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Did NASA Really Send Astronauts 1000 Times Farther Than They Can Today – 50 Years Ago?

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Have you ever wondered why they claimed to have walked on the moon in 1969, on the very first attempt, even though right here on earth Mt. Everest and the South Pole took numerous tries before success, allegedly accomplishing this amazing feat with fifty year older technology (a cell phone has one million times more computing power than all of NASA did back then), yet fifty years later, the farthest that NASA can send astronauts from the earth is only one-thousandth the distance to the moon, despite five decades more advancements in rockets and computers?

If Toyota claimed they made a car, fifty years ago, that could travel 50,000 miles on one gallon of gasoline, yet today their best car can only go 50 miles per gallon, or only 1/1000th the distance, would you not laugh at the obviousness of the fraud in the previous claim? If it were not for people’s emotional attachment to the acclaimed “moon landings”, this fifty year unrepeatable claim, also with only one-thousandth the capability five decades later, should likewise easily be recognized as the fraud that it sadly is.

Has there ever been a genuine technological achievement in the entire history of the world, such as the first automobile, the first airplane, or the first nuclear bomb, whose modern day capability was only 1/1000th of that which it was fifty years earlier? Seeing how it is impossible for technology to go backwards and today NASA can only send astronauts one-thousandth the distance to the moon as was claimed fifty years ago on the very first attempt with five decades older technology, the only remaining conclusion is that the 1969 claim was a government forgery. It is that simple and that sad.

The United States federal government, and its CIA, have lied and used false propaganda numerous times before, so we should not be surprised by this happening again, especially when there was no independent press coverage of the event whatsoever. During the incredible civil unrest caused by the highly unpopular Vietnam War at the time, a successful moon landing gave the American public something most needed to cheer about. The only way to assure its success, and not risk killing national heroes on live television during the most dangerous untried mission of all time, which is still impossible today, much less with 1960’s technology, was simply to stage it, like a bluff in poker. If it were not for people’s deep emotional attachment to the grandiose claim, they would easily see the truth of the fraud for the obvious reasons that I just gave. Instead, telling them the truth is like taking candy away from a child, who responds with curse-filled words while in the process of trying to improve their health.

The reason why I pursue this matter so relentlessly, is because once I realized that the grandiose event was indeed falsified, it sickens my soul to such a degree, that I feel enormously compelled to bring this historic crime into the light, for the most needed betterment of lost humanity.


The bitterest truth,

is better than the sweetest lie.

-Men in Black 3


“All Truth passes through three stages . . .

First, it is ridiculed . . .

Then, it is violently opposed . . .

Finally, it is accepted as self-evident.”

-Arthur Schopenhauer-


 “In an age of universal deceit,

telling the Truth is a revolutionary act.”

“Whoever controls the past, controls the future.”

-George Orwell-


“One of the saddest lessons of history is this:

If we’ve been bamboozled (lied to) long enough,

we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle (lie).

We’re no longer interested in finding out the Truth.

The bamboozle (the lie) has captured us.

It’s simply too painful to acknowledge,

even to ourselves,

that we’ve been taken.

Once you give a charlatan (a liar) power over you,

you almost never get it back.”

-Carl Sagan-


“It is easier to fool people

than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

-Mark Twain-


Life is not so much a battle between right and wrong, as it is a battle between Truth and Lies, as this generally precedes, and ultimately leads to, good or evil. Truth leads to good. Lies lead to evil. Life is wonderfully simple.

The simple fact is, half of all crimes are “conspiracies”. Half are done without forethought, in the heat of the emotion of the moment, and half are plotted out in advance, thus making them conspiracies. Those who would like the public to ignore half of all the crimes in the world by ridiculing those with an intellect to perceive such forethought frauds are simply those perpetrating the deceptions in the first place.

We have to understand that if a tiny spider, the size of a dime, can meticulously plan and trap its prey weeks in advance, then the human mind, if inclined to evil, can do so much more evil, so much more farther in advance. Additionally, a lie, or a conspiracy, is the only crime that can exist without tangible evidence. If someone is murdered, there is a dead body. If someone steals, there is the material possession lacking in one place and existing in another. Yet, when someone lies, where does the lie exist? A lie is the only crime that you cannot touch, that you cannot see. A lie is purely ethereal. This is why lies are the favorite misdeeds of habitual criminals. After all, out of all of the crimes committed in the world for which people are put in prison, how many of them are there for simply lying?

The origin of crime is the lie, or conspiracy, invented in advance of the iniquity, to cover up the wrongdoing before it is even committed. When crimes are committed on a national and international scale, then national and international lies, or conspiracies, are needed. This is why criminal multibillion-dollar corporations and their government counterparts have consolidated all television networks, magazines, newspapers, search engines, and social media. It is to control your perception of reality, not to offer you reality. As someone who worked as senior editor in television news for two years, I can testify to this fact. We referred to our broadcast as a “show”, not as “news”, simply because it was completely controlled from the top down like any corporation, where the “anchors” (readers) simply regurgitated the scripted words from unseen superiors. Don’t believe me? Simply watch the short, yet very revealing clip below and notice the network logos in the lower part of the screen (left and right) which reveal that ALL of the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX,) are receiving the very same scripts from a CENTRAL authority above them. “Independent” News? . . . Not in the slightest.

Click HERE or below to see this amazing proof.

While the naïve studio audience being shown these clips laughed at the reality of the outrageousness of this blatant centralized control of information (also known as “intelligence), when I watched the clip, my heart sank in horror within the depths of my soul as to the degree to which the average person is subject to their deliberate manipulation of facts (lied to), every single day of their lives.

Highly respected and Pulitzer Prize winning “Watergate” reporter Carl Bernstein had this to say about exactly who it is who has central control over the media (intelligence) . . . The “Central Intelligence Agency” (CIA) of course . . . the very ones who staged the “moon missions” through their favorite manipulative tool . . . Television.

“More than 400 American ‘journalists’ (that we know of) have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to documents on file at CIA headquarters. In many instances, CIA documents show that ‘journalists’ were contracted to perform covert missions for the CIA with the consent of the managers of America’s leading news organizations. Among the executives (that we know of) who lent their cooperation to the CIA, were the heads of Time Magazine, Newsweek, the New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, the Associate Press, United Press International, and Reuters.”

I think that just about covers everyone.

(CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and USA Today are not on the list simply because they did not exist at the time of his quote.

Give a criminal the keys to your mind,
and you will never see their crimes.
When I was a child, believing in Santa Claus was so much fun. Believing that we live in a magical world where men can fly to the moon on their very first attempt with 1960’s technology is fun too, even though the feat cannot be repeated fifty years later, by any nation on earth, including the one that allegedly did it first half a century ago, even though all truth reminds us that the South Pole, and Mt. Everest, and first flight, and the light bulb, were all never, ever achieved on the first attempt, and certainly never abandoned once achieved, never to be repeated again, as the claimed moon landings were of fifty years ago. The fact is, when you find out the truth about Santa Claus, you are glad to know it, even though it hurts a little, realizing that a painful truth is still better than a sweet lie.

If forty-two years after Lindbergh first flew solo across the Atlantic ocean men were walking on the moon, then fifty years after moon travel, if it were real, there would be astronauts in another solar system by now, Mars would have been walked on ten years later, forty years ago (which never happened), and there would be numerous bases on the moon today by various nations on earth (of which there are none). The fact that there are still not moon bases to this day, with half a century more advancements in rocketry and computers, is proof itself that traveling to the moon still cannot be done, today, much less in the 1960’s with onemillionth the computing power in all of NASA than is found in a cell phone. Claiming that they went 1000 times farther on the first attempt, with five decades older technology, than the farthest astronaut can travel today, with half a century more advancements in rockets and computers, simply defies logic as well as history. This is like saying Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic in 1927, yet the feat could not be repeated by any nation on earth, including the one who made the original claim, fifty years later, even though, in reality, fifty years later, millions of airplanes, one hundred times larger and one million times more advanced, were flying over the Atlantic every year. The fifty year old unrepeatable moon landing claim is simply illogical regarding the perpetual exponential advancement of ever increasing technology.

This alone should show you the truth.

Why do so many smart people believe this lie? Because they want to believe this lie. Believing this lie means that we live in a better world than we actually do. Yet the sad fact is, we do not. The number one reason I hear from intelligent, yet disbelieving critics of the ever increasing obviousness of the moon landing fraud, is that, “No one would ever do such a dishonest thing as lying about such an important accomplishment”. Really? They forget that we live in a world full of unthinkable child molestation, vicious murder, hateful racism, deplorable rape, and horrific million-man genocide. In a world such as this, what is all of this in minor comparison to merely cheating in a contest, as some olympiads and Nobel laureates have done before? Misguided intellectuals, in their longing to be part of a society of pride boosting science, subconsciously overlook the plainness of this simple fact:

Technology does not go backwards.

Again, if it were so easy to go to the moon in the 1960’s on the very first attempt with one-millionth less computing power in all of NASA than is found in a cell phone, a distance which is 1000 times farther than the most advanced modern manned rocket can travel today, then not only would the feat be easily and routinely repeatable today, there would be lunar bases there right now, five decades later.

Technology does not go backwards!

The South Pole has temperatures that reach 100 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (-73 C) and nearly continual hurricane force winds, yet there are bases there today. Why? Because it is humanly possible. If it were humanly possible to reach the moon, fifty years ago or today, there too would be bases there right now. The fact that there are not, with half a century more advancements in rockets and computers, is proof itself that it simply cannot be done, not even today, and especially not with 1960’s technology that predates cell phones and VCR’s. You simply have to be willing to give up this deep emotional imprinting, in pursuit of honor and truth, in order to see the plainness of this startling and harsh reality of the depths of government corruption.

When it comes to perceiving the truth in a world full of lies, historically the majority has always been initially deceived, and later proved wrong, by the minority of their contemporaries, whom they persecuted and considered deluded at the time, when in fact, it was the majority who were misled.

Does a person know it when they are deceived?

No, they do not.

You see, you can be sincere . . .

And be sincerely wrong.

The majority of scientists thought the world was flat. The majority of astronomers thought the Earth was the center of the universe. The majority of physicians thought bleeding the sickness out of a person was a cure. The majority of Americans thought Nixon was honest. Just because, at this hour, a majority of Americans may believe that the moon landings were real, their titles and majority do not equal truth, as history has well proven, and will prove again.

Why is it so difficult for them to see the Truth?

Very simple . . .


“The Pride of your heart has deceived you.”

-Obadiah 1:3-

Pride is simply the un-willingness to be wrong, just as humility is the willingness to be wrong. The great thing about being wrong, which is what I had to finally admit about the “moon landings”, is that I am learning something new, and I am no longer walking through life in error. The bad thing about being right all the time, is that I cannot learn anything new, and I am living my life in a self-deceived state, which is the very worst form of deception.

The real question is, if you had cancer, would you want to know? . . . Or would you rather have your doctor lie to you and tell you that everything was just fine . . . even though it really was not? Sometimes you have to cut off a diseased limb to save your life. The same is True of the “moon landings”.  A costly admission, yet a saving one as well.

If the “moon missions” were real, then they hold a place of prominence in the annals of human history. If they were not real, and One Hundred Seventy-five Billion Dollars (in today’s value) was embezzled from the taxpayers to lie to the very ones who funded the missions, then this would actually be a more significant moment in history than if they had actually gone!

Thusly, this Great Truth, the faking of the moon missions out of pride, arrogance, and greed, is being withheld by the minority of government leaders against the vast majority of citizens.


Because they think they are better than the rest of us.

It is at this point that I highly recommend you watch the film (by clicking on the title or the window below) which I first made on this subject called “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”, so that you can not only fully comprehend the historical as well as hidden facts of this event, yet also understand my earnest motives for bringing this sad chapter of American history into the light, for the betterment of future generations, and to prevent such error from forever smearing America’s once honorable reputation into once that is permanently criminal.

Until the truth comes out about the “moon landings”, humanity’s character, and especially that of America, will be forever stunted from growth and advancement, the very aid of which would come by simply admitting this very mistake with its deplorable dishonesty. Unless we are willing to face and confess the cold hard facts of our errors, much like a disciplined athlete rejecting appealing yet detrimental desserts, we will forever be under the spell, and complete control of, this diabolical hidden minority of government leaders who represent themselves rather than the people.

The falsified moon landings are utter proof that this is the state in which America lives today, the very admission of which would lead to these unscrupulous leaders’ demise. This is why there are more than a hundred websites and films in existence today, specifically dedicated to squashing the emerging truth of the “moon landings” blatant and deplorable falsification. The fact is, if the moon landings are so “obviously” real, then anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. Why then are there more than a hundred websites and videos, which took tens of thousands of hours to produce, specifically designed to refute the insane rantings of morons? As Shakespeare so famously said, “Thou does protest too much.” Another historical commentator said this . . .

“The likelihood of one individual being right, increases in direct proportion to the intensity with which others are trying to prove him wrong.”

