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Who Are The Beast And The Harlot ?

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Who Are The Beast And The Harlot ?



I found this blog piece via a link in the comments to a previous posting I had

done sometime in the past. I found it to be quite interesting and enlightening.

It works quite well and seems to fit reality much better than most of the

conventional explanations.


September 10, 2010


The Beast of Revelation Is Is…


A ‘beast’ with seven heads and ten horns; another beast that looks innocent as a lamb but ‘speaks as a dragon;’ a mysterious mark, and that renowned number, 666– what’s it all about?

Probably no book has been as misused as the Bible, and no part of the Bible as mystifying and misunderstood as the Revelation. In particular (coincidentally?) one of the more misinterpreted parts of Revelation is Chapter 13– the famous source of the ‘beasts’ and ‘666,’ and so on. My contention is that the eschatological prophecies are deliberately obscure, but that they become increasingly transparent as we approach the ‘End Times’ they describe. In this regard, the puzzling chapter 13 is proving to be a key to comprehension. This essay investigates that portion of Revelation in the light of recent history.

In the interests of condensing a long discussion into a readable article, I have to assume that the reader has read (better yet studied) the book of Revelation, and moreover, understands that the book defines its strange imagery within its very pages for those who observe.

The first eight verses describe a ‘beast’ that rises from the ‘sea,’ having ‘ten horns and seven heads,’ each horn crowned by a diadem, and each head showing ‘blasphemous names.’ We are told that ‘the dragon gave him his power, and throne, and great authority.’ Verse three is crucial, and many have stumbled on it: “I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast.” This amazing beast clearly becomes very powerful, and so arrogant as to blaspheme God, and to persecute His people.

Verses 11 to 18 then turn the spotlight on ‘another beast,’ who comes out of the earth, and who looks like a lamb, externally, but who speaks ‘like a dragon.’ This beast seems to focus world attention on the first beast, and makes everyone worship it. He enforces the famous ‘mark’ on the hand or forehand that must be received in order to buy or sell. Chapter 13 ends with the infamous number, 666, ‘the number of the beast,’ that is said to somehow designate ‘a man.’

This short chapter would be pretty difficult to unlock on its own; but it so happens that chapter 17 seems to rehearse the same scenario, but from quite a different perspective. By combining the clues from the two chapters, I believe a coherent pattern emerges.

In chapter 17, John is shown a ‘harlot’ sitting on a ‘scarlet beast having seven heads and ten horns,’ clearly establishing a link with the earlier vision (of ch. 13). On her forehead is written the mysterious name ‘Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.’ She is described as drunk with the blood of the saints. In verse eight the beast is twice described as one that ‘was, and is not, and will come;’ a phrase that is repeated again in verse 11. That verse goes on to state that he is ‘also an eighth and is one of the seven.’ The last verses of chapter 17 describe how ‘ten kings’ will wage war against ‘the Lamb,’ but will be defeated. They turn against the harlot, and destroy her, and the last verse defines her as ‘the great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.’

Now; let’s start putting the clues together, letting scripture define its own terms as much as possible, and always bearing in mind that Revelation is a symbolic book. Most of the symbols used by John echo similar ones used 6 centuries earlier in the book of Daniel, which were explained in the text. Similarly, the ‘angel/guides’ in Revelation give John the general meanings of the symbols in the visions. Summarizing very briefly, they are…
Beast = ‘kingdom,’ country, empire (Rev 17:10, Dan 7:17); Dragon = Satan, the Devil (Rev 12:9, 20:2); Sea = populous area; the ‘old world’ (Rev 17:15); Horns = kings, rulers (Dan 7:24); Heads = governments, nations; Diadems = sign of authority, rulership; Blasphemous – indicates un-Godly; Tabernacle=the ‘church’, ‘saints’, who are spiritually residents of heaven; harlot = apostate community (Ezek 23:4); judgment = fate, punishment; waters = people, populations (Rev 17:15). Also, we should know that numbers are used symbolically in the Bible, where seven indicates perfection, completion; and ten indicates (stands for) a complete or inclusive set. Many commentators, ancient and modern, have become hopelessly sidetracked because they do not accept the Bible’s own definitions, and try to impose their own! For example, many pundits have assumed that the beasts stand for people (e.g. the Pope); but the scriptures don’t say that; they tell us explicitly that they’re kingdoms (or nations, today).

Re-capping the main points of the text in plain language, we can see that :
1. The text refers to a kingdom (nation) that had disappeared (was slain) at the time of John’s writing (set at about 90 AD), yet would reappear later in history;
2. when this nation reappears it will cause people to be amazed;
3. this nation is associated with the name of a man; and perhaps aspires to attain godly heights… their way.
4. this nation was among a group of 7 that existed in a then-populous region– i.e. the Middle East– before it was extinguished;
5. when it reappears, it will be in some ‘new’ form (different from the 1st appearance);
6. this nation is associated with a false religion somehow;
7. there is another nation that appears later (after John’s day), that will be closely allied with the restored nation– it wasn’t one of the original 7; but when it arises in an unpopulated area, it will enforce homage to the restored nation;
8. the ‘new nation’ will first appear benign (lamb-like), but will issue draconian edicts that will cause all other nations to ‘fall into line’ with it;
9. the new nation is being directed by a false, apostate religion;
10. there seems to be a blurring between the woman as a church and as a ‘city,’ but in any case, there is a highly urbanized nation that exercises hegemony over all other nations;
11. a set of ‘ten’ symbolic kingdoms arise in the end-times and they give their ‘power and authority’ to the restored kingdom for a brief time (17:12-13) until Jesus defeats them.

When you look at the facts laid out like this, while there may still be some fuzzy details, nonetheless, some conclusions jump out as inescapable!

As soon as you mention ‘restored nation’ the obvious candidate that leaps out is ‘Israel’. Its name comes directly from ‘a man,’ their patriarch Jacob who was renamed Israel (Gen 32:28). Ancient Israel was one of a group of seven prominent kingdoms in the Middle East that includes Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Babylonia, and Rome. With their rejection of the Messiah, Israel’s treasured cultural religion, Judaism, became an antichristian blasphemy. As a nation, Israel has always aspired to ‘help’ God do things their way. From the taking of the Promised Land, to the Pharisaical plot to eliminate Jesus, the children of Israel preferred their deeds over God’s providence. The dramatic restoration of the Jewish homeland, named Israel, in the land of Palestine in 1948 was indeed seen as amazing, even miraculous, by the on-looking world. While many assumed that it must be due to God’s intervention, others who have investigated the creation of modern Israel, find that it was, instead, due to conniving plans dating back to the late 19th century (as Zionism) and renewed following the First World War, by the Balfour Declaration. It was not God’s hand that was involved, but that of the Dragon, motivating Zionist agents behind the scenes of diplomacy.

The Bible had this insight long before any modern pundit could possibly discern the covert machinations that culminated in a restored Jewish state. However, this resuscitated nation is a pretender! Altho populated by Jews (progeny of Judah, one of Israel’s 12 sons), they call themselves Israel, in pretense of comprising the original, full 12 tribes of Jacob. Even IF all 12 tribes should be represented in today’s Israel, Jewish researchers have found that those known as Ashkenazi Jews (who engineered the takeover of Palestine) are actually descended from the Khazar people, who lived in the Caucasus region, and whose king made his whole nation convert to Judaism in the eighth century. And whereas ancient Israel, the state, occasionally worshipped the true God, the new nation follows a worldly, ultra-nationalist, anti-religion known as Zionism. Thus, ‘Israel’ has reappeared, but in a new, ersatz format, just as predicted. (See also, Rev 3:9 for another hint about Israel.)

