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The Healing of the Nation, Part A (Delamer Duverus) from Jenny Miner

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The Healing of the Nation, Part A (Delamer Duverus)

From Jenny Miner (and Delamer Duverus)

Jan. 29, 2004

The Healing of the Nation, Part A (Delamer Duverus) from Jenny Miner (Jan. 29, 2004)

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(I dedicate this message to all of the children of this nation and to the Angel Duverus of the Mind of Man, from whom the inspiration and the direction for this message flows. I dedicate this likewise to my prince of a husband, Dan, my mate and best friend who outshines me every day, and to our wonderful sons who have enriched our lives and given us reason to be.)

“The Healing of the Nation” is a testimony, an understanding, and an appeal to the people of this nation to seek the answers to the problems that will heal our nation. Understanding is the beginning of wisdom and it is this beginning that leads to harmony, the peace God designed for us.

Our first objective is to stop the sale of illegal drugs. If you are reading this and know someone who is a part of selling drugs to children and young adults, we ask you to tell them to stop. The Angel Duverus will not tolerate this total unconcern for the lives of others, especially the children and only for the sake of making money. There are constructive ways to earn a living which provide services and products to help others. Do not live in fear of not having. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. The first chapter describes how He dealt with drug dealers in Georgia. He has done this again in Arkansas. He prefers that you lay the drug dealings down on your own volition. He is compassionate and does not want to see us fail individually or as a nation, but God’s Will will be done.

Our second objective is the understanding given regarding male homosexuality, its cause and prevention, and, in time, by faith and works, a cure, for God does not allow us problems that we cannot solve if we come together in His Love to do so. It is important that we educate properly and keep a spirit of cohesion for homosexuality is being used to separate us intentionally.

The third objective is to educate regarding the prevention of degenerative diseases and the destruction of the genetic structure which is weakening because of our diets and pollutants on this planet. We offer advice on nutrition and address healing on the many different levels of our being.

Our fourth objective is to stop the abortions and sexually transmitted diseases by following a sexual code of honor given by the Angel Duverus.

Our fifth objective is to provide understanding of the quiet war and silent weapons being used against us as a people, to destroy us and separate us from each other. This is only to educate, so that we may make intelligent decisions for the future. We do not attack our government, for we have allowed it. We make changes through resolution, that like us, our government also needs to serve God.

Our sixth objective is to share a brief glimpse of the Mystery of God given to us through the knowledge received by the last Atonga [voice] of Delamer Duverus.

Understanding is to know the Reason of things and it was told to us “With all thy getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7 This is what we need to teach our young children when they reach the age of reason; our young adults as they begin to make their way in our society; and ourselves as we shape our lives and our world.

As the Christ is our Savior, the Chosen Seed, as we are now a part of His Living Body, we must come forth and serve Him or be cast out as waste material as every Foetus does in its transition from an embryo, where it moves out of chaos, the 2nd dimension, into the 3rd dimension, having the 4th dimension, empathy as opposition. He will take control of His Body which He will rule with an Iron Rod. As it is above, so it is below.

This writing began as the work of one supported and inspired and directed by the Angel Duverus. It is now the work of many. We invite you to become a part of this undertaking as we work together to Heal this Nation.

Not Just A Bio
Looking back on one’s life in retrospect can be very humbling, as it is usually only then we see that something much greater than ourselves has guided us from the beginning. I write about this short period in my life and share it with you so that by my experiences the path toward our Destination will be made plain to you. Like having a map, my experiences will be your short cut, and your experiences, shortcuts for those who follow you, until we reach our Destination and find ourselves back with our Creator.

The story begins when I was twenty-four years old. Already divorced from a marriage where my mate chose drugs, a definite dead end in my mind, I was living in Atlanta and enjoying my first childhood, so-to-speak, earlier years given to observing rather than participating. I was having a grand time, but I was asea without rudder, sail or keel, going in circles, making no headway, wandering aimlessly without reason. One day I picked up one of those religious leaflets people lay strategically around in places like bus stops and waiting rooms hoping to catch a sinner and began to read the message telling people about the Christ and that if we knocked on His door, He would come into our lives. Although I was brought up morally, I had no religious or spiritual background to lean on.

However, I knew enough to know I needed help and in a not-so-sure-that-it-would-help attitude, I knocked on His door and said in a very timid voice, ‘Come in.’ There were no bells and whistles, but I remember thinking, ‘let’s see what happens.’ Only in retrospect did I see that it was a turning point in my life and the first smart thing I asked of God.

It was several months later that I met a man from Pittsburgh with whom I fell in love and married. We moved to Pittsburgh, bought an eighty-year-old house which we renovated and a week after the last dry wall went up, which was two years, we had a son. I did not know much about babies having not been around any growing up, but I could not imagine anything more precious and deserving of our attention. I glowed and relished every moment that I nursed him and could hold him for hours just looking at him, gazing into his eyes and wondering what was going through his mind. I use to imagine sparklers coming off my head and dancing in the space around my head and he would follow them with his eyes. Imagine what things they see that we do not. How close to God they are!

One day, as my son was sitting in my lap and we were gazing at each other, I was contemplating the fact that nothing made sense to me. I realized that I had no opinions, could not make one because I could not understand why things happened, from world events to health issues, I just did not know. So, I asked God for understanding for my son. I wanted him to know the truth of things. The longer I sat there thinking about it, the more I realized that I wanted to know, too, because how was I going to help my son understand unless I had it to give to him. Well, that was the second thing I asked of God and probably the most important. “With all thy getting; get understanding.” Understanding is the beginning of wisdom.

This time there were bells and whistles and then the floodgates opened. I learned about our nation, economics, health issues, and spiritual understanding. I waded through a lot of junk, too. It was difficult in the beginning to decide what was true, but I began to build a base of understanding which made that task easier. When our son was two years old, an older gentlemen who I used as a sounding board, gave me a subscription to what I thought was a patriot rag. After several weeks of adding that weekly paper to the pile next to my bed, I picked one up and began reading the editorial and could not stop reading this man’s writings until I had ordered every book and editorial he had written.

Somewhere, from out of time and space perhaps, I knew this Man, Delamer Duverus, and I knew that what He wrote was true. It was like it was written in my heart, too, He just helped me remember that I knew it.

The learning process continued, of course. We all know that life is a school, but it began gradually to separate my husband and I mentally and spiritually. I could see it, but had no judgment of where it would go and really did not want to go through another divorce. He eventually transferred to Atlanta and we moved and stayed with my mom until we could decide about a home for ourselves. It was a few months before we left Pittsburgh that I started ‘knowing’ things and having dreams about things to come. I knew we would sell our home in time and then I had a dream about showing the house to a man, woman and young boy. The lady was impressed with the flowers I had planted in our vegetable garden. The next day after work I went out and bought flowers to stick in the ground and sure enough a man, woman and young boy bought the home and commented on the flowers!

In Atlanta, we decided to build a log home on the other side of the city near his work and again I ‘knew’ which lot to buy, what builder to use, and other decisions. I wondered at this knowing, thought maybe I was growing in my spirituality, but mostly just enjoyed ‘knowing.’ Do not we, as humans, live in such doubt that having this ‘knowing’ is such a relief and joy?

We ordered the log home kit and were there when it was delivered and learned at that time that the logs and building supplies such as windows, doors, roofing, etc. would not be covered by insurance until the house was put together. We made the decision for each of us to take turns staying out on the land with the pieces of our home until it was built. I stayed during the week and my husband during the weekend. My mother agreed to watch our son during the week.

For a whole month I enjoyed sleeping in the back of our covered pick-up truck, with a cat which had taken up residence, a few essentials of cleanliness, a .22 rifle and a shotgun, both loaded, and a whole front seat of books. It was a great sabbatical. During the day while the five carpenters built, I got to be a great nuisance and then at night I was able to read my books, play with the cat who taught me all about telepathy, and just enjoy the nature that was all around. I enjoyed dancing through the pines, showers in the rain, and emptying my head of a lot of garbage.

The carpenters were a motley bunch but I came to love them all. What a great job to work in the out-of-doors (at least in September in the South), under the blue sky closed in by tall pines. Each day they came to work with a song on their breath and they would each sing a different one all at the same time. They were not much into reading the instructions on how to build the log home, so I made it my job to educate them. Being as we were paying for all this, I held my ground as lightly as I could, and they finally acquiesced and at the end I earned their friendship and respect and was given the name, ‘the meanest-damn white woman I ever met.’ I met the kitchen man, the electrician, the plumbers, the dry-wallers, and other assorted finishers and while having my noon meal at a great little restaurant with real home-cooked food, I met the bankers, shop owners, and others in the town. After the last shingle was nailed to the roof, I sadly left my sabbatical. The builder finished the home and we moved in the following January.

The sabbatical separated further my husband and I, but I stayed because of our son and took it upon myself as queen of the castle to decorate the home. I enjoyed the sewing and the creating and the making of the house into a home but it also left me feeling empty. One night while in despair, I cried to God that this could not be all there is to life. For the third time I asked of God. I asked to help Him.

