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Oh My! Obama Glorifies the Virtue and Accuracy of the Press and Then This Happens! Man Single-Handedly Dismantles MSM! Tucker Can’t Help But Laugh!

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I thought it fitting that Obama would glorify the diligence of the press during his final Press Conference the morning after the biggest Media Hoax of the past year played out on Prime Time News the night before! Of course, the media shut it down and may shut this video down as well.

For those of you that did watch it, it is worth watching again. This guy, pretending to be the head of the largest Trump Inauguration protest group in the country, completely annihilates Main Stream Media (MSM)! This video clip was as good as anything I’ve ever seen on SNL, because it is REAL!

Consider that the 9pm time slot on Fox News is one of the most watched News slots on TV. This guy conned his way to the first 10 minutes. It truly is one of the biggest Media Hoaxes in the past year. Really, the Roswell documents, Payton Manning, Assange! He was awesome and showed the complete breakdown in the vetting process of the MSM and the lack of research journalism!

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    • st

      get in the ring PUSSY :idea: :arrow: :lol: WHAT A FAG

      • 2QIK4U

        My bottom comment is for you.

    • Anonymous

      This dude is soo full of crap.

      • sitrep


        Yes, although what you see here is a very old deception tactic.
        The Guy, was doing hand, and eye signals, using the media outlet as a communications up-link to his people.
        Plus The “Unknown” guy seemed to be initiating diversion tactics. This could be a covert operation..

        Unknown to most, Tucker got Played big time, or did he? The Whole scheme looks to be a Ruse.

        Every bit of that Interview on both side was a fake, a diversion from what they really have going on.
        Notice they take care of their own, Chelsea Manning will get out early, and rejoin the Hive, they have more plans for Manning, and will promote manning to a much higher level, money.

        What you witnessed in this video is a covert operation.

    • Anonymous

      He said we changed are mind about 30 min. ago that was funny as hell this guy is horrible at lying.

    • 2QIK4U

      The more this EX covert Muslim speaks it only contradicts the last and next news report I see. Basically in a nice way he just speaks shit and pisses in everyone’s pockets.

    • 2QIK4U

      :arrow: Rhonda rousey was smashed easily in 48seconds. Imagine what you can do with a minute of playtime on this traitor! His wife gorilla balls Michael would have to try and save him… Excellent :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • sitrep

      This is a fine example, and reflects Evil Strange leadership for the past 8 yrs.

      Other examples includes, Mass amounts of people standing in line, for weeks to get Smartphones,
      Yes a Device Using Old Technology – repacked into a nice little slippery device, all Hyped up to Sell.
      As explained below in the SVS section, This is Big.

      Another example is Shoes, Yeah, can you believe it!!!!!! Yes Whenever they Hype Up the release of Basket Ball Shoes, so the “Stars” can make more money, They Hype it up Good.
      Again People standing in line to get those sneakers, Then all hell breaks loose, and it turns into a Shark Feeding Frenzy.
      OMG, even people leaving with shoes they stole, get a beat down in the parking lots, and got the stolen sneakers, stole from them, and a couple a knots to boot.
      It was Bad, there was reports that someone bought a pair – on some Auction Site, and when the sneakers arrived, they thought there was a Big Toe inside one of the sneakers, although later reports came in that it was a piece of hot dog, Who Knows, Ehhhhh Right!!!!!!!!

      For the past 8 years the upper Echelon Evil – Elitis Dem – onicus have been seeding, infiltrating every level from the top down.
      They have spawned off Hive&Drones Using Social media, and Money from The Dem-onic Foundations.
      Most recognize the Hives&Drones by other Names.
      Hives, are the Group, Drones are the people whom make up the group, They also Call some groups Communities.
      They entice individuals, and even have sponsors.
      Yes they even deposit money into their bank accounts to lure them in deep.
      If the Individual tries to back out, the Hives/Sponsor Leader of the Hives will make the individuals life Pure Hell.
      Yes they are good at luring in the unsuspecting type person, making them feel all cozy, and warm in the beginning, and then the Trap Door Snaps Shut.

      The Elitis Dem-onicus, use the Hives&Drones as disposable assets.
      Each hive is controlled by a Low Level Queen, orders from the Elitis Dem-onicus is filtered down to the Queens, whom then dispatches Worker Drones for the Evil Dirty Work.

      When there are big events, and The Elitis-Dem-onicus want to create Chaos, Riots, Looting, Carnage, Total destabilization so deep it Cracks the Foundation of America to The Core.

      The Elitis Dem-onicus also have Hives made up of Drones in the Main Stream Media, NewsPaper, and other Media Outlets,
      These Drones, are the “propaganda Drones” They Lie, cheat, and steal while doing the dirty work, and get Kick Backs, and Bonus Money filtered down from the Elitis through the Propaganda Queen Drone.

