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Wednesday, April 8, 2015




Judge Broderick inherited a nest of conflicts involving JPMorgan and Facebook from Judge Carter.


JUDGE VERNON S. BRODERICK’S Good Friday order rebuked Facebook’s defiance of his earlier Order. In response, sources at Gibson Dunn LLP say attorneys Orin S. Snyder and Alexander H. Southwell remain defiant; showing no intention of providing the Zuckerberg information to anyone, including the newly-appointed Broderick. These are the same men who obsequiously ”thank[ed] the Court for its kind consideration” when they needed the judges’ approval to enter the case. See Fig. 2. Now out come the fangs.

The source says Synder and Southwell have gone through the motions and have regurgitated information they have already provided. In other words, they sent nothing new. Concealing evidence is a criminal offense.

The source says Gibson Dunn did not check the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard emails.

Alexander Southwell wrote to Ceglia’s attorney on Monday, Apr. 08, 2015, stating defiantly: “Don’t get too excited, you’re not getting anything the government doesn’t already have” (paraphrase).

BREAKING NEWS, 7:08 MST—As we were publishing this post, we received notice of a new docket entry regarding the Facebook document production. Paul Ceglia’s attorney, Robert Ross Fogg, filed a “Noncomplaint Production under Rule 17 Subpoena” letter to Judge Broderick. Fogg confirmed by reference our whistle blower information and described Gibson Dunn’s production as “gratuitous” and “deliberate evasion.” Click here for the Fogg Letter.


Photo: C-SPAN in ACLU v. Clapper (NSA).

(APR. 08, 2015)—Mark Zuckerberg’s and Facebook’s Gibson Dunn LLP attorneys, Orin S. Snyder and Alexander H. Southwell, were allowed to enter the U.S. v. Ceglia by the previous judge, Andrew L. Carter.

Synder and Southwell forced their way in as self-designated “victims” of a now debunked alleged fraud. New forensic evidence by the government’s own Secret Service forensic lab proved last month that the Ceglia-Zuckerberg contract is genuine.


In short, if the new evidence stands, then this means that it is Zuckerberg and Gibson Dunn LLP who have been committing fraud on the court for almost five years, not Ceglia.

A white collar criminal’s modus operandi is often to accuse the target of the crimes he is committing. This forces the victim to prove a negative, e.g., “How long has it been since you stopped beating your wife?” These schemers have kept this plate spinning for five years—all through the Facebook IPO season.


Judge Carter tainted this case when he allowed Southwell and Snyder to enter the case on Jun. 26, 2014.

Southwell was simultaneously counsel to JPMorgan in U.S. v. JPMorgan et al in a $614 million mortgage fraud settlement with the U.S. government, as evidenced by Southwell’s entry of appearance (Mar. 14, 2014) in that case just a few months before his entry in the Ceglia case. JPMorgan is a key Facebook underwriter and beneficiary.

Judge Andrew L. Carter's approval of Orin Snyder and Alexander H. Southwell intervention in the US v. Ceglia case, Jun. 26, 2014

FIG. 2—Orin Snyder’s and Alexander H. Southwell’s request to intervene (left) in U.S. v. Ceglia, submitted and ordered by Judge Andrew L. Carter on Jun. 26, 2014.

Alexander H. Southwell, Gibson Dunn LLP, signature on JPMorgan $614 million settlement with U.S. Government, Jan. 31, 2014

FIG. 3—Alexander H. Southwell, Gibson Dunn LLP, certification of his representation of JPMorgan Chase, as shown here (p. 19, US v. JPMorgan), at the same time as he and Orin S. Snyder made their appearance in U.S. v. Ceglia. Judge Andrew L. Carter held 9 investments in JPMorgan which he failed to disclose prior to ordering Southwell and Snyder into the case.


FIG. 4—Andrew L. Carter, Financial Disclosure, 2012 showing some of his financial holdings that created a conflict with his allowing JPMorgan’s and Facebook’s counsel, Gibson Dunn LLP, to intervene in U.S. v. CegliaClick here to download Andrew L. Carter Financial Disclosure, 2012.

However, Judge Carter failed to disclose his nine (9) financial holdings in JPMorgan. He also holds substantial investments in other notorious Facebook pre-IPO beneficiaries, including Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX) and Vanguard Funds.

Carter’s and Southwell’s common interests in JPMorgan meant that Carter was not impartial, in evident violation of Canons 2 and 3 of the Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges.

Canon 2: A judge should avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in all activities.

Canon 3: A judge should perform the duties of the office fairly, impartially and diligently.

On Jan. 08, 2015, Carter withdrew inexplicably from the case. Judge Vernon S. Broderick was assigned.

Carter’s withdrawal cannot undo the damage his JPMorgan conflict of interest with Gibson Dunn LLP’s has done. The precedential U.S. Supreme Court case Tumey v. Ohio, 273 US 510 (1927) explains why a judge with a financial interest in one of the litigants taints the proceedings (“direct pecuniary interest in the outcome” and “motive to convict”).


Eric H. Holder, as U.S. Attorney General, benefited from the $614 million Justice Department settlement with JPMorgan. Holder also holds up to $22.5 million in investments in in Fidelity, T. Rowe Price and Vanguard which are notoriously known Facebook investors. These funds also hold substantial amounts of JPMorgan stock. Therefore, Holders investments do not satisfy the so-called judicial “safe harbor” exemption, since the appearance of impropriety alone is audacious in its ignoring of long-standing ethics conflict of interest principles.

Judge Richard J. Arcara, the judge who proclaimed the Ceglia-Zuckerberg contract a forgery without even allowing Ceglia to conduct discovery, also holds four (4) JPMorgan investments, along with Fidelity (4 holdings), and the following Facebook IPO underwriters: Goldman Sachs (4 holdings), Bank of America (4 holdings), Citigroup (3 holdings), Wells Fargo (2 holdings) and Credit Suisse (1 holding). This is at least 22 reasons he made decisions favorable to Facebook. If he attempts to hide behind the so-called “safe harbor” exemption scam, that’s just more proof he’s a crook, we believe. Any reasonable person can see these investments required disclosure and recusal. Instead, he declared the contract a forgery without even having a government expert opinion. He took Facebook’s hire-a-liar expert’s word alone.

The same thing occured in Leader v. Facebook. Obama-nominee judge Leonard P. Stark affirmed a Facebook on-sale bar claim that he allowed them to add just three weeks before trial. He then blocked Leader from obtaining discovery on the new accusation. Leader proved infringement on 11 of 11 claims anyway. Facebook presented no expert testimony at trial (which is required to prove on-sale bar claims about computer source code), yet Stark ruled in Facebook’s favor anyway. Leonard P. Stark also did not disclosue his substantial financial holdings in Facebook interests.


Like Judge Carter, Eric H. Holder, Bharara’s boss, is also a Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX) investor—the largest mutual fund in Facebook.

The following judges in Leader Technologies v. Facebook also held and still hold Facebook Fidelity Contrafund.

  1. JOHN G. ROBERTS, JR., Chief Justice (Supreme Court), a mentor to Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP;
  2. KIMBERLY A. MOORE Circuit Judge (Federal Circuit Patent Court), a client of Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP;
  3. EVAN J. WALLACH, Circuit Judge (Federal Circuit Patent Court), a client of Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP; and
  4. STEPHEN C. SIU, Patent Judge (Patent Office), former employee for IBM, vendor of 750 patents to Facebook two months before the Facebook IPO on May 22, 2012; Facebook insiders cashed out over $16 billion shares on Day 3 of the IPO, including Mark Zuckerberg and James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP (see Transcript), Zuckerberg’s Harvard handler, along with former Harvard president, Lawrence “Larry” Summers.

See notoriously-known public confirmation Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX)’s leading role in the financing and valuations of Facebook: Weiss, M. (2011, Jun. 1). Fidelity’s Danoff Bets on Social Networking With Facebook Shares. Bloomberg News; See also Lucchetti, A., Demos, T. (2012, Aug. 24). Morgan Stanley Funds in Big Facebook Bet. The Wall Street Journal; Demos, T. (Apr. 24, 2012). Who Else Has a Big Bet on Facebook [Vanguard, Morgan Stanley, Facebook insiders, Mark Zuckerberg, Accel Partners, Goldman Sachs, Baillie Gifford (Vanguard associate), BlackRock, T. Rowe Price, Sands Capital, Jennison, Capital Research ]. The Wall Street Journal; Pilon, M. (Apr. 16, 2011). T. Rowe Price Invests in Facebook. The Wall Street Journal.

Write your own caption for this group: 

e.g. Nice Fellows, Best Buds, Rogues Gallery, Den of Thieves . . .


See AFI. (Mar. 16, 2015). People you trusted on now hijacking the cyber world. Findings of Fact, Timeline, Database. Americans For Innovation (HTML version). See also PDF version.

Eric H. Holder, Jr.

Eric H. Holder, Attorney General

Andrew L. Carter

Judge Andrew L. Carter

James P. Chandler

James P. Chandler, NSA et al adviser

Preetinder ''Preet'' Bharara

Preetinder Bharara, U.S. Attorney

Orin Snyder

Orin S. Snyder, Gibson Dunn LLP

Alexander H. Southwell

Alex H. Southwell, Gibson Dunn LLP

Judge Richard J. Arcara

FIG. 5—Left to Right, Top to Bottom; U.S. v. Ceglia / Ceglia v. Zuckerberg (conflict threads in red).

  1. ERIC H. HOLDER—U.S. Attorney General; Fidelity Contrafund investor—Facebook investor; IBM / The Eclipse Foundation / James P. Chandler adviser;
  2. ANDREW L. CARTER—U.S. Judge #1 in U.S. v. CegliaJPMorgan investor; Fidelity Contrafund investor; Chandler protégé;
  3. JAMES P. CHANDLER—trade secrets and economic espionage advisor to FISA CourtNSAEric HolderJustice DepartmentSnyderSouthwellGibson Dunn LLPFenwick & West LLPFacebook’s patent and securities attorney; co-founder of IBM / The Eclipse Foundation;
  4. PREETINDER BHARARA—U.S. Attorney in U.S. v. Ceglia; former Gibson Dunn LLP partner; JPMorgan beneficiary; Chandler protégé;
  5. ORIN S. SNYDER—Gibson Dunn LLP partner; Square, Inc. counsel (Harvard’s Lawrence Summers director, mentor to Sheryl K. SandbergFacebook chief operating officer); Chandler protégé;
  6. ALEXANDER SOUTHWELL—Gibson Dunn LLP partner; counsel to JPMorgan; Chandler protégé; and
  7. RICHARD J. ARCARA—U.S. Judge in Ceglia v. ZuckerbergJPMorgan investor; Facebook investor.

Photos: Holder, Press Hearald; Carter, ShalomLife; Chandler, NIPLI; Bharara, USDOJ; Snyder,; Arcara,; Southwell, Bloomberg; .

