out and will be introduced more and more. And as your vibrations continue to increase so will your devices. They will increase also in vibration and frequency and there will be a match, you see. And all of those devices that are in the lower vibration will cease to function. Eventually that will happen.

But this is again all part of a process that is occurring here. So do not be concerned about this. Do not worry about this. It is what it is. Go with the flow. All of these wonderful sayings that we and many have been giving you for a very long time and you are all just beginning to take these sayings and these understandings and take them within yourselves.

Certainly the ‘Believing Is Seeing’ is a very important understanding and frequency. It brings a new frequency to the entire planet if they would more and more begin to use this, because this is it! This is creation, people! This is what it’s all about. Create it. Believe it. Imagine it. And it will be so.

We have are ready now to entertain questions here. One Who Serves and Ashira is standing by. Would there be questions now?

Anne: If there’s no questions locally we’ll go ahead with those on Blog Talk Radio.

Question: We all have been following the processes of NESARA, the processes of the prosperity programs, and the ‘process’ of the dinar. Zorra has said it should be [RV’d] in October and October is not over yet.’ I think the Warriors are weary and we hang on every word when we hear Spirit speak. So just an update for the November energies concerning any one of these particular things we’re all following.

OWS: Yes. It is very interesting synchronicity-wise that this is the very topic that was spoken of in this discussion group here earlier before coming onto this radio broadcast. So it is certainly on many minds, thoughts across the planet here about this very issue, about the changes.

It is not only the financial changes it is many different kinds of changes. But since you have spoken about the financial changes specifically and NESARA and all of this, this is all, yes it is a process. Yes we must continue to use that terminology because that is exactly what it is. These things are in the works now behind the scenes. And you’ve been hearing this we know again and again. It is happening behind the scenes. Many things are happening. But they are!

And there are going to be many instances of your various ones that are in leadership now that have moved more and more into the light. You may not be aware of this yet because several of them are playing a dual role here and they’re not revealing themselves quite yet. We will not give names or anything of this nature just as we cannot give dates. The idea of dates went out with the December 21, 2012 issue and we’re not going to utilize that anymore.

But you must understand that it is all about vibration and frequency and these frequencies and vibrations are increasing and increasing. And you many of you, many in the terms of millions and even billions now are moving into these higher vibrations. You are in the ascension process here. And as you do so the financial system as you know it now will cease to exist. It cannot continue as it is. The system that is in the works now continues to feed the cabal and that cannot be.

So the process is happening now where those that are going to be taking control are moving this system into place. And it is very shortly now were it will begin to be announced it will be revealed. All of the truths as Sananda spoke of here and Lady Nada, all of these things are coming.
So if you have these various denominations you’ve been told previously to purchase them and you still have them what would it hurt to hold onto them? Now there was discussion earlier about the idea of attachment. And yes, if you are attached to this, if you are attached to ‘if this does not happen my life is over,” then yes you are going to have difficulties with this and it would be better to let go of it completely. But, if you can hold onto these various monies these currencies and let them be; just let them be whatever they are going to be and not focus on them, not put any energy on them whatsoever other than positive energy positive frequency. This is what is needed here. Allow for it. Go with the flow here and you will experience the changes as you need to and as they are ready to be revealed to you. Anything you wish to add here Ashira?

Ashira: Oh no. I heartily agree. A wonderful job with this answer.

Question: I really don’t know how to put this question together but I’m feeling a lot more light and love when I’m around other people and they can tell and mention the change in me but I also feel a lot more anger and rage and garbage coming up and am having a harder time than ever. I guess what I’m asking is, is this what I should expect? Light coming in, garbage going out? I’m just not quite sure how to handle the anger and what I’m supposed to do with it and not just experience it and feel it. Do you have any suggestions?

OWS: Yes, Ashira we know that you are wishing to move forward on this one.

Ashira: I am. Thank you so much. [What] you are experiencing if you were here weekly with this group you would hear this from everyone here. This is part of the process of moving through your old attachments, your old experiences. The good that is there, hold onto that. And when things cause you to remember something, feel something, experience something, be with it. Be with it until you can let it go without judgment, without attachment. Some of the anger, some of the hatred that you talk about is being in touch with your brothers and sisters across the world. You are processing some of these for others. Part of the Lightworkers work at this time is to continue to be a funnel and funnel those things up through your awareness to clear from the mass consciousness. You are doing wonderful job of being hard on yourself. Of fully this will give you something else to think about something else to know and allow this process just to happen. And as you move along with the planet you will begin to see that Light that Love that Glory more and more every day. Does that help?
Yes thank you so much.

Anne: Very good I’m sure that helped many. Thank you for offering that question.