Now, the second prominent nation, the later one that originates in a less populous region, seems to reach its zenith near the culmination of apocalyptic events. Again, on the evidence, there’s one nation that immediately springs to mind– the USA. Obviously, it didn’t exist at the time of John. And when it did appear, it arose in the ‘new world’, far from the populations of the old world. With its declaration of the rights and freedoms of individuals, particularly in regard to religious worship, the USA indeed looked lamb-like, and the two horns could symbolize the separation of church and state. Lately, there is no doubt about the dragon-like voice with which the US government has been throwing its weight around the world over the last 60 years or more. All nations of the world are compelled to heed the voice of the US government, whether they like it or not. In the vivid imagery of Revelation, this beast calls down fire from heaven, and deceives the Earth with the ‘signs’ he has the power to perform in front of the world. This made little sense– until the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan in 1945, and recapitulated in the ‘Shock and Awe’ invasion of Iraq, that is. Now it reads as prescient indeed!

The lobbying of the ‘religious right’ has become increasingly influential since the Reagan presidency of the 1980s– some call it a profane, false Christianity ‘directing’ affairs in D.C. And that camp is closely linked to Zionist (‘Judaic’) interests (hence, ‘Judeo-Christianity’). That is the cursory analysis of ‘the harlot riding the beast.’ However, one could argue that the religious right is still, nominally, Christian, and not really what the prophecy points to. There exists a more covert connection between an abominable religion and the US administration. Summarizing a vast amount of evidence, let me state simply that there is undeniable evidence that the individuals who populate the US administration are linked to a panoply of occult practices and symbolism that can be traced back to ancient Babylon. These politicians congregate at the ‘Bohemian Grove’ (California) annually to indulge in bizarre, satanic rituals. That is their abominable, antichristian religion. It is well known that G.W. Bush, J.F. Kerry, and many other political figures are members of the Yale U. secret society called the ‘Skull and Bones.’ Many high-placed officials in Washington are associated with various occult/Masonic societies, as a little Internet research will attest. It could be sensibly argued that this ‘mystery cult’ of the elite more accurately represents the prostitute of the prophecy.

One can think of Zionism as a geo-political conspiracy for the ‘New World Order’ whose top names come largely from the ranks of Jews. In any case, it is indisputable that the cabinet in Washington is dominated by Zionist interests promoted by Israeli-American ‘dual-citizens.’ Leveraging these ‘inside assets,’ the Israeli government exerts influence over the USA, particularly to do its dirty work in the Middle East. For decades the US delegation has used its veto in the Security Council of the United Nations to prevent censure of Israel. Lately, US foreign policy seems to be dictated by Tel Aviv. The First and Second Gulf Wars make little sense except when analyzed in the light of Israel using US military power to subdue its enemies. When Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006, deliberately destroying civilian infrastructure and killing non-combatants, the US waited until it was too late before expressing some measure of reservation over the Israeli depredations. While Israel and the USA make an uproar about supposed nuclear ambitions by Iran, they simply ignore the open secret that Israel already possesses nuclear weapons, and has the means to deploy them. Any nation fingered by Washington must jump and salute; however, Israel gets a free pass. In other words, the ‘second beast’– the USA– causes the rest of the world to worship the first beast– Israel. The trend is so marked that we can see that it’s a hallmark of the ‘New World Order.’

As many commentators have speculated, the 10 horns (of 17:12) probably refer to the countries of the European Union, that have had reservations about Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians, yet in the end, support the US-British backing of Israel. Once EU membership exceeded ten nations, some pundits abandoned this view. But they fail to note that ‘ten’ is simply a symbolic count for an inclusive set. And in any case, only ten or fewer countries have significant influence on EU foreign affairs. This view also is in accord with Daniel’s vision of the statue in chapter 2, where the feet and toes (‘of iron mixed with clay’) have long been identified as the ‘revived Roman Empire’ embodied in the modern EU, with its strained mix of strong and feeble economies.

Many commentators have taken the picture of ‘buying and selling’ in chapter 13 quite literally, and have weaved some rather bizarre scenarios based on that view (e.g. micro-chips, bar-codes in people’s flesh). However, it’s not unreasonable to take the figure as symbolic… but, of what? Perhaps Proverbs 23:23 gives a clue: “Buy truth, and do not sell it, Get wisdom and instruction and understanding.” By means of so-called ‘anti-hate’ laws, it is becoming almost impossible for anyone to legitimately question Israeli policies and actions. Increasingly, no one in Western societies can dare openly criticize Israel without unleashing severe censure. It doesn’t take much imagination to foresee a time when any expression of reservation about Israel will result in prison or even death. And yet, how can we ‘get understanding’ if any criticism of Israel is crushed by so-called ‘anti-hate laws?’ Zechariah 11:4-6 is another passage that puts buying and selling in the context of duplicitous and predatory exploitation of one class by another, and God’s judgment on them. So, Rev 13:17 may be alluding to the fact that no one can speak truth about Israel and religion, but only mouth what the state permits.

Nonetheless, with the huge crises in the world banking system in recent years, it is equally possible that the ‘buying and selling’ may be literal. A little research will confirm that the global banking regime is largely in the hands of a cabal of Jews, and that they have, in fact, implemented a key strategy cited in the enigmatic ‘Protocols of Zion.’ That is, the world’s banks are under the management of a tiny elite, and all money is regarded as debt owed to them. Hence, they have total control over money, and with the advent of computerized records systems and banking cards, the banks can exert unparalleled monitoring of transactions (ie. buying and selling). Many pundits have postulated that we are heading for a system where micro-chips will replace tangible money, and the prophetic vision could be realized literally.

The one piece of the puzzle that escapes me at present is the question of the ‘image of the beast.’ While the other pieces fall into place fairly neatly, this one is far from obvious, at least at this time. I expect that it will become apparent as events unfold, but for the time being, the image is an open question. The NIV translates the passage as: “an image in honor of the beast.” The NASB and the KJV translation is: “an image to the beast.” In the Amplified Bible, the passage reads: “a statue (an image) in the likeness of the beast.” So, we have the later nation commanding the inhabitants of the earth to ‘make an image’ that represents the first (restored) nation in some manner.

My guess is that the construction of the image hasn’t yet happened, and when it does, we will be close to the end of the game. I predict that when the USA proposes some kind of ‘solution’ to the Middle East crisis that involves enforced homage to something that stands for (symbolizes, represents) the state of Israel, then we will recognize the fulfillment of this graphic prophecy. I expect that whatever it is, it will be a surprise to all, yet clear to those who remember scripture.

The other puzzle-piece is the ultimate uncovering of the false, apostate, mystic religion that masquerades as Judeo-Christianity, and that exercises covert control over the nations. It has long been realized that the Vatican, seat of Roman Catholic authority, is full of mystic symbolism derived from Egyptian and Babylonian sources. And since ‘Mystery Babylon’ is the ‘mother of ALL harlots,’ then all the Christian denominations are implicated, not just Roman Catholicism. Similarly, modern Judaism, via the Talmud, is heavily influenced by Kabbalah, a mystic school that dates back to the time of their captivity in ancient Babylon. Some investigators claim covert connections between the Vatican and Zionists, and although those theories are speculative, there’s no doubting the common lineage of their mystic symbolism, namely, Babylon.

Finally, I should anticipate one observation that some readers who are versed in history may raise. The predictive imagery of widespread, bloody persecution of true believers by an apostate church prevailing upon government to do its bidding, may ring familiar. Yes, it happened during the Dark Ages, when the official, Rome-based Church persecuted ‘heretics’ of all kinds, especially those who revered the Bible. However, it is possible for prophecy to have a primary, literal fulfillment, and a later, figurative reprise. Thus, the persecution of the first millennium could be repeated in its characteristics in this third millennium, with different actors but the same plot… and a much shorter time frame. Indeed, almost all exponents of eschatology have identified the (first) Beast (of Rev. 13) as the Roman Catholic Church or the European Union. But, the reader should see, now, that this can’t be: John repeats the phrase ‘that was, and is not, and will come’ for the purpose of making a point. That point should not be lost on us, latter day readers, who need it most! (Refer to item no. 1, above, in the summary of facts). Only Israel had existed prior to John’s last writing (ca. 90 AD), had gone into oblivion in 70 AD, and ‘re-appeared’ two millennia later. This ‘kingdom’ therefore, cannot be the Roman church or the EU… nor some yet-to-emerge ‘Antichrist!’ With the acuity of hindsight, I think it is clear that the prophecies of Daniel focus on the history of the early Christian church, while those of Revelation move the spotlight to the End of the Age, and the geo-political turmoil of these times.