Even former president Clinton, once holding the (allegedly) highest office in the land, doubts the authenticity of the moon landings.  On Page 156 of his autobiography “My Life” he states:

“Just a month before, Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had left their colleague, Michael Collins, aboard spaceship Columbia and ‘walked on the moon’, beating by five months President Kennedy’s goal of putting a man on the moon before the decade was out. The old carpenter asked me if I really believed it happened.  I said sure, I saw it on ‘television’. He disagreed; he said that he didn’t believe it for a minute, that ‘them television fellers’ could make things look real that weren’t. Back then, I thought he was a crank. During my eight years in Washington, I saw some things on TV that made me wonder if he wasn’t ahead of his time.”

If a president of the United States is finally admitting his doubts as to the authenticity of the “moon landings” (albeit, after he safely left office) and is calling those who perceive the truth of the event “ahead of their time”, shouldn’t you also reconsider your thinking on the matter, if you haven’t already?

A year or two after I produced “A Funny Thing happened on the way to the Moon”, I suppose influenced by courtroom television programs wherein witnesses take an oath on the Bible as to telling the Truth, I came up with the idea to track down as many “Apollo” astronauts as I could and simply ask them if they would swear on the Bible as to the authenticity of their “moon missions”.  It was during the production of this follow-up documentary that my infamous encounter with Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin occurred, in which he punched me after I called him “A Liar, a Coward, and a Thief”.
I certainly did not wake up that morning intending to say those strong words to Aldrin, neither did he plan earlier that day to sock me in the face.  It was just one of those unplanned moments that got heated up and Aldrin, in my opinion, overreacted.  Even if he did walk on the moon, as some would still like to believe, it would be hard to call him an “American hero” when he will not defend the constitutional right of free speech, instead physically attacking those who utter words of criticism against him, like so many arrogant communist dictators have done in the past. A great thing about America is that presidential candidates can openly call each other “Liars” when debating the facts, yet they do not punch each other in the face for doing so. If they did, I doubt if they would win any elections or be idolized for very long . . . so why is Aldrin?
I have received so many emails with the similar words, “I am not a violent person, yet I loved seeing you get punched, and I hope it happens again.” That is like saying, “I am faithful to my spouse, yet I regularly lust after others.” These are violent people in self-denial of their love for violence. When someone reacts with violence, or salivates at the sight of it, simply because I say that the moon landings were fraudulent, then like a radical religious sect which kills people for criticizing their prophet, this is irrefutable proof that this “moon landing” event has become a god to them (and a false one at that) whose prophet I have insulted. When it comes to false religion, just as it is with the false moon landings, it is this very fanaticism that prevents people from seeing the truth.
The more fanatical people become because I point out that their moon landing gods are frauds, the more this very fanatical behavior demonstrates their error on this subject to begin with. I have received uncounted death threats, just for saying that to people that their government lied to them on at least one occasion. I even received a death threat with the words, “I wish I could watch you, your wife, and your children, burn alive before my eyes!”  Has anyone on the “truther” side of this argument ever threatened the slightest violence against those who believed that the moon landings were real? I can firmly answer “no, not ever”. This radical defense of something that is supposed to be so “obvious” is proof itself that what is being defended is a lie.
While I do believe the things I said about Aldrin are true, I now feel that it was inappropriate to rebuke an older man so harshly (See 1st Timothy 5:1) Additionally, I too have been a liar, a coward, and a thief, it is just that I am mindful to be repentant of these things and Aldrin is not yet.  If I were to do it all over again, I am not sure I would have made the second film confronting the astronauts, as it even makes me a little uncomfortable to watch it. It is nevertheless, as some supporters of the truth have noted, a benefit to the historical record when viewed in the future, that these men were given the opportunity to come clean, and yet they instead adamantly chose to go to their graves with the poisonous lie which they fed lifelong to their misled countrymen.
I later offered Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin a sincere apology for my disrespectful words, and he immediately recompensed by purchasing a DVD of “A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Moon” online. With all this said, perhaps a viewing of my second film on this subject, Astronauts Gone Wild” (by clicking on the title or link below), is advisable at this time, to better understand this predicament I got myself and the astronauts into. Understandably, if people stumble upon“Astronauts Gone Wild” first on the internet, having never first seen “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”, their opinion of the truth about the “moon landings”, as well as my sincere efforts, painstaking diligence, and absolute surety in this truth so as to make such a second film, might be dramatically misunderstood, as this follow-up film does not offer the similar compelling proofs of the fraud as the first film did.
Or Copy and Paste the Link Below

Some assume that if the Soviet Union (Russian) or Chinese intelligence agencies found out that the American “moon landings” were fraudulent, they would immediately “spill the beans” (tell the truth) to the rest of the world without giving the highly important matter much deeper thought.  This is simply not the case, and again, thinking only one step farther than programmed to do so, reveals the actual truth.  If wars are created for the profiteering of the “Military Industrial Complex”, as many forward thinking people including President Eisenhower now realize, then foreign “adversaries” of the United States may only be profitable creations thereof, solely existing in the propagandized minds of Americans, just as the “moon landings” did, brought about through the deceptive CIA’s mainstream media outlets, done so to benefit the billionaire military manufacturers, who in turn, help get their like-minded politicians elected, thus perpetuating this endless cycle of lucrative lies which mutually feed corrupted bureaucrats and corporate contractors alike.

The truth is, the United States federal government has been engaged in a profitable war of some kind for 90% of its short history, yet never with Russia or China. As such, Russia and China are, in fact, allies of the United States, despite mainstream media and CIA fabrications which portray them, for financial gain, as “adversaries”, as trillions of dollars in regular annual mutually beneficial trading proves. (Just imagine a fake wrestling match in which both sides are paid by the same party.) This being the case, these overseas entities would not bring the truth of such an American scandal as the moon landing fraud into the light to injure such an important monetary trading partner toward their own financial loss, not to mention that their own hidden misdeeds would then be forced into the light in retaliation. Any “bad blood” the United States appears to have with these foreign powers is merely staged for the very purpose of keeping the trillions of dollars in profitable military spending flowing.

Even if these two “super-powers” were actual enemies of America (which they are not), they still would not expose the truth about the “moon missions”. For example, if I had a picture of a famous world leader with a prostitute, would it be more profitable for me to give the picture away to the media for free, or rather to blackmail the entrapped world leader, year after year, with ever increasing tolls? If such countries really were enemies of America and had proof of the moon landing fraud, which I suspect they probably do by now, it would serve their interests much more to keep such knowledge to themselves and blackmail the United States with the embarrassing information, year after year, administration after administration, to get the behind-the-scenes negotiations to favor them, whether it regards trade, arms, debt, or anything else they so desire. This is another good reason why the truth coming out about the moon landing fraud would be beneficial for America.  It would put an end to any potential blackmail about this past mistake from foreign governments.

The fact is, there were no “independent” tracking stations for the Apollo missions.  The only entities that had such capability were the United States’ own government agencies (who orchestrated the deception to begin with) and the aforementioned countries, who profited from keeping the secret. Additionally, NASA launched the “Tetra-A” satellite shortly before the Apollo missions, specifically designed to “simulate transmissions coming from the moon” so that the ground crews could rehearse the “moon landings” during their many simulations. It was then falsely reported that the Tetra-A satellite “accidentally burned up” in the earth’s atmosphere just before the first alleged moon mission, that way the government satellite could secretly still be in service, performing the same simulation function during the fake moon missions, convincing even the staff at NASA of their authenticity. In fact, an elderly retired NASA crew member recently acknowledged that . . .

“Our computers could tell no difference whatsoever between a ‘real’ and a ‘simulated’ moon mission.”

From Wikipedia regarding The Apollo Fraud:

“Some people insist that the Apollo moon landings were a Cold War deception of the Nixon administration.  However, ’empirical’ evidence is readily available to show that manned moon landings did occur.  Anyone on earth with an appropriate laser and telescope system can apparently bounce laser beams off three retro-reflector arrays reported to be left on the moon by Apollo 11, 14, and 15, suggesting deployment of the lunar laser ranging equipment at asserted Apollo moon landing sites, implying equipment constructed on earth was transported to the surface of the moon.  In addition, in August 2009, NASA’s lunar reconnaissance orbiter claimed to send back high-resolution photos of the estimated Apollo landing sites.  These government issued pictures show not only what is reported to be the faint shadows of the descent stages of the lunar landers allegedly left behind, but also apparent tracks of the astronauts’ walking paths nearby in the lunar dust.”

At first (and only) glance, these appear to be relevant arguments, yet each one is, surprisingly, most easily and unconditionally refuted with only a small amount of further investigation beyond the initial conditioned interpretation. First of all, it has recently come to light through employee “whistling blowing” that United States spy agencies regularly use “Wikipedia”, as well as hundreds of other websites, for deceitful misinformation purposes, as they can anonymously post intelligent sounding pro-government thesis to the masses, intentionally contradicting and smugly belittling factual “conspiracy theories” of very real crimes, of which they themselves have committed, in an attempt to conceal their own wrongdoing through such contrary postings.
The fact that billions of our tax dollars are being spent each year by the government for the very purpose of concealing their own past crimes by investing so many resources toward the perpetual lying to their own citizens, is utterly and supremely disgusting.
What high-ranking brave soul in the government will come forward to save their fellow citizens with this simple truth about the “moon landings”, in order to usher in the much needed governmental reform before our country sinks into oblivion?

When critics use statements like “empirical evidence (Because the Emperor says so?) is readily available to show that the manned moon landings did occur”, it not only shows their arrogance (which, in and of itself, demonstrates their blindness to the facts), it also exemplifies their desperation to make an argument, that is so much losing ground, that they have to resort to the tactic of claiming that if you don’t agree with them, you are somehow deficient in intelligence. Again, if the “moon landings” are so obviously real (even though they cannot be repeated today with fifty years more advanced technology, and the farthest a man can travel from the earth to the moon today is only 1/1000th as far as they allegedly did half a century ago with antiquated equipment on the very first attempt), and if there were no robust proof whatsoever of the missions deliberate falsification (when there is), then there would be no need whatsoever for the hundred plus films and websites, which took tens of thousands of hours to produce, solely dedicated to reassure the public of the “moon landings” genuineness! The fact that there are, is proof itself that mounting evidence does exist which proves the “moon missions” to be a CIA forgery, otherwise the deceptively claimed “obviousness” of their authenticity would speak for itself, without the repeated need of hundreds of websites and films to defend them. When a structure needs such continual precarious support and maintenance, this alone is evidence that the structure itself is not sound to begin with.

First of all, it was proven in 1962 that a laser can be bounced and calibrated off of the moon without a manmade reflector thereon, simply due to the reflectivity of the lunar surface. NASA just cleverly designated these reflective locations as “landing sites” for the very purpose of contriving this evidence. Furthermore, Russia put a manmade mirror on the moon’s surface during the same time of the “Apollo” missions, using instead an un-manned probe that would not have to suffer the biological ravages of lethal space radiation en route, one of the main reasons NASA was, and still is, unable to send humans to the moon.  Don’t believe me? Click HERE to see the March 1959 issue, Volume 200, Number 3, of the magazine “Scientific American”, article entitled “Radiation Belts Around the Earth”, to see how deadly and impenetrable space radiation is beyond the safety of low earth orbit where the space station currently resides (at an altitude of merely 250 miles above the earth, the moon being about 239,000 miles away, or roughly 1000 Times farther). Additionally, seeing how all of these lasers have their data computer controlled, it would only take one computer hacker to manipulate the information shown on a viewing screen, making even the employees of NASA ignorant of the actual facts. (This was precisely the case at “mission control” during the “moon missions”, where dozens of computer “operators”, actually just read the contrived preprogrammed data on their screens like news anchors, who do not write their own words, and who openly admitting afterwards that they could tell no difference whatsoever between a “real” flight and a “simulation”.)

Secondly, to say that additional “new” photographs from the criminal NASA are evidence that “prove” the alleged moon landings were real . . . is laughable. NASA already faked high resolution, full body pictures, of an astronaut supposedly standing right on the “moon’s surface” nearly fifty years ago, so what is it to fake additional pictures now, with almost five decades better “Photoshop” technology, of such simple things as alleged tiny shadows of lunar landers or supposed faint footpaths, from miles above the moon’s surface, allegedly taken from untrustworthy NASA’s orbiting satellites? These diehard believers are just seeing what they want to see, like a naïve spouse of a cheating partner, accepting the fox’s evidence that they didn’t steal a chicken.

Additional arguments against the fraud are reported to be the hundreds of thousands of people throughout the industry who contributed to the “moon missions”, who allegedly would have been informed of the fraud and kept it a secret. Again, seemingly a reasonable argument, yet it is not with only a little extra thought. Do you really think the CIA would be so careless as to tell hundreds of thousands of low-level contractors the goings-on of a top-secret project? Would the CIA really be so inept as to tell the person making the rocket’s door handle, or the glove or the boot of the spacesuit, that they were secretly faking the moon landings and to be sure not to tell anyone?!  Do we really think the CIA is stupid enough to tell hundreds of thousands of low-level workers something they wanted to keep as a strict secret?! Furthermore, to say that “because my uncle worked at NASA and believed the ‘moon landings’ were real is proof that they were real”, is like saying that because my uncle worked as a vender at the Super Bowl and believed that the game was honest, that this is proof that the football players didn’t cheat in their game.