After Snyder’s openly arrogant letter to Judge Broderick last week, AFI investigators decided to learn more about these men. We quickly discovered substantial conflicts of interest with U.S. Attorney Preetinder “Preet” Bharara and the U.S. government, cited above.


Snyder and Southwell are prime candidates for a new cause of action against uber-connected attorneys:

Banishment from the practice of law for we-cannot-help-but-be-corrupt insider trading and influence peddling. (Similar to the anti-trust breakup of a monopoly.)

In the Southern District Court of New York alone, Snyder is listed as attorney on 125 cases. Southwell is listed on 170 cases. At what point should such attorneys be banished from the practice of law?

Synder and Southwell, practically speaking, monopolize lower Manhattan legal activity in certain subject areas. Indeed, there comes a point with such individuals where they can no longer resist the temptation to abuse their knowledge of the weaknesses of our system of justice for themselves, their cronies and the highest bidder.

Facebook and JPMorgan must be paying them a pretty penny to tell their lies.


Snyder is a former prosecutor and Southwell a former Assistant U.S. Attorney in Bharara’s Southern District Court of New York (SDNY).

Snyder’s and Southwell’s former employment by the U.S. government disqualifies the government from permitting them to enter this case. This bias cannot be any more evident.

Such incestuous relationships among Snyder, Southwell and Bharara double down on the bias against Paul Ceglia, especially since Bharara formerly worked for Gibson Dunn LLP.


ORIN S. SNYDER’s Gibson Dunn biography referring to Ceglia v. Zuckerberg  states: “Obtained expedited discovery that culminated in a dismissal of the action as a fraud on the federal courts.”

He does not disclose that Gibson Dunn LLP stonewalled the discovery and prevented Ceglia from being able to examine 28 Zuckerberg computer hard drives and Harvard emails to prepare his defense.

Snyder also does not disclose that Gibson Dunn concealed the existence of those drives in Leader v. Facebook.

Synder’s assertions about Ceglia’s alleged fraud on the court are now proven false by the government’s own Secret Service forensic analysis. Zuckerberg is the fraudster, not Ceglia.

ALEXANDER H. SOUTHWELL’s Gibson Dunn LLP biography repeats the same Snyder false statements. He says he was instrumental in “developing evidence of spoliation of evidence and fraud” in the Ceglia case. This statement has now been discredited by the new Secret Service forensic report proving the contract to be genuine.

Was Southwell’s use of “developing evidence” a euphemistic deception for his work to fabricate evidence they used to frame Paul Ceglia? Evidently.


Mr. Ceglia is certainly getting the attention of some of Manhattan’s most pernicious legal insiders.

Their body language and rapacious activity says it all.

One is reminded of Shakespeare’s line in Hamlet (1602):

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

Go Judge Broderick! True inventors and our Republic need you to do the right thing.

* * *

Ceglia Appeal Docket, Apr. 16, 2015; Jose A. Cabraras (JAC), Reena Raggi (RR) and Guido Calabresi (GC)Judge Jose A. Cabraras, 2nd Circuit; FISA CourtFIG. 6—2ND CIRCUIT JUDGE JOSE A CABRARAS. Judge Cabraras was just assigned to the Ceglia appeal despite his substantial financial holdings in Facebook interests, and his FISA Court membership—which ties him to Eric H. Holder, the plaintiff in U.S. v. Ceglia, and the defendant in the ACLU v. Clapper (NSA) appeal being heard by Judge Broderick, who presides over U.S. v. Ceglia.

What ethics school did these people attend? Oh right. They skipped class.

Photo: Dartblog.

Cutting through the Gibson Dunn astroturfing slander of Paul Ceglia, do you need to know more about this case? Secret Service Forensics just validated  the contract, and Paul Ceglia has been blocked  at every turn from conducting thorough discovery on Mark Zuckerberg . . . for five years. What are  they hiding? Why was a FISA judge assigned while Broderick is srutinizing FISA-NSA in the ACLU v. Clapper  appeal in this same court? The ambush is evident.

(APR. 16, 2015 BREAKING NEWS)—An appeals court hearing was held this morning in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg and U.S. v. Ceglia. The three-judge panel assigned was composed of JOSE A. CABRARAS (JAC), REENA RAGGI (RR) and GUIDO CALABRESI (GC). See the cryptic docket entry above. Ceglia v. Zuckerberg, Case No. 14-1365 (2nd Cir. 2014).


Analysis of their Senate confirmation and financial disclosures has uncovered an evident abortion of impartiality. Conflicts analyses: Cabraras | Raggi | Calabresi. Our opinion is that this panel is more of the same judicial bias that swirls around Facebook. Review of the Raggi, Cabrares and Calabresi financial disclosures reveals the now familiar pattern of massive holdings in Facebook and the Cartel.

Judge Reggie B. WaltonFIG. 7—FISA COURT PRESIDING JUDGE REGGIE B. WALTON. On Dec. 12, 2008, Walton signed a FISA “supplemental opinion” giving the incoming Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.


Photo: DOJ

Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. almost dictatorial powers to override constitutional checks and balances… in the name of national security. Here’s the authority, buried in sophistry, where your sacred American rights to privacy were trampled by attorneys and judges for the U.S. government:

“the Court is persuaded that this objective is better served by the interpretation that the records sought in this case are obtainable pursuant to a section 1861 order.”

Photo: PBS.

Cabraras is a FISA Court judge (PDF) where Reggie B. Walton is presiding judge—both cronies of the secretive NSA kingpin, Professor James P. Chandler. The FISA court is the secret court that granted Eric H. Holder, Jr. almost dictatorial powers to override the U.S. Construction in the name of national security. These powers allowed the National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on American citizens on the flimsiest of probable cause.

Professor James P. Chandler

Leader Technologies’ patent counsel.

Photo: NIPLI.

These CABRARAS-BRODERICK-HOLDER-CHANDLER-WALTON-FACEBOOK-NSA-FISA COURT interconnections hopelessly taint this panel. They are either brain dead as to their conflicts of interest, or this was very intentional (we don’t think they are brain dead).

See previous post ”Eric Holder Exploits Secret FISA Laws For Personal Gain” by Americans For Innovation, Jul. 02, 2014.


Whistleblower Edward Snowden disclosed that Facebook began cooperation with the NSA on Jun. 06, 2009, after Obama’s White House cabinet was set. U.S. v. Ceglia lower court judge Vernon S. Broderick is currently presiding in the 2nd Circuit in the ACLU’s complaint against the NSA where Eric Holder is a defendant. Barack Obama and Eric Holder exploit the secret FISA laws for personal financial gainFIG. 9—BARACK OBAMA, JAMES P. CHANDLER & ERIC H. HOLDER have presided over perhaps the greatest abuse of American security and privacy via the NSA, JPMorgan, Gibson Dunn, Fenwick & West and Facebook in the history of the Republic. Paul Ceglia is in their way, among others. How dare he upset this predominantly black agenda? There, we spoke about the elephant in this room. The other race card.

Photo: Politico

What seems evident is that the FISA court and Chandler are in damage control, having tapped Broderick to control the ACLU case, and Cabraras to ensure the proper outcome in U.S. v. Ceglia.

Ceglia just filed a motion in Broderick’s court to review Zuckerberg 28 hard drives and Harvard emails. Broderick has not yet ruled on this motion. Is his FISA crony Cabraras running interference so that he won’t have to order Zuckerberg’s computers up for analysis at last? How Broderick rules will tell us everything about his intentions to run an impartial tribunal, or circle the wagons even tighter around Facebook—the NSA’s favorite spy platform. Is Broderick his own man, or a Cartel puppet. We’ll know by how he rules on hacker-thief Zuckerberg’s evidence—which the public has a right to see at this point.

That public is now watching.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder exploit the secret FISA laws for personal financial gain

at Gibson Dunn, Orin S. Synder, Alexander H. Southwell and Thomas G. Hungar are teamed up to oppose release of Microsoft discovery which would have a spill over effect in Ceglia. These people do not appear to respect American due process. Their licenses to practice law are a privilege granted by the American people and should be revoked. They have forgotten their ethical oaths. If the judicial system will not police these legal punks, then the People will.

Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP, Punk with a Pen

Orin S. Snyder, Gibson Dunn LLP, Punk with a Pen

Alexander H. Southwell, Gibson Dunn LLP, Punk with a Pen

Composite Graphic:; Photos: Hungar, Gibson Dunn, yellow triangle = toxic waste warning; Snyder,; Southwell, Bloomberg

UPDATE APR. 18, 2015—Facebook’s GIBSON DUNN LLP attorneys in the Ceglia cases, ALEXANDER H. SOUTHWELL and ORIN S. SNYDER, recently teamed up with Facebook’s Gibson Dunn Leader v. Facebook attorney, THOMAS G. HUNGAR, who failed to disclose the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives in his possession. They oppose an attempt by the U.S. government to obtain discovery from Microsoft customers outside the U.S. Microsoft is a large Facebook stockholder in which all of the judges in Ceglia and Leader v. Facebook are invested. Facebook has used its ill-gotten revenues to build a massive data center in Lulea, Sweden. If this Microsoft email discovery is allowed, it would give precedent in Ceglia and Leader Technologies for more access to Facebook’s evidence hidden overseas. Overseas is one thing, but we know the 28 ZUCKERBERG HARD DRIVES AND HARVARD EMAILS are in California—hidden by Zuckerberg’s attorneys Gibson Dunn LLP and McManus Faulkner LLP—and the courts to date have blocked Ceglia from reviewing them for five years. Facebook’s own forensic experts, Rose and McGowen, confirmed their existence (even though Facebook said they were lost in Leader v. Facebook). Also noteworthy, another Facebook lawyer in CegliaOrrin Herrington LLP, is defending Microsoft. The koinky dinks are piled a mile high. Too bad we have an Attorney General and Justice Department that play paddy cakes with these unscrupulous attorneys and judges.

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


Click “N comments:” on the line just below this instruction to comment on this post. Alternatively, send an email with your comment to [email protected] and we’ll post it for you. We welcome and encourage anonymous comments, especially from whisteblowers.

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Friday, February 26, 2016




Hillary R. Clinton wanted Facebook worse than she wanted to protect Leader Technologies Constitutional property rights



(FEB. 26, 2016)—Whistleblowers inside Facebook’s law firms have just leaked evidence proving that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama colluded with Facebook’s lawyers to obstruct justice.

Bookmark: #mitt-romney-financials

EXPOSED: Mitt Romney’s Top 20 Wall Street campaign donor/supporters mirror Facebook, IBM, The Eclipse Foundation, Clintons and Obama.

EXPOSED: Mitt Romney holds up to $45.1 million in Goldman Sachs funds, underwriter to Facebook, IBM, The Eclipse Foundation, Clintons and Obama.

