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This is Huge! Is it Possible? Pics of Before and After Clinton Collapse B-I-G Difference! Body Double? (Videos)

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Unless Hillary got a MASSIVE dose of botox, lost several pounds in just hours, then that was NOT HER after the collapse! Check these out:


Hillary Body Double? Speculation Rises Online After 9/11 Collapse (PHOTOS)

Following Hillary Clinton’s collapse on camera as she waited for her motorcade after she abruptly left a 9/11 ceremony, social media users are now speculating whether or not the Hillary that re-emerged after the stint was actually her.








ALERT: Was Hillary Represented by a Double in NYC on 9/11/16?

From Nemesis Maturity:

Alert! – Doppelgänger Conspiracy: Was Hillary Represented by a Double in NYC on 9/11/16?

Is Hillary being represented by an double at official events?

Read more here:

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Links to images: 








#clintoncollapse #conspiracy #hillarybodydouble 




EXPOSED Hillary used a stand-in body double in NYC. It’s not her


Could Hillary Clinton Already Be Dead?




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    • Detergent

      Humm. Nice find. Looks like she got a haircut and had her hair styled, too.

      • 2QIK4U

        Look at the hips, a woman can’t change her hip’s, I think she does have a double or a triple?

        • HitleryforPrison

          Double…(no colostomy bag required)…What difference at this point does it make!!!?

          • PixiePaul

            And your point is?? A camera adds 10 pounds to everyone’s photo, not just selected ones.

            • ElOregonian

              Duuuhhh… Every time you see her is from a picture! This is not the same person as the one staggering about on the curbside.

              Besides, secret service protocol is to whisk them to the nearest qualified emergency room; not to her daughter’s apartment! Unless of course had a fully equipped medical team on stand-by hiding in one of the back bedrooms for just such a contingency…

              As ludicrous as that sounds, it is even more ludicrous to believe that the person that was dragged into the black van at the 911 memorial was the same person emerging from daughter Chelsea’s apartment. ’nuff said…

      • LifeIs

        And she got a few years younger.

    • Pink Slime

      Rush suggested she lost weight after she came out of her daughter’s apartment. He also mentioned for such an emergency she is taken to an APARTMENT???

      So he thinks there might be a room setup in there like a hospital. Democraps are into TOTAL deception and if she gets (by FRAUD) in you will have a very UN-American president (think communist foreigner like the negro) that will wreak havoc on you from DAY ONE!!

      Some of you don’t care because you are not American yourself. Maybe you know your own nature and you need a harsh master. In that case go live in Russia, China, or the Philippines, or become a Muslim and live with your camels.

      But don’t bring your leaders here. We don’t need them.

      • 2QIK4U

        Exactly right. I hope someone is watching that apartment

    • Anonymous

      BASKET of DEPLORABLES, Murder, Hatred, Rape, Cannibalism and Satanism: Who are the Deplorable Ones Here?

      • Anonymous

        Getting a 54-year-old man off on a technicality from RAPING A 12-YEAR-young GIRL – - yes, Hillary did this – while she was allowed to practice law way back when, in the day – and then, to show her hatred for the poor girl, and all women and children, she made her crime worse- and is on tape laughing about it too

        Having no respect for women or children, much less men, or babies, of all races – white, black, brown, and all religions – she is really an equal opportunity despiser of humanity

        examples follow (sorry this is second attempt at posting this, aborted just a moment ago…)

        Making it look like Vincent Foster killed self, lamely (gun in wrong hand, wrong gun too)

        sexual affair with Hitlery, had all files on them

        She and or her husband-in-chief at the time, gave orders to murder en masse many innocent people they did not agree with, including many CHILDREN, by fire, April 19, 1993

        2 years later, exactly, same date (sacrifice date, by conflagration, children victims preferred) = Oklahoma City Bombing of so many people dying horribly, including an entire day care

        Yeah, she is a really fine lady so fine

        For being so ostensibly concerned about children, you should begin seeing the pattern of abuse of children when you remember 2 years later the same Satanic date of conflagration of OKlahoma City bombing, including a child day care center in the building on April 19, 1995

        and the shooting of a child running on his own property to his Dad, and the shooting of a mother, in the doorway of her cabin in Idaho, holing her 10-month-baby girl,

        DOING NOTHING WRONG, THEY WERE BOTH SHOT, the little boy and the mother

        poor boy, baby girl

      • Anonymous for entire post, it has been in appearance, hidden from the main ….

    • Tempus Fugit

      So who is taking her physical? Hillary or her body double ? And who will be sworn in as president?

      • Babs

        Donald Trump will be sworn in.

    • Болеслава

      ‘splains it! Not that it matters. A plastic maniquin can run the country at least as good as she can!

    • You People Are Nuts

      last photo of her supposed body-double…

      from the waist down is “‘shopped”.

