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Busted! -- Flat Earth ‘Theory’ Used to Wage War Against the Truth Movement

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Flat Earth Theory Fabricated By TPTB To Distract From Planet X

TMR Editor’s Note:
The Millennium Report could not resist posting this excellent submission from the Society of Flat Earth Debunkers. They have exposed a new and dangerous dimension to this ongoing and intensifying PSYOP known as the Flat Earth Theory.  This thoroughly fraudulent theory is quite aggressively promoted by a highly dubious and deceitful organization known as the Flat Earth Society.

FLAT EARTH ‘THEORY’: The Ultimate PSYOP Wages War Against The Truth Movement

The Flat Earth Theory is not a theory at all; rather, it is a meticulously engineered hoax that is zealously advanced on the Internet by a rogue government black operation known as the Flat Earth Society.  Their central goals and purposes are numerous and by no means mutually exclusive.

However, there is one goal in particular that reigns absolutely supreme on their “deliberate agenda of disruption”:  To so discredit every other truth movement by infiltrating them with their utter babble.  In this fashion the Flat Earthers seek to bring down the real truthers by the mere association with their fallacious and preposterous drivel.

Enjoy the exposé.
The Millennium Report


The Flat Earthers Are Being Sent Into Every Real Truth Movement To Disrupt And Destroy Them, Especially The Planet X Groups

by Society of Flat Earth Debunkers

If ever there was a PSYOP designed to distract, divert and misdirect, the thoroughly insane Flat Earth Theory (FET) is the one.  Never in the history of black operations have the co-conspirators been so fierce and fanatical in their mission to deceive and dupe.

Just what is that covert mission?  To effectively blow up every internet chat room, forum and blog that has many meaningful discussion about Planet X, formerly known as the 10th Planet.  Planet X is the real megillah that everyone has been tying to hide for decades. Simply put, its profound ramifications are so far-reaching and highly consequential that TPTB cannot risk the people catching on.  Hence, along comes the Flat Earth Theory to change the conversation into absolute and utter gibberish.

Anyone who knows how COINTELPRO really works will tell you that these Flat Earthers have been carefully cultivated in some serious mind-control programming experiments.  Whenever they encounter any resistance to their utterly absurd FET hallucinations, they literally go ballistic. However, they do so with great purpose and calculation.  Their studied responses are quite manipulative, just as their triggered reactions are practically inhuman.

Just go to one of the big chat rooms and hang out in one that has made the Flat Earth Theory the topic of discussion.  Watch the intensity on the side of the Flat Earthers, especially the way that they deceptively advance their daft arguments.  It’s almost as though these folks (probably droids) have been fabricated in some laboratory somewhere in Andromeda.  Their thought process is not human, and the practiced sophistry that they routinely employ in downright otherworldly as in AI gone awry in an evil Grey lab in Area 51.

There is no good reason to confront a Flat Earther—Anywhere, Anytime or Anyway.  They have proven themselves to be incapable of exercising their faculty of human reason. Likewise, they completely lack any common sense and the ability to utilize basic logic. The Flat Earthers were somehow brainwashed in such a way that they can spontaneously suspend the use of their intellect.  Most of them lack the capacity to even discern between a simple right and wrong answer to a question which is obviously black and white.  For real, these dunces can’t even answer “Yes” or “No” when asked if the sky — RIGHT NOW — is blue or green, when it is a perfectly deep blue sky.  Yes, they have completely left the reservation of rationality and reason.  They’re either permanently “Out To Lunch”, forever “AWOL”, and “There’s Nobody Home”.  We’re talking the complete absence of even an iota of intellectual integrity.  Do you now get the picture? (-:    Actually, it ought to be )-:

The bottom line, then, is NOT to waste your time with the Flat Earthers.  Their primary function is to waste your time … mightily!  As well as to distract you from much more important things that are going on everywhere, all the time.   During these times, when things are moving VERY fast, no one on the planet has a second to waste.  So why spend a moment in debate with a veritable idiocracy of Flat Earth nonsense?!?!

If you really knew that this whole Flat Earth PSYOP was a full-blown DARPA-conceived, CIA-directed, NSA-monitored, DIA-driven black operation, would you continue to given them any energy whatsoever?  Well, now you know.  Perhaps some folks enjoy the journey into the realm of the extremely deranged; however, be aware that these Flat Earthers know exactly what they’re doing and that you may find yourself trapped off in a fictitious space-time continuum of puerile phantasmagoria and mentally challenged pseudo-entertainment. BEWARE, and be aware, of where they might be taking you.

