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The Beast Rears its Ugly Head - The Pope Says All Should Abide and Follow the Rule of the United Nations and Bow Down and Worship the New World Order

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And JEHOVAH says, “I counsel you to buy from Me gold having been refined by fire so that you may be rich and garments white so that you may be clothed and not might be made manifest the shame of the nakedness of you and eye salve to anoint the eyes of you so that you may see.”

Now that the WORD of GOD found on this site is spreading world wide, the FRAUD EXPOSED, the PROOF of ENSLAVEMENT EXPOSED made available here at, www.NesaraNews.Blogspot,Com , now that the Word of GOD found on our site is reaching out to every nation on earth, and the “GREAT SHEET” described in ACTS 10:11 of the Bible, now that it is DESCENDING upon the EARTH, the GLOBAL ELITE may now MOVE to IMPOVERISH all the PEOPLE of the NATIONS of the EARTH.  They very well may DESTROY the VALUE of the FAKE MONEY, which is already destroyed, you did not know it yet.  Right now FAKE GOVERNMENTS of the WORLD and the WEALTHY ELITE are BUYING UP GOLD and PRECIOUS METALS and PHYSICAL COMMODITIES like its GOING OUT OF STYLE.  If you go to a PRIVATELY OWNED pizza joint, the pizza may cost $32,00, whereas in 1938 an ounce of gold cost $32 and at that time in 1938 you could buy an acre of farmable or timber covered land for 2 ounces of gold = $70.00.  So now we come to find that essentially the ELITE have STOLEN that MUCH of the FRUITS OF OUR LABOR, a PIZZA for an OUNCE of GOLD, that is the REALITY of the THEFT or a PIZZA for a HALF ACRE of LAND, that is the RATIO of the THEFT, the WHOLE PURPOSE of this is to KEEP YOU IMPOVERISHED enough SO THAT YOU WILL NOT DISCOVER the TRAITOROUS TREASONOUS TREASON that these GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE CRIMINALS at the FAKE GOVERNMENT of every NATION have DONE.

We discover that in the FEDERAL TAX CODE where TAXABLE INCOME is defined as monies coming from FEDERAL ACTIVITIES, that of those activities one of them is DIVIDENDS coming from PUBLICLY TRADED CORPORATIONS, because the UNITED STATES corporation OWNS all of the PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANIES it is a GIANT CONFIDENCE SCAM and all the PUBLICLY TRADED CORPORATIONS are really OWNED by the LARGEST MONOPOLY every to EXIST, as the UNITED NATIONS corporations physically owns the FEDERAL CORPORATIONS enslaving 193 nations as well as all the publicly traded corporations in each of those nations.  It is a GIANT MONOPOLY of the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE NEW WORLD ORDER.  And it was all paid for by your SWEAT and TEARS from the FRUITS of the LABORS stolen from you!  So because this MONOPOLY OWNS all the PUBLICLY TRADED CORPORATIONS they are able to PROP UP the VALUE of the FAKE CURRENCY making you THINK that your FAKE MONEY still has VALUE, also with the INTENT to DESTROY PRIVATELY OWNED BUSINESSES, because the PRIVATELY OWNED BUSINESSES CANNOT COMPETE.  Thus if you VISIT a PRIVATELY OWNED PIZZA joint, you find a LARGE PIZZA COSTS some $32.00 whereas if you go to a PUBLICLY TRADED pizza place it is MUCH LESS, thus giving you a LIE that is FALSE CONFIDENCE in your WORTHLESS FAKE MONEY.

If you refer to the SECRET CONTRACT that hired the FEDERAL CORPORATION called the UNITED STATES, called “An Act To Provide A Government For the District of Columbia, -1871, you see in SECTION 17, that the stipulation for HIRING of the CONTRACTOR (United States was hired as a service provider to assist with international trade, secretly hired) and we see that the THIRD TERM and CONDITION in SECTION 17 says, “THE UNITED STATES SHALL NOT CREATE A BANK OR A COMPANY TO PRINT NOTES OR CURRENCY FOR CIRCULATION,” and THE TREASONOUS TRAITORS had to INCLUDE this CLAUSE because obviously you would NEVER give over the RIGHT TO PRINT LAWFUL MONEY to a FOREIGN OWNED CONTRACTOR operating as a FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION.  So we see that the CONTRACTOR is in GROSS BREACH of SERVICE TERMS and CONDITIONS.