The next morning I ‘knew’ things had changed. I ‘knew’ what to do. I began writing a column for the town’s newspaper and called it “Another Perspective.” They printed it. They printed half a dozen that I wrote that spring. I also wrote a paper about the founding of our nation, documented it, and thought perhaps I would use it as I signed up to substitute teach at the local schools. I had no idea where all this was going. I just trusted in the ‘knowing.’ I involved myself in helping the county’s poor get a law changed. The county commissioners had just passed a law that a mobile home could only be moved into a mobile home park. There were people who lived in that county for ages, owned property that had been handed down, and this law made it impossible for their children or even themselves to put a mobile home on their land, even if they had a hundred acres and could hide it.

While I was pursuing this process I began to know that there was a lot more under the surface and it did not feel good. Gradually, I was let in on it. It was at this time I began to name the ‘knowing.’ I called it an Angel Help from above. I knew this information was not coming from some spiritual advancement I had made. I had asked to help.

The first undercurrent I felt was that the county I was in was big on the sale of illegal drugs. I began to ‘know’ the good guys from the bad guys. I began to ‘know’ what to say to whom. Most, not all, of the men that helped build and finish the log home were good guys. I went to them, told them about the drugs in the county and that something needed to be done because children were getting hurt. Most were scared, said they would not and could not be a part of it. They knew drugs were big. They wanted to know how I knew. All I could tell them was that there was a powerful, loving Angel telling me what to tell them.

I dropped in on the mayor of the town who owned a sporting goods store. He wore a white hat, metaphorically speaking. I told him what I knew. He stared at me with his mouth open. After several deep breaths he told me that he had been trying to get the drugs out of the county, would call in the FBI and each time they would only manage to arrest a few street pushers. He could never understand it. When I told him who was involved his mouth dropped open again. You would never think that the local judge, the sheriff, a bank president, lawyers, police chiefs, Chamber of Commerce president, local doctor, high school coach, etc. would be involved in drugs. I told him my phone was tapped and that I knew that his was and that possibly everyone who I had contacted was now tapped as well. As I was standing there another knowingness came over me, another undercurrent, and my knees grew weak. I told him there was satanism, too, possibly the same people. And in both the drug ring and the satanic coven, there were those brought in by blackmail and coercion that would like out. He seemed to get the picture and did not bat an eye when I told him an Angel was giving me this information to give to him. He said he had been praying for help.

I continued to bring information to the good men. The Angel singled out one of the carpenters and I gave him books about sheriffing. I gave away The Golden Reed and other writings by Delamer Duverus. I cannot remember all that I gave, but they would shake their heads and wonder. I actually wondered, too, but since good was happening I trusted in the ‘knowing.’

Eventually the satanists realized something was going on. Everywhere I went, I was watched. They had the same parked pickup trucks at every junction. I would have to go further out to get an untapped phone, which was pretty funny. The Angel was always guiding me and I never felt frightened or threatened.

All along my husband did not really understand what I was doing and did not seem to care or was occluded from knowing. I dreamed he put us, our son and I, on boats or trains but he never followed. We decided or probably I did ultimately, that we needed to go our separate ways. I slept downstairs and he up and he began to date and so did I. I dreamed of a woman holding his hand and them both waving good-bye to me and in that I knew it was okay to go. I had been sort of dating a lineman with the electric company. He was a good guy. He knew about wire taps, but he thought all this stuff I was telling him was crazy. He was the one they called to put in wiretaps! Well, he eventually discovered the truth when he heard his own words repeated by someone else.

About the end of June on a Friday I knew that I would be going and told my husband that it would probably be two weeks. The next Monday I knew it would only be a week, but I did not say anything. I fixed him meals, wrote letters, cleaned house, washed clothes. I did the things I ‘knew’ to do. My husband made plans to be gone all Friday night and my date and I also made plans for that evening. By Friday evening I had all the work done and was prepared for my date, my son and I to have a good time at home. However, he called to cancel, said he was called out to work.

My son and I did our usual things and long about bedtime the Angel would not let me go to bed. He had me open garage doors, turn on lights, play loud music, do this and that. I listened to the night sounds, heard my neighbors down and across the road having a party and watched TV. Two a.m. came and went, 3:00 a.m. did the same. At 3:30 my neighbor’s party broke up and everyone took off in their vehicles screeching down the road. At 4:00 a.m. the Angel finally let me go to bed. I was exhausted.

At 6:00 a.m. He awakened me and it was if I had slept a full, sound night. My son and I loaded the truck and took off for the local diner and ate breakfast. I had been led to fast for a few days and I was hungry. I called one of the good guys on a tapped phone to tell him I was leaving and had some more information for him. He met me, but was a little confused at my leaving. Then I went to my date’s house and left information with him and told him I was leaving and no, I did not know where I was going. We headed west on I-20 and 20 minutes into Alabama the Angel lets me know that they were going to kill me the night prior. The party across the street was for me.

I remembered my neighbor’s place, how desolate and cold it had felt when I had gone down there to ask them to sign a petition. I remembered how they acted toward me. They were satanists. I did not run off the road, I did not thank God or His Angel, I just drove in a stunned silence at being delivered from evil.

We spent the night somewhere and I called my husband to tell him where I was and asked him to call my mom and send her the letter I had written explaining things. The next night we spent in Harrison, Arkansas after an interesting day and early Monday morning I found myself face to face with my husband-to be and Delamer Duverus, the atonga who had written the editorials where I had found so much truth.

My ‘knowingness’ gradually slipped away and rightly so because the man we called Bab who wrote under the name of Delamer Duverus was in contact with the Angel and was actually their atonga or voice on this part of the Earth. Bab was empathetic; he had reached his Destination; he was one with all. He knew us better than we knew ourselves, could heal by mind, teleport, levitate and all the other gifts of the spirit.

I never saw him walk on water, but I suppose if there had been a need he might have. He was constantly under attack by the dark forces and he lived one year more before he died. It was the most intense year of my life and my biggest lesson was that there are two minds on this planet. One is constructive and loving and the other is destructive, controlling, using fear and intimidation as its tactics. The one brings people together and the other divides people. The one offers joy, truth, and understanding and the other makes promises that lead only to a dead end.

In the fall after Bab died, my husband and I were working in the print shop. It was late afternoon and I remember the wet pavement covered in red and orange leaves. A man who owned a small flea market came over, all excited about some news he had heard on the radio. In this town outside Atlanta, the FBI had captured a large drug ring and it was all the important people in town who were involved in it. Again, I stood there in stunned silence, never thanked God, but stood in awe of the miracle that had been wrought.

After Bab died, the Family of families broke up gradually. We had another son by that time and took off and have moved a hundred times since. We returned to live in the Atlanta area, but the satanists knew I had come back, and again God whisked us away to Arkansas where we have stayed. I no longer have a knowing of good guy/bad guy; I know they are there and probably in our governments and high places, but their time will come and I leave them to God.

So, we were on our own and felt the loss of Bab for a while, but Delamer Duverus was still there and from time to time we felt His hands in the events of our lives. My prayer was still to help bring us closer to our Destination and so unbeknownst to me at first He began to feed me information regarding male homosexuality. I had had two male homosexual friends that I enjoyed the company of at different times. They were tortured souls and desperately wanted to be like everyone else. Their confidence and self worth were nil and there did not seem to be an answer to their problem. I felt for them and wondered at their situation, why it came to be and how.

Looking back, I realized that Bab knew what was going to happen because before he died he pulled me aside and had me look up one word in the dictionary – cholesterol, and I remember it said it was a solid cyclic alcohol used to produce testosterone. Since then the information has come in every form imaginable: from friends, books, chance encounters, direct impressions, dreams, and some real research and looking on my part, but not much. Raising children, taking care of a home and working, just about fills up a day. But I was inspired to go look for some bit of information from time to time.

The Angel Duverus says there is a cure for homosexuality, but that He will not give it until we clean up our act. In the next chapter we present the information He gave us which shows the path we need to take.

A Treatise on Male Homosexuality
We present this chapter with the intention of sharing the understanding that was given in regard to male homosexuality, how it is created, and how to prevent it. But also to prevent further separation of peoples, a pattern that has emerged across America whenever the subject is brought up for discussion. We need to prevent division amongst ourselves and this information can get us part way there. As we were told, “With all thy getting, get understanding.”

Lesbianism or female homosexuality is not the same as male homosexuality and it is not considered a disease as is male homosexuality. There is nothing two women making love can do to their bodies that alters the health of a future child from those bodies.

Male homosexuality, for the most part, is created through diet. This is not to say that all homosexuality is created this way, because there are processes of mind, from coercion to an overpowering present mindset, but that diet is the greater picture. It is created by factors in the declining American diet, both through deficiencies and through additives. Like Dr. Weston Price in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, we see that a “modern” diet has created all kinds of ills and that homosexuality is just another we can add to the list.