The Society of Flat Earth Debunkers (SFED) perfectly understands that NASA does not tell the truth about anything ever, unless they must.  The SFED also knows that there are many scientific laws and maxims, theories and hypotheses which are falling apart by the day.  We put no stock in the many falsehoods and propagated by the scientific establishment.  However, that doesn’t mean that doesn’t mean that everything that comes out of NASA is bunk.  After all, they did know enough to launch a space shuttle every now and then.  More importantly, the Russians would have given up the International Space Station years ago if all NASA science and technology was falsely concocted.  Would you send up your cosmonauts if the math was all wrong?

Now, if you don’t believe what we just wrote, you may want to read the following penetrating exposés.

Society of Flat Earth Debunkers
Submitted: 1/20/06


Flat Earth Theory: A Purposeful Distraction and Powerful Diversion by The Powers That Be

FLAT EARTH ‘THEORY’ Demonstrates The Alarming Gullibility Of People Everywhere

TMR Editor’s Note:
There is perhaps no other internet hoax that is more ludicrous than the Flat Earth Theory. We’re talking about the most nonsensical and preposterous, laughable and foolish hoax in history!   Yes, it is that zany and loony, wacky and silly.

However, what is really crazy is how many people are buying into it.  That is where the silliness ends and the serious PSYOP begins.  That is also where the Tavistock Institute intersects with the NSA, Facebook collaborates with the CIA, and YouTube and Google really drive some heavy traffic IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.  The spooks are watching the evolution of this PSYOP very, very closely.  After all, they started it.

“Very astute observation from a commenter at Godlike Productions.” — TMR

All anyone has to do is read the following post by the Thunderbolts scientists and they will quickly understand the error and folly of the hysterical Flat Earth Theory hoax.

The Electric Universe

How’s that for an elegant and thoroughly scientific theory of astrophysics—an Electric, Plasma-filled Universe ?!

Here is one more enlightening piece for the all flat earthers: The Thunderbolts Project.  Perhaps they can send these two links to their handlers at the Tavistock Institute.

The Millennium Report


The Central Intelligence Agency Will Do Just
About Anything It Feels It Can Get Away With

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

If ever the CIA and/or Tavistock Institute wanted to test out a new mind-control program, the Flat Earth Theory would be the perfect theme for the program.  As most know by now, the CIA has been running covert mind-control experiments on various segments of humanity for decades.  With the internet being a global platform, the opportunities for the intelligence agencies to advance their mind-control agenda(s) has greatly increased, as well as intensified.


Facebook Proves Itself To Be Another CIA-Managed Media ExperimentThere is no greater example on the internet today of inciting people of every ilk toward  “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” than the utterly ludicrous phenomenon known as the Flat Earth Theory. What is truly shocking is the number of really smart and aware, well-intentioned and spiritually oriented individuals who are supporting this transparent pseudo-scientific sham.  Truly, the CIA has outdone itself with this mind-scrambling endeavor.

Yes, scientific knowledge and applied technology have been egregiously abused and misused throughout the modern era, as this website has frequently pointed out.  That is exactly the sentiment a “CIA” would like to exploit; however, true scientific paradigms based on common sense and human reason ought not to be whimsically replaced by pure fantasy and fiction … even if the Tavistock Institute provides every rhyme and reason to do so.


“When scientific knowledge and applied technology reach a critical level of advancement, without being informed by spiritual truths and guided by moral authority, the planetary civilization will relinquish its destiny to continue as it is.”
(Source: Cosmic Convergence Accelerates Epochal Planetary Transformation)


Quite incredibly, this ridiculous notion — that Planet Earth is really flat — has been enthusiastically embraced by thought leaders and light-workers everywhere. Their primary reason for entertaining such an absurd ‘hypothesis’ is because it takes such a strong anti-science establishment position; otherwise, there is simply no good rational reason for assuming such a sympathetic posture toward this very bad cyber-space joke.

Truly, if the dark side wanted to undermine the workings of the authentic New Agemovements, deliberately disseminating a Flat Earth Theory would be a great way of doing so. They probably never imagined in their wildest dreams that so many would climb on board such a farcical disinfo initiative …  …  … did they?!

Video: PSYOP Flat Earth DISTRACTION Debunked! BIG FAIL!