SO THE GLOBAL ELITE are going to TROUNCE and DESTROY even FURTHER the VALUE of your MONEY to make it WORTHLESS, and it is already there you just DID NOT KNOW IT.  The ELITE have been FALSELY DE-FLATING the VALUE (mistake corrected), DE-FLATING the VALUE of PRECIOUS METALS and other commodities, giving you the LIE that your FAKE MONEY has VALUE, when it is in FACT is WORTHLESS.

I worked for the largest precious metals refinery in the OREGON.  The elite are using effecting the precious metals prices by ISSUING LARGE SALES CONTRACTS, which DRIVES DOWN the PRICE, but then the CONTRACT is CANCELED before every being transacted, and this is done DAILY by the BANKS.  Thus the precious metals market is DRIVEN DOWN in PRICES, so the ELITE can BUY UP the METAL at LOW PRICES.  And you see now that CHASE MORGAN BANK is now allegedly getting in trouble for this, it is FAKE NEWS, the FAKE GOVERNMENT has known about it FOREVER this is just a COVER STORY to TEAR off the BANDAGE and TO REVEAL the GAPING FESTERING MORTIFICATION of the FLESH that has been the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of our FAKE MONEY which has been PRINTED like TOILET PAPER to STEAL the FRUITS of EVERYONE’S LABOR WORLDWIDE.  Take VENEZUELA for EXAMPLE, they saw MILLION PERCENT INFLATION over the COURSE of DAYS.  It takes a WHEEL BARREL just to buy a chicken or a pack of toilet paper, NO JOKE.


BEZAI say:
“The POPE declares that it is our duty to obey the NEW WORLD ORDER.”

NEW: Pope Francis: “It’s Our Duty To Obey The New World Order”…. The False Prophet Bows To The Beast Of Revelation 13… (views: 937)
Watchman — Sunday, 22-Sep-2019 09:47:40

BEZAI say:
“Please note, SORCHA FAAL is totally FAKE NEWS SOURCE because SORCHA FAAL never releases any PROOF of ENSLAVEMENT by the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY, the OATHS of OFFICE being switched out, THE LEGAL PRESUMPTION theft of your property by all TITLE documents saying that your property is INSIDE a MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, example, “inside the State of Oregon,” but every once in a while SORCHA FAAL will report on something interesting, like a 1.3 trillion dollar bank bail out right now, that appears to be LAWFUL PUBLIC NOTICE from the ENEMY according to GOD’s law of FREE WILL that requires the ENEMY to give you advanced NOTICE of what is going to happen.

NEW: SORCHA: “President Trump Said Ready As “Great Upheaval” Begins With Top American Bank Nearing Collapse” (views: 968)
MrFusion — Sunday, 22-Sep-2019 13:56:16