DISCLOSURES: Clinton | Cruz | Kasich | Trump | Rubio | Sanders | Bush | Romney | Romney Tax

Yesterday, an internal document surfaced from Gibson Dunn LLP, one of Facebook’s law firms. It proves that Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg lied in multiple lawsuits about the existence and contents of Zuckerberg’s 2003-2004 Harvard computers and emails. This evidence, which is now supported by Ceglia court filings (Doc. No. 42 link below) supports the Leader case that Facebook stole Leader’s invention and obstructed justice to hide it from discovery.


Now, the lies are proven. In Leader v. Facebook, after nearly a year of stonewalling, Facebook’s trial attorney, COOLEY GODWARD LLP, claimed that all  of Zuckerberg’s 2003-2004 Harvard emails and computer hard drives were lost. They produced nothing to Leader Technologies in preparation for the trial. They never said that the information was lost until almost a year of stonewalling,  and just days before  they were going to be ordered to produce it by the judge.

When will lawyers condemn this judicial corruption and Constitutional betrayal?

Mark E. Zuckerberg, Thief and Pathological Liar.

FIG .2— MARK E. ZUCKERBERG, property thief, privacy invader, pathological liar, child predator, identify thief, fraudster, conspirator.

AFI researchers have uncovered more than 233 Zuckerberg Harvard emails between Jun. 02, 2003 and May 08, 2004. Click here for Doc. No. 42Ceglia v. Zuckerberg, Facebook filed Nov. 17, 2011. It is unclear when the court published this. AFI researchers are just learning about it, and no one in the mainstream media has covered it.

The existence of even one of these Zuckerberg messages would automatically trigger Leader Technologies’ right to forensically examine all of Zuckerberg’s 28 computer devices and Harvard emails from 2003-2004.

On Oct. 23, 2009, even Magistrate LEONARD P. STARK, Obama’s eventual nominee, could not ignore Leader’s due process right to forensically analyze Zuckerberg’s evidence. He stated to then Facebook counsel, WHITE & CASE LLP, in a hearing on Facebook’s year of stonewalling:

Leonard P. Stark, Leader v. Facebook trial judge

FIG. 5— LEONARD P. STARK, COOLEY GODWARD LLP recommendation to Obama; former partner at SKADDEN ARPS LLP, Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Christina M Tchen, former law firm; Hillary donor.

Donald K. Stern, Cooley Godward LLP; Obama judicial adviser

Obama justice adviser; Obama McBee Strategic energy stimulus adviser.

Heidi L. Keefe, Cooley Godward LLP; former White & Case LLP Facebook attorney

FIG. 3— HEIDI L. KEEFE, COOLEY GODWARD LLP, Facebook attorney, former White & Case Facebook attorney.

Magistrate Stark on Facebook’s year of stonewalling review of Zuckerberg’s 2003-2004 Harvard information: ”I am inclined to the view that prior deposition testimony related to what materials were relied on in the development of the Facebook website sounds to me like it may very well prove to be relevant and the production of it could also streamline and thereby make more efficient the deposition process in this case.

On Oct. 26, 2009, three days later, Facebook replaced White & Case LLP with Cooley Godward LLP, however, the attorneys remained, including Heidi Keefe. Tellingly, Cooley Godward’s partner, DONALD K. STERN, was now Obama’s Justice adviser at the White House.

Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP

FIG. 6— THOMAS G. HUNGAR, GIBSON DUNN LLP, Facebook attorney.

On Jun. 04, 2010, HEIDI L. KEEFE, COOLEY GODWARD LLP, instructed Zuckerberg during his Leader v. Facebook deposition not to answer any questions about his 2003-2004 activities.

GIBSON DUNN LLP partner, THOMAS G. HUNGAR, a protégé of Chief Justice JOHN G. ROBERTS, JR., became Facebook’s appeals attorney in Leader v. Facebook. He had represented the judges in the appeals court and both he and the Federal Circuit judges should have recused themselves due to their obvious conflict of interest. But alas, the entire legal community sat silent while Facebook and the Courts performed their charades. Evidently all in the Facebook (Crime) Family.

Bookmark: #zuckerberg-leak-LOST-devicesZuckerberg's 28 concealed computing devices and Harvard emailsFIG. 7—MARK E. ZUCKERBERG AND FACEBOOK DENIED the existence of 28 Zuckerberg computer devices and Harvard emails in Leader v. Facebook. However, Facebook’s lawyers, Gibson & Dunn LLP, leaked an internal spreadsheet verifying that Zuckerberg’s Inbox contained hundreds of emails and files that should have been produced in Leader v. Facebook. Such lies during litigation are Fraud on the Court and are criminal offenses since they obstruct justice. Click here: PDF of the leaked Facebook spreadsheet proving that 2003-2004 information existed.

Photo: Business Insider


Orin S. Snyder, Gibson Dunn LLP, The Punk with a Pen

FIG. 8— ORIN S. SYNDER, GIBSON DUNN LLP, Facebook’s and Zuckerberg’s lawyer in the Ceglia v. Zuckerberg. Some call him the “Punk with a Pen.”

Facebook’s experts lied. In Ceglia v. Zuckerberg,  Facebook’s trial attorney, GIBSON DUNN LLP, accused Ceglia of forging over 233 emails exchanged with Zuckerberg during 2003-2004. However, the courts have never  allowed Ceglia to examine Zuckerberg’s information from the same period.

In Nov. 2011, according to sources close to the case, the Winklevoss Twins’ attorney warned Ceglia that 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard emails were never lost as Cooley Godward LLP and Zuckerberg had told Leader Technologies. They were in the custody of Gibson Dunn LLP, and were about to be destroyed. Ceglia’s attorneys successfully stopped the destruction.

However, for the next six months, the court continued to shield Zuckerberg’s information until finally allowing Ceglia to depose Facebook’s experts about Facebook’s information. The impropriety aside of only allowing self-serving expert testimony, Ceglia’s attorney was blistering nonetheless.

Orin Snyder and Bob Dylan

Orin Snyder represented Bob Dylan in a copyright infringement law suit filed by songwriter James Damiano. 


FOLK LIES: Joni Mitchell Outs Bob Dylan

JONNY WHITESIDE 28 Apr 20 1070

“Bob [Dylan] is not authentic at all. He’s a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I.” — Joni Mitchell, Los Angeles Times, April 22, 2010
Caterwauling Canuck “folk singer” Joni Mitchell got just about everybody riled up with that sweet morsel of self-serving insight, but the real shock is not that Mitchell is absolutely correct but that someone finally came out and said it. After decades of carefully manicured deification by Columbia Records, brain-dead rock critics and the slimy elite institution that elevated such barely able snake-oil salesmen as Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger to celestial heights, it’s high time to flout indoctrination and examine Dylan’s track record as a Grade-A phony.

Most Dylan fans would be stunned to realize that his vocal style (for lack of a better term) was high-jacked, in its entirety, from long-dead bluegrass-country singer Carter Stanley. We’re not talking about an influence, like Lefty Frizzell for Merle Haggard, but a total appropriation of Stanley’s highly idiosyncratic approach. A counterfeit from the get-go, once Dylan realized what an advantage his audience’s innate ignorance was, he’s exploited it ever since.

Just type “Bob Dylan plagiarism” into your friendly search engine, and a plethora of questionable circumstances pop up, enrobing the singer almost as completely as his years of reflexive media fawning have. Documented from his teenage start, when he submitted a hand written, thinly revised version of country star Hank Snow’s “Little Buddy” for publication as an original poem, to his 1963 pilferage of Irish poet Dominic Behan’s “Patriot Game”‘s melody for the similarly slanted Dylan tune “With God on Our Side” to songwriter James Damiano’s ongoing multimillion dollar copyright infringement suit (alleging Dylan’s Grammy-nominated “Dignity” is nothing but an altered version of Damiano’s “Steel Guitars”) to the naked “Red Sails in the Sunset” melody heist for the song “Beyond The Horizon” on his Modern Times album, up through the recent Confessions of a Yakuza–Love & Theft plagiarism charges (Love & Theft? Calling Dr. Freud!), the Timrod controversy, even the numerous passages of Proust and Jack London that (re) appear in the text of Dylan’s autobiography, it’s a deep, dark thicket of thoroughly damning and apparently chronic bootlegging. Naturally, Dylan has said nothing publicly about any of these, but he already spent over three million dollars defending himself against one-time affiliate Damiano–the classic delay-to-destroy court room technique.

By lying to the court in signed declarations Snyder was able to persuade Judge Simandle to disregarded thirty five hours of video taped depositions, every second of which incriminated Dylan,  blatant admissions of guilt by Dylan’s own witnesses, eleven years of documents between James Damiano and  Dylan’s organization and Damiano’s expert testimony from a Harvard educated musicologist. Using Snyders same technique he was able to obtain a federal confidentiality order designating all discovery materials confidential (The Damiano Gag Order). 



see See Bob Dylan’s Stealing of James Damiano’s Songs


Michael F. McGowan, Stroz Friedberg

FIG. 10— MICHAEL F. MCGOWAN, STROZ FRIEDBERG, Facebook forensic expert who lied about the presences of Ceglia emails on Zuckerberg’s 28 hard drives and Harvard emails.

Bryan J. Rose, Stroz Friedberg

FIG. 9— BRIAN J. ROSE, STROZ FRIEDBERG, Facebook forensic expert who lied about the presences of Ceglia emails on Zuckerberg’s 28 hard drives and Harvard emails.

In two days of testimony, Facebook’s Stroz Friedberg experts, Bryan J. Rose and Michael F. McGowan, confirmed the existence of the 28 computer devices and Harvard emails.

Three months later, criminal charges were filed against Ceglia for forgery of his contract with Zuckerberg (charges which have since been proven unfounded by the U.S. Secret Service forensic lab).

Facebook’s Stroz Friedberg experts lied like drunken sailors.

They admitted appalling professional incompetence (or amnesia):

  1. Took no notes,
  2. Did not ask Zuckerberg if they had everything,
  3. Did not confirm a chain of custody (who has preserved the hard drives and data from tampering and deterioration),
  4. Were not impartial or arm’s length,
  5. Were paid by Facebook, and
  6. Took their search terms from Gibson Dunn LLP.


To this day, Ceglia’s experts have been stonewalled and been unable to study Zuckerberg’s 28 computers and Harvard emails. This injustice is just gross; as bad as in a Banana Republic; worse since it is happening in the United States where we are supposed to be better than this.

They were asked a straightforward question:

“If you found an email between Ceglia and Zuckerberg, would you report it?”


Rose and McGowan waffled with repeated vagaries like “don’t recall,” “not sure,” “hard for me to answer.” Experts are supposed to help juries learn the facts. It is illegal for experts to simply shill and obstruct fact finding for their client, thus betraying their expert objectivity, as Rose and McGowan clearly did. In this case, Tweedledum and Tweedledee would’ve remembered more than these purported experts.

On the key question of whether Zuckerberg’s assets contained messages from Paul Ceglia, Michael McGowan said:

“I don’t believe so.”

This admission is a bombshell.


The whistleblower evidence proves that “I don’t believe so” is a boldface lie. It also proves Facebook committed fraud on the court in both Ceglia v. Zuckerberg and Leader v. Facebook.