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
December 4, 2015


Are Flat-Earthers Being Serious?

by Natalie Wolchover

A Flat Earth model depicting Antarctica as an ice wall surrounding a disc-shaped Earth.
Credit: Creative Commons 1.0 Generic | Trekky0623

Members of the Flat Earth Society claim to believe the Earth is flat. Walking around on the planet’s surface, it looks and feels flat, so they deem all evidence to the contrary, such as satellite photos of Earth as a sphere, to be fabrications of a “round Earth conspiracy” orchestrated by NASA and other government agencies.

The belief that the Earth is flat has been described as the ultimate conspiracy theory. According to the Flat Earth Society’s leadership, its ranks have grown by 200 people (mostly Americans and Britons) per year since 2009. Judging by the exhaustive effort flat-earthers have invested in fleshing out the theory on their website, as well as the staunch defenses of their views they offer in media interviews and on Twitter, it would seem that these people genuinely believe the Earth is flat.

But in the 21st century, can they be serious? And if so, how is this psychologically possible?

Through a flat-earther’s eyes

First, a brief tour of the worldview of a flat-earther: While writing off buckets of concrete evidence that Earth is spherical, they readily accept a laundry list of propositions that some would call ludicrous. The leading flat-earther theory holds that Earth is a disc with the Arctic Circle in the center and Antarctica, a 150-foot-tall wall of ice, around the rim. NASA employees, they say, guard this ice wall to prevent people from climbing over and falling off the disc. Earth’s day and night cycle is explained by positing that the sun and moon are spheres measuring 32 miles (51 kilometers) that move in circles 3,000 miles (4,828 km) above the plane of the Earth. (Stars, they say, move in a plane 3,100 miles up.) Like spotlights, these celestial spheres illuminate different portions of the planet in a 24-hour cycle. Flat-earthers believe there must also be an invisible “antimoon” that obscures the moon during lunar eclipses.

Furthermore, Earth’s gravity is an illusion, they say. Objects do not accelerate downward; instead, the disc of Earth accelerates upward at 32 feet per second squared (9.8 meters per second squared), driven up by a mysterious force called dark energy. Currently, there is disagreement among flat-earthers about whether or not Einstein’s theory of relativity permits Earth to accelerate upward indefinitely without the planet eventually surpassing the speed of light. (Einstein’s laws apparently still hold in this alternate version of reality.)

As for what lies underneath the disc of Earth, this is unknown, but most flat-earthers believe it is composed of “rocks.” [Religion and Science: 6 Visions of Earth’s Core]

Then, there’s the conspiracy theory: Flat-earthers believe photos of the globe are photoshopped; GPS devices are rigged to make airplane pilots think they are flying in straight lines around a sphere when they are actually flying in circles above a disc. The motive for world governments’ concealment of the true shape of the Earth has not been ascertained, but flat-earthers believe it is probably financial. “In a nutshell, it would logically cost much less to fake a space program than to actually have one, so those in on the Conspiracy profit from the funding NASA and other space agencies receive from the government,” the flat-earther website’s FAQ page explains.

It’s no joke

The theory follows from a mode of thought called the “Zetetic Method,” an alternative to the scientific method, developed by a 19th-century flat-earther, in which sensory observations reign supreme. “Broadly, the method places a lot of emphasis on reconciling empiricism and rationalism, and making logical deductions based on empirical data,” Flat Earth Society vice president Michael Wilmore, an Irishman, told Life’s Little Mysteries. In Zetetic astronomy, the perception that Earth is flat leads to the deduction that it must actually be flat; the antimoon, NASA conspiracy and all the rest of it are just rationalizations for how that might work in practice.

Those details make the flat-earthers’ theory so elaborately absurd it sounds like a joke, but many of its supporters genuinely consider it a more plausible model of astronomy than the one found in textbooks. In short, they aren’t kidding. [50 Amazing Facts About Planet Earth]

“The question of belief and sincerity is one that comes up a lot,” Wilmore said. “If I had to guess, I would probably say that at least some of our members see the Flat Earth Society and Flat Earth Theory as a kind of epistemological exercise, whether as a critique of the scientific method or as a kind of ‘solipsism for beginners.’ There are also probably some who thought the certificate would be kind of funny to have on their wall. That being said, I know many members personally, and I am fully convinced of their belief.”

Wilmore counts himself among the true believers. “My own convictions are a result of philosophical introspection and a considerable body of data that I have personally observed, and which I am still compiling,” he said.

Strangely, Wilmore and the society’s president, a 35-year-old Virginia-born Londoner named Daniel Shenton, both think the evidence for global warming is strong, despite much of this evidence coming from satellite data gathered by NASA, the kingpin of the “round Earth conspiracy.” They also accept evolution and most other mainstream tenets of science.