BEZAI of the House of David say:
The FAKE GOVERNMENTS are doing more TRILLION DOLLAR BANK BAILOUTS and the ELITE are about to IMPLODE the FIAT MONEY to IMPOVERISH the people whom are WAKING UP to the reality that EVERY FAKE GOVERNMENT for EVERY NATION on earth, they are all FOR-PROFIT-CORPORATIONS that are FOREIGN-OWNED, and they were HIRED by SECRET CONTRACTS to assist SOVEREIGN NATIONS in GROWTH with INTERNATIONAL TRADE, and when the people of every nation failed to catch on, the CONTRACTOR (foreign federal corporation) then MOTHBALLED the SOVEREIGN GOVERNANCE of EVERY NATION.  The ACT that is the SECRET CONTRACT that HIRED the FEDERAL CORPORATION in AMERICA is called, “An Act To Provide A Government For the District of Columbia,” – 1871, complete with TERMS and CONDITIONS, which the CONTRACTOR is in GROSS BREACH of ALL TERMS.  FEDERAL means CONTRACT.  And as I previously showed by releasing a letter one of the largest law firms on the west coast, PATTERSON BUCHANON, whom I hired to find the CORPORATE FILINGS for UNITED STATES as it is a CORPORATION, and the LAW FIRM wrote back stating that after EXHAUSTIVE RESEARCH no filings could be found inside the metes and bounds of AMERICA, and the obvious reason for this is because the UNITED STATES is not owned by AMERICA.  And that is proven in the below PROPOSED LEGISLATION called the SOVEREIGNTY RESTORATION ACT to REMOVE the UNITED STATES from the UNITED NATIONS, because the UNITED NATIONS is the parent corporation that owns the FEDERAL RESERVE, and the FEDERAL RESERVE owns the UNITED STATES.  But as the above mentioned act proves, “An Act To Provide A Government For the District of Columbia – 1871, it proves that the UNITED STATES is NOT our SOVEREIGN nation, the REPUBLIC, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  And proven by my below research, all the OATHS of OFFICE were swapped out, having previously declared allegiance to the REPUBLIC the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, they now instead swear allegiance to the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES, which in the below documents I prove to you that this is a FAKE CONSTITUTION, because “OF AMERICA” is MISSING and the word, “OF” does not REPRESENT ANYTHING, and the ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION was called “THE CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

PROOF = America Enslaved - OATHS of OFFICE:

America’s Oath’s Swapped Out For FAKE Oaths to a foreign, British-Owned Corporation



Enslavement by the Legal Law Dictionary
“The Devil’s forked tongue,” called = LEGALESE (short version):
Proof of Treason, PROOF that “United States” is owned by foreign, “United Nations Inc,” exposed through Bills @  FAKE CON-gress, a CON by diGRESS away from FREEDOM:
PROOF-Enslaved=FAKE-for-profit-corporations-foreign-owned, posing as lawful governance
Above link takes you to the PROOF documents! Proof you are enslaved, illegally, converted into THINGS and BEASTS, and PROOF the WORLD is ENDING!
|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
FRAUD of FEDERAL IRS TAX CODE  – never pay taxes again, get last 3 years refund
The Document That Restores YOUR POWER, never hand your I.D. to a FAKE COP AGAIN
Duplicate copy here, since GOOGLE is TREASON:

So every nation on earth was enslaved by this method:
1)  A global crime syndicate slowly gained influence over the SOVEREIGN GOVERNANCE of EVERY NATION, then HIRED a FOREIGN-OWNED-FEDERAL-CORPORATION (a contract corporation), a CONTRACTOR, and then when the people did not catch on, the SOVEREIGN GOVERNANCE of EVERY NATION was then MOTHBALLED, the lawful courts, and public offices were mothballed, and replaced by a FAKE GOVERNMENT, really just a FOR-PROFIT-CORPORATION, there is NOTHING PUBLIC about it.
2)  The secret contracts that hired these FEDERAL CORPORATION, the contract proves that the CAPITAL of EVERY NATION was given over to the FEDERAL CORPORATION in exchange for SERVICES.  Thus when the CAPITAL of your NATION was given to FOREIGN OWNED CORPORATION, the CAPITAL of your NATION became A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT, and all the GOVERNMENT PROPERTIES such as COURT HOUSES then became EMBASSIES for the FOREIGN GOVERNMENT being RUN out of your CAPITAL of your NATION.  All of this is supported by the discovery that the FEDERAL TAX CODE of the UNITED STATES defines TAXABLE INCOME as MONIES coming from FEDERAL ACTIVITIES, absolute irrefutable PROOF that the UNITED STATES only EXISTS inside the DISTRICT of CRIMINALS (Washington, DC).  And it will be the SAME for EVERY NATION on earth, because the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE uses LEGAL PRESUMPTION to ENSLAVE.  As LEGAL PRESUMPTION presuming that you CONSENT, until you actually REBUT, and until you do REBUT it stands.