Dr. Weston Price in his journey to uncover the reason why indigenous peoples living as their ancestors had for generations had few cavities and little if any degenerative diseases, found that when members of these groups went into the ‘modern’ societies and ate white flour and sugar, that their health would decline, shown first in dental caries, delinquency, degenerative diseases and eventually as loss of genetic character in offspring. He sites example after example. We would suggest that you secure a copy of this book from the Price-Pottenger Nutritional Foundation 1-800-366-3748. You will never look at food the same way again – nor genetics.

The first factor in creating male homosexuality is a deficiency in choline, a B Vitamin, which leads to a deficiency in lecithin which results in decreased intake of cholesterol from the blood into the body where it can be used to make testosterone in the adrenals and in the Leydig cells in the testes. Research on choline has been minimal to this point and it is only recently that the Food and Nutrition Board is considering establishing a Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for choline and making it known as essential for good health.

Besides requiring choline in the production of testosterone, choline by itself and in conjunction as being a constituent of lecithin, is found to be essential to the health of the body. It aids in fat and cholesterol metabolism and prevents liver diseases such as cirrhosis and fatty degeneration. Choline supports normal cell membrane structure and the transport of fats into the cell. Choline is necessary for the nervous system and has shown beneficial in helping Parkinson patients, which is primarily caused by a lack of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. Choline is also important to reproductive health and in the development of secondary sexual characteristics. Lack of choline is also implicated in high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and hemorrhaging kidneys.

Sources of choline are high-fat, high-cholesterol foods such as egg yolks, lecithin, organ meats, meats, milk and peanuts. Whole grains are a poorer source, but important with the amount of carbohydrates we as Americans ingest. However, white flour products where the germ has been removed are not re-enriched with choline thus leaving it out of our breadstuffs. Taking an egg a day out of the diet reduces choline intake by a third. Organ meats are not usual items on the American table and milk, pasteurized and homogenized, is devoid of choline.

The need for choline rises with the increased consumption of sugar, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco as it is needed to metabolize these substances in the body. Sugar is the biggest culprit and our sugar consumption as a nation is incredibly high and out of proportion. These refined carbohydrates, sugar and white flour, are, in essence, non-foods, taking much more out of the body in the term of nutrients, than what they give the body.

Not necessarily pertaining to homosexuality, but important to bearing witness to the necessity of choline, the lack of choline creates a craving in the body for the alcohol it is and the body will substitute its needs with desires. This leads to alcoholism and drug addiction which the body thinks is supplying the alcohol it needs to jump the gap in the nerve cells as acetylcholine. Choline and its relationship to testosterone also helps us maintain our immunities.

Choline is a vital part of lecithin, a wax-like substance which brings cholesterol from the blood into the body. Lecithin is mainly composed of choline and inositol (another B vitamin), fat, essential unsaturated fatty acids and a co-enzyme containing B6 and magnesium. Lecithin is found in every cell of the body and especially in the kidneys, brain and endocrine glands. It makes up 28% of our brain matter. The body manufactures lecithin in the liver when all of the above are available, but lecithin occurs naturally in egg yolk, soybeans, liver and corn. Dr. Francis Pottenger used lecithin in a paste form to help patients having problems in sexual development. It has been found that lecithin restores normal structure and movement to abnormal sperm cells and nearly doubled the ability of sperm to enter and fertilize eggs. There has been many an article on the declining sperm count. Lecithin also has the ability to break up cholesterol inside arteries, thus preventing atheroscleroses.

Essential fatty acids are also a necessary ingredient in lecithin and these are named essential because they cannot be made in the body and must be acquired through natural lard and meat fat, fish and fish oils, natural and unrefined vegetable oils. Fatty acids are chains with open links that combine with other substances to be transported throughout the body. The lack of essential fatty acids cause the body to hold excess water, and the hair and skin to become dry. Sterility, growth problems and even death can occur from deficiencies. EFA’s are destroyed by hydrogenation.

Margarine, vegetable and pork lards sold in the grocery store have been hydrogenated to extend their shelf life. Hydrogenation is a process whereby hydrogen is added to the open essential fatty acid chains, thus filling up the chain, saturating it, even more so than saturated fats of meats.

The body cannot use the hydrogenated fats and just stores them. Neither can the body use oils that have been expressed at high heat for the same reason. Cold-pressed or expeller expressed at low levels of heat are best. Hydrogenated oils are in almost all processed foods. I can remember in an old movie where one child asked another where he got his oil. The other child shrugged his shoulders. How do you keep your health without it? asked the first again. Have we lost the knowledge of the importance of oil in the diet? Fresh oil? Which oils are best for the body? What fats are important? It has been shown that refined vegetable oils, the polyunsaturates, cause more health problems than the saturated fats we eat.

It is also beneficial to look at cholesterol, this “demon” of the food world. We see “no fat” and “no cholesterol” on just about every packaged, processed food. We must ask ourselves – why? Since cholesterol/fats are found in every cell of the body.

From basic research one can easily see that cholesterol is a solid cyclic alcohol needed to form the raw materials, the steroids, from which the sex, adrenal and other hormones are made. Cholesterol is needed to produce bile salts which are needed for the digestion of fats, and likewise cholesterol in adrenal hormones also breakdown and mobilize fatty acids. Cholesterol is found in most body tissues, especially in the brain, nerves, liver and blood. Cholesterol is needed as a receptor for serotonin in the brain. It is also an anti-oxidant and heals tissues. Cholesterol can be made in the liver, but we get the majority through meats. Cholesterol is unusable until lecithin brings it through the blood vessel walls, into the body, where it can be utilized.

Cholesterol levels in prepuberty males and females are basically the same. However, at puberty cholesterol levels in males drop substantially. Cholesterol is needed in the production of testosterone and this is made in the adrenals and Leydig cells. A male child not receiving the cholesterol needed could be putting his development in jeopardy as it has been shown that a lack of testosterone will retard development of the sexual organs. But the need does not stop with puberty. All adult males need cholesterol for the production of testosterone.

Dietary practices can limit cholesterol uptake. First, consider the trend to get rid of cholesterol in diets. It is a bandwagon and many people get on it blindly. Even if you do not follow it, the food industry practices it because of its ‘created’ popularity and most people are brought into it by virtue that they have to eat to live. Second, the practice of adding water to meats will leech out the healthful fats and cholesterol during cooking. Third, what does pasteurization and homogenization of milk and the reduction of fats in milk to 2%, 1% and no-fat milk do to the uptake of cholesterol? Is the cholesterol in homogenized milk even usable to the body?

Research shows that pasteurized and homogenized fats in milk are no longer able to make a soap which breaks down the calcium in the milk which makes the calcium more usable to the body. Does this mean the cholesterol is not usable as well? (Is that why they call it ‘homo’ milk?) Dr. Francis Pottenger’s experiment using cats, one group eating raw milk and raw meat and one group eating pasteurized milk and cooked meats, indicated that the group using pasteurized milk had a certain amount of role reversal, ill health and eventually death of that genetic line. Excessive male-to-male coupling was indicated in his observations. Fourth, what does irradiation and pasteurization of our meats do to the fats? Has this been considered in the research being done to safeguard our foods?

What does canning fish such as tuna and salmon at such high temperatures do to the healthful fats and oils in the fish?

The presence of estrogen and synthetic estrogen-like hormones in our meats and in our environment is the most determinant factor. Estrogen implants for cattle are being used and these encourage the animal to gain more weight per food consumed, saving the rancher money. Europe will not accept our meats because of the hormones. What do they know that we do not? The poultry industries are prohibited from using estrogens as growth stimulants though they once did. There is a lawsuit we are attempting to locate which mink ranchers filed against the Department of Agriculture. On the suggestion of the Department, mink ranchers fed their mink the entrails of chickens fed stilbestrol, a synthetic estrogen used as a growth hormone.

The mink did not reproduce that year and the ranchers sued the Department for their losses. It was suggested that the males became homosexual and would not reproduce. One reference stated that the females became sterile. This was all back in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The Delaney Committee was formed, headed by James J. Delaney, a Senator from New York, and they found that stilbestrol was not destroyed by cooking and that marketed poultry had high levels of it. The committee was also concerned about cancer causing factors of stilbestrol and other substances such as pesticides. The end result was that the use of estrogen and synthetic estrogen-like hormones were prohibited by the FDA in poultry meat production.

We live in a large poultry and egg producing area. My husband’s co-worker, a man, was gaining weight rather fast and developing breasts. He went to a local doctor. The doctor asked him if he ate chicken. He said, “yes.: His wife works for a local chicken company and is always bringing it home. The doctor said, eating a local chicken is like taking an estrogen pill! What exactly are we doing with our poultry? Is it totally genetics that allows fryers to get to full weight in just six weeks rather than a normal thirteen weeks? Part of that reduction is selective breeding, but not all.

A man I met stated that it was the marbled beef, fattened with the aid of estrogen-like hormones, that was fed to men in the armed forces during the Korean War which was responsible for the increasing number of homosexuals appearing at that time and after. Could this be achieved with the beef and chicken they sell in the stores today?

What other substances have estrogenic effects?