Continue reading at:

The Millennium Report does not endorse this Live Science (LS) article treatment of the subject of Conspiracy Theory.  The LS article was posted to show the MSM (mainstream media) perspective on the Flat Earth Theory.   As for TMR, here is our take on the whole “Conspiracy Theory” phenomenon.
How the “Conspiracy Theory” label was conceived to derail the Truth Movement


Originally posted at: Flat Earth Theory Fabricated By TPTB To Distract From Planet X | The Millennium Report

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    • The Thinning Veil Report

      The flat earth society is controlled opposition, mixing truths with outrageous claims.

      To be sure, the Earth is NOT a ball, spinning at 100 miles/hour, careening through space. The only reason anyone believes it IS a ball is because freemasons said it was. Period. Using only the senses, would you ever guess in a million years that this fairy tale could be so?

      Flat Earth debunkers/deniers are, in my opinion, scared little children.

      • spure

        haha you guys are funny

      • AnyOne

        Not scared little children but realists….when one cant prove or disprove by flying out there to see with your own eyes, then you look at what you can see…the nature of atoms!
        Look at the shape of a cell under a microscope. Whats the shape of an atom, neutron, proton and electron? Molecules, atoms clump together, they rarely arrange in a straight line when given the chance to be themselves without manipulation or force.
        Common sense would tell you the Earth is round, unless this is not a planet and we are on a spaceship constructed by higher intelligent beings. So argue back and forth…my common sense tells me its round.
        If it spins is also hard to prove, but again knowing nature creates energy by force, friction or rotation would leave me to believe something must be moving, be it Earth or the universe itself. :grin:

        • The Thinning Veil Report


          you are trying to prove a ball earth using the same science/logic that has been proven wrong countless times. there is no gravity, there is density. there was no big bang, the universe, so to speak, is not expanding, nor is it shrinking. it just is.

          scientism/psyence is not real science.
          surely you must know that man is controlled via education, media and pharmacology?

          paradigms are meant for shifting and tptb are terrified of the repercussions of people knowing they are divine, special, protected and FREE.


          and we all know that tptb are worthy of our undying trust and confidence.

      • Anonymous

        If you place a dot on a piece of paper, would you call it round or flat? You could say both, but if you look at it under a microscope it would not be neither. It’s all about perception baby :wink:

        • Didianna

          This article was good effort to explain the flat earth fairy tail (in my opinion), although I didn’t readi it all. I think CIA etc agencies needs the althernative thinkers to fight with each other, so that we are not watching what they are doing. They know also that we loose the strenght to fight real enemies, when we are engaged with this kind on nonsensical battle.

          If we would stop the debate about this flat earth, it would simply vanish into nothingness, and they would have to find something else for us to battle. I thinks just better to relax, earth is not going to change its shape although how much we battle. Have a nice day!

          • Anonymous

            You are very correct! It is what it is if we argue about it or not. Everyone’s perception is different based on their programming and what they chose to see. My thoughts is just live your life the best you can and never believe anything 100% because nothing has been proven.

      • Real Expert

        Dear Flat Earthers, watch this and learn.

      • DistantCousin

        Hey Thinning Intellect,
        I’m Back!!!!

        No Navigable Marine Charts

        No Mathematics

        Nada Nada Nichts

        If your parents are better than half-wits- – -
        If you were my child, I would find all of this
        Pitifully Depressing.

        No Sarcasm
        (gotta go to work)

        I’m not finished with this trap that has been

      • Ambicatus

        all flat earther are gaylords.

        it has been decreed.

      • elkastro

        Hey flat brains, how do you explain astrophotography, I setup my telescope and equatorial mount align it to “Polaris” the north star,motor tracking enabled, now I am able to track celestial objects, planets, nebula, galaxies, stars and the objects don’t move in the eyepiece, when I turn off the tracking motor the objects move very quickly out of the eyepiece. If the earth was flat I could not do astrophotography. I guarantee you boneheads can’t explain this. :lol:

    • Anonymous

      The earth is round. Planet X doesn’t exist.

      • TRUTHY1

        Correct, Flat Earth must be debunked in order for Planet X to exist and to keep Project Bluebeam on schedule. By the way, shouldn’t ET be redefined as Essentially Earthy !

      • Leroy Winston

        Of course, of course.

        The flat earth theory is just plain moronic – it’s high up in the charts of fcuking stupid myths, and vying for top spot with Santa Claus, Jesus and Bigfoot.

        It’s not worth discussing…. but for some reason 50+ users have been compelled to comment.