Orin S. Snyder, Gibson Dunn LLP, The Punk with a Pen

FIG. 11— ORIN S. SYNDER, GIBSON DUNN LLP, labelled all of Ceglia’s emails bogus. His own leaked internal documents prove he is the liar and defrauded the court.

The leaked forensic spreadsheet was created on April 30, 2012 by “METROSTAR.” It compares 111 Ceglia emails and 233 Zuckerberg emails. Here are the Ceglia emails that mostly match messages also in Zuckerberg’s emails and prove McGowan lied.

Facebook’s Gibson Dunn LLP’s attorney, Orin S. Snyder, called the “Punk with a Pen,” said that Ceglia’s emails were: “supposed emails,” “fabricated emails,” “fraudulent emails,” “those emails were concoted,” “bogus emails,” “his so-called emails,” “purported emails, ” and “made up emails.” Clearly, Snyder is a bully who spews falsities in bombastic tirades.

Reading Snyder’s outburst reminds one of Hamlet, Act III, Scene II (1599): “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Hamlet’s mother, Queen Gertrude, observes of the actor who is secretly playing her in Shakespeare’s play-within-a-play that the actor’s too frequent and vehement attempts to convince others of some matter of which the opposite is true, makes her appear defensive and insincere.

Note: The leaked Stroz Freidberg spreadsheet was created by “METROSTAR.” A Washington, D.C. company named METROSTAR SYSTEMS has a long client list of federal government agencies, including the Department of Justice, Patent Office and FBI. Could this company be running cover and obstructing justice for Facebook on the goverment’s dime?


Between Jul. 16, 2003 and Oct. 20, 2003, Ceglia had 62 out of 88 held by Zuckerberg. In other words, 70.5% were held by both men.


Between Jun. 2, 2003 and Jul. 14, 2003, Ceglia had 42 for which Zuckerberg had 0.

Between Oct. 21, 2003 and May 8, 2004, Ceglia had 103 for which Zuckerberg had 0.

This proves Ceglia did not forge them since he would have had to hack through Harvard FASmail system security and make substantial changes, undetected. He did not have that kind of technical proficiency.


“StreetFax” is mentioned 78 times in the spreadsheet. (This is the smoking gun for McGowan’s “I don’t believe so” lie.) StreetFax is the parallel project that Zuckerberg and Ceglia were working on along with Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s emails either have a typically techie tone, spelling (poor) and grammar (loose), or they are flowery, well-written, properly punctuated and formatted, and obvious written by lawyers.

During the Ceglia case, Facebook accused Ceglia of forging hundreds of emails.

However, the leaked spreadsheet debunks the Facebook accusation that Ceglia forged hundreds of emails. It proves unequivocally that Zuckerberg has lied all along and Ceglia is telling the truth. But, Ceglia has been idicted and had to flea the government’s persecution. Click here for more in defense of Paul Ceglia.


Barack Obama’s and Bill & Hillary Clinton’s Racketeering Partial Timeline
2007 Click here for full timeline: The Greatest Financial Crime in the History of the World
Feb 10 Barack Obama announced candidacy on Facebook
  12 Bill and Hillary Clinton donated $154m for brokering UrAsia (Goldman Sachs) uranium deal
Mar 01 Bill paid $150,000 for Goldman Sachs speech (UrAsia uranium broker; Facebook broker)
  08 Bill paid $150,000 for Goldman Sachs speech (UrAsia uranium broker; Facebook broker)
Nov 04 Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Citi received tens of $ billions in TARP funds
  12 Obama appointed Larry Summers (Clinton Sect’y) to manage TARP despite huge bank speech fees
Nov 21 Leader sued Facebook for patent infringement
Dec 05 Obama appointed Donald K. Stern, Cooley Godward LLP to Justice transition (Facebook lawyer)
  12 FISA Court gave Attorney General near dictatorial spy authority; allowed NSA dragnet
Feb 13 Hillary registered domain
  20 Obama inaugurated 44th President
  21 Hillary appointed Secretary of State
  23 Hillary hired Anne-Marie Slaughter (A New World Order)
Mar 21 Hillary started using personal Email server
  27 Eric Holder confirmed as Attorney General
Apr 06 AOL (IBM Eclipse) funded with $42 million from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and CitiGroup
  15 Obama ordered all FOIA’s vetted thru White House (likely James P. Chandler, III)
May 26 Russian Yuri Milner (Goldman Sachs partner) invested $200 million in Facebook
Jun 06 Facebook started feeding user data to NSA (also other IBM Eclipse members)
  16 Bill Clinton and Goldman Sachs broker $3.1 billion Uranium One deal
  18 IBMer David Kappos nominated for Patent Office director
Jul 09 Hillary declared intent to use Facebook for eDiplomacy
Aug 07 IBMer David Kappos appointed Patent Office director in rare recess appointment
Sep 29 Obama consolidated executive spying overseen by Hillary and Holder
Oct 22 Facebook stonewalled discovery in Leader v. Facebook
Nov 13 Facebook filed for reexamination of Leader’s patent
Dec 29
Hillary Clinton invited IBM Eclipse insiders to Internet Freedom speech
Obama established inner spy circle including Clinton and Holder
Mar 09 Leader attorneys eviscerate Facebook in the Markman Hearing
  17 Obama nominated magistrate Leonard P. Stark to Leader v. Facebook court
Apr 01 Zuckerberg declared he “lost” all his 2003-2004 Harvard computer information
  01 David Kappos and Patent Office launched Facebook page despite reexamination
Jun 24 Obama nominee Judge Stark took over Leader v. Facebook trial; held Facebook stock interests
  24 Stark allowed new Facebook on-sale bar claim; denied Leader discovery
  29 Bill Clinton paid $500m for Moscow speech and UrAsia (Goldman Sachs) uranium deal
Jul 08 Obama appointed Theodore B. Olson, Gibson Dunn, as White House adviser (Facebook)
  14 Bill Clinton paid $175,000 for Microsoft speech (IBM Eclipse, Goldman Sachs, Facebook)
  19 Leader v. Facebook trial started
Table 1—Partial timeline of Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s racketeering to promote and protect Facebook. Click here for full timeline.


What does the average American do about this legal profligacy? Complain loudly and persistently to public officials and the media, and keep complaining until these injustices are righted. Otherwise, if these people are allowed to get away with mistreating Leader Technologies and Paul Ceglia today, you, your family and friends will be next.

* * *



Leader Technologies has indicated they are willing to pay a 10% reward for information that leads to the recovery of funds by their shareholders.

Bookmark: #stop-the-cartelStop the Cartel

Word Doc

The Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment empowers Congress to legislate a payday for Leader Technologies shareholders. This would provide adequate financing for Leader to offer a rational social networking environment—one that offers the application utility that people have come to enjoy about Leader’s invention without sacrificing security and privacy.

Contact your elected representatives and ask them to use Congress’ power of the purse to pay Leader Technologies and unplug the Cartel.

Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America - Saul Alinsky's Playbook for community organizingFIG. 10—Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America. His wheel of corruption.

Graphic: AFI.

Click here for hijack of the cyber world timeline and database.

Bookmark: #spy-state-surveillanceFIG. 11—The evidence is unmistakable. A Cartel of private companies, in collusion with the NSA, collect ALL relationship data between American citizens and the federal government. Much of that data is stored overseas, e.g., Lulea, Sweden, outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. Constitution (“Inside the Arctic Circle, Where Your Data Lives,” Business Week).

Graphic: AFI.

Bookmark: #spy-state-players
Primary Participants in the American NSA - C.I.A. Spy State "Public-Private" CartelFIG. 12—Primary Participants in the American NSA – C.I.A. Spy State “Public-Private” Cartel. See AFI. (Oct. 19, 2015). The social networking patent property case every American needs to fight. Americans For Innovation.

Graphic: AFI.

Notices: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.


Click “N comments:” on the line just below this instruction to comment on this post. Alternatively, send an email with your comment to [email protected] and we’ll post it for you. We welcome and encourage anonymous comments, especially from whisteblowers.

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Celtic Wheel Cross, elaborate

LEGEND: Some corruptocrat photos in this blog contain a stylized Christian Celtic Wheel Cross in the background alongside the text “Corruption Central” meaning we have put the person’s conduct under the microscope and discovered that he or she is at the center of global corruption. Judge Amy Berman Jackson asserts that it is unambiguously (to her anyway) a rifle cross hair. This shows her woeful ignorance of theology, history, symbology and engineering. It could be many things, but she clearly wanted to see a rifle sight (ask her about her role in Fast and Furious gun running). Others assert equally ignorantly that it is a pagan or white supremacist symbol. This stylized Christian Chi-Rho Cross dates to 312 A.D. when 

This stylized Christian Chi-Rho form dates to 312 A.D. when Emperor Constantine adopted the symbol after his history-changing 'By this sign, you shall conquer' vision of Jesus Christ on the Milvian Bridge.

Emperor Constantine adopted the symbol after his history-changing “By this sign, you shall conquer” vision on the Milvian Bridge. A similar Wheel Cross form was widely used in Ireland by the eighth century. The triple entendre indicates that the person’s corrupt life, when studied under a microscope, has been found wanting, but that there is hope in Christ if the person repents from his or her wicked ways. It triples as a reticle or graticule built into all sorts of eyepieces in microscopes, oscilloscopes, surveying instruments, astronomy optics, precision pointers, binoculars, etching equipment, and yes, gun sights, but also computer mouse pointers! Therefore, to claim that it could only mean a gun sight, as Judge Jackson did, is truly ignorant. As shown, it is a call to prayer and repentance based upon microscopic observation of the corruptcrat’s conduct. For Judge Jackson to use her ignorance of this symbol as the excuse to gag Roger Stone’s FREE SPEECH right to defend himself is heinous abuse of authority. Chief Justice John Roberts should censor her immediately. Patriots must demand it.Bookmark: #stand-with-roger-stone

ROGER STONE SPEAKS: On Nov. 18, 2017, Twitter censored New York Times best-selling author Roger Stone completely. Every red-blooded American should be outraged, Republican, Democrat and Independent alike. If Roger’s voice is silenced today, yours is next. We must break this embargo. Click here to read and share Roger’s latest perspectives on the Battle for our Republic, including his responses to his critics (who have not been censored).

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This timeline shows how insiders sell access & manipulate politicians, police, intelligence, judges and media to keep their secrets

Clintons, Obamas, Summers were paid in cash for outlandish speaking fees and Foundation donations. Sycophant judges, politicians, academics, bureaucrats and media were fed tips to mutual funds tied to insider stocks like Facebook. Risk of public exposure, blackmail, pedophilia, “snuff parties” (ritual child sexual abuse and murder) and Satanism have ensured silence among pay-to-play beneficiaries. The U.S. Patent Office is their toy box from which to steal new ideas.