What I hope this analysis demonstrates is that without imposing a lot of exogenous, novel, dogmatic interpretations on the text, and allowing the scriptures to illuminate themselves, a sensible picture readily emerges… and, without the need of a Ph.D. in something or other to do so. And another important thing is that the Bible is not a book of science-fiction or technological predictions. The abstract scenes in Revelation are sketches of geo-political and geo-religious currents, not of helicopters, atomic weapons, and so on (as sensationally claimed by some American Evangelicals). And note that the whole panorama would not be comprehensible until the time when it is needed.

We must note that the text had to be written in such a way that an accurate prophecy can be presented without being so obvious that unscrupulous forces could suppress or alter it. And yet, the clues are skillfully encoded so that someone who has a reasonable understanding of history, and allows the scripture to explain itself, can gain a fairly clear grasp of who the actors are, and what they are doing. Still, the picture only clarifies after the fact; i.e. after the forecast events actually begin, or as they unfold. In this process, it is astonishing to see how a book written millennia ago in a far-off land contains a description of the geo-political and religious situation that has unfolded over the last, mere half-century or so… within the lifetime of many who read this article. Friends, you can’t make this stuff up– no human mind could produce the bizarre vision-clips of Revelation, and use them to accurately predict world political events 2,000 years in the future!

Clearly, the prophecies are designed to demonstrate and reveal that God is real and supreme, and that we can’t determine what will happen next– it is entirely in His hands. Our job is just to trust and believe. I pray that sincere atheists will read this essay and have their eyes opened to the beauty of God’s scriptures. Remember, the Bible has been in a more or less final, ‘canonical’ state for many centuries. The prophecies survived intact to this day for the very purpose of demonstrating the genius behind them. No human could have achieved such a feat– that’s why this book is truly a Revelation!

(My verse-by-verse analysis is available if a reader wants to follow the detailed study; go to


Who and What are the Harlot and the Beast ?  Who was depicted as a Harlot in the

Old Testament ?  Who and/or what is often referred to as “the Beast” throughout the

Bible ?  Satan and/or his kingdom/system ?



/alternative/2017/03/twisted-sisters-pedophilia-human-trafficing-vip-extortion-snuff-films-serco-3487649.html……….(I know this is the Criminal News Network)



“Beast And The Harlot”

This shining city built of gold, a far cry from innocence,
There’s more than meets the eye round here, look to the waters of the deep.
A city of evil.
There sat a seven-headed beast, ten horns raised from his head.
Symbolic woman sits on his throne, but hatred strips her and leaves her naked.
The Beast and the Harlot.

She’s a dwelling place for demons.
She’s a cage for every unclean spirit,
Every filthy bird and makes us drink
The poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings.
Fallen now is Babylon the Great.

The city dressed in jewels and gold, fine linen, myrrh and pearls.
Her place will come all at once as mourners watch her burn.
Destroyed in an hour.
Merchants and captains of the world, sailors, navigators too.
Will weep and mourn this loss with her sins piled to the sky,
The Beast and the Harlot.

She’s a dwelling place for demons.
She’s a cage for every unclean spirit,
Every filthy bird and makes us drink
The poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings.
Fallen now is Babylon the Great.

The day has come for all us sinners.
If you’re not a servant, you’ll be struck to the ground.
Flee the burning, greedy city.
Lookin’ back on her to see there’s nothing around.

I don’t believe in fairytales and no one wants to go to hell.
You’ve made the wrong decision and it’s easy to see.
Now if you wanna serve above or be a king below with us,
You’re welcome to the city where your future is set forever.

She’s a dwelling place for demons.
She’s a cage for every unclean spirit,
Every filthy bird and makes us drink
The poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings.
Fallen now is Babylon the Great.

Keep in mind who owns and controls the vast majority of the entertainment industry in America and throughout the world.  What extreme minority group wields a disproportionately huge amount of power and influence over the entertainment (music and film) industry as well as most other leading industries and institutions ?  Who is that Harlot so often written about in the Old Testament ?  Who, to this day, uses seduction and “honey pots” to snare and entrap powerful people for extortion purposes ? (Yes the U.S. has become just as vile, we need to cleanse our own house as well).  Many nations use these tactics against their adversaries but the nation eluded to in the Bible does it to it’s own people, it’s alleys and supposed friends with impunity.  Their finger prints are everywhere in the swamp…..and not because of their attempts to clean it up.
It amazes me how stupid we continue to be. We have danced with, embraced the Harlot and have become a slave to her ways……unto our own destruction. We have allowed these Luciferian Talmudic ways to corrupt and defile our nation so that we are now the dwelling place of every kind of vile and foul thing. This cancer that is ravaging our nation is not exclusively a Jewish creation but rather a Luciferian/Satanic creation embraced by many non-Jewish people also. It’s just as heavily embraced by the Jesuits, Christian Zionists, certain Muslim groups, Freemasons, etc., etc. and so on and so on. There are many who are giving their efforts, energies and money to this Luciferian Beast System and don’t have any such awareness of that fact.
It is tragic.
More info can be found here:



















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    • jknbt

      Sorry friend, but you missed the symbolism of Revelation on many points. This list should help:

      1. The beast is Islam.
      2. The “Sea” refers to the gentiles, while the “Land” refers to the Jewish people. “Rising out of the Sea” just means coming out of the gentile populations. The Antichrist will be gentile. His sidekick, the false prophet, will be an apostate Jew.
      3. The harlot is the catholic church. This includes eastern catholics, roman catholics, and oriental catholics, such as the Syrian Orthodox Church or Coptic Orthodox Church. When the world converted to Christianity after King Constantine legalized Christianity, the people never really repented of their pagan practices. This includes the use of idols and icons, which were absolutely forbidden in first century Judaism and the new testament church of Acts. The “converts” brought with them their pagan religious culture when they became their version of Christian. This is how adulterous spiritual practices entered the church.
      4. Walid Shoebat figured out what 666 means. The Greek letters for 600, 60, & 6 can be read backwards (right to left). The letters correspond to the letters in Arabic spelling the word “bis-mallah”, which means “in the name of Allah”. The Greek letter for 600 is an “X”, which corresponds to the crossed swords Arabic writers use whenever they spell out the words. Those who fight “in the name of Allah” have taken the mark of the Beast. See
      5. The “head that was wounded” is the office of the Caliphate. The Turkish government eliminated this office in 1924. It had been occupied by a Muslim leader continuously since Mohammed. The office will be recreated with the revealing of the Antichrist, which is the next main event on the prophetic calendar. The Jewish Temple will have to be rebuilt in one form or another for the Antichrist to stand in the Temple (2 Thess 2:3-4).
      6. The seven heads are the seven great ages of the story of Islam. The ten horns are ten great leaders.
      7. The word Babylon has many meanings. Saddam Hussein rebuilt the ruins of ancient Babylon. The blue Ishtar gate that Hussein built is still standing. In this sense, Babylon is Babylon. Babylon also means the religious system and cultural system that goes back to the founding of civilization. All religions (“harlots”) ultimately have their origins in the religion of ancient Babylon. This is the gate of Hell that is the door for religious demons. “Babylon” also refers to Rome where the scriptures speak of the city on seven hills (Rev 17:9). This is confirmed by Peter writing from Rome, which he called Babylon (1 Pet 5:13). Rome is no longer the world political capital, but the Vatican is the world religious capital of the Roman Catholics. The city of Rome will be burned in a nuclear detonation during the great tribulation (Rev 18:10). The Catholics should start getting their art treasures moved to safe places while they can.
      8. It is always a stretch to find the USA in bible prophecy…there have been many attempts to try to find it. I’m not sure your take is satisfactory, either. If you look at the list of nations that will invade Israel in the battle of Armageddon (Rev 17-19) and compare that list to the table of nations in Gen. 10, you will realize that the invasion force is made up of troops from NATO nations. The US may be involved in Armageddon that way. See Zech 12:3; Dan 7:8, 24; Ezek 38:1-3.
      9. Russia is definitely to be found in prophecy. The name for its leader is Gog. The land is called Magog. Moscow is mentioned as “Meshech” representing northern Russian. Southern Russia is mentioned under the name “Tubal” for the city of Tobolsk. Russia will come south to fight at Armageddon as the enemy of Israel. See Ezek 38 for a full list of nations:
      Sheba and Dedan…..Yemen
      Tarshish…..The West, NATO
      10. Israel is the biblical Israel of prophecy. It is called “the land of unwalled villages” in Ezek 38:11. For all its flaws and moral failings, it is the fulfillment of prophecy. Judgement will first begin at the house of God. The Jews in Israel are first in line for the coming judgement. Don’t mock, your nation will be judged also. See Amos 3:17; 1 Peter 4:17, and many others. The Israelis have been hard on the gentiles living in their land. They will give account for it someday.
      11. You don’t mention the 144,000 super-evangelists of Revelation, which seems strange for an article like this. The 144,000 are Jewish converts. Converts have been coming to Christ out of Jewish Orthodoxy. This is no doubt because the Orthodox still believe that the Bible is inspired and that Moses wrote the Pentateuch. When someone tries to explain revelation like this, they always teach some nonsense when teaching about the 144,000. They are Jews. They are not Jehovah witnesses, Mormon elders, or members of the latest new age, Spiritism. or UFO cult.

      • Knarlydawg

        WOW !! It must be wonderful being so “all Knowing”. And I suppose you have our Heavenly Father’s Signature that Authorizes your interpretation as being the only correct interpretation, of course.

        Our nation IS being judged presently, because of our stupidity in allowing the Luciferian Talmudics and their gentile minion to infect our nation with their immoral beliefs and ways. Of course there will be a remnant of the original Hebrew Judaics who recognize Jesus as their Messiah and will come through the devastation coming their way, being spared.

        The Beast is more likely the Global system of Law, Commerce and universally accepted common Religious Belief System that the Talmudics and Jesuits agree upon. The Jews (and the Christians for that matter), will never be tricked/deceived into accepting a Gentile Messiah. For Lucifer/Satan to come onto the stage with any chance of fooling anyone he will have to first be able to fool the Jewish people. He will have to satisfy their scrutiny first and foremost then the rest will follow suite. If the Jews don’t buy the counterfeit the scam doesn’t fly Sherlock.

        As the author of the above piece brought out quite well, (let the Bible interpret the Bible)…..the Bible doesn’t
        talk about the Catholic Church but it does talk about a particular group being labeled a Harlot…..and the last time I checked that nation was Israel….who by the way has never repented from their Harlotry and thus is not legally and/or honorably, (in God’s or any court), able (in right standing), to occupy the land that God said He would give to them (while in right standing with Him). They were scattered among the nations of the earth because of their disobedience and Harlotry…..they as a people and a nation are still in that state of affairs (except for those who accept Jesus as the Son of God). When is the last time you’ve been restored to a once held position lost because of your wrong doing without first repenting ? My God is just and no respecter of (so called special) persons/people. Unrepentant Israel was “the Harlot” then and unrepentant Israel is still “the Harlot” today….that hasn’t changed yet (except on a one to one personal level for some).

        The original Harlot is Israel…. and now those (gentiles etc.)that choose to follow in her whoring ways (which the Talmudic Judaics are masters at seducing and provoking others to join in with the wickedness). This body (both Jew and Gentile Luciferian followers) is the Harlot (from the sea/see of all people) that rides Lucifer’s/Satan’s Beast System/Ways into his kingdom.

        By the way, there’s quite a lot of evidence that supports interpretations of Gog being the old British Empire (which still Rules over her claimed lands, including America) and Magog being the old Ottoman Empire.
        It’s all in your particular perspective, angle of view. I can see you are of the Walid Shoebat perspective and of other traditional perspectives. Some of us out here have already been there, done that perspective and because of expanded research and perspective tend to have a different angle of view on the subject now.

        So……I respect your perspective (though I don’t share all of it) but I and plenty of others see things a bit differently and in the grand scheme of things the only thing that will matter is…..what is our personal relationship with our Creator’s Son. I personally choose to believe that Jesus is the Son of my Creator and He walked on this earth as God in the flesh to make a way (by paying the price required for our freedom to be granted from the judgments cast upon Lucifer/Satan for his and our transgressions) for us to be re-united with Him if we so choose…..and I’d rather be wrong in that belief rather than disbelieving and
        finding myself to be wrong in that disbelief. :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

        • jknbt

          not all knowing, just a student of the word…the book of Rev. is hard to read. Imagine if God dropped a 52″ wide screen tv in front of John and started showing him all manner of strange things all at once. There is simply no point of reference in the first century for nuclear detonations, fallout shelters, apache attack helicopters, and Arabic script. John wrote what he saw in the vision. He wrote from a first century point of reference. So he described them as well as he could. If you had a teachable spirit, you might learn something more than you know about interpreting the fascinating and difficult subjects found in Revelation.

          Be a good Berean here, friend…I just might be right:

          1) be fair minded…be fair, okay?
          2) receive the Word with readiness, meaning have a TEACHABLE spirit
          3) search the scripture daily to find out if that JKNBT just might be right

          Acts 17:11
          These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.

          • jknbt

            p.s….show me first your signature credentials supplied by the Heavenly Father, and then I will show you mine…

            • jknbt

              the great teachings in the Word can be read on many levels…the great bells of the cathedrals in Europe sing out with one main tone when struck. The also have families of frequencies of major and minor overtones. You have pointed out the ultimate meaning of the teaching of the Tabernacle or temple, which is that God will come to dwell inside the believer in Christ and make his home or temple there.
              One of the most intimate teachings of the N.T. is that Christians can be indwelt with the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 3:16 & 6:19). This teaching does not exclude or nullify the previous teachings and prophecies concerning the tabernacle and temples. They stand side by side, one as the teaching example and the other as the ultimate truth of the teaching. Paul said the Tabernacle was built as an example for us (1 Corinthians 10:11 (NKJV) Now all these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have come.)
              If a person wants to have a close relationship with Jesus, they should go to the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies in their temple meeting place with God. Jesus is our great high priest (Heb 3:1) who does all his work in the Holy Place. Yep, this means that holiness is important to anyone who would walk with God.

            • Mayhem

              But that Holy of Holies is not made by human hands (Heb 9:11) and the entry way is through the body of the living Christ (Heb 10:20) whereas your argument, jknbt, hearkens back to temple worship that predated Jesus time on earth even though you stop just short of saying so directly.

              Luke 21 & Matthew 24 tell us what is to become of the temples we hold so dear.

          • Knarlydawg

            My spirit is quite teachable as is evidenced by my spirit’s ability to see different perspectives by not being rigidly locked into doctrines taught by rigid religious institutions. My spirit is free to explore all possible perspectives and at this point in my journey, my spirit is more at peace with perspectives that don’t seem to align with yours.