        • Str8Talker

          Yeah, we like to annoy arrogant, narrow-minded know-it-all’s who enjoy bashing Jesus instead of doing their homework. Why start now? It requires NO BRAIN to insult others and their beliefs. It’s worth discussing because it can pass the math and science tests through observation and measurement. Flat Earth is predictable and can be replicated. But you don’t care about that now, do you. It requires you TO THINK with your brain.

          This is not going away. It will grow like a wild fire as more and more scientists, engineers and math guys lend credence and support. NASA is so busted. It’s time to re-explore, relearn and understand that Earth was created by God (For YOU) because you are special to him… not a mindless, soulless animal. He literally built his universe around you to amaze, dazzle and send a clear message… “I am here… alive and well… talk to me!”

          Is this equally insane? Let’s test it… I bet you believe 1+1=2 always. And this makes you proud because you have accepted what you have been programmed to believe. And you can prove 1+1=2. Good for you. Now, you are happy to move on with life in your narrow little world of order & control.

          Well, God decided to make a little bit more interesting than that. While we all know 1+1=2 mathematically, 1+1= 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 in biology (1 Mommy + 1 Daddy = #babies), and 1+1=11 in artistry by simply placing 2 1′s next to each other in a picture. You see, this is the world the Flat Earthers live in… it’s not mythical, fantastical… it’s inspirational and factual!

          I felt the way you did not long ago… WE ALL DID… that’s the joke, I suppose. This is insanity… but. This can’t be right, but I’ve noticed things too… hmmm. What about this…? Take one day to look over this topic with an OPEN MIND… have fun. Worse case, you have more ammo to insult Flat Earther’s over, right?

    • truthseeker4809

      I agree. It is not “beforeitsnew” story. It is a “nevercanbeanews” story. No other alternative news sites post such nonsense except BIN.

      You have to wonder if BIN is a CIA operated controlled disinformation site.

      • LifeIs

        I’d be amazed if BIN wasn’t a CIA operated disinformation site. But, they have to let some truth get into the mix. That’s how lies, and their sources, are made convincing.

        And that’s what one comes here to look for. The truth parts.

        Certainly the flat earth story originated with the government. Who else spends money on professionally made flat earth videos.

        Certainly the government is proud of having dumbed down the schools and the public, to the point that so many people are unable to think their way out of this particular pit.

        Certainly the government is laughing. I KNOW they are smearing enemies of theirs, by calling them “flat earthers.”

        And freemasons are laughing, about having the spherical earth attributed to them.

        But it shows tremendous weakness, when all you’ve got to recommend you is that you’re superior to the most gullible people on the spherical Earth. The public will want more, from its leaders, than this sick comedy show.

        • Anonymous

          It is.

    • Jango

      In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth. Science created nothing. In fact science doesn’t even understand how we got here. They just have one unproven theory after another which they teach as fact but which keeps changing every few years as new info is discovered. Yet they relentlessly carry on trying to prove that the Big Bang really happened but so far have proven Nothing. With such results you would think they would give up and say “Ok, you win God” but they are far too stubborn and proud to admit that. Only those that can still think and reason instead of having to ask Google for all their answers can understand how ridiculous this really is.

      Think about it for just a minute. Do you really believe that the earth is spinning at 1,000 mph and the air and clouds are moving at that speed as well? Have you ever seen a category 2 hurricane? The air that knocks down trees, blows shingles off roofs, and rolls cars over is moving at 100 mph. Yes, only 100 mph. And you believe that the air around us is moving at 1,000 mph. See how you have lost your ability to think and reason.

      The promoters of this hoax are laughing at your stupidity. Wake up people. God is much smarter than you, and you could learn a lot from him. You can start here.

      • truthseeker4809

        God doesn’t exist at least not the way you believe Jango.

      • plsnogod

        jango, which ‘god’ do you believe in? there are many,and have been many,
        both monotheistic and polytheistic.

        they all have two things in common.

        first there has not,and is not,a single shred of evidence for ANY of them.

        second,all the belivers of these deities always think their god is the right one,and everyone else is wrong.

        you cannot explain the universe,so,okay…it must be ‘god’. lol.

        you think you worshippers would be starting to ask yourselves questions by now. but no!

        you carry on singing to your invisible men/women/elephants etc, and argue you have thought and reason on your side!! and of course YOUR god is the correct one.

        well okay,fair enough i suppose. but if you want to play with your particular deity,then do so at home,but leave the meek,the weak and the deluded alone. thanks.

      • sitrep

        Very strange, how your not interested in nothing else.