Just like a pyramid of power in any business, what the employee, the manager, and the regional manager knows about the business’ actual agenda, is completely different than what the CEO at the very top knows. Remember, there were only three people (“trusted” government employees) who were actually there at the time of each “moon mission”, with no independent press coverage whatsoever. As demonstrated in my film “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”, the three crew members were indeed on the rocket, they did launch into earth orbit on July 16th, 1969 (to attain realistic “zero gravity” flight photography within the spacecraft), they did splash down in the ocean eight days later (to establish the authenticity), yet the rest of the mission, everything beyond earth orbit (which is only as far as astronauts can go today with fifty years more advanced technology), was completely contrived, like a masterful illusionist, by satellite data manipulation, complete media control, and professional movie sets. After all, what is easier to do, to actually build a rocket and travel to another planet with 1960’s technology on the very first attempt, or to simply make a movie set about it? The age-old argument “The simplest explanation is the true one”, which many Apollo proponents deceptively use to suggest the moon missions were real, actually proves the fraud instead!

The simple fact is, it is easier to fake a moon mission than to actually do one . . . the exact reason why the film “The Martian” was filmed in a simulated television studio, rather than on Mars.

Another overlooked fact is that, according to critic’s own “Scientific Method”, a Scientific claim, such as the supposed manned moon landings of the 1960’s, in order to be considered authentic, must be Independently Verified and Duplicated by a Third Party, which has never been done regarding the “Apollo” missions, as only the corrupt United States government has claimed that this feat was even possible, on the very first attempt, with antiquated 1960’s technology, even though no nation on earth can repeat the claim, even with fifty years more advancements in rockets and computers. This is precisely why, if someone today made the claim of perfecting “cold fusion”, yet said that they could not repeat their successful experiment for another fifty years, they would be laughed off of the planet. Yet, this is not the standard for the federal government’s manned moon landing claims of  1969, which cannot be repeated by any nation on earth, even fifty years later, and today the farthest NASA can send an astronaut is only 1/1000th the distance to the moon as they claimed to have done on the first try five decades ago! This “event” has become a god of so-called “scientists”, causing even intellectuals to either intentionally or subconsciously overlook highly valid criticism thereof.

Some of the best evidence proving the fraud is the fact that in 1998, when the space shuttle flew to its highest altitude ever, 365 miles, one third higher than they normally flew, mission control asked the crew to descend to a lower altitude due to lethal space radiation they encountered, by approaching too close to the “Van Allen Radiation Belts”, which don’t even begin until one thousand miles altitude (and continue for an additional 25,000 miles). That is to say, they were 635 miles away from radiation that was so intense, that the crew reported they could see the radiation with their eyes closed as sparks of light hitting the retinas of their closed eyes, and were subsequently told to descend away from it. When this happened, CNN inadvertently and unknowingly, indirectly reported the moon landing fraud by stating . . .

“The radiation belt surrounding earth is more dangerous than previously believed.”

Apparently, not a single journalist on the entire planet figured out, except for myself, that this statement totally contradicts the authenticity of the supposed moon landings.

The only time in world history when human beings have claimed to have traveled through the 25,000 mile thick radiation field called the “Van Allen Radiation Belts” (which, unbeknownst to most, surrounds the Earth starting at an altitude of one thousand miles and extends 25,000 miles beyond that) is during the alleged Apollo “moon missions”, as all other manned missions, from every country on earth, including the United States (such as Gemini, Mercury, Soyuz, Skylab, the Space Shuttle, and the current International Space Station), all orbited about 750 miles below this dangerous radiation field (merely 250 miles above the Earth’s surface), specifically out of safety concerns for the lethal radiation above them. Even airline crews, 240 miles below this orbital altitude, are subject to health concerns from this hazardous radiation.

Why is it then that Space Shuttle astronauts, some 635 miles away from this intense radiation, twenty-nine years after the first alleged moon mission, knew more about this radiation than the Apollo astronauts did who claimed they were in the middle of it to the moon and back? Remember, the Space Shuttle crew’s recent discovery proves that this large radiation field is “more dangerous than previously believed”. What is “previously believed” if not based on the previous reports from the “experts” of the radiation field, the Apollo crews, who were allegedly the only ones in all of world history to have ever traveled through this radiation, all with no ill health effects of any kind and no reports of the visible sparks of radiation being seen, as were later reported by the Shuttle crew from 635 miles away from the radiation!

Of course, this is simply not possible if the moon missions were real.

It means that the “moon mission” astronauts, who previously claimed to have been inside of this large radiation field lied about being there! Of course, if the “Apollo” crews never went through the Van Allen Radiation Belt, as this contradictory report reveals, then they certainly could not have gone to the moon either, which the traversing of this radiation would require. This is precisely why, fifty years later, all that astronauts from any nation on earth can do, including the United States, is orbit the earth at about 250 miles altitude. Seeing how the Space shuttle has killed fourteen people just orbiting at 250 miles above the Earth, and that with well proven, three decades newer technology than the “Apollo” program had, it is quite a conundrum that thirty years earlier, with antiquated untried machinery, NASA claims to have gone 1000 times farther without any fatalities or radiation health problems whatsoever.

According to the highly esteemed “National Research Council”, a private nonprofit scientific think-tank which submits recommendations to NASA based on the latest scientific findings, radiation beyond Earth orbit is so dangerous that “returning to the moon” is deemed impossible until better ways are found to protect astronauts from this lethal radiation. The question is, if the NRC says that “returning” to the moon is impossible today until better ways are found to protect astronauts from lethal space radiation beyond earth orbit (such as the Van Allen Radiation Belts), then how did men reach the moon on their very first attempt with 1960’s technology?

You can read their report by clicking HERE.

Likewise, when Bush Jr. was president, he went on national television and proclaimed that “The United States will return to the moon as a logical first step to Mars and beyond”. Did no one besides me notice that if they already really went to the moon six times, why would they need to do a “first” step over again for the seventh time? He was even so bold as to go on to say that “First we will need to learn how to protect astronauts from lethal space radiation.” Am I the only one curious enough to ask, “Why not do it the same way that worked so well the first time they went to the moon in 1969?

Why does no journalist, except me, connect the obvious dots with this very revealing information? Because the dots lead to a horrific truth that would appall the entire American nation, demanding that their government be re-formed. It is simply because today’s “journalists” are part of the CIA’s media empire that they are not given any assignments that could lead to their bosses’ undoing.

In December of 2014, NASA sent their brand new “Orion” spacecraft, un-manned, directly into the Van Allen Radiation Belt, to a 3,600 mile altitude, and then promptly u-turned it for a return to earth.

What is worth studying at 3,600 miles?

The Van Allen Radiation Belts.

According to NASA, the purpose of the “Orion” mission was to “test the instruments”. What “instruments” were onboard the Orion spacecraft? Two Geiger counters to measure the radiation inside of the radiation belts that are necessary to traverse in order to, perhaps someday, reach the moon.

Didn’t NASA already have these measurements fifty years ago from the Apollo moon missions, if indeed men actually went through the radiation belts to the moon and back? Why is it so important to “test the instrumentsinside of the radiation belts?

To see if humans can survive transversing it . . .

. . . for the very first time!

Apparently today’s new generation of NASA engineers, some in their twenties, have stumbled upon this significant NASA contradiction. Though they were probably led into the space exploration field by the motivation of the seemingly easy “moon missions” of the 1960’s, the fact that such an acclaimed feat cannot be repeated today, with five decades more advanced technology, and that aside from theses alleged “moon missions” of the Nixon administration, no one has ever gone more than 400 miles away from the earth in the nearly fifty years since, the trip to the moon being 1000 times farther than the space station is today, must make their positions at NASA with this newly discovered information quite precarious.

Kelly Smith, one of these twenty-ish engineers, was selected as the official “Orion” mission spokesperson in the following NASA video press release. Notice that Smith confirms that the radiation belts are made up of “Extreme Radiation”. He then again refers to the belts as “Dangerous Radiation”. Finally, for the third time, Smith plainly states . . .

“We must solves these (radiation) challenges before we send people through this region of space.”

The question is, if the solution to the dangerous radiation belt problem has yet to be invented (“We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space.”), then how is it that the Apollo crews during their alleged “moon missions” went through this dangerous and extreme radiation fifty years ago when the necessary equipment to survive doing so has yet to be invented?! (“We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space.”)


or Copy and Paste

Did Kelly Smith reveal this contradiction accidentally . . . or intentionally?

When I asked NASA’s press office if I could interview Kelly Smith about this matter, they refused to grant him permission to talk with me. When I emailed a list of mostly harmless questions about the Orion mission, NASA politely answered all of them. When I submitted a more difficult inquiry about Kelly Smith’s three statements about the dangerous radiation of the Van Allen Belts and how the radiation problem must be solved before NASA can send astronauts through them, NASA refused to reply to these questions, as if I had never asked them. When I asked for the radiation readings of the Orion spacecraft’s two onboard Geiger Counters, NASA said that such measurements were a “government secret. When I asked why such ordinary information about nature was a secret, NASA refused to answer this question and then terminated all further communication with me. (Just 1 REM of radiation per hour is five times a lethal dose. As you will read later below, the radiation belts contain up to 100 REM per hour.)

When NASA sent publicly funded probes and spacecraft to measure the temperature of the sun and the amount of hydrogen in Jupiter’s atmosphere, this information was readily available to the public, after all, why would a measurement of nature be a secret? Likewise, the amount radiation in the Van Allen Radiation Belts which surround the Earth is simply a part of nature, and as such, there is no reason whatsoever why such a simple radiation measurement of nature would be a government secret . . . unless disclosing such measurements would reveal the impossibility of the “moon” crews to have survived going through them, especially when NASA just acknowledged, accidentally or otherwise, that such protection from this “dangerous” and “extreme” radiation has yet to be invented by the government agency and “must” be invented “before we send people through this region of space.”

Quite interesting . . . Yes?

James Van Allen, the discoverer of the radiation belts, originally said that they were “100-1000 times more radioactive than a lethal dose! Under pressure from the CIA, Van Allen dramatically recanted his original findings in order to make it appear as if a moon landing were possible. Below is the link to his original published findings in the respected national journal “Scientific American”, in which Van Allen spoke plainly about the radiation belts beyond earth orbit being “an obstacle for practical space travel to the moon and beyond”, just as Kelly Smith of the “Orion” mission did.

Van Allen himself said this after NASA sent probes with Geiger counters into the radiation belts in 1958:

“Our measurements show that the maximum radiation level as of 1958 is equivalent to between 10 and 100 REM per hour, depending on the still undetermined proportion of protons to electrons. Since a human being exposed for two days to even 10 REM would have only an even chance of survival, the radiation belts obviously present an obstacle to space flight.”

Click HERE to read: “Van Allen Belts Deadly Radiation

(The above comments are at the very end of the article.)

Occupational safety limits for radiation is 5 REM over an entire year, as the danger is calculated by the amount of REM and the period over which it is received, and thereby gradually absorbed, so that the body may have time to incrementally expel the radiation before it reaches a lethal level. Absorbing 5 REM of radiation in just an hour, rather than a year, is 24 times a lethal dose. 10 REM of radiation absorbed in an hour is therefore 48 times more lethal a dose than 10 REM gradually absorbed and expelled over two days (or 48 hours), which Van Allen himself said was already a lethal dose (as calculated by it killing 50 percent of those exposed to it). Rounding 48 times a lethal dose per hour in the radiation belts up to 50 (for the slightly longer than an hour trip through them to leave Earth orbit and reach the moon) and then doubling the amount for the return from the moon through the radiation belts again to re-enter Earth orbit, this is, according to Van Allen himself, a minimum of 100 times a lethal dose and a maximum of 1000 times a lethal dose for the trip to the moon and back.

The “Apollo” spacecraft (the name means “deceiver“) had inferior shielding (1/8th of an inch of aluminum) compared to that of a medical x-ray technician, who wears a much more heavy and effective lead vest (lead being prohibitive to launch into space because of its excessive weight), even though the radiation exposure to a chest x-ray is 1/5000th of the radiation exposure to the Van Allen radiation belts, and that only for a split second, rather than continually for more than two hours during a theoretical trip to the moon and back. Some misinformed and grasping NASA fans have falsely claimed that the Apollo astronauts did not go through the radiation belts while others claim that they only went through weak fringe parts thereof (though NASA never made any such claims), yet this is a scientific impossibility unless the launches took place at the North or South Poles where there are small openings in the belts (as Van Allen clearly stated at the end of the above article), as there was no additional fuel available to zigzag around them and launching closest to the equator as possible, where the radiation belts are strongest, permitted the necessary fuel savings to attain earth orbit.