            You must follow what your spirit is at peace with and I must follow the path that brings peace to mine.

            At this time in my journey I hear God’s Word admonish me to expose the works of darkness and also to not participate in those works, while at the same time praying that Israel’s eyes will be opened to see her true state and that she will repent of her Harlotry and step away from her abominable pursuit of ruling the world with her counterfeit false messiah, the “other than Christ” Anti-Christ Lucifer. They are still operating out of the deception of Rev.2:9 and Rev. 3:9 being of the Synagogue of Satan, working all the time to fulfill their father’s will…….Lucifer’s NWO Kingdom,

            You might want to spend some time researching Talmudic Judaism. If you dig deep enough you will begin to see that their god is not the same God we have been taught about. It’s all there in the Bible about their god Remphan, Moloch, etc.
            You will have to step farther outside of your present box/awareness if you haven’t already done so.

            The true Hebrew Torah following Judaics do not support the Zionist State of Israel.
            They do not recognize the present day state of Israel as being of God but rather an Ishmael type of Israel. Present day Israel is a work of Lucifer and the flesh of un-godly men. It is the counterfeit Israel created by Satan to deceive and bring death and destruction upon those Jews and Christians that idolize it. It is going to be the ultimate betrayal. Everyone will follow the Zionist into the NWO and after the trap is sprung and the world sees that they have been betrayed they will turn on Israel (the seat of the Anti-Christ) with unimaginable fury and rage to destroy this horrific NWO Global System and it’s rulers that will govern as the religious world court, the re-established Sanhedrin. They will rule the world via their Noahide Laws for the Gentiles and of course their myriad of Jewish Laws for the Jews .

            My credentials are/is the shed blood of Jesus which grants me the freedom to explore…….. as it does also for you. :smile: :smile: :smile:

            • jknbt

              you are an interesting person…let’s be pen pals & discuss bible topics…I have a hard time finding people to visit with about important bible topics…we can connect on facebook if you want to give that up…or I can give up one of my email addresses if you will reciprocate…

              I’ll start the discussion: what do you think about the Temple? They are starting to rebuild the Temple. What is your take about that?


              my take is that this must happen to fulfill the prophecies about the antichrist standing up in the Temple in the end times…

              Discussion invited!

            • Knarlydawg

              My take at this point in time……

              Real temple…..we are the real temple….each “real human”

              The counterfeit temple is whatever the Luciferians decide to construct in counterfeit Israel.

              My Heavenly Father is not bound by Lucifer’s predictions and interpretations of future events…….He will allow man to have what he desires however. I don’t believe that the Biblical prophecies are all our Heavenly Father’s will….. but rather were allowed, as a glimpse into Lucifer’s will/plan for the future and as warning to all of us if we were to allow these things to manifest. How can we have “free will” if everything has to go down as it is written ?

              Problem is…..not enough people resisting the Luciferian agenda to stem the building tide of those who actively embrace it and those who passively accept through their non-responses. The mass consciousness is tending toward the Luciferian Rothschild CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 MSM Globalist agenda/interpretation which is strictly by the Book (Bible)…..they follow it to a “T” except that they turn everything uoside down calling good evil and evil good. (two sects within Judaism do this exact same thing)(

            • Knarlydawg

              Checked out your temple link. No peace with my spirit about this…..interesting site however……good barometer for the progress of their (Lucifer’s) plans.

              Our true Heavenly Father does not desire nor need physical temples on terra firma for interaction with His Creation.

              Temple buildings are Lucifer’s requirement. They feed his ego.

              Why would our Creator desire any of our pathetic temples ?

            • jknbt

              see comment above, “the great teachings in the Word” it came out in the wrong place, oops…

    • Cintus Supremus

      Knarlydawg wrote:

      “The true Hebrew Torah following Judaics do not support the Zionist State of Israel.”

      Nothing but true.

      “They do not recognize the present day state of Israel as being of God but rather an Ishmael type of Israel.”

      Ishmael? Surely you mean Esau, my good man. Remember when Jacob pretended to be Esau when Isaac was blind? Payback’s a bitch, in’nit? Now Esau is pretending to be Jacob – and Jacob is blind to the ruse. But Jacob won’t be blind to the Justice when he learns the truth.

      jknbt wrote:

      “…show me first your signature credentials supplied by the Heavenly Father, and then I will show you mine…”

      …to which Knarlydawg answered:

      “My credentials are/is the shed blood of Jesus which grants me the freedom to explore…….. as it does also for you.”

      And that is a fine answer.

      In answer to jknbt’s query about the temple, Knarlydawg responded:

      “Real temple…..we are the real temple….each “real human”…”

      And how. Doesn’t it seem, then, that the prophecy will be fulfilled with application to that fact; a point which Paul alludes to in his letters?

      “The counterfeit temple is whatever the Luciferians decide to construct in counterfeit Israel.”

      But more importantly, the counterfeit temple is whatever the Luciferians do to the REAL temple – which is each and every member of mankind. Transhumanism anyone? Human brain / quantum computer-interface anyone? Coming soon to a theater (of war) near you. God does not dwell in temples made with men’s hands. Mingle the body of man with technology and artificial intelligence and you have rendered your temple an unfit dwelling-place for the Holy Spirit.

      “How can we have “free will” if everything has to go down as it is written ?”

      Notice how the Bible teaches nothing about the ‘free will’ of men? There is one Free and Autonomous WILL. It belongs to God and to Him alone. Men have freedom of choice. The doctrine of free will is a spurious church doctrine.

      “…Globalist agenda/interpretation which is strictly by the Book (Bible)…..they follow it to a “T” except that they turn everything [upside] down…”

      One of the major personal proofs that the Bible is the work of God.

      “Our true Heavenly Father does not desire nor need physical temples on terra firma for interaction with His Creation.”

      And He does not reside in temples built by men’s hands.

      And finally, jknbt wrote:

      “If you had a teachable spirit, you might learn something more than you know…”

      An odd phenomenon I have noticed over the years is this: The person who says such things is almost universally the one in most need of heeding that very advice.

      Behold the mote. Behold the beam…

      • Knarlydawg

        Cintus Supremus…….wow, great response… fine tuned me a bit…..I will chew on it and use to be edified. I agree with your comment. I appreciate your input. :smile: :smile:

        • Mayhem

          Hey, JK, that right there (what Knarlydawg wrote) that is what is called “teachable spirit”.

      • Knarlydawg

        This video by Nicholson1968 ( does a great job of explaining the Luciferian Great Work that manifesting everywhere.

        • Mayhem

          How seriously are we to take a video that speaks of the Philosophers Stone like it’s a practical reality? I mean to say even the Chemistry Professor, from Irvine U, admits that it costs $16,000 to make 1 cent worth of Gold so we’re hardly talking untold riches which is what ancient theoretical alchemy was promising all along.

          CERN is a gold factory and Nuclear power stations create gold as a by product? I don’t think so Knarlydawg.

          • Cintus Supremus

            I better check my stash with my Geiger counter anyway.


            Nothing doing.

            Also, it seems to me the alchemists always meant this to be a metaphor anyway. I think turning base metals into gold is a fool’s errand, and the real deal is turning men into gods.

            • Cintus Supremus



              I think man (as in men) is walking himself right onto the endangered species list.

            • Mayhem

              Speaking of which, Nicholson1968 does an interesting series on Trans-humanism, with the warning that some assembly is required.

          • Knarlydawg

            The gold production isn’t the point at all. He is trying to show that they are pursuing these exotic technologies to punch through the dimensional veil connect with the other side (which they have already done with their D-Wave computers) and hold the connection open long enough to pass things back and forth. Actually most of info is on Anthony’s videos. The gold really just a side note to show that the idea of alchemy is real and valid.

            The Great Work is what he’s attempting to expose. Lucifer’s counterfeit version of God’s Kingdom on earth.

