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"Hillary Caught Fleeing the Country to Avoid Jail"

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We all knew it was coming, and it IS NOW IN PRINT, but Hillary was STOPPED FLEEING FROM the DC International Airport to BAHRAIN!  Bahrain has NO Extradition Treaty!  Leaks state she was stopped from getting on her flight by US Gov officials.

It also claims that Bill has BEEN COOPERATING with Authorities in telling them all he knows about her and her Criminal Actions.  Why shouldn’t he because his legacy as President would be RUINED!

The New 13 Feb 2017 edition of The Globe is Breaking this story tomorrow!  Remember, this is NOT FAKE news, and if these were fake newspapers, don’t you think they would have been sued over the decades Out Of Business and 100s of times?  They are Real News and the Fake Media twists it around to hide their crimes.

Globe Magazine, the infamous tabloid with spectacular but questionable stories, is running a page one banner headline claiming Hillary Clinton was intercepted trying to board a flight to Bahrain to avoid Indictment by a secret Grand Jury investigating her.

Allegedly “TERRIFIED” of being jailed with a “death ­sentence” after what they call “backstabbing hubby Bill” testifies against her, crooked Hillary Clinton appeared to be fleeing the country ahead of a secret grand jury indictment!

In a bombshell world ­exclusive, GLOBE’s spies learned ­Hillary Clinton was bolting to the small Arab monarchy of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. There is no Extradition Treaty between Bahrain and the USA.

“Hillary had every intention of boarding the flight — but Trump administration officials made it clear to her it would ‘be better’ if she didn’t leave town,” says a D.C. insider.

According to the tabloid, officials from the Trump administration intercepted her trying to board the flight.

It has not been able to confirm the claims made in the story, but the fact that the newspaper is already selling in stores makes their headline worthy of our notice. The magazine could not say such things if they knew them to be false, because that would be slander/libel/Defamation of Character.

Hillary See’s Whats’ Coming…  How Sweet It Is… Let Me Pull The Lever!





There are about 2,500 Counties in the Entire USA (Red = Trump – Blue = Clinton).






Excerpt From Story — “According to the tabloid, officials from the Trump administration intercepted her trying to board the flight. SuperStation95 has not been able to confirm the claims made in the story, but the fact that the newspaper is already selling in stores makes their headline worthy of our notice.”

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    • Redlist Renegade

      I’m actually surprised that she didn’t try to fly away on her BROOM instead !!! :mrgreen:

      • Libtard

        It is only because she is a “”privileged white woman” that she is being targeted for making millions of dollars running guns into Syria, and selling top secret information to China through her private server in her home, doesn’t everyone deserve a better living, and even illegal immigrants from out of the country deserve a better opportunity to burn America and have us pay for their Health Care, education and provide them with housing and good jobs!!! So, she can’t leave the country and get a little sunshine in a communist country for a little bit of relaxation after all of her campaign hardships and difficulties?!!! What difference at this point does it make!!! Where your pink pussyhat Hillary, that will show them who is boss!

        • Alan

          So you gotta look in her ‘private’ sever, funny that… :roll:
          FAKE NEWS FOR BIN… is rampant. :wink:

          • Alan

            So many snowflakes now days, you toooooooooo, picky… hehe

            Its beta, not alpha, you took centre ground, like smarty pants… :cool:

        • Josie


      • Corsair

        She intended to but the FAA pulled her license! :grin:

    • Pink Slime

      Another one gets away. But wouldn’t the sodomite Negro of theirs run also?

      And if politicians can lie in political ads I don’t see why papers can’t either when talking about them. :twisted:

      • Alan

        You loves the tone that sodomy rings in you’re skull, tats why you repeat it so much, its so telling of you’re nature, really it is… pinky… :lol:

        • Pink Slime

          No, I think you sodomites don’t like hearing the truth about your love of sodomy.

