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CERN? All Bibles Have Been Altered! Nothing Is Real Anymore!? Mandela Effect!

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Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government, for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.

Passages in every bible, whether online or in print, have been altered, worldwide and in every language. Whether it’s CERN or other spiritual forces, your own bible is no longer the infallible word of God. Christ warned us of days like this, and David said we should write the word on our hearts. Everything just changed.

Why I Changed My Mind On The Mandela BIBLE Effects #‎Mandelaeffect‬




Why I Changed My Mind

On The Mandela BIBLE Effects #‎Mandelaeffect

Update June 8th 2016:

I started investigating this about 3 weeks ago. I subscribed myself to countless Mandela effect groups on facebook and tried to really focus my efforts in trying to dig into the “changes” that so many said which were happening in the bible.

Through that process, I have discovered there are simple answers to the Mandela Effect. I have come to the conclusion for me, that much of the “changes” people are pointing to are the very word debates that have been discussed for years.

Make no mistake, Elohim’s words are inspired, and today more than ever we have access to that original Hebrew and Greek and dive into the true meanings behind our English translations. Hebrew words can often be layered, that it makes it very difficult to extract the full meaning in the English language.

The King James Bible can be trusted, as I mention in my modified article below, that the KJV was translated from the most trustworthy Textus Receptus manuscripts which agree 99.9% with each other. With that being said, every translation out there has errors on mans part.

In the King James for example, which this debate is being held over, we have 400 old “English” terms which have different meanings. When reading books written in the 1800’s, the word intercourse is used without any sexual connotation, today it means “sex”.

Here are a few examples I discovered:

Unicorn Is An Old English Word for RhinoIn this video, they go to explain that the word “Unicorn” which was used in the King James, actually means Rhinoceros. The two terms go hand in hand in 400 year old dictionaries. Yet, today we associate the word unicorn with a mystical horse.

Corn Is An Old English Word For Grain – I discovered that corn had a totally different meaning than it does today. We associate corn with a yellow vegetable today. The word “corn” actually has existed in the English language BEFORE before Europeans “discovered” maize in the Americas. Actually, like many other English words found in the KJV, the word “corn” had a different meaning in 1611 than it does now (at least in American English). The word “corn” used to refer to any grain, but especially wheat. When the early English settlers came to the Americas, they needed a word for the new grain that the native Americans ate. They called it “Indian corn,” which translated into our common English, meant “Indian grain.” The word “Indian” was eventually dropped, and maize is now called “corn.” Read my findings here

Penny Was Substituted At The Time Of The King James Translation– A denarion was the daily pay of a Roman soldier in the time of Yeshua Jesus’s day. In the reign of Edward III, an “English penny” was the pay of a labors days pay. The Greek text uses the word dēnarion, and it is usually thought that the coin was a Roman denarius with the head of Tiberius. It is this coin that is sold and collected as the “tribute penny,”. With the King James Bible translation, the translators of the Bible faced the situation of how to deal with archaic and difficult terms. One area that this is very obvious is with the ancient monetary systems. The dilemma they faced was they could keep the original terms, but lose the readers. So they tried to equate these terms with more commonly understood terms. In these cases they used common terms from the English coinage system, which can lead to some confusion for people like we Americans who may not be familiar with their system. Were they right in doing this? Many people would say no! For example, In Jesus’ time, the small copper coin was called a lepton; there actually were no coins called mites. However, there was a mite in the time of the creation of the King James Bible, as indeed there had been at the time of earliest modern English translation of the New Testament by William Tyndale in 1525. Find more here

Bank Can Be Traced Back As Well – According to the daily bible study, money changers were allowed to set up tables and benches for themselves in the court of the Gentiles where they exchanged not just local Roman money, but also foreign currency from distant travelers, for shekels. (The English word “bank” is derived from the word bench), from the tables they were able to set up. Today we use this term with our local banks like Bank of America… but as you trace this word back, they have every right to use it in the scriptures.

The Lords Prayer That Used Trespasses Was Found – This original prayer was found in the Tyndale bible, and the book of common prayer.

I personally would love to investigate how these different translations came about. I can assure you though, that so many people are diving into the Greek and Hebrew for the very reason that the original language had so much more flavor, and richer meaning. Every translation doesn’t accurately represent that original language, but for the most part reads and translates quite well. We now have a better option and that is to search the original text when we want to dive further into the scriptures.