Question: In a recent message called The Arrival by El Melchizedek, he said that ‘as you enter the photonic center we will then commence forth with the next step to bring prosperity.’ How long does it take us to go through this photon belt and when will we be close to reaching the center?

OWS: We can tell you this. We are not going to get in terms of dates here because they change as a result of mankind consciousness. Yes you can even change the rotation of your planet and the movement of the planet and all of these types of things. So it is not so much when is it going to, when are you going to come through the belt here, but it is as you are moving through it it is what is going to happen as you are going through it.
This is what is most important here that these changes that are coming and are already here are as a result of all of the things that are going on Not only here on the planet but in the solar system and in the galaxy. All that is changing here on the planet is also happening out there in the galaxy itself. So you are not the only ones that are going through this transition. But you yourselves are affecting this transition in the entire galaxy. This is what you have come to understand how important that you really are.

Each individual one of you are important. You are not just one little grain of sand on the beaches of time. Yes in another sense you are. We know this is a somewhat of a disconcerting here because you are what you are. You are an experience of all that you have been up until this point. And you together with all that you have been experiencing with our creating this entire process that is happening here.

It is very difficult to give concepts of higher vibration or higher dimensional understandings when you are still somewhat in the lower vibrations. Many of you though have moved out of these lower vibrations and are moving into the higher ones so therefore these types of understandings are coming through more and more. And your science and all of these things are coming to these as well. And it is beginning to be revealed to the public. And more and more these things will come out and be revealed such as your NASA saying that there is life out there. They’re beginning to say this is if you did not already know it. But it is important for the ones that are in the leadership roles to begin to state these things and this is what is happening here. Do you wish to add here Ashira?

Ashira: I don’t think so thank you.

OWS: Did this answer your question?

Well not really no.

OWS: In a roundabout way, we know.

I guess the biggest question I have is I’ve read that we have already entered into the photon belt and is this something that we will be going through for a couple months or a couple years or … you know. I’m just curious about going through it.

OWS: Yes. It is a long time, let’s put it that way. It’s not something that can be at this point quantified yet.

Question: Actually I just suddenly remembered basically I was more interested in energy. I’m having problems with blockages in my body but I don’t think this is the call for it, is it?

OWS: Ashira would you wish to address that?

Ashira: As we view your body the energy blockages that you feel are part of what this process is about. The energies have increased upon the planet as you continue to move the planet through the solar system. But we would share with you is find someone who is an energy healer maybe a massage therapist who could work with you and help you in the movement.

It is not so much that you are blocked, it is that your body is experiencing these at a very deep level. This one here, Susan has had many challenges with the energy and working with it as it comes into her body. But what we would suggest to you, seek out someone who is a massage therapist energy worker. Have them work with you as you become more and more open to experiencing these things. As Lady Nada shared you may be moved to eat more, eat less, drink more, drink less. Listen to the guidance that you have for it is wonderful and will get you through this process. It is not for sissies. We shared that with this group. This is not an activation that is easy on one’s body and the ascension symptoms that happened to many, many people along the process and continue to happen. And as the energy has increased throughout the month of October more symptoms have taken place. And so all of you who have had headaches have had dizziness have had throat problems have had back problems have had stomach problems; all of these are areas that are being affected by the energies coming in.

So we would wish you at the very best. Wake up each day with gratitude for having the opportunity to experience this. Do the work you need to do. You know what this is. And be accepting and open to those of us on this side. We’re there to guide you and help you through. Does that help you ma’am?

Yes thank you very much. Indeed it does.

Well, God bless you.

Question: Beloved One Who Serves, are there any presidential candidates of the cabal that have now come back to the Light?
OWS: Very interesting question here. And the only way that we can answer this is in terms of probabilities. We cannot look into our crystal ball and tell you who is going to be the president or anything of this nature. We could but that would so spoil the surprise because it is not what you are thinking it will, might be.

Now directly to your question though have those of the various candidates moved into the Light: yes some of them have and some of them are teetering. They are moving back and forth between the light and the dark or better yet between the old ways that they understood before and the new awakening process that they are going through. So there are many things that are creating the various things that are going on, these changes that are happening. And all of these various ones that are in the running, you might say, are not necessarily the ones that are going to find themselves in a role of being the leader of this country. That is all we can say about that at this point. It is not quite what you are expecting because if it were it would be the same old, same old, would it not?

Yes indeed. Thank you so much, that really helped.

Anne: Yes I like that no more same old same old.

Question: It was mentioned in a recent light worker message that the Galactics have chosen to initiate the announcement and introduce themselves rather than wait on any world leader. I just want to get confirmation that that is true.

OWS: Yes certainly! That’s was what Sananda spoke about earlier here.

[More technical difficulties. Connection dropped.]