3)  If you look at your TITLE DOCUMENTS for your CAR and your HOUSE, AIRPLANE, BOAT, GUNS, anything…  you will discover that all these DOCUMENTS and TITLE DOCUMENTS, THEY ALL STATE that your PROPERTY exists, “INSIDE the STATE of OREGON (example), or INSIDE the UNITED STATES (example) and thus the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE is PRESUMING that your PROPERTY is OWNED by THEIR CORPORATION, because you DO NOT live “IN” the land, and instead, YOU LIVE rather “ON” the land.  And to give an example, the original name of every state in the union of AMERICA, is JUST the NAME of the STATE, such as OREGON, WASHINGTON, but if you look on your DOCUMENTS such as TITLE DOCUMENTS, it says that your property is INSIDE the “STATE OF OREGON,” which is the name of a municipal corporation that only exists inside the CAPITAL, the DISTRICT of CRIMINALS.  So the ELITE are using LEGAL PRESUMPTION to presume that your property is owned by their corporation and that your property and you (US CITIZEN = a corporation residing inside DISTRICT of COLUMBIA), they are using LEGAL PRESUMPTION to presume that YOU and YOUR PROPERTY are OWNED by THEM and that you are INSIDE the CAPITAL of your NATION.

4)  The SOLE REASON for this, is so that the ELITE would not have to PAY TAXES, would not have to RESPOND TO COURT SUMMONS for their CRIMES.  And just as ONLY TEN NAZIS saw JUSTICE at the NUREMBERG TRIALS after WWII for their WAR CRIMES in GENOCIDING the JEWISH PEOPLE and GENOCIDING PEOPLES of other nations, so to again do we see that there is NO JUSTICE.

5)  The LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY was then CREATED.   If you make the mistake of stepping on FOREIGN SOIL by responding to a COURT SUMMONS (which you have NO OBLIGATION to do), then you will find that the WEBSTERS DICTIONARY has been THROWN IN THE TRASH, and replaced with a FAKE DICTIONARY called the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY, where LEGALESE (satan’s forked tongue) has ENSLAVED YOU ALL, be UN-LAWFULLY CONVERTING you into both “THINGS” and “BEASTS,” so that you can be GENOCIDED.  It will vary from country to country, but in LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY of the UNITED STATES has converted a “HOMO-SAPIEN” into a “NEANDERTHAL,” a BEAST who cannot manage his affairs, giving crooked criminal explanation for why a CORPORATION has been CREATED in PROBATE COURT for EACH and EVERY; man, woman, and child, in THE WORLD, EVERY NATION on earth, ALL are VICTIMS of COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.  And the LEGAL DEFINITION of a “PERSON,” is a “CORPORATION,” which is a “THING,” and this was all done because “THINGS” do NOT HAVE FEELINGS, and BEASTS do not have RIGHTS, thus the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE can STEAL your PROPERTY, and GENOCIDE YOU AT WILL.

Enslavement by the Legal Law Dictionary



“The Devil’s forked tongue,” called = LEGALESE (short version):
    -Expanded Version, but you need to be red pilled already:

BY the RULES of ENGAGEMENT for WAR, a SOLDIER CANNOT FIRE upon the ENEMY unless FIRST FIRED UPON.  But all of us in our respective NATIONS, we are shot and murdered every day by our own law enforcement, often times we are UN-ARMED, and MURDERED, GENOCIDED because of the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY.

In the UNITED STATES, a U.S. CITIZEN is legally defined by U.S. STATUTES as a CORPORATION that RESIDES inside the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA

AS SOON as you REALIZE that you are NOT “IN” the JURISDICTION of your FAKE GOVERNMENT, and that “THEY” are OUTSIDE their JURSISDICTION by THOUSANDS of MILES, you can then TAKE BACK YOUR FREEDOM, because you DO NOT OWE THEM ANYTHING.  You OWE your FAKE GOVERNMENT ALLEGIANCE and OBEYING like you OWE a FOREIGN NATION taxes and the duty to obey.  If you LIVED in MEXICO and GUATEMALA told you to PAY TAXES would you?  If you lived in CANADA and RUSSIA told you to SHOW UP to COURT, WOULD YOU GO?  If you lived in AMERICA and VENEZUELA tried to give you a SPEEDING TICKET would you show up for COURT?