Xenoestrogens which are introduced from pesticides, drugs, fuels and plastics are as widespread now as DDT was 35 years ago and DDT was known to be estrogenic to man and animals in 1968. One man developed breasts after breathing plastic dust, a xenoestrogenic compound. Estrogens are also linked to falling sperm count which makes sense as an isomer of DDT has been shown to inhibit production of testosterone in the Leydig cells.

Stilbestrol is being used today for feminization of males who want to change genders by developing breasts. Estrone and stilbestrol have been used successfully to create role reversal in fish. Soy isoflavones, another estrogenic compound, are endocrine disrupters and have been shown to affect fertility. Even bisphenol [found in all plastic bottles] which is leached from can linings has an estrogenic effect. Feminization of male animals has been discovered near areas where the water supply contains high concentrations of xenoestrogens. This is exhibited in fish, amphibians, reptiles and even birds who live off these animals. Even mercury, lead and cadmium, all heavy metals, have estrogenic effect on the body.

The list of chemicals having estrogenic effects are staggering: pesticides, herbicides, ordinary household chemicals. It has also been shown that when xenoestrogens combine their potency increases. There is even research that indicates these estrogen-like compounds, endocrine disrupters, cause cancer and may alter the replication of the DNA in cells.

DES, which is diethylstilbestrol, and estradiol have been shown to inhibit mitosis or cell division. When estrogens supercede normal testosterone levels in males and females, immunity is also impaired.

This is a serious pollution problem.

We chanced to meet an older gentleman, a retired biochemist who worked for a pet food company in New York. He knew all about the effects of stilbestrol on mink but unfortunately could not recall the court case we want to find. He acknowledged the possibility of homosexuality happening to humans as it did to the mink if we got enough of the hormones, he had just never thought about it that way.

The presence of fluoride in our water systems is also being shown to lower birth rates, sperm and testosterone levels. In tests with animals fluoride toxicity decreased fertility, increased abnormalities in young and decreased testosterone concentrations in males.

In rabbits, spermatogenic cells were “disrupted, degenerated and devoid of spermatozoa.”

Fluoride affects the central nervous system and can lead to hyperactivity, learning disabilities, skeletal fluorosis, mottled teeth, even impairment of memory. What exact path the fluoride takes to achieve all this is not yet known. Fluoride is a halogen like chlorine, bromine and iodine. Fluoride will displace chlorine, bromine and iodine in a compound, chlorine will do the same to bromine and iodine and bromine will do this to iodine. That is why fluoride will displace hydrochloric acid and become hydrofluoric acid in our stomach and mouth. Hydrofluoric acid is used to etch glass. Guess what it could do to your teeth?

The process of creating male homosexualism is this:
The body is inhibited from producing testosterone through the lack of choline, lecithin, essential fatty acids, and cholesterol. By whatever vehicle, which has not been discovered as yet, fluoride also decreases testosterone levels. Estrogen, estrogenic compounds appear and overwhelm the testosterone which is already at low levels and the male now has a change in sexual preference. His preference is for other males.

All these above mentioned factors are secondary to the creation of male homosexuality, however, in the fact that the body can be replenished, nourished with the proper nutrients and returned to maleness if the male does not engage in any same-sex couplings.

After that it is more difficult. Here’s why:

When a male and female come together in heterosexual union, the male’s positive charged orgasm is grounded in the female. When two males come together, one male’s positive charged orgasm has nowhere to go. It travels back up the spine and fries or alters the memory in the brain, perhaps the areas mentioned in Simon LeVay’s research, though many discount it. He noticed that an area in the hypothalamus was different in homosexual men than in a heterosexual men. The area in homosexual men was very similar to women. This also sets up a lymph infection which is what gives homosexual men a distinctive smell. At this time, it locks men into a homosexual preference. Their testosterone levels may again rise because of diet, but their preference has been set. This is why all attempts by psychologists and their therapies to turn homosexuals back to heterosexuals do not work.

We feel, but have no proof as yet, of a relationship between the pineal gland, hypothalamus and the memory of which the sperm carries when ejaculated. The pineal gland is the “seat of the soul” or the “I am” or basic consciousness and carries the memory of being human. With each orgasm, part of that memory is given to the sperm upon ejaculation. The impulse or bioelectric activity must come through the hypothalamus and if this area is altered and it cannot find another pathway, perhaps the memory is distorted and is passed in its distorted state to the sperm, altering the genetics. If so, could this be the cause of Klinefelter’s and Turner’s syndromes which exhibit sterility and the reason homosexuality was punishable by death in the Bible. This would lead to destruction of the race. Homosexualism was considered giving one’s seed to the god Moloch, the god of child sacrifice. The “fire” the Bible speaks about is not an actual fire on an altar, but the orgasm, in which the life of the child is sacrificed, a dead end street.

These forms of dysgenesis do not paint a happy future for these children affected by them. Turner Syndrome affects girls; a missing X chromosome manifests in symptoms such as short stature, webbed neck, absence of menstruation and retarded development of secondary sexual characteristics. There can be various abnormalities in facial features, size of arms, low posterior hairline, the list goes on. Klinefelter Syndrome affects male children, giving them XXY chromosomes. Symptoms can be breast enlargement, language impairment, lack of facial hair, infertility caused by undersized testes and inability to produce sperm. How sad this happens.

Besides the light research discussed above, there were many chance encounters and a dream which gave food for thought about the creation of homosexuality. About eleven years ago, I was baby-sitting other children and one of the mothers came in to talk; she was in great distress. Her husband had gone into weight lifting. He had decided to cut out all the fats and cholesterol [testosterone] from his diet. He ate lean beef but mostly skinned chicken. She said it was not long before he seemed to lose his thinking ability. They never made love anymore and he just was not half the man she had married. What really bothered her was he had a new set of friends and she did not like the looks of them, she thought they were homosexuals.

I was given a dream which I call “Chicken Cacheology.” In the dream I visited this new building and an excited man came up to tell me about “chicken cacheology.” He handed me a paper titled the same and under a long column of figures it totaled to $23.75 an egg! My first impression was that I was not going to be eating eggs in the near future and then I felt horror. This man and the others at the table had no idea what they were doing. Another man stepped into the room. I knew he knew and the feeling was that of genetic engineering and not for the constructive use toward humanity. Upon rising, I looked up cacheology and though I did not find it, I did find these, mostly on the same page!

Cachectic – affected by cachexia

Cachexia – general physical wasting and malnutrition usually associated with chronic disease.

Cacodyl – an arsenical radical whose compounds have a vile smell and are usually poisonous. (Poultry farmers use arsenic. A dentist found that whatever arsenic the chicken cannot get rid of is stored in the less used portion of the chicken’s body, the wing. He came down with arsenic poisoning after eating a mess of them. Does arsenic have an estrogenic effect on the body?)

Cacodylic acid – a toxic crystalline compound of arsenic used especially as an herbicide.

Cacoethes – an insatiable desire – mania

Cacogenesis – racial deterioration especially when due to the retention of inferior breeding stock

Cacogenics – dysgenics, cacogenics

Dysgenics – the study of racial degeneration

Dysgenic – detrimental to the hereditary qualities of a stock, biologically defective or deficient

Dysgenesis – defective development especially of the gonads as in Klinefelter’s syndrome or Turner’s syndrome

What kind of research could they be doing that would affect our genetic character? I have been a little frightened to find out. Is someone trying to intentionally undermine us through the food they feed us, in this case the eggs? Just about everyone eats eggs. What is the nutritional difference between battery laid eggs versus those that get to scratch around for bugs and a normal diet for a chicken? What are they doing with genetic manipulation of chicken egg embryos? Several sites noted a lowering of cholesterol content besides using them for therapeutic reasons.

While in Atlanta on vacation in the summer of 1998, I chanced upon an open talk show called “Talk Back” at CNN’s offices where I was invited to join, there being two seats left. I was just a tourist. The topic was “Homosexuality, Sin or Not?” It was an emotional show and issue and I could see clearly that there was no coming together in compromise and all attempts to interject with my information failed. I came to realize later that it was not important at that time to expose any truth about the matter, but rather to see and understand how they could divide us using homosexuality as an irresolvable issue. We cannot let that happen. We need to heal this nation by healing our people.

There has to be answers regarding homosexuality because God would not allow us a problem if there were not a solution to solve it. The trick is that we just have to be willing to come together in love, overcome our prejudices and fears and ignore those who choose to separate us through our differences. This does not mean to give in to homosexuality and homosexual unions and homosexuals in scouting and other organizations where young men gather, but to enlighten others that it is a created situation. We need to research, change our diets, change our subservience to big business which destroys our foods for profit and most of all refuse to let anyone divide us amongst ourselves. Then perhaps God will grant us a cure.

Homosexuals are victims of a conspiracy to destroy us as a nation. If you can destroy the men who head the family, you destroy the family unit and with that you can destroy a people and a nation. We cannot let this happen.

Genetics 101
I have no idea why everything, including genetics is made so complicated. Scientists are going through a great deal of trouble mapping out our DNA, the DNA of animals, the DNA of everything. It was like they want God’s job without having the Reason of things. It is actually very scary. If a species can create something as horrible as the atomic bomb, is it not possible they could create monstrous abominations with genetics? I can certainly see how it can be used against us.