Karen WB This is why biblical exegesis is so important and why the King James version, which doesn’t speak our dialect of English, is not only becoming obsolete but dangerous, misleading people. Language changes dynamically through time and meanings attached to words change. You can’t rely on a 400-year-old translation into English to speak clearly and effectively to today’s generation. Not all modern versions are perfect, but they are a serious attempt by biblical scholars who study these things to render it meaningful to our generation while still being faithful to the original Greek and Hebrew texts.

Joe Viel I don’t know why some people pick on the unicorn issue when there are so many other KJV verses with problems. One of my favorite KJV quotes: “The Lord is very pitiful.” (James 5:11) Not exactly modern day usage of the terms, huh?
In Heb 9:26, the KJV tells us the end of the world has already come, and in Luke 14:10, the KJV says men are to be “worshipped”. I have such a long list of erroneous translations in the KJV I have succeeded in talking about 30 KJV only folks out of their position.

I hope that you will also find, like I have that much which is debated (within the bible) in the Mandela Effect are misunderstandings of the translated word itself.  We need more evidence than just saying “I remember it this way”  The fact is most of us have studied out of a variety of translations.  Rarely do you have a person who has memorized the entire scripture.  And even if they do, in order to be totally accurate, they would need to memorize the original language…not mans translation. 

Discover the changes from the Old English language at

Search the Greek and Hebrew words:

Below, I left my article in the format of my last save. I am most certainly keeping a watch on this Mandela Effect….Huge blessings to you all! Meranda

Could There Be Changes In Your ANTIQUE King James Bible Too?

( Everyone is talking about the Mandela Effect. There truly are very concerning things to look into with this theory. In these series of posts, I hope to share what I am learning through this discovery of the ME. I have been investigating it for a very short period of time, and I am still investigating it. ) Meranda

Chances are if you are on social media, you might have heard of the Mandela Effect‬. It sounds like a bazaar theory until you look into it, and google it for yourself and see the changes.

This youtube video gives you a series of general questions about 5 minutes in, which I almost guarantee most of you will get 95% of them correct, and they will leave you puzzled.

A group of us have been collecting some of the most controversial topics when it comes to the #Mandelaeffect and bible changes. We are not focusing on the movies and the changes in the secular side of things, like logos, but rather focusing on what many have said have been changes in the Word of God.

Here are just a few of the concerns many people are debating:


  • Matthew, Six Ten – “On Earth”, or “In Earth”
  • Matthew Six Ten – “forgive our debtors”, or “forgive us our trespasses” (Update Found in the Tyndale Bible & The Common Book of Prayers)
  • Matthew Nine, Seventeen “new wine into old wineskins”, or “new wine into old bottles”
  • Hosea Nine verse 1 Threshing floor? or Corn Floor? ( Corn is never processed on a threshing floor. So again we see the older version (KJB) say something that didn’t exist in the European area from what others have stated that corn was developed in the west. Another questionable note. Update- See the answer for corn here
  • Luke Seventeen, Thirty One “goods” or “stuff”

“Stuff”, or “Stuffe” ( Ezekiel 12:14, and 12:17, Nehemiah 13:8, Joshua 7:11, Genesis 31:37, Genesis 45:20, Exodus 22:7, Exodus 36:7, Joshua 7:11, 1 Samuel 10:22, 1 Samuel 25:13, 1 Samuel 30:24, Nehemiah 13:8, Ezekiel 12:3”