Ava Tampere. (Oct. 14, 2013). Michael McKibben: Facebook is built on technology stolen from us. Eesti Päevaleht / Estonia Daily.

''Facebook — a force for freedom perhaps, but at odds with the rule of law in the U.S.'' by, Jul. 26, 2013

Federal Corruption in Leader v. Facebook

LCongressional Briefings for the eader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal

Federal Circuit Docket - Censored in Leader v. Facebook


Financial Disclosures - Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, U.S. Patent Office

Patent Office FOIA Stonewalling in Leader v. Facebook

Donna Kline Now! Archives

Faces of the Facebook Corruption

Updated Mar. 19, 2014


Contacting Congress logo

Toxic Substance Symbol = Universal Toxic Substance Symbol & Warning





UPDATE MAR. 25, 2014


Fully updated Mar. 25, 2014 in the wake of the Scribd censorship:

  1. Judicial Ethics Stealth

    HOW PATENT JUDGES GROW RICH ON THE BACKS OF AMERICAN INVENTORS Patent Office filings are shuffled out the USPTO backdoor to crony lawyers, banks and deep-pocket clients.

  2. WAS CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS BLACKMAILED into supporting Obamacare by his ethical compromises in Leader v. Facebook?
  3. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. promised to tell the truth

    JUSTICE ROBERTS MENTORED Facebook Gibson Dunn LLP attorneys.

  4. JUSTICE ROBERTS HOLDS substantial Facebook financial interests.
  5. Leader v. Facebook Delaware District Court judge Leonard P. Stark

    JUDGE LEONARD STARK FAILED to disclose his Facebook financial interests and his reliance on Facebook’s Cooley Godward LLP attorneys for his appointment.


Click to enlarge
Barack Obama's Conflicts of Interest Nightmare



BUMPER STICKER: Stop Facebook Property Theft.
WILL HUMANKIND EVER LEARN? Facebook’s Orwellian doublespeak about property and privacy (theft) merely repeats the eventual dehumanization of the individual under MAO’s Red Star, Stalin’s SOVIET Hammer & Cycle and Hitler’s NAZI Swastika. Respect for the inalienable rights of each individual is a bedrock value of democracy. The members of the Facebook Cabal abuse this principle at every opportunity. They evidently believe that they deserve special privileges and are willing to lie, cheat and steal in order to treat themselves to these privileges.


Leader Technologies Inventor Protection Act - Go to the Contacting Congress website

Click image above to download a poster-quality PDF optimized for a 11in. x 17in. (ledger-size) poster. America should not be in the business of cheating its entrepreneurial investors simply because the cheaters buy off judges with the money gained from their theft. Such permissiveness is obscene.



Jul. 23, 2013 NOTICE: DonnaKlineNow! has gone offline. All her posts are available as a PDF collection here (now updated, post-Scribd censorship).

Mar. 20, 2014 READER NOTICE: On Mar. 7, 2014, all of our documents linked to Scribd were deleted by that “cloud” service using the flimsiest of arguments . Some of our documents have been there for two years and some had almost 20,000 reads.

George Orwell wrote in 1984 that one knows one is in a totalitarian state when telling the truth becomes an act of courage.

All the links below were updated Mar. 20, 2014 (many thanks to our volunteers!)

  1. Summary of Motions, Appeal, Petition, Evidence, Analysis, Briefings (FULL CITATIONS) in Leader Technologies, Inc. v. Facebook, Inc., 08-cv-862-JJF-LPS (D. Del. 2008), published as Leader Techs, Inc. v. Facebook, Inc., 770 F. Supp. 2d 686 (D. Del. 2001)
  2. Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam’s Censored Federal Circuit Filings (Archive)
  3. Brief Summary of Leader v. Facebook
  4. Backgrounder
  5. Fenwick & West LLP Duplicity
  6. Instagram-scam
  7. USPTO-reexam Sham
  8. Zynga-gate
  9. James W. Breyer / Accel Partners LLP Insider Trading
  10. Federal Circuit Disciplinary Complaints
  11. Federal Circuit Cover-up
  12. Congressional Briefings re. Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption
  13. Prominent Americans Speak Out
  14. Petition for Writ of Certiorari
  15. Two Proposed Judicial Reforms
  16. S. Crt. for Schemers or Inventors?
  17. Attorney Patronage Hijacked DC?

    The United States of America -or- The Attorney Patronage States of America?

  18. Justice Denied | Battle Continues
  19. FB Robber Barons Affirmed by S. Crt.
  20. Judicial Misconduct WALL OF SHAME
  21. Corruption Watch – “Oh what webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive”
  22. Facebook | A Portrait of Corruption
  23. White House Meddling
  24. Georgia! AM 1080 McKibben Interview
  25. Constitutional Crisis Exposed
  26. Abuse of Judicial Immunity since Stump
  27. Obamacare Scandal Principals are intertwined in the Leader v. Facebook scandal
  28. S.E.C. duplicity re. Facebook

Bookmark: #gibson-dunn

GIBSON DUNN LLP exposed as one of the most corrupt law firms in America

Investigative Reporter Julia DavisInvestigative Reporter Julia Davis investigates Facebook’s Leader v. Facebook attorney Gibson Dunn LLP. She credits this firm with the reason why not a single Wall Street banker has gone to jail since 2008. Click here to read her article “Everybody hates whistleblowers.”, Apr. 10, 2012. Here’s an excerpt:

“Skillful manipulation of the firm’s extensive media connections allows Gibson Dunn to promote their causes, while simultaneously smearing their opponents and silencing embarrassing news coverage.”

This statement followed right after Davis cited Facebook’s chief inside counsel in the Leader v. Facebook case, Theodore Ullyot, who appears to have helped lead the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Interesting word choices associated with Gibson Dunn LLP: manipulation, smear. Attorneys swear a solemn oath to act morally, ethically, and in support of democratic principles. They promise to conduct themselves in a manner than instills confidence among the citizenry in the rule of law and the judicial system. These promises appear to be meaningless. Click here for a PDF version of Julie Davis’ article.



  1. DC Bar refuses to investigate attorney misconduct in Leader v. Facebook – Unwillingness of DC attorneys to self-police may explain why Washington is broken, Dec. 30, 2012
  2. Will the U.S. Supreme court support schemers or real American inventors? Facebook’s case dangles on a doctored interrogatory. Eighteen (18) areas of question shout for attention, Dec. 27, 2012
  3. Two Policy Changes That Will Make America More Democratic (and less contentious), Dec. 21, 2012


American citizens must fight abuse of the constitutional right for authors and inventors to enjoy the fruits of their inventions, as a matter of matter of basic property rights and sound public policy. Otherwise, instead of innovation, creativity, genius, ideas, vision, courage, entrepreneurship, respect, property, rejuvenation, morals, ethics, values, renewal, truth, facts, rights, privacy, solutions and judicial faithfulness,

. . . our society and economy will be dragged down (and eventually destroyed) by copying, infringement, thievery, counterfeiting, hacking, greed, misinformation, exploitation, abuse, waste, disrespect, falsity, corruption, bribery, coercion, intimidation, doublespeak, misconduct, lies, deception, attorney “dark arts,” destruction, confusion, dishonesty, judicial chicanery and lawlessness.

If we do not speak up, impeach derelict judges and imprison corrupt attorneys, we cannot possibly hope to start fixing the current ills in our society. Without justice and respect for private property, democracy has no sure foundation.


We are an opinion blog that advocates for strong intellectual property rights. We welcome commenters and contributors. The Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case first came to our attention after learning that the trial judge, Leonard P. Stark, U.S. District Court of Delaware, ignored his jury’s admission that they had no evidence to support their on-sale bar verdict, but the judge supported it anyway.


The judicial misconduct has deteriorated from there, replete with two of the three judges on the Federal Circuit appeal panel, Judges Alan D. Lourie and Kimberly A. Moore, holding Facebook stock that they did not disclose to the litigants, and later tried to excuse through a quick motion slipped in at the last minute by the Clerk of Court, Jan Horbaly, and his close friends at The Federal Circuit Bar Association. (The DC Bar subsequently revealed that Mr. Horbaly is not licensed to practice law in Washington D.C.)


The judges ignored shocking new evidence that Mark Zuckerberg withheld 28 hard drives of 2003-2004 evidence from Leader Technologies that could prove actual theft (and therefore claims even more serious than infringement). In addition, Facebook’s appeal attorney, Thomas G. Hungar of Gibson Dunn LLP, has close personal ties to just about every judicial player in this story. The misconduct appears to reach into the U.S. Patent Office through abuse of the reexamination process by Facebook. We will stay focused on Leader v. Facebook until justice is served, but we also welcome news and analysis of intellectual property abuse in other cases as well.


Donna Kline Now!AFI has been supporting Donna and is now picking up the main Leader v. Facebook coverage (she will continue coverage as well).

Anonymous Posts Are Welcomed! Blogger has more posting constraints than Donna’s WordPress, but we will continue to welcome anonymous posts. Simply send us an email at NEW Leader® Private Email: [email protected] with your post. Once the moderator verifies that your email address is real, your comment will be posted using your real name or handle, whatever you wish, like John Smith or Tex.


Click here to view a complete Donna Kline Now! posts archive.