            • Mayhem

              I agree the adversary will rule over a counterfeit kingdom, as i mentioned to Cintus, but i see no value in going beyond reality and to that end what do you know of that supports D-Wave computers connecting with the other side?

            • Cintus Supremus

              “…i see no value in going beyond reality…”

              Mayhem, Dawg isn’t going beyond reality — at least, probably not. According to the Word, there is an effort underway (because there must be) to garner all technology needed to INVADE HEAVEN:

              Revelation 12:7 (literal)

              And there was war in the heaven, (the) Michael and the angels of him warred against the dragon.

              They know The King is coming here to lay down JUSTICE and THE LAW. And they do not plan on waiting for Him to arrive…

              …their plan is to take the fight to Him.

              [Let's not forget -- this is PRECISELY what happened last time. The translation has it that they built their tower to reach into the heavens. But the tower of Babel was almost certainly a technological feat designed to break open the veil between the worlds and truly 'reach into' Heaven -- not just a really tall building. The whole world was behind the deed then, just as the whole world is behind the deed right now.]

            • Mayhem

              Reality you say, Cintus, however in reviewing the video that Knarlydawg provided…


              … this is what i find.

              1) – Regarding the Georgia Guide Stones recall the cube that supposedly foretold the judgement day and consider, irrespective which direction the cube is read, that the dates have come and gone. Oh but surprise, surprise now we’re told it wasn’t a date but something else because… numerology.

              2) – Regarding the Freemasons has there ever been a longer end game? I mean to say what an altogether ineffectual bunch of elitist one world rulers they’re turning out to be.

              3) – Regarding Serge Monast’s Project Blue Beam NASA conspiracy which was lifted directly from Star Trek. To date i find no evidence that it is anything more than rank and file BS. What with its artificial earthquakes uncovering evidence that debunks all religions, its gigantic space show combining all deities into the new messiah, its telepathic two way “god” conversations, and its fake alien invasion bringing about global nuclear war.

              4) – Regarding Symbolism in advertising and movies it is most likely the content creators are hip to the buzz and design their show pieces based on the current goss. If we were all talking about football, instead of aliens, the moving picture shows would reflect that.

              5) Regarding CERN i wonder how secretly devious it really is given their data streams are available, online, for anyone to analyze. In fact they actively seek the public’s participation.

              6) – Regarding the Great Pyramid which was, apparently, a Gold Factory slash Philosopher’s Stone because a pile of rocks is the highest technology Aliens slash hyper advanced civilizations can manage.

              7) – Regarding Anthony Patch here we have a guy who insists there is a rabies epidemic and who thinks our DNA is being manipulated, through vaccines, resulting in almost instantaneous loss of independent thought processes à la zombies.

              This is just a whole bunch of crazy, in my opinion, but there is one interesting aspect, found in the video, worth considering namely trans-humanism to which i’d add stem cell advances particularly when applied to life expectancy.

            • Knarlydawg

              Well Mayhem it appears that you’ve not spent very much neutral minded time researching these subjects therefore you still mock them. I’m not trying to imply that everything presented here or in the videos is absolute final truth but much truth is being brought forward that should make it abundantly clear that there is a huge agenda being implemented globally that is way beyond what most people can comprehend or even want to comprehend. You’re judging things way to soon in regards to your research into some of the subjects you list above.

              As far as CERN is concerned, of course there’s a public side to it to keep everyone pacified that hasn’t a need to know all of the nefarious stuff that they are up to there.

              As far as your comments about vaccines….well you only expose your lack of exposure to the mountains of reports, studies, testimonies etc. that expound upon the evils that are involved there.

              The trans-human agenda is a lot farther along than you may suspect and involves GMO genetic manipulation, vaccine introduced genetic modifiers, aborted fetal cells, aerial spraying is introducing components into our environment that is altering our genetic make up, the sea of electronic pollution we live in is also being used to alter us.

              The point is that there is a huge global conspiracy involving all of the Luciferian groups to (mentioned by JFK in one of his famous speeches that is often herd in videos and documentaries), transform God’s creation into Lucifer’s “transformed” creation and thus unacceptable to God. Most of these groups probably know very little about their involvement in this “Great Work” as they are compartmentalized as much as possible and are only allowed to know what they need to know in order to complete their duties.

              The Masons are heavily involved in this “Great Work” as they call it. The whole Masonic establishment comes forth from ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and Talmudic Kabalism and esoteric mysticism. Thus the Talmudic Jewish connection to the “Great Work”

              Anthony Patch is a Christian, (and a very intelligent one), that perhaps should be listened to a bit more in order to begin to appreciate what he brings to the table about CERN, the D-Wave 4096 quantum trans-dimensional computers and the trans-human agenda, etc.

              What is offered here are only pieces of puzzle that can be used to more clearly understand what is going on in this (what appears to be), insane world we live in. Maybe you need some more pieces to begin to see the relevance of the material offered here.

            • Cintus Supremus

              Re Mayhem’s list of points:

              1. No argument.

              2. Most Freemasons would probably agree. But most Freemasons are also leftists. Now, if the long game has it so that the leftists of the world needed a little energizing from head to toe, they’ve certainly gotten that in an ‘upset’ Trump administration. Wilders lost. It’s doubtful Le Pen will win. So for all the spectacle, the sudden emergence of nationalism might just be for purposes of vulcanization (left/right) and energization of the possessed leftists of the world. Win and a win for the forces driving the left (and the right), the way I see it.

              3. I don’t argue about such things. I hear things like ‘project blue-beam’ or ‘project paper clip’ and my ears turn off, because I know at once the person using these terms doesn’t know anything we didn’t know in 1990s.

              4. Re symbols and symbolism – I’ve had it proven to me, beyond and to the exclusion of all doubt, that folks who are utterly ignorant of behind-the-scenes spiritual machinations of the kinds we’re discussing, can find themselves employing such symbols and symbolism in their own creative works of art, advertising, writing, film, etc. It can and does happen that way. But usually the people employing the symbols have at least some idea of the meaning behind the language (of symbols) they are using to convey their thoughts.

              5. CERN. 17 miles underground. How many nations involved? At a cost of how much money? And with the stated goal of what, exactly? Add to this the fact that they’ve had a toy now for many years they’ve been terrified to operate at its full capacity, and you’ve got a recipe for bamboozle coming out of France and Switzerland. I don’t know what CERN is, and neither does anyone else commenting at this website. But I suspect (strongly) we’ll all find out together, and my suspicion is, as already stated, that their actual interest lies in doors and in opening them.

              6. The Great Pyramid. I have it on solid authority that the Great Pyramid was indeed a giant toaster oven for toasting bagels. The Hebrews insisted they wouldn’t keep working on Pharaoh’s projects unless they could have their bagels toasted. Better than a brick oven for pizza, this thing!!! But honestly – I get the sense here we’ll never learn the truth until after The Boss comes back.

              7. I have no idea who Anthony Patch is.

              Stem cell research is almost certainly linked to their quest for immortality. A quest which, if we read the Bible carefully, they will apparently become successful at, in one way or another.

            • Mayhem

              You’re preaching, Knarlydawg, and i’m none too pleased about it.

              Much truth? Where? Certainly not much in the video you presented.

              CERN? Heck that thing can be brought down by an errant squirrel. Do you have any evidence to recommend or is your insistence based on feelings?

              Vaccines? I’m about as anti-vaccination as one can get and have a track record for speaking against that entire industry.

              Trans-humanism? Did i not select this topic as worthy of consideration? In fact i went so far as to suggest it was the one aspect, from your video link, that was most worrisome.

              I do not deny a global conspiracy involving Luciferian groups and i’m most concerned about it but i don’t see any value in making lists of crazy in an attempt to enlighten folk when the plain truth is scary enough. I also agree that most of the bit players are probably ignorant about their role and go so far as to suggest that the power hungry, would be tyrants, do not play the long game but are only in it for themselves.