Launching at the poles would be virtually impossibility due to the extreme cold temperatures, at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit (19 C) or more below safe launch temperatures (because the cold dramatically deteriorates sensitive launch equipment), as the Space Shuttle Challenger’s cold launch explosion at just 36 degrees Fahrenheit (2 C) already proved was deadly. What these diehard unresearched supporters of the fraud have inadvertently admitted, is that yes indeed the radiation belts are deadly, just as Van Allen and NASA’s own Kelly Smith acknowledged in the “Orion” mission video press release. By desperately suggesting that the crews must have gone around the radiation belts (when NASA says they did not) in a forlorn attempt to prove that the moon missions were real, is their plain acknowledgement of the belt’s lethality, as they have themselves unknowingly conceded that the missions were scientifically impossible because of this.

Even self-proclaimed “moon” astronaut Alan Bean, when I interviewed him unprepared for my challenging questions, accidentally admitted on camera that he did not travel through the lethal Van Allen radiation belts (which he would have to in order to reach the moon). When I pointed out this error to him, he corrected himself by saying, “Maybe we did (go through the radiation belts)”. When I asked him if he experienced any unusual phenomenon from traveling through the radiation belts, he said “No”. When I pointed out to him that a crew of the space shuttle, decades after his alleged moon mission, on the highest altitude of any space shuttle flight, more than 600 miles away from just the beginning of the intense radiation belts, experienced radiation that was so severe, even from that great distance away, that they could see the radiation as sparks of lights hitting the retinas of their closed eyes, Bean then suddenly remembered seeing the same phenomenon that he just previous denied seeing! When I pointed out to him that I believed that this space shuttle crew was the first of any astronauts in history to report this strange optical radiation phenomenon, he changed his story a third time to keep up with the revelatory information, and immediately recanted what he had just said about seeing the radioactive “sparks of light” in the first place!

(Replay Alan Bean’s accidental Truth telling, and failed attempt to cover it up, at 13:41 – 18:53 in “Astronauts Gone Wild” by clicking HERE.)

(You can also see at time 27:31 – 27:45 in “Astronauts Gone Wild” by clicking HERE, that Eugene Cernan said that the descent engine to the lunar surface was “very loud”, while Bean says that “you couldn’t hear it because of the vacuum of space”.)

Which is it guys?  Get your stories straight!

In another twenty-first century NASA video (below), a Space Station astronaut also admits that earth orbit is still the technological limitation of the government’s manned spacecraft, even with fifty years of better rocket and computer technology. He even accidentally says that NASA hopes to “eventually” send astronauts to the moon.

Click HERE to see this admission

or copy and paste the link below.

In August of 2009 it was reported, albeit as a news oddity (and it certainly was) that a “moon rock”, personally given to the president of the Netherlands by Neil Armstrong in 1969 (who supposedly hand picked it off of the moon’s surface himself), was opened forty years later from its hermetically sealed container by a curious museum curator in order to verify its authenticity after they had watched “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”. Following microscopic examination, the rock was actually verified to be a forgery! (A deceptive “another-worldly” looking piece of petrified wood instead!)  Yet again, not a single journalist, except for myself, asked the question, “If the moon rocks are fake . . . What about the moon missions?” (You can read the story about the fake “moon rock” by clicking HERE.)

After Neil Armstrong’s departure from this life, in 2012, his widow found a “bag of moon souvenirs” in the back of his closet. The problem is, for Armstrong’s entire life, he said that these specific items were left on the moon! Again, more proof that the “moon missions” took place on earth was completely ignored by most of the media.  (You can read the story by clicking HERE.)

When I discovered absolute proof (actual, on camera evidence) that the Apollo astronauts never left earth orbit (contained in a newly discovered unedited NASA reel which was never broadcast to the public; debuted in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” and showcased below) and presented this controversial discovery to a news director at NBC, he turned pale white, practically fainted, and collapsed in his chair exclaiming, “Oh, my God! It looks like we didn’t go to the moon!

“I know”, I said, “What do we do?”

This man, who held the betterment of America in his hand, thought for a long time and then finally said, “I cannot broadcast this with a clear conscious. It will cause a civil war. I will not be the one responsible for that.

While I disagree that the public knowing the truth about the alleged moon landings would cause a civil war, Americans would undoubtedly demand immense government reform, or possibly a new institution thereof, as well as start investigating other matters of their yet uncovered dark corruption and deception. Naturally, government criminals would rather not get caught and preserve their underhanded way of life, which the release of this truth would inevitably bringThis is precisely why my film has never been broadcast, only to be seen on DVD and the internet. Instead, numerous networks (owned or controlled by the CIA) have broadcast a dozen full-length documentaries as to why my well-known film’s accusations are “unfounded”.

If more people would only view with an open, deprogrammed mind, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”, which contains newly discovered undeniable video evidence of the moon landing fraud, then they would see, with their own eyes, these recently uncovered unedited behind-the-scenes outtakes of false photography from the first “moon mission”, which prove the deception beyond any doubt. In fact, four out of five people who actually view this footage, who previously thought that the alleged “moon landings” were real, recant their belief in the supposed mission’s authenticity. Thusly you can see why government broadcasters are terrified to present this extremely condemning evidence to the public on national television. If they did so, they would be forced to painfully acknowledge, as the news director at NBC did, that this new discovery proves that the supposed “moon missions” were instead a clever government deception. Doing so would also be admitting the mainstream media’s own complicity in the fraud, by as they were the means through which this deplorable lie was disseminated. The public would then call into question not only the very foundational integrity of the United States federal government, yet also the media’s, for their own manipulative participation in this despicable dishonesty.

The highly condemning unedited outtakes of blatant false photography which I discovered, were never broadcast to the public. In them, Neil Armstrong is using a one-foot diameter model of the Earth, inside of the spacecraft from Earth orbit, to create the illusion for the television audience, that he and his crew were halfway to the moon, when they were in reality still in Earth orbit, from which they never left. This is absolute proof that, though they were on the rocket at launch and achieved Earth orbit, the crew never went any farther than Earth orbit, just as is the limit today, even with fifty years of improvements in rockets and computers.

This revealing footage is even dated by NASA’s own computer clock as having taken place two days into Armstrong’s flight, when he is supposed to be halfway to the moon, or some “135,000 miles away from the Earth”, yet he and his crew are clearly shown in these revealing unedited outtakes to still be in Earth orbit two days after the launch, and are instead, falsifying the television photography in order to deceive the viewing public as to their real location. The CIA is even heard on a private, third audio channel, prompting Armstrong to respond to Mission Control’s questions only after four seconds have elapsed, in order to create the false impression of an increased radio delay, so as to appear to be much farther from the Earth than he and his crew actually were. To best understand this important evidence, a second viewing may be advised, as I too had to look at the newly discovered footage again to realize its incredible significance.

Jump ahead to time 32:03 – 40:50 in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” by clicking HERE (or below) if you do not wish to repeat the viewing of the entire forty-seven minute documentary and only see again these newly discovered unedited outtakes of Neil Armstrong falsifying mission photography during the historic and now infamously falsified flight, as well as hear the CIA themselves secretly prompting the crew, instructing them to wait four seconds before answering NASA, in order to give the false impression of the greater claimed distance away from Earth, that of allegedly being “halfway to the moon”, which would cause an increased radio delay in their response.

Do to the obvious genuineness of the footage I uncovered (as it precisely matches NASA’s other broadcasts in which they claim the very same footage to be “halfway to the moon”), NASA had to acknowledge that this newly discovered unedited behind-the-scenes video from the first “moon mission” (which debuted in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”) is indeed authentic, they simply said that I was “misinterpreting” it. Misguided diehard fans of NASA and detractors of my documentary on the internet elaborated a bit more, to their very own demise. They plainly acknowledge the fact that the crew was indeed falsifying the photography of being “halfway to the moon in these newly discovered outtakes of mission photography (as nearly everyone has the mind to see and admit after examining it), desperately suggesting instead that the crew was faking the photography to “rehearse” the scene for the television audience.

The fact is, this “moon mission” cost about fifteen million dollars per minute in today’s value. As such, the last thing the crew would ever do would be wasting their precious time, and limited weight, by carrying and creating a model of the Earth in space at an alleged distance of halfway to the moon, when the real Earth was supposed to be right outside their window! If the crew was “rehearsing”, then they would have just “rehearsed” with the real Earth out the window rather than wasting valuable time and weight creating an unnecessary model of what supposedly really existed just outside the window! Furthermore, the edited and approved segments of this exact footage, those without the unedited errors that I uncovered which give the illusion away, appear in numerous NASA documentaries where their narrator refers to the very same footage as “genuinely” being halfway to the moon! Additionally, with their already being talk at the time in 1969 by 10% of Americans that the mission was disingenuous government propaganda, the last thing NASA would ever do, if the mission was real, would be to risk falsifying any of it, for the fear that they would be accused of such dishonesty, if indeed the mission was real.

What critics have inadvertently done, is acknowledged that indeed the first “moon crew” falsified part of their photography!

Thank you!

(You can thusly see why broadcasters will not present my film with this clip in it.)

The fact is, if they really went to the moon, there would be no need to falsify any of the photography! It is that simple. Thusly if any of the photography is proved to be false, as even my critics admit that this footage is, then likewise the missions also have to be false.

Just as if only one ingredient at a salad bar is contaminated with poison it fails the entire health inspection, having discovered just one reel of false photography from the missions is more than enough proof to disqualify them as authentic!

All that critics were left with to say in their desperate attempt to extinguish the blazing fire of the truth contained in this remarkable newly uncovered, unedited behind-the-scenes footage of outtakes of blatant false photography from the first “moon mission”, was a feeble effort to diminish its significance by falsely claiming that it was “no big discovery because the video is readily available to the public”. These people are obviously lying through their teeth. It says in big letters, right at the beginning of the newly discovered reel, “Not for Public Distribution”. Additionally, as this footage was never shown prior to my film’s release, this also conclusively proves that is was not “readily available to the public” as they falsely claimed.

When someone has to lie to defend something, this is proof itself that what they are defending is a lie.

Take it from someone who has personally and exhaustively gone through the entire NASA archives, more than any journalist or diehard fan of the “moon missions” has ever done. This is the only un-edited reel available. Absolutely everything else is pre-edited. My detractors know this, and shortly after my film debuted, they borrowed some of the footage to hastily put into their new pro-NASA releases, in their dying attempt to minimize the important discovery. Yet, in their version of my newly discovered footage, they specifically deleted the most incriminating video segments, as well as the revealing audio of the CIA prompting the astronauts with Talk at the beginning of the deplorable fraudulent footage, done so to remind Armstrong to respond to Mission Control’s questions only after four seconds have elapsed, so as to create the false impression of an increased radio delay and thusly appearing to be much farther away from the Earth than he and his crew actually were. Why would they delete this important betraying audio in their films, if this newly discovered hidden track of secret communications revealed nothing of the forgery?

Some despondent critics have even suggested that I am the one doing the deceiving, simply because in my documentary I move from one relevant part of the new footage to another. As my film is only forty-seven minutes in length and the unedited reel is one hour forty-eight minutes long, this is no more “deceptive” than a news sportscaster, with limited time for their program, showing just the highlights of a football game. Some, believe it or not, are so desperate to keep the truth buried, that they have even suggested that I staged the violent attacks which I received from the various angry astronauts in “Astronauts Gone Wild“!

I am constantly assailed with the age-old juvenile, ineffective, and disreputable technique of assaulting the messenger of bad news, rather than the message itself, by those who feel they have no other course of action because the reality of my position speaks for itself and cannot be truthfully refuted otherwise. The fact that critics resort to attacking the messenger of bad news is proof itself that the message is truthful, otherwise they would have no need to do so in the defense of their position, if their position was not so dramatically faltering to begin with and in such dire need of misdirection from the condemning evidence.

This reminds me of the 2016 leaks of the Democratic Party leadership obtained from hacked computers. Instead of the FBI pursuing the criminals who brazenly rigged a presidential primary, one in which the candidate with the most votes (Bernie Sanders) repeatedly received the least delegates (a revelation of such corruption that the people involved resigned in humiliation from their lofty positions at the disclosure of this unethical behavior), the alleged federal “policing agency” chose instead to start a prosecutorial investigation into those who merely released the condemning truthful information of the illegal acts (the messenger), rather than pursue those who actually committed the unlawful election rigging in the first place! What a sad, sad joke of our country’s government.

“The further a society drifts from the Truth,

the more it will hate those who speak it.”

 -George Orwell-

Here is an example of a typical email which I receive, and occasionally respond to, after someone watches me being punched by Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin in a news clip, yet fails to look at any other evidence:


On Monday, July 17, 2017 8:37 PM,

Mark wrote:

Mr. Sibrel,

[email protected]@ YOU [email protected]@.


My reply:


Greetings!  I hope you are well!

Why on earth would you go out of your way to send a fifty-four year old man, whom you have never met and whom has never done you any harm, such a nasty email filled with cursing and name calling, just because he has a different point of view than you?

Such behavior only demonstrates that your mind is warped.

