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forget Mandela Effects, Think Quantum Pollution

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The post FORGET MANDELA EFFECTS, THINK QUANTUM POLLUTION appeared first on Kev Baker Show.

The Truth About Mandela Effects, D-Wave 4096 & CERN VHEeP

Just what is causing things we thought we knew & remembered to literally change before our very eyes? This is the question many of us have anguished over ever since the mankind started to notice glitches in the matrix, also known as “Mandela Effects”.

Berenstein vs Berenstain, the date Nelson Mandela died, geographic locations, famous lines from movies, even scripture from the Bible, all symptoms or signs that people have picked up on that would suggest something very strange & serious is occurring during these times we are living.

So many have offered up theories & ideas as to just what is the cause of these effects to be taking place. CERN, time travellers, government Psy-op’s to name but a few of the ideas that are floating around the internet.

Anthony Patch, author, researcher, speak and friend had opted stay away from the whole “Mandela Effects” debate, that is, until now. Not only does Anthony put forward a scientific hypothesis as to what the cause of these enigmatic effects are, but also BREAKS HUGE NEW NEWS ON D-WAVES ADIABATIC QUANTUM COMPUTER!



We cannot even begin to tackle the Mandela Effects without first addressing the D-Wave “interdimensional” quantum computer. The D-Wave is an Adiabatic Quantum Computer (AQC) that is described as an “alter to an alien God”! That’s not my words, they belong to the main man at D-Wave, a certain Mr Geordie Rose.

Often on The Kev Baker Show we speculate as to the existence of parallel worlds etc and in the following speech you will her Mr Rose not only confirm this, but go on to explain how his computer & the magical “quantum bits” (Qbits), are able to enter other dimensions to bring back the answers to questions that we haven’t even thought of yet! Not only that, but he hints at the fact they are taking “resources” back into our dimension from wherever the other one lies!

Quotes from Geordie Rose, D-Wave

12:14   Pulse Tube Dilation Refrigerators “sounds eeriely like a heartbeat”

12:36   “it feels like an alter to an alien god”.

13:28   parallel universes: please pay close attention to his description of the qubit and I will relate this to number             of universes/dimensions…..
I am reshaping his words: value of a qubit is the only thing different in a parallel universe

14:17    “parallel universes have a nexus” (This is the starting point for the Mandela Effect, which I will go into                    more)

14:24     “and when you increase the number of these devices, every time you add one of these qubits, you      double the number of these parallel universes that you have access to. Until such time you get to a chip like this, which is about 500 of these bits (( actually he is referring to the 512 model)) something like 2 to the 500th power of these guys living in that chip (he means the number of parallel universes living in that chip).”

14:50   “the shadow of these parallel worlds overlap with ours, and if we are smart enough, we can dive into them and grab their resources and pull them back into ours. (15:04) to make an effect in our world.”
15:22   9 years (that would make it 2007) doubling of chips each year

(insiders at D-wave coined the phrase: ‘ Rose’s Law’, instead of Moore’s Law of doubling every 18 months, back when I first discovered D-Wave in 2005 when they were making the Venture Capital rounds for investors in Silicon Valley and they used ‘Rose’s Law’ back then).

Source… Anthony Patch

D-Wave progressed slowly at first, achieving a 16-bit in 2005, not 2007 as Wiki puts it. Then, 28-bit in 2007.

First model: 128 went to USC/Lockheed Martin.
Second model 512 went to Google/NASA.
Third model is the 2048, went to CERN (networked to).


By the way, the name, D-Wave refers to:

D = Dimensions (parallel dimensions and also, parallel processing of qubits, with these communicating via Quantum Entanglement (QE), (again, QE is seldom mentioned in public presentations).
W = Waveform/Wavefunction When measuring the quantum state, the state or Wavefunction collapses to a base state. This means, the qubits no longer operate in superposition and disconnect their quantum entanglement form of communications.

So, there is the first HUGE piece of news from Anthony Patch. You have not heard this in public to date, but watch for it being announced in the weeks to come. Last year CERN came out and had to admit that predictions Mr Patch made were indeed factual!


The reason quantum computers are light years ahead of the classical types we are using is due to the utilisation of quantum bits (Qbits). The quantum world is a strange place & scientists have taken advantage of the quantum effects that start to occur in the subatomic world.

On quantum effect is called “Superposition”. In classical computers, we deal in bits, 1’s or 0’s, whereas quantum computers utilise Qbits that can be 1’s & 0’s at the same time!