        • Ambicatus

          yes, the millions of people suffering and dying, is, boring to them…. :(

          rather they fixate on some stupid story, because they scared and useless. we sit on a planet filled with entity’s, that have only their comfort and peace of mind at heart. and nothing else./ self above all.

      • sitrep

        >Jango, WWIII has already started, Total economic collapse is here, and your worried about the Flat Earth?

        • Jango

          No, I am concerned about so many people that are going to the lake of fire because they have turned their back on God. This includes those that believe scientists instead of what the Bible teaches. If you go to my website, you will see that my website emphasizes this in the hope that many will come to their senses and turn back to God.

          • plsnogod

            oh right, we’re all going to the lake of fire because we don’t sing to your deity.

            how very good of you jango.

            okay,so if you don’t believe in my soup dragon,then you are going to burn in hell too??
            there is no more evidence for your deity or mine.

            you are the usual religious bully. trying to scare the bewildered.

            you are a disgrace,and typical of all religious bullies through the ages.

            go sing to your god at home.

      • Anonymous

        *sigh* lolol.

      • Real Expert

        Watching this may be like a monkey watching brain surgery, but give it a go,
        and learn..

    • Buck

      Why do flat earthers think they are time travelers?
      Circumnavigate near the north pole, near the south pole.
      Any “perceived” time difference to you. NO!
      Sphere earth should take the same time.
      IT does.
      So LEGAL flatters, one question.
      Anywhere on earth, navigating south will lead you anywhere within a 360 circumference?
      The basics you can not answer.
      SHUT UP

    • infowarrior

      NOW it makes sense 🎓

    • Anonymous

      “Busted”? Shouldn’t you at least provide a shred of proof of what you are blabbering on here about again? This is two pages of Blabbering opinion and just makes you look desperate. Couldn’t you at least provide an actual photo or video of a round spinning earth? We should at least not have to look at the usual proven fakes, yet you offer no proof whatsoever of a round earth.

      • SuperMario

        Hey look, a Flat Earther!

        • Anonymous

          Hey look! A Mario who believes he is on a spinning ball at 1000mph that travels through space at 67000mph and somehow catches and orbits a sun that is traveling through space at 500,000 mph. The best part is that Mario believes this without ever being shown a single shred of proof other than a computer generated picture.
          Hey Mario, watch out for the Madoffs of the world. They prey on easy marks like you.

    • Anonymous

      It’s 2016. What sort of extreme moron is claiming the earth is flat, and what sort of extreme morons are listening? Sometimes you see things and have to pinch yourself, anymore, that you’re actually awake, that it’s possible people are so idiotic. Except for Dave Hodges. That’s a given, of course.

      • SuperMario

        Well, look in the comments above and see “Anonymous.”

      • plsnogod


        you kneel down to,and sing to,an invisible magic man up in the sky,

        and you accuse others of being extreme morons. ha!

        • SuperMario

          I don’t have a problem with people believing in “higher power’s” but the the Flat Earth confusion/disinfo is too much.

          • plsnogod

            no evidence for either,

            • SuperMario

              No evidence that we were created out of nothing either. If you want to think that you are a random mistake, enjoy that. I am not religious but I don’t think we came to exist from nothing.

            • plsnogod

              supermario, course i don’t know the answer.
              nobody does.

              however lots of people think they know,
              and do awful things in the name of a deity.

              the absense of any conclusive evidence should not cause any reasoning modern person to attribute everything to ‘god’.

              an open mind is important i think.
              to bow and sing to a mythical figure ain’t any answer at all.

    • merc_81

      at last some correct information on BIN. Please can someone tell me where the “close my account” button is, I cant seem to find it anywhere

      • eusshu

        The instructions you are looking for is listed under the “Neil Degrasse Tyson” section of this website. Mock what you will, and then report your “findings” on the mass control portal you refer to as Facebook. Wake up sir.

    • 7up

      If you look into the flat earth, it will convince you. Previous civilizations knew the earth was flat and only a few centuries ago scientists decided to teach the earth is a ball with no proof. Nasa came along, faked the moon landing and kept up the narrative that the earth is a ball. Why would you believe the Nasa liars? Governments would have a lot of explaining to do if the admitted it is flat. The misinformation campaign is not the flat earthers; it’s the ones out to discredit the movement.

      • Ano-nymous

        I agree with you, no need to believe in the flat land, to challenge the lies and Satanist nasa science.