In such a condition, how could you possibly perceive the truth in something so intricate as to whether or not the disreputable federal government, who only recently admitted to starting the Vietnam War with a falsified attack on US soldiers, by US soldiers, blamed on the North Vietnamese in order to gain public support for entering the war (which led to the deaths of over a million people), whether or not the same highly corrupt and murderous federal government also deceived the public about the moon landings around the same time for financial and political gain?

Thank you though for proving me right, as your violent and vulgar behavior towards someone, who merely holds a different point of view than you, clearly demonstrates that your estranged mind is not thinking clearly enough to perceive the truth, even if it is a foot away from you.

It is interesting that some people see the exact opposite of you, that it is the astronauts who are the deplorable cowards, and they regard me as a hero for courageously standing up to them, against the vast misled public opinion such as yours, standing alone to publicly expose their hidden corruption. Except people on the side of exposing this fraud do not send hate emails to the other side like you and so many others do, calling us childish curse-filled names like a spoiled third grader does, simply because we see things differently than you, the very emotionally imbalanced actions of which prove the fallacy of your argument to begin with.

Have you ever wondered why they claimed to have walked on the moon, on the very first attempt (even though, right here on earth, Mt. Everest and the South Pole took numerous tries before success), allegedly accomplishing this amazing feat with antiquated 1960’s technology (while today a cell phone has one million times the computing power than all of NASA did back then), yet fifty years later, the farthest that an astronaut can travel from the earth to the moon is only 1 / 1000th  the distance despite five decades more advanced rockets and computers?


Your mind is clouded with something if you cannot see the reality of this blatant contradiction of the normal technological advancement of things, and then respond like a rabid dog to those who merely see things differently than you.

The supposed moon landings have become a god to you, and a false one at that, whose prophet I have insulted.  Your vulgar and violent reaction towards another person, who merely holds a different opinion than you, proves that you are in this lost religious trance, which not only inhibits you from seeing the truth, it also itself demonstrates that you are wrong to begin with.

Be blessed anyway,

Bart Sibrel


Here is a positive email:


On Friday, July 21, 2017 5:57 PM,

Mike wrote:


I loved your article on did NASA really go to the moon years ago. I’ve also watched your films and they are awesome.

You are very brave. It takes a lot of courage to expose these devils. I’m just asking you to be careful. They have killed many people for doing a lot less than you. I’m afraid of what might happen to you if you continue to push it.

I wish there were millions more just like you. I’m hoping that this younger generation will rise up – demand answers – and force a restructuring of the government and give us leaders we can trust.

I wish I could make a difference like you have. I think you are great and I admire you. I’m praying for your safety, and I wish you all the best in the future.

Kindest regards, Mike


About a year before the infamous punch, I interviewed the second man to not walk on the moon, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. He sat down with me thinking that I was going to interview him in order to help him make money off of a book he was promoting about his lifelong lie. Instead, I had a television monitor set up to ask him about the newly discovered unedited outtakes of false photography from his “moon mission”, in which he was actually the camera operator orchestrating the deception.

You have to understand, at that moment, with two professional television cameras there, a crew of about five people, as well as professional lights and microphones, Aldrin thought, for a brief moment, that the news story of the moon landing fraud had just broken worldwide. It was at this time that he exclaimed in anger (at time 8:58 – 9:11 in the sequel to my film entitled “Astronauts Gone Wild”, showcased in the link below), “And this makes you a real famous person that has discovered this and reveals all this stuff! What an ego you must have to want to propel yourself (your career) like this!” The question is, if I was wrong with my discovery, how could I become famous from exposing nothing? Therefore, this statement itself is an admission of guilt, as he didn’t say I was wrong with my revelation, rather he said that I had impure motives for revealing this truth to the world. (You can see these remarks of his in “Astronauts Gone Wild” by clicking HERE.)

Aldrin even shouted back (at time 8:30 – 8:38), “Well you’re talking to the wrong guy! Why don’t you talk to the administrator of NASA! We’re (only) passengers! We’re guys going on a flight!” (See this remark of his by clicking HERE in “Astronauts Gone Wild“.)

As Aldrin said that they were “only passengers“, then that certainly means that no one never piloted the lunar module to the moon’s surface, as claimed, because a passenger and a pilot are certainly very different from one another. (Merely orbiting the earth for eight days, entirely under the control of NASA, is what made him a passenger, not a pilot, as he firmly admitted.)

Aldrin finally remembered that I was not with “ABC” (news) as he previously believed, rather “ABC-Digital”, the name of my independent television production company at the time. At this point, when he realized that the discovery of the fraud was isolated, by an independent television producer, not yet broadcast worldwide by a major television network as he previously thought, he started backpedaling on his admission of guilt and started to reassert, though not very convincingly, his mission’s alleged authenticity. When Aldrin finally realized that he had made critical errors in judgment by acknowledging twice, with the above two statements, that I was right in regard to my discovery of the truth, he threatened to sue me if I showed his on-camera admissions of guilt to anyone. Certainly if these two statements were not admissions of guilt, he would have no problem releasing them to the public. (See Aldrin’s threat of a lawsuit at time 10:11 – 10:18 in “Astronauts Gone Wild” by clicking HERE.)

Seeing how my job as a filmmaker of more than thirty-five years is to make fake scenes look real, this specific expertise of mine is how I first discerned that the “moon missions” were filmed inside of a television studio with electrical light, rather than with sunlight on a natural exterior landscape, as was claimed. In fact, more than twenty-five years ago, in showing a colleague of mine who had many more years of professional filmmaking experience than I, a recent dramatic film I had just completed, he complimented me by saying, “I really liked the way you captured the sunset at the end of your movie.” I smiled and said, “That was actually an electrical light, not the sun.”

In the case of the “moon” scenes that were allegedly lit solely with the bright sunlight on the atmosphereless moon, the shadows from one object (or person) compared to another, will always, without exception, run parallel with one another and never intersect. Yet, in several of the photographs allegedly taken on the moon, shadows from one object or person run at a different angle than the other and eventually intersect. This would be absolutely impossible in sunlight, as the sun, the alleged only light source in the “moon” pictures, is one million times bigger in volume than the Earth, and therefore evenly lights in the exact same direction of any given area over the entire Earth.

See the direction of the SHADOWS below.

Real Sunlight (Parallel Shadows)

Electrical Light (Intersecting Shadows)

According to NASA, no electrical lighting whatsoever was used on any of the missions because the moon has no atmosphere of any kind, therefore the sunlight there is twenty times brighter than on Earth, so the last thing any photographer on the moon would need is an electrical light that would cast intersecting shadows, unless of course they were really in an enclosed film studio, as the above picture proves beyond any doubt.

In fact, all that is needed to prove the entire moon landing fraud is this one picture above, which contains ninety-degree intersecting shadows from objects that are five feet apart from each other, which is completely impossible to duplicate in real sunlight. Proving the moon landing fraud is really this simple. Now we know what the phrase “Eyes Wide Shut” really means. If it were not for people’s emotional attachment to the beloved event, they would look at the above picture, admit the fraud, and quickly re-form the corrupt government because of it.

No serious critic of the moon landing fraud has ever even attempted to explain this photograph because they simply cannot do so without outright lying or a making an elaborate clever attempt to intentionally mislead people, as the “National Geographic” did in their “Urgent Television Report” on how the moon landing hoax was supposed to not be a hoax at all, in their vain attempt to bury this specific emerging truth. They went to a California desert at night to allegedly “simulate” the conditions on the moon, which were actually supposed to have taken place in sunlight. They dressed up an actor in an “astronaut” costume, had them stand a few feet apart from a fellow television crewmember, brought in one electrical light to supposedly accurately simulate the sun, and basically said, “See! The shadows of the two people standing near one another intersect in our ‘moon simulation’, so filmmaker Bart Sibrel is wrong.”

The very simple fact is this: Why didn’t they just wait 12 hours and use the very same desert during the day with real sunlight to accurately depict the sunlit conditions on the moon in which the missions allegedly took place? These government propagandists claimed, “We can’t duplicate the sun”, yet they easily could have if they only filmed in the very same spot 12 hours earlier, in natural sunlight! They went on national television trying to prove me and “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” wrong with the exact same evidence that proves me right . . . all the while telling the viewers the exact opposite!

The point is, their shadows in their false demonstration intersected because their “moon simulation” was lit with electrical light, just as the NASA pictures were! While they intentionally misled the viewers into believing that this proved that the moon missions were real, their demonstration actually proved that the moon missions were fake instead!

In their “NASA’s moon” simulation, with electrical light, the shadows did intersect, just like in some of the fake NASA pictures, proving that they also were lit with electrical light, as both had intersecting shadows! They went on national television and falsely claimed, “These results directly contradict the conspiracy claims”, when in fact their demonstration proves that the NASA picture were also taken with electrical light, as it was an electrical light which produced the similar intersecting shadows! They told this blatant lie in a deceptive attempt to confuse the viewer from seeing the truth, when in fact, these very results of theirs proved the moon landings to be false!

Do you see this?!

They went to the desert at night, allegedly, to get a black background like on the moon, yet this was not the point of the experiment. The point of the experiment was to see which of the two casts parallel shadows: sunlight or electrical light, because the assertion I made in my film was that the reason the shadows intersect in some of the NASA pictures is because they were lit with electrical light inside of a film studio instead of sunlight outside on the moon as they falsely claimed, where the shadows would never intersect!

Did you get this?

The “National Geographic” Channel (a propaganda arm of the United States government) simulated the “moon” pictures (matched them) by using electrical light, not sunlight, which means that the Apollo pictures were also taken with electrical light, not sunlight, meaning they were taken on earth! . . . All the while they tried to mislead the audience into believing the exact opposite of the truth, that this deceptive “evidence” of theirs proved the moon mission’s authenticity, when in fact this exact evidence proves the fraud instead. It proves that the NASA pictures were also taken with electrical light, and that this is precisely why the shadows intersected in their reenactment, as well as the NASA pictures, because they were both taken on Earth with electrical light, which is what caused the intersecting shadows in both cases!

The National Geographic program further lied in their “special report” when they said “only a very small group of people believe that the moon missions were fraudulent”. Really? Is 60 million of 300 million Americans a “very small group”? (Not to mention approximately 4 billion others, in other non-brainwashed countries, that perceive the truth!) If the group of believers of the truth is so “very small”, as they falsely claimed, then what is the esteemed “National Geographic” Channel doing wasting an entire expensive hour of television, and tens of thousands of dollars in production costs, trying to convince such a “small minority” out of their “crazy” and “insignificant” error? Obviously these extensive resources are being spent because of the growing millions of Americans who are awakening to their senses, that networks like these are trying to keep the multitudes perpetually deceived and asleep to overlook their past as well as ongoing crimes.

Their own “expert” on the program, as to the moon landings alleged authenticity, the one of such astuteness that he proved my film right when he was trying to prove it wrong, admitted that his life’s work is to convince people that the moon landings were real. Why would this be anyone’s life’s work if the moon missions were so “unquestionably real”, the numbers opposed to him were so “very small”, and the people opposed to his belief were merely “crazy” as the program repeatedly insinuated? Would you spend your entire life’s energy trying to convince crazy people who thought that the country’s first president was Mickey Mouse that it was really George Washington?  Of course not. The amount of time, energy, and expensive resources spent on this and a hundred other films and websites to convince alleged defective simpletons of the supposed “obviousness” of the claimed moon landings, itself speaks of deliberate propagandizing of a lie.


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You just saw for yourself in the above video clip how intersecting shadows are caused by a nearby electrical light, yet others defend this glaring proof of the fraud in a completely different way, when the defense, if true, should be identical. Others suggest that the earth’s reflection is casting a secondary shadow or that the reflection of the moon’s surface may be doing this. First of all, which of the two is it? If they were really so sure, they would pick just one. If it is both, then there would be three shadows from every object, one from the sun, one from the earth, and one from the moon’s surface, with all three going in three different directions.

First of all, the shadows in the above picture are the exact same length in proportion to the object casting them and the exact same intensity, which means that they are cast from the same light source. Additionally, the sun is a million times bigger than the earth and ten thousand times brighter, so the notion that the earth could cast an equally intense shadow, and at the exact same length, makes this doubly impossible. Secondly, a reflective surface, in this case supposedly the ground, would be sending light, if any, directly up, so that a shadow, if it did cast one, would be in the sky or ceiling, because a light source cannot cast a shadow upon itself. Additionally, this type of reflective light is called “fill” light in the film industry, specifically because it does not cast a direct shadow itself. Rather than taking a stranger’s biased opinion of it, just go outside yourself in sunlight to a white concrete driveway or a white beach, which is much more reflective than the gray moon, and you will see for yourself that sunlit shadows will always run parallel, even on top of white surfaces, which in no way can cast a shadow themselves. Only a direct light can cause a direct shadow. Pretty simple actually.