Anne: We’re getting a lot of interference aren’t we. Oh my, it just shows you how valuable this call is. Boy we’ve never had anything like this before. Well it looks like were making an impression on somebody that this is happening.

Question: I’m just wondering if I’m going to be personally seeing any improvements in my life anytime soon. I’m kind of filled with regret because I didn’t get down to help my friend and he died. I feel very regretful about that. I feel like kind of a monster because I didn’t make that a priority.

Ashira: I will take this.
This is Ashira. We will share with you that this is in part grief. Grief is very deep and it is very moving for everyone who goes through it. It is this time. It was his time to leave so he can help you move through the work that you are doing. You are not a monster you are you a dear one. Love yourself. Move into areas where you can share your love with others. Allow that to flow through so you can be overfilled yourself. This is the time for you to realize that there is no separation, there truly is no death and although this one is not in this 3-D world to share with you, this was his doing not yours. Does that make sense to you dear one?

Yes. Yes.

All right. Go watch a good movie. Bless you.

Question: After everyone has seen the ships land when do you think we will meet our twin flames?

OWS: Very interesting. Many have wondered about these types of things and the answer is always the same: When it is time. And when the frequency is right. So it is not so much that when the ships are revealed in the skies and the landings begin and all of this, shortly after that you will have different experiences than you have been having here in your lives now. Your lives will be drastically changing and as your lives goes through a dramatic shift in consciousness and various changes that come as a result of this, you will find yourself in positions to allow for that next process to take effect. That is your remembrance and coming together once again with your twin soul. You wish to add here Ashira?

Ashira: No, I’m just beaming smiles. Thank you.

OWS: Smiles are good.

Question: When the Galactics show their ships in the skies do you think they might be displaying their insignia but could they also display our flag and maybe accompany that by playing our patriotic music like God Bless America? I think that would really pump us up. They could do that for other countries so people won’t be scared.

OWS: W can tell you this and Ashira has also something to add here.
We can tell you that there is many different understandings, many different conversations that have been had by all that are involved in this that make the decisions and all of these things as to how this process will take effect. And many ideas have been given and decisions have been made as to what will happen. But for us now to tell you exactly what it will be would you a benefit here because it is better to allow for all of this to take hold and happen here. We always say we do not want to spoil the surprise for you. Whether or not you will hear the Star-Spangled Banner or any of these types of things –probably not — but you will there will be a showing or revealing that will be less of a frightening affect you might say on the world populace, for it is not only this country we are speaking of but all the countries. The entire world, the entire planet will have these various sightings and revealings that will come more and more and more. And at some point as Sananda has said they will be beyond questioning. You will no longer be able to question it. The answer will have come: you are not alone. You see? You have something to add here Ashira.

Ashira: I will. Surprise, of course is a big word here. We want all of you to be held in surprise. It has been shared with the Ancient Awakenings group however that the world religions will be respectfully shining in the skies. There will be Sananda in places around the world in the sky and all of this will occur at once: Buddha, Mohammed, all of these various spiritual leaders plan to appear in the sky at once and this will open hearts and help people to speak with one another about the joyous times that we are in. And so that too shall be a surprise and we are excited to be able to share that with all of you.

OWS: We would add here one thing as Ashira has said here. When these revealings come, these religious types of things to put the populace at ease there will be those of the naysayers that will come out and say this is the C,abal, this is Project Blue Beam. Do not pay any attention to it it’s not real and all of these things, but it will be so prominent it’ll be so powerful that everyone will realize that is not just one particular illusion that is being created in Times Square or something of this nature. You see?

Question: I’m wondering if they can give any advice or help for those of us who are dealing with addictions. Personally mine is smoking. I know it doesn’t fit with the new vibrations that are coming in. It’s affecting my health but yet with all of that I just can’t seem to quit. And it’s such a battle. And I’m just wondering if they have any advice.

OWS: Yes, we do … Stop it! [laughter]

And that’s great advice but it’s just not…

OWS: Yes we know. We’re just joking here certainly. We do that from time to time. It’s not all serious business. Please understand that these types of things, as you call it an addiction, you are finding an attachment to it and in your wording that you used you are being attached to it: I can’t seem to stop. What does the word can’t do. You see it tells you it tells your inner self your conscious knowing self it tells you that you cannot do something. And if you say you cannot do it then you will not be able to do it. So begin more and more to say ‘I am quitting’ whatever it is. ‘I will quit’ whatever it is. ‘I will stop’ whatever it is. And the more that you can put it into the present tense: ‘I am done with this,’ you see? It changes everything. It changes the frequency involved here. And the more that you can continue to move up in frequency up in vibration then these types of things smoking/drinking does all of these types of things will cease to be an issue. They will not be a concern any longer.