          The Devil sex. HORRIBLE! :twisted:

          • Sean

            Pinky, what are you’re thoughts? on all those White Edomites, Sodomites, Pharisee and scribes in Israel?

            Largest Homosexual gathering in the World is in Sodom and Gomorrah or Israel where the Circumcised “Gentiles” pretend to be Israelites

            That Beanie is from the Pharisee and Scribes You all wear, what did Christ say about you again?

            By the way Pinky, some would call You a House Negro…A BIN Paid House Negro or Hasbara, quite a few House Negros on this site and elsewhere, including the CON-tributors


            King James Bible

            As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.

            • Pink Slime

              I think it is terrible. I have only seen pictures of sodomite activity in Israel which kind of shocked me.

              I thought this kind of thing was not allowed by the Rabbi’s there?

              Butt whatever. It’s just a sign the Tribulation is near.

              I don’t know what a “house” negro is, or to be one, as I am NOT Negro. :cool:

            • JesusSlushies

              Are you a Black Israelite?

          • without prejudice

            What is not told to the people that when people decide to procreate through the exit-only tube, that event can have lasting negative side effects which involves uncontrollable bowel movements where it renders one having to wear a diaper.

            This is not a joke and it is known by people who participate in these acts.

            I, myself, do not have any desire to share my love with a woman in this regards for it’s not my or her style. Plus, I have no desire or understanding nor a care to understand what homosexuality is like. I will never understand it and I’m not here to condemn anyone because that’s between them and their maker. Yet, when people go about and say it is natural, well, if it was so natural, then why can two people of the same sexual orientation not have children?

            If everyone chose that lifestyle, the human population would be wiped out in a mere few generations.

            For those who choose this lifestyle because you were hurt by someone of the opposite sex, just know that part of life is finding the right people and that means we sometimes have to go sift through many relationships to find someone who cares for us for who we are. As long as people are learning about themselves and not repeating the same mistakes over and over again and not blaming others for their own insecurities and problems, then maybe we can start seeing a rebirth in the beauty of a relationship between a loving man and woman.

        • Mayhem


        • Gryphon

          …means “you are”.

          • Mayhem

            So Alan said…

            “its so telling of you are nature”

            … and you imagine you’re correcting me or what?

    • Grandmas Mad

      This would be a dream come true!! FINALLY!!!!!

      The law is actually equal for every body!!!!!

    • 2QIK4U

      So my contacts were spot on after all. I announced this as she was at the tarmac. Getting QIKR

    • Ex LA Lady

      OK. This is the third source that I’ve seen regarding this subject. There must be more than a grain of truth in this claim.

    • Alan

      Its conclusive: an now official..
      >BIN is~ Judo Christian themed black ops propaganda {–alternative– ‘right’ –media–} site…

      Now people who are open’ know the reason for you’re treasonous ways.. :lol:

      Fills you up with crap more crap and stuffs you full of crap… so now you’re all shit talkers, hehe… :cool:

      Carry on, its fun… :razz:

      • Alan

        He’s waiting for the next ‘close encounters of the Republican kind’… :twisted:

      • tonybinid

        Hey, Alan – Sure it isn’t Karate-Christian themed versus “Judo” Christian? I think you have your martial arts confused, but then again it’s hard to be “right” when you’re “left.” :lol:

      • NCAALives

        Alan is clearly a young uneducated cult Snowflake follower from the Common Core era. Be a man and join the military and see how real life and countries are. You’ll kiss the ground you are walking on today…

    • Babouche

      News from February 13, how can this be ???

      • 2QIK4U

        All gossip mags do that. I noticed it years ago. It’s when the next cycle will come out and you’ll notice that will be stamped a week ahead to. Next time your waiting in the shops line check out ALL magazines dates and over half do it. It’s seems stupid

      • NCAALives

        Look at monthly magazines. The date on many are 2-3 months in advanced when released… This too was a pre-release and was not put on newstands yet and at the printers… Digital you get right away, but it takes extra days to print on paper and then ship which comes to about that time. Everything is not immediate like a click of a button. Like if you send a letter, it doesn’t get their at the exact same second you drop it in the mailbox now does it?