This is precisely why this photograph with ninety degree intersecting shadows is so condemning, as even the National Geographic proved that it occurred because of a an electrical light, yet tried to deceive the viewer to not realize this fact. This is also precisely why these endless lame, false, and inconsistent excuses to cover for the fraud must be invented and are invested in with such enormous amounts of energy, because without them, it means that the moon landings were indeed falsified. These people are emotionally and pride driven, not fact driven, as I have just proved. Just because a guilty person’s lawyers have an explanation for every single piece of condemning evidence, does not mean that the explanations are true.

Even the scene at time 30:38 – 31:06 in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” (Click HERE to view), in which the astronauts appear to be “floating” around in 1/6th gravity, is so obviously a simple, yet very convincing, “slow motion” effect, that when they showed the same clip from my film in their deceptive “National Geographic” television special, which was specifically created to disprove my damaging film, they deliberately “zoomed in” on this footage, far beyond the soles of the astronaut’s feet and the dirt on which they walked, intentionally done so that the viewers could not see the astronauts only getting the same half inch above the ground as they also do here on earth, which my film specifically exemplified as condemning evidence. When you simply double the speed of the footage with professional video equipment, it becomes blatantly obvious that the seemingly convincing “1/6th gravity floating effect” is nothing more than a rudimentary, yet effective, “slow motion” effect. Truly, this alone proves that they were not on the moon, where they should have been able to leap several feet off of the ground, which they only accomplished in later missions with improved hidden cables to overcome this initial error on their part.  This program’s deliberate concealment and misrepresentation of the facts itself proves that my claims are true, otherwise they would have no need to lie in order to make their point.

“Myth Busters” deceived themselves and the viewers by doing the very same thing as the “National Geographic” special did, by lighting their simulated “moonscape” with electrical light rather than sunlight, in which the moon landings were claimed to be filmed, in an inverted attempt to allegedly simulate the lighting conditions on the moon, when in reality what they really did is prove that NASA’s alleged moon pictures were also taken with electrical light, rather that sunlight, as it was with an electrical light that they were able to match the intersecting shadows and the other anomalies of the NASA pictures, all the while they falsely claimed that this methodology proved that the missions were real, when in reality it actually proved them false! They, like the others, did not use sunlight to simulate sunlight simply because it would have proved me and my film correct. This proves beyond a doubt that their real intention was to deceptively mislead the television viewers into wrongly believing the exact opposite of the truth.

As before, if this misrepresentation was intentional, then deliberately lying to make a contested point proves that their position is false to begin with. If such an inversion of the truth was accidental, then it proves their complete incompetence on the subject to begin with, whose conclusions therefore must be in error. Either way, it proves that the “moon landings” were lit with electrical light and thereby indeed false, completely contrary to their grossly misleading presentation.

It was when I pointed out these deceptions or errors of theirs that the producers of these two shows (who I believe were NASA surrogates) recanted to have me on their programs, or deleted my previously recorded interviews from their content, because not only did I prove that the moon landings were fraudulent, I also exposed their blatantly deceptive and backwards methodology to make their misleading points to a beguiled public, something they were not about to broadcast.

If a television program about the moon landing “conspiracy theory” refuses to have on their show the world’s leading advocate on this very subject, or deliberately deletes conclusive evidence from him of the fraud from their content, then how can they at all be trusted to be presenting the truth in the first place? If the moon landings are so obviously real and incontestable as they falsely claimed, then they would let me speak uncensored about their fraudulent methodology, and show the newly discovered, and highly condemning, unedited video evidence without any fear whatsoever, which neither of them had any intention of doing.  Thusly, the final lie of theirs was that their program on this subject was a genuine open debate of the issue, rather than a production whose sole purpose was to reassure the doubting public that this age old government deception, which is steadfastly coming to light, is still trustworthy despite overwhelming mounting evidence.

Do you see how upside-down the truth is presented on national propaganda television? The real “myth” is that astronauts went a thousand times farther than they can go today, with fifty year older technology, on the first attempt, with one-millionth the computing power of a cell phone. This is the myth that they should be busting. Instead, they are really a propaganda arm of the corrupt United States government and the CIA, whose native language is lies, saying that the truth of the fraud is a myth, and that the myth of the supposed landings is the truth, all the while the corrupt federal government charges their citizens hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes for the honor of being lied to by their deceptive “leaders” . . . Utterly disgusting.

Do you have eyes that Truly perceive . . .

or only eyes which see,

what the magician wants you to see?

NBC, my old alma mater, for a program on their affiliate the “Discovery Channel”, paid me thousands of dollars, flew me to New York City, put me up in the very expensive Waldorf Astoria hotel, all because a new, independent-minded producer of theirs wanted to air my side of the story, as well as exclusively showcase the first network broadcast of my newly discovered unedited video evidence of the behind-the-scenes photographic fraud from the first “moon mission”. (Remember, another NBC news director previously viewed the very same evidence and promptly concluded that this footage proved that the Apollo astronauts never left earth orbit, though disappointedly said, “I cannot air this because it will cause a civil war”.) This new NBC producer told me, after filming my interview and transferring the condemning footage in preparation for a special broadcast on the subject, that NASA somehow found out about her secretive program and threatened NBC, and all of their affiliates, with permanently disconnecting their live camera aboard the International Space Station and never cooperating with them ever again as retaliation, if they broadcasted this revealing television special of theirs. Seeing how NBC and the Discovery Channel regularly used and boasted about video feeds from this camera of theirs onboard the International Space Station on numerous ongoing television programs on on numerous channels of theirs, NBC succumbed to the NASA blackmail, cancelled their television program showcasing this amazing discovery from the “Discovery Channel”, and never aired the interview they painstakingly filmed of me explaining the newly discovered condemning NASA footage, which they had already excitedly purchased the exclusive rights to, even though it cost them tens of thousands of dollars of loss in the process of their cancellation.

Do you still believe there is a “free” press outside of government control?

How the federal government found out about this special broadcast which the producer tried to keep confidential from them is a mystery to me, unless my work is somehow being monitored. The question is, why would my “silly” work about the moon landing fraud be monitored by the government and why would NASA make such a blackmail if they really went to the moon?

In an effort to find out, I went the NASA launch headquarters in Florida. When I encountered a retired “Apollo” astronaut and asked him to confirm that he actually left Earth orbit (because I had newly discovered evidence to the contrary), I was promptly, and forcibly, removed from the taxpayer funded property by security forces, even though is said to be “open to the public”, with the threat of arrest if I persisted with my uncomfortable questions. If you had been there and witnessed this firsthand as I did, you would have sworn that I was in oppressive North Korea or China, rather than the “free” United States of America, with an alleged “free” press, where also questions about government corruption lead to the detainment of those who ask them by state security forces.

The only television program to ever broadcast my newly discovered condemning footage of unedited outtakes of false photography from the first “moon mission”, with its most revealing secret audio channel of the CIA prompting the astronauts during their deception, was Tech TV’s enormously popular national cable talk show called “Unscrewed”, who mistakenly broadcast my interview showcasing the revealing footage without prior executive approval. In fact, the show was so successful, that their viewership doubled every thirty days for the first three years it was on the air! Despite being the highest rated program on the entire network by far, bringing in the owners of the channel untold millions of dollars, the show was abruptly canceled immediately after airing this inflammatory footage of NASA’s forgery, especially when someone powerful higher up witnessed the studio audience reacting with horror and indignation when they saw it.

This cancellation was a not so subtle warning to other broadcasters who might make the same error in judgment. Since then, knowing this penalty of termination hanging over their heads, no other network has dared to air, on any of their programs, any condemning portions of this monumental evidence, which emphatically proves, to both a NBC news director and a NBC producer, as well as many other professionals of cinema, that the supposed moon missions never left earth orbit, as is still their limit today, even with fifty years of better rocket and computer technology.

The simple truth is, if I really walked on the moon, and someone thought otherwise, I would find that hysterically funny! If someone asked me to swear on the Bible to that “fact”, why in the world would I object to taking an oath of such an “obvious” event? Instead, the astronauts in question reacted to the request as if I walked up to them in the company of their wife and asked them how their secret mistress was doing! If they really walked on the moon, me saying otherwise would be like throwing a feather at them. Why would anyone be violently mad at someone for throwing a feather at them? If, on the other hand, I were exposing a real crime of infidelity that they had gotten away with for decades and built lifelong financial reputations on, then you could certainly see why they would react with such violent hatred. (If you haven’t already, or wish to view again, you can see these revealing reactions at time 00:00 – 2:00 in “Astronauts Gone Wild” by clicking HERE.)

I even met privately with “investigative journalist” Geraldo Rivera in New York City to personally give him a copy of “A Funny Thing happened on the Way to the Moon”, which includes the newly discovered condemning video evidence. While I later appeared as a guest on his show to discuss this topic, he made it clear to me that though he may be personally suspicious of the “moon missions” authenticity, he is not able to say so publicly and keep his job. The only way that I could appear and present my case on his program was if I did not show the number one key piece of evidence of the fraud. Why would this matter if they really went to the moon? Instead of showcasing the recently uncovered absolute proof of the fraud, Fox television chose to sensationalize the violence I received in pursuit of the truth. Subsequently, one has to question Geraldo’s (and other’s) credentials as a real “investigative journalists”, rather than pop-culture propagandists, especially when they privately confide in me that they suspect the hidden truth as I do yet refuse to share it with the public, whom they claim to look out for, out of fear of professional reprisal.

The same is true of the Washington Post. While their leading “investigative reporter” interviewed me in-depth on the topic of the moon landing fraud, the story which they actually wrote was about “how interesting it is that some people doubt the moon landings”, rather than an actual investigation into the real possibility that the missions were indeed a Cold War CIA deception. When I asked them about the newly discovered condemning video evidence of the astronauts staging their photography of being “halfway to the moon” when they were still in earth orbit, they replied, “I can’t explain that without acknowledging the fraud”, and then they went on to say that such an investigation of his along these lines would result in their termination by superiors.

“USA Today”, along with many other newspapers, television and radio stations, supposedly “reviewed” my documentary “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”, yet repeatedly toted the status quo. In each and every case, with the exception of the Washington Post reporter who was admittedly dumbfounded by the newly discovered condemning video evidence, when I tracked down the actual person who wrote the critical review of my film and asked them, “What did you think about the newly discovered unedited footage of false photography from Apollo 11 showcased in my movie?”, they all replied paraphrasing, “Well . . . I didn’t actually watch the movie. I wrote the review on the concept of the film, not the actual content.

99% of alleged professional “journalists”, for major magazines, newspapers, and television stations, actually wrote reviews about a film which they didn’t even watch! Can you believe this?! Why aren’t people like this fired for incompetence or dereliction of duty, instead of being promoted to positions of national media authority?!

The fact is, four out of five people who actually watch the forty-seven minute documentary, with the condemning new evidence debuted in it, reverse their opinion as to the moon mission’s authenticity.

Seven networks, so far, have paid thousands of dollars for the exclusive license to broadcast this newly discovered amazing NASA footage, only to be told at the eleventh hour not to do it by senior network executives (who are likely bedfellows of the CIA, by bribe or by blackmail, whose criminality would be exposed by airing it). The BBC did this very thing only three days before my film’s scheduled broadcast, after they had licensed the condemning footage nearly a year in advance at the cost of thousands of dollars. I was privately informed that a senior US government official personally telephoned the president of the BBC and put pressure on them to not air my film “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” with its condemning new evidence. The BBC even bribed the executive producer of my film with additional thousands of dollars to sign a contract not to publicize their reason for recanting their broadcast. Again, why would all this be going on, if they really went to the moon fifty years ago on the first attempt?

In fact, this executive producer of which I speak, who wishes to remain anonymous, who put up one million dollars to help produce these films of mine exposing the moon landing fraud, has an IQ nearing 200 and is a board member of an aerospace company which is presently building rockets for NASA. Wouldn’t such a person know whether the “moon landing” of 1969 were possible or not with 1960’s technology? Of course they would. They do know. They know that the missions were staged. They know, from an engineering standpoint, that 1960’s NASA “low bid” equipment, which killed three astronauts on the ground two years earlier without even igniting an engine, could never have successfully landed on the moon on their first attempt with 1960’s technology, especially considering the fact that the feat cannot be repeated today even with fifty years more advanced computers and rockets, with astronauts now only being able to travel 1/1000th as far from the earth as was claimed a half a century ago with antique equipment!

Although the technology allegedly used to “put a man on the moon” was not classified, because the missions were supposed to have been done by a non-military “civilian” government agency (NASA), all of the specific blueprints of the hypothetically miraculous machinery, according to NASA, are nevertheless “unavailable”. This is because all of the flight telemetry data, as well as all of the technical specifications of the “Apollo” spacecraft, were deliberately destroyed by NASA after the alleged moon missions. You would think that such important, one of a kind, and supremely valuable and expensive designs, at a cost of One Hundred Seventy-five Billion Dollars in today’s value, would be kept for just short of all of eternity, in case such costly to attain information and equipment would be needed again in the future . . . Yet the exact opposite is the case.