One way to visualise this to make it easier is to think of a Qbit as that pesky cat of Schrodinger! You know the one i mean, its in the box with radioactive material and until you actually observe the cat its said to be both dead & alive at the same time. Well that is much the same as the Qbit can be a 1 & 0 at the same time.

Like i say, the quantum world is strange to say the least, and we can say that the Qbit, or in our model the cat, is both “here & there”. Heres the magic, because when i say “there” i mean it literally. There’s a “shadow” copy that goes into a parallel universe. So the cat (Qbit) is both here, in the box (D-Wave) & it is in another dimension retrieving information and resources which it then returns to this dimension.

The D-Wave is literally getting answers from a parallel world!


Now i know what you are thinking…. You think that ive forgotten all about that damn Mandela mess! Oh don’t you worry folks, we are getting there, but all in good time. We cannot explain the “effect” without first knowing the cause, and quantum tunnelling may just be that.

Quantum tunnelling is nothing new, and it is seen throughout nature, even our own sun utilises the quantum effects that D-Wave are taking advantage of. The photons within our star by rights should not be able to escape the massive magnetic forces, yet due to quantum tunnelling they achieve just that task with magical ease. Similarly, alpha particles

When & every time the D-Wave’s 4096 Qbits (cats) enter these other dimensions, every single Qbit burrows into a parallel world, they do so by means of “quantum tunneling”.

Think of these tunnels as portals, “Mandela Portals” if you man, but its important not to confuse them with the portals to other dimensions being created at CERN. Think of CERN as big holes & the D-Wave’s as portals on a nano-scale.

Quantum tunneling is a two-way communication pathway.  Upon receipt of a solution from another dimension, it must be translated back to a form humans can use.  In this analogy, back to an analog state, using the “black box”.

This is how information enters our dimension.  It is this information that is causing these Mandela Effects, by way of what I refer to as Mandela Portals.  Most of the information goes unnoticed by the general population.
Purposefully, items and subjects well-known in popular culture and religion, are being altered as part of a large-scale PSYOPS campaign.  
Designed to model human behavior in algorithms of predictive outcome.

It’s like a form of QUANTUM POLLUTION via the D-Waves use of Qbits.

There could literally be millions of these “changes” that we have yet to notice, and there will be still new change to come as the scientists & dark cabal take us into a digital age for their alien god, Lucifer!

Lets give the last word on this my friend Mr Patch….

This is how information enters our dimension.  It is this information that is causing these Mandela Effects, by way of what I refer to as Mandela Portals.  Most of the information goes unnoticed by the general population.  

Purposefully, items and subjects well known in popular culture and religion, are being altered as part of a large scale PSYOPS campaign.  Designed to model human behavior in algorithms of predictive outcome.

The targets for such alterations were identified using solutions from other dimensions.  The questions put forth using combinatorial optimization were asking which items and subjects should be altered for the maximization of the Mandela Effect.

What should be altered for the biggest psychological effects.

What would be noticed and to what extent by the populations at large.

And, how people would react and communicate these effects, and to whom.  Algorithms of ripple effects across the globe.

The Monte Carlo system in applied statistics, is the method used in building these specific algorithms.  Predictive analysis of patterns and trends.  It is “the game”, known here at the Mandela Effect.  Monte Carlo has been at the heart of the predictive systems employed with high energy collisions of particles.  It is what physicists use to predict what particles may be realized from specific collisions, and post-collisions, helps in their processes of identifying them.

Now, it is being employed to predict how people will behave when areas of popular culture and religion are altered.  Something akin to:  reality collides with its alterations.

This is the colliding of dimensions.  

Dimensional collisions.
The Monte Carlo system employed with particles in collision, likewise is used with dimensions.

All the while, physicists and others at D-Wave and their ilk, are laughing at the reactions and actions of the general populace.

Understand, the many AQCs continuously are running, accessing thousands of dimensions.  All the while, more and alterations to our own are taking place.  Most, unseen and unknown.  

Even to those operating the computers.

SOURCE…. Anthony Patch


Anthony was on the show previously to discuss the combination of two different particle accelerator technologies at CERN. The main ring accelerator is to be combined with the AWAKE plasma wakefield accelerator.

Here is the previous show and all you need to know about the new technology that is coming our way…..



The post FORGET MANDELA EFFECTS, THINK QUANTUM POLLUTION appeared first on Kev Baker Show.


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