    • Astral Silence

      The Globe. That’s all that needs to be said.

      • NCAALives

        Funny The Globe has been around for Decades and haven’t been sued out of business… They with The National Inquirer were the first news magazines to be branded “Fake News” when the actual fact is they exposed 100s of Elite behind closed doors scandles, and were found to be True. :mrgreen: :lol: :lol: :cool:

      • 2QIK4U

        The globe have broken several major scandals that MSM won’t touch. Surprisingly.

    • VirusGuard

      Trump said both Obummer and Clinton had done a good job when this new puppet took over the keys for the whitehouse and will not life a finger to put Clinton in jail because they all work for the same jewish banker bosses and it’s all hot air to fool the sheeple into thinking the system is working.

      in other words this is fake news

      • NCAALives

        VirusGuard is clearly fake blogging, with the agenda to the Clinton Snowflakes and BLM. Betcha you never said something nice to someone who you didn’t like…? Shows class which is something they didn’t teach you in your Common Core education. What do you expect from something that your parents never taught one

    • Anonymous

      Is there anyone on Earth who has been “reported arrested” more than the Clintons? Reports for years by Drake the Flake, Nesara Bullshitters, Dianne the Liar, Tommy Lieagain, Glen CanNot, Stew Weboflies etc etc.
      HildaBeast herself and the Bushes have supposedly been arrested more than Lex Luther according to these habitual Bullshitters. One we are told she is arrested, the next day we are told that she is eating a toddler for lunch.

      • Ted

        There are at least three copies – maybe they are into different things?

      • NCAALives

        Yeah – but this isn’t claiming she was arrested. Only stopped from Fleeing… As we see, Trump isn’t afraid of doing the right thing – regardless of what one thinks. He’s a man of his word – until he ever proves different.

    • Ted

      She and Bill are Billionaires – why go to a Commercial Airport? Why not leave in the middle of the night from a private Airstrip on a Gulfstream?

      • NCAALives

        Another uneducation snowflake. Like a small Gulfstream with fly across the world on 1 tank of gas… Airports have private gates and grounds and not every single plane is 100% commerical, thru commercial airlines. Also, did you forget that she needs to show officials her Visa to leave and the pilots have to file destination plans? And lastly, lets not forget, she has Secret Service that travels with her for her safety in the US. So you tell me, how is she going to “disappear” when Secret Service is protecting her residence? Tells everyone you don’t have any common sense and think she lives alone, like you do in your parents basement….

    • The Real Deal

      I’ll believe it when I see it, otherwise it’s just hearsay.

    • Ideas Time

      Lock her up! The b needs to be hung in public for all the world to see what happens to traitors.

    • Thom V

      “Click Bait” First thing to come to mind cause BIN is becoming the GLOBE and other rag papers !!. So how long before the truth comes out ??!!

      • NCAALives

        Thom V – WRONG! Another Uneducated Common Core Reject Snowflake who loves Hitlery.

        They were labeled as “FAKE NEWS” BY THE ELITE BEFORE IT WAS COOL! It was only a term used by the Elite to cover their crimes and smear them. Now whos fake – your loving CNN hey? If they were all “Rag Papers” as you say, explain why they stayed in business for decades and Rarely Sued? If they were all lies in print, wouldn’t they have folded and bankrupt years ago? You little uneducated snowflake you… Only if your mama taught you morals and values, but we all know your parents had none to teach you.. :mrgreen:

    • Arse

      Hi, :cool: Hillary, did you try to run away? Naughty little girl, now you are going to get spanked. Not by (Anthony Weiner) but by the law.

    • Anonymous

      Fake News :lol:

      • NCAALives

        Arse – WRONG! Another Uneducated Common Core Reject Snowflake who loves Hitlery.