              So what if the Masons are heavily involved in the Great Work? Are we commanded to stop the mark of the beast or to not take it? Are we commanded to prevent global governance slash world religion or to take no part in it? Is it our job to defeat Satan or to resist?

              If Anthony Patch wishes to be taken seriously then he shouldn’t be spouting such easily debunked nonsense as a rabies epidemic.

              With regard to the D-Wave Quantum Computers; Professor Umesh Vazirani, UC-Berkeley, says…

              “Their claimed speedup over classical algorithms appears to be based on a misunderstanding of a paper my colleagues van Dam, Mosca and I wrote on “The power of adiabatic quantum computing.” That speed up unfortunately does not hold in the setting at hand, and therefore D-Wave’s “quantum computer” even if it turns out to be a true quantum computer, and even if it can be scaled to thousands of qubits, would likely not be more powerful than a cell phone.”

              … and to my knowledge nothing significant has been achieved that cannot be reproduced by current analogue systems. What evidence do you know of, Knarlydawg, that says otherwise?

              Perhaps i do need more pieces of the puzzle. Where are they? All i see here is opinion and unrelated hogwash that is akin to certain folk reading the Bible upside down and coming out with all manner of false doctrine.

            • Mayhem

              I’m convinced, Cintus, that Satan alone plays the long game and everyone else, including the folk who designed the symbolic kabbalistic map of your capitol, is just in it for themselves.

              Regarding CERN; the stated objective is discovering the fundamental constituents of matter and the forces acting between them. So far, as near as i can tell, the Higgs Boson is what gives mass to otherwise mass-less particles and is itself nothing more than a vibrating force that is also mass-less.

              I suggest the scientists have found a whole lot of nothing that makes up something sort of like how sound is vibrating nothingness. To that end i would argue that the only thing CERN has proved, so far, is that in the beginning God said…

            • Knarlydawg

              Mayhem….It’s not my intent to preach….sorry if I ruffled some feathers.

              I found this on B4IN today thought you might find it interesting.

              /alternative/2017/03/5g-and-iot-total-technological-control-grid-being-rolled-out-fast-3492350.html :smile: :smile:

            • Mayhem

              What makes you think doubling down on the crazy is going to impress me?

              The first link…


              1) – Glass half full types understand fewer blind spots, in cell phone coverage, is a good thing as is any increase in data transfer speeds.

              2) – Glass half full types understand that the Internet of Things requires voluntary participation. Don’t buy smart toys and you’re not affected. Simple.

              3) – “Smart dust” requires an infected person to be within 100mm of a “reader” therefore there will need to be between 10 and 20 times the number of readers as there are spiders on the planet based on the old wives tale of never being further than “x” number of feet from a spider.

              4) – Cell phones, and towers, give off non-ionizing radiation whereas the sun gives off the more harmful ionizing type therefore folk should be more worried about the sun.

              5) – Big brother is already watching, will get better at watching, wants to watch everything. Deal with it. The very instant Big Brother knows everything about everything it all becomes Babel proving only that there is such a thing as too much information.

              The second link…


              1) – Dr Robert Duncan gives a lecture on where he thinks mind control is headed. He refers to several case studies (experiments) that all wound up being freak show horror stories. Given the consistently large number of failures i suggest the trend is going to continue along the same lines for a long time yet.

              2) – The idea that folk can be manipulated with sub aural psycho-acoustic frequencies is nothing new. In fact most modern rock concerts can make everyone in the audience defecate simultaneously simply by playing a certain frequency over the sound system.

              The third link…


              1) – Anthony Patch is talking about a quantum computer that only exists in his imagination which is twice as powerful as the very latest that D-Wave systems currently has to offer.

              2) – Anthony Patch is a gravity denying, rabies epidemic espousing supposed christian who conflates his fear mongering with far too many Hermetisms for my liking.

              Conclusion. Get a freaking grip, Knarlydawg, because madness is having its way with you. Can’t you find anything tangible to be afraid of? Like ISIS or the fact that 20,000 people die every day from malnutrition related causes. I’ll not be giving up any more time on this sort of bollocks. I asked for facts and evidence and what i get in return are the prolific & tiresome ramblings of crazies some of which borders on incoherent.

            • Knarlydawg

              Not worried about ISIS as it’s the creation of CIA/MOSSAD/MI6, the starving people is a concern and what you state, while it seems on the surface, a pretty good smack down, most of your response is just your opinion and interpretation of data……I’m not convinced that it’s truth. Most of what we are able to read or hear about is 20-50 yrs. behind the actual state of the art technology anyway….so anything you’re presenting is not actually where the tech is at……it’s only what we’re aloud to know about at this time.

              I do recall reading something not too long ago about Lockheed and NASA purchasing D-Wave Quantum Computers so they must be a bit more than some experimental computing tinker toys.

              Dr. Duncan the DARPA guy revealed several other things of interest which were side comments but were confirmations of other technologies that many have experienced and are misinterpreting …….but I won’t go there because I can see this exchange has become pointless.

              By the way I had no intention of impressing anyone, only sharing some interesting material………at least I found it interesting.

            • Knarlydawg

              Google, Lockheed, NASA, and Los Alamos National Laboratory upgraded to D-Wave 2X processors last year which I believe are 1098s. So there is certainly more to them than you seem to believe. Just saying ! :smile: :smile:

              Have a good one Mayhem.

            • Knarlydawg

              1024s………………forgive me !

            • Knarlydawg

              Wow Mayhem……..I just now (10:47 3.23.17) listened to the 4096 Anthony Patch video and I can’t for the life of me understand how you can’t hear anything of value in these videos. I find them rich in valuable info. I’m truly sorry that you are not able to do the same. We must be on totally different wave lengths. The electric universe/Tesla model works much better than the Einstein model so all this info makes a great deal of sense to me. (By the way I’m not a flat earther.). No wonder we don’t see eye to eye.

            • Knarlydawg

              Mayhem………… maybe it’s the Coriolis Effect that has our perspectives so out of alignment……..aye ? I sense (maybe “feel”) that you may be a bottom of the “baller”

              Good’ay to ya !

            • Mayhem

              Not worried about a global conquest ideology that is on the news nearly every day, check, but worried about a quantum computer that hasn’t even been built yet. Okay.

              Pay attention, Knarlydawg, the D-Wave-4096 hasn’t been built yet. Yes certain groups have bought 1024′s, Google has a 512, and i’ve read the 2048 is in production but the 4096 isn’t even on the drawing board.

              Have you read that despite the awesome potential of the D-Wave computers they only communicate in 6-7 qubit packs? I suggest this is a crucial bottle neck problem that must be overcome if these machines are ever going to amount to much.

              Facts or evidence, Knarlydawg, and no more 1 to 2 hour videos if you please because i can generally read the same information in a quarter of the time it takes to watch some American beat around the bush.

            • Cintus Supremus

              Americans are the best bush beater-arounders.

    • jknbt

      hey KnarlyDawg…here’s another good question…what is your take on the whole alien/ufo/ancient astronaut business? I just endured a video I found today on BIN about the subject featuring Linda Mouton Howe who is a sort of expert on the subject…see:


      I don’t agree with what she is saying, but it is interesting to hear the latest take by her about the matter…she says that friendly aliens posing as gods created man by genetic manipulations, and indeed all life on earth is a result of the work of these alien godlike creatures. Hmmm….that’s not what my bible says.

      so how about it? what is going on with these creatures and their snazzy starships? How does this fit in to your view of reality? of scripture? of the whole end times?

