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Leaked Video Shows No Plane Hit Pentagon on 9/11!

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You’ll see some interesting evidence in the video above showing a missile hit the Pentagon and clearly not a jetliner.  


More great evidence showing a still frame of the missile comes from Veterans Today who occasionally puts out some good stuff in between their Trump hate fest.   Here’s where they identify the exact missile used to hit the Pentagon!  Look at the photo below!  This is the ONLY frame that shows the front of the missile.  Clearly this is NOT an airliner!  Get this out everywhere patriots!  Here’s the good part from VT.


“A few days ago we stumbled over a huge boondoggle, a frame not erased from one of the 9/11 videos that the public never saw but was declassified after gutting it of frames and pixels.  It shows an ACLM cruise missile descending into the Pentagon on 9/11 clear as day.


The most banned video in history, erased from their archives by the BBC, banned by Google but paid for, originally by the British taxpayers:

“Do note that the photos are clear enough to show that no airliner debris is on the lawn anywhere, pieces we know were carried to the site, pieces left over from a plane crash in Colombia, flight 965 American Airlines, a 757 200 that went down in 1995 and the wreckage was returned to the US and brought to the Pentagon after this telling video was filmed.  Ouch.  Colombia 1995:



Here are the pieces of Flight 965 brought in for display, not the lack of wings and engines, too big to put in bags.  The one piece in the foreground had to be unfolded to look bigger and was photographed carefully so no one might wonder where things like wings or tails might go or perhaps luggage and cocktail napkins.  Fail!



(Notice how the photographer put the camera on the ground to make this tiny piece of planted wreckage look BIG!)


We have been busy investigating recent Israeli missile attacks on Syria.  Then this came up, the video that dumps on 9/11.  Do remember, it only takes one inconsistency to kill a lie and this one is here.



“From what we have found, the video was cut from 30 frames per section to 6 with most and resolution taken from a 1.3 megapixel Axis camera (1280 x 1024) with resolution cut to 240 lines, the standard used in 1956.”



So, what can we make out from this?

  • We can safely assume we are dealing with an ALCM, Air Launched Cruise Missile by Raytheon and not an Israeli ship launched or Russian Granit.
  • It is clear that the missile is descending.
  • Any attempt to represent this as an airliner is absurd.  The diameter is less than 30 inches and we see enough of the body to know the wings and tail are at the rear.

Then we begin to ask simply questions like where is the original video and the dozens more.  Remember, this is 2001 and surveillance video in Washington DC is a billion dollar industry with the newest and best including low light, infrared and extremely high frame rates and resolution.

Not everything is from an ATM machine.

Where we the “truthers?”  This one has a key frame that the parking lot video doesn’t have?”





I have no doubt a missile hit the Pentagon and not an airliner as we’ve been told in the official fairy tale pushed by the fake news.  The only airliner wreckage on the lawn that day were a few tiny pieces planted there!  The only engine carried out was a tiny one under a blue tarp and carried out by agents!   No wings, no tails, no seats, no luggage was ever found!  The hole in the pentagon wasn’t large enough as you’ll see in the video.  Is this leaked footage that shows the missile hitting the pentagon?  I think it’s probably real and leaked by patriots in the military.    If it’s not then why does Youtube keep deleting the guys channel that posts it?   Why did federal agents swarm every gas station and other retail spot that had cameras and confiscate all their camera  tapes but never one was released to prove the official fairy tale?  I remember it was many years later that we only got the garbage doctored video from a parking lot camera!   And that only happened after years of people asking for footage!   And that was the ONLY one they could release!  You really believe that?   When they could have proved it was an airliner with probably 100 pictures and videos captured from different locations that day but chose not to provide anything but a crappy parking lot camera after years of people asking for it, that showed me all I needed to know.  The Pentagon is a nest of rats who covered up this hoax.