        Disinformation agents, I see many here, we recognize them quite easily, they insult those who do not think like them, some will recognize, yaooooo :lol:

      • Real Expert

        Fool! A few centuries ago, they knew it was a sphere. It was in the 14th century when
        they found out it was a sphere (globe), by sailing around it to find out. Before then
        they thought it was flat because they had no way of seeing beyond their horizon.

        No matter what we have found out about our planet, none of it matters,
        as we have raised a race of people so dumbed down, that they think
        everything said is a conspiracy. So nothing matters in what mankind has
        figured out to this point in time.. The upcoming generation has no
        grasp of anything, to comprehend it with, and everything will collapse
        from their stupidity anyway.

        • eusshu

          “Everything said is a conspiracy “, is exactly what They want to happen. Keep the masses distracted.

    • lucidlunatic

      I knew I’d find flat-earthers flocking to this article like mad. Demanding proof…when they themselves have no “proof” of a flat earth.

      Their “proof” constitutes of what they “think”, not anything that can be verified by the scientific method, which is UNIVERSAL, not created by the government.

    • Anonymous

      The ISS is a hoax as well.

    • Anonymous

      What is even crazier about gullibility is how many people have stared at the CGI ISS orbiting that same little curved CGI partial Earth, and they never question why they don’t see even a single satellite floating around out there. There should be around 33,000 of them so where are they?

    • Linda

      Actually, they’re using Nibiru to distract from the flat earth theory. The Bible supports flat earth. Science support flat earth. There is nothing to support a globe earth theory!

      • Jango

        Well said Linda. The globe theory is just that a theory. It’s the same as evolution, just a theory. But since grade 1 we were taught that we came from apes and that the world was a globe. This was promoted to turn our eyes away from the true creator and turn to a fake explanation. And now there are many that believe these lies, who have turned away from God, and who embrace this demonic teaching which will lead them to the lake of fire where all devils and demons and their followers will end up. I pray for those that have done so, that they would turn back to God and begin worshipping the true creator instead of blindly following this deception. Jesus said “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. The only place you will find the truth is in God because he is smarter than all of us combined. The amazing thing is that he wants the best for all of us, but many are too proud to learn from him. They would rather learn from men and believe a lie.

    • Emmettsmom

      THANK YOU for this article! THIS is the 1 & ONLY time I have Ever clicked on a story mentioning Flat Earth-its the most Ridiculously stupid thing I have heard of in this day & age, but I’ve been seeing SO Many ppl bringing it up in comments & I only read this to Try & figure out WHY-? Its just about the Dumbest distraction I could imagine & I’ll Never waste my time reading about it again.-TY!!

    • nath

      I agree with Jango he’s onto it.Some people just can’t get their head around the enormity of the lie.So they refure to accept the possibility and try to say it’s the establishment and the truth is infact a lie to discredit the Truthers? Wow this gets confusing. At the End of the Day,our Faith in God is all that truely matters and ourloving familys if we’re lucky to have them.Though we are all God’s family and hopefully soon this Facade will be all over.Yahshua Hamishia (Lord Jesus Christ) will be standing on the EARTH (flat/round/whatever) And it’s our Actions and our Words that’ll be Held to Account.Put Away these petty squables and Focus on the One TRUTH nobody can deny.

    • zero

      Flat earth is a conspiracy theory for retarded people.

    • Anonymous

      There is not one proof you notice in this whole story .. Calls people clowns stupid wheres the proofs
      I have watched many flat earth videos most are full of proofs the earth is flat. They are not calling that believe in Globe your a fool . they have one Video with 200 proofs . This guy sets up one argument that is Impossible to follow. All he does is swear and say its stupid .. Notice he mentions all the things you need to be afraid of .. Flat earth is debunking the Fear Porn what he is promoting.

    • Anonymous

      NASA does the same. Doubt it not.

    • Americas Prophet

      People what is the deal. Check for yourselves and let me know what you find. Find a sailing ship that can cruise around the globe in any direction. It can not be done. There is no Globe. Why trip out about that when One should be tripping out about the fact that we were lied to and told it was a globe since we where little ones in school. Think about it. By the way the ship will show a map to try to give the illusion of going around the globe but the map and the list of places does not match. They leave places off the map and make it look like they went east and came around to the other side and appeared in the west when in reality this does not happen when you check the list.

    • Findottier

      You may want to hear also what scientist and spiritual leader Sarkar said about earth on ab 1960-80; Wherever there is any order or system, it must be circular. Take for instance the atomic system. In an atom there is a nucleus and around the nucleus move so many electrons. Bigger than the atomic system is the global system of the earth with the moon moving around the earth. Bigger than the global system is the solar system: the sun is the nucleus and all other objects and entities are revolving around the nucleus. Sarkar also say that each and every creature is moving around Cosmic/Supreme Consciousness.