      Here is a link to a ufo hovering over the temple mount in jerusalem…see

      if it is a hoax, it would take a wide conspiracy involving dozens of people. What is your take on the Phoenix lights incident which just had its 20th anniversary? I listened to a GroundZero program on it…there was a cover up that was stranger than anything you might see on an X-files episode…The gov’t goons even intimidated the governor of the sovereign state of Arizona into changing his story and into compliance with the cover-up. Yikes….see

      Discussion invited!

      • Mayhem

        My take on the whole alien/ufo/ancient astronaut business, particularly the 2011 Dome of the Rock incident, is that it’s most likely an elaborate hoax. If indeed it was real then it would have heralded the return of The Heavenly Warrior that Defeats the Beast (Rev 19) and yet there is nothing in scripture to suggest Messiah was going to dally for 5 years or more before getting down to business.

      • Knarlydawg

        I don’t maintain a very rigid position on the alien/UFO subject at this time. I tend toward believing that most of what is seen and experienced is break away, Deep State tech. and any beings are of the fallen watcher/angel group or their minion. I think they probably have very advanced Enochian, pre-deluvian bio tech also, so, for them, cloning and other more exotic ops are quite possible. The book of Enoch tells us of the advanced knowledge that the fallen watchers taught to man.

        I have no first hand knowledge (sightings etc.), only my research, what resonates as truthful in my spirit and a few words spoken by my dad (an Air Force full Colonel at retirement, now deceased, B-47, B-52, A-37, F-102/106, B-58, Command Pilot, Viet Nam Vet and 4th Air Div. Commander at F.E Warren AFB to mention a few of his accolades.)…….basically a very professional, no nonsense guy. He told us boys (back in early eighties), that there were recovered craft and entities/bodies and that what was known, then, would absolutely shock the civilian sector of our civilization. That’s as close to officialdom as I can acknowledge info from and knowing how serious and no nonsense my dad was 95% of the time, I consider the info to be the truth as best he knew it.

        I have always suspected that the Bible is a very valuable book, guide, instruction manual and tool (and portions being God’s/ Jesus’ actual spoken Word), that God uses to communicate to us through but it has been tampered with so much over the centuries that to deny that there’s a lot of added and subtracted data from it’s most pure form is a bit foolish……that said, I do not mean to diminish the fact that the Holy Spirit is always communicating truth through the Bible to those who are seeking truth. The Bible is not the only valuable source of truthful info……any way….my Creator can and often does, communicate things to me via whatever He so chooses and depending upon what is available at that moment……could be an article, an ad, or song on the radio, a spoken phrase, an insight, nature, clouds, good and bad experiences, etc., etc. God uses whatever is in His creation to communicate with us….if we have eyes tuned to see and ears tuned to hear. He’s been known to use the stars, weather, burning bushes and talking jackasses. I have also suspected that much of what we’ve been taught by others about the Bible is probably not exactly the correct perspective……I think that we are going to have a lot a “awe ha, I never saw it that way before” moments as more and more truth is revealed.

        Check out material by Nichson1968 (, Anthony Patch ( ), Jonathan Kleck ( ), Trey Smith ( ) and other links off of their sites for some interesting and stimulating information to explore……also, if you can handle some controversy, you might find 9Nania’s youtube ( ) presentations interesting. A lot of people attack her and Jonathan but if you’re locked in with the Holy Spirit you’ll be able to discern the truth. I have seen a whole lot of truth in their work. If you can handle religious mumbo-jumbo, Johnny Baptist ( ) has a good radio program on Blog Talk Radio with interesting and controversial guests often. Zen Garcia ( ) has done a lot of research on pre-Biblical beings, ,Nachesh,(spl.?),two legged serpent like fallen angelic beings, etc. There’s a lot out there about the Nephilim giants, the Annunaki etc.

        • Cintus Supremus

          “…it (the Bible) has been tampered with so much over the centuries that to deny that there’s a lot of added and subtracted data from it’s most pure form is a bit foolish…”

          But this is a study in-and-of-itself. And though it is a somewhat time-consuming study, a task that can be performed more-or-less completely in two to four years, it isn’t at all hard to do. There has been tampering – and provably so. But what we are left with over the millennia is an abundance of material, rather than a paucity. In other words, we have about 110% of the ‘original’ material, rather than having only 90% of it. Therefore, additions are by far the norm when biblical research is being considered. It is far easier to attempt to add material to the Scriptures rather than delete from them, on account of the many streams of Manuscript traditions, a great number of which prevail to this day. And we keep finding older and older material with which to compare against the material we already have. That was certainly true with the miraculous find at Qumran near the Dead Sea – which, when we cross-compare with the modern Masoretic (Old Testament) Text, reveals an almost verbatim resemblance to the ancient (300-350 B.C.) documents recovered at Qumran. That’s a telltale sign of divine intervention.

          So too with the New Testament. The changes are actually few and the alterations surprisingly minor. They are also very easy to compensate for or to correct or to simply eliminate. The point is this: God has promised us He would protect His (written) Word. God makes good on all His promises, and this consideration is no exception. In the main, the Bible, as we have it today, is very reliable.

          [However, there are popular church doctrines which, for a multitude of reasons, prevail in translation which have no place in the original languages – namely trinitarianism and the doctrine of eternal punishment/torture/destruction.]

          “I have also suspected that much of what we’ve been taught by others about the Bible is probably not exactly the correct perspective…”

          He warns us specifically and repeatedly against allowing ANY man or institution of men do our Bible study for us. If we let ANYONE in between His Word and us, then that person or institution will naturally block the light and cast a shadow over us, obscuring or deforming or otherwise damaging the transmission of His pristine Word. God is perfectly capable of teaching us personally and over time out of His written Word, and the more we enjoy the study and are diligent in our search, so much the better.

          • jknbt

            I’m not sure what to make of the whole business…the works of the aliens are demonic with abductions, experiments, mutilations, drinking blood, eating humans, and the other things reported about them…Researcher Jacques Valee said they were all just demons in disguise.

            have you read william cooper’s Beyond a Pale Horse? He was a retired navy intel officer who disclosed the shadow government cover-up & the black ops they do…kinda scary…

            the bible talks about the “big lie” and the “strong delusion” of the end times. This may be the false teachings like Howe put out on her lengthy video…if you buy what she is saying, the bible and creation story are all pious frauds put together by these aliens posing as God, Jehovah, Elohim, and so forth…This would be strong medicine if combined with gov’t disclosure and actual ufo’s on the ground with the little monsters walking about in full daylight for the news media. Yikes….hope it never comes to this…we’ll see….

        • Mayhem

          The watchers supposedly taught things that were advanced for their time but were the sort of things we’d figure out eventually. No time travel, no spaceships, no flesh cloning, no hyper weapons, no thing that could be considered miraculous by today’s standards.

          Things like…

          charms and enhancements, the cutting of roots, acquaintance with plants, metallurgy, antimony, makeup, jewelry, dies, astrology, astronomy, the water cycle, earth/sun/moon cycles, the eternal secrets

          … none of which are particularly noteworthy apart from the last category and Enoch never said the eternal secrets were learned just that 7 men attempted to do so.

          As for the Bible being corrupted, Knarlydawg, that is only partially correct for God promised to protect His Word (Psalm 12) and to that end any diligent student is able to weed out the additions using the very tool i’m currently writing on.

          Mayhaps Cintus has explained that last part more thoroughly.

      • Knarlydawg

        Check out the Saturn, Black Cube (counterfeit holy of holies…Satan’s version), The hexagram, tetrahedron, Key of Solomon, Star of Remphen, Star of David, relationship tp Israel stuff. Nicholson1968 has some excellent videos on the subject

        • jknbt

          see comment “I’m not sure what to make of the whole business” above, got into the wrong place again…

    • unidentified

      modern day humans dont have long life expectancy like ancients did they supposedly could live very long lives and in good health, that is unknown today except really old trees, they might still exist somewhere but obviously not on this planet

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