Go with the flow. Let it be. Do not feel guilt about it. That is one of the worst things you can do. If you look at things as right or wrong positive or negative, that is not a good thing: guilt. Do not hold any guilt about it. Let it go. And then as we say earlier just stop it; whatever it takes to do it, if that is what you really want. And certainly look within yourself. Ask your own higher Godself to assist you in this and you will be amazed at how these types of things will be lifted from you. Ashira do you wish to add here?

Ashira: I think that you have done a marvelous job with this. Thank you.

Question: My question is kind of connected with the one you’ve answered recently. I’m wondering whether or not disclosure is connected to our tradition as Jesus’ second coming. Also recently I’ve heard that the second coming will be our awakened community will be the second coming of our collective. Could you maybe clarify that? Is disclosure connected with Jesus’ second coming and are we as a collective going to be the second coming

OWS: Yes, Ashira we know you are wanting to take first forward on this one.

Ashira: Thank you I will start on this one. For the Second Coming is Christ Consciousness that has been coming up on this planet for the past few years and it has been growing and growing and moving through people. So, yes all of the human body is the Christ Consciousness coming into a new awareness of itself.

A new awareness of what it can do what it can be what it can build. Christ Consciousness was present in all of those that you consider Masters upon the planet. Not only one known is Jesus or Yeshua who is now Sananda in his expression, but in Mohammed and Buddha and in many, many of the teachers that have come through your period of time here on this planet. So the disclosure is something separate. There are so many things that you are looking for all of you upon the planet at this time. It is a process as Lady Nada said. We’re looking at the money, you are looking at new technology, you are looking at your new bodies, you are looking at the new energies coming, in you are looking at Christ Consciousness. All of this is here at this time and all of you are expressing this in this expression that you have upon the planet. And as you share with one another the frequency that raises you move even more into that Christ Consciousness. One Who Serves?

OWS: Very good. We can move on to the next question.

Question: I’ve been a follower of this Keshe gentleman that’s come out with a new free energy device and making it available to the world. This man is sort of like Tesla was. For the last two or three days there’ve been a lot of people calling him a fraud and I would like your opinion on that.

OWS: We can say here that you have a saying, do you not, that ‘the proof is in the pudding.’ So when these things come out and are being revealed, and they are already in that process now these things are coming out the new technologies. But you see you have had these new technologies for a very long time. They just have not been shared with you. These things have been there and have at times been ready to come forth but because of your system that you are in, your patent system and all of this, these things have been held back. They have been kept from the, not only the American public but the entire world. And it is time now that they can no longer hold these back.

So directly to your question, Is this one a fraud? Certainly not! He is very much in the forefront. He is one that is coming forward to share with the entire planet his understandings, his knowings. And they’re coming from, much of this is coming from Tesla technology that has been utilized in the past but again has been secreted, kept from you. And these things though are coming out and will be revealed. This technology has already been put out on the internet as we understand it here. And for those that can understand it and can work with it can begin to build these devices for themselves.

But please understand this is only a precursor. This is just as your 3-D printer is to your replicator. You see? It is just a precursor. It is just the beginning of this. Technologies will come out that your saying, will ‘blow you away.’

While I’m sure glad you making that clear because I really wanted to believe in the man. I’ve been listening to a lot of videos and audios of him and he seems like a very honest individual and I know that they’ve tried to assassinate him several times but in my opinion he’s got Galactic protection and I would just like to see it. I think it is a precursor but he he’s been putting blueprints on the internet so you can follow them and build your own. I just wanted to get that verified.

OWS: We would add here one thing if we could. It is for those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear. We have said this many times so all of this technology is coming out in many different ways and it is not only from this one that we speak of here but from the country of India, many different places, Austria, Germany, all of these places are going to be coming out with new technologies. They are already there. It’s just a matter of the new system coming into place. Anything you wish to add Ashira?

Ashira: No thank you.

Question: People are somewhat concerned about the IRS still being in power as our abundance is about to break, as we’ve been told by Sananda, and we’re wondering if we need a common-law trust to protect half of the money from being taken by the IRS?

OWS: Ashira would you wish to go forward?

Ashira: We will start this and then you may finish this, yes.
As One Who Serves said earlier you do not know what is going to happen and who will be running your country in the New Year. We are not going to be specific about what you should or should not do with the monies coming or going. We will just say that the New Year brings new opportunity. It brings new experiences. It brings new things to you. And so we will leave it at that.

Question: There is a gentleman named Dr. Michael Lightman that teaches Kabbalah. He has millions of followers. I’ve attended a couple of workshops and some of this stuff resonated with me but some of the things he was saying that only the Kabbalah message will save the world. And that’s when I sort of walked away because it just didn’t feel right. Can anybody say something about this gentleman? He does carry lots of light.