The REASON why the BIBLE says that the figurative women who ENSLAVED the RULERS and ENSLAVED the NATIONS of EARTH that she is THE MOTHER of PROSTITUTES called BABYLON the GREAT, that is because all of the ACCOUNTANTS, REALTORS, LAWYERS, GOVERNMENT WORKERS, LAW ENFORCEMENT, and SCIENTISTS, and HOLLYWOOD FOLKS and the HEADS of EVERY other INDUSTRY, they have all SOLD THEMSELVES just as JUDAS did SELL HIMSELF.  Because by the TIME they DISCOVERED the FRAUD and TREASON they were already IN TOO DEEP, or they had STUDEN LOANS to PAY BACK or someone with a badge said, HEY do you like your PENSION, or “HEY” how is your WIFE, and how is your LITTLE GIRLS, “SALLY,” or how about your little boy, “BILLY.” don’t you want to KEEP THEM SAFE, it would be a SHAME IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO YOU OR THEM?  And that is how this system of enslavement has flourished for this long.


THE ENEMY will MOVE to MURDER and GENOCIDE the PEOPLE in ORDER to KEEP their POWER and to PROTECT THEMSELVES.  We already see the POISONS and TOXINS are in ALMOST EVERYTHING around us, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED to: MEDICATION, FOOD, AIR, WATER, PRODUCTS, and the CRIME SYNDICATE will CONTINUE all of their FALSE FLAGS, MASS SHOOTINGS, because they CANNOT LEGALLY carry GUNS as when they swore an OATH to a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT, it made them all FOREIGN CITIZENS.  But once again, they did not know until they were already in too deep, had a pension, family, loans, a mortgage, and so rather than endangering themselves to SCREAM REBELLION from the ROOFTOPS, they have SUNK to becoming PROSTITUTES who’ve SOLD THEMSELVES for SILVER, COMFORT, SECURITY, all GAINS made by VIOLENCE, all UN-JUST PROFITS at the EXPENSE of REAL INNOCENT VICTIMS both at HOME, and ABROAD, WORLD WIDE.

You have a choice to make you WHORES of BABYLON.  Will you EMBRACE your MISTAKES by MAKING RIGHT BY THEM, or will you continue to SLERK and SLEEK, and SLINK, and SLITHER on YOUR BELLIES on the GROUND of your UN-RIGHTEOUSNESS?

BEZAI of the House of David say:








BEZAI of the House of David say:
“We ask JEHOVAH for permission to publish with a short prayer to ensure that everything we have stated is truthful and permitted according to divine law of this CONTEST between JEHOVAH and the FALLEN ANGELS to see if MANKIND is worth GOD’S LOVE:

“JEHOVAH, a public servant requests permission publish this written compilation, SO BE IT, AMEN.”

Then thereupon saying, “SO BE IT, AMEN,” the TIME on the CLOCK read, “2:17 pm”:





BEZAI of the House of David say:
“And we see that JEHOVAH has given us permission to PUBLISH.  We decode JEHOVA’S response by the following method, which has taken THOUSANDS of DIALOGUES over the past 6 months with JEHOVA to become efficient at it, it takes work.  JEHOVAH is speaking to us in RIDDLES and ALLEGORICALLY through the SCRIPTURES which is the MEANS by which SACRED WISDOM is passed from TEACHER to PUPIL, just as CHRIST did it this way, so does JEHOVAH, and so must this public servant.  So first we look at the GREEK because JEHOVAH answers us in the GREEK and the HEBREW then is additional wisdom from JEHOVAH (why?  does the ENEMY, satan, and the global crime syndicate, do they speak in HEBREW biblical concordances? in their logos and artwork and hidden messages?  ;) wink wink).  So by looking at the GREEK, we see that it is a POSITIVE, where JEHOVAH is saying, “217 halas — GOD preserving and seasoning a believer as they grow, ie, in loving the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, strength, and in all their relationships.”  Because that is a POSITIVE, that is a “YES” response from JEHOVA to our REQUEST to publish.  Whereas if JEHOVAH had responded with a NEGATIVE the answer would be “NO.”  Do you understand why this works?  Because JEHOVAH is EVERYTHING, where; you, your neighbor, the forest, the planet, the entire cosmos, is all JEHOVAH, as GOD is literally EVERYTHING, but you should never CONFUSE the GOD that you can see WITH the REAL CREATOR which is INFINITE, ALL POINTS in TIME and SPACE CONNECTED, just like the PARABLE of the MUSTARD SEED!   As mentioned previous, when JEHOVAH answers our question in the Ancient Greek, then we will find additional WISDOM in the Hebrew, “WALK IN THE FLAME of your FIRE, WHOSE LIGHT & FLAME were SEEN,” which is what JEHOVAH tells this public servant every time I get angry at the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE of SATAN WORSHIPPERS and of GENOCIDAL MANIACS.