Judge Leonard P. Stark, U.S. District Court of Delaware
Judge Leonard P. Stark, U.S. District Court of Delaware, trial judge in Leader Techs, Inc. v. Facebook, Inc., 770 F. Supp. 2d 686 (D.Del. 2011). Judge Stark heard his jury foreman admit that the jury made the on-sale bar decision without any evidence other than speculation, and yet he supported that verdict anyway. Just months before trial, Judge Stark allowed Facebook Judge Leonard P.Stark allowed Facebook to do an about face just three months before trial to include on-sale bar and blocked Leader from conducting additional discovery to prepare their defensesto add the on-sale bar claim after the close of all fact discovery and blocked Leader from preparing its defenses to this new claim. Judge Stark allowed the claims despite Leader’s prophetic argument that the action would confuse the jury and prejudice Leader. He also permitted the jury to ignore the Pfaff v. Wells Electronics, Inc. test for on-sale bar, even after instructing the jury to use it. Judge Leonard P.Stark allowed the jury and his subsequent order to ignore his own jury instructions(See that Jury Instruction No. 4.7 here.) He also contradicted his own instruction to Leader to answer Interrogatory No. 9 in the present tense (2009), then permitted the jury to interpret it as a 2002 admission as well. Facebook’s entire on-sale bar case is based upon this interrogatory. (Editorial: Hardly sufficient to meet the “heavy burden” of the clear and convincing evidence standard.)
Judge Alan D. Lourie, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Judge Alan D. Lourie, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, panel judge in Leader Techs v. Facebook, Inc., 678 F.3d 1300 (Fed. Cir. 2012). Judge Lourie stood to benefit financially from undisclosed holdings in Facebook. See analysis of Judge Lourie’s T. Rowe Price holdings re. the Facebook IPOJudge Alan D. Lourie holds Facebook stock. In addition, he failed to follow his own Group One vs. Hallmark Cards decision in testing the alleged on-sale bar evidenceJudge Lourie also failed to apply his own law-test in Group One v. Hallmark Cards to the evidence. After debunking all of Facebook’s evidence on appeal, Judge Lourie created new argument in the secrecy of chambers to support Facebook and prevent the on-sale bar verdict from being overturned—a clear breach of constitutional due process.
Judge Kimberly A. Moore, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Judge Kimberly A. Moore, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, panel judge in Leader Techs v. Facebook, Inc., 678 F.3d 1300 (Fed. Cir. 2012). Judge Moore stood to benefit financially from undisclosed holdings in Facebook. See disclosure of substantial holdings in Facebook and Facebook-related stocks. Judge Kimberly A. Moore holds Facebook stock. In addition, she is a former patent law professor with no excuse for failing to have performed the well-tested on-sale bar tests on the ostensible Facebook evidenceJudge Moore failed to follow the long-held precedent for testing on-sale bar evidence in Pfaff v. Wells Electronics, Inc.—an evident and intentional omission coming from a former patent law professor. After debunking all of Facebook’s evidence on appeal, Judge Moore created new argument in the secrecy of chambers to support Facebook and prevent the on-sale bar verdict from being overturned—a clear breach of constitutional due process.
Judge Evan J. Wallach, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Judge Evan J. Wallach, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, member of the three-judge panel in Leader Techs v. Facebook, Inc., 678 F.3d 1300 (Fed. Cir. 2012). Judge Wallach is not a patent attorney. This begs the question as to why a judge with no knowledge of patent law was assigned to the case. Would anyone ask a dentist to perform brain surgery? The Federal Circuit was specially formed to appoint patent-knowledgeable judges to patent cases. There is no evidence so far in the judicial disclosures that Judge Wallach holds stock in Facebook, although when he was asked on a motion to disclose potential Facebook holdings and other conflicts of interest, he refused along with the other judges. See Motion to Disclose Conflicts of InterestJudge Wallach was silent when the Clerk of Court signed orders on his behalf without even making them first available to the judges for considerationJudge Wallach continued in silence even after Clerk of Court Horbaly failed to provide him with Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam’s motions (according to his Federal Circuit staffer Valeri White), and yet the Clerk signed an order regarding that motion on Judge Wallach’s behalf. See a full analysis of these events at Donna Kline Now! Judge Wallach also failed to police his court’s violation of Leader’s Fifth and 14th Amendment constitutional right to due process when he participated in the fabrication of new arguments and evidence for Facebook in the secrecy of judge’s chambers after he had just invalidated Facebook’s sole remaining item of evidence (using disbelieved testimony as ostensible evidence of an opposite). Judge Wallach also failed to police his court when he failed to apply the Supreme Court’s Pfaff v. Wells Electronics, Inc. test for on-sale bar evidence, which included even the Federal Circuit’s own Group One v. Hallmark Cards, Inc. test—a test which Judge Lourie should have advised Judge Wallach to follow since Judge Lourie helped write that opinion. Group One test omission analysis.
Clerk of Court Jan Horbaly, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Clerk of Court Jan Horbaly, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, clerk who signed all the opinions in Leader Techs v. Facebook, Inc., 678 F.3d 1300 (Fed. Cir. 2012). Clerk Horbaly and his staff obfuscated when the court’s ruling was challenged by an amicus curiae brief revealing clear mistakes of law and new evidence. See analysis of the misconduct and misrepresentations within the Federal Circuit Clerk of Court in Leader v. Facebook. Mr. Horbaly failed to disclose his conflicts of interest and close associations with numerous Facebook attorneys and law firms, Clerk of Court Jan Horbaly maintains cozy relationships with Facebook's law firms and largest shareholdersas well as his close association with one of Facebook’s largest shareholders, Microsoft, who is a Director of The Federal Circuit Bar Association where Mr. Horbaly is an ex officio officer. Additionally, the DC Bar revealed in a written statement that Clerk Horbaly is not licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia. [Editorial: What does that make the Federal Circuit with its location within in a stone's throw of the White House? A self-governing state?]
Chief Judge Randall R. Rader, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Judge Randall R. Rader, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, chief judge responsible for the (mis)conduct of his judges and Clerk of Court in Leader Techs v. Facebook, Inc., 678 F.3d 1300 (Fed. Cir. 2012). Judge Rader failed to manage his court resulting in a likely situation where his judges never even received briefs that they allegedly ruled on in favor of Facebook. Judge Rader failed to disclose his conflicting relationships with a former Leader director, Professor James P. ChandlerJudge Rader also failed to disclose his conflicting relationships with a Leader principle with whom he may have had deep professional differences during his time at the Senate Judiciary Committee—his former professor of law at George Washington University Law Center, former Leader director Professor James P. Chandler. See analysis of Judge Rader’s undisclosed conflicts of interest in Leader v. FacebookJudge Randall R. Rader did not stop his judges from breaching Leader Technologies' Fifth and 14th Amendment right to due process when his judges created new arguments and evidence for Facebook in secretJudge Rader also did not stop his judges from creating new arguments and evidence for Facebook in the secrecy of chambers—after they had debunked all of Facebook’s evidence on appeal, which is a clear breach of constitutional due process.

Updated May 22, 2015

Click here to view a Federal Circuit Leader v. Facebook Conflicts of Interest Map.

Federal Circuit Conflict of Interest Map in Leader v. Facebook

See “Cover-up In Process At The Federal Circuit?” Donna Kline Now! Sep. 17, 2012.

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Faces of the Facebook Corruption (PDF) (currently being updated after the Fri. Mar. 7, 2014 Scribd censorship of this document:

Here is the cast of characters in Leader v. Facebook. We encourage you to report their corrupt activities to this site and others, like Lawless America. Feel free to communicate anonymously in any way in which you are most comfortable. The attempt of these people and their organizations to corrupt American justice and commerce cannot be tolerated. Vigilance. We will expose them. See Congressional Briefings (currently being updated after Scribd censored the documents on Fri. Mar. 7, 2014).

A. Facebook’s law firms:

  1. Fenwick & West LLP (Facebook securities and patent law firm; former Leader Technologies counsel; attempted an appearance in Leader v. Facebook; did not seek conflicts waiver from Leader prior to representing Facebook)
  2. Cooley Godward LLP (Facebook law firm in Leader v. Facebook; McBee Strategic energy stimulus partner; Obama Justice Dept. advisor; former employer to patent judges)
  3. Blank & Rome LLP (Facebook law firm in Leader v. Facebook; former employer to patent judges)
  4. White & Case LLP (Facebook law firm in Leader v. Facebook; undisclosed former employer to Patent Office Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) officer involved in Leader v. Facebook)
  5. Gibson Dunn LLP (Facebook law firm in Leader v. Facebook; undisclosed counsel to the Federal Circuit; undisclosed protégé of Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr.; undisclosed former employer to Preetinder (“Preet”) Bharara, U.S. Attorney currently persecuting Paul Ceglia in U.S. v. Ceglia (Ceglia v. Zuckerberg))
  6. Orrick Herrington LLP (longtime Facebook law firm and destroyer of evidence for the cabal in Winklevoss v. Zuckerberg and ConnectU v. Facebook)
  7. Weil Gotshal LLP (Federal Circuit counsel in Leader v. Facebook; Judge Kimberly A. Moore’s undisclosed former client)
  8. Latham & Watkins LLP (Facebook Director James W. Breyer’s counsel; Judge Kimberly A. Moore’s husband, Matthew J. Moore’s new law firm)
  9. Federal Circuit Bar Association (“FCBA”) (Federal Circuit’s bar association; second largest in the U.S.; Facebook’s law firms extert much influence in its policy and activity, incl. Fenwick & West LLP, Gibson Dunn LLP, Orrick Herrington LLP, Weil Gotschal LLP; Facebook’s large shareholder, Microsoft, is a director; Federal Circuit Clerk of Court Jan Horbaly is an officer; FCBA made an appearance in Leader v. Facebook to oppose the amicus curiae (friend of the court) motion of Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam, former Director of Network Architecture at Sun Microsystems, in favor of Leader Technologies and objecting to the evident conflicts of interest within the court itself, her motion was denied, the judges refused to disclose their conflicts which we now know include Facebook and Microsoft stocks)
  10. DC Bar Association
  11. Perkins Coie LLP (Facebook’s “rapid response enforcement team;” law firm for Obama’s chief counsels, the husband and wife team of Robert F. Bauer and Anita B. Dunn; Bauer was identified on Aug. 1, 2013 as having directed the IRS targeting of the Tea Party)
  12. Stroz Friedberg (Facebook’s “forensic expert” who manipulated the data in Paul Ceglia v. Mark Zuckerberg, and who first revealed the existence of 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard emails that they told Leader Technologies in 2009 were “lost”)
  13. Chandler Law Firm Chartered (Professor James P. Chandler, III, principal; Leader Technologies patent counsel; adviser to IBM and David J. Kappos; adviser to Eric H. Holder, Jr. and the U.S. Department of Justice; author of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and the Federal Trade Secrets Act)