OWS: Yes we will not say necessarily anything about one particular individual as we are not in the habit of doing that. But we can say that whatever it is that comes out from any one individual, anyone that listens to this must use their discernment, whatever it might be. Whether it is through a known channel that you are aware of or anyone else. It is important that you listen to it and use your discernment because there are many influences that are coming in as you have seen in this very day. There are influences that are coming in from outside of here that are attempting to turn the … what is the … turnover the boat? How do you say that here? Rock the boat and flip it over, something of this nature. We’re not coming quite with the words here that you would use but whatever it is, it is important to know that everyone has something to say and whether you are going to listen to that one having something to say is up to you. You see? Anything you wish to add here Ashira?

Ashira: Actually what we find here in this one, Susan, she studied the Kabbalah in several different ways throughout her doctorate. The Kabbalah is something that is from the past. It is something that explains the structure of the universe as those who knew it and know it at the time they are teaching this would share with you. So keep in mind that this is not the future. It is not the New Earth. It is not what you are creating now. If you choose to learn about what people thought in the past and their perception, feel free. Go with that which is your own resonance. Go with your discernment dear one. Thank you. Bless you.

OWS: Yes, that one that would be as the idea of the Christians only the Christians going to Heaven. You see? It cannot be this way. It is the entire planet and everyone has a choice as to timing-wise how they will move through this ascension process.

Question: I have been writing music for about 40 years or so and my music comes from God. I know that. I feel it. I feel that my music heals and uplifts gives joy and gives happiness. I’m a denarian also so I’ve been waiting on the blessing to be able to do my album and release my album. Right now I’m at a standstill. I’m not asking for any dates or anything like that but I was wondering if you could tell me since it means so much to me will I have an opportunity to release my music to the public because I feel that is what God wants.

OWS: We can tell you this if God wants it then it’s going to happen. Do you understand this? Not in terms of today the Supreme Being out there but in terms of your own God the God within you, the God Source within you. If that God Source wants this released it will be released. And we can tell you as we look further into this you are going to have this type of understanding and release to the public. It will happen. But it must come as a result of the changes as they are ready, as the frequencies rise enough for this type of thing. So if this can help then we are glad to be of assistance here. Anything to add here Ashira?

Ashira: No thank you.

Question: My question is I feel like for the last three weeks I’m fighting this low vibrational energies that are around me. And I’m finding it hard to stay above board. And to stay positive. And I would just like some guidance. Or see what they pick up. As I don’t have anything particularly to be upset about.

Ashira: Yes, this is Ashira I will respond to your question and give One Who Serves the opportunity to respond as well. So you are responding to the energies that have been pouring into the planet during the month of October. And as you have experienced those, there have been other experiences that are coming up within you and that with from the world around you. You are not in a space to feel badly, you say, however you are dealing with these what seems to be low vibrational energies. So shift that, change that. Be in gratitude be it joy be in love and you will find that those that feel to not be in concordance with your own energies that you have known previously and have known were there, will begin to float to the surface and you will be able to look at them and release them. You will come to know that which is not yours but is the world’s. For as these new energies that come to fill our bodies, they have come to fill your souls. And those energies which are not the same upon the planet, come and allow you to work with them and to release them; changed into love, changed into joy, changed into gratitude. For that is what we would share with you today. One Who Serves?

OWS: Yes, and also as you are moving through this transition this shift in consciousness it is important to know that you are going to go through various experiences. You are going to move through things which are no longer familiar to you. It is not the same old-same old, you see? And as these familiar types of things begin to move out of your life it will become somewhat disconcerting or already has become somewhat disconcerting for you. This is not only for you that asked the question but for all, all that are experiencing these various ascension symptoms and different types of energy shifts and all of this. And this is going to continue yet for a bit of time here. But at some point you will move through it and be beyond it and not have to deal with it anymore. Okay?

Question: I recently learned of the star gates that are above our planet having collapsed and that the ascension process that we will be guided through is not the normal ascension process. It’s something akin to moving through the bardos of the Tibetan Buddhist system of passing through after death. I’m wondering if that is correct if we will be passing through star gates or if the star gates above our planet are collapsed and will we be taken through the bardo?

OWS: Again this is many different sources or many different information coming through many different sources some of it is very accurate some of it not so much. But yes, certainly there are many gateways and there are many gateways your Cabal have known about for a very long time and they have utilized for themselves and kept them secret from you. But these will be opening in many different places. But there are also the gateways within yourself. So it is not only so much of a star gate or a gateway or something of this nature that is external to you that you can move through but it is also the internal star gates or gateways with you. And you are moving through those. And as you exercise and reactivate your third eye center this is itself a star gate or a gateway for you to move through. You will come to understand this more and more as you continue to move up in the vibrations and begin to acclimate yourself to those higher vibrations. Anything to add here Ashira?