        They have broken more REAL Stories then the Fake News and CNN! They were branded “Fake News” before it was common, but they were Real factual stories. If not, explain why they have been around for decades, and not sued into Bankrupty! Another MTV Reality wannabe… :mrgreen:

    • Tempus Fugit

      It’s certainly fun to read, but unfortunately it’s in the globe .

      • NCAALives

        Tempus Fugit – WRONG! Yet Another Uneducated Common Core Reject Snowflake who loves Hitlery.

        I guess this is another one that can’t stand Trump won 2000+ counties in the Popular Vote and Hitlery only won 400! Haha. Look at the map for your shot of Reality! Clearly, a Snowflake who never travelled outside America… Your mama must be proud…. :mrgreen:

    • what if...

      This sounds an awful lot like a publicity/propaganda release to me. What they followed her right up to the gangway or the hatch? Its only clone #X anyway, right?

      Ho hum. Lets get to the verdict stage.

      What?! You mean Cher is really dying!? Doesnt look much like her does it?

      • Network TV Movie

        Wow what if… – Hillary troll and mindless snowflakes. Clearly, you never flew international and their are many steps involved in processing and flight data submissions of the destination. Another Common Core uneducated person who thinks you just walk on a international plane like your walking out your front door of your house to go to McDonalds to the plane. Try flying international, and to the Middle East and see all the checks that are done..

        By the way, yes I have physically be to Bahrain! It’s a small island and when you drive on the small island, away from their only city, all you smell is gas. If you ever dropped gas on the cement, that is the strong smell. I always wondered why the place didn’t bl0w.. And you see huge pipes above ground going to the refineries…

        Shows you how clueless some people are and think flying to a Islamic state that all you do is walk out your front door and theirs no paperwork involved… My god no wonder all these common core teachs non common sense to the masses.

        • what if...

          No not about me, ya troll. You can enjoy Bah rain all you want tho!

          • Network TV Movie

            what if.. What a mindless moran.. No – Cher doesn’t look like she’s dying now does she? I guess its all about speed and just for you, they are to rush to “Verdict stage” when they have years to line up their ducks… Proof a mindless clueless stooge who love Clinton…

            • what if...

              At least I know what an ignorant morOn of a troll you are. Fuck off troll.

            • NCAALives

              No troll here by any means. Atleast I travelled to many parts of the world and know what I’m talking about; including when people try to make it seem they know stuff, when they really don’t. One may not feel they are ignorant, but to readers, we don’t know and base it on the realistic logic and steps involved they are speaking of, in ones comments. :wink:

            • what if...

              You have stupid common subject, anonymous names. Are the readers supposed to identify with them that way?

              Well its nice the troll didnt insult you, call you names and show disrespect to you personally, isnt it? Funny though, thats what you do above too! With a little bit of serious agreement and attention to subject for good measure.

              Harassment and bullying are real and need to be exposed for what they are: the behavior of children or adults with an emotional distraction agenda. A troll will almost always make things as personal as possible instead of about the article we are busy discussing, which is why we make comments in the first place.

              Very interesting how you and the troll have the same talking points!! I have heard that trolls work in groups, or with multiple id’s. Are you showing us how that works? Thanks for defending him. But you can lay off the personal SHIT above too, troll bully buddy!
              Did I make it clear you can stop trying to bully anyone for writing here? No trolls here! :lol:

            • NCAALives

              what if… No trolls here so what you doing here? I’ve been here for many many years…

              Their wouldn’t be any replies if you spoke the honest to God truth, and not have to rely on lies and making up stuff. Maybe you are uneducated are maybe you don’t know what your talking about, but in either case, you have to lie… I guess thats the only thing you can do when you can’t argue facts… And then bullying because you can’t handle someone responding and exposing your lie?