Drs. Weston Price and Francis Pottenger discovered quite a bit about genetics in their research. They found that when a body, either human or animal, received a diet complete with all the nutrients their bodies needed that that body stayed healthy, had no degenerative diseases, had few, if any, dental cavities, had wide dental arches with no orthodontic deformities, wide nostrils, and pelvis’ that easily gave birth. Deficient diets do not provide this. Dr. Pottenger’s 10 year experiment with cats even showed that a poor diet spanning three of four generations gradually diminished in quality and quantity and eventually caused extinction of the line.

Why do we not know this? Why are we not being told? What are the culprits in the food world that lead us down a path that dead ends?

Basically, it is the non-foods, the foods that take more from us to digest them than what they give. It is white flour (which loses 40-60% of the nutrition of a whole wheat berry), white sugar, pasteurized and homogenized milks, hydrogenated fats and oils, water injected meats, processed foods of all types that have these ingredients. It is also additives that go into our foods, colorings, preservatives, estrogens, and pesticides and herbicides that get on or in our food in the growing or raising process. It is also mineral depleted soils that deplete our foods of trace minerals. The way we cook and prepare foods is also important.

We have to return to a diet that is whole, as chemical free as possible, and prepared as nutritionally as possible. It is your children who will be having children and we will be leaving them a lousy inheritance if we continue to feed them processed cereals and allow them to drink sodas on demand. Sugar is addicting and the average consumption by each American is 151 lbs. a year. Besides taking more from the body to digest them than they give, excess sugar creates the wrong kind of alcohol in the body. The alcohol from sugar can block the function of the hypothalamus, and that means you get cut off from God. You would certainly confuse all the messages that had to get to your body for the hypothalamus regulates many body functions. Sugar also depletes our supply of choline and the lack of choline leads not only to homosexuality, but to alcohol and drug addiction and the loss of immunity. I had the opportunity to talk to young adults coming down off of drugs only to find that most of them had the basic junk food diets. Their bodies did not have the choline necessary to produce the alcohol acetylcholine which jumps the gap in the nerve cells. Their craving for this alcohol leads them to satisfy the craving with alcoholic beverages and drugs.

Sugar affects T-cells which protect us against viruses, temporarily impairs B-cells which produce antibodies, and white blood cells which protect us from bacteria. Sugar feeds the destructive yeast in the digestive system which destroys our first line of defense and creates an acidic environment and sets our bodies up for illness.

The soft drink industry is a bane on the health of this nation in a rather large way. Not only is it full of sugar or corn syrup which is just another type of sugar, but many contain caffeine which is addictive and gives a temporary lift as a stimulant and phosphoric acid which upsets the calcium-phosphorus ratio causing loss of bone. This leads to osteoporosis. Think about soda companies vying for a spot in your children’s high school in exchange for a million dollars for that school. We are selling our children down the road to ill health, and for what — sports programs!

It is important to take a look at these things and see why these products are even available. If they do not feed the body, and if they actually destroy our health, then why are they being sold? Just for a profit? Are we not worthy of so much more? Our children depend on us to do the best for them, are they not worthy? These are questions we are going to have to face if we are going to heal our people.

Another worthy book to have on our shelves is Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions. It is a cookbook, but it is also a textbook on nutrition and may be purchased from Price-Pottenger as well. Being able to project teleologically, Bab said that Noah was a geneticist and that God told him to find a place of refuge because He was going to cleanse the Earth. Apparently at that time, we were again playing with genetics, possibly having come to the same point as we in our entelechy, and the scientists were playing god and creating abominations.

The Centaurs, which are half horse and half human, the Minotars and other assorted creatures out of mythology were actually being created and that it was wrong. These creatures had no memory, which is given by God. He explained that the development of the human embryo before it became a foetus could be arrested and that we could produce every mammal on the face of the earth. This would make sense in light of the fact that science has managed to cross species. The female ovum if taken from the womb will accept the sperm of any other mammal. It is her body that protects the ovum and can reject any sperm that is not healthy or does not serve life. It seems warning enough to me that our so-called scientists have already discovered these truths and that we should shut down all of this kind of research.

These abominations transgressed the Law of God, the Commandment, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” This commandment has nothing to do with marital infidelity which is reflected in the “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife …“ Adultery is the “blending of any two elements that tend to weaken each other, or pervert each other by creating of themselves an inferior substance.” Anything that alters the genetic structure of any organism artificially is wrong. God did not make anything without Reason and to change His creations is a crime. This is tampering with the Tree of Life and before the commandments, we were told that we were not to partake of this tree. Angel Duverus tells us that we do not know what we are doing. He says it has to stop, even for therapeutic reasons such as making insulin and xenotransplantation. They are now doing this with pigs, genetically engineering them to grow human organs for transplanting. STOP IT NOW!

This commandment extends to male homosexuality and to the integration of races. This in delineated further in writings by Delamer Duverus.

This is also happening in the plant kingdom. Delta and Pine Land Company, which is now owned by Monsanto, has created through genetic engineering and is patenting what is called “terminator seeds.” This biotechnology produces seeds that grow into plants, but the seeds from these plant will not germinate, they will have been genetically disabled. We have to ask why and does this serve the highest good of all? Does this serve the people and the planet? Why does Monsanto pursue this path? Farmers will not be able to save seeds for the next season’s planting. They will have to buy new seeds again next year. It is obvious this does not benefit them. Does the sterility cross-pollinate somehow and render crops in nearby fields with sterile seeds, also? Monsanto only wants to gain market control and protect its profits. Are we again supporting a technology that defines gains only in terms of money?

Other genetically altered crops are Roundup Ready Soybeans and BT corn as well as milk produced through the use of rBGH [recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone] in cows. What does the alteration of the proteins in the genetic engineering do to toxicity and indigestibility? Have these products been tested carefully?

What really makes me smile in regard to all this genetic research are all these genes the scientists are suppose to be finding, fat genes, cancer genes, diabetes genes as well as the other genes for physical traits. This is another mistake. Genes are memory patterns, “a single unit upon which is imprinted a part of the plan for the body in which it exists.” That pattern can be changed. All we need do is change our memory.

In Mexico two pregnant women came to their church every day to pray fervently to the Madonna holding a baby Jesus in her arms. However, this Jesus had his heart outside his body, I suppose a depiction of His love, I am not familiar with Catholic beliefs. It was written that these two women who prayed to this statue had babies born with hearts outside of their bodies. Memory. They changed the memory for their babies. How powerful we are! What creators! We do not need geneticists to create abominations for us. I have heard the same genetic mutation happen to sled dogs. The lead dog had no tail. The female dogs trailing the lead dog had puppies without tails. A product of memory.

How was the lamb made spotted in the Bible? Why did the Greek send their pregnant women to a place made as perfect and as beautiful and as harmonious as possible? They wanted perfect children.

What are your eyes seeing? What are your children’s eyes seeing on television, in the movies? Mutant creatures both human and animal? A thousand deaths and killing? People deceiving each other? War, hatred, destruction of all manner? Sickness and the need for medicines? With what are they playing? Are they mutants, ugly creatures? Are we encouraging acceptance of same by letting them play with them?

Let us create a healthier world. Build and rebuild according to a more perfect memory. Give yourself and your children good memories and good wholesome food. Genetics is really very simple.

On Healing
In my life, healing has taken many forms and many directions. I have found validity in a variety of disciplines from Iridology to allopathic medicine to emotional clearing, and have healed myself empathetically, by forgiveness and thankfulness, by changing my way of thinking and my memory, and by prayer. Others have helped me with herbs, the laying on of hands, Chiropractic and other alternative healing methods. I relate healing to perfecting our patterns by improving our memories. Disharmonies or contradictions we find within ourselves and our psyches indicate that we need to understand and heal something about ourselves. However, I have also learned that there are physical reasons for ill health, such as diet, poisons such as DDT, mercury, etc. and not everything can be healed on the spiritual or emotional level.

Our basic goal is reaching Harmony through Balanced Opposition which is explained in The Golden Reed. Harmony is defined as “a state of peaceful existence resulting from balanced opposition.” Opposition is what supports life, what gives it strength. If we could imagine an Earth without humanity and their abusive ways, the Earth would be an example of Harmony through Balanced Opposition.

Life supporting Life, with everything that is, whether it be animal, vegetable or mineral, having reason to be and supporting or being in opposition to other life to give it strength. An easy example would be the balance between prey and predator whereby the predator keeps the numbers of the prey in check, and when the numbers of prey get low, the predators are kept in check. Another example is the balance between trees and animals. Trees use our carbon dioxide and we use the oxygen they produce.

Humanity, however, disturbs this balance, which is the Law of God, and through its contradictions, creates imbalances both within their own bodies as well as in the larger bodies such as families, communities, nations and planets. This is done through fear, hate, shame, greed, lust, guilt and prejudice. In essence, our healing must come from correcting these contradictions, both within our own bodies and minds, through mental, emotional or physical vehicles, and on this earth as we live closer to the Laws of God and the first commandment, “Keep and Dress the Earth.”