Ashira: I believe I will add to this. We, of course, encourage you to look other places besides that which is your normal road for information in this world. But as the world changes, as you change, you will find that shall be looking for information and immediately know if it does not resonate with you. There are those in the group that meet here on Sunday that are looking at fewer and fewer and fewer websites every day. There are those who look at more websites and bring the information back for the group to share. We appreciate this question because it does give us the opportunity to remind all of you that there is so much information coming out now. There’s so many different channels, there is so many different people who look at themselves differently and now have the message they bring to the world. We just say stay in touch with your body where as you read things that you may not resonate to, you will experience that in your gut in your heart you will know when things may not be correct at this point in time with this experience that you are having. One Who Serves gave a very much worldly expression to you about this answer. I want it to become more visceral. Thank you and bless you.

Anne: It’s boiling down to each of us using our own discernment. What is right for us. What fits with us.

Question: I want to know about the light chambers. Are the light chambers going to be on Earth in every city or are they going to be in Hollow Earth?

OWS: The changes my dear friend are going everywhere, everywhere. Not only here on the Earth, but in the Earth and above the Earth. Changes are happening everywhere but changes are always happening. There is never a time when there is not change. And you must come to a point where you welcome the changes even though they are somewhat disconcerting for you at times even though they can be somewhat painful it is important to welcome the changes because as change comes upon you then that is a movement of consciousness as you move through that change…

Anne: One Who Serves, I believe he was asking about the light chambers we have heard about in Inner and Hollow Earth and on the ships.

OWS: We misunderstood question then.
As to the light chambers yes certainly. The light changers are going to be in the Inner Earth, Hollow Earth and all of this as well as above the Earth in the ships. And the cities, the Cities of Light as well are going to have these. So there is not to be of concern we know that one particular dear beloved sister of ours had the concern she did not want to wait in line a long time to enter one of these chambers. [Laughter] We’re going to say that there will be many of these chambers and it will not be like a lottery system or anything of this nature although it will be important and it will be where you yourselves will want to be of service to allow for those that are of the highest need and are ready for this to be able to move first into those chambers and to find their healing and all of these types of things. So yes all of this is there, all of this is part of the process and will be introduced as these technologies are being brought to you. Anything to add here Ashira?

Ashira: No, I was just going to answer his question about light chambers but when you got onto that topic …

Excuse me, will they be in hospitals too?

Ahsira: No, the light chambers will be in Inner Earth, Hollow Earth and in the ships. And you may visit those now. They are already ready for you. They are programed for your specific body. They will not be in hospitals because that will no longer be necessary upon the planet. And once you go through the light chamber experience you will have additional new trainers, new mentors for you for you’ll be part of the new humanity.
Alright thank you very much.
Ashira: Bless you. Yes.

Anne: Very good. We are complete. We’ve had our three last questions those whose hands remain I am apologizing but we’ve really extended the time for our two channels to whom we are very, very grateful. And I’m turning this back over I imagine James is returning back now to close the call.

OWS: Not yet! Not yet! (Anne: Oh yes Ashira, yes.) No, yes, but also I am here, another One Who Serves is here. [Laughter]
It is important to know that, well we can say this: we can’t wait for you to have telepathy so you do not need to go through these types of things anymore! [Laughter] Crazy devices that come in and go out and you have to do this and dial here and wait for someone to come on! Whoosh! Why do all that stuff you see? You see? Telepathy will take care of all of these things. But as our compadre, the other One Who Serves, said (one of these days we will begin to be able to use names here but not quite yet,) but as he said so many are trying to break down this process, are trying to invade here, intercede in the things that are coming out. And it is as the dam, or holes in the pipe have been increasing more and more and more. And in the past you were able to simply put a rag in one of the holes and to stop it up or the cabal would attempt to do that rather, and then another hole would appear and they would put another rag into the hole — and of course this is an analogy, people — and the pipe though would keep getting holes in it and getting more and more and more holes in it and they can no longer put rags into all these holes. They are attempting to do it but it cannot be done anymore.

So these things are opening up everywhere and will continue to do so. And we ourselves are enjoy, enjoy to watch this entire process. Better where we are than where you are I’m sure you would say that certainly, but everything is happening just as it needs to. And we say many times be of good cheer! be of good cheer! because good times are ahead people! You are going to have so much fun and enjoyment and all of these things that seem like at drudgery to you at times today are all going to be gone.

So be patient a little while longer. Hold the frustrations back. Let it go. Let it be. What is your song: “Let it be, let it be.” You know that song from the Beatles. Let it be people! It is important now especially now as you are moving into these higher vibrations because if you do not let it be then you will stay where you are and that is not a good place to be any more. So let it be and let go and go with the flow and believing is seeing and all of these wonderful sayings that are coming to you now. And we have many more that we are going to give you so be ready for that!
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one. Shanti.