      If the stars and planets had not followed their respective movements, time would never have existed. I have told you that Bhaskaracarya first discovered that the earth was round, and not Copernicus. That the earth is moving was first discovered by Bhaskaracharya and not by Galileo. The law of gravitation was first discovered by Bhaskaracharya and not by Newton…Sarkar

    • Overmind

      Any good engineer with a $100 budget can get a camera up enough to see that the Earth is not flat.

    • Str8Talker

      Wow… lots of suppressed indignation and emotion there in that article, eh? Me thinks they protest too much, perhaps?

      I am highly educated and not some dunderhead falling for wacky, fringe science… So, I resent the insults. But insults are all you are left to throw once people no longer believe or buy what you are selling… and that’s me. As an avid NASA fan in my youth, I have spent years puzzling out one inconsistency after another until it became laughable.

      The advent of amateur balloon tests in high-altitudes has brought back INDEPENDENT verification of the use of wide-angel, fish lenses to give the Earth a curvy look… while regular lenses used by amateurs and early NASA experiments did not… and showed the SAME FLAT HORIZON (No Curve) to the Earth.

      So far, the Flat Earth Theory measures up to human observations, perspective, math, geography, geology…etc. And if I should discover I indeed live in “Truman’s World” under a dome especially created for humanity, then somebody out there went to a A LOT OF TROUBLE to build us this incredible Ecosphere to enjoy… to wonder… and to search out its secrets.

      It’s time mankind gets reacquainted with their CREATOR… and let him of the small bottle, containers and boxes we shoved him into to limit him (as if we could)… HA! It would take a Superscience, Supertechnology and infinite knowledge to create such a world as ours and life by the Billions! I bet debunkers still believe 1+1=2 always. While we all know 1+1=2 mathematically, 1+1= 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 in biology (reproduction), and 1+1=11 in artistry by simply placing 2 1′s next to each other to look at. 1+1 =Square (1 squared) Geometrically (use your imagination!) and so forth.

      God makes it clear he made this world as we see and observe it. I am sooooo tired of so-called intellectual elites insulting smart folks who can think, observe, postulate and search for their own “Non-State Sanctified” answers. How dare we challenge this old establishment bent on erasing your human history with God the Creator (Yahweh, Elohim – Hebrew). Have fun trying to figure out how God built our “terrarium”, created weather, sun, moon & star composition and movement. Prepared to have your mind completely blown… and take a moment to thank God for making all of this… FOR YOU. That’s how much our Creator loves us all… and more. God & Christ are NOT what the intellectual elite call them… full of evil, anger & vengeance. If so, why did he send Jesus Christ (his only son) to Earth? Why risk him his death at human hands? Because we could throw our sinful, evil worse at him and he would forgive us… if we asked him too… and show us how to get home to him. -Think about that…

      • DWood

        pure crap I live at the ocean I can walk out on the point and see the curve in the earth and it shows in my photographs If I try to make a panorama of my view it will not match up because of the curve of the horizon. You only get a straight horizon if you take a photo of a smaller section of the view.

    • Jango

      Don’t see anything busted here. Just an angry rant from a globe believer. No facts, nothing scientific, didn’t prove anything, just his opinion. Waste of time reading. Millenium Reporter: I really don’t believe you are smarter than God. And in the beginning God created the heavens and earth. What have you created? Someday you will stand before him and you will have your opportunity to defend yourself. Good Luck!

    • Roklan

      As soon as I saw that Africa was not in the middle, but the USA was lol, I knew it was bs… Besides, what happens when airplanes fly from Alaska to Russia? Do they go into a time warp/space time paradox?

    • seataka

      Tom Cruise believes in Xenu and The Spacecooties…

      ” Scientologists believe that most human problems can be traced to lingering spirits of an extraterrestrial people massacred by their ruler, Xenu, over 75 million years ago. These spirits attach themselves by “clusters” to individuals in the contemporary world, causing spiritual harm and negatively influencing the lives of their hosts” [Judge Leonie Brinkema 4 Oct 96 Memorandum Opinion RTC vs Lerma]

      Scientology called the above “Advanced technology”

      Inducing good people to believe in XENU, Flat Earth, or wear Vagina Hats is evidence of an advanced technology to control what men believe to be true… see

      Those that don’t read have no advantage over those who can’t….

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