    • Sue Rosenorn

      I knew it wasnt her because she is MUCH slimmer and

      Hillary would never wear her hair that flat and greasy.

    • Bob DD

      Soon as I saw the flat, straight hanging-down hair, on person being dragged into SUV, flags went up. Weight difference apparent. Why would that be done? False Flag to take focus off of her gaffe saying 1/2 of Trump supporters are basket of deplorable, or HC is sick and resting? Who knows, but it stinks.

    • dianecee

      The weight difference and the ears are a dead giveaway.

    • DRAUGR

      I find any image of Hillary Clinton to be disgusting but that thing at the 911 Memorial service was hideous. Yes I agree there is a huge difference between the two pictures. When it comes to the Clintons I will believe anything. If some one like Drudge picks this up then it will sprout wings. What I want to know is how all the liberal jackasses are going to deal with this “Conspiracy Theory” when it is found to be all true. Personally I believe all of them should be stripped of their journalism licenses permanently, publicly disgraced and given a choice of prison time or permanent deportation to any communist country of their choice.

    • DRAUGR

      I find any image of Hillary Clinton to be disgusting but that thing at the 911 Memorial service was hideous. Yes I agree there is a huge difference between the two pictures. When it comes to the Clintons I will believe anything. If some one like Drudge picks this up then it will sprout wings. What I want to know is how all the liberal jackasses are going to deal with this “Conspiracy Theory” when it is found to be all true. Personally I believe all of them should be stripped of their journalism licenses permanently, publicly disgraced and given a choice of prison time or permanent deportation to any communist country of their choice. Why? For deliberate deception in their duty to provide the American people with truth in journalism. Rachel Maddow should be first to go.

    • Bots

      Don’t you people get it by now? Hillary Clingon is a cyborg! Look at it: She has a controlling device sticking out off her ear,when she has a ‘glitch” she is sometimes losing parts and I also heard she was wearing braces to stand up! On the 9/11 comm. her controlling device probably picked up some remaining radiation and had to be resetted. But after one hour her systems were up to date again and she appaired again ‘hunky dory’,fresh and shiny. You will probably get your first cyborg president. Half woman half machine. Your weapon industries own universal soldier. Now just pray she won’tbe hacked by the Russians!

    • Findottier

      She has many clones. Ivan Teller’s ET source told some weeks ago, when she was shaking, “no problem, they will put her clone acting”. Besides another ET source told that many of the world leaders and media personnel are clones and some of them doesn’t even know it.

      I think Hillary already has clones since long before. She even appeared on two different place at same time some years ago. Donald Marshall has also spoken about her clones. That would explain her behavior, because the clones dysfunction and are more dumb according Donald.

      Here secret service agent has to tell Hillary keep on talking,
      New video, one more victim exposing cloning centers,

    • homeservicespro

      Want to know why the American people so distrust Hillary? Find out here:

    • 13

      It’s all just a show folks, the world’s a stage. Perhaps there is no better visual way to determine if two people are the same person than by way of their ears. Yes, the humans ears are as individually unique as their finger prints are, and what’s more, is that plastic surgery on ears is not a successful endeavor. So get both of these subjects ears and match them up!

      What’s more is that everyone must begin to realize that this life and world we all are living in, well, it is all an illusion, a big fat illusion. And perhaps no better place can shed true light upon this subject than that of Project Albatross. WARNING: You will not be the same person once you have a gander at this link I am about to show you. Imagine, imagine if Walt Disney, the great creator, was also Hitler. That it was the same person playing both roles. Or what if Robin Williams was the same person as Bono of U2? Without much left to say I now cordially invite you to change the world you live in as I welcome you to Project Albatross.


    • Debbie

      Someone – probably the CIA – is floating this bogus story about a look a like actress being Hillary’s “body double”….don’t believe it for a second, Hillary has been cloned and there may be several of them…the CIA and their masters of death do not want the public to know how they have carried out so many deceptions with actual cones.. Hillary is likely dead and the Brotherhood of Death – Soros & Rothschild – is probably trying to figure out if they can just install one of her clones as POTUS and continue the takedown of America.

    • chefjim

      I just vomited on my screen. I’m so nauseated from looking at this foul communist that I am now up-chucking in my mouth at the mere glimpse of her/it. What is most sickening is that she is a reminder of how far this country has fallen, how close we are to civil war and how evil those that pull the strings behind the scene really are. I can’t imagine how much further our world can fall into sodom than it already has. If we had a glimpse behind the scenes, we (the moral majority) would probably jump off of a cliff into the arms of Jesus Christ, (at least those of us that are born again and waiting for Him to come for us.) So many of us are wondering the same thing…when, oh, when, Lord Jesus, will you come and set up your Kingdom and take up your scepter and reign!??

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