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Megyn Kelly and Newt Come to Blows! Newt Called Her Out! Howard Stern Joins In!

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That made my blood boil! She completely disrespected Newt when Newt had a much better argument! Kelly sounded like a little high school bitch!

I watched her on Howard Stern talking about her tits and the size of her husband’s penis and believe me she is no innocent school girl. She got right down there in the gutter with Stern and was loving it!

I included some of that clip here! I used to like her, but not anymore. She has it in for Trump and her sexual predator comment proved it!

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    • MC hammers

      Good for you, Newt. These allegations and the secret recording by Billy Bush (cousin of Bush, Sr, the globalist Clinton-lover) were obviously meant to take down Trump who is an establishment, biased media, globalist, Beltway nightmare. If he doesn’t ‘drain the swamp,’ it’s over, America.

      • Just me

        Megyn OWNED Newt. He looked and acted like he was going to cry. His desperation is showing.

        • deano

          and MURDOCH owns Kelly(FOX). JESUIT PRESSTOTUTE!!!

          Murdoch = Knight of St Gregory, a Papal Knight, propagandi of the Vatican

          Kelly = White IRISH CATHOLIC Elite Bull shittter,

          * notice her biting her tongue, chewing on the bit, unravelling her panties, just trying to aggravate another white catholic elite bullshitter…….HOLYwood Divide & Conquer

          ### Does any BIN reporter have balls? SHOW WHITE ELITE DINNER DEBATE CHARITY

          * A Catholic Priests sitting in between the 2 candidates, the “Christian Referee”…..
          No sepeartion of Church & State……..its the fkg GLUE!!! :wink:

          • Just me

            Wow – you sound desperate, just like Newt. Take a pill and wait until after the election before you start with the “sour grapes”.

        • charlie2dogs

          just me i love it when a strong woman kicks mens dumb asses

    • King of Shambhala

      things are going haywire today
      things are going off course.
      this is the end of times with the USA gone crazy and the world on it’s knees bringing up the Apocalypse revealing Obama’s the Antichrist and me being the messiah
      Spread the message fast now
      go do it fast now

      • PeacePlanet

        Obama is not the Antichrist; and neither is Bush, Clinton, etc. :!:

        Research instead of knee jerk; the real Antichrist will be most impressive in all ways, and certainly not a stammering, stuttering mumbling idiot when he isn’t reading lines issued by his satanic handlers!

    • charlie2dogs

      your attempt to demean her only makes you look like a fing idiot, and fuk newts alternate universe bullshit

      • Redlist Renegade

        Charlie why don’t you take your two dogs f#*king out to the woods and go F#*K yourself you LIBERAL Troll ass Fool ?!!!! Or maybe your “dogs” can bend you over out there over a stump and do it to you instead !!!

    • Fred C Dobbs

      I never watch the news channel she is on which I think is Fox. I only see her on sites like this that link to her. I decided to watch this because Newt can be good when he is not bathing in NWO Kool-aid. What a lying, phony piece of shit she is. She is destined for hell by her own choice. All of that for Federal Reserve Notes.

    • Carlos

      When is she leaving Fox for CNN or MSNBC? I know her contract is up soon and I can’t wait. She would make a perfect Nancy Grace for MSNBC as she comes across as even more of a Bitch than Nancy.

    • Enjoykin4

      A leading US senator: US Supporting War in Syria

      A leading US senator said the war in Syria would have been over by now if the US had put an end to its intervention when Russia entered the war-ravaged country.

      “If the United States had just stayed out of it at that point, the war would be over by now; people would be rebuilding, refugees would be returning back to Syria, but the United States rushed anti-Tank missiles, and we used these so-called moderate rebels as a conduit to supply al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front), which is al-Qaeda in Syria,” republican member of the Virginia State in US Senate, Richard Hayden Black said in an exclusive interview with Press TV.

      “If we were not supporting the war in Syria, I believe that the Syrians, combined with their allied forces from Iran, Lebanon and Russia… would move very steadily and restore the borders of Syria.”

      The senate member, who visited Syria in April, refused to distinguish between militants and terrorists fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad, saying, the two are “thoroughly integrated.”

      “They really are one and the same, they’re part of the same army,” he said, citing a US defense intelligence agency’s investigation in 2013, which showed Washington’s ties with the terror group.

      The outspoken state senator referred to plans by the CIA to transfer arms from Libya to Turkey and from there to Syria to supply the militants, noting that the move “evolved into an indiscriminate program of supplying all militant groups, including specifically ISIL and al-Qaeda.”

      “We do it indirectly because it’s unlawful to do it directly,” he said, adding that the US keeps “extremely violent organizations… off the terrorist watch list because these are the agents that take our weapons and then distribute them to ISIL and al-Qaeda.”

      In response to a question on why Iran and Russia are portrayed as the “bad guys,” while they are the ones really fighting terrorism there, as put recently by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, Black said the Republican candidate has a “clear understanding of what’s happening over there.”

      “Sometimes, his rhetoric has to match the political mood of the moment… but I know a number of his advisers and they believe that our determination to topple the government in Syria is suicidal, that it threatens not only the entire Middle East but literally the entire world.”