There is a time when we look at both the GREEK and the HEBREW to interpret JEHOVAH’S response, and that is when both the GREEK and the HEBREW form a CHAIN of MEANING that is RELATIVE to our DIALOGUE with JEHOVA.  For instance, if the GREEK was SALT and the HEBREW was FOOD, and in total both joined were, “SALT FOOD,” then we would have to consider whether that were the case.  In this case, “SALT a FLAME” could also be such a situation, because the BIBLE says that ALL SACRIFICES are to be SALTED as to be made agreeable by JEHOVAH, and often these sacrifices are burnt offerings, animals burnt after sacrifice or shew bread salted with salt and then burned.





BEZAI of the House of David,
formerly known as Jeffrey Dougherty of Portland, Oregon, Age 40,
formerly known as “The Son of Man,”
formerly konwn as “Sun Tzu”

I am providing my a PO BOX to allow correspondence.  Thus far all attempts by individuals to email me have been blocked (shadow banned) by the CRIME SYNDICATE.  The same for COMMENTS on our SITE.  The same for attempts to phone me, the same for texts.  The crime syndicate has done this in attempts to make this public servant feel alone and without support, as the crime syndicate then employs a bunch of trolls who send death threats, vulgarities, and obscenities.

If you have a desire to reach out to me, please do so, but please understand there is no guarantee I will receive your mail, so If I do not respond to you, please understand, Hopefully the mail will be more difficult for the crime syndicate to block, whereas the digital technology is simple as the “back doors” are all built in.
PO BOX 1837
Hillsboro, OR, 97123

BEZAI of the House of David:
“So how much will an OUNCE of GOLD be WORTH?  Well how much does an ACRE of LAND cost these days?  In 1938, it took roughly two ounces of gold to buy an acre of timbered land or good farm land.  Now an acre of land can sell for $100,000?


PS – the EYE SALV is for when the BLOOD will FALL from the SKY, as PLANET NIBIRU comes by for its PASS-OVER it will RAIN a lot of IRON OXIDE on the GROUND and it will get in your eyes, and IRON in your EYES is very bad.  The fine white linen also has to do with this, but I am not quite yet sure how.

GET YOUR GOLD and make sure to buy FINE SHOT, .9999 pure fine shot AU, as the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE is producing many FAKE COINS and FAKE BARS.  Plus the COST of TRANSACTION on FINE SHOT is LESS.  Where it costs $40 per OUNCE of GOLD roughly to buy a Coin or Bar, it may only be $10 to $12 for the FINE GOLD SHOT and the FINE GOLD SHOT cannot be FORGED without NOTICE.  Whereas the coins and bars can have a TUNGSTEN disk or bar under a thick gold sheet or plating and you will NEVER KNOW until you try to SELL IT.

I personally refined over $400 million in GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, and PALLADIUM from 2010 to 2014 at the largest precious metals refinery in OREGON and I was also a buyer, take my advice or leave it, it is just my two cents. NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News



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    Pope says the West cannot preserve itself but only he can with his “nationalism”. WTF you hippocrite??? :twisted:

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    Who listens to the pope anymore? Even Catholics are starting to realize he’s a moron. ” forgive me father for I have sinned I listened to a Catholic priest who was a perv.”

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    ok leta listen to a pedo. dumb asses :idea: :arrow:




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