Teleology is the understanding and knowing that God has a Divine plan and that everything is headed for that Divine Destination. The Destination is empathy, when our minds will come together in Oneness with our God as it was in the beginning. A teleologist’s strength comes from his resolution to seek truth and understanding and not to rely on beliefs. We must admit that we know, or that we do not know. We must follow the advice of Immanuel the Christ, to keep our own council, and to let no man take our crown (or mind) and use it against us.

We must seek out nature and study her ways and be wise. Animals are here to help us through this sojourn and Nature teaches us in many ways and guides us in our paths of healing and understanding.

Many years ago we owned a home with many, many large oaks on the property. They were beautiful. I loved them and told them that if they needed anything to let me know. One fall day I went out to rake the zillions of leaves in the yard. With rake in hand I began the awesome task when the still, small voice said, “That’s our food for the next years.” I never raked those leaves, and avoid it as much as I can now. Trees are so important to us. They provide us the opposition that we need to live on this planet. Why are we cutting down such precious beings?

The animals talk to us and warn us, too. If you ever kill an animal accidentally, remember what you were thinking about when you killed it. That thought or plan of action will not be good for you to pursue. As an example, we had made plans to move onto some property that belonged to an old guy we knew. It was next door to dear friends and we were so looking forward to it. I had been out working on a garden and fixing up a few things before we moved, and the old guy came around and basically had a complete change of mind about us moving there. At that time I could not see the wisdom in all this and I was mad and disappointed. I packed my truck up in tears and started back home. I was thinking horrible thoughts about him. Birds kept dive bombing the truck. I really tried hard to accept it, but finally the worst in me broke through and I cursed him. I hit a bird and killed it. I knew right then I was in trouble. It had already been said, but I did my best to undo what I had done.

The animals will warn you before they sacrifice themselves to help you. Several times I had been cooking in the kitchen thinking about a course of action when birds came to the window and tapped it with their beak and then flew away. Let them help you, too. They want to do that for you. It is their function to help us reach our Destination in harmony.

Working through fear, hate, shame, greed, lust, guilt and prejudice is one way to work toward harmony, and getting our needs met is another. Everyone needs love, sustenance, rest, procreation, acceptance and as humans we need contribution. These are delineated in The Golden Reed and everyone needs them and as we give them, so do we receive. If they are not met in individuals, then the needs are replaced with desires which can never be met and the individual lives in disharmony and contradiction.

Other healings have come from a variety of disciplines and I would like to share them, because healing this nation means healing ourselves. “Physician, Heal Thyself.” Luke 4:23. Through empathy with my body, I was able to heal overnight a bruise on the top of my foot caused by a 2 x 4, leaving me practically unable to walk. I had big plans the next day which was inspiration enough that before bed I put myself in an alpha state and imagined the red blood cells and other necessary “workers” clearing away the bruise and pain. I imagined it well. In the morning there was no sign of a bruise and I walked normally. This was empathy.

Be careful using empathy. Make sure you understand your body and how it works, for I put my husband in the hospital because we imagined white blood cells going to a site in his body, which they did, and for which they hospitalized him because his white blood cell count was too high.

Although I do not adhere to Dianetics because of its use of light hypnosis and questionable ethics of the Scientology group, we had friends who used this method to clear engrams or emotions stuck in the body, and we decided to try it on ourselves. As a child I had grown up rocking back and forth in my bed every night to put myself to sleep to my parent’s consternation. Years later I was told it was due to a fall on my head which hurt my neck, but no one ever related the two events. My father would become violent to stop me, but I could not and it was a sore spot between us. The rocking stopped as I matured, it’s a little embarrassing to explain to a spouse, but my neck was always in pain. Working with Dianetics I was able to relate all this, but instead of healing my neck it just torqued my atlas against my axis and two different chiropractors could not relieve it. The third evening in pain and though tears, I forgave my father, my mother and myself and went to bed. In the morning, I was well and never had any more neck problems. Neck pain does return when I am being stubborn and then I realize what is going on and examine my thinking. See, our bodies tell us what is wrong.

Forgiveness is a great tool in healing. Just ask God to bring up all the people and situations in your life that you need to forgive in your mind’s eye and once you do, you will feel much better as you forgive and forget.

Memory is important in healing, also. I had a pinch in my colon which was causing discomfort. Asking God what to do, I got the idea, or He gave it to me, to study a picture of a healthy colon. This I did for six months and the pain stopped.

A dentist/chiropractor laid his hands on my five month pregnant abdomen to move my uterus. It relieved my urinary tract, and my third delivery was easier.

Do you have thoughts and scenarios that run through your mind again and again? Then, Stop them. Look at them. Face them and Solve them. They are contradictions that need to be healed. Besides rocking, I use to lay on my stomach and kick the bed while asleep. My mate would wake me or the downstairs neighbors, because I did not know I was doing this. As I watched my dreams when I awoke from kicking, I noticed that I was running away from something- Myself! When you identify it and solve it, it is gone. And then we find ourselves closer to harmony. I never kicked again.

Some illnesses are caused by our environment and in the case of mercury, removing amalgams from my teeth made quite a difference in my health, especially my allergies. Hal Huggins’ book, It’s All In Your Head says it all about this contradictory practice of putting silver amalgams which are 30-50% mercury into our mouths. Mercury is a poison. There are other alternatives.

A week after a hysterectomy for fibroids in the uterus I found myself still groggy from the chemicals and anesthesia from surgery. Before bed one night the still, small voice told me to drink 3 glasses of water and go to bed. I thought I would be up all night using the toilet, but when I awoke at 11:00 p.m., I urinated only a little and was told to drink another glass of water. I sweated profusely the remainder of the night and in the morning my head was clear.
Like the healing above, the next few healings have come at the Hand of God and have shown me His glory and His love for us. It is available to all who seek Him through understanding.

Between my first and second marriage I become intimate with a man I liked. I contacted genital herpes from him which put me in bed for two weeks with excruciating pain in my legs. I asked him if he knew he had it and he told me, “Yes, but I am not going to stop living because of it.” I was devastated that he would treat others this way, without responsibility, because with herpes you do know when it is active.

I let my second husband know I had it before we became intimate and he never manifested the disease. We found a woman’s doctor who was studying it and looking for a cure and he helped me deliver naturally without passing it on to our child. As I was unpacking our belongings in the log cabin, I began to think about the seven years that I had had the disease and how far I had come spiritually because of my suffering over the disease. I realized how thankful I was for having contacted herpes for how far it had brought me, and although a cure would be great, I told God I would keep it if I could keep growing toward Him. I never manifested the disease again.

This is a story of another healing. After I had come to live with the Duverus Family of families, I asked Bab one day why I had spent my youth watching life go by, not really participating in it fully, emotionally. He shrugged as he stepped into the truck, and said you just resigned yourself to observing. That was all he said.

About three and a half months after I wrote “The Healing of the Nation,” which was at the end of March of 2001, Duverus began working with me in a very different way. He led me to eat very little and to sleep very little, getting me up and keeping me awake each night when I would fall asleep. He put me through what I call scenarios. They were like virtual reality situations, where I had to deal with situations and conflicts that had no resolutions or were contradictory to what I knew to be true. It was so confusing. It was all in my mind and yet they were so real. The scenarios changed quite rapidly; I’d just barely finish one and another would start and I am not really sure I resolved any of them.

On the fourth day, I was fairly out of it mentally, wanting to sleep so badly, but could not because He would not let me. I kept having to deal with all these situations which were intense. On the fourth day my husband thought maybe I was under attack and he decided to drive to a nearby city, which we did. I was in the front seat going through a scenario all the way up there. On the way back I had to get in the back seat and lay down on the floor boards squeezed between the seats waiting for the Angel Enolai to come into my body; she was so big it was the only way she would fit without bursting me open. It was just a scenario. Some of them were funny. While I was going through this, Duverus slipped in the information that while my father was hurting me at the age of two he told me, “You’re so ugly, Little One, no one could love you.” I lay there stunned on the floor boards for a while, wondering at what was said, and I realized finally that was what had caused me to close down and just watch life go by and not get involved. Although I did not remember the event or how he was hurting me, I knew this is what had caused me to feel ugly all of my life and because of it, not worthy of love. It answered so many questions for me about my life. I am so thankful for the understanding of it.

Our elderly friend of 81 was having seizure after seizure. We thought for sure she was not going to last the night. We were in a prayer circle around her bed, holding hands when this voice in my head, cried, “I got it!” My body jumped as I felt the energy of a healing from God pass around the circle to her. The image was God healed something in her brain. She never again had a seizure.

I thought that severe anemia caused by fibroids in the uterus which were caused by DDT poisoning kept me in a state of chronic bronchiole infection. After a hysterectomy the infection persisted. I decided to tackle the infection, knowing it was a contradiction to the perfection or harmony I was working toward and began to examine it from an emotional point of view. Infections are representative of anger or resentment; sickness in the lungs is associated with grief. What was I grieving about? After some self-examination I realized I was holding resentment and grieving over being separated from God. So, I let it all go. I accepted my separateness as necessary and as His will. The next morning I was healed.