    B. Facebook attorneys & cooperating judges:

  14. Gordon K. Davidson (Fenwick; Facebook’s securities and patent attorney; Leader Technologies’ former attorney)
  15. Christopher P. King ( aka Christopher-Charles King aka Christopher King aka Christopher-Charles P. King, Fenwick & West LLP)
  16. Theodore B. Olson (Gibson Dunn)
  17. Thomas G. Hungar (Gibson Dunn)
  18. Eric H. Holder, Jr. (Attorney General, U.S. Dept. of Justice)
  19. James Cole (Deputy Attorney General, U.S. Dept. of Justice)
  20. Tony West (Associate Attorney General, U.S. Dept. of Justice; 2008 Obama California Campaign Manager)
  21. Robert F. Bauer (Obama Attorney; White House Chief Counsel; directed IRS targeting of the Tea Party; formerly and currently employed by Perkins Coie LLP, Facebook’s “rapid response enforcement team;” spouse is Anita B. Dunn)
  22. Anita B. Dunn (Obama Attorney; White House Chief Counsel; husband Robert F. Bauer directed IRS targeting of the Tea Party, formerly employed by Perkins Coie LLP, Facebook’s “rapid response enforcement team”)
  23. Mary L. Schapiro (former Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission (S.E.C.); holds investments in 51 Facebook Club basket funds)
  24. James “Jamie” Brigagliano (former Deputy Director of the Division of Trading and Markets at the Securities and Exchange Commission; Mary L. Schapiro’s chief lieutenant on “dark pool” rule making)
  25. Joseph P. Cutler (Perkins Coie)
  26. David P. Chiappetta (Perkins Coie)
  27. James R. McCullagh (Perkins Coie)
  28. Ramsey M. Al-Salam (Perkins Coie)
  29. Grant E. Kinsel (Perkins Coie)
  30. Reeve T. Bull (Gibson Dunn)
  31. Heidi Keefe (Cooley)
  32. Michael G. Rhodes (Cooley; Tesla Motors)
  33. Elizabeth Stameshkin (Cooley)
  34. Donald K. Stern (Cooley; Justice Dept. advisor)
  35. Mark R. Weinstein (Cooley)
  36. Jeffrey Norberg (Cooley)
  37. Ronald Lemieux (Cooley)
  38. Craig W. Clark (Blank Rome)
  39. Tom Amis (Cooley / McBee Strategic)
  40. Erich Veitenheimer (Cooley / McBee Strategic)
  41. Roel Campos (Cooley; former Commissioner of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission at the time of the infamous Facebook 12(g) exemption)
  42. Lisa T. Simpson (Orrick)
  43. Indra Neel Chatterjee (Orrick)
  44. Samuel O’Rourke (Facebook; Cooley-directed)
  45. Theodore W. Ullyot (Facebook; Cooley-directed)
  46. Amber H. Rover, aka Amber L. Hagy aka Amber Hatfield (Weil Gotshal LLP; Judge Kimberly A. Moore’s former client)
  47. Edward R. Reines (Weil Gotschal)
  48. Trish Harris (DC Bar Association)
  49. Elizabeth A. Herman (DC Bar Association)
  50. Elizabeth J. Branda (DC Bar Association)
  51. David J. Kappos (former Patent Office Director; former IBM chief intellectual property counsel; ordered unprecedented 3rd reexam of Leader Technologies’ patent; Obama political appointee)
  52. Preetinder (“Preet”) Bharara (U.S. Attorney Ceglia v. Zuckerberg; formerly of Gibson & Dunn LLP; protects Zuckerberg)
  53. Thomas J. Kim (SEC Chief Counsel)
  54. Anne Krauskopf (SEC Special Sr. Counsel)
  55. John G. Roberts, Jr. (Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court)
  56. Jan Horbaly (Federal Circuit, Clerk of Court)
  57. Kimberly A. Moore (Judge, Federal Circuit)
  58. Matthew J. Moore (Latham & Watkins LLP; husband of Judge Kimberly A. Moore)
  59. Kathryn “Kathy” Ruemmler (Latham & Watkins LLP; White House counsel)
  60. Evan J. Wallach (Judge, Federal Circuit)
  61. Alan D. Lourie (Judge, Federal Circuit)
  62. Randall R. Rader (Chief Judge, Federal Circuit)
  63. Terence P. Stewart (Federal Circuit Bar Association)
  64. Leonard P. Stark (Judge, Delaware U.S. District Court)
  65. Richard J. Arcara (Judge, N.Y. Western District, Ceglia v. Holder et al)
  66. Allen R. MacDonald (Administrative Judge, U.S. Patent Office)
  67. Stephen C. Siu (Administrative Judge, U.S. Patent Office)
  68. Meredith C. Petravick (Administrative Judge, U.S. Patent Office)
  69. James T. Moore (Administratie Judge, U.S. Patent Office)
  70. Pinchus M. Laufer (Sr. Counsel, Patent Trial and Appeal Board, PTAB)
  71. Kimberly Jordan (Counsel, Patent Trial and Appeal Board, PTAB)
  72. Daniel J. Ryman (Counsel, Patent Trial and Appeal Board, PTAB)
  73. William J. Stoffel (Counsel, Patent Trial and Appeal Board, PTAB)
  74. James C. Payne (Counsel, Patent Trial and Appeal Board, PTAB)
  75. Deandra M. Hughes (Examiner, Leader v. Facebook reexamination)
  76. Kathryn Walsh Siehndel (FOIA Counsel, U.S. Patent Office – bio and conflicts log concealed)
  77. Dennis C. Blair (Director, U.S. National Intelligence)
  78. Dennis F. Saylor, IV (Judge, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, FISA)
  79. James E. Boasberg (Judge, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, FISA)
  80. James P. Chandler, III (President, National Intellectual Property Law Institute, NIPLI; The Chandler Law Firm Chartered; advisor to Asst. Att’y Gen. Eric H. Holder, Jr., Dept. of Justice; Member, National Infrastructure Assurance Commission, NIAC; advisor to Federal Circuit Chief Judge Randall R. Rader; advisor to Sen. Orrin Hatch; author, The Federal Trade Secrets Act and the Economic Espionage Act of 1996; Leader Technologies’ legal counsel, along with Fenwick & West LLP)