  • Luke Seventeen, Thirty Four “two people in one bed, or “two in one bed”, or, “two men in one bed”?
  • Matthew Twenty Four, Fourty One, “two women grinding at the mill”, or “two grinding grain at the mill”
  • Revelation Five, Five- “Lion of the tribe of Judah”, or “The Lion of the tribe of Juda”
  • Luke Nineteen, Thirteen “ten minas” or “ten pounds” ? (Update)– I have researched into older articles with commentaries that show pounds. I think we commonly think of “British Pounds” but pounds can be a form of weight. A certain amount of weight could determine the amount of money given. Silver was also mentioned in the bible in historical contexts as well. (Update, See this article on Money Exchangers, and the word PENNY)
  • Luke Nineteen, Twenty Seven “Bring them in and slay them in front of me”, or “bring them in here and kill them in front of me” (Update, I found this exact scripture, in the commentary of a 1997 PDF file. Parables are much different than actions. I think this was in the original text now
  • Matthew Two Seventeen- “Prophet Jeremiah”, or ” Prophet Jeremy” (note that the Catholic bible has a handful of prophet Jeremy references)
  • Luke Nineteen, Twenty Three “into the bank”, or “to the exchangers” Yet, Matthew Twenty Five, Twenty seven says “ ” Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers”- So here in the King James in a different area, it uses exchangers. (Update, See this article on Money Exchangers, and the word PENNY)
  • Mark Two, Twenty Three, “Corn Fields, or “Grain Fields”
  • Luke Six One – Do we rub corn with our hands or grain? “Corn Fields, or “Grain Fields” “he went through the corn fields; and his disciples plucked the ears of corn, and did eat, rubbing them in their hands Update- See the answer for corn here

If anything, this WILL make you want to dig into your bible.

Could this be the great delusion that is coming? Or is this just a misunderstanding?

Here are some comments on facebook and Youtube:

Lashawn Correa I pulled out all my Bibles. Most I inherited from my grandfather. One is from 1943. ITS CHANGED! And even in the back “bottles” is listed as a word with scripture ref. The Lord’s Prayer is changed in the scripture but in the back the prayers are listed and the Lord’s Prayer is not changed! I’m blown away. (Isn’t that a tip for us right now)
April Bergen–I watched the video in the link yesterday… pulled out my bible and started freaking out.. I’ve had the same bible since I was six… the lords prayer is wrong… the word “stuff” was never there.. it was wineskins not bottles and one you didn’t mention that’s really bugging me is the point laying down with the lamb.. it doesn’t say that anymore either… and if even changed the wording a little on judge not, lest he be judged.. doesn’t say that either… its crazy
Is Cern Responsible?

The theory behind these changes which are called ” Mandela Effect ” are changes that many people are blaming on CERN.

Some people suggest that the fabric of time has been messed with. Many people speculate that CERN can create portals.

Most Christians know that the KJB is the most reliable bible out there. The King James, unlike the other translations relied on the 5,000 manuscripts that said the exact same “word for word” when they were copied from the originals. In fact, 24,633 manuscript copies were all written out within 100-150 years of the originals.

Lets go on……

The “good texts” (above) have been referred to as the Textus Receptus. Since 99.9% of these manuscripts agree, we know they are ACCURATE and true to the words which were originally written down.

These other three trusted bibles also were based on the Textus Receptus:

1. Coverdale Bible (1535) / The Great Bible (1539) (both Bibles done by Coverdale)
2. Geneva Bible (the Bible of the Pilgrims) (1557-1560)
3. Bishop’s Bible (1568)

I stumbled across these links, which allows a person to download an older King James bible from a PDF file. It would be interesting to compare these documents to what is being discovered along the way to see if they are changed.

Is there any wonder why the Lord tells us to hide his words in our hearts? Psalm 119:11 so that IF something is changed we truly can know Elohim’s authentic words? The only way most of us can validate these changes are from memory.

Make no mistake, they cannot wipe out millions of commentaries on the internet, and sermons out there. If you really wanted to see how a scripture was read, all you need to do is go look under google, as you can search old documents in advanced search options. I have searched in the 1990’s to find if there are any differences. It can really reveal the truth to these matters.

Here are a couple things I am discovering as I investigate the MEffect:

1. The 4 gospels tell the same parables, and each book adds additional details to those accounts. You may remember one parable quite well, but often the other parable has information that you may have overlooked.

2. Parables are not the same as true actions. Yeshua did tell of very hard parables that included deep consequences. I found this article to be eye opening, that there are mentions of consequences, punishments, and accountability in the body of Christ. While we may take a double take at these scriptures, the fact is Yeshua did talk about hell, and how the straight and narrow way included hard decisions that had to be made. We often over look this in our “happy” church.