It is important to ask, seek, and knock at the door of God’s understanding. The Golden Reed has many answers to healing, but so do many others. He wants you in harmony, so ask.

And be thankful for our challenges, if we meet them, they only strengthen us.

It was a healing that actually brought about this writing. I had cause to seek help in the medical world of which I had done my best to avoid over the years, and found myself facing surgery. The doctor was kind and I liked him well, but so much of what he said greatly annoyed me. I am sure some of what I said vexed him as well. I hesitated several months over having the surgery thinking there had to be a better way, a more natural alternative way to heal myself. The thought of surgery and losing a body part did not appeal to me, and then there was the cost, but finally after much seeking and soul searching and praying, the still, small voice told me “It’s the best you can do in your culture.” So, it was done and I am ever thankful for the skilled surgeon who has given my life back to me. However, the things he said continued to annoy me and the more I thought about it the more I realized it was my problem, I was the one experiencing the disharmony.

Harmony is unaware of disharmony. I was the one annoyed. After keenly thinking about it for several days, I finally came to the realization that it was not so much what he said that annoyed me, but that we were separated and our minds were not working together. I was stuck in my world and probably he in his, though I do not know that, but the two worlds were not meeting for me. As I followed in my thinking, I realized I had not been fair, allowing his perspective, and I had not shared mine to the best of my ability. Initially for me it was like there had to be two sides and basically a competition.

During this time I was given a dream which really drove home the point. In the dream there were four stout ropes hanging from heaven like four corners of a square. There were two teams and the object of the game was to capture as many ropes as possible and build a house on them, but you could not capture them all. Both sides had to play. I was on one team and we captured three ropes and began building our house. The other team had only one rope with which to work. Both teams worked frantically to build a house, but it was not easy and the structures we built were not balanced or solid. The scene changed and we had two ropes each and again the houses were awkward and very unsteady. As we sat there and looked at each other it occurred to us simultaneously that we really did not want to play this game. We began to work together and easily built a sturdy, wooden structure. It was a beautiful pavilion, open on the sides. As darkness came we built a fire in a pit and let it burn brightly as we celebrated. The wind blew the pavilion gently and serenely in the night

Upon waking I realized that this was what we as a people need to do. We need to stop playing satan’s game. We need to take care of our children, our people, our earth and resolve that nothing will separate us, that all problems have a solution, and that we will find them as we seek answers for them together with God.

Nourishing the Physical Body
Nutrition should not be a guessing game. The Golden Reed states, “eat that which is food, and drink that which is liquid.” This was when food was food, and liquids were limited to a few beverages. White flour and sugar were also part of civilization, but most foods were consumed whole, natural and with little cooking. What has happened to our food has been done in the name of profit with little concern for health of the body and it is only now when our nation’s health is suffering so that we see everyone looking for answers. Unfortunately, many look to medical science to patch up symptoms without getting to the cause of our ills.

We should look no further than Dr. Weston Price in his research and through his travels, to discern why native peoples, living as their ancestors have for generations, have few caries and degenerative diseases. This was important to him. As a dentist, every attempt he made to prevent cavities in his patients at that time (1920’s), proved unsuccessful.

What did he find among these native groups? He found them eating whole foods, raw milk and cheeses from raw milk, raw milk butter, fermented dairy and other foods, soups made from bones, whole grain breads and cereals that were allowed to soak to develop the nutrient base, natural oils, lots of raw vegetables and fruit, meats and organ meats raised organically, fish and seafood with plenty of iodine, and clean water rich in minerals. Of the two native groups with the best genetic health, the Hunzas and the Aborigines, one raised animals and grew grains and crops and the other ate off the land a diet which included insects eaten raw.

When members of these societies and many others in which he examined went to live in ‘modern’ societies and ate the white flour, sugar, etc. they developed dental caries, and a host of other problems which carried into the next generation unless the diet was improved.

Our bodies are able to convert nutrients into any nutrients the body needs [see Biological Transmutations], but unnatural chemicals and the processing of our foods cause deficient diets which leave our internal body wisdom at a loss to understand what is happening. We eat more and incorrectly.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of so much that not only depletes the body, but also poisons it. So, what do we do? We learn and we make changes gradually as we can, for good change comes slowly. Working with people to change their diets is extremely difficult, because it is like changing someone’s religion. However, we have to realize that the SAD does not serve us and make those changes to our own diets as we can which is not an easy thing to do when the family budget is limited and cannot afford organic vegetables and meats which have precious prices.

Most people in this world live not as they want to, but as they can. However, the more we learn and the more we demand good food from the farmers and companies that provide us with food, the better off all of us will be, especially our children.

The Angel Duverus has guided us in our food preparation and I would like to share this with you.

For breakfast five mornings of the week, we prepare some sort of egg dish with a fatty meat, we use bacon, the kind cured without sugar. Nitrite free bacon is priced dearly so we bless our food and thank God that at least natural eggs laid by hens that get to scratch around for bugs and such are still available. The sliced bacon is not cooked until crisp, but left somewhat limp and we sauté it first and then scramble the eggs in the fat with the bacon. This is especially important because of the necessity of fat. We observed a man in a psychiatric unit of the hospital having mental clarity problems and were told he needed two medium-rare steaks a week with fat and an extra B-12 to support his brain function in the production of acetylcholine.

We eat whole grain biscuits (made with aluminum free baking powder) and sometimes whole grain bread, but try to avoid yeast-raised breads. In both the homemade biscuits and the whole grain bread, the grains have been soaked overnight and sometimes with the whey from yoghurt as is done in primitive cultures to break down the calcium and other minerals in the grain to a more assimilable form. Other mornings we have soaked whole grain pancakes or soaked whole grain cereals with unsweetened applesauce and if it is a work morning we may add meat to the diet, eating that first. We fortify the pancakes and cereals with nuts, fruits and seeds. Fruit is always available afterwards.

For lunch, the lazy cook in our house resorts to preparing more for dinner the previous night so that all those bringing their lunches with them can carry something nourishing. We do soups and stews fairly regularly and Sally Fallon in her book Nourishing Traditions goes into the making of soups and stocks and to the importance of making and ingesting hydrophilic colloids both in raw foods and in “proteinaceous gelatin in meat broths.” These colloids attract digestive juices making them easier to digest. These stocks are made with meat or fish bones and with the fish the heads can be used. Her book is well worth it and is more than a cookbook as we have said before.

We also eat small portions of meat cooked as rare as possible and lots of vegetables of a wide variety either lightly steamed or raw. The Angel Duverus has us prepare a root vegetable at every meal except breakfast for the minerals that abound in them. White potatoes we usually have less than once a week, but leave the skins on otherwise they are of lesser quality nutrient wise. He also suggests that we have something red, yellow and blue. Meat is considered blue as it is dense, but blue can be a green vegetable, which is yellow and blue. Add a red root vegetable like a beet or a carrot and you have a meal. Always serve vegetables with real butter (cannot get raw butter unless you make it yourself) and sea salt that has kelp added for iodine and these will allow the vitamins in the vegetables to be assimilated. Some salt has aluminum in it and we try to avoid this. We also ferment foods and again Nourishing Traditions can provide information for this process.

Snacking is not as easy, but fresh fruit, leftover pancakes and biscuits with nut butters, cut up vegetables, and mixtures of nuts, seeds, raisins and carob chips occasionally are usually the order of things. Again, leftovers make excellent snacks in our house.

It goes without saying that we should support the organic farmer and rancher. Cattle do not eat grain naturally. Chickens eat insects. Trace minerals from plants are assimilated better in soils without chemical fertilizers but re-enriched with composted materials. Support local markets and organic farmers and those trying to become organic.

We have delved previously into the non-foods that a healthy diet should avoid. This means you will be doing much food preparation yourself. Sugar is in just about everything and it is no wonder childhood cases of diabetes is at epidemic proportions or so we have been told. Dr. Weston Price noted delinquency in people who had left their native diets for ‘modern’ diets. Could this be the cause of ADD or ADHD for which Ritalin and other drugs are prescribed?

We lived next door to a youngster who took Ritalin and according to his teacher, he needed it otherwise he was unmanageable in the classroom. I asked the mother to tell me about their diet. It was a normal canned food diet, with white flour and prepared foods. The mother did no real cooking. What she didn’t tell me that my son told me, who was friends with the boy, was that the child could have all the sodas he wanted and before bed every night he would have a soda and a candy bar.

From our experience we have found that craving for sugar can be linked to candida which is most often caused by doses of antibiotics (which this young boy had had his fill of with ear aches), which destroy the healthy bacteria in the gut which is our first line defense against disease. When they are destroyed, the balance is put into jeopardy, for the candida, a yeast, which is also present but kept in check by the healthy bacteria, can overrun the system and lead to candidiasis which puts toxins in the blood and has been known to cause all manner of illnesses we seem to find names for. We knew one lady who had been treated for MS and found out her system was loaded with candida and toxins which literally made it so she could hardly walk across the room, her muscles being so full of toxins. She was also on a high sugar diet which included several sodas a day.