    C. Facebook puppet masters:

  81. President Barack Obama (appointed Leonard P. Stark to the judge’s seat in Delaware Federal District Court eight days after Stark’s court allowed Facebook to get away with jury and court manipulation of an on-sale bar verdict which was attained without a single piece of hard evidence; Barack and Michelle Obama were evidently protecting their 47 million “likes” on Facebook)
  82. Lawrence “Larry” Summers (Harvard President who aided Zuckerberg’s light-speed rise to prominence with unprecedented Harvard Crimson coverage; Obama bailout chief; Clinton Treasury Secretary; World Bank Chief Economist; “Special Advisor” to Marc Andreessen in Instagram; co-creator of the current Russian robber baron economy; close 20-year relationships with protégés Sheryl Sandberg & Yuri Milner; aided in recommendations that created the Russian robber baron economy—and Yuri Milner/DST/Asmanov’s money used to purchase Facebook stock)
  83. James W. BreyerAccel Partners LLP; Facebook director; client of Fenwick & West LLP since the 1990′s; apparently received technology from other Fenwick clients that was shuffled to Zuckerberg, incl. Leader Technologies’ inventions)
  84. David Plouffe; directed Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns; a self-described “statistics nerd;” likely directed the activities of the Facebook Club; employed Robert F. Bauer, Perkins Coii LLP in 2000 at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
  85. McBee Strategic (one of the main “private” arms responsible for dolling out the billions in Obama “green energy” stimulus funds; partnered with Cooley Godward LLP)
  86. Mike Sheehy (Cooley-McBee Strategic principal; former National Security Adviser to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi)
  87. Nancy Pelosi (U.S. Congresswoman; appears to be running political cover in the House for Facebook, McBee Strategic, Cooley Godward, Fenwick & West, Breyers, etc.)
  88. Harry Reid (U.S. Senator; Judge Evan J. Wallach patron)
  89. Thomas J. Kim (SEC, Chief Counsel & Assoc. Director) approved Facebook’s 500-shareholder exemption on Oct. 14, 2007, one day after it was submitted by Fenwick & West LLP; Facebook used this exemption to sell $3 billion insider stock to the Russians Alisher Asmanov, Yuri Milner, DST, Digital Sky, which pumped Facebook’s pre-IPO valuation to $100 billion; another Harvard grad, Kim worked at Latham & Watkins LLP which was the chief lobbyist for the National Venture Capital Association in 2002-2004 whose Chairman was . . . James W. Beyer, Accel Partners LLP; in other words Breyer and Kim, both Harvard grads, were associated at the time of the Zuckerberg hacking and theft of Leader Technologies’ software code)
  90. Ping Li (Accel Partners, Zuckerberg handler)
  91. Jim Swartz (Accel Partners; Zuckerberg handler)
  92. Sheryl K. Sandberg (Facebook, Summers protégé; Facebook director)
  93. Yuri Milner (DST aka Digital Sky, Summers protégé; former Bank Menatep executive; Facebook director)
  94. Alisher Asmanov (DST aka Digital Sky; Goldman Sachs Moscow partner; Russian oligarch; Friend of the Kremlin; Became the Richest Man in Russia after the Facebook IPO)
  95. Marc L. Andreessen (Zuckerberg coach; client of Fenwick & West LLP and Christopher P. King aka Christopher-Charles King aka Christopher King aka Christopher-Charles P. King; Summers’ sponsor during Instagram-scam; Facebook director)
  96. Peter Thiel (19-year old Zuckerberg coach; PayPal; Facebook director; CEO, Clarion Capital)
  97. Clarion Capital (Peter Thiel)
  98. Reid G. Hoffman (19-year old Zuckerberg coach; PayPal; LinkedIn; Facebook director)
  99. Richard Wolpert (Accel Partners)
  100. Robert Ketterson (Fidelity Ventures; Fidelity Equity Partners; Fidelity Ventures Telecommunications & Technology)
  101. David Kilpatrick (Business Insider; “The Facebook Effect”; PR cleanse-meister re. Facebook origins)
  102. Zynga/Groupon/LinkedIn/Square/Instagram (“Facebook Money/Credits/Bitcoin” feeder companies)
  103. Tesla Motors (received $465 million in Obama stimulus funds and hired Cooley’s Michael Rhodes in the seven months before the Leader v. Facebook trial, just before veteran Judge Joseph Farnan made the surprise announcement of his retirement, just six days after Facebook’s disasterous Markman Hearing)
  104. Solyndra (received $535 million in Obama stimulus at the recommendation of the Cooley-McBee Strategic “consulting” alliance)
  105. BrightSource (received $1.6 billion in Obama stimulus at the recommendation of the Cooley-McBee Strategic “consulting” alliance)
  106. John P. Breyer (father of James W. Breyer; founder of IDG Capital Partners – China; coached his son on exploiting Western markets while he quietly built a venture capital business in China for the last 20 years; the real brain behind the Breyer exploitations
  107. IDG Capital Partners (China) (founded by John P. Breyer, the father of James W. Breyer, Accel Partners; the current launderer of the tens of billions James W has fleeced from the U.S. market from the bailout, stimulus and the “pump & dump” Facebook IPO schemes)
  108. Goldman Sachs (received US bailout funds; then invested with DST in Facebook private stock via Moscow; took Facebook public; locked out American investors from investing)
  109. Morgan Stanley (received US bailout funds; took Facebook public; probably participated in oversees purchases of Facebook private stock before IPO)
  110. State Street Corporation (received U.S. taxpayer bailout monies along with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley; consolodating control of ATM banking networks internationally
  111. JP Morgan Chase (received U.S. taxpayer bailout monies along with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and State Street Corporation)
  112. Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs, CEO)
  113. Jamie Dimon (JP MorganChase, CEO)
  114. Steve Cutler (JP MorganChase, General Counsel)
  115. Rodgin Cohen (JP MorganChase, Outside Counsel; Sullivan Cromwell, LLP)
  116. U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (granted Fenwick & West’s application on behalf of Facebook for an unpredented exemption to the 500 shareholder rule; opened the floodgated for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to make a private market in Facebook pre-IPO insider stock; facilitated the influx of billions of dollars from “dubious” sources associated with Russian oligarchs, Alisher Asmanov and Yuri Milner, and the Kremlin; Goldman Sachs is a partner with this Moscow company, Digital Sky Technologies, aka DST, aka
  117. Jeff Markey (McBee Strategic LLC; allied with Facebook’s Cooley Godward Kronish LLP to arrange Obama’s green energy funding; arranged $1.6 billion for failed BrightSource and $535 million for failed Solyndra)
  118. Steve McBee (McBee Strategic LLC; allied with Facebook’s Cooley Godward Kronish LLP to arrange Obama’s green energy funding; arranged $1.6 billion for failed BrightSource and $535 million for failed Solyndra)
  119. Michael F. McGowan (Stroz Friedberg; Facebook forensic expert who lied about his knowledge of the contents of the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard Email accounts)
  120. Bryan J. Rose (Stroz Friedberg; Facebook forensic expert who lied about his knowledge of the contents of the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard Email accounts)
  121. Dr. Saul Greenberg (Facebook’s expert witness from the University of Calgary; disingenuously waived his hands and said he would be “wild guessing” about the purpose of a Java “sessionstate” import statement (even Java newbies know it is used for tracking a user while in a web session); in short, Dr. Greeberg lied to the jury, thus discrediting his testimony)
  122. Toni Townes-Whitley (CGI Federal; Michelle Obama’s 1985 Princeton classmate; CGI “donated” $47 million to the Obama campaign; CGI won the no-bid contract to build the Obamacare website; CGI shut off the security features on Obama’s reelection donation sites to increase donations)
  123. CGI Federal (US division of a Canadian company; Donated $47 million to Obama’s reelection, then received the no-bid contract to build the ill-fated Obamacare website; Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate, Toni Townes-Whitely, is a Senior Vice President of CGI; the website is replete with social features and links to Facebook)
  124. Kathleen Sebelius (Obama’s Secretary of Health & Human Services since 2009 responsible for $678 million Obamacare implementation; made the decision to hire CGI Federal on a no-bid contract despite the evident conflict of interest with Michelle Obama and $47 million in Obama campaign donations by CGI; the website is replete with social features and links to Facebook)
  125. Todd Y. Park (White House Chief Technology Officer (CTO); former CTO for Health & Human Services; chief architect of; founder, director, CEO, Athenahealth, Inc.; founder, director, CEO, Castlight Health, Inc.)
  126. Frank M. Sands, Sr. / Frank M. Sands, Jr. (Founder and CEO, respectively, of Sands Capital Management LLC; failed to file S.E.C. Form SC 13G acquisition reports for Athenahealth, Inc., Baidu, Inc. (ADR) and Facebook stock during 2012; masked the association of Todd Y. Park with Athenahealth, Inc. and Baidu, Inc., and the association of both of those companies with the Facebook IPO fraud)
  127. Robin “Handsome Reward” Yangong Li (CEO, Baidu, Inc. (ADR); appointed Jan. 2004, the same month that Mark Zuckerberg obtained Leader Technologies’ social networking source code to start Facebook; Robin Y. Li is very likely associated with John P. and James W. Breyer through their Chinese entities, including IDG Capital Partners, IDG-Accel and other variants; Li appointed a junior attorney from Fenwick & West LLP, Palo Alto/Mountain View, namely Parker Zhang, to be his “Head of Patents;” Fenwick & West LLP represented both Leader Technologies, Inc. and Accel Partners LLC in 2002-2003 and had Leader’s source code in their files.)
  128. Parker Zhang (“Head of Patents” at Baidu, Inc. (ADR), appointed in approx. May 2012; formerly a junior Associate attorney at Fenwick & West LLP; graduate from Michigan Law in 2005)
  129. Penny S. Pritzker (Secretary, Department of Commerce; replaced Rebecca M. Blank; holds over $24 million in Facebook “dark pools” stock, most notably in Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan)
  130. Rebecca M. Blank (Secretary, Department of Commerce; oversaw the dubious Leader v. Facebook activities of the Patent Office Director, David J. Kappos, who held over one million dollars in Facebook “dark pools” during the Leader v. Facebook proceedings; Kappos purchased this stock within weeks of his surprise recess appointment by President Obama; Kappos also was formerly employed by IBM, who sold Facebook 750 patents during the Leader v. Facebook proceedings; right before leaving the Patent OFfice, Kappos also ordered an unprecedented 3rd reexamination of Leader’s patent without even identifying claims)
  131. Mary L. Schapiro (Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission; holds 51 Facebook “dark pools” stocks which held stock in Facebook, Baidu and more than a dozen Facebook crony companies; failed to regulate the “dark pools;” failed to disclose her substantial conflict of interest in regulating the run up to the Facebook IPO)
  132. Robert C. Hancock (Chief Compliance Officer, Sands Capital Management, LLC; failed to file S.E.C. Form SC 12G notice of acquisition reports for Athenahealth, Baidu and Facebook during the period of the Facebook IPO in 2012; this conduct masked the conflicts of interest of Todd Y. Park, who was appointed by President Obama to be the U.S. Chief Technology Officer during this same period; Todd Y. Park is/has been founder, director and CEO of both Athenahealth and Castlight Health; Todd Y. Park deeply embedded the software from Athenahealth and Castlight Health into when he was CTO at Health & Human Services; none of these conflicts of interest were disclosed; Todd Y. Park’s ethics pledges and reports are missing from the Office of Government Ethics)
  133. Jonathan Goodman (Chief Counsel, Sands Capital Management, LLC; failed to file S.E.C. Form SC 12G notice of acquisition reports for Athenahealth, Baidu and Facebook during the period of the Facebook IPO in 2012; this conduct masked the conflicts of interest of Todd Y. Park, who was appointed by President Obama to be the U.S. Chief Technology Officer during this same period; Todd Y. Park is/has been founder, director and CEO of both Athenahealth and Castlight Health; Todd Y. Park deeply embedded the software from Athenahealth and Castlight Health into when he was CTO at Health & Human Services; none of these conflicts of interest were disclosed; Todd Y. Park’s ethics pledges and reports are missing from the Office of Government Ethics; Goodman was formerly employed by Gibson Dunn LLP, Facebook appeals counsel in Leader v. Facebook)
  134. Trip Adler (“Co-Founder” of Scribd; Harvard contemporaries of Mark Zuckerberg with a dubious orgins story, like Zuckerberg’s; Scribd held AFI documents for two years, then summarily deleted the entire library without warning on Fri. Mar. 7, 2014; AFI’s library contained only public documents and much evidence proving the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption)
  135. Jared Friedman (“Co-Founder” of Scribd; Harvard contemporaries of Mark Zuckerberg with a dubious orgins story, like Zuckerberg’s; Scribd held AFI documents for two years, then summarily deleted the entire library without warning on Fri. Mar. 7, 2014; AFI’s library contained only public documents and much evidence proving the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption)
  136. Jeffrey Wadsworth (CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute; President, Ohio State University Board of Trustees; former Deputy Director of Science & Technologies, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, University of California Board of Trustees)
  137. Michael V. Drake (President, The Ohio State University; former Chancellor, University of California, Irvine)
  138. Woodrow A. Myers (Chief Medical Officer, Wellpoint, Inc.; formerly Corporate Operations Officer, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana)
  139. Alex R. Fischer (aka Alexander Ross Fischer; Trustee, The Ohio State University; former Sr. Vice President, Battelle Memorial Institute; Chairman, OmniViz; married to Lori Barreras)
  140. Chris Glaros (author of the discredited Waters Report re. The Ohio State University Marching Band; protege of Eric H. Holder, Jr., Professor James P. Chandler, III, and Algernon L. Marbley)
  141. Lori Barreras (Commissioner, Ohio Civil Rights Commission; former Vice President of Human Resources, The Ohio State University; former Vice President, Battelle Memorial Institute; married to Alex R. Fischer)
  142. David Vaughn (Criminal Attorney, David Vaughn Consulting Group; former Assistant U.S. Attorney; appointed to the discredited Waters Commission at Ohio State)
  143. Betty Montgomery (former Ohio Attorney General; appointed to the discredited Waters Commission at Ohio State; accepted campaign contributions from Woodrow A. Myers, Wellpoint, Inc. and friend of Michael V. Drake)
  144. Joseph A. Steinmetz (Provost, The Ohio State University; author of Psychological Science article on MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that triggered the discovery of massive double-dealing and fraud within the Ohio State trustees)

    D. Facebook boy-puppets:

  145. Mark E. Zuckerberg
  146. Chris Hughes
  147. Dustin Moskowitz
  148. Eduardo Saverin
  149. Matthew R. Cohler
  150. Elon Musk

    E. Corruption Watch—Patent Office Judges:

  151. Anderson, Gregg
  152. Best, George
  153. Bonilla, Jackie W.
  154. Boucher, Patrick
  155. Braden, Georgianna W.
  156. Branch, Gene
  157. Bisk, Jennifer Bresson
  158. Bui, Hung H.
  159. Busch, Justin
  160. Clements, Matt
  161. Crumbley, Kit
  162. Droesch, Kristen
  163. Elluru, Rama
  164. Fitzpatrick, Michael
  165. Gerstenblith, Bart A.
  166. Giannetti, Thomas L.
  167. Guest, Rae Lynn
  168. Hastings, Karen M.
  169. Hoff, Marc
  170. Horner, Linda
  171. Hughes, James R.
  172. Hume, Larry
  173. James, Housel
  174. Jung, Hung J.
  175. Kamholz, Scott
  176. Katz, Deborah
  177. Lucas, Jay
  178. MacDonald, Allen R. (bio unavailable) – Leader 3rd reexam judge (bio and conflicts log concealed by FOIA)
  179. Mahaney, Alexandra
  180. Martin, Brett
  181. McKone, Dave
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Research Tip:
Type any name or subject in the Google search at the top of this webpage. That will show you any relevant links within the sites that we have been following and investigating in the Leader v. Facebook case. Vigilance everyone! Our American Republic is at risk.


The following universities were announced as participants in Ohio State Provost Joseph A. Steinmetz’s corrupt MOOC education initiative named “University Innovation Alliance” (UIA). We have identified the instructions and online forms you need to file a complaint with the participants. MOOC stands for “Massive Open Online Course.”

You should complain about:

(1) the intellectual property theft of social networking source code from Leader Technologies, Columbus, Ohio that is the software engine running the UIA;

(2) the corruption at Ohio State University and OSU’s collusion with Battelle Memorial Institute which helped steal the software being used by UIA; and

(3) the mistreatement of OSU Marching Band Director Jon Waters regarding fabricated Title IX charges that were used to pave the way for Steinmetz to announce UIA.

Universities pride themselves on protection of intellectual property.

Therefore, these universities cannot participate in this abuse of inventor copyrights, patents and trade secrets by The Ohio State Trustees and Administration. If these universities participate knowingly with Ohio State in its theft of intellectual property, then they are aiding and abetting the theft of intellectual property on a “massive” scale… Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) also known as The Eclipse Foundation.

Arizona State University

University of California Riverside
California State System (observer)

University of Central Florida

Oregon State University

Purdue University

Iowa State University

Michigan State University

The Ohio State University

Oregon State University

The University of Kansas

The University of Texas

Let’s make sure that the “University Innovation Alliance (UIA)” and “Massive Open Online Course” MOOC never get off the ground due to their corrupt foundations.



Bookmark: #real-news

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