Why was only one garbage low res video with tons of missing frames ever released?   Even this video shows it wasn’t a jetliner at all.  The Pentagon has more cameras on it than any place on the planet and they could have released tons of footage of the “airliner” as it hit the pentagon from many different angles but they did not!   Why?  Because it was a big hoax to start wars!  Let’s don’t forget that every other major nation on the planet has missile protection around their defense headquarters but we’re to believe that the Pentagon has none!   Even though we spend more on defense than everybody combined!   I can promise you if this wasn’t an inside job and an airliner was really taken over by hostiles and heading toward the Pentagon it would have been blown out of the sky long before it even got close!  If not we’re the dumbest nation on Earth and we’re not dumb!  We have massive protection around that Pentagon from land, sea and space at all times.  It’s time to wake up America!  They spent trillions brainwashing you on the fairy tale but the evidence doesn’t fit at all!  No jetliner hit the Pentagon or the Twin Towers as you’ll see in the videos below that leave no doubt about it!  The video shown in those clips was only shown one time and never again!  Somebody messed up the illusion and it all falls apart when you see it just one time!


I knew something was fishy with the Pentagon hit on 9/11 as soon as I heard federal agents seized all camera footage on 9/11 from every business that had a camera pointed in the direction of the Pentagon but NEVER released any of it!   Not one video that was seized was ever released!   Witnesses said their places of businesses were entered by federal agents within MINUTES of impact on the Pentagon!  NO way that happens unless people are standing by waiting for the event to go off on schedule!   I would bet anything this was an inside job from my own knowledge.  I used to work at General Dynamics in Fort Worth, Texas.  Later I was dating a girl who worked at that same plant I used to work at which is now owned by Lockheed.  The engineers were all told the day before on 9/10/01 that they would see much more security at the plant the next day and not to panic!   When she told me that, there was no doubt about it!  We all got hoaxed!  It was an inside job – Guaranteed!   You’ll notice how on Youtube they have now deleted all the good videos going against the 9/11 fairy tale and you’ll only find videos pushing the hoax story now!   It’s a total joke and proves patriots are in fact winning the info war.  When the other side has to dump over the game board and ban alternative views, you’re winning big time!   I saw how patriots are winning the infowar first hand when Jeb Bush threatened Trump by tweeting that on July 4th, that in history (3) Presidents had died on that date!  I looked at the comments and every person was bashing Jeb about his Nazi aiding, drug dealing scumbag family!   I couldn’t believe the heat he got from patriots!  Not one person defended that monster, they were all dropping truth bombs on Jeb Bush!  It was glorious and made me realize that all patriots must never give up because we are waking up more than we realize!  


More evidence is shown in the videos below that no planes hit the towers either!   All of the following information is being completely censored by controlled opposition operative Alex Jones who keeps pushing the hoax that real airplanes melted like butter into solid steel even though we have smoking gun footage below that proves it was an elaborate hoax!  Who is paying Alex Jones to keep this information from his millions of fans even if he disagrees with the obvious?  That’s one thing I noticed about Alex, he always has to be at the center of everything and to control the narrative.  


A new video called “Nine Eleven” was just released (see video above) that shows raw footage captured by other sources side by side with the “Fake News” footage.  The ONLY footage that showed planes was the one feed from the Fake News!  The RAW footage has no plane!   The fake news footage they showed over and over again is a cartoon and a total hoax!  They messed up their computer graphics and had to go to black screen very fast because the fake airplane completely penetrated the building and came out the other side!   This hoax has been perpetrated by the US government, the media and even by many in alternative media such as Alex Jones who has operated as a controlled opposition gatekeeper to keep this information from his listeners.  This information blows up the fairy tale forever along with the second video below.  There is simply no question about it now!  I’m urging all patriots to send this article to everybody you know and also to all in alternative media who you might be suspicious of being controlled opposition.  If they’re real they certainly won’t be opposed to showing this evidence but if they’re as FAKE as Obama’s birth certificate they will get very agitated when this evidence is brought forward.   If they’re fake, you’ll never hear from them.


Another excellent analysis proving there were no planes hitting ANYTHING on 9/11!   


I’ve never seen this powerful video before but it does the best job of giving 100% proof no planes hit the towers on 9/11!   This proof will never be discussed by the fakes and frauds in alternative who serve as Illuminati gatekeepers such as Alex Jones.    Alex Jones has never shown this evidence!  Why?


I guess there’s a reason Alex Jones appeared in the Illuminati Card Deck as “Agent in Place”!  So many patriots have been fooled by him!  I was for many years so I don’t hold it against anybody.  But if you want to see how fake he is, simply try to reach him at [email protected] or by calling to the program about this evidence and watch the fraud get you off the phone FAST!  Alex has been running from the evidence on no planes from the very beginning.  You’ll never get an email response either by his crew.  It all goes straight in the trash.  Why?  Are so many patriots waking up to Alex’s disinformation on key topics that he’s hurting financially now?  He definitely seems frantic these days and says he is cutting expenses so maybe people are beginning to get off the plantation where he tells them Sandy Hook is REAL!  I wish he was real I really do!