Antibiotics are not the only cause of destroying healthy bacteria, letting the candida overrun them; chlorine, fluorine and mercury will do the same. This can also lead to allergies. When the healthiness of the intestinal tract is destroyed, it sets up Leaky Gut Syndrome, which allows proteins into the blood before they have been completely digested and this is one cause of allergies.

For this reason, our health depends on our source of water, and in the societies that Dr. Weston Price examined, he found glacial water full of minerals to be the best water, but we are not going to find this here in our nation. Our waters are so polluted with chemicals that we use to clean the water, as well as the other ones from run off which includes pesticides and herbicides and others which are dumped into our waterways just because it is the cheapest and easiest thing to do. Many even think the hormone replacement therapies and birth control pills passed as urine pollute waters so that the quality of aquatic life is destroyed, and eventually estrogen and estrogenic compounds will be one of our worst problems. These endocrine disrupters cause havoc with our bodies as well as aquatic life and life which feeds off of aquatic life.

A water filter is almost an imperative. Homes with their own wells may not need to purify their water, but oftentimes something is needed and charcoal as a prefilter and ozone will do what is needed. Only reverse-osmosis gets rid of everything including the fluorine, but this water is devoid of minerals, which you can get from sources other than supplements. This water is strictly H2O and nothing else. There are ionic minerals and colloidal, but watch out for minerals you do not want. Real carbon filters for the shower and for the kitchen sink would remove chlorine and some of the other harmful substances. The best way for all of us to have the clean water we need is to start at the water treatment plants and challenge industry to find better ways to handle chemicals dumped into the water system.

Good changes occur gradually, brought on by understanding and a resolution to pursue that path of understanding to the best of our ability. Good changes occur when we all work together, keeping the commandment in mind, “To Keep and To Dress the Earth.”

To Keep means to protect and To Dress means to prepare for use for future generations. This means feeding our people correctly, too, for we are a part of the Earth and its Life.

Sexual Expression and Responsibility
Advanced cultures live by a “code of honor” which has as its basis reverence for all life and life forms. Everything and everyone has Reason for Being for God does not create anything out of vanity. This is why we honor all that come into our lives and serve it to the best of our ability. This is serving God.

Humanity lives little by honor. Your culture presently is geared toward coercion and “to the victor go the spoils.” The spirit of competition is greater than the spirit of cooperation and to a great extent your planet is simply a marketplace where everything is a commodity. From our vantage point, humanity is at the brink of becoming a commodity as well.
These attitudes must change within the speciel mind and especially in the areas of human sexual expression and responsibility. Sexual expression, the sexual act between men and women, is extremely important to the human experience and your planet. It is your connection to God in the sense that it opens up the brain, all areas of the brain, easing, ordering, and allowing an emollient to soothe over the emotional and mental bodies of the ego.
Mammon, that part of humanity that accepts fear, hate, shame, greed, lust, guilt and prejudice, has stifled sexual expression, through religions and their beliefs, through mundane acceptance of behaviors imitated but not based on Reason, and through the sexually transmitted diseases which are borne on the back of irresponsibility and lack of reverence for one another.

It is our intention to teach attitudes and rules of conduct that will free your planet of all these problems to once again make sexual expression what it once was on your planet – a connection to the Love that is God.
All expressions of life’s functions are based on responsibility and reverence for ourselves, each other, and the planet. For ourselves, there must be responsibility to our bodies because it is there the spirit dwells and the health of the body is much aligned with one’s happiness, responsibility to our individual mind because it is a part of a greater speciel mind, and responsibility to our connection to God and the Holy Ghost which is the Love That Binds The Universe Together.

Let us begin with the teenage children. Youth under the age of generally 18 to 21 years, both male and female, should not be allowed to participate in sexual intercourse until they have completed their basic education, which in your culture is twelve years not counting kindergarten, and are on their way to participating in a function, which in your culture now translates as some type of job or livelihood. This delay allows complete development of the body so that the creating of a child will not be a burden on the female body, and so that the male has developed a memory of being responsible for himself.

This naturally infers that parents need to be more responsible in their children’s sexual education, their relationships and that they guard against premature sexual coupling. Children brought up with understanding and definite negative rules do well in keeping them. Chaperoning, family oriented dates, and chaperoned group outings are called for instead of the one to one dating so prevalent in your society. Emotionally, mentally and physically these younger teens are not prepared for the strength of emotional ties that sexual relations engender.

These rules may seem old-fashioned, but the purpose of all life is to strengthen the speciel mind and this is accomplished by living responsibly. Life evolves only through responsibility. These rules do not restrict natural affection, hugs and light kisses, it is just that both teens and parents know there is a line that must not be crossed.

Masturbation is a healthy outlet for the release of sexual energies and young men and women should practice it according to their needs. Young children do this naturally and should be allowed to do so in the privacy of their room or away from public view. Never condemn masturbation; never use physical objects of any type to accomplish same.

Sexual expression and responsibility is a subject that needs to be discussed more freely and openly with the teens. They will need to know about their bodies, their secondary sexual developments, the role diet and nutrition play in the health of their bodies and for the children to be brought forth from these bodies, the error of male homosexuality and the rules of conduct and the reasons for the rules. These rules must be “carved in stone” for the children and this means they have to be “carved in stone” for the parents as well.

Advanced cultures pattern their lives differently in that education is extended much longer and mix education with performing a function or livelihood on a fairly even basis and for a longer period of time. We speak in terms of function, as an organ has a function within the body, a participation in an area of life which serves other life. You have created a world based on the rush to acquire and to be successful, where we feel that education and accomplishments, both as an individual and as a community, are all that is of value. So much of your planet’s resources are used wastefully in this pursuit. Living should be much less a struggle and education in its many facets a lifelong process.

Young adults having completed their basic education and having accepted a function in their society have come into the freedom to engage in sexual intercourse with others of the opposite sex. This we allow outside of marriage for the flow of sexual expression is inherent in the human experience despite many beliefs based on writings from the Bible and other “moral” laws instituted by humanity. If we were to go to the animal kingdom and study its way, we would see no shame or guilt or fear involved with sexual expression. Comically, in the elephant herd, all the elephants will flap their ears and trumpet when two of them mate. Sexual expression is a natural part of life, but humanity being what it is does need to live by rules of conduct.

The first rule of conduct is the honoring of the other individual by letting him/her know of your desires and intentions beforehand. This is basically asking permission. Once the kissing and the emotions and hormones get fired up, it can be difficult to stop the flow of lovemaking. The “conquest” for the male in obtaining sexual intercourse may seem to have been thwarted, but we honor each other first and then let the conquest begin. “You can have me, if you can catch me.” Just make it fun. This rule of conduct also gives one an easy way to say, “not now, maybe later,” which is to say, “no,” but in such a way as not to offend. The coming together is always by your own compulsions. We also suggest relationships develop from friendships.

Rule two is a part of the first rule of conduct, but just as important presently in your society. The individuals involved honor each other by asking if each has a sexually transmitted disease and/or if either person has been with another person sexually within a two-week period whereby he/she might have contacted a sexually transmitted disease. If so, this is obviously dealt with first before a relationship begins. HIV and AIDS are not manifested quickly in the body and presently this should be dealt with scientifically if there is a question of the health of an individual. Eventually responsible behavior will put an end to sexually transmitted diseases which is our goal for your planet.

Third, males are not to put their seed into a woman except for the express purpose of impregnating her and this should be between mates only, between couples who have chosen to come together as husband and wife. There is no birth control save for this method for all that you have on your planet are destructive to the human body. This is the way of responsibility. There are no exceptions except if the woman is unable to reproduce because of having gone through menopause or because of hysterectomies and the like. The woman can bring the man to orgasm and he her, but he is not to put his seed into her.

This will stop the unnecessary abortions on your planet. Abortions are a crime against God. That embryo has the memory of being human from the time a human sperm impregnates the ovum.

Fourth, since the pleasure of sex is so close to the pain of sex, any kind of sexual play is deemed appropriate as long as done in love and that no marks are left on the bodies. One does not want to tie another up so he/she cannot get loose. Oral, kinky, or whatever fetish one wants to explore is okay as long as it is not destructive physically, emotionally or mentally. Full agreement between partners is necessary.

Fifth, when a male and a female come together as mates, husband and wife, it is done seriously and with intent and by their own compulsions. There are no prearranged marriages. The decision to bear children needs also to be done by intent. Nutrition and a suitable place for the child to be are responsibilities borne by the parents and/or the family of families. Perfect genetics are created by excellent nutrition for both parents and by creating perfect memories for the mother to be.

Many will see this as the opening up of Pandora’s Box. Quite the contrary is true. When, as a people, you live by the Laws of God, you seek understanding and free yourselves from fear, hate, shame, guilt, lust, greed, and prejudice, and begin to live responsibly and hold reverence in your heart for all of life, giving others their needs as you receive your own, you will find a freedom beyond your imagination. You will have a nation free of sexually transmitted diseases, there will be no unnecessary abortions, no male homosexuality, and everyone will get their needs met. In other words, you will have created a wonderful, new world for yourselves.


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