Click HERE to see this amazing confession

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How did the lunar lander power air-conditioning against an outside temperature of 252 degrees Fahrenheit (122 C) down to an amazing 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 C) inside a boiling spacecraft for three days nonstop with a bank of, essentially, car batteries? No one will ever know. All of the schematics and electrical diagrams of the lunar lander were deliberately destroyed! How did the “moon” rocket go 1000 times farther than the space shuttle with decades less advanced technology? No one will ever know. The rocket diagrams and blueprints were removed from the national archives and are nowhere to be found!

Imagine Bill Gates spending One Hundred Seventy-five Billion Dollars to build the first computer, and then once successfully completing it, throwing the computer with its blueprints into a furnace . . . Would anyone ever – ever – ever do such a crazy thing?! . . . Of course not . . . yet . . . this is what NASA did with the “technology” which they claimed could reach the moon on the first attempt in the 1960’s.

This is proof itself that the “moon missions” were fraudulent . . . Here’s why . . .

If you really went to the moon and spent One Hundred Seventy-five Billion Dollars to do so, you would never – ever – ever deliberately throw away such precious hard earned technology . . . Never!  Has anyone ever deliberately thrown away breakthrough technology in the entire history of the world? . . . Of course not.  Even the atomic bomb, though this technology should have been thrown away, was cherished with relish, protected with all security, and then multiplied and improved upon one hundredfold within just ten years. Thusly, if the moon landings were real fifty years ago, then astronauts would have traveled to another solar system by now, Mars would have been reached ten years later, forty years ago (which never happened), and there would be numerous bases on the moon today by various nations on earth, of which there are none.

On the other hand, if NASA faked going to the moon, and a detailed analysis of the engineering specifications could prove mathematically that the rocket did not have enough fuel to reach its destination and return, or that the onboard computers were not fast enough to process the complicated trajectories in real time as the mission required, or that the power in the lunar module batteries was not sufficient to supply the air conditioning to combat exterior temperatures of 252 degrees Fahrenheit (122 Celsius) for three days without cooking alive the crew inside, then yes indeed NASA would definitely destroy any and all proof of their deception, which is exactly what they did. Thusly, the fact that NASA did destroy the evidence is proof itself that they did not go to the moon. It is that simple.

An example of this fact is the impressive B-52 bomber aircraft, which was first invented over seventy years ago, and worked so well that it is still in use today by the United States Air Force. If the alleged moon equipment really worked, they would never – ever – ever throw away all of that money and time invested into producing it, which would only force them to reinvent it from scratch all over again in order to “return” to the moon, as NASA says must be done in order to “repeat” the endeavor. Additionally, if NASA could send men to the moon with fifty year older technology on the first attempt, then there would be military bases there right now because of the strategic importance. The fact that there are not bases there, as there are at the South Pole, is simply because it cannot be done. If it could be done, they would be there.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video clip below in which I read the super intelligent “Apollo” rocket designer’s original mathematical calculations to alleged moon astronaut Eugene Cernan as to the only way to reach the moon, a methodology which NASA never used. (You can see Cernan squirm and sweat as he realizes that he has just been caught in a lie.) Wernher von Braun, the astute mathematician and rocket scientist, said this regarding the only way to reach the moon:

“It is commonly believed that men will fly directly from the Earth to the moon, but to do this we would require a vehicle of such gigantic proportions that it would prove an economic impossibility. Calculations have been carefully worked out on the type of vehicle we would need for the nonstop flight from the Earth to the moon and to return. The figures speak for themselves: Three rockets would be necessary, each rocket ship would be taller than the Empire State Building (1250 feet) and weigh about ten times the tonnage of the Queen Mary (800,000 tons).”

The “moon” rocket the United States Government could afford weighed just 2500 tons (a difference of 32,000 percent) and was just 363 feet tall . . . and there was just one of them, rather than the three stated as required. Furthermore, Braun went on to say that a Space Station must first be constructed before a manned mission to the moon, from which to ferry the three rockets and the necessary excessive fuel to the moon and back. (The International Space Station was not completed until 2011.) Braun further insisted that after once landing on the moon, crews would have to find or dig a cave in which to shelter themselves from thousands of micrometeorites per hour hitting the moon’s surface traveling at speeds in excess of 20,000 miles per hour, which would inevitably puncture the spacecraft, as well as the astronaut’s spacesuit, causing catastrophic, and fatal, environmental decompression. This, of course, like the other previously insisted requirements, was never done.

(See this confrontation with Eugene Cernan at time 31:40 – 32:46 in “Astronauts Gone Wild” by clicking HERE.)

When the government told the man in charge of the “moon” rocket to “adjust his numbers a little bit” in order to reflect a fictitious way to reach the moon with the available technology of the time, he immediately, and obediently, dramatically recanted his previously published and respected findings. Did I mention that this man in charge of the moon program’s authenticity, Wernher von Braun, was a former World War Two Nazi whom our own government’s State Department is on the record for saying that, had he not prematurely died shortly after the moon missions, he would have been immediately thereafter indicted for War Crimes for overseeing the genocide, and the cover-up thereof, of hundreds of innocent people during the war? This threat of blackmail, and likely bribery as well, was likely used to gain his obedient submission to the federal government deception and his “adjustment” of irrefutable mathematical calculations.  (“The figures speak for themselves.”)

Not only are all of the specifications, blueprints, and telemetry data of the miraculous NASA 1960’s technology that allegedly went to the moon on the very first attempt nowhere to be found because it was all intentionally destroyed, all of the original television transmission videotapes, estimated to weigh about two tons, have also been mysteriously “lost” inside the federally secured national archives. Why? Because naïve director Ron Howard, whose own wise grandfather warned him that the moon missions were staged, ignoring that advice, requested that all of the original videotapes be transferred to high-definition for an I-Max documentary he was producing to gleefully commemorate the supposed moon missions, as he believed, at least at that time, that they were real. Prior to Howard’s request, the highest quality version of the television footage that anyone had ever seen was deliberately a sixth generation copy (a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of the original), in order to intentionally diminish and disguise the falsification detail and resolution of the fake “moon” landscapes, so that any imperfections in them that might give away the illusion would be minimized.

When this moon-landing-believing prominent film director asked for the original NASA videotapes of all of the “moon walks” so that he could transfer them to high-definition video, in order to be projected for the first time in history onto a screen that was nearly 120 feet by 100 feet, for all the world to see at a resolution that was at least six times greater in detail than had ever before been witnessed, within days of his request, all of the original moon mission videotapes vanished from the federal archives! But of course, we still went to the moon, right?

Proof of this bewildering predicament, is that when Howard’s documentary commemorating the alleged moon missions was finally produced without this essential material, he resorted to filling about 95 percent of his landmark film with “reenactments” of the supposed moon walks, which he likewise filmed in a television studio. In fact, there was so little actual original footage available of the alleged greatest event of mankind, that this multimillion dollar director had to resort to renting VHS tapes of other filmmaker’s previous work on the subject at Blockbuster Video in order to have at least some of the vanishing NASA footage! He was so ashamed of the low quality of the VHS images that he was forced to use, because of the scarcity of them, that he reduced their size within the nearly 120 foot by 100 foot screen to only about 10 percent of the available space to minimize the now seventh generation copy quality.

In case you were wondering “what if”, someday, the mysteriously vanished original videotapes were to one day be found? . . . Oops! . . . Did I forget to tell you? . . . The only machine in the entire world that could ever play these one of a kind format videotapes was deliberately disassembled and destroyed by NASA, right after the original tapes got “misplaced”, making that scenario absolutely impossible. Funny, isn’t it? The National Archives has the original “Declaration of Independence”, more than two hundred forty years old, yet “misplaced” every original videotape about the “greatest achievement of all mankind”, which is only fifty years old!

As various nations and private enterprises finally, after fifty years of trying, have the capability to send small microwave oven sized probes to the moon (still no astronauts), NASA has quickly drafted regulations to keep their alleged manned landing sites of the Nixon administration completely off-limits. They have said that any flyovers of these locations, or ground incursions thereof, by probes of any nation, including their own, to prove or disprove the moon mission’s authenticity, are strictly forbidden. (Since when does the US government own the moon?) You would think that they would gladly welcome independent proof (of which there has never been) that their outrageous scientific claims of 1960’s technology were real (even though the feat cannot be repeated today, half a century later), especially in the face of growing universal doubt to the contrary, yet again the exact opposite proves to be the case. It is like a murderer who boasts about their innocence, all the while refusing to give a personal DNA sample, which they know full well might condemn them.

China, a trillion dollar trading partner of the United States, recently sent an un-manned probe to the moon. As all of the moon is uniformly desolate and one landing site is just about as good as any other for exploration, I would think that the perfect and most logical place to land would be that of the United States’ alleged first moon mission, to prove to the world that their probe was really on the moon. Yet if the American government’s alleged moon landing artifacts are not there themselves, this might be biting the trillion dollar trading-partner hand that feeds them. Subsequently, China steered clear of any supposed NASA moon landing sites for any of their unmanned lunar probes, even though these were the most logical places to land.

Astrobotic Technology, a private firm, had also planned to land an unmanned probe precisely at the claimed Apollo 11 landing site, as they too saw this as the most logical choice to prove that their probe was really on the moon, yet because of pressure from NASA not to do so, and subsequently embarrass the organization and United States federal government for not having really landed on the moon in the first place, the president of the company, John Thornton, caved in and agreed not to land there as originally planned, even though the moon is not owned by anyone and he was supposedly “free” to do so. Is it scientific “freedom” when important exploration is completely abandoned because of pressure to maintain a falsehood of a corrupt government?

If putting a man on the moon is supposed to be “the greatest achievement of mankind”, then certainly not doing it as internationally claimed, lying about it to the entire world, embezzling One Hundred Seventy-five Billion Dollars in the process, deceiving and misleading academia, scientists, congress, and future space pioneers who will endanger their lives thinking it was so easy to go to the moon in the with 1960’s technology on the very first attempt, then this event, the falsification of the moon landings, out of pride, greed, and corrupt government arrogance, is really one of the most profound events in human history. This is why the falsification of the moon landings is more profound historically than if they had actually gone.

Do you see this?

This great truth, as to the true nature of humanity and their governments, the deceptive, arrogant, and criminal nature thereof, is being withheld from the people of the world, by the few corrupt leaders at the top, because they are the ones who committed this crime in the first place, in thinking that they were better than the rest of us, and whose disclosure would end their long held contemptible way of life.

This great truth, which would humble mankind and their governments into changing their character for the better, before it is too late, is being withheld from the public, like a cure for cancer, the very disclosure of which would bring about its recovery, and without which, the world’s intellectual and moral growth will be forever stunted.

If there were just a one percent chance that a controversial president was involved in a sex scandal, there would be thousands of journalists assigned to investigate and write about this remote possibility. Supposedly sunlit ninety-degree intersecting shadows from objects five feet apart from one another, NASA’s own Kelly Smith admitting that radiation protection beyond earth orbit has yet to be invented, the newly uncovered fake photography of astronauts pretending to be being halfway to the moon from earth orbit, the revealing audio of the CIA prompting this deception on a third track of secret audio, the privately recorded conversation of my threatened assassination by the CIA, the deliberate destruction of one hundred seventy-five billion dollars worth of technological designs, and only one-thousandth the distance to the moon capable of being traveled fifty years later, certainly all together consists of at least a one percent or greater chance of a fraud and therefore merits some kind of investigation, yet no reporter in the entire world has ever been assigned to this task. The only reason why genuinely investigating the supposed moon landings for fraud has never been assigned by superiors to a reporter by the people who control the media and the world, is simply because the exposing of this fraud would be their own undoing.

If just ONE of these dozen pieces of evidence is true, then the missions were indeed a government deception. This is precisely why defenders of the pride provoking (and blinding) “glorious” moon landings fight so hard, point by point, on every single piece of condemning evidence, spending thousands of hours in articles and videos to “debunk” the supposed “obvious” moon landings, because if only ONE piece of the foregoing evidence of the fraud is true, then it proves the deplorable falsehood, which would crush these people psychologically if they admitted this, hence the vehement, deceptive, and often rabid defense of it.

I am sometimes criticized by my fellow citizens as “unpatriotic” for saying that the “glorious” acclaimed American moon landings were a Cold War CIA deception, even though this is the sad truth. Our country has hopelessly descended into a realm where liars are heroes, and truth speakers are villains. If George Washington arose from his grave today and saw all of this unspeakable corruptive government deception, he would grab the first ship back to England. He repeatedly told the painstakingly detailed unflattering truth of the desperateness of the situation of his Continental Army against the vastly outnumbered and better equipped British troops, to a congress, whom even at that early historic hour, wanted to hear flowery lies of success instead of unpleasant realities. Our leaders have gone from “I can never tell a lie”, to practically lying all of the time. It is not unpatriotic to expose corruption, it is patriotic. It is un-patriotic to have committed this deceitfulness in the first place.

Just as a gangster’s children would have a hard time seeing dear old papa as anything but a benevolent patriarch, prideful intellectuals, as well as deceived patriots, will seldom admit, without being forcibly shown, that their idolized science and aggrandized government can be just as corrupt as pedophile priest.