      Yes, any time a Big Event is to take place, The Evil Upper Echelon Elitis Dem-onicus will activte the Hives using veracious methods, hand signals, signs, key code words are sent out through the media channels. The Hive Queens Eager to Please their masters, then Immediately Activate the Hive, With Radical Ideas until they drones are in a Shark Feeding Frenzy Mode.
      Many Hives can be Activated, and then The SWARMING begins, and Thousands of Drones are bused in, and even flown in by Private Jets. Then all the Hives with their mass amount of Drones begin the Destabilization, Creating Chaos, Carnage, Looting

      The Elitis provides the funding, channeled through their so called “Foundations”

      Also to Note is the “SVS”, yes The Silicon Valley Sultan Hives.
      The SVS is made up of many, many hives, and Now that the Current Admin got evicted, there is a Vacuum.
      The SVS has been positioning themselves for a Take over.

      Notice the so called “Hacks” in relation to Computer/Smart-device Upgrades, and Patches.

      Out in front is the Silicon valley Sultans , Telecom’s, SAT/Dish, MSM, Social Media Sites.
      Have you noticed the mergers going on?
      They are positioning themselves to better your “Experience” as you continue Digitally Signing their thousands of pages of digital contracts, by YOU pressing the “Agreement Buttons”, and you continue to be asleep as you press the “Like” Buttons…..EHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!Right!!!!!

      When these so called “Hacks”, are miraculously Discovered, then.
      Yes, In some cases the SVS give a press briefing, and to better your experience are working on more Software Security Updates, and they Highly “Recommend” you download it, and digitally sign again the thousands of pages of digital contract “Agreement”, that they ‘Recommend” for you, do you “Got It”.

      Now they have a new button for YOU, it goes hand in hand with the other buttons, YOU “Got It”.
      This is the Web-Bot activation Button, and or the Idiot Button, similar to the “Agreement” Button.

      When they Upgrade your Smart Computer, and Smart Device, They Switch off all your privacy settings.
      They also embedded more program code deep into your system so you do not notice it.
      Also they embed Code “Special Packets” to automatically wake your system, and give up your data while you sleep.
      Oh Really!, You think you got that covered, Yeah Right!!!, They have a trick for you, it is called the “Got It” Button, and inventing new tricks daily to better your “Experience” with all the new Idiot buttons.

      The SVS are Writing Code faster than you know, and They are rolling on the floor laughing at you. They have to hire Teams with heavy Equipment to move all your stolen cash to their banks.

      If you Look at some of the White House Press Briefing, and Meeting Videos, You will See Some of the SVS CEO’s, or one of their little puppets trying to get their foot in the door to try and BS the New Trump Admin.
      You Can Generally spot any SVS individual as they laugh so much they continually Slobber, and have snotty noses, walking around as if their panties are in a knot.

      The Silicon Valley Sultans, for the Past 8 Years has been infiltrating everyone in the United states in some form or fashion. You “Got It” You “Like” it, YOU “, YOU are in “Agreement”, You No Longer can make your own choices, and have to be Recommended bogus Out of thin air products, by the bundles .

      Most of the New Computer/ Smart-Device Operating Software (OS) is totally illegal.
      The SVS are very aggressive, and full speed ahead to use deception, computer code tricks, web-bots, Phone-Bots

      These SVS are a Big National Security Risk
      BE Aware
      CONGRESS, should Immediately investigate The SVS Actions.
      It is True they have Infiltrated almost everyone, everything down to the Gas Pumps you use.
      All the Info they been Illegally obtaining is worth Trillions, and Countries like China are will to pay Huge Sums of money for this.
      Anytime you See one of the People connected to the SVS near the White House it is an emergency, because the SVS plan is to totally infiltrate, and take over from within.
      They Have Armies, Of Programmers, lawyers, Bots, and actually think in their minds that You are a complete Idiot.

      • Anonymous

        The swarm, yes, the swarming has begun.. the key to the “scrypt”, be aware of the swarm.

        The Silicon Valley Sultans.. The High Techs. The high techs do indeed control the uni-verse.

        The UniVerse. The High Techs are the high priests of the UniVerse. The swarms perpetuate the uni-verse.

        Shield up.. and to borrow an old Phish lyric, “whatever you do, take care of your shoes”

    • Ideas Time

      Love watching this liar’s body language. What a scum bag.

    • Pink Slime

      This is why I have been laughing at Americans when they kept calling a negro sodomite “President”. My throat is pretty dry after 8 years. :mrgreen:

    • DJ

      This is not a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic and as a “constitutional professor” you Obama know that very well…so lying comes very naturally to you, and therefore it is no surprise that you would praise a lying press.

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