Ashira: I am Ashira I will close this afternoon. After hearing the questions today from your audience, Anne, I want to just leave this: love yourself. As you love yourself through these changes they will become easier as you move higher in the frequency of vibration. Love yourself through everything that you are happening that is happening to you through you with you. We implore you to look at those things that seem to be negative in your life. Forgive yourself for them. Forgiveness will lift your spirit. Gratitude will lift your spirit. Do not be in judgment of things which are happening in you through you as you. It is all spirit moving through you, raising you up this day for tomorrow and the next tomorrow. Pay attention to that which is within your world that you can manifest more and more every day exactly what you want to have manifest.

Believe it get clear about what you want for yourself for your brothers and sisters for this planet. Be clear and know that spirit is always with you. You are moving in spirit as spirit. And that all of us who are working with you diligently are with you every day.
We bless you we give you peace. Namaste.

Susan/James: Okay Anne, we’re all back.

Anne: Welcome and thank you.

Susan/James: Thank you so much. Thank you for hosting. Yes thank you so much.

Anne: It was a wonderful call, wonderful good solid questions that were appropriate for everyone. Your group was wonderful in providing the silence that I know is difficult to maintain over this period of two hours. And our gratitude to both of our speakers their guests and their group that has grown together as a family there in Glendale, Arizona. And there’s always room for more, isn’t there James?

James: Yes, there is. Always.

Anne: I’ll let you go ahead and close the call and then I’ll play your delightful music.

Susan: Well, again this is Susan I thank you we thank you for joining us today. We’ll be with you again the first Sunday in December and wish you all a wonderful, wonderful month. Be excited about what is happening!

James: Thank you so much. Bye-bye everybody.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated





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    • SuperMario

      Oh boy, more Space Jesus and his hurry up and hope and wait B.S. “Masters” remind me…

      “End of passion play, crumbling away
      I’m your source of self-destruction
      Veins that pump with fear, it’s sucking darkest clear
      Leading on your deaths’ construction

      Taste me, you will see
      More is all you need
      Dedicated to
      How I’m killing you

      Come crawling faster
      Obey your master
      Your life burns faster
      Obey your master, master

      Master of puppets, I’m pulling your strings
      Twisting your mind, and smashing your dreams
      Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing
      Just call my name, cause I’ll hear you scream
      Master, master
      Just call my name, cause I’ll hear you scream
      Master, master

      Needlework the way, never betray
      Life of death becoming clearer
      Pain monopoly, ritual misery
      Chop your breakfast on a mirror

      Taste me, you will see
      More is all you need
      Dedicated to
      How I’m killing you

      Come crawling faster
      Obey your master
      Your life burns faster
      Obey your master, master

      Master of puppets, I’m pulling your strings
      Twisting your mind, and smashing your dreams
      Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing
      Just call my name, cause I’ll hear you scream
      Master, master
      Just call my name, cause I’ll hear you scream
      Master, master, master

      Master, master
      Where’s the dreams that I’ve been after?
      Master, master
      Promised only lies

      Laughter, laughter
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      Laughing at my cries, fix me

      Hell is worth all that, natural habitat
      Just a rhyme without a reason
      Never ending maze, drift on numbered days
      Now your life is out of season

      I will occupy
      I will help you die
      I will run through you
      Now I rule you too

      Come crawling faster
      Obey your master
      Your life burns faster
      Obey your master, master

      Master of puppets, I’m pulling your strings
      Twisting your mind, and smashing your dreams
      Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing
      Just call my name, cause I’ll hear you scream
      Master, master
      Just call my name, cause I’ll hear you scream
      Master, master”
      -Master Of Puppets

      • The Clucker

        I love the old Metallica.

      • The Clucker

        Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby
        Just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around
        And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby
        When you say you will (say you will) but I love you still
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        So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don’t break my heart

        “I’ll be over at ten”, you told me time and again
        But you’re late, I wait around and then (bah-dah-dah)
        I went to the door, I can’t take any more
        It’s not you, you let me down again

        (Hey, hey, hey!) Baby, baby, try to find
        (Hey, hey, hey!) A little time and I’ll make you mine
        (Hey, hey, hey!) I’ll be home
        I’ll be beside the phone waiting for you
        Ooo-oo-ooo, ooo-oo-ooo

        Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby
        Just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around
        And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby
        When you say you will (say you will) but I love you still
        I need you (I need you) more than anyone, darlin’
        You know that I have from the start
        So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don’t break my heart

        To you I’m a toy, but I could be the boy you adore
        If you’d just let me know (bah-dah-dah)
        Although you’re untrue, I’m attracted to you all the more
        Why do I need you so

        (Hey, hey, hey!) Baby, baby, try to find
        (Hey, hey, hey!) A little time and I’ll make you mine
        (Hey, hey, hey!) I’ll be home
        I’ll be beside the phone waiting for you
        Ooo-oo-ooo, ooo-oo-ooo

        Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby
        Just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around
        And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby
        When you say you will (say you will) but I love you still
        I need you (I need you) more than anyone, darlin’
        You know that I have from the start
        So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don’t break my heart

        I-I-I need you-oo-oo more than anyone, baby
        You know that I have from the start
        So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don’t break my heart

      • Auriga5

        Apt song for what is occurring in Palestine at the moment.