3. We are all called to know Elohim’s words well. It is not wrong to dig deep into the word and find the truth to the matter. Everyone has their opinion on the MEffect, and along the way, I have seen name calling on both sides of the fence. We are called to love one another, and “reason together”, so what I hope to see in the days ahead on any subject that comes forth, like this one is a reasoning on evidence, rather than attacking peoples character. None of us have the bible memorized, and each one of us fall short in this matter. So nobody can boast, nor should they attack each other saying ….”you don’t know the word well enough”, because pride comes before the fall. There is no excuse for making fun of each other either. In researching this I saw a lot of attacks on both sides, which shows exactly where we are at when it comes to loving each other, while reasoning with each other.

4. The Greek and Hebrew have more flavor and detail. All of the translations out there have some flaw or another. There is a big movement from studying a general topic, and a shift to people diving into a single paragraph and pulling up the greek and hebrew language to see the real flavor on a particular scripture. We now have those tools within our reach on the internet, and most people are discovering that there is so much more detail to these scriptures in the original language. We know that Yahweh says He does not change. Malachi 3:6. We are told “the words” do not change. WHO is “the word”? Yeshua is the word. John 1:1. If you look into these translations, they have not translated every word correctly, but we know one thing. Our God is the same yesterday as He is today. He will not alter the promises He has made, and the covenants He has established. We are discovering new things every day in diving into what is written and inspired from Elohim.

5.  Nobody Can Say They Have Memorized The Word Perfectly – This is one area we all fall in.  Even if we do, we need to memorize the authentic words, not the translation.  (The Greek and Hebrew)

Here is what I gathered as I explored this topic:

Articles On The Mandela Effect:

Has Cern REALLY changed the Bible..??

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    • Jango

      Don’t worry, God made sure the Bible was accurate, otherwise we would have absolutely nothing that we could trust or believe. That’s why the Bible, though it does have a few minor differences between versions, is totally accurate and can be believed and trusted as the Word of God. I don’t buy this deception because deception comes from the evil one to try to turn us away from God. Behind me Satan!

      • sitrep

        I am not very good at bible quotes although there are warnings in the bible that it can, and or be changed.
        This makes sense as there are always dark forces at work to deceive people, although the bible in your heart cannot be changed, along with the heavens above.

        People are not very aware of their surroundings, and are easy manipulated.
        The Old World Elite Family, (CERN) has voiced their plans to the public, although people are not listening.
        People are celebrating Brexit. There are many articles, on BIN too.

        The Scientist working on the CERN (The Beast) Project have already stated they have opened portals.

        What do people actually know about CERN, and why is there the need of a Very huge Plasma Generator shaped as a sphere?.

        1st people need to understand that the classical computer is a TeleDeportation device, or type of time machine, although very limited. There are many, many people/Students that go to college to get a degree in Computer engineering, although they drop it, and find another field to study because they do not Get It!!!.
        They could not grasp concept, and theories surrounding real knowledge behind computers, much less understand transportation layers.

        The Elite of CERN (The Old Family) recognized this from the beginning, and now have developed the AI Quantum Computers. Yes they recognized the classical computer as being very limited.

        The Upper Echelons are good with distractions, smoke screen, and deception using many platforms. They have used the classical computer in many ways, it has served the dark forces very well.

        Many, many people say they are some type of computer wizard, they say they know it all.
        Oh, but do they really? Do they understand, “Did They Get It”?

        Now comes the AI Multidimensional Quantum computers.
        Forget what you think you know about computers.
        Now the barriers are down, they are proceeding full throttle traversing dimensions Past-Present-Future-Time.

        As with most anything new, it takes time to work out the bugs. They are in early stages proceeding very fast, and making many test runs. Yes Time Travel Theory is now reality.

        The Huge Plasma generator Sphere at CERN along with the Whole CERN complex is Up-Linked with the AI Quantum Computer.
        Yes CERN is a Huge Input/Output Device, for the Quantum Computer.

        Look at our time-line, nothing ads up.
        Now Hang on for for Time Wave Distortions, ripple effects, Singularity, and Paradox.

        Good luck to everyone.

      • JimmyBitch

        The God of the West says the Earth is flat.

        The Muslims said the Earth was round 1,700 years prior to X-ians.

        The Muslim God is the clear winner.

        Lilith knows.

        • GUNNY

          Did you get your finger stuck in the stupid button?

          Would you like me to call your mommy?