      He further warned that the US itself could be “threatened,” arguing that, “if Syria falls, it will be dominated by some al-Qaeda-related organization; Lebanon will fall; Jordan will fall and the entire area will be destabilized.”

      The Vietnam war veteran also elaborated on his personal definition of the Middle East “axis of evil,” naming Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and “particularly” Turkey over their support for terrorism.

      “Probably, three quarters of the rebels are not Syrian at all, they are mercenaries recruited by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia,” he asserted, describing the three countries as “the primary force behind the terrorist movement.”

      “Turkey has invaded Iraq and Syria with heavy military forces. Turkey has really become a rogue nation,” he added, referring to a 1923 treaty that set the border between Turkey and Greece, saying that was even being questioned by President Rececp Tayyip Erdogan.

      “And now you see this emerging threat against Western Europe by Turkey,” he noted, further adding that Erdogan “has made it clear that he looks to resurrection of the Ottoman Empire.”

      “He has become more and more aggressive; he’s crushed the military, the free press; every powerful institution of the Turkish government has come under his iron fist and he’s now a total dictator. He’s a man who has said that he wants the constitution amended so that he will have power similar to those of Adolf Hilter… This is our great ally; we’re allied with a man who would be Hitler.”

      He also blasted Washington’s alliance with Saudi Arabia, “where women are not allowed to walk out in the front yard to pick up the newspaper without a man’s permission; they can’t drive a car!”

      “Somehow, this is part of the liberalization that we seek to impose on the Middle East,” he said ironically, calling it “bizarre.”

      He also praised the resistance against the Saudi aggression by the people of Yemen, saying, “God bless them! The Yemenis are giving the Saudis a bloody nose,” despite being a “tiny little, poor nation.”

      “I think the world recognizes that Saudi Arabia has just embarked in massive war crimes in Yemen,” he said, voicing regret over the US support for the monarchy.

      “We don’t pay too much attention to them while engaged in war crimes because they’re our good allies,” he said, concluding that Washington is on a “suicidal course of action.”

      “Saudi money pays the very top politicians in many Western nations. And they really have co-opted the American military into acting as mercenaries for Wahhabism.”Black referred to the Western media’s portrayal of Iran as a supporter of terrorism, saying, “The fact of the matter is that if you really look at global terrorism, it all emanates from Saudi Arabia.”

      He exemplified various terrorists attack, including the 9/11, the Boston bombing, and the Brussels attacks, noting that they are all a “reflection of the Wahhabi philosophy.”

    • Boo

      Looks like Megyn can roll around in the sexual muck talk with Stern like a locker room pro. Me thinks she protested when it came to Trump to much.

    • Redlist Renegade

      It should be more than Obvious that Megyn Kelly is nothing more than a BLATANT Shill and mouthpiece for the Neocon Liberal Left !!! She’s a rich , snotty Bitch with a “know it all” half ass attitude who believes that HER opinion is the ONLY one that matters ! She’s an IDIOT !!! She comes from a wealthy family that’s well connected with the Illuminati neocons and she has a REAL “Bone to Pick” with Donald Trump because he sees her for what she really IS and he put her in her place !!! If I turn on Fox and SHE’S on I immediately turn to another station and so should everyone else !!!

    • welovetheUSA

      Kelley is a joke…when Trump wins, the media is over.

    • Danika

      Used to samire her. No more. She has lost her way.

      Bye killer bees!

    • AJjj100

      Only the egnorant will vote for Hillary. It sure will be a rigged voting system. No dought about.

    • Barr

      She’s hot isn’t she?No brains but who cares,she is really hot.A real piece of

      • Redlist Renegade

        And what about those “Racy” photos of her that were taken before her parents bought her the job at Fox as a “News’ Anchor ?!!!! She doesn’t have room to talk about anything “Sexual” that anyone else has done or NOT done after THAT !!!

    • jtricer1973

      Dishonest CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • searcher

      MK is a government shill, plain and simple.. a big mouth and a good looking face does not make a
      news person. she must have a lot on somebody in “the control room”. I used t like her but after
      she got her “new position” she has changed a lot.. not for the good of a ” fair and balanced ” news force.
      Fire her when her contract comes up imo

    • Godzilla

      There is no rape culture in america. Its just feminism gone wild. If you want a rape culture then go to the middle east were men can do almost anything they want and get away with it. In america women get to decide if you deserve puccy, a blowjob, a kiss or even just a plain ole hug. They might as well put a strap-on and tell the man to bend over and get rammed.

      All these fake rape cases and sexual harrassment charges are usually placed on successful men to take their money and destroy them in public perception. Once the damage is done its irreversible, regardless if you go to jail or not. Your peers are brainwashed to hate you, society in general. I am not saying every case is fake, but if there were no weapons used or pills dropped in your drink, that means you could have walked away and asked for help and you didn’t. Either you half-wanted it or you full wanted it and then when you get mad at your sex partner for any reason you charge him with BS.

      This election is turning into a low class affair. In the beginning issues were discussed that were of paramount importance. Then it became about bill clinton and donald trump, who is more of a “sexual predator”. Like most people give a shit! I still support trump, only cause the rest of the competition is unelectable. America deserves more than this. :roll:


      Have you gotten your Megan Kelly Bobble Head Doll? Limited supplies.

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