      • Anonymous

        OK, so supermario, I was wondering how I was going to approach this in perhaps a more delicate or diplomatic way, you just sort of nailed it though. But as we’ve seen with other religious people, the more truth, facts, or common sense you give them, the more defiant they become up to the point of being flamming idiots. Personally i was going for something more like this:

        Be careful my new age brothers and sisters! Beware of strangers bearing shiney gifts!! like you, I have dreamt of the day when we would finally get to go to space and meet our space brothers. But we have to be careful about it. Just like here on earth we know lots of people who aren’t very nice, and are actually dangerous, how much more so out there in space? Some of us have even heard that the ones calling themselves the ascended masters are nothing more than break away civilizations in agartha, and who don’t have our best interests at heart. I would LIKE to think that is not true, but we must be prepared for just such a thing. We are all in this together. Don’t rush it. We have much to fix ON OUR OWN before we start “taking tours” out there. Just please slow down, think about it. Much Love!

    • Leo

      These UFOs are not your saviors they are your enemies, these ufos are connected to the Cable to assist them in their battle against humanity . You fools . You deserve what you get . ALL SMILES . :lol:

    • Pink Slime

      What happened to the electric shock or something that was suppose to happen? Some kind of mystical vibration. Hope you aren’t talking about a sex toy?

      • Ambicatus

        I recommend watching “Eric the Viking” movie, these filthy hippys are all experiencing “wave x” which is part of the grand delusion, for you to be affected by it, you need to have a PASSENGER, ie, be “possessed” so that the invading spirit then can act upon the neurons in the brain, causing all kinds of wonderful hallucinations etc. It is a scientific fact that the human brain is a machine capable of being driven by a ghost, so all these demon possessed idiots are “tripping out” on all kinds of PERCEPTIONS we cannot see, we are not unlike the missionary in Eric’s village, who cannot even see all the stupid stuff these utter idiots believe in. There are MAJOR upheavals in the Spirit Realm, and these chumps are astral traveling and imagining their powers to be awakening, they are part of a hive mind and group consciousness. So, the only way you will feel this “wave x” is if your possessed by a demon, and its manipulating your perception of reality.

    • Auriga5

      Wait for the excuse that we’ve jumped another Timeline. Baseless lies filled with unsubstantiated science.

      Indian, have the authorities paid you a visit to confiscate your w33d plantation?? I heard that was utmost importance these days.

    • Lucifer Morningstar

      no ascention :twisted:

      • Ambicatus

        yup, these funts are allll going to you. See you in Heaven Court, prick.

        • Lucifer Morningstar

          See you soon too! :twisted:

          • Captain Spaulding

            YOU, you want to RULE this world, YOU want to save these pink worms that love YOU, I on the udder hand Darren, have a song for you, about ME


            Look for group indeed, found most of them.

    • Syco

      YAY Aliens AND Bible babble LOL, does it get any better? Wait, wait… was that a vibration??? Nope never mind, just yesterdays deviled eggs and beer.

      • yen ain\\\'t happening

        :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • Mr Lightbeam

      Napoleoen iv

      “They come to take him away Haha
      There coming to take you away Ha ha,
      To the funny Farm where life is beautiful all of the time AND!!
      The men in there clean white coats,are coming to take you away!!

      HahaHahhaaaaaaaaaa!!¬!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    • Mr Lightbeam

      Napoleoen iv

      “They come to take him away Haha
      There coming to take you away Ha ha,
      To the funny Farm where life is beautiful all of the time AND!!
      The men in there clean white coats,are coming to take you away!!

      HahaHahhaaaaaaaaaa!!¬!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

      “Wanna play Trains” choooooooooooochooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! :neutral:

    • Mr Lightbeam

      Napoleoen iv

      “They come to take him away Haha
      There coming to take you away Ha ha,
      To the funny Farm where life is beautiful all of the time AND!!
      The men in there clean white coats,are coming to take you away!!

      HahaHahhaaaaaaaaaa!!¬!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

      To ascend you have to die!!!!

      Then there is no guarantee you will get to the other side

      LIVE FOR TODAY!!! Tomorrow never Comes :cool:

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