Because the computer graphics technology at the time was not perfect and this was a very complex trick that had to be done very fast, you’ll see a computer generated cockpit emerge form the other side of the building and then disappear!   We know cockpits don’t just disappear in the middle of the air so we know 100% this is fake!  Not to mention the fact that not one piece of wing or tail was torn off by the twin towers floor trusses which is absolutely impossible!  Look at the steel this “plane” hit when it entered the building.  Remember a jet liner is very thin aluminum.  It’s basically a flying soda pop can.  Now imagine this soda pipe can hits a wall of steel like the picture below!   Doesn’t matter if it’s going 500 mph, it’s still going to be shredded!  

Huge sections of of wing and tail would be sheared off and fall to the street.  It’s simple physics.   The tails and wings always break off first.  When they hit a structure like the twin towers, it’s guaranteed parts break off.  But the fake footage we were shown shows this flying soda can melting into the steel like butter into a hot potato!   This is impossible of course and why Donald Trump needs to bring out the truth about 9/11 and put people in jail after he secures his second term.  He can’t do it in the first term because the fake news will crucify him for daring to question the fairy tale they spent billions on brainwashing the sheep!  Trump knows much more about 9/11 than he’s ever told I”m sure.  

Here’s a composite video showing multiple angles of the fake airplane nose poking out the other side of the building!  Of course you never heard of a jet cockpit being found in the street did you?  Nope because it was all fake!  The only airplane parts found in New York was the wrong size engine in the street that witnesses saw unloaded by men from a van!  And years later they found a landing gear between two buildings that still had a rope attached to it where it was lowered down!   Boeing sure doesn’t tie rope around landing gears at the factory!  It’s all been a fraud and now it’s your job to show the evidence to as many others as you can since the fakes of alternative media won’t do it!  Only uncensored websites like Beforeitsnews will show all the evidence without censorship.   The fakes out there in alternative media have to strictly control the 9/11 narrative for their masters.   The fakes don’t let users post to their websites because they have to control everything!  


After watching the first and second videos that show no plane approaching the tower in the wide shot from the helicopter there is simply no question.  It’s 100% proven but of course Alex Jones will never talk about this evidence!   Even Jim Stone who I’m very suspicious of because he attacks beforeitsnews will never talk about this either!  If he was real, he’d be all over this!   It was all camera and computer trickery which means people in the news media committed treason and are responsible for 3,000 deaths too!   It’s just one reason why I never watch the fake news anymore.   Not only is it all lies, but there is a core group of them that are pure evil and treasonous!   Why would I waste one second of my time watching those scum?   


The video below is John Lear, an expert pilot who knows airplanes saying there is no way possible a real plane wouldn’t have had pieces ripped off if it hit the twin towers.  He thinks they used holograms.  I used to think this also but now believe there is a 95% chance it was just computer graphics with a 5% chance they used a hologram. 


Either way, it doesn’t really matter, it was 100% fake and there were no planes!   These videos absolutely destroy the deep state and their mouth pieces such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh who will never show this evidence and will attack 9/11 truth viciously for their masters.  They serve the deep state while pretending to be “patriots”.  They’re not patriots. Patriots expose the scam called “Federal Reserve!” and want it ended immediately!   Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the fakes have never and WILL NEVER expose the Federal Reserve slavery system because they serve it.  They are the worst scum of all because they pretend they’re patriots to keep us as slaves and they fool so many because they tell more truth than Rachel Maddow of course.  So by comparison they appear like angels!  Glenn Beck exposed the Federal Reserve just one time on his huge hit on Fox and was fired within days!   Fox News is NOT your friend, they are your enemy the same as the rest.  They pushed the 9/11 hoax and keep telling you to get your darn vaccines so you get damaged.  Is this okay to you?   


Get free ebook, “Suppressed Health Secrets” and get natural cures THEY don’t want you to know!  

You’ll learn about APeX as discussed below!  It’s kept the inventor from getting a cold for 16 years and counting!  This will never be on the fake news!


APeX – Anti-Pathogen! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.



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