The fact remains, that if all of the scientists from all of the nations on earth cannot go to the moon today with fifty years more advanced computer and rocket technology, and astronauts can now only travel 1/1000th the distance to the moon as was claimed half a century ago, on the very first attempt, with one-millionth the computing power in all of NASA than a modern day cell phone, then it simply means, and it cannot mean anything else, that America did not go to the moon in the 1960’s.

Technology does not go backwards . . .

Except in this one case,

and no other instance,

in the entire history of the world.

All of these facts eventually become obvious to anyone with an open mind who does not have a religious attachment to the blasphemous event.

The reason why I pursue this matter so relentlessly, is because once I realized that the grandiose event was indeed falsified, it sickens my soul to such a degree, that I feel enormously compelled to bring this historic crime into the light, for the most needed betterment of lost humanity.


“Tell my people their transgression.”

-Isaiah 58:1-


“God opposes the proud,

yet gives grace to the humble.”

-James 4:6-


“Apollyon” (the origin of “Apollo”) means

“The Devil” or “Deceiver”

-Revelation 9:11-


“The painful Truth from a friend,

is better than flattery from an enemy.”

-Proverbs 27:6-


“Have nothing to do with deeds of darkness,

instead, expose them.”

-Ephesians 5:11-


“Each of you,
for themself, by themself,
and on their own responsibility,
must speak.
And it is a solemn and weighty responsibility,
and not lightly to be flung aside
at the bullying of pulpit, press, government,
or the empty catchphrases of politicians.
Each must for themself alone
decide what is right and what is wrong,
and which course is patriotic
and which isn’t.
You cannot shirk this.
To decide against your convictions
is to be an unqualified and inexcusable traitor,
both to yourself and to your country,
let them label you as they may.
If you alone of all the nation shall decide one way,
and that way be the right way
according to your convictions of the right,
you have done your duty by yourself
and by your country.
Hold up your head!
You have nothing to be ashamed of.”
-Mark Twain-

“The Truth will set you free.”

-John 8:32-


Brother Bart-

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    • PaulTarsuss

      Wow. Telling the Truth is both a wise man’s stepping stone and a fool’s stumbling block . Here is more information….


      Blessings in Christ, and good journeys

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      They certainly didn’t go by flying a rocket powered tin can as we were shown.

    • Justin Case

      The Earth is flat, with a dome above. Nobody is going into space then or now. Unless the moon is inside the dome…

    • MediaMike

      You are correct that Apollo didn’t go to the moon in a tin can. All the video shown to the public was faked. We DID go to the moon, however in SSP craft in the 1950s. We went again in 1969 with Tin-can tech as a cover story.

      As usual, both sides of the argument have a core of truth, but everyone defaults to all or nothing when the truth is rarely binary.

      • PaulTarsuss

        Hey, leave me out of that “everyone” talk.


      • nikita

        Please tell more.
        Agree, Film& stills Footage was fake, but we may have gone there without the record being made public.

    • dave42

      Ok guys I didn’t read the whole thing but the Gemini and Apollo missions I have first hand knowledge of.
      There are many things that people have said about the moon shot that are actually more proof of the decline of testosterone in the USA than anything else.
      I worked on the archival preservation of the data from Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle prior to SSM 76.
      In the 1990s the DOE funded a back up copy to be placed in the National Archives of all of the Ampax, Film, Audio and Telemetry.
      The team came up with novel future proof methods of ensuring data integrity.
      Two methods are still in use today one involves actual people who manage the collection of DVD media stored in multiple locations in nitrogen packed cylinders, every few years the dvds are copied and verified and replaced in storage.
      The other method was to create a living archive where the data s on academic servers around the world and consistently made available for research.
      Unfortunately the original material was destroyed by the Clinton era NASA head to make room for the 50th anniversary party.But the majority of stuff was stolen from dumpsters and carried home by contractors and employees at the time.
      I have original paper blue prints of the LEM in my collection.

      The day of the Moon landing the CIA was circulating handouts claiming that the event did not happen as a test for moles in the program this is were the hoax narrative started.
      Oddities pointed out by researcher over the years have been humorous mostly.
      I will help with the ones I have personal knowledge of.
      #1 the reticles (tiny crosses on images) are ground into the Hasselblad cameras lens in order to make accurate measurement.
      The Art department airbrushed out the reticles and light painted the Astronauts images for the commemorative phot books sold in the gift store.
      The original images are still available you just need to request the image numbers from the book, National archive can send you digital prints that are pretty good, but not as beautiful as the retouched images.
      #2 Wrong lighting yes there was a training mockup used for some of the images in the book because the moon site images looked crappy but the actors carefully recreated the same body movements and all.
      #3 No stars yep its called windowing if you set the aperture of a camera to see the stars the surface overexposes and when you set the aperture for the surface the stars disappear. Also much of Hoaglands glass structures are actually our drum scanners glass imperfections.
      These films using what became excta chrome kodak film are phot positive not negatives like conventional cameras and there 4×5 inch so in order to get all of the available data on the film we used 1 meter photo enlargement equipment used in the 70-80s for printing lithograph plates of artworks. Big enlarger about 15 foot long with a 18 inch lens and a 1 meter photo film.
      These enlargements were then fedd into drum scanners and digitized. Each image was stored on 5 200mega byte HDD and then copied to laser disk.
      These images are then most often scaled and converted to TIFF or EPS to be used but the original laser disk data is still available from the archive. Hoaglands images are several generations down from the original digitization and do have compression artifacts not present in the originals.
      #4 The crater under the LEM this one I love it is pretty basic
      Here on earth or acceleration of reaction mass is 32fps2 on the moon it is 1/6 th that.
      The rocket and trim jets of the LEM would leave a crater about 3 foot deep here on earth if it was dropped from space and fired just before landing. But the LEM was piloted down the drop was under 1foot per second when the big decent rocket was pulsed about 30ft above ground. It drifted about 20 feet further down range with a decent of mm per second and the trim rockets stopped it about 1/2 inch above ground. It was beautiful Kudos to the pilot. Later missions used the computer to duplicate this landing. And yes you can duplicate such landing with a little more than an arduino today. The tail landings of SPace X proves this is possible on earth as well. These pilots routinely did crazy landings in test aircraft that seem impossible today but you can look through the archives and find footage of belly landings with 0 forward velocity. These guys landed jet aircraft in full stall without damaging the planes. The accent modules left 6 foot diameter 1 foot deep craters under the LEM landing gear that are viewable on later mission overpasses. To give an example if you popped the top of an aluminum can on the surface of the moon the resulting ejecta would put the can into orbit around the moon. A golf ball hit on Apollo 16 traveled about 3/4 the way around.
      #5 Van Allen Belts yep if you used todays techniques of obtaining orbital speed you would burn up in the belts. But these guys continued to accel while orbiting the earth till the reached lunar insertion velocity and then punched through as the sun was on the opposite side of the earth. They all have DNA damage from it anyway.
      #6 We can not do it today no we wont do it today because Americans in general are too afraid to do anything dangerous anymore.
      Yes we can go to the moon and do other things not because it is easy but because it is hard but today it’s too hard wah wah wah.
      Look around you everyone looks for permission and follows little nazis and scarf ladies instructions to destroy your own country.
      The technology of today is essentially JUST a REFINEMENT of 1979 technology, there have been no revolutionary chanegs in basic technology since the Moon shot. The Space shuttle closed design in 1976 the F 117a in 1986 (look up Have Blue) the notion that we are superior to our fathers is ludicrous when my country went to the Moon the average NASA employee was a high school graduate and today they are all doctors that barely operate in low earth orbit. We went to the moon because it was dangerous as hell and embraced that danger to push the limits of what we could do farther than what was safe and possible. Today they worry about gender equality and diversity and design ultra safe stupid shit. In example the Cosworth Vega and Yenko Camaro both cars are scary dangerous fast as hell and lethal but fun and they could be rented for the weekend from Hurst rent a car. Today the Camero and Corvette have freaking speakers in the exhaust pipes to make them sound strong WTF.
      The 1998 Pontiac Trans AM WS6 commercials suggested that the car could eat other cars at the light today the auto industry advertises the bluetooth adapter and Ipad functionality while the car self drives and gets a million miles per gallon but is friendly to transgender and non-binary.
      The stupidity is why we can not go to the moon today as well as the total lack of balls.
      #7 The spacesuits could not fit through the LEM doorway yes that is true you see the solution was to hold your breath lower the pressure to 5psi enter and traverse the opening then inflate once through the hole. This caused rally bloodshot eyes, back then the guys put steroid drops in their eyes to toughen them up. Today no one would even consider such a thing.
      #8 Shortwave signals coming from weird places yes this happened and happens today. The same belts also can reflect radio signals and yes guys picked up stuff from all over the place during the missions. The biggest proof of the landing was the Australian radio relay that lost sync just before the landing due to a power failure they regained the signal by simply pointing the antenna at the moon during the EVAC steps on the moon. (good movie about this called the Dish) So humans broadcasting from the surface of the moon was confirmed during the landing.
      #9 You can not see the landing sites in a telescope again this is true but not from lack of sites from the same problem as the star fields too much light. In the early 1990s it was a techie thing to calculate the locations of the reflectors left behind and bounce green lasers off from them measuring the distance to the moon. Having done this at each of the landing sites it absolute that someone went there and put the reflectors up there.

      • PaulTarsuss

        Men have been to the moon before 69. And if they were allowed to go during the Apollo era, it wasn’t with rocket tech….

        Good Journeys

        • dave42

          I agree that the is historical record of QuanDI visiting the moon in a “Rocket Throne” the cool thing about the story is that NASA used the descriotion of layers of silk and rubber to make the Apollo era space suits. The story also describes the atmosphere of the moon correctly, during teh Apollo missions the public was told there was no atmosphere on the moon but that was MSM assumption actually there is a very thin atmosphere and weather systems they are observed as Trans Lunar Phenomena little clouds floating across the surface.

    • Canderson

      No; they faked it on Earth!

    • dave42

      I just Noticed this biit
      “Technology does not go backwards . . .”
      This is SO incorrect I have a book project that I have been compiling for the last 40 years that actually proves higher technologies in the recent and distant past.
      What actually happens with technology is that the average understanding of technology remains constant while the distribution increases.
      A very recent example of TWO technologies that have been LOST in the last 20 years in computing most people are aware of vector math but few actually know it. In 2007 the last vector processor shipped to the public all computers use iterative approximation in stead of vectors vector math is infinitely scalable iterative processing produces compound error. Analog integration and Differentiation has an infinite speed but consumes much more energy and was pretty much abandoned in favor of slower inaccurate approximation.
      In orbital calculations the math requires accurate vector calculations and is more accurately calculated with an OP amp array than with digital logic.

      Another example of lost and regained technology across India there are a bunch of >1000 year old iron columns all of tehm are oxygen free cast IRON in 1974 we rediscovered how to make the same stuff. Also in the Vedas there is a formula for the 7 lights of Shiva that perfectly describes the Spectroscopy necessary to produce Chromium Vanadium steel this alloy was lost until 1974.

      Another example is the stone cutting technology used in the 35,000 year old sites around the world (most later dated site are built on earlier ruins) At Machu Pichu Peru there is a Structure much earlier than the INCA stuff that the surface of the stone has been vitrified and the stone blocks are covalently bounded. At Olyante Tambo Quarry there are stones that have been cut from the mountain side that measure exactly as large as the openings they where cut from. This is KERFLESS stone cutting and does not exist today.

      Another example of later technology being inferior is the presence of 2-3 micron stone blade edges found all over central America. Today a surgical ceramic blade is @5 micron.

      At sites all over Peru I have done Metrology and measured the feed and pressure of the tools used to cut stone. With our modern ultrasonic cutting tools you can force a 1mm advance with a 70-80% tool loss, the stones down there are cut at 3mm per impact with repetition over 10s of meter of tool life. They cut through granite and quarts like butter.

      I have in my collection a 2000W portable 27meter band radio that runs off a car battery, This radio was produced black market in the 1970s for CB radio. The unit was made in Mexico by a Grundage Radio employee it uses tubes that are 1/2 inch tall 1/4 inch round.
      The whole radio is the size of a 1 din car stereo. It has a water cooling system with a small radiator you attach in front of the car radiator. I have tested by doing CQ and received Q cards from Australia and NewZealand 10,000 miles away. Today we can not duplicate this range or low power consumption with modern equipment.

      The big issue that we face today with our technologies is that we are convinced of marketing claims rather than practical utility.
      The computer for guidance on the Apollo missions only calculated the deviation from pre-calculated trajectories. That is why on Apollo 7 the LEM lost the sync on the landing computer after missing the first site. It was the pilot that did the landing on the second site. On Apollo 13 they lost sync and just pointed the ship at the earth and fired then used the trim nozzles to line up the re-entry. They came in too slow and too shallow to hit the ideal window but survived by burning off the bottom of the module. While the Space Shuttle re-entry was exact as the computers calculated and burned up completely. If the pilot had been given the ability to do a shallow stall as they requested they would have survived.

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