              You really said “what they do walk her to the gangway or hatch?” What? I never heard of any airport with either of those, and that is a pure lie, as I stated before. You implied its just so easy for her to leave and no one would notice, nor try and stop her… She stolen $10s billions of dollars and aided and abetted the Enemy from within and sold out America… And you stated it doesn’t matter and she can just disappear… Keep to the facts, and you are the one who resorted to having lie and speak on stuff you have no idea on. Just another wannabe knowitall….

    • MyTwoCents

      If you’re against fake news why do you republish things you can’t verify? “SuperStation95 has not been able to confirm the claims made in the story…” “Globe Magazine, the infamous tabloid with spectacular but questionable stories,…” “…Trump administration officials made it clear to her it would ‘be better’ if she didn’t leave town,” says a D.C. insider.” “According to the tabloid, officials from the Trump administration intercepted her trying to board the flight.”

      How is it they’re able to force her to stay if she was not under arrest? And why would she, if she thought she was going to eventually be arrested?

      I suspect Hillary is coordinating the “purple revolution” and all those agitators with Soros and Obama. What they did in the middle east, they’re doing here, in my opinion. So if she’s in that much trouble, why would she voluntarily agree not to board the plane?

      • Network TV Movie

        My Two Cents – Seriously; yet another Snowflake? You have no clue how real life works now do you? If she would have stepped foot to go, they could easily detain her for 72 hours and start the public process. If she had a fit, they could make it public what she was up to. And then, what would the public think? She’s fleaing. Didn’t you ever have any cop give you a warning?

        Clearly, you have no clue on life, and being a figure in the media. I have and you think everything in the world is just like if you walked. Sorry but you’re a nobody, but thats no how it works when you are in the public eye or high official. My god, how stupid do they come?

        • MyTwoCents

          Network TV Movie, Snowflakes are emotional retards, as you have just demonstrated.

          • Network TV Movie

            what if… What a moran. I guess you forgot about the $10s billion dollars of fraud, the dozens of deaths she’s claimed to have placed hits on, all the Pay For Play crimes and lets not forget her being the worst American traitor in US history, who sold her position for $. Guess you think they just dropped her and let her do and go everywhere freely…. Proof you are a mindless moran…

            • Network TV Movie

              Mean Two Cents and what if… What a moran.

            • MyTwoCents

              I didn’t forget any of that. That wasn’t the subject of my comment. And if you’re in TV or a journalist, learn to spell and express yourself professionally and coherently. At least proofread your work. I suspect you’re something else though.

          • Theo

            MyTwoCents – Instead of worrying about their spelling, worry about how dumb your comment was. If your under investigation for the major crimes like Clinton did, of course they will stop her from leaving. How do you know they didn’t revoke her passport? Travelling outside USA is nothing like walking out of your home and no one will notice. I side with Network because you have no clue at all the documents and 3+ times your plane have to land//transfer. Pilots can only fly so many hours, and refueling need to be planned and paid for in advance. Do you really think refueling airplanes is like just flying into a Seven Eleven and you just pump it yourself? Totally clueless is right and so sad you speak on things you have no realistic knowledge on.

            • MyTwoCents

              Logic isn’t your strong point, is it?

      • anonymous

        Tell me one story you read that is not Republished? They call it passing on information.

    • truthseeker4809

      It was the robot that got caught. Actual Hillary may be already in Bahrain.

    • I AM

      What did TOMMY LEE JONES call them in the movie ”MEN IN BLACK” = ”THE HOT SHEETS”

      Way back when I sent one of these places a ”GOLDEN NUGGET”, it was so good you know what happen next, the anthrax sh!t appeared in various places simultaneously, & one of the places was the person who was apparently working on the story, down in South Florida…


      The topic of interest was, GHWB, & POPE JOHN PAUL 2ND, were Hitlers’ offspring by way of rape, & Hitler decreed that 1 would be the ruler of the free world, & the other would be ruler of the Catholic church…

      Hitler was born in 1888, & these other 2 scumbags were born in the 1920′s, so the timeline fits perfectly, as well as all of the known Nazi history between these 2 P.O.S….

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