      • HypothesisFree

        I think the better question is when has the Bible NOT been undergoing changes? Perhaps the biggest changes in THIS century were plced into the Scofield Bible, now heavily used in Seminary, and for the apparent purpose of getting dumbed down Christians to get behind the neo-conservative Zionist Jew non-stop war machine. See “The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy”

        I cover MANY more examples of MAJOR game-changing Bible changes in my latest article which can be found here:


        Here is one excerpt from it:

        That the Bible has been modified is certainly not a new concept. For example “The Book of Enoch was considered as Scripture in the Epistle of Barnabas (16:4) and by many of the early Church Fathers, such as Athenagoras, Clement of Alexandria, Irenaeus and Tertullian, who wrote c. 200 that the Book of Enoch had been rejected by the Jews because it contained prophecies pertaining to Christ. However, later Fathers denied the canonicity of the book, and some even considered the letter of Jude uncanonical because it refers to an “apocryphal” work.
        By the 4th century, the Book of Enoch was mostly excluded from Christian canons, and it is now regarded as scripture by only the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the Eritrean Orthodox Church.”

        Also, “a letter written by Clement, the third bishop of Rome, was considered as scripture for nearly two hundred years, as were seven letters written by Ignatius, who was the bishop of Antioch early in the second century. Also, there was a book called The Shepherd of Hermas and another called The Teachings of the Twelve Apostles that were also approved as scripture by the Church.”

    • my2pesos

      Mite ~ Me IT ~ Time ~ Item ~ Emit ~ I’m ET

      • sitrep

        Have you noticed There are some people saying certain Governments are fighting ISIS, while Other People Claiming the opposite, and these Governments are actually supporting ISIS.

        Keep in Mind, they Now Have the AI multidimensional computers online, and working in other dimensions. They are running many test because of unknowns working in other dimensions. Yes, Time Wave Distortions, Ripple Effects, singularity, paradox, and the unknowns yet to be discovered.

        Soon The Elites (Old World Elite Family) Will Hod The Golden Keys, and rule the Past,Present, and future.

    • Jacko


    • Pink Slime

      According to some “Yeshua” is not the correct translation. It is Yahusha.

      • AmbrociousXP

        Both are correct. Some people from different cultures spell it differently, this has NOTHING to do with the Mandela affect but rather with diversity effectiveness and long periods of time apart from each other on different places on the Earth.

    • gesundelehre

      Yes, the Bible has been changed. Here you find an Overview and you even find LOTS AND LOTS of proof for that Isaiah 11:6 changed – just click on the link there:

      Here you find more changes:

      We even know WHY they are changing the Bible:

      PS: the Bible even predicted such things will happen – see Daniel 7:25 / 2 Thess2:11ff / Mt24 and also Amos 8:11-14

      • LynlovesJesus

        Your links have been disabled… please re-share the info… and other than ushering in antichrist why are they doing this?

    • Mai Tei Maus

      I find it odd that I really started hearing about the Mandela Effect around the same time I started reading about the true shape of the earth, which can be observed with your own eyes very easily. There is a constant barrage of “Mandela Effects” to get us confused about what IS REAL and to make us not trust our own senses. Our Creator would not sow confusion nor lie to us, but the Evil One most certainly would.
      It’s always been spelled “Berenstain” but pronounced steen.
      The Bible always said the wolf would dwell with the lamb. The phrase the lion will lie with the lamb is heavily misquoted (and implies that they would, in biblical terms, have sex!).
      There are NO accurate maps of Earth. Do not think a landmass moved because a map was altered. Have you seen the nonsense “photos” of Earth with the continents constantly changing sizes? Wouldn’t it be easier to fake photos rather than slide into another dimension?

      Read the book 1984. There is a similar effect going on called “the memory hole”, in which historical records are altered per orders of the Party and the truth is dropped into a memory hole to be destroyed. As Winston Smith mused in the book, am I the only one that remembers this?

      • 1 darkstar

        I am going to have to disagree with you here. I believe that the Mandela Effect is real. What stands out in my mind are the following changes in the following statements: “Mirror, mirror on the wall”, “Life is like a box of chocolates” and “Luke, I am your father”. I do not know what is going on, I do not know if it is CERN or we have moved into an alternate universe “a new heaven and a new earth”.

        • Mai Tei Maus

          So your only solutions are CERN or moving into an alternate universe? What about the movie lines just being misquoted over time? What about the fact that Star Wars was re-mastered and the line was re-dubbed? What about the fact that TPTB love to mess with our heads to get what they want? Ever heard of gaslighting? I find it more plausible that we are being gaslighted on a massive scale than we actually slipped into another universe. Don’t let yourself get sucked into the sci-fi world thinking that is real. As unpleasant as reality is, you have to deal with it. Sci-fi is good for an occasional escape into fantasy, but please, don’t live there. You will end up losing your mind and that is what TPTB want.
          The mandela effect is just another way to make us unsure, confused and unable to defend ourselves against the parasites that want to rule over us.

          • GUNNY

            Mai Tai Moose,

            If God wanted us to use our brains for thinking, He would have made them out of Titanium or Adamantium…

            …not soft squishy slime like what we have in our heads now.

            So sit back down and have another frozen concoction.

            Don’t step on no pop tops and blow out your flip flop.

    • Lol

      Just curious…If all these things are changing why is nothing changing? In other words…I have heard them all. Land masses have moved, body parts have shifted, kit-kat never had a dash, mirror mirror on the wall was magic mirror, luke I am your father is actually “no, I am your father. Blah, blah. However people, if land masses shifted so would culture, immagration and our history. If the inside of the body changed so would the outside in some why. All these ” reality shifts” and nothing changes except what u search on “google” lol. My sister has a disney book that says “mirror mirror” and they post videos on google and people spewing drama about some bullshit shift and the only thing shifting is your brain cells from the thousands upon thousands of cell towers and blankets of chemtrails along with your cell phone attached to your hip and breathing all that shit in. Its called Brainwashing…oh oh…zombie attack coming. They can probublly flick a switch and turn everyone into one…atleast the zombies that buy all this bullshit. Meditate, clear your minds and stay focused. Do not be so gulible. Rule # 1 to any time space, time shift, travel, etc movie…any alteration will cause a ripple effect in the future or current reality…i ask you….what has chaged in your reality with all these shifts? U still got same shit job..bitchy niegbough? Mom still dead? Anyone you know..has there life changed spuradictly?? All they have to do is control the net at what u see and search on it…most people are materialistic…i like to say madonna’s…material girls in a material world. And they manipulate it and you’s so pathetically buy it.

      • Me

        I don’t know about what you’re saying, but in my reality, people who want to make substantive points on message boards can spell, and use proper grammar.

    • Syco

      What the hell does any of this tin foil hat crap have to do with the organization CERN? Or are you using the wrong name, are you referring to the machine, LHC?

    • sitrep

      What if you lost a portion of your memory, how would you know?

      • GUNNY


        Like, the big empty hole in the side of your head would be a dead giveaway as soon as you looked in the mirror.

        Then you would ask:

        Where is my mind?

    • anonymous7

      The original “bible” correctly called the “Book of Yahweh” is the most accurate translation to date. The proper name of the Creator , Yahweh is in it , instead of the inaccurate title of “God” or “Lord” is removed. Yahweh is not a god or lord. Check out this amazing book at

    • dennisR8

      Sounds like to me this author is a FREEMASON. If there is a God and faith says HE does exist, then if the Bible is to be fought over to protect it, than He that is its true author has protected it for 3600 years. This story sounds like the gnosticism Paul fought against in the first century to protect Christ’s church.

    • Lucy

      Theyre always changing it, theyve been doing it for ages actually.

    • Substantial Evidence




      Man you guys are gullible.

    • Delmia

      The one which I have a problem with is Acts 12:4 ‘And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.’ Easter is a pagan festival named after the fertility goddess Ishtar. So why does the word ‘Easter’ suddenly appear in the KJV? – particularly as all the newer translations say ‘Passover’?

    • chefjim

      You are attacking the very written word of God for the English speaking people of today and if you had been born again by the regeneration of your spirit, you would agree with me and NEVER attack the ONLY true, written word of Almighty God. I KNOW I am saved and I KNOW that I can trust the King James bible. Ask any serious student of scripture and they will echo my remarks. Note: Ask only those students who love The Lord enough to take serious His command to STUDY to shew thyself approved unto God; a workman that needeth not to be ashamed